Sunday, July 31, 2005

bus trip back was alright. we left 15 minutes late but the driver made up the time.  then we left harrisburg 10 minutes late but she made up that time too. i sat in the front and could see everything. it was nice.  she tailgated though. she also was speeding a lot.

i came home ate and went to the polka bash at irwin park with timmy and my parents. it was nice. i liked it. we sat front and center.  i liked the first band better than the 2nd and 3rd ones.

now i have to unpack and stuff and get ready for a long day at work. i haven't had one in a week so it will be hard to get back to.

Friday, July 29, 2005


that's the most bored i've ever been. i took pictures. there was a lan party at ed's people brought computers. not just laptops but desktops it was worse than the poly.

i went to sleep in my chair for a long time. at the end it was just dave and chuckie and dave wouldtn die. argh it was taking forever.

bus trip

the bus left late. we didn't make up any time. we still got the full 30 min meal stop. but originally i was supposed to take the 7:50 bus. it was supposed to arrive at 1am. this one was supposed to arrive at 10:30. but then we left late and didnt' make up time. so at harrisburg I thought we would arrive at 11. well then someone was stuck in teh bathroom and aparently for awhile. the door lockign mechanisms broke. it was a 17 yr old. he couldnt get the emergency window open to climb out either. so somebody on teh bus said to give him tools and the driver did and he worked for awhile then fed tools into the kid and the kid took off the locking part. that took an hour though. the 17 yr old looked over 20 though. i'm so bad at telling ages.
so i got to the bus station about 12:10 then got to dave's 1am. but that's still better than it would have been and i dont know if the other was late or not.

there were only 5 white people on the bus. the lady i had to sit w/ kept talking to herself (in english) but then she got on the phone at one point and she talked not english.

the bathroom door wouldnt lock but then it wouldnt open at all. so the bus pulled over (liek 2 min after a rest stop) and let 2 people run out and pee in teh bushes. then at the bus stop a few other people got out to pee in the bushes again since the bus station was closed. women tried to get out but the bus driver stopped them. they didnt' realize these guys were peeing in teh bushes/trees.
my laptop seems to only be on while i'm at pb's this summer.
i went to king of prussia mall today. i bought some new bras and a tote bag. then we went to best buy and bought 2 movies.
at dave's

Monday, July 25, 2005

my mom made fun of my pale legs tonight.
btw i went to the funeral home tonight. it was so sad. probably the overall saddest funeral home i've been to with so many people sad and crying.

better link
i will have 3 days at least withoutposting. unless i post again after midnight.
week 2 of matching is going well.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

what do people talk about at kennywood if they dotn talk about the naked clothes all the girls wear?  everytime i go that's all i talk about. i dotn know what else there is to talk about but i doubt everyone talks about that. so what do you talk about or observe at kennywood?

callie only post

how can i not feel wrong about living with dave? how can i pull off telling my parents i'm gonna live w/ him before we're married after we graduate? I really need to know how to pull this off. We would get married right now or right after school but we dont have money for a wedding.  I know it's a common occurance for people to live together, but they must not have the same friends family as me.  i also feel wrong (in a moral way) when i tell anyone (besides some college kids) that i'm living with dave at school.  I haven't even told some of the people i still talk to from high school that i'm going ot live with him. 
you really should be on aim more.
here is a reason i think our scale is broken.  i weighed myself, peed, then weighed myself again.  i gained half a pound doing this.
i just had an awesome room. it was moving into my apartment up in troy. but there were all these extras i didn't know about. there was this extra room as ibg as a bedroom off one of the bedrooms. there were so many things that made it awesome.  the place was furnished. 

now this will make my actually apartment seem to suck.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

and i think i'm immune to being sunburnt.

girls barely wear any clothes there. i dont know how they can ride with their mini skirts on.


king kahuna is now a water ride. and it's tricky.

the thunderbolt is awesome.  we tested out front back and middle in that and in phantom's revenge.  aero360 was a fun ride.  i went on 2 rides today that i've never been on before.  they dont have the height limit sign for king kahuna anymore.

king kahona broke the ride after we were on it.

