Friday, December 31, 2004

new years eve

i was asked where my ball and chain was tonight.
i'm hungry..starving actually.
nobody is on to talk to this late at night (early in the morning!)
i brought in the morning paper.
87 pictures in the process of uploading
gram keeps her door locked when she's there but unlocked when she leaves.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

mike's birthday

i finished knitting my hat last night. i started my scarf today. this yarn is so hard to work with. actually i'm switching hat's w/ my mom. she likes mine better so i switched with her. mine is bigger. i made it longer on purpose to fold more of it up as a cuff type thing. i also altered the pattern and messed it up at the end so it doesnt look pointy. the stupid pattern makes the hat look pointy.

i just made my sweater pucker by scratcing my skin through it.

i haven't talked to dave all day.

i'm ready to eat the rest of the stuffed cabbage but i can't cuz the microwave is unplugged. it will be plugged in soon.

i semi went through 2 drawers today. man do i have a lot of stuff i should throw away but i dont wanna. i was going through my belt drawer. not one of htem that i pulled out fits around my waist anymore. but i got tired of going through so there are about half left. i never ever wear any of them i should just get rid of them all. some are pretty nice and dressy.

i weighed 121 today. i dont eat anything so it's weird. mom was supposed to make potato soup today but she said she will tomorrow and we are to eat leftovers again.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

weather channel

i watched weather on the 8s 4 times this morning before getting out of bed. i got sick of all the stories between the local weather. i need more white tank tops. it's messin up what i want to wear today.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

i had a goal. i didn't really follow it. i think it was a bad goal.

i'm tired. i'm sitting at my kitchen table now. the wireless doesnt work in my family room and disconnects a lot in my bedroom. i keep resting my head down on the table. i'm wearing 3 shirts right now, i'm so cold.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Friday, December 24, 2004

maybe i should be a boozer. i got a million different kinds of alcohol from mike for christmas,
i had 4 kinds of wine tonight and devonshire. i am not a boozer.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

wow the water pressure and the shower is huge compared to school.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

my mom todl me again not to make cookies
she ruins all the fun. i think i'll make stuff and send it all to pb's house since she doesnt want any.

Sunday, December 19, 2004


i wanna curl my hair again like i used to. here's an example.

o man here's some gut

maybe i should wear a bandana like this for variety.

i won't layer my hair as much as this. but it was like that cuz i had permed ti recently before.

this is body.
o man i have the same shirt on twice. i also have red shirts on 3 out of the 4 links

look at all these pictures.
i dont have quite so many anymore. but i hope all the ones i left there are still there when i return home in a few days.

also check out this pic
the average on the thermal final was a 64.5. and well i'll be. averages all year long were higher than that. much higher. so i got above average on the final. and below average on tests. but i'll get a C.

o man

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then i changed my favorite color and i'm gonna marry yet another female

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white and orange r the only ones that give me a male as a response

Saturday, December 18, 2004

purely amazing. i already used half my cell phone minutes only 1/3 of the way through the month. i guess it's good my cell phone is broken and i can't talk on it.

Friday, December 17, 2004

so i made pb a pizza at work but then forgot to bring it home

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

man i'm so stupid. that's all i have to say

this is how i study.

i'm such a loser. i was looking at my calculator to see if my math from teh test is still there and it wasnt' but my modeling and control was and i was like..what i didnt put 10.08 degrees on my paper when i turned it in. 10.08 is right cuz as i was turning it in i heard someone say it was in teh back of the book and i looked at my paper and i didnt' have it. so i wonder how many points i will lose for that one. man i'm such a loser.
on the thermal tests so far tihs year i had 1 A, 1 B, 1 C, 2 Ds. what will i get on the final? I need a middle to high B to get a B...
i just realized that i finally got an A on a test in thermal.

almost over

i just got my work schedule. i'm gonna have fun trying to find time to study for my final.
tonight i'm going to thermal review at 6 and i think i might check out the modeling and control test solutions to see where i messed up. i seem to make such stupid mistakes or something.
one grade is posted so far. politics should be up soon i'd assume becuase he said grades were due by today. i would assume they should be posted already though. o well i guess my assumptions are wrong.

i still need to add another class for next semester.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004
i forgot about this
only 1.8 lbs to go to be at my pre college weight.  it's funny i'm nto trying to lose weight at all.
last night was the first time like forever i was up until 5:30 am
and then today i just woke.  i haven't slept this late in years and years if ever.

Monday, December 13, 2004

i'd say i'm about halfway done w/ my paper.  too bad i have no idea what my grade is so far to know what i need for an A
i just got an e-mail from the health center telling me that they can give me a flu shot.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

9 new albums

stuff and things.

i want to learn how to use microsoft money but it never seems to want to work right. so i think unless someone shows me how to do it and i dotn have to read help that i will just continue to use my excel files.  I tried to catch them up today. i think i'm a slacker and havn't written down everything.  which make sit hard when i transfer over from the expenses of me and dave to the money fileof just me to the sheet that i only go by date not transaction.  maybe i can get a set up ging on that automatically updates.  i got home from work an hour ago and i'm even still wearing my apron.  i realized i worked a lot the week of the paycheck i picked up today. it was for 33 hours. 33 hours in 4 days during which i had classes and such.  and that means i've been working a lot.  that's crazy of me.  i should get to working on my paper and stuff.  i might want to just spend a few hours and hardcore clean up my room. it's so bad i can't take it.  i learn new and interesting things everyday at work. and i dont even hear the half of it that everyone else hears.  this new character scott at work couldnt come in teh other day becuase he was in jailr o soemthign cuz he beat his girlfriend.  that's just crazy.  sometimes i wonder where these people come from. 

so new york minimum wage is going up so i will be gettin 2 raises come the first of the year. 

I'm so tired. it's crazy. my head hurts.  my foot hurts. 

