Thursday, July 31, 2003


40.06 horus this week. i woulda just stayed, but i was so bored. i kept telling them i would be on overtime. they weren't paying attention. i coulda probably been there at least another half hour.

next week work schedule
friday 5-11or so as server
saturday 11-9 as banquet server (so i will be done aroudn 11 or later)
sunday 9:30-3 as hostess
monday 5-11 as server

and off tues - thurs....which is quite weird and really cuts my hours... we will c if they have me come in any of those days.


and i watched drive me crazy today. it was a dvd i bought a week or so ago at walmart. i liked it. qutie the chick flick though. dave'll watch it anyway with me though

Wednesday, July 30, 2003


well i made it to the asmtha dr today. i did a little scrapbooking. i burnt a cd of pictures i want to make prints of. i went out to eat. i will be going to kohl's shortly. i will also be watching big brother tonight. i sort of enjoy days i have off.

spare time

more of my wonderfule past-time

next i think i will be using Pip's idea. i bet your suspense is building as to what that is.


SmilinColleen: stuff at work i forgot to say
SmilinColleen: i jotted it down on paper last night
SmilinColleen: hehe
SmilinColleen: john the cook was throwin up for a good while and told dishwasher to keep me out since i was goin in and out of kitchen cleanin up. he didnt' feel well all night and kept feelign sick. it was prolly11 when he was throwing up
SmilinColleen: ok 2 tables recognized me last night
Dave: why keep u out?
SmilinColleen: one table i had in the past they knew rpi
SmilinColleen: so i not c him throwin jup and not get sick by it
SmilinColleen: and another table said to me "i thought you were hostess" the guy talked to me at podium last week
Dave: ahh
Dave: u famous

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

i'm off tomorrow yay yay yay


Ahhh I do work tonight. and now i'm off thursday. vickie called off.

SmilinColleen: as a server
Dave: oooo
SmilinColleen: i have 30 hours so far
SmilinColleen: if i can get 6 tonight and 4 tomorrow i got ot
SmilinColleen: since i at 30.01
Dave: then they'll give u a day off!
SmilinColleen: vickie called off
SmilinColleen: and i can't work thurs cuz of OT
SmilinColleen: so how about i get OT w/ only 5 days
SmilinColleen: that's like wow
SmilinColleen: never before in life

Monday, July 28, 2003


this is what i've been doing in my spare time. it's fun. makes me happy. gives me something to do that makes me feel good. at least for now anyway


pictures of flowers are here

wonderful day even with sad points

o what a wonderful day!
i got flowers at work from dave. everyone asked me all about them and who they were from. it was quite intriguing. i loved it all. it was awesome. they are all so pretty. then i made 54 bucks when i worked less than 6 hours. sort of made up for yesterday.

i worked 5.7 hours today as a server. i worked 5.9 yesterday as a server. today i made over twice as much. But yesterday royally sucked though. so far i worked 26.93 hours this week in 3 days. i was off on friday. so i work 3 hours tomorrow and about 8 the next two days after that. so i will work about 38 hours this week. no overtime for me. i will try to get it though. or as close to 40 as possible. yes i will. i'm greedy like that. i want to serve more. i liked it better that barb wasn't around bugging and screaming tonight. it makes the evening more peaceful,

dad got ok'd to go back to work tomorrow as long as he has a foot stool. He went to two doctors today and then to work to fill out forms about going back to work. He was out for four hours, which made his leg turn purple. which means it still isn't healed.

my foot can't handle a 6 hour day anymore. this is quite bad. i believe i will be sending an e-mail to the cross country coach and also the team to say that i can't run. it is sooooo sad. i want to run so bad and i can't.

Sunday, July 27, 2003


work sucked. i was there over 2 hours before i had a single table. i only had 4 overall. blah

Saturday, July 26, 2003


today i worked.
5.55 hours then a break then 6.66 hours.
but i dont' work tomorrow at 9:30. they don't need me until 3.

my foot started to hurt bad today. i think i should just give up running. i need to find a different job in the future. i can't be on my feet all day. i'm sad about running........

