Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I feel like I have been doing a pretty good job running lately. I did have a week with 0 but I was on vacation.  I just need to keep this up. It has helped to run consistently at least 3 times a week. I just need to get some intervals in. I haven't been doing that but want to start.

Too bad I never updated my data last year after the week of September 12. I know once October hit, I didn't run at all for a month (or maybe 1 time) since my knee bothered me. Then I ran a total of 8.1 miles before Thanksgiving and then ran a 5k.  Then over the holidays I ran a few miles here or there but not much.  If I can keep it up, I can run more miles this year than last year.

Do you keep track of your running data? Can you share with me how you do it?

(Note current week isn't done and there will be 2 more runs this week if all goes as planned.)

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:28:02 AM - well i'll be running in less than 6 hours. oh boy.
12:44:00 AM - @reedaboutme I similarly judge my workouts like that. But in addition to sweaty clothes, I also look at how long my face stays super red.
07:42:00 AM - At North Park today. I saw a fellow runner with a @BodyMediaFIT on. We talked. We both love the thing.
09:47:40 AM - @reedaboutme I hate when blogger has issues. I just checked and in chrome it seems to work fine. Didn't try IE though. You could email it
03:59:12 PM - my sunburn is peeling from 2 weeks ago. (climbing the sand dunes)
05:14:40 PM - @reedaboutme did you try to comment again

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Another 5 Miles (8.31.11)

So I ran another 5 miles today because I never do any more or any less it seems.  Today I ran with Kelly and April. I was late. I was so mad at myself for leaving a couple minutes late and then I get behind someone going 15 mph below the speed limit. Oh that was annoying.

Today the Garmin messed up at the beginning and didn't have our correct start location. I adjusted the data based on a conservative guess.

I was still pretty sore from body pump on Monday.  April was sore from Body Pump too.  Then when we ran down the big hill Kelly's knee started hurting again. We did pretty good considering.

Since we knew it was a bit messed up and there was a construction vehicle right at the bend, we didn't run the extra little bit to get it to exactly 5.  Today was much less of a struggle than my previous 2 runs. We also started much slower.  I will have to keep that in mind.  We started slower but at the end we weren't quite as fast overall anyway. We weren't going for speed today though. We were just going. We didn't discuss our goal times in advance. We aim for about 45 minutes for the 5 miles.

The next time I run will most likely be Saturday when I run a 5k. I wonder what time I'll get. I always want to beat 26 minutes but that only happened once.
There was no walking near the beginning. The dip was from the mess up GPS location.  Sometimes all this data is good but when it messes up it makes me mad.
It messed up. We started before the corrner
This week (today had an additional .05 extrapolated)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8.27 - Steeler Game

I don't have a Steeler Jersey. I also had to dress for the weather and wear something I could wear at a picnic first.

Shirt: Loft
Shorts: Kohl's
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Sears
(2nd necklace that I swapped into at the game was also from Sears)
I ran in the morning and then Poly cuddled with me even before I showered.  She likes me.
I updated my weight graph and continued to be productive.
Then I had to mow. Look at the weeds and grass in the back yard. Some weeds were taller than my knees.
Poly was trying to help us get ready to go.  We went to Sarah and Dave's picnic for 2 hours and then headed to the game. We thought we'd be getting there really early but it wasn't even that early.  We got our food before the game started.  So Heinz Field doesn't accept credit at the food stands but PNC park does. How weird.
The nachos and fries were more expensive than at PNC Park but you got a lot more nachos.  I was still hungry after my first fries/nacho helping so later I had Dave get me more food. I told him to surprise me and he got me more nachos.  The game was pretty interesting. I got cold in what I wore during the second half so I used my Terrible Towel as a little blanket. Too bad I go to games so infrequently that I forget my tips about attire.  We stayed until the end of the game and then walked the 15 minutes back to our car. Traffic wasn't bad to get on 279 so it was all good. I was so exhausted when I got home and I went straight to bed.   I did have a busy day.  Dave wasn't too happy with me that I made him go to a picnic. Oh well. Last year I went to Sarah and Dave's picnic and stayed until midnight so I was a little disappointed about only being able to stay a little bit this year. I need to have a picnic but I fear it will suck and that I'll pick a bad day that nobody can come to anyway.  Maybe I'll have a picnic my birthday weekend.
example of where not to stand for a daily picture

A Day's Worth of Twitter

01:26:51 AM - I'm up so late that the timer lamp has shut off and now it's really dark. Poly is on my lap and I can't even see her.
02:45:20 AM - Oh boy it got late
01:51:18 PM - @BodyMediaFIT my good friend won an armband at the wellness fair. She told me today. I need to help her set it up.
08:47:14 PM - I'm finally getting my Colorado pictures to 1 computer. Then I can blog. But this will take awhile.
11:09:30 PM - oh geeze i'm 14 days behind cropping and even more in posting.