Saturday, December 11, 2004


pnc, discover, and first niagara are all performing their weekly miantenance or soemthing to that effect and i can't check my stuff. 
i'm so tired right now it's crazy. i  am going ot go to sleep now but it's hard to sleep wen i know i gotta be writing my paper.  dave seems to think i wont get an A in that class.  i really need an A  :(
i have totally finished 2 courses but I know all of my grades in one and i have an A in that

Thursday, December 9, 2004

to go: 10 page paper - politics
Thermal review test
Modeling and Control homework
2 finals

done: modeling and control lab report
Thermal test
EI hw
EI experiment write up
TF2 lab final
2 page summary about politics presentation
Politics Journal
EI test

totally done with EI and Thermal lab (2 down 3 to go)
totally doen w/ 2 classes unless i have to finish corey's part of the report for EI.

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

fyi i got less than half of the stuff right on my thermal final. i dont konw how much less but i'm guaranteed to have gotten less than half by what i know for a fact i didnt' answer or mess up.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

i got my first christmas bonus of my life. it was from work study. yay

Saturday, December 4, 2004

i forgot my salad at work again
the $20 tipper bought the other colleen at work a christmas present.  a 20  inch flat screen tv.        now wasnt' that nice of him.  and i learned his name is ryan so maybe we dont have to call him the $20 tipper anymore.

Friday, December 3, 2004

SmilingColl: i fell asleep so much in lass today
SmilingColl: some kid woke me up to sign the attendance sheet
SmilingColl: he had to tap me a bunch of times
SmilingColl: but that was nice of him he coulda been mean and skipped me

Thursday, December 2, 2004

i'm the biggest slacker of posting lately. it's shameful.

today i gave my politics presentation wearing my scarf.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

both of my checkbooks are balenced. i found my previous error

Monday, November 29, 2004

i forgot about project write up due this friday (which also means finishing the project) and hw due tuesday and another experiment write up due next week
i forgot ot mention i have about 5 weeks of journal entries to catch up on for politics and i also have a thermal test on friday of next week. so i hve tests tues wed thurs adn friday of next week
well my deposit did work out perfect once i got the correct amount from gravester. so now only that missing check from gram and how much i made last sunday and how to fix a dead car battery and how to get through the next 2 weeks seem to puzzle me

SmilingColl: but test tomorrow stuff due wed and 30 min presentation thursday with a paper and then also a 5-10 page paper due in that class (which we sorta just got assignment for today) these 3 thigns r worth over 60% of our grade then next week major tests tues and thurs and then a final wed and also have to write a major lab report technically due monday
SmilingColl: then classes are over friday
SmilingColl: o crap i forgot exam friday too
blueroseslm02: oh jeez
blueroseslm02: i think my head would explode
i'm a failure at life. my money file is wrong.
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i'm such a slacker. just look at how little i post now adays.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

7 thank you cards down.  time to start my homework.
on most days when my checkbook isn't balanced thats' the worst of my problems.  not today!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

back at the poly. time to clean up. too bad i didn't figure out if i work tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

i have to plan a half hr presentationt his weekend in addition to studyign for modeling and control and redoing that thermal hw (we got an extension)
half rh presentation that includes tons of research
and also a 2 page paper and 5 page paper dealing w/ presentation
i'm so tired. i never post anymore. i spend my tiem reading other live journals. I'm typing this with my eyes closed now. I think tomorrow I will be forced to do ohmework.
Which stores are open tomorrow that I can shop at? I need to get a flat panel monitor before Friday afternoon too.
I dont know if my interview went over that well today or not. I wish I knew how many people they were inteveiwing and for what and stuff.
I should make a shopping list of what I should buy.
word is daisy can't see anymore
my interview is over.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Thursday, November 18, 2004

tonight not only did i have 2 tables not tip me but i had one of those tables leave w/o paying their bill. it was for over $50 and Hollie said that they come in often.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

jcal called me a stalker (not of him)
magazines i let timmy borrow about a month ago mysteriously reappeared in my doorway a few minutes ago.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

My guess is a C in thermal lab unless they way curve it. but it's really ahrd to tell cuz they dont really give us back any graded stuff so we dont know how to improve before we do the next assignment.

modeling and control

if i get 100s on my homeworks and labs (which hasnt' happened yet) then i only need an 87.5% average on the next test and final.

what i do instead of my homework
it is possible but highly unlikely that i will get an A in modeling and control. I will most likely get a B. If i get a C it will be because i get super sick or something.
i roughly have an 83 so far in Modeling and Control
at least i'm practically guaranteed an A in EI this semester.
what i hate is that now since i work so much at Pizza hut I know more regulars and it bugs me when i see a regular comign in that tips poorly or doesnt tip at all. it just makes me mad. it really makes me mad that peopel rave about how good everythign is and how wonderful the service is and then they dont tip at all. argh

Friday, November 12, 2004


how can i get that ink spot out of my pants? it's about the size of a pea. hairspray didn't work a few times and then rubbing alcohol also didnt' work.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

my group is stupid and won't send out the report before they turn it in. sometimes they won't send it out after they turn it in. i dont get to see it until i see that we lost points cuz they didn't attach all fo the stuff. it annoys me.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

yay for a 3.5 hour nap. and if i would have fallen asleep right away it might have been a 4 hour nap.
i realized it disturbs me when someone else has the same font as me on aim. well the same font and font color. the same size just adds to that.

Monday, November 8, 2004


i guess it's time to start my homework. life is crazy. over half of my tissue box is gone and i saturate each tissue before deeming it unusable.

today i woke up, got ready, took the rest of my tissues with me, went to breakfast and ate 4 bites of my bagel and put the rest in a napkin for later, went to EI and sat outside in the hall and talked to the TA, went to class where i could barely handle all my sneezing and runny nose, went to my next class where i didn't think as hard and my nose only ran half as bad, then went to lunch but left before even having my card swiped, then went ot the shuttle, went to price chopper for more tissues, went to dunkin' donuts, got back ate 3 donuts, took a nap, woke up, went to dinner, came back, watched some tv, talked on aim, caught up on LJs, took a bunch of quizzes on and now it is now.... i have liek 5 hours of homework or something. but not all due tomorrow. i have it due like wed. ok i have a little more due wed that i didn't even start. i wanted to e-mail my ta about it cuz i was reading it before and it seemed hard. but the ta info is way over across the room along w/ my notebook that has the lab so i can at least know what i'm asking. man i have a lot of reading to do too for politics class..but most of that was due today or last week or the week before.

