Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:07:09 AM - @mikecherepko I can't wear the white shoes a lot of days in a row. They start hurting my feet.
12:27:24 PM - I don't think my presentation went well
04:35:25 PM - @briecs I didn't remember if you were there for it or not.
04:52:53 PM - @briecs Adam went very quickly for the people who actually probably wanted to learn about PFP time.
07:48:46 PM - taking a little nap in my computer chair so i don't nap too long.
09:10:42 PM - just walked 1 mile in 18:46 with Dave at the track.
11:58:21 PM - Day planned tomorrow. Leave at 6am. Only have 2 half hour blocks throughout the day to get 4 hours worth of work done. And I'm working now.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:03:49 AM - My work laptop hates me. I seem to have only wasted 30 minutes so far today.
09:08:17 AM - Make it load.
09:18:26 AM - @briecs wearing the new dress for the na-ygn meeting? i was actually afraid to wear mine because of the meeting.
12:16:11 PM - still can't believe my husband screwed up making instant mashed potatoes. i never saw them so messed up
01:04:40 PM - those potatoes were so awful i couldn't eat more than a few bites. annoying
02:04:43 PM - I hacked my team into breaking early saying we need to do more research but really I'm too busy.
02:05:22 PM - @briecs Should I wear 1 of mine or the skirt I just bought?
02:19:40 PM - @mikecherepko I set it up to tweet after 3 miles. it did that. but I don't see the final tweet.
02:21:41 PM - @CliffordTheBike The weather is great today.
03:16:38 PM - @CliffordTheBike Could... Visit North Park and see pictures
03:23:44 PM - @briecs I heard I don't look good in Yellow
04:20:04 PM - @CliffordTheBike I could go tonight. North Park is awesome. I wish I had the time to go every day.
04:20:38 PM - @briecs Oh I was referring to bright yellow that I don't look good in. I don't own yellow except 1 bright yellow that I wear for black/gold
06:00:45 PM - I am told I write like I talk. I figured as much. Also people comment I say weird things like "hunting" for stuff instead of looking.
07:53:01 PM - @atillett I even leave voicemails and people don't call me back
09:00:48 PM - @DaizyCh another one was when i used the word hinder
09:57:39 PM - @CliffordTheBike I love that trail. I just call it Sutersville. I think I need a life because I have more to say to bikes than to people.
10:14:37 PM - Poly wanted my attention
11:31:35 PM - @CliffordTheBike I don't remember. It was a 5 mile stretch for cross country in 12th grade.
11:57:42 PM - 5 updates today:

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6/29 outfit and day

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft (Ross Park Mall - February 28, 2009)
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft on sale (Purchased March 27, 2009 in Cranberry)
Shoes: Famous Footwear (Purchased April 17, 2010 in Cranberry)
Watch: Target 

Today started out with a ton of computer issues but not as bad as yesterday.  I had meetings lined up and had people calling me wanting me to do more work. It was awful
I did make time to go down to lunch but I almost didn't have enough time to finish eating. 
Early in the morning when my computer was rebooting for the first time I went to Haley's desk to just drop off her birthday card. I didn't even say more than 4 words to her. I was in a hurry and she had to get to a meeting.  Looking at her card was nice too bad I gave it away so early in the morning. 

Around 4 after a jam packed day of not getting what I needed to done, I visited Haley to eat some of her fruit from her edible arrangement. 

Man I just remembered now I never got to looking at the NA-YGN presentation to know what I should be presenting on. I have a meeting in the morning but I should be able to find some time. Wow this is going to be really stressful. 

I dropped my car off after work. I wonder if it will be done tomorrow. I told them to call Dave because I knew I wouldn't be at my desk for any length of time for them to get the OK to do work. 

I had leftover Boston Market for dinner and Dave got pizza.
Kitty got to the top of my closet and explored before she got on the Mudd box for the 2nd time and fell. I said she'd fall before it happened and Dave said it'd be funny. Then when she fell he laughed. I didn't think that was nice. 

6/28 outfit

I wore a new dress with a white cardigan.

Cardigan: Kohl's a few months ago
Dress: Kohl's 6/27/10
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Necklace: Kohl's
Earrings (you can't see): Kohl's

Who would have thought I had that much from Kohl's.

My feet hurt throughout the day.  I actually sat at my desk a lot with my shoes kicked off.  What is even more surprising is that I sat in a meeting with my shoes kicked off.  I guess all the shopping and walking and 2 days in a row with dress shoes and pointy shoes.

I started work having 2 hours worth of updates on my work computer. That sure made the rest of my day super busy.  I gave Sarah stamp sets that were actually Emily's so she can use them for her wedding things.