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Skirt and shirt: Express
Cardigan: NY&Co
Shoes: Connie from Famous Footwear
Belt: Kohl's
Necklace: Lia Sophia

It has been freezing at work so I decided to just wear a long sleeve sweater even though it is hot outside. If I wear short sleeves, I just end up putting on my desk sweater all day so then it hides half my outfit and looks like I wear the same clothes everyday. The only problem with this was that it was hot when walking between the buildings.

I slept in a bit today. I did not set 6 alarms but only 2 today. It allowed me to actually fall back to sleep and enjoy the sleep a little more.  I woke up and Poly was sleeping on Dave's pants. She was hugging the hanger too. I actually woke up to run downstairs to carry a hamper upstairs and then I still went back to sleep.  I woke up sore from Body Pump yesterday. I took a month off lifting and I can tell.

I worked just like always. I finally had lunch with Jen. We seem to only get to have lunch together once a week if that anymore. So we made the most of it and had lunch together for an hour.

I wore long sleeves to work since it has been freezing.  In the afternoon I had to wrap my spare sweater around my legs. Good thing I didn't need to wear that and I could use it as a blanket. One of these days I'll remember to take one of my extra fleece blankets to work. It's not even winter yet. I can't even imagine what it will be like when the heat doesn't work well in my corner.

Around 5pm we started talked about the temperature and I heard the lady who shares a cube wall with me tell the cleaning guy that she threatens to break people's fingers if they try to adjust the temperature on the thermostat. The thermostat is closest to her cube but it is for 5 or so rows so I don't see how she thinks she owns it. Also when all of us but her are cold, why does she get a say. She commented to the cleaning guy that we can just put on more layers. I think in the summer we shouldn't have to wear 3 layers and still end up cold. Ugh.
When I got home from work, Poly didn't even get up to greet me. She just stayed chilling on my suitcase that I still have yet to finish unpacking and putting everything away.
I had leftover pulled pork from Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It was yummy.  Dave had leftover pizza. Then we watched a new TV show and I fell asleep for a half hour sitting on the couch. Dave fell asleep too.

I almost went to sleep at 8 but instead decided I really needed to get my pictures from my Colorado trip onto my desktop. Currently they were on 2 different laptops. Having them in different places made it hard to blog about them.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:46:08 AM - my desk at work is so messy I have to store things on my lap too.
11:25:27 AM - @reedaboutme hills are the worst
12:14:25 PM - @reedaboutme I don't live somewhere with Hill in the title but my husband always says we live in the mountains.
12:14:54 PM - @reedaboutme We went to Mt. Poconos for our wedding and thought it was so flat there. I did find a running spot that is mostly flat though.
12:20:01 PM - @BodyMediaFIT never done it. I run constantly or do intervals with run/jog. Might try HIIT sometime though.
01:21:28 PM - It is so cold in here in this a/c that I had to take off my metal necklace. it was just too cold on my skin.
07:03:33 PM - Pre-dinner snack = 10
07:11:14 PM - Oh man Pizza Hut drive through guy commented on my donuts.
10:10:01 PM - oh what timing. I finished writing my blog post, I hear the dryer beeping, and my show ends all within a minute.
10:21:18 PM - I just opened my propel and it exploded like a can of pop you shook would.

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8.13 Heading to Colorado

On Saturday, August 13, I had to went to Colorado.  I had to finish packing because I don't do nearly enough in advance  I learned a lot from my packing that I will post about later.

I wore athletic pants with a tank top. I went for comfort on the plane. Every other time I've flown, I've worn jeans. I wore a jacket around my waist in case it it was cold on the plane. I was planning for the flight well (which wasn't the case for the rest trip).

I left at 3:15 to head to the airport. Everything was smooth sailing once Timmy and I figured out where to go and walk. We had issues at Denver airport too. We just started at doors wondering which ones were should exit.  At Denver it took over 20 minutes for the luggage to show up. The airport is too slow.