What will you get for Christmas? | bah humbug

What will you get for Christmas? | bah humbug

take the "are you pittsburgh, miami, or hoboken NJ?" test.

and go to NYC represent.

this is what i do instead of my homework

take the virgin-whore dichotomy quiz.

and go to where we're all studs.

take the "are you a democrat or a republican?" test.

and go to to love or sass.

and i changed all my answers becuase i thought it would be funny and look it is

take the "are you a democrat or a republican?" test.

and go to to love or sass.

my kleenex box is already down an inch. i bought it at 2:30 and took a 3 hour nap in there. it's surprising how much stuff can come outta this nose i got here.
there is a direct correlation between how hard i try to think and how much my nose runs/ how much i sneeze

Sunday, November 7, 2004

i actually accomplished my goal. time to see if i can accomplish my next goal. we will find out this friday or next.

Saturday, November 6, 2004

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Friday, November 5, 2004

Thursday, November 4, 2004


i feel like a posting slacker since I just spent over an hour and a half reading other people's live journals.

just a few minutes ago i was thinking how i was the biggest slacker in the world becuase i didn't start studying yet. now posting slacker is added to it.


mechanisms was closed.  so is general manufacturing processing.  i regiesterred for classes at 10.  i got one of the reminaing 3 seats for pd2.  then at 12:04 when i was looking into e-mailing the professor to get written into mechanisms, there was 1 seat remaining.  i snagged it  up.
now i have 11 credits.  i need 17or 18

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

my group things i got the "easy part" but i had to do the lab because they decided it was easy. and now they think data is off and stuff. well that is cuz they wanted to leave lab session way early and not do it together which is always the better thing.
o it felt so great to not go to work study today and to rest.

so far Bush has 39 electoral votes and Kerry 3

Monday, November 1, 2004

i have a 23% out of a possible 30 in thermal 2 so far (this is out of the grades we have back)
30 bucks worth of halloween candy is a lot


i hate themal and fluids 2 lab... i hate it. i hate it. i hate.

i'm sick. it sucks.

i think i'm e-mailing work study and telling them i'm not going to work tomorrow.

i'm starving. i want halloween candy. my gut is big again.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

SmilingColl: i'm gonna write wendy's a letter based on tonight
SmilingColl: i'm waiting to c if it ruined my shirt

SmilingColl: we ordered
SmilingColl: they took 15 min
SmilingColl: then it was messed up
SmilingColl: but we pulled away
SmilingColl: we tried to tell them through the lobby but doors were locked and they ignored our knocking
SmilingColl: but when i looked to c if it was messed up the triple pb got wasn't really wrapped and slightly counting the burgers made it go all over my shirt
SmilingColl: mustard
SmilingColl: and then we tried to walk aroudn to tell them from wehre we parked
SmilingColl: well first the bag tore a little
SmilingColl: then walked aroudn it broke
SmilingColl: so pb had to scoop the stuff up
SmilingColl: they yelled at him and was like "i'm not remaking your stuff"
SmilingColl: and he tried to tell them our order and he kept walkign away
SmilingColl: then he got mad when pb didn't say the whole order at one time
SmilingColl: then we got it
SmilingColl: but they did give us the dropped burgers back cuz u can tell how the side is flattened and stuff
SmilingColl: but i didnt' go back to the window w/ pb butt hen they also messed up the guys order behind us
SmilingColl: then we went to taco bell and they were all good
SmilingColl: and ordered 24 bucks worth at taco bell
SmilingColl: and it took like 2 min
i should be studying
pb switched majors. people always switch majors with 2 semesters left.

Monday, October 25, 2004

i switched back to keeping my bills in my wallet face first.  it is too hard to deal with it since the rest of the world doesn't do ti that way. it would take forever to put it back in my wallet after i got change somewhere. silly society. i dont know how pap-pap did it all those years.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

i'm starting to get sick.

this is not good
i wish it wasn't sleepy time every modeling and control class. i wish he didnt have this awful accent so it was easier to pay attention. it's crazy. my notes r so horrible they dont help me.
10 hours of sleep and i'm tired


i havent' slept as late as i did today sincd the beginning of the summer. and granted  i only woke up today at about 12:15pm.  today was the first day i got to sleep in forever.  well the first day i didnt have to wake up for something.  but now i only have about 13 hours to do homework today.  i have a lot more than that to do.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

last night at duncan donuts we ordered 25 munchkins and gave the guy a 5.  he gave us 6 bucks and some odd cents change.  so we gave him teh 5 back and he was all confused.


today i was happy cuz my jeans were just washed and nice and not loose but then after wearing them for 2 hours they became huge.  now i'm not happy.  stupid stretch jeans.  they annoy me.  now i need a belt.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

MASS MoCA was actually pretty interesting today. The mountains were so pretty on our way. On the way back i fell asleep.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Thursday, October 14, 2004

i'm mad at rpi. they blocked port 80 connections so now you can't host a web server from your room.
today was pretty interesting.

updated links for those not on RPI campus:

I finally updated but I dont even write down all the times I weigh myself now. The graphs just aren't as pretty.

TENroaches: your legs looked skinnier than ever yesterday

update: word is those links won't work and those pictures won't load unless you are on campus. I will fix it as soon as I remember my other password to put it on a different server.
update at 1:53 on Friday the 15th
i dont want to  do homework.

it's funny i was told a story yesterday about a girl flirting by saying she pulled her groin muscle and it needed massaging.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


ok right now my belt is on the 4th hole (from the end) but i started today on the next to the last (2nd). it's so weird. did i tighten it each time i went to the bathroom or something. I remember at dinner looking down and noticing it was on the third hole.
so far in modeling and control i have a 16.32% (out of a possible 20%)
o and today in thermal lab 2 they told us that they realized they have graded too harshly on the quizzes and if we think we should get more points back to see them. ha i thought they were brutal.
now i have a 28.8% so far in EI but on their grade sheet i have a 67.58 but they assume i would ge tthe same thing on the next tests that i got on the prev one and also that iwould get the same hw average throughout.

so far i have a 9.04% (out of a possible 12)
someone mentioned me in their live journal (and linked me) and now i feel bad for beign a posting slacker lately.