Friday, July 25, 2003


and dave has received his birthday present in the mail and i am off today and i have been scrapbooking most of the day

Thursday, July 24, 2003


40.11 hours this week. i warned chris i would be on overtime and he kept making me do stuff.

my schedules
friday - off
sat 11:30-
sun 9:30-3:00 hostess and 3:00-8:00 server
mon 11-2 hostess and 5-10 server
tues 11-2 hostess
wed 5- hostess
thrus 5- hostess

i got a day off


i picked up my reprints today for Kate and Maggie. 16 of them. $6.46. instore at giant eagle raised their prices for reprints since last time. reprints r more expensive that a full roll of film. art tells me some places let u get triples right off the bat. i think i will have to do that from now on.

i work at 5 tonight.

i thought i was going to be productive today. i wasn't :(

Wednesday, July 23, 2003


i fixed my purse and dropped off negatives to get reprints of.

i got the pleasure of seeing brian at chesterfields tonight ....

i got home in enough time to watch big brother

Tuesday, July 22, 2003


dad went to the doctors today and didn't get oked to go to work tomorrow. he can't start until monday.
we r going to go to chesterfields for lunch tomorrow or thursday.

now dad has to do all kindsa disabliity paperwork


i went shopping and bought bunches of stuff.
SmilinColleen: i bought:

3 pairs black socks
brown sandals for 4 bucks but not dressyish
short sleeve purple shirt liek the long sleve one i got over spring break
hair emergency kit ( pony tail holders, more , bobby pins, barettes, and clippies (small ones))
lip gloss
an expandigin wallet with 13 pockets to organize scrapbook
SmilinColleen: that should be shift enter
SmilinColleen: fun wire
the movie dick to prove to u there is one (actually i forgot i bought that i just saw it now)
2 dvds opf beverly hillbillies (16 episodes)
simply irresistible
drive me crazy
SmilinColleen: oops

SmilinColleen: shift enter

4 notebooks

yay for me .... but not yay to spendign money

Monday, July 21, 2003

the dentist was quick today. work was alright. my gram's car broke down. i took pictures of the tow truck. i did a little magazine cutting for scrapbooking.

Sunday, July 20, 2003


stupid foot. stupid stupid foot. bad pain. it was ok for about the first 10 hours of work. i worked a little over 11 and made 78 bucks in tips. i only made that much becuase it was a busy dinner. i made practically nothing for brunch.
i think i have to give up running for a good while. it sucks. i want to run so bad.
i'm so tired. i have dentist at 9:20 tomorrow morning.

Saturday, July 19, 2003


i declare my work shoes suck, even tho i don't know if that is why my foot hurts. i work tomorrow at 10 now. 10-8 is when I'm scheduled.

my foot is noticably bad again. to the touch and just looking at it. so when will i be able to actually run. i ran today. my foot didn't hurt then. this sucks. it's been over a month. the dr said to call if it still hurt in 2 weeks. hmmm

i may get 40 hours this week. i will if they don't call me off.

today was my cousin's graduation party. lisa liked how we just sat in a corner and nobody talked to us.
I tried to post this last night sometime around 11:30 but it wouldn't post


giant eagle
grad party

and dad comes home

Friday, July 18, 2003


i worked 9.98 hours today.

my foot is in a great deal of pain. i do not have off on sunday anymore.


last night at 11, chris from work called and wanted me to come in at 10 today instead of 11. so i did. i worked 10 - 2 then i work at 5 again tonight.
tomorrow i told them i can't make it until 6. but that is good since i was supposed to have off. i am off on sunday though. i work here and there and sometimes twice a day during the week.
saturday is my cousin's graduation party. but i don't know how things will work with that because things aren't so well with my dad.


when my dad got to hospital his heart rate was 110 and for him that his super fast. my dad is worse today. he was shaking for over half hour. my mom thinks that was definitly shock. now he is on a venelation machine. originally he thought he would be out today. today he is even worse from yesterday. yesterday was worse from the day before. he doesn't even know if he will be out by the end of the weekend. he cancelled his cleveland trip. they put him on more medicine. he is supposed to call my mom back. we learned this when they were on the phone and he had to get off because a dr came in. so more info later