Then we had a little over a 2 hour drive from the airport to Callie's. Oh the excitement. We were finally visiting. Oh what fun. We got to have fun with Callie and her dogs.  We stayed up really late. It felt like 3:30 AM (but it was only 1:30).  I can't believe I stayed up so late. Oh what fun to have friends to talk to (even if some of those friends are dogs they talk back too).

Poly was helping me pack
She didn't want me to forgot my electronics
When Timmy came up to the door to get me, Poly was peeping.
The flight. The leg room. I tried to read but only got through a paragraph because Timmy kept talking.

We had internet on the flight and tracked our flight.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:24:52 AM - @BodyMediaFIT do you do high intensity interval training? What is your favorite?
12:29:20 AM - @missylizzylucy 8 is 3 more than I did today. And 8 more than I did yesterday.
08:44:42 AM - @FatGirlvsWorld I've given that advice it have it plugged in too
09:03:29 AM - @briecs why did you sleep on the couch?
09:27:42 AM - I was so tired again this morning. I slept in a bit. Leaving in 10 minutes to run. Need to eat some breakfast first.
09:58:26 AM - I need to figure out what to eat for breakfast before I run. I'm so bad at it. I never eat a thing.
11:01:04 AM - Sub 45 min 5 mike run. I was struggling. Too bad I should have done 7.
12:08:35 PM - I'm going to regret this. Ugh. Not going to the track to run.
11:26:06 PM - I can' believe I still didn't blog about my vacation.
11:31:20 PM - I set 4 alarms for tomorrow.
11:32:03 PM - @DaizyCh oh you forgot to give it to me
11:44:11 PM - @reedaboutme is running getting easier?

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5 Miles - 8.28.11

You'll never guess what I did this morning unless your guess is run 5 miles at North Park but counter clockwise instead of clockwise.

This is my fastest run at North Park this year that includes the hill. It may even be the fastest but one other time the Garmin didn't turn on right away and we guessed what the speed was.  Last year I used to consistently run at 45 minutes for the 5 mile loop (running through the boathouse instead of up the big hill) but this year I have not been as consistent until the past month.

It is interesting to compare my speed to the elevation on the chart where they are together.   I like the side by side comparisons.  I threw today's and yesterday's data side by side. It isn't the same because we ran opposite ways each time but it is still similar. Maybe I need to start marking CCW or CW on my tables so later I can easily compare which way I went without having to go back to my Garmin to find out.

My slowest mile today was 11 seconds faster than my slowest yesterday.
My fastest mile was 15 seconds faster than yesterday.
My 5k time was 1:48 faster than yesterday.

Today, Kelly's husband came to push 2 their 2 kids in a stroller. He didn't run the big hill. He ran right with us until the last mile and he took off. He finished a minute ahead of us. Kelly could have finished with him but she was encouraging me on. Kelly's knee hurt at mile 1. She wanted to quit at mile 2. She didn't even tell me about her knee hurting until mile 4.  My stomach was cramping at mile 1 but it didn't get bad. Then my hip hurt at mile 3. Then my hands got all tingly at mile 4 and that lasted until the end. I didn't complain about my problems until I was done either.  We both had issues that might have caused us to stop another time but we kept going. 

I really did want to run 7 miles today instead of 5 though.  I almost went to the track on the way home. Then I thought I'd go home first and quickly upload my data. Then things happened and my parents were on their way, so I didn't go to the track. I was going to run 2 extra miles to make it 7.


Shoes: Jessica Simpson from Macy's
Skirt: F21
Shirt: Express
Necklace: Sears

All the running and not pigging out on junk food is paying off.  I'm starting to fit into clothes that ended up being too tight a few months ago.

My hair is getting too long. I am debating a haircut.  Should I get one?
Dave and I tried this new place for lunch. Called BRGR so guess what they sell... burgers.  I also got cheese fries but I didn't like how they put parmesan on the fries so I didn't like it. The burgers were also a little thick for my liking.  Dave loved their burgers though.  They had milkshakes but they didn't give you a huge amount like most places do so then I felt cheated.

After work, I was so tired.  I took a nap on Dave's office floor. I wanted to feel included. I set my alarm for 45 minutes. But then I turned it off.  I ended up sleeping for a few hours.