so last night i was up till 2 doing work and wasn't tired but it was late so i figured i better go to sleep then i couldn't fall asleep and all i kept thinking about was that i should be doing homework instead and that i was wasting time. what a nerd i am.

i'm hungry. i wish my jeans that were 20 bucks were as tight as the ones from teh same store in the same size that weren't on sale as much.

i should probably call pizza hut to find out when i work but i dont really want to know becuase then i will know for sure that i will be working all weekend.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

since i bought new jeans am i allowed to throw out my old ones that are very worn out?
you should hear these speakers.

sp691        the r benwin traditions they are " a simple, compact, affordable, great-sounding USB powered multimedia sound system" 

they are pb's and they were never out of the plastic  yet they look so old

Sunday, October 10, 2004

i'm stupid

well i just realized that t he reason my jaw hurts is that i've eatten nothign but hoagies for liek the past 3 days (except the pizza and fries) but i'm not supposed to eat hoagies cuz of my jaw. and also pizza crust is bad for me too.

so sad

earlier something happened and i was like "i definitely have to post about this in my live journal and now i can't remember what it was at all!

about my outfit yesterday

daddy bigfoo: you're just a walking traffic accident foo, you'd better watch out


before we went today pb said "what if someone recognizes us?" i told him nobody would. i was referring to employees there. but then someone there today told us he saw us eating there last night and that it can be addicting. then he said he was going to turn on fox news for us so we could keep in trouch with what is going on in the world.
haha pb thinks the shirt i'm wearing is new. but he picked out this shirt in about august. it might have been july. i will check on that.


i'm wearing 2 new things today

update: make that three new things

Saturday, October 9, 2004

o and at pepboys today, while we were there for 3 hours, i slept for a little bit. pb yelled at me and told me i wasn't allowed to sleep.
it hurts to eat.

all these ulcers or whatever in my mouth. now it's like i'm always biting myself. now it's my left side inside my mouth that's worse but last week it was the right side. sometimes i flinch weird like cuz bites are hard to take. this snickers is so hard to eat.

i have soooooooooo much homework and i can't do it. i am stuck in thermal. and i need other group member's stuff before i can do my EI. also it's too dark in here so i can't see to look up stuff for thermal. when i try to work on it my eyes hurt.
last night was such a horrible debate watching. i am never watching a debate again with a Bush brainwashed person that is too stubborn to even listen to things.

the webct grades are not real like anymore. they trick you saying your quiz average is what u got on the first one. before they avaraged with zeros for the other tests and same with homeworks and experiments so it was your true grade so far. so now i have to add EI to my excel file grade sheet that i have so far.

Thursday, October 7, 2004

the lady on CNN says "if you aren't watching tv now then turn it on"

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

i'm stupid

i'm so stupid

i just put a big handful of goldfish in my mouth before i closed up the bag
i was starving and tired
so i opted to eat then sleep
now i ate a bunch of goldfish and am still really tired
and i still keep eating even tho i fill like i'm going to throw up or something and also my tongue and check hurt from these ulcers or what ever u would call them
and now my stomach just growled a bunch

i'm confused

but at least i have a 22.8% in Electronic Instrumentation so far
so far i have a 16% in thermal 2 but in thermal lab i have 5.6% cuz we haven't gotten some stuff back yet.
time to start my nerdiness and start grade sheets for my classes.
i bought clothes at express. i used my gift card that pb got me for my birthday and i also spent lots on my own. great sales. i amost bout 2 of the things on saturday when i was there (or maybe it was sunday but i think saturday) and then i heard about the sale. and boy am i glad i didn't buy them then. they were cheaper today. ooo what excitement. now i have to decide what to wear tomorrow. I bought jeans that r a size smaller than the ones I bought in the summer.
sanitary gloves are pointless if you are going to wear htem and go on break and smoke a cigarette while still wearing them

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Monday, October 4, 2004

my politics professor thinks that Bush won the debate


i took a nap. it lasted forever. i did not want to wake up. i went crazy and thought itwas friday when waking up. it sucks to realize it was only monday.


last night i noticed i have a gut again. i guess that's from 2 days of eating normal food.

i thought of something i wanted to tell jesse that i didn't tell him this morning then i tried to sign on aim and it wouldnt work (still won't work) but now i totally forget what ti was. and i thought of something i wanted to tell pb too and can't remember what that was either.

i got voicemail well the voicemail e-mail at 9:47am this morning and now i want to know who it was.
so tired after more than 8.5 hours of sleep.  also this morning i turned over and was gettig all situated and looked at the clock and it said 8:44 and i thought "o that's mean" and  boom alarm went off

Saturday, October 2, 2004

tonight was fun.  i took some pictures.  i'm glad we went.  gravester and jcal paid for my dinner! that was very nice of them.  olive garden would hvae been way too long of a wait.  so we went to friday's.  i think olive garden would have been better. but next time. there is always next time
right now all my homework is done for monday, tues, and wed.  go me
TENroaches: my roommate just came back and asked me to delete that entry from my livejournal
SmilinColleen: haha

i'll copy it here
Drunks [02 Oct 2004|04:18am]
My roommate came back tonight so drunk, he couldn't do much of anything, not even keep his eyes facing toward the same direction. He had to have someone help him pick out his stuff to take a shower, and when he came back, he dropped his keys outside the door, when the door was unloocked. When I went to go to the bathroom, I found his dirty underwear lying outside the door on the floor and kicked them in, and in the bathroom, I saw his bath towel still hanging in there (he's sleeping at this point), and when I came back, I saw a puddle coming under the door from the inside, so I opened to see what it was, and I couldn't tell where it came from, ut i know my bath towel ended up soaking in it. So I went to the bathroom and wrung it out. The puddle wasn't there when I left to the bathroom, and my towel wasn't on the floor when I left, so maybe my roommate woke up, peed on the door, and threw my towel on it (since he left his in the bathroom), and got back in bed, since his position in bed was different when I returned from when I left. And now that I'm looking for his underwear to think if I should kick them back out to teach him not to come back here all drunk to mess stuff up, his underwear aren't on the floor anymore, so he HAD to have awakened. So I probably have his pee on my hands right now from my towel.