I went to body pump at 5.

After Body Pump I went to Costco to pick up Timmy's Pictures and while there I figured I'd get bread. At Sam's club you can pay for little things at the photo place. I learned at Costco that you cannot.  Also Costco does not accept our normal credit card so I decided to use my ATM card.

I pay for the photos and go get in line. I wait in line a few minutes only to realize I lost my card at some point between the photo place and the line. I get out of line to dig in my purse for it and retrace my steps. I cannot find it. I figure I'll pay cash and go to the service desk and they will have it. I was right. But my PNC card has my maiden name on it because when my old one expired they sent me a new one with my maiden name on it and I never complained. So then Costco was unsure if that was really me and I kept saying that it might have my maiden name and said what it was. Finally they let me have it. They told me it was found in the parking lot. There is no way since I used it at the photo center.  It was just a mess.

After Costco I go to Boston Market. I text Dave asking him to make me instant mashed potatoes so I had them when I got home.

I ate 3 cornbreads on the way home. Good thing I bought 6 extra.

Well I get home to the runniest mashed potatoes ever. I don't even know how they got so messed up. I tried to add more flakes. They were the worst potatoes I ever had.

Day 2 of New Clothes

I went to a different Kohl's on Monday to try to find the blue dress that they didn't have in my size. Well they didn't have it and the size was even more off in the only one they did have. I did try on a lot more dresses. I decided not to get any of them.
I did try on a skirt and then got one a bigger size to sit more on my hips and be longer.  I bought that for less than $15 and then I bought a purse that was half off and was $16.  I could have saved 15% but my coupon was at home.   I was going to go to TJ Max too to look for a clutch but didn't want to miss too much work.

Since I was sweaty from working out I did not want to try on my new skirt so I went to take a picture of it on the bed. Kitty sure got in the way. I didn't even get 1 picture.

New Dresses Retake

Here are the new dresses. One dress with 2 cardigan options.  I took more options but won't post them all. They look similar.

Tuesday Morning Run

I used iMapMyRun and got all the way to the save point and somehow lost the stupid thing. The app has failed me 2 of the last 3 times I used it.  I tried to map out my run below. Most points were right except i had to go down my street a little and come back to get 3.75 but 3.75 happened before then. I hit all other markers at the correct time. I took screen shots throughout and boy am I glad.
My pace was better than normal because I did extra "flat" parts.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:14:29 AM - I blogged up a storm this entire weekend.
12:16:47 AM - It is past my bedtime. I hope kitty can feet down in the dark
10:00:33 AM - Dee saw me walking in today and said "well don't you look nice."
10:02:25 AM - @mikecherepko I like that but the neckline is a little low for work.
11:20:13 AM - work is awful. 1:57 for updates. and now I just do emails. I can't catch up and I have other work to do... ugh
06:34:07 PM - I pickup pics for @TENroaches then they wont let me pay for bread there. Go to line and realize I lost my PNC card. Get out of line.
06:36:12 PM - Couldn't find it.looked again. Got in line again.Paid. Go to service and they have one. Mine. But it has Cherepko. They give me a hard time
06:59:44 PM - I ate 3 cornbreads on my way home.
07:45:47 PM - Got my SU preorder and they didn't send the ribbon.
09:15:44 PM - I was addicted then it wasn't on one season and I wait until I have a ton to watch. RT @andrewgjones: ... addicted to Friday Night Lights

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Run on Friday

It only took me about 20 minutes to find the spot where I get the html to copy to my blog. I don't think the site should be so hard for me to figure out.
3.05 mi
9:22 average mile pace.
When I log into the site it says 3.05 mi then I click the thing to put it on here and then this shows 3.02 mi. That makes no sense to me.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:06:18 AM - I was lying down 10:20 last night but only slept 8:45.
10:45:16 AM - I just had a conversation saying I knew something matched because of Stampin' Up. At first I thought someone told me but realized it was SU.
11:05:08 AM - i went with the pink instead of the orange shirt because my purse is pink. get downstairs to find out orange is in the plaid on my purse
11:05:37 AM - but my husband tells me i need a clutch purse to match my outfit. how does he know what a clutch is and I don't own any.
11:08:36 PM - I bought 3 new dresses. I took pictures of me in them but I accidentally had my camera on zoom so my head is chopped off.
11:30:15 PM - Kitty just trapped herself in Dave's office. She closed the door.