Traveling messed up my sleep schedule. We stayed up late. Also the time zone change messed it up worse.  Coming home, I was exhausted. I needed naps. Well I took naps.  Then that screwed with sleep schedule that night... and repeat. If I didn't get home at 1AM from the airport maybe it wouldn't have been so bad.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:14:51 AM - I forgot water when I went running. My camera won't focus; it just has everything blurry. Not a good day.
10:49:40 AM - On my way home from North Park I passed about 10 runners. Usually I pass 0 or 1. And now I looked outside and see my neighbor running.
10:51:02 AM - my neighbor is pushing a lawn mower with 1 hand and holding his baby with the other. doesn't seem safe.
12:52:01 PM - I mowed. I didn't weedwack (even though it needs it) and it took me 50 minutes. I thought I was going fast too. Mowing takes too long.
02:12:09 PM - @DaizyCh Later he changed so that he was holding the kid and mower but so the kid could fake push the mower. It wasn't pretty.
02:19:14 PM - Some Weight graphs are updated. The top ones at least.
02:23:43 PM - @DaizyCh Timmy told me and said how he was tricking you and Judy

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North Park - 5 miles (8.27.11)

I ran today at North Park with Kelly. It felt like my legs were going in slow motion. I forgot to take water with me. I had had an energy bar for breakfast.  I napped as soon as I got home from work last night so I didn't have dinner.  I slept 10 hours total. I slept about 3 then was up for 3 trying to go to sleep.  I didn't have enough energy. Still it wasn't that bad. Kelly was feeling sick when she started and she was the one having to push me.

While running we noticed that there was some race going on. It was a 5k. I didn't see signs for it. We only ran into some of the walkers/very slow runners. I think it was for Malaria.  

We sped up at the end.  We started saying we'd go slow. Last year I would consistently do 45 minutes. I want to beat that this year. I'm not doing so well though.  We'll see how the run goes tomorrow.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:40:21 AM - Oh boy it got late. It was 10:30 the last time I was paying attention and I thought that was only 10 min ago.
09:05:20 AM - I used about 8 alarms and hit snooze a lot today. At least I semi wake up to turn it off not like Griff who turns them off w/o realizing
09:10:08 AM - @BodyMediaFIT swap arms now and then so 1 arm doesn't get a distinct dent or even a distinct tan line
09:33:49 AM - @TheNewChrissy when does tour class start?
09:48:51 AM - @kendieveryday I used to get domino until they quit having it.
01:27:58 PM - I'm tired
09:38:19 PM - Uh o. I napped for 3+ hours. Now I won't ever fall asleep for the night.
10:54:35 PM - @the_littlebit I know nothing about juice fasts so no idea. I only know Robin Quivers has done 21 day ones
11:17:28 PM - Ugh. Need to fall asleep. Long naps are the worst
11:35:06 PM - @missylizzylucy donuts are a favorite of mine too. I almost bought some today. The crowd stopped me
11:47:57 PM - @BL11Courtney do you know why Brett and Cara aren't returning?
11:54:19 PM - @the_littlebit yea 21 days is just far too long.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friend Friday: Favorite Clothing

This week is one of the off weeks so Katy isn't hosting the standard Friend Friday questions. This week Ashley is hosting and the topic is our favorite piece of clothing.

This is kind of hard for me.  It depends on a few things. I have different favorites depending on the season. Also I put on a few lbs so my favorite pants no longer fit. If I can wear them, I'm not sure if I should still consider them a favorite.  So I'm going to break the rules and list a few things.

I love this purple top. I like it in the spring, summer, and fall. I don't layer with it that much in the winter so it is not a favorite then. I like the fit on this so if I eat a big lunch, I don't look as gutty. It is also a pretty good color on me (or so I think).

My favorite pants (that don't fit anymore) are my red pants from Victoria's Secret. I get compliments when I wear these (wore these). I like them. People tell me they make my legs look skinny but I reply to them that my legs make my legs look skinny.  I wanted red pants for years. I could never find them at a store. Man did I love these when I got them. I can't wear them as often as I'd like because red pants are pretty noticeable at work.

What is your favorite piece of clothing and why? 