I just went to wash my hands, and on the way out, I took note that the door is wet from about crotch-level down. Then when I returned, my roommate started talking in his sleep, but the words weren't real words. 


ok like all week i've been saying we should all do something tonight for my birthday and been askign gravester  but he said he had plans or "temporary plans"  then today  i told kate to find out what is up cuz i was leaving to the career fair. then at the career fair he was like "are you guys doing somethign tonight?  " i sai d"yea buti dotn know what" Then he said "well if u decide not to do somethign then u can do somethign with us . we were thinkign out to dinner and  movie or something" 
what's up with him inviting me when i started it but now he's the one thinking like "o a godfather movie or somethign after dinner"

kate and maggie were in on something tonight from liek end of last week or way beginning of this week.i dont know how gravester figured  when i referred to doing somethign that it wasnt' all of us.  and that i wasn't goign to do somethign w/ them    well actually them with us ... craziness
i went to the career fair and gave out 10 resumes

Friday, October 1, 2004

OreoFuchi: go drinking yet?
SmilinColleen: nope

i totalled up teh max i think i can get on my test i had today and  if they give me pity points for attempting qeustions i think i can get a 54 (out of 150)

Thursday, September 30, 2004


college is crazy
i dropped pd2.

sorry gravester
i just read all the away messages on my buddy list. i'm surprised at the amount that say they are watching the debate. it was over half i think.
my chest hurts when i breathe.

i know a tiny bit of modeling and control now. that's after over an hour of studying. i think i have a long night ahead of me. i'm so tired. i dont think that 1.5 hour nap helped.
today i put 2 of my 3 pens on my lap while i used the third. but i thought the caps were on them. aparently the blue one was not and what do you know i have this big blue ink spot on my jeans now. it is quite sad.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

wow a school board member from my school district at home just e-mailed me. i used to go out to eat w/ her and my mom after school board meetings sometime. she just had to go and remind me about peanut butter pie. there aren't any places that have any as good or even have it the same. :(


soo busy
i think i finally got the NIMO bill straightened out but I'm calling again in 2 days or so to make sure it is fixed.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

i've been todl i should stop killing myself with all this work and ive' been told that i'm a posting slacker and i've been told that i dont have any free time.

Monday, September 27, 2004

to do lists

on sept 24 at 8:27 am ihad 22 out of 50 things left to do on my to do list.  now i made a new to do list w/ what was left and like a few more things and there are 19 things on it so far w/ none crossed out
i'm confused

Sunday, September 26, 2004

i just ate 48 cheese raviolis and boy am i full. i only wanted to eat 45 but pb put 3 more on my plate.
man they were hard to finish.
my scale said i weighed 118.4 this morning.  i think it's broken. someone should test it out when i get back tonight

Friday, September 24, 2004

classes this semester

SmilingColl: so i hate pd2 so bad
SmilingColl: i hate modeling and control but not as much
SmilingColl: i hate EI but only really because of my group member so i dont hate it as bad as M&C
SmilingColl: and i hate tf2 lab cuz it just sucks but it's only 2 credits so it's not awful
SmilingColl: so that leaves politics and tf2 and politics he gives us a million readings and 40% of our grade is participation so i dont liek that class. so that leaves my fav class being tf2 just because i dont hate it as much as the others
Well I finished my EI hw for Tuesday. Now I have a 9.75% in that class.
i think i need to go hide away from everyone and everythign and get some work done.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

o man i'm so tired. i'm going to sleep in 17 minutes. no less.. that's right i will hold myself to it. but i better get to start studying first.

today i had class from 8-1 straight then i was supposed to do work study from 1-5 but i decided i needed a little lunch before i went to work. Then i only worked until 4 instead of 5. i did this so i would clean my room. but i did not clean my room. at 5 ish i went to jesse's room to print a bunch of stuff. at 7:56 i left his room and rushed to the dining hall and got a little snack and then rushed to pb's room just in time for big brother to start. then during all the commercials i kept trying to figure out where to eat for dinner. then at 9:15 we left for wendy's since it was so late slow food was out of the question. then at 10something we returned and watched the rest of amazing race. i was working on electronic instrumentation the whole time. i give up for now. it is due on thursday though. i just have this thermal test tomorrow (i hope) and so it's looking pretty good tonight.

tomorrow i have class 10-12 and 1-2 and meet w/ my thermal group to divide up our lab at 4 but i think we have to do some stuff first cuz we all dont have the data. i'm glad i dont have modeling and control lab tomorrow. that woudl be from 2-4. next week i have it though.

down to 13 min before sleep now.. guess i took too long to post.


i worked 37.5 hours in the past week ( if u want to count last tuesday then 41.5)


i got vpn to work

Monday, September 20, 2004

i have 16/33 things done on my to do list.

this is the same one that i had going a few days ago.
I finished my EI homework 23.5 hours before it was due.
i took a quiz and dont feel i failed it.
today i realized my lab group is mostly cool.  but  at least when it's not one other person usually looks at me in agreement.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

i have 13/31 things done on my to do list
i just had a nice nap. i can't remember the last time a nap felt so good.

Friday, September 17, 2004

SmilinColleen: obvisousxly a critter in my receipt box
Rukky G: it ate your receipts
Rukky G: ?
SmilinColleen: yes
SmilinColleen: and crackers
Rukky G: haha
SmilinColleen: and rice krispy treat
Rukky G: hahah

Thursday, September 16, 2004

and i installed semagic on my laptop now.
12 tables
35 bucks
5 hours
for my money file since MAY 2004  i am no longer in the red... go me
politics sucks
we have all this stuff to read
luckily i just read 1984...but too bad i sent it home at the end of august.
leave for breakfast at 7:15 this morning and return after dinner at 7:23.  o man that was a heavy backpack

it wont' let me post this.          that was tuesday

Monday, September 13, 2004

well it appears timmy hates it here more than i thought.  i thought he was starting to like it better.  i guess not.