Friday, July 22, 2005

i better hurry and post or i wont have a post for today.

today kinda sucked. i worked through lunch by mistake. 
i didn't walk again today at lunch.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

i think pat quit talking to me cuz i forgot his birthday


day 2 of matching was a success and there were 4 of us today. people are noticing the matching. i even got comments from someone on a different floor. i match the least because they all have polo shirts and i didn't. i'm also the only girl (so far).
tomorrow they r all off so monday is the next time.  it's gray pants and a light blue shirt.

they wanted khaki and green but then changed at the last minute. i didn't have either so i was happy about the change.  now i have both hehe.  i also have new gray pants. go me. i've been hunting for khaki forever. i finally foudn a pair that  is long enough. they were expensive tho so i had to open a charge account to try to counter the cost of both pairs of expensive pants.  then i bought 2 polo shirts. i wasnt' sure what matched khaki. i bought green and blue. i hope they go. i learned green went today because that's what the guys wanted to wear. the blue isn't a navy blue so i don't know.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

today day 1 of matching crummy and olivier is done. it's day three for them but i wasn't IN right away.  julie was going to match but she failed and wore a purple shirt instead of white.  this matching business helps with my picking out of my clothes.  i disappointed them when i didnt have a blue and white striped shirt though.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

look at this. i've just started making it. so it's not pretty yet. and by i jus tstarted making it  i mean i just started adding to it and dave just finished coding it so i can easily add stuff and it works.


so yesterday i got invited to cici's for lunch and today i got invited to buffalo wild wings after work.  i sure get invitations when i can't go because I can't eat normal food.
it was so hot today the guard even commented about my red face.

Monday, July 18, 2005

i went to sleep around 7:15. woke up a little along the way. and then slept in.
my medicines keep making my stomach all upset.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

my meds

naproxen (well  they said advil and i mentioned i already had this perscription so they said this ) 
hydrocodone bt - ibuprofen  substituted for vicoprofen
then i also haver penicillin


i just woke up and had the longest pee ever.  i was peeing and it was so long so i decided to look at my watch. and i was still peeing and it was another 20 seconds of peeing. i also think my pee was super long before this 20 seconds.  it had to be at least a minute.  the toilet was so full.  i never peed so much at one time in my life.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

peyton place is a good movie. i want to read the book.  all about eve is not a very good movie. It's 132 minutes long.  Peyton place is almost 3 hours.
JCal01: is there a chance the surgery makes things worse?
SmilinColleen: well according to warnings it coudl
JCal01: did your doc give you any indication of success rates or anything?
SmilinColleen: 75% chance to make me 75% better
SmilinColleen: but i was worse off before than most poeple
JCal01: so hopefully you'll be better
SmilinColleen: yes
JCal01: they do both sides of your jaw?
SmilinColleen: only left
SmilinColleen: that was the main problem
JCal01: oh thats the only side that gives you problem?
SmilinColleen: and i dotn think thye do both sides the same day
SmilinColleen: not really only side
SmilinColleen: different problems on both sides
SmilinColleen: the cracking, poping, tearing  were on left
SmilinColleen: soreness on right
SmilinColleen: soreness on left too
blueroseslm02: how are you feeling?
SmilinColleen: i keep feelign really hto and really cold and a slight fever even tho they told me i wouldnt have one

i can eat soft foods (well bread wasn't soft enough yesterday  even w/o the crust)

my face is really red now. my mom made me take off teh afghan earlier
SmilinColleen: but i feel better than expected
SmilinColleen: my face isn't that swollen at all
SmilinColleen: i maybe only woke up 5 times in teh night cuz of pain
blueroseslm02: jeez, thats still a lot
SmilinColleen: i can barely open my mouth wide enough to fit the spoon in tho
SmilinColleen: i woke up an dhad medicine and a pudding beside my bed but decided the pain wasn't that bad cuz once i did my exercises (open and close mouth and move it from side to side) it was good
SmilinColleen: i think it got too stiff
blueroseslm02: i see
blueroseslm02: are you going to be able to work monday?
SmilinColleen: i plan on it
SmilinColleen: i'm kind of bored and want to do more but when i do i don't feel well

JCal01: i see you had the surgery, how are you feeling?
SmilinColleen: weird.  better than i thought. i cant really eat yet or open my mouth wider than jsut enough to get the spoon in.  i get really hot and relaly cold.  and swtich  ,  my face gets all red.  slight fever  even tho i shouldnt have one
woke up liek 5 times in the night from pain
JCal01: what kind of anesthesia did they give you?
SmilinColleen: i dont konw
SmilinColleen: some kind that made me shake
SmilinColleen: they gave me somethign to give me amneisa
JCal01: were you unconscious?
SmilinColleen: some steriod
SmilinColleen: and
SmilinColleen: somethign else
SmilinColleen: i had the nruse wrtite them down
SmilinColleen: but that's downstairs
SmilinColleen: yes
JCal01: something to give you amnesia?
SmilinColleen: i was  i vaguely remember them putting the paper thing over my face w/ the hole in it for my check/jaw