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:25:22 PM - My stomach must have shrunk. I can't eat as much as I used to.
01:15:46 PM - If you have a radio, you could listen to me on KDKA at 2:45. Good thing most people still don't have radios. This won't go well.
01:32:36 PM - Stupid internet. It lets you listen live to KDKA.
02:49:42 PM - Well that was scary. I was the last interview for the day.
04:52:21 PM - 7 random things about me Did you already know all 7?
11:01:13 PM - I'm so wide awake right now. I'm too used to staying up late and staying up late Colorado time.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

Some things

How I ride in the car going around Cumberland Pass so I don't fall* over the hill.
During my vacation in Colorado, I realized there are things that I figured people knew about me but some do not.

  1. I am afraid of heights.  I'm so afraid that standing on a ladder 1 step up or standing on a chair is very annoying for me. My legs feel like they will go out from underneath me. If I'm high enough up, my stomach also feels it.  I never said my fear is rational.
  2. I listen to Howard Stern on my way to and from work and when I'm around Dave.
  3. Now what is more shocking (to me) than Howard Stern is that there are many mornings that I listen to Howard 101 (the channel) and listen to Farrell instead of listening to Howard (live). Farrell in the morning is just a replay of his live show the night before. He talks about sports. He plays music in the background and talks over it. He talks about games that are currently on or just sports stuff in general. Now if you know me, you know I don't watch sports and this past year I watched most Steeler games but past years I didn't even watch that.  I go to Pirate games just to eat not to watch sports.  I don't care about wrestling yet today on the way in, I was listening all about wrestling. Boxes might have been mentioned today too. I just love Farrell's voice. It's so awful that it's great.
  4. I don't walk outside barefoot. Heck I don't even walk around a house barefoot.  Sometimes I do walk around inside with just socks but I hate it. 
  5. I only just recently started wearing sandals at all.
  6. When I drink, I gulp. I cannot drink without making a gulping sound. It has been this way as long as I can remember.  Most of the time people don't notice because there enough noise that nobody hears but sometimes when eating, people are silent and then my gulping is noticeable.  The other night I was taking a drink before going to bed and Dave was asleep. My gulping woke him up.  When I'm on the phone, people know I'm drinking based on the gulp sounds.  My brother and husband make fun of me for this and often say "hey keep it down" or something to that effect to me.
  7. I cannot handle spicy food. Some food others don't think is spicy at all but I sure can tell. My nose runs. If it is hot enough my eyes water. I don't get sick or anything from it though.
Did you know all these things about me?

*BTW we wouldn't have fallen over the hill. Our car was feet from the edge. I can't tell you how much because I had to hide my face in the middle of the car and keep my eyes closed.  Just realized now that Reef and Apollo must have liked to look out my window. I didn't even know how they were sitting when we were driving up the pass.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8.13 - Weight Vest

I forgot to mention that on August 13 (or well after midnight but on August 14), we tried on Callie's weight vest.  That thing is rough to wear around. I really did think of getting one when Callie got hers. I thought they'd be fun to train in and make me a lot better.  Timmy thought a very similar thing too.

I'm thinking about getting a weight vest all over again. I just would be too afraid to wear it in public so then I wouldn't use it so then I guess I shouldn't get it. It sure would help improve my training and make races easier. I wonder if real people actually train with them. I guess they make them so people have to use them.

The top left picture has Reef. Apollo is resting his head on my lap in the picture below it.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:11:41 AM - Back in PA. Work tomorrow!
01:17:13 AM - Wow is it hot at home. Also the window is open; my allergies will be bad. And Poly got fat.
10:28:40 AM - first day back from vacation is awful. The phone takes up too much time.
07:19:16 PM - Yay Poly is on my lap. She remembers who I am after being gone so long.
09:24:35 PM - Oh boy. the Pb stickers Nice Griff got for me got bent in my bag. I thought I put them in my book, but I put them in my laptop pouch. :(
10:21:32 PM - Scrap and Run: 8.22 Run (Hallenbeck Ranch)
10:41:30 PM - I just shocked myself unplugging something. my entire left arm feels it. Oopsies
11:18:03 PM - I miss the sleeping weather in Leadville. It is far too hot here.
11:26:19 PM - @reedaboutme I have thought that about a few people. Then I think when I see them I do none so maybe 5>0. Today = 0 for me and yesterday
11:28:35 PM - @BodyMediaFIT did the wellness fair talk anyone into getting an armband?
11:31:48 PM - @mikecherepko I can't believe I missed it. But CO was better than an earthquake.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

8.22 Run (Hallenbeck Ranch)

Callie and I went to Hallenbeck Ranch to run. Hallenbeck Ranch is open from May to September according to a sign I saw there, but the gate is closed and Callie says you always have to crawl under the barbed wire fence. To me climbing under a fence isn't "open" but who am I to say.