i need to study thermal 1.  now that i look at the old stuff it seems easy but how will i do on the test?  it scares me.
i have so much work to do
i have to do my electronic instrumentation hw for tuesday night then i have to do my electronic instrumentation portion of the report for wednesday morning. then i have to compile the EI report for our group due Thursday morning.
i have to buy my modeling and control lab notebook by Wed.  I have to check and see if my remaining 3 books are in yet to the book store. 
i have to do all kindsa politics stuff and do my journal writing.  I need to check oout the websites he said and also go back and reread the preface and note the similiarities between that and the RNC.
then i have to finish editing my leadership paper for professional development and i would do reading for that class if the book was in.
i have to do my homework for thermal and fluids 2 lab. today we worked as a group (4 of us) and in 2 hours we got about 1.5 problems of the homework done.  then i also have thermal and fluids 2 homework due friday.  i have to study for my thermal and fluids 2 test that i have tomorrow. 
i had 4 pieces of toast for dinner.  3 with jelly and butter and 1 with just butter.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

i'm starting to not be sick. this weekend wasn't so bad but i had too much fun and didn't do enough homework

Friday, September 10, 2004

SmilinColleen: yay for me bieng in my room
SmilinColleen: except i told work i coudl work tomorrow
SmilinColleen: but i said i couldnt handle that long of a day
SmilinColleen: and i held in a cough the whole tiem
SmilinColleen: i shouldnt have
SmilinColleen: but now iw ork 10 -7
SmilinColleen: nto 8-7

but 2 hours less will help me.    that was very nice of tom to call and ask tho.  to make sure.  except i think he was gonna ask if i could come in tonight  but he didn't.  just  his tone and then sai dhow r u and i said "still kinda sick" 
i feel i am being so productive right now but i am not sure if i am or not.  The time seems to be going by too fast for me to be productive.

Thursday, September 9, 2004

boy it's really raining
i was afraid but i did it. i called in sick. but there is no way i should be making pizzas while sneezing and stuff.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

isn't when u have a multiple choice question  that d should be "all of the above"  not  the choice a?
pb's new computer keeps getting the blue screen of death.
i would have to say that i'm writing my resume and cover letter and not finishing my hw.  but i think the resume and cover letter are almost more important.
my classes suck.

i keep sneezing.

i walked to the union in the rain.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Monday, September 6, 2004

my pants are too big now.

the shuttle takes forever in the morning
my scale tells me i weigh 120  i need another scale to verify this because i dont believe it.
i think my body is rejecting the dining hall food.  o i so dont wnat to have to have a meal plan.  it sucks.  i can't stand to eat the crap they serve. 

o my

today i woke up and my throat hurt.  i was truly thinking about calling in sick.  but i decided against it.  i get there and devon is not there.  then at 11 the driver calls in sick.  so at 11:45 there is me and a manager  when there should be 4-5 people there.  i was making pizzas cutting pizzas and waiting on my tables.  so good thing i didn't call in sick i guess.  today tom asked me to sign my review.  he said i got one of the highest but he will go over it with me later.  i got "OT"  for on target.  aparently there is on target, below target, and above target.  when he asked me to sign it he only todl me to sign it and didnt' tell me what it was.  i had to ask.  then i left and in the car i was eating my pizza talkign to timmy on the phone as i realized that i forgot to get my tips from credit card slips.  so i went back in and they thought i was crazy.  and i got $9.53 from them.  good thing i remembered.  my head hurts now and has hurt almost all day.  the first thing i ate or drank today was at 5:15ish

Sunday, September 5, 2004


today at work some table told me that i am very efficient and a good waitress.  then said they were gonna tell a manager when leaving.  then when they were paying they asked the cashier to talk to a manager.  Chrissy said that he said it in a mean voice.  So when Nate came around he was expecting something bad.  then the guy kept telling Nate how good i was and stuff about it.  Nate said "yea... we've been hearing lots of good stuff about her lately" and he was nodding and stuff.  too bad yet again that tom wasn't there.  currently tom is doing reviews for firing or raising or stuff. 

i worked 9 hours today.  but 8 as a server.
i had a dream that ihad to argue with the landlord over our security deposit.  he said there was so much damage that we still owed him more money to cover it all. 

Saturday, September 4, 2004

i'm a slacker.  i overpaid my discover balance by 37 cents.  it's not like it's a big deal or anything except that it means i can't add.
i haven't been updating my money file and i can't remember how much i made in tips on thursday.  what will i ever do.  my graph will be all messed up
well today i served. he wants me to work all day tomorrow and monday
i'm going in all day tomorrow and in the morning on monday

Friday, September 3, 2004

wll good thing this new voicemail system is gay so even when you lift up your phone it doesnt tell u you have messages.  i got a phone call thursday from someone in my thermal class askign to borrow my book to do the homework.  but i didn't check it until now.  and it was due on friday.  i don't have his e-mail handy to apologize or anything either.  i can look it up on rpi site but i only knew jeff and that he's a senior.  i think that i figured it out but i will wait until after work to get my folder from pb's room and find his info.  even tho i dnot think the folder is in his room .  ooo it wasnt in his room.  and no that wasn't the one i thought i had it narrowed down to.
i napped earlier. i think it was over an hour. almost 2 hours. but i think pb tried to wake me up after 45 min the first time around so that we could go eat. i was sleepign on his futon curled at the end and he was sitting at the other. it was in couch form. i fell asleep during crossfire.
clinton needs bypass surgery


today leaving thermal pb sorta tripped where there was a ramp to leave the room. i did'nt even know there was a ramp to leave but i went on it. he ankle has hurt all day. it's a little swollen. i got ice for him and advil but oops i forgot to actually give him the advil i just brought it to his room

class and stuff

thermal and fluids 2 was over early. she says this will be the only time all year. i'm still in the classroom though. i cant' get to my next class too early. the downfall is that it's freezing in here. i should start bringing my gloves. it's supposed to be 82 today. i'm wearing a hoodie now. today i was one of the randomly selected people to have to turn in my in class work for attendance. I think i'm going to use that stupid assignment book that the school provides students with. i've never used one before but i think that this semester requires it.
classes seem to suck this semester.
i'm disappointed i didn't get to watch bush's speech last night. i didn't even get to watch all the commentary afterward. i also missed kerry's speech too. it's all quite sad. i'm going to have to watch coverage on it today, if there is any.
i had grapes for breakfast today. they were nice. i think i figured out that breakfast foods are so common that the dining hall can't really mess them up too bad. those dinners are what they really screw up.
well i think i'm heading out now to my next class. i wanna know when modeling and control homework is due. it wasn't on the original syllabus but he changed it since he got a 2nd ta for all of us.