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3 New Dresses

I bought 3 new dresses today.  I took pictures of Poly in the middle and forgot to take the zoom off the camera so the pictures are awful but I will post them anyway.  I saved $106 at Kohl's. I spent less than $73.   I will be wearing 1 of these to the wedding I go to August 21.  I may or may not wear some to work. The  black and white one was the most expensive.

The purple is my favorite. That is Dave's favorite too.

All can be machine washed but I believe all have to be line dried.

Can I wear these to work?  I would need a cardigan. Dave says that I can't wear a cardigan over a summer dress. But I think these would look fine with the right cardigan over them.

I really wish I didn't screw up taking these pictures because I think with the rest of my face and with the rest of my legs these pictures would look a lot better.

So what do you think of the dresses? Which is your favorite?

6/27 outfit

I had to go to a bridal shower and was not sure what to wear. I narrowed it to 3 skirts and then went with the one I never wore before. I started with a pink shirt but then I changed to a coral shirt.


Skirt: Express - Ross Park Mall a few months ago (first worn today)
Shirt: Express - Ross Park Mall - February 28, 2009
Shoes: Famous Footwear in Cranberry - April 17, 2010
Watch: Target
Necklace: Forever 21 - Spring 2009

The skirt was on clearance recently. Too bad it's not a few inches longer and then I could wear it to work.

I still hate the shoes.

This morning I had no idea what to wear with the skirt. I claimed I didn't know what matched. My husband told me a bright color. I picked out pick after he picked out orange.  I thought my purse was pink so I went with the pink but then when I got downstairs I learned that the plaid in the purse also has orange.  My husband said I need a clutch and the purse didn't go.  I have a picture of the purse from a few weeks ago.

I really like the skirt. My mom seemed to like it and said if she had my figure she would definitely be wearing a skirt like that.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

01:09:47 AM - I found and now follow new blogs that have people posting details about their daily outfits.
01:32:54 AM - i stayed up too late
01:38:12 AM - I come to bed to find Poly on the exercise bike.
08:22:42 AM - So far this morning I have turned and knocked kitty off the bed twice.
11:57:08 AM - MikesBike RT @mikecherepko: What should I make my bike's twitter name be? Bikecherepko? MikesBike? BikeMikesBike? BikeyJ? BikeJCJC?
02:21:40 PM - eating graham crackers that expired May 22, 2009 with peanut butter
02:37:03 PM - cereal at 11:30, lunch at 1:00 and snack at 2:00. I know how it's done.
04:40:41 PM - stupid costco closes too early so my pictures won't be ready tonight. but i wanted them for tomorrow. Stupid!
05:58:50 PM - @DaizyCh The confirmation said they wouldn't be ready until noon. I think they might open at 10 or 11 but not sure when photo opens
07:50:54 PM - I was cleaning my closet and found a 2 dollar bill
08:06:56 PM - The wheels broke off my paper holder. I improvised.
08:08:33 PM - Who wants to go to North Boundary Park to swim with me sometime?
08:11:14 PM - I'm told when you plug and unplug something from your computer it makes different sounds. I wish I could tell.
09:00:00 PM - Poly got in the box when I was going through its contents

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2 more cards

I made 2 more cards as the day went on and as I "cleaned" my craft room. The craft room looks messier than it did before though.

Stamp Set: Priceless
Soft Subtles were used with the exception of close to cocoa. The ribbon is 1" Bashful Blue. 

Stamp Set: Looks Like Spring (Retired - Selling it with the coordinating punch for $25)
Colors: Soft Subtles
Poly likes to interrupt me when I'm working.
 So I used her to model the card I made earlier.
Isn't she cute?

6/25 outfit and work

 Pants: Victoria's Secret  (Purchased Online around March 2010)
Shirt: Express (circa 2003)
Shoes: Famous Footwear (Purchased April 17, 2010 in Cranberry)
(Black-out Day 4)
The pants were ordered and when they arrived, I got the wrong inseam. I had to send them back and wait until the correct ones arrived.  I probably ordered them in February. 

Those pictures above were after running.  I woke up in the morning and was unsure if I should run or should do spinning. I thought that running was quicker but I burn more calories a minute but spinning is 45 minutes instead of 25 minutes so maybe I'd burn more calories with that and justify going to the easier workout. I did spinning Monday morning and burned 217 calories. I did think that was an easier spinning class than I had been used to.  Wednesday I ran for 25 minutes. I took 30 minutes worth of calorie burn since I was still elevated and it was 216 calories.  I decided to save on time and ran.  But I totally forgot about when I run at home, then I play around on the computer and upload my data and take way longer to get ready when I'm at home.  I burned more calories by running but I also got to work later than I wanted.