Callie was only going to run 30-40 minutes. Not a big run for her but pretty long for me at elevation.  We have to drive 15 minutes to the Hallenbeck Ranch. On our way the sky starts to change and we can tell rain is coming. The weather apps on our phones have been wrong many times throughout the week and yet again they were. All the other times, rain was predicted and it did not rain. This time it was the opposite.

Callie and I started running and ended up going too fast. I was already dead. Oops.  Around 1 mile in, it started raining just slightly. Then at 1.5 miles, I said I was turning around but she could go on.  I turned around and it started raining harder. Then there was hail.  Then I made a wrong turn and ended up at a road and had to backtrack. Then I go a bit further and the same thing happens again but this time the wrong turn is a lot longer out of the way.  My 3.0 mile run ended up being 3.85 miles.  Just so you know hitting the road at the 2nd wrong turn ended up exactly at what would have been 3 miles (with the addition of the first wrong turn).

On the way out the first slow down was going way off the path to go around a big puddle in the road path.  The second and third time I slowed down was to tie my shoes.  The 4th slow down was when I saw Callie and I wanted to make sure I was going the right way.
The run was relatively flat.  It was roughly the same as my North Park Runs which is pretty good for a run in the mountains.   It was a lot harder to run there than at home and I ran a lot slower. It might have been the elevation or might have been my lack of nutrition.  My hands got tingly 1 mile in but instead of complaining about that I started talking about how in the book I'm reading said that studies have shown that if you do not complain about your problems (aches and pains) that they go away sooner. (Well it didn't quite phrase it that way but that was the gist of it.) I was hoping that was the case.  Running and talking at 9000 ft is much harder than running and talking at 900 ft.

This course was hillier than the first time I ran in Leadville. The first trail was prettier. The weather was nicer the first time too. This time I could run next to Callie versus in front of her. This time the dogs ran free instead of on a leash.

Callie referred to this workout as a speed workout when she talked about it later.  Maybe it's a speed workout for 2 days after running 50 miles in a race, but I wouldn't consider it a speed workout. I'd consider it an awful workout. I tried to run faster than I could. My breathing sucked.  After my asthma was bothering me as if I didn't take my inhaler... but I did. If it didn't rain, I might have thought it was OK. If I didn't make wrong turns, I might have thought it was OK.

Mile 1: 9:53 (last time:10:42)
Mile 2: 10:56 (last time:10:56)
Mile 3: 11:10 (last time: 11:32)
Mile 3.85: 8:51 (Pace: 10:24 and last time 11:04)

So my second run was better than my first.  Too bad I only ran my first full day there and my last full day there. I had a full week off in the middle.

My average moving pace is slow because after the second wrong turn I stopped and stopped the timer to try to peek which way was the right direction to go. I had a difficult time with that.  I also don't understand how the elevation gain and loss are not the same since I start and end at the same point.

Timmy debated staying home but Callie said it would be pretty to take pictures. So he went. She ended up locking the car. When it rained, he tried to get in, but didn't know quite how to wiggle the key to get it open. He spent almost the entire time trying to get into the car. He finally made it in just before we got back. I don't even think he made it anywhere good for pictures before the rain.  Poor Timmy.

Callie has a lot more random places to run. She has a lot more trails to run. I always have to run on some form of pavement. I think I like that pavement is safer. Pavement is harder on the knees though.

What is your favorite running place?  Have you ever run at a high elevation? 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