Thursday, July 17, 2003


i worked a bit. came home, mom left, dad called, mom came home. i talked to dad on the phone for a half hour or so. i actually learn stuff talking to him. His leg is all red today. Yes worse than yesterday. It hurts when he walks. they put him on a second antibiotic because of his not getting better. his blood pressure is up to 110 over 60. he doesn't think there is a chance he will go home tomorrow anymore. he gets lonely and bored. i feel bad. i want to visit, but mom won't go. He doesn't have a roommate anymore. The other guy was released.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003


it was soooo dead tonight. i only made 30 bucks. i worked about 4 and a half hours. i only had 1 table at a time. i did have a big section though. maybe they are getting more faith in me.

my comptuer hates me. it won't work. it is going to be shut down for a bit and i hope it fixes itself. even though i know it won't.


i went in to visit dad today. i didn't work during lunch. he has cellulitus. his phosphorus and magnesium levels are low. his is not allowed out of bed all day today because his blood pressure is so low. it is something over 30. yes 30 not the normal 80. they told him he would be in the hospital 2 or 3 days. He is worring about little stuff; such as if we ate the two buns that we had before they go bad.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003


mom called the hospital. the workers aren't allowed to tell her anything. she got to talk to my dad. he has an infection. a really bad infection in his leg. it is still spreading. it has moved to the lower leg. they have him on antibiotics through ivs. they didn't do anything to his head for the abraision. forbes was full and that was the reason he wen to AGH. we aren't going in until morning sometime. His heart is perfectly fine so that is good.


after we found him lying on the floor there was a welt on th eleft side of his head and we later learned that the back of his head was grazed and that was bleeding. he thought that he let himself to the floor easy cuz he felt lightheaded. but we know otherwise. he didnt think he was on the floor for 20 minutes either. i wonder how long he was out and how bad that is for him. i dont 'know how my mom is falling asleep at this moment. about 10 to 20 more minutes before she calls the ER to find out what is wrong with him. i am so worried.

o my god

a lesson is learned. when you hear a loud boom and u know it wasn't your brother go investigate. timmy found my dad lying on the kitchen floor with some blood beside him. he passed out and hit his head somewhere. he wasn't feeling well since he went walking with me earlier today. he walked and i ran. he hurt his groin then. while driving, he started to have a hot flash or so he thought. but then he didn't look good at all walking into the house. i went and told mom. he was shivering later. we thought he fell asleep. we thought it was some reaction to his new medicine. he got up to go to the bathroom and he said he felt all dizzy but made it. then at 12:30 he got up to take his medicine. that is when we heard the boom. over 20 minutes later is when timmy found him. then he woke up my mom and we called the doctor. then called the ambulance. he was being taken to forbes regional hospital. next mom and i headed out to forbes. we got to forbes and the lady there said she had the initals jc of someone that was in ambulance that was diverted to allegheny general hospital (AGH). mom thought he was diverted because his heart surgery doctor is down there but i thought it was because he got worse in the ambulance. we came home after forbes. while at forbes we called and he hadn't made it to AGH yet. mom knew he would need stuff taken down there and that they wouldn't know how he was doing for awhile. after we got home she called AGH and he was just admitted and they said they wouldnt' know what was going on for an hr to an hr an a half. mom then called my aunt to let her know because my gram is also there now. mom tried to go to sleep for an hr or so and she wants to leave to go to the hospital around 5. i work at 11 and possibly 5 tomorrow. but once we find out anything and chesterfields is open then i am going to call and see what i can do to fix that. dad is more important than any old hours at work. mom keeps saying that he should have never gone to the track with me. my dad is only 52!

how can i sleep when i feel that it was my fault for having him walk while i ran at the track and than also not going to find out what that loud noise was.

i feel that burning behind my eyes that i get when i'm stressed and/or worried.

here i am

work actually wanted me to work more not less and i had to get home so timmy could have the car. usually they send me home early. grrr i wish i had more hours.