JCal01: so you're sick now
SmilinColleen: i dunno
SmilinColleen: i didnt' take the bandaid off ot see the incision
SmilinColleen: yet
SmilinColleen: they told me to leave it on until it falls off
SmilinColleen: i have no idea if there r even stitches
SmilinColleen: incision is near my ear
SmilinColleen: i kinda want to do more than i can do
SmilinColleen: i get bored
JCal01: do you have to go back for a followup
SmilinColleen: aug 2
SmilinColleen: they just scheduled me an apppt and din't check w/ me or my work schedule
JCal01: they didn't tell you if there are stitches?
SmilinColleen: they didn't say tons of stuff
i fell asleep through the 2nd half of andy griffith today but luckily it was the same one i only saw the last half of yesterday. then leave it to beaver was on and it was so good and i got ot see the haircut scene that we missed last night because we were flipping back and forth between a politics show.

i need to get dressed yet.  i came upstairs once a few hour sago and put on pants. then i brushed my hair an hour later. i need to change my shirt still and put on socks. i can't stand being in bare feet.  it's sooooo hot in here. earlier i was freezing but mommy made me take off the afghan cuz my face was so red.

Friday, July 15, 2005


I just went downstairs to get my camera and my dad was eating in the family room.  He's a sneaky bugger. We aren't allowed to eat in there. He thought we all went to bed.  He was lying down with the bag of nachos on his chest watching tv.


btw i've been starving all day. i think it's the steroids they shot up in my IV today.
i tried to eat white bread w/ no crust and butter today but it was too hard to chew. i ate 9+ servings of mashed potatoes today and 2 puddings, ice cream from kerbers, 1 piece of bread minus the crust.  But I couldnt eat before the dr this morning and I didn't get home until about 2.
things are going better than i expected. ice does wonderful things. ice cream was nice. the novocain wore off about 8 pm or so. the medicine might be helping. but i also go through phasing wher ei'm really good then i'm really hot and turn white as a ghost. then after a little while i feel really great again. sometimes in 2 min time i go from great to horrible. 

i still left my camera downstairs.  o no i didn't take a full body pic of me today. i think i have to go down for that now.  i'm pretty tired. i was really tired then numbers was on and now i'm not so tired.
i got there . they said i didnt' have an appointment. i did and i told them stuff. then they remembered it was their fault not mine  cuz the dr remembers me scheduling it.  then they squeezed me in. but before tha ti had to resign soe stuff and they have me a paper and it had on there "wisdom teeth removal" so i told her that wasn't it
o man it was in sane.  they drugged me up. i swear they shot me up w/ novocaine.  i'm in a bit of pain now and all numb like that one time i had novocaine. my smile looks funny. i took a pic. my arm feels weak where thy shot me up with allt he medicine. i asked the girl to write it all down for me so she did. one of them was to give me amnesia so i wouldnt remember it.

i remember them puttig this paper over my head with a hole in it for the surgery tho. that's the last thing. but i barely remember anything up to that point from the point of gettin shot up w/ 4 drugs.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

i hope i didn't ruin my shirt when i was under russ's car.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

i didn't sleep well at all last night.  i came home from work with somethign ot type and th eintenret was down and now i cant remember what it was.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

latest creation

check it out and give me tips on it. i just started it a few hours ago. i was ready for bed before i even came up with the idea.
i worked 15 minutes late today.

Monday, July 11, 2005


i've been told my whore shirts aren't whorey.

i missed my bedtime again. i did'nt do anything i wanted to do tonight either.
restart can be typed w/ one hand. that's awesome

Sunday, July 10, 2005

i ate 7 times today (4 lbs worth)


i went to kerber's today and did nto get black raspberry. i got cookie dough. it was good but i dont know if i'll have it again over black raspberry. first we tried to go to pnc in town square and they just paved the drivethrough so timmy couldnt get money.  then we went to world of values, then goodwill then pnc at that plaza  then giant eagle to get potato chips. we bought soem other stuff we thought we needed.  we got "the works" potato chips.  but i bought jumbo and came home and realized the bought some yesterday. now i can save 10 cents per gallon. i made sure to spend 16 bucks to get over the hump.

we came home and ate chips n dip. then as soon as i was done, gram called. i talked to her for 35 minutes.  aunt stella is gonna be 90 next month.  and now it's now.