02:06:53 AM - people are talking in the bathroom and I have to go to the bathroom so bad. sigh.
04:42:47 AM - oh boy i'm still awake.
04:47:33 AM - @mikecherepko I thought you went to go to sleep hours ago. Everyone here is asleep but I really want to win solitaire.
04:58:20 AM - Apollo is hogging the couch while @iamoddd is trying to sleep and she just said "ow ow ow" I should probably make him move.
05:01:12 AM - I'm too wide awake.
05:10:14 AM - All 3 dogs joined @TENroaches in bed and he is asleep and doesn't know how much to enjoy himself.
05:25:43 AM - Good ol' Huck joined me in bed.
11:26:17 AM - @BodyMediaFIT Too bad I'm on vacation and not at work so I can't come visit you guys. You got my twitter from someone at the fair last year.
11:34:57 AM - @BodyMediaFIT a few people at work have armbands. @iamoddd might get one soon. we are researching it now for her.
01:54:39 PM - @BodyMediaFIT is the code cheaper than amazon? Too bad @iamoddd is not a work friend. Can't get to the work wellness fair.
07:15:51 PM - It is far too hot in Denver. Stupid me wore jeans thinking I was going from Leadville weather to Pittsburgh weather. Ugh.
08:42:52 PM - Can't believe I missed it RT @polahbea: Just felt an earthquake
08:45:26 PM - About to take off. Will have 2:31 air time.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:27:30 PM - I wore my @BodyMediaFIT on vacation and people asked me about it. Now they want one. :) All my friends should get it and show me their data.
08:25:22 PM - I get invited to one picnic a year and this year I already have plans :(

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

03:26:21 AM - Just walked to the Leadville 100 finish for fun.
03:39:03 AM - at the finish, a finisher was interviewed. asked how his legs felt. he said not the worst of his problems. diarrhea and vomiting since 7am
03:40:43 AM - Timmy: This bed is not as comfy without dogs. -- we left the dogs (and Callie) at Griff's when we walked home.
01:41:50 PM - Just realized I have not been taking my daily picture here.
02:54:23 PM - I just fell asleep in this chair.
03:24:22 PM - Man I had a nice nap in bed.

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Dress: Old Navy (1999), Cardigan: Kohl's, Shoes: Famous Footwear-Connie, Necklace: Lia Sophia
When I went to take my daily picture, Poly was waiting on the steps for me.
I was so tired when I woke up.  I had to hit snooze too many times. My weekend of fun was too fun and too exhausting.  Dave and I walked at lunch. Our speed is increasing. Dave is getting better. After dinner I spent a lot of time blogging to get a stock pile for when I'm on vacation. I went to sleep early for me (around 11PM).

Monday was the start of my last week of work before vacation!  It sure was busy!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Poly was peeping me take my daily picture from our second floor. It scares me when she stands like that, but it especially scared me when I was down below.
Outfit 1 (Above): For work
Outfit 2: For Pirate game. Cardigan removed.
Shirt and Cardigan: Kohl's
Skirt: Athleta
Sandals: Target
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Poly was still peeping when I got back inside.  
I was busy at work. I had to hurry because I had to leave early to go to the NA-YGN tailgate and Pirate game.  I left a little after 3:30 to go to Costco and buy ice. Man was it hot outside.  I almost made it to the tailgate at 4:35 but made a wrong turn and had to loop way around and find my way to where I had to go. I hate driving.   Since my table and stuff were being used for the tailgate, I didn't end up going into the game until the 5th inning or so. As I was walking in was the inning that the Pirates scored 6 runs. I missed them all though
I was still so hot when I got home that I slept in shorts. I never sleep in shorts. I opened my closet door for something and Poly found a bag and had to go hide on it. I caught her peeping though.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:48:40 AM - Oh boy I'm nervous about tomorrow. Timmy is scared. And Callie is really nervous.
05:46:19 AM - I'm going back to sleep if I can. No use going to the start then being too tired to be the crew later.
05:57:34 AM - Griff called from the starting line. He is making us seem like bad friends by being a better friend.
10:50:00 AM - Stress!

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Dress: Athleta

I ran before work. Then I uploaded my data.  Poly sat on me even though I was all sweaty. She likes me. Sometimes I think she likes me more when I'm all gross.   I ran and then worked a bit in my sweaty clothes. Then shortly before 9, I showered for the day.  I had to get my shower in before core hours.  I also worked a bit before my run. It is fun to space it out. Then it doesn't feel like I worked so long.
Since it was Wednesday, I was able to telecommute. OK also since I didn't have meetings that I needed to be there in person for, I got to telecommute.  Since I telecommuted, I got a lot of pictures with Poly.  
At lunch, we watched TV.  Poly snuggled up beside Dave.  She was so cute just peeping over the arm rest.

My Lia Sophia order arrived.  I took pictures of me wearing everything I got.  They aren't the best pictures. I got one set of earrings but the rest were necklaces.  Some I liked better than expected and some I liked worse.