Monday, July 14, 2003


today i was asked if i could stay late and then later i was actually told to go home early...
hours = good = money

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Saturday, July 12, 2003


i sleep my day away. then i go to work. then i come home talk on aim and to dave on the phone then off to sleep. repeat. this is weekend schedule if i don't work until late.

i need a life. yes yes i do.

Friday, July 11, 2003


work is not so fun. it was soooo hot by the hostess podium. i was so busy. they were short on servers. and i missed big brother yet again. how disappointing. i wonder if my mom taped it for me.


i slept the day away

i didn't work and i slept a lot. i did buy 2 new lighters and a butane refill.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

work schedule

part of the schedule is done starting the week of the 18th (friday)
so far i'm:
friday 11- and 5-
sat 5-
wed 5-
thurs 5-


you know what's so crazy
guess what i found in my apron today
a receipt
an olive garden receipt
from may 1
when i was up at school w/ no apron near me

not the receipt that i showed dave from that day that was in my purse. this one did not have maggie's signature like the one that was in my purse.
nice paycheck but not as nice as it should have been. becuase i lost over 20 hours because of my foot. 360 buck paycheck. tonight i was a hostess then a server than a hostess again. i made 20 bucks from 2 tables. One table was of 8 people the other of 2. the two top gave an ok tip and the 8 top gave only about 12.5 percent. and they got water and crap like that. so i shoulda had even more than 15% if they were nice people. i got cheated out of tables at work because they made me go back and be hostess.


today 5
thursday 11- and 5-
friday 5-
saturday 5-
sunday 9:30-8
monday - thursday all 11-2 and possible nights

Tuesday, July 8, 2003


i don't want to go to sleep. i don't want to be awake. i'm getting sick of actions of some people (even if these actions happened awhile ago and i just learned about them recently). i'm not sure what to do. i don't feel like doing anything at the moment. i keep fighting tears. i have so much to do. i have many things that i want to get done but i just don't want to do any of them. i wish it was a week ago. i wish i was able to relax.


train was to leave at 8:45. it was delayed indefinitely along with everyother train. the train in front of mine hit somebody....silliness. at 10:30 we borded. 10:37 - we left and learned they took the cafe off the end of the train
i read for a little then woek up at 12:12 then at 1:05 we stopped we had to stop for a bit probably for a train to pass. i was on pagew 127 at this time. at 1:30 i finished the nancy drew book (all 180 pages). at 1:52 we were at the lewistown stop. i only learned the actual reason we were delayed at 2pm. at 2:20 i realized i left dirty dancing at dave's house. at 2:45 i woke up from nap. then i sat there for a bit and woke up again at 4:20. I got back a little bit after 5 instead of at 3:57. now i'm home and mom is cooking and timmy is going to get a shower. the water is gonna turn cold on him when the use it to cook...hah
i miss being with dave :(

Friday, July 4, 2003


tomorrow the heat index is supposed to be about 100 degrees................................... yuck

today i was at a huge mall. king of prussia. but it closed early so i only made it through about half the mall. i was quite disappointed. plus i hear there is another building too. we didn't even make it ot that one. i did buy some stuff though. dave shopped with me :)


yesterday we ended up not going to acme because dinner at dave's mom's was to be had. we did go to acme on the way home though, but it closed 10 minutes after we got there so we didn't get anything. we are about to go to pizza hut.

Thursday, July 3, 2003


we are almost ready to go to acme. it was going to be to get breakfast but it's gettin kinda late now. i'm not sure what we'll end up getting. i wanted to get actual food and cook tonight but we can't think of anything we want to make.

Wednesday, July 2, 2003


we were on our way to philly. things didn't go as planned. a lot later we were at the parking garage. then we walked a lot and saw the liberty bell. then we walked to the river. then took the subway back to the car. 16 bucks to park for less than 4 hours!

Tuesday, July 1, 2003


well i'm here. i forgot to post yesterday. we haven't done that much. today i got to watch my soaps after krispy kreme and the park.

my train was 20 minutes late yesterday. we were ahead of schedule going into harrisburg. we had to wait there for a good while. some guy sat down beside me and talked. it was crazy. i was so cold on the train so i coudl'nt sleep and then i got out my computer to warm my legs with the heat coming from it.