Saturday, July 9, 2005

i think it's time to boycott express.
i bought 3 shirts today and 2 still have the ink tags on. and i know i saw the guy taking off inktags. so they had multiple ones on teh shirts  but still.... the alarms didn't sound or anything
i'd like to note that the last 3 events i went to i took my camera and didn't take any pictures.

Friday, July 8, 2005

i got invited to 2 fun things next friday

this sucks*. i got invited to 1 fun thing so far this whole some.

*sucks because i'll be getting my surgery
at the bar someone bought my drink today.  well i didn't talk to him or know him  we were just about to pay and the bartender came over and took the check and said that guy was paying and i smiled and nodded in thanks at him and then we didn't knwo what to do so when eh went to the bathroom we left (we were about to elave anyway)
what an adventure.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

on a more positive note

my giving blood bruises are gone.
big brother 6 started tonight.
i might be able to eat foods that require chewing in the future.
only one more day of work this week, then only 4 next week (even though i like work but i'm not too happy about the waking up early all the time part).
going out tomorrow night.

but most of those have their faults too but i should quit thinking about them.  like tomorrow night i can't seem to get anyone to actually be able to join us.
Russ never called me back
75% chance i'll get 75% better  with either surgery supposedly. i'm afraid to read on-line about them cuz i saw 2 websites and they both say how awful surgery is.
that stupid dr kept making me open my mouth so it hurt and he even told me to open wider and make it hurt more  so he coudl feel it. but boy just sitting here my mouth hurts like nobodys business.  i ate a baked potato - the skin + lots of butter to make it soft and bread adn butter and pb sandwich.  the folded bread was a chore to eat cuz i had to open my mouth "so wide"


arthrocentesis is the one i'm getting done.  arthroscopic is another one. it's a little better but overall at least 4x as expensive
july 15 = no work = sucks

because i go straight from the asthma dr to the jaw dr to get some jaw surgery that the insurance doesnt pay for.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

a name

i think i should name my car max.  what do you think.  it's so uncreative it's almost perfect. c and max could be a girl's name or a guy's name so which should it be?
i worked 10.5 hours today. so i made up 1 hour for yesterday. and already started making up the time i'll miss on thursday for the dr.

Monday, July 4, 2005

fireworks aren't that good. i think the only thing that could make the fourth not suck is a good party.

happy 4th

i havea  cute skirt on today. now i just need to go somewhere. where should i go?

Sunday, July 3, 2005

i just watched poker on tv since sometime before dinner. o man it was boring.


everytime i eat i want to take a nap (and most of the time i do)

interrupting my sleep

last night i fell asleep through the last 40 minutes of th enotebook. i'm old i can't stay up past midnight watching movies. then after falling asleep upstairs, fireworks wake me up. argh for the neighbors.

Saturday, July 2, 2005



the arts and heritage festival was pretty boring but i sort of liked getting out.

my mom is trying to make me cook dinner but so far i've had her do all the work except i got out the pot.
this message is for russ since he's not on aim: someone told me u need to clean out your engine bay more 


timmy uploaded some pictures

so did i

different pictures of course


we were at school. for some reason I moved a lot of my stuff into Chrissy's room/apt. so i had tons of stuff to move out. then moving out daddy came up and there was the van, the cavalier, and pb's car. but see the "school" we were moving out and the area was  like the area around gram's but it was still the poly as the school. but timmy was there and a mysterious older brother, who wasn't mike. and i still had classes so we had to pause packing and stuff.  then the cavalier was stolen cuz my older brother left the keys in it or something. i was in class so he was unpacking his stuff somewhere. but the weird thing was i had this remote/cell phone looking thing that was something that belonged to the car. i was trying to use it to figure somethign out and it didn't wlcome me it welcomed a Brian H H.  but then the enxt try my thing was totally disabled. so whoever stole the car was reprogramming stuff but then locked me out. there was some more packing and loading into cars and i couldnt get a hold of chrissy to get my stuff out of her place. i was trying to call her but her cell phone wasn't active anymore. i was trying to figure out if she went home for a few days or not. but then we went to her apt anyway and she had most of my stuff in this little entry way into her house so we could pack up most of my stuff without her. i was trying to figure out what was still inher place but i woke up. cuz it was all crazy. like before class i had packed up most of my stuff in her place, but i left a pile in th emiddle of the floor of stuff i didnt' have time to move before class  but none of that was what she had in her entryway waiting for me to take.

Friday, July 1, 2005

my away message of earlier: with Dave/PB/JR/Lead

we got him a birthday cake today and fake sang and he blew out candles.