Thursday, September 2, 2004

i ate 2 hot dogs again for lunch today.  but today i got ice cream too.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

my ra told me she liked my kerry edwards sign.
y can't classes be normal where u have it at a certain tiem every week. y do they have to have it this week and not the next and then have it 4 weeks in a row an dthen skip one. and have to be all difficult and not consistent.
i wish i had all my books.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


today some guy told me that i was in a lot of his classes  when we were given time to go aroudn and meet people.  i told him i did'nt notice and then he walked away.  i guess that wasn't the appropriate response.  and he was in my next class after that too.  too bad i  won't recognize him w/o his blue tie dye shirt on tomorrow. 


i had a crazy dream last night and i had one  during my nap

Long Nap

i just took a 4 hour nap.  i didn't want to sleep longer than an hour.  actually it started with me doing homework.


Thursday 4-11 production
Saturday 8-4 production
Sunday 4-9:30 server
2nd day of classes done.

Monday, August 30, 2004

o man it's rough waking up so early

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Phone Call

i call the landlrod. 
him "hello"
"oh! hi!  feel like painting?"

what a greeeting
we talked liek 15 minutes.  he's tricky.

first day

i saw dwane twice today. 

my classes aren't gonna be fun.  it seems that they are hard to stay awake in.  or will be hard to.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

today a table told me i was the nicest pizza hut waitress they ever had.  then they actually left me a good tip.  they even told the manager that too.
i had 22 tables today.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

i took a nice nap earlier

Sick, Fan

i almost called in but nobody answered so i went. and tom was late. and i told him my stomach hurt. 

pb just bounced and the fan fell and the base fell off

Friday, August 27, 2004

i think in about 10 hours i will be sick and have to call in to work

Thursday, August 26, 2004

aww man i'm so tired.  i thin today will be a nap day.  it will have to be.

uh o

loud fan noises again
the landlrod was over an hour late.  he was all on edge cuz jesse was there.  he said we have to do a daytime inspection on the apt too.  i mean not we  but him. then he said he will contact us about money.  he noticed things wrong w/ the apt  before we got there  (scratches)  and didn't say anything but i bet he forgets they were there before. he wanted our new addresses. we did meter readings but  did not call the people to switch it over.  i dont know what's going to happen with that since i work.

Moving, Computer issues

i dont think there is any hope for my room.  it's quite sad really.  i do need to work on it.

and there is so much school stuff i still have to do.  there is all kindsa stuff in the wagon.  i spilt water all over me a few minutes ago.  the cup just slipped right out of my hand.  at 7 i will be looking at the apt with the landlord and he will hopefully find no damage or crap like that.  since it's even nicer now than when we got it.

also my fan is crazy loud and i can't leave it on for very long so as soon as i get stuff put away i want to back it up on my desktop.  this week i also need to fix up my resume and write my cover letter.
btw i was sooooo tired today at work and my hair is still damp now from my shower last night
well it appears my dad has cellulitis again
he couldnt' go to work today or do anything
he made 11 calls before he got his lunch delivered. 

his work would pay for me to drive him home and then they would pay for my flight back up here.  or like if mike came to get him by plane and then drove him home they would pay for that too.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

time to pack my heart out.  i wonder if i should just go to pizza hut at somepoint today to see what my schedule is.  also i wonder what the deal is if i have to be here to  turn in my key to the landlord at noon cuz that would be bad since i most likely work 8-4.

Monday, August 23, 2004

april 5 2003 there was lots of snow and ice and coats and hats being worn but then on april 12  2003 shorts and tank tops were worn for a run


last night i averaged 11.68 an hour.  i wish i had that all summer.
i'm so tired.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

the express site is broken. how am i to check if they actually got the on-line bill pay payment.  i forget when it's due but  it was taken out of my checking accoutn 5 days ago.
and now i did it. 

i just forgot to total the cable bill in the daily page.
now it's off by 50 bucks and i didn't mean to change anythign by that much.        so i made a boo boo.


my money file was messed up.  at first off by 35 cents.  the file by transaction compared ot the daily one.  then i went back a month and it was off 50 cents
then i  fixed some stuff and it was off 40 cents.  now it is off 5 and i know it's between 8/3 and 8/8.  time to get to the bottom of this
work was crazy


i just did a few scrapbook pages from may 27, 2003.  i think that's one of the most recent dates i've done.  i had to scrapbook so i couldn't say that i was such a slacker i didn't scrapbook at all here.
i just washed all the dishes.  i'm sorta bored.  i work in less than 2 hours so i dotn want to get into too much. dave is playing game cube.  i dont know what to do or what i can do.


i dont undestand it.  y do people liek shout at me out of their cars.  today some guy did from his motorcycle after i got out of the car.  todya  at work we had an employee meeting but i didn't have to be in uniform.  Dave S (Lyn's brother) told me he didn't recognize me not in uniform.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Saturday, August 21, 2004

ooo myvRA from freshman year is now an RD.  No more RA Holly.  I guess it has to be "RD Holly"
i keep having dreams about pizza hut and i'm sick of it.
apparently the listing is updated and is now a 2 bedroom not a 1 bedroom plus 1 office.  and  it's available on the 27th!

book progress

i'm on page 216.  i have 111 more pages left to read.  so far i've been reading it about a month and a half.... if u extrapolate what i've done so far there's no way i'll be done anytime soon.

i had hoped to be done before school started.    i also wanted to scrapbook this summer and i never really got to that at all either.  now i feel obligated to pack or something instead of scrapbook.
i started packing some books.  it's like crazy to pack stuff i think  but idon't know what to do.  i want to get all this stuff out of here as soon as possible once we're allowed to move back into the dorm. 
the landlord just showed the apartment.
i'm so so so tired.  i can't stay awake.
gas usage went down again and  electric usage went up.  both for the 3rd time in a row.  but the overall cost went up.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Weight - Scale

dave thinks because my weight hasn't changed in the past 3 months that i have to accept the fact that it's stable.  i told him i accept the fact that the scale is broken


dave cooked dinner and dessert and had it ready for me when i got home from work. what a cutie.  he even showered and brushed his hair for me and put on his super sexy white t'shirt. he also shaved too. and he put flowers on the tv screen and played romantic music. i took pictures
outlook is pissing me off.
nobody ims me.

i will be at work in 2 hours.
i just ate my leftovers from last night.
i'm thirsty.
i started packign one small box.  it's almost full.
i'd like to comment that i didn't even lose a whole pound this summer.


i'm starving. i was used to wakeing up early all summer until the past 2 weeks.  and then school will start and i will not like to wake up at 8am for my class anymore. i work at 12:30 today.  what's up with that.  work is crazy.  i'm actually on the desktop and about to switch the chair that i am sitting on.  i just realized that  boom boom boom it's time to move.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

o no....... big brother didnt' tape.
in a week and like 3 days i will most likely be giving my 2 weeks notice.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

everytime i click on a webpage..any webpage i get at least one popup.  i guess my google blocker isn't working anymore.


the landlord came and gave me my money from yesterday and also gave me the knob for the a/c.  it was in his pocket.  after he had me hunting for it for liek half hr that day.  it jumped in his pocket the whole time.  he's crazy.

i learned that the landlord brought the new garbage cans down and that they aren't the new tenants. so now i will use them cuz they aren't disgusting like the broken ones i've been using.
and he wants to know if the neighbors junk in their yard is trash cuz he wants to take it.  the landlord wants to buy that house.  he said cuz of the people coming and going and stuff.  but i think he means cuz they are black and have kids that were putting thigns on a garbage can to try to climb into the window. 

Pizza Hut

i think tom is trying to make everyone quit and have all new people working for him.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

tomorrow is new manager training day.
y do i have a million pop ups now a days?  y doesnt google popup blocker work


i have to go get my phone fixed. i can't take it that people can't hear me and i have to shout and they still can't hear me.

kate's summer address

4 Peter Drive
Wappingers Fall, NY 12590-4993


i had the weirdest dreams last night and woke up in the night and remembered them then.  now i can only remember bits and pieces. mrs hunter, my fifth grade teacher, was in one of my dreams. she was in the lunch room when i went there to find my purse.  in the same dream we had to sit in an auditorium  in alphabetical order for some odd reason  for a picture.  i was in row 5, but the baffling part was that people from high school that i hate were also in the 5th row and sitting all staggered like so i would have had to sit w/ one of them.  but i dont think i acutally got my picture taken cuz there was where i realized about my purse and i tried to go and find it.  that was my dream around 5am or something.  i kept dreaming and right now i can't remember the rest of them at all.

Monday, August 16, 2004

the paycheck i get when my dad is up here i am going to give to him to deposit in pnc.  since i hate first niagara and dont like it that i dont have money in pnc now.

not a one liner post

i did all the dishes. there were tons of them.  i dried 2/3 of them.  now i'm trying to check my discover stuff on-line and the stupid page won't load.  it's raining so i didn't get to work for the landlord.  i need to clean this place up somehow.  i think that requires boxes from kate which she didn't bring yesterday.  but then when i pack up where do i put the boxes so maybe i shouldn't start packing yet and maybe i don't want the boxes yet from kate.  also, my pink tanktop that i love that's spaghetti strap is all messed up in the stitching now.  i guess i shouldn't have been wearing it all summer under work shirts.  so now i shouldnt really wear it unless there's a shirt over it.  i hope my purple one is not ruined too. i should buy more sometime.  maybe. too bad tank tops aren't really in the back to school collection.  my hands feel all weird from doing the dishes.  it was so disgusting.  the sink is just horrible.  and now timmy sent me a convo he had with becca about how she ruined the interact site. she claims she did a good job with it. o man.  she's crazy and i wanna know what help she thought i had when i ran every activity. she might be thinking that when i was vice president i helped the president do all kindsa stuff so he had help.  but i did not have help.  other people planned some events like  "o i'm planning road clean up. ok here's the date and mrs weston u can call penn dot to tell them to pick up the trash"  o wait they didn't even tell her to call she just did cuz they slacked  but then they maybe mentioned it at the meeting or something so it was like they were in charge.  and not only did i spend hours after each meeting and event but hours after film was developed cuz i had to scan stuff in.  i even put together packets for each committe i was sort of in charge with so people that would do it in the future would have an easier time w/ it like they do with pta  but i dont believe mrs weston ever passed those things along.  i think she lost them! it all just makes me mad.  and becca shoulda just left my old pictures on there and stuff instead of delete it all and never add new.  when our rotary even takes off the link to the norwin interact site you know it has to be bad. and becca said she only got like 10 hits a week    most were probably from people showing other people how the site is so horrible now.  i have sheets of how many hits i got on each of my individual pages. i made an excel file. i still have the printout of  it along the way but i lost the soft copy when our computer crashed.  but after an event i would have like 50 hits in one day on the main page.  i do have the data to prove this at home.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

my mom is having a kerry party on august 29. i'm jealous.  jcal says we should have one at rpi. i agree.  my mom ordered all kinds of goodies like bumper stickers, pins, signs, and stuff.  i hope i can have some to decorate my dorm room and pb's car.
taking out the trash is a dirty task.  i'm not doing it anymore.
i was told today that i never post.

o man

i just watched super size me.  it's crazy.  o man everyone should see it.

Saturday, August 14, 2004


i made 9.59 an hr tonight counting the 3.3 an hr wage.  and it was a super slow night

good news?

some would say it is. i say it is not.  they say they are overstaffed tomorrow and therefore told me not to come in.  my hours were already at 33.5 instead of 40 and now i'm losing 4.5 hours.  but now i have another day off.
stupid  stupid stupid

i hate first niagara even more now.


today i got my bank statement in the mail.  o what fun it was to balance my checkbook.  it was all good. 
i also got my phone bill.  i will pay that now.  i've been checking on-line and it was never posted, so i couldnt already have it paid.
i also got internship stuff in the mail from sheila. 
i'm such a slacker at weighing myself
i'm on page 185 in my book.  that's over half way. but i started it about a month and a half ago