The workday was super busy. I felt like a chicken with my head cut off.  I wanted to leave early and get to the hospital to visit my gram.  Work wasn't cooperating but I also learned gram was being taken to a rehab facility at 6 and I knew that would be late so I just didn't want to waste time not visiting so I did not go. 

I wanted to leave work at 4 but I didn't actually leave until 5.  I stopped to buy bread on the way home to eat with my leftover angel hair.  While getting bread, I remembered I was invited to a happy hour but it didn't start for 20 minutes. I decided to go home and then see if I knew people that were going.  
I had sent a text to Nick saying I needed a nap not a drink and what do you know I fell asleep before I got his reply text.  I napped for 1.5 hours.  That threw off my evening. I did watch TV, read blogs, and eat after my nap and before going to sleep around 1am. 

3 Cards

I made 3 cards this morning. All with papers already cut. I only had to stamp the words and color the get well card.  I have more pieces cut and I should probably just make those.
Stamp set: Seeing Spots (retired) and Think Happy Thoughts (Retiring - Selling for half price - $8.50)
Bold Brights were used and non SU ribbon was colored with a Tempting Turquoise Marker for the Stripe.  I used different (non-shiny) ribbon before and the marker didn't bleed like it did this time.

When I was tying the ribbon Poly sure came running to get at the ribbon.
One that was already made but I sold Seeing Spots so didn't bother with the base.

Stamp Sets: One of a Kind (Retired and being sold for half price - $10) and Four Square (Retiring at the end of June)
Soft Subtles were used and Poppin Pastels

Stamp Set: Always in My Thoughts
Colors : Old Olive, Summer Sun, Creamy Caramel, Chocolate Chip
Ink: Chocolate Chip
Accessories: Water Color Crayons and Blender Pens
None of the colors seem to show up right in this photo. You can't even see what I colored green.

Friday, June 25, 2010

6/24 outfit

I've been wanting to do more with what I wear but haven't. I started following some blogs that make me jealous of their posts so I decided I should make the time every now and then to do this.  My outfits are boring compared to theirs though. Already pretty is my favorite. I also like at least 2 others.

Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft (Purchased March 27, 2009 in Cranberry)
Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft (Purchased February 28, 2009 from Ross Park Mall)
Shoes: Famous Footwear (Purchased April 17, 2010 in Cranberry)
Watch: Target

This was a day without pantyhose. That happens rarely. My legs are too pale. They are too beat up. A friend actually always tells me to not wear pantyhose and now she agrees that I should wear pantyhose because I'm too pale and my legs are too beat up. I was right all along.

I also wore this so that I could continue to not wear black for a week. This was day 3 of not wearing it. I will have a post about that later to show all my outfits. 

But I decided to try to do the challenge but I did it late because I didn't learn about it until this week. 
Oi looking at the already pretty's blog about all the people that did the black out thing cause me to find a ton of people that post about their daily outfits. Me taking one picture a day is very very mild. I should take like 4 of me and also take pictures of my shoes and accessories close-up. I should probably remember to wear accessories. 

Looking at all the sites is very distracting and a little bit hard to do on my netbook since I have to scroll so much.  Also looking at them all makes me realize how boring my outfits are. I guess I need to go shopping to buy a lot more things. 

This post has taken me 2 hours to make because I keep getting distracted looking at already pretty's site.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

06:27:42 AM - trying to decide if i should run or spin. wanted to check calorie burn & compare even though the run in less time. calorie burn only 1 diff
06:43:24 AM - Started: #iMapMyRun
07:10:39 AM - In progress: #iMapMyRun Distance 3.00 mi, Duration 0:28:03, Pace 09:21 min/mile, Speed 6.4 mph.
07:11:21 AM - Completed #iMapMyRun (Run): Distance 3.05 mi, Duration 0:28:35, Pace 09:21 min/mile, Speed 6.4 mph.
07:14:43 AM - Poly is trying to drink out of my cup.
07:15:45 AM - ran 3.46 mi on 6/25/2010 at 6:40 AM
11:33:52 AM - is it a good or a bad sign to have a coworker ask to feel your muscles?
12:46:17 PM - @DaizyCh no I didn't take a picture.
01:59:25 PM - @DaizyCh I didn't take a picture because I didn't have my camera besides my cell phone and also i kept picking up the glass to keep it away
07:07:36 PM - fell asleep and the phone woke me up over an hour later.
07:18:31 PM - shortly before I fell asleep I sent a text about the happy hour scheduled for that night and how I need a nap not a drink

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

10:19:37 PM - Kitty wanted to eat my ponytail holder. I took it away from her. She stepped on my keyboard to show me who was boss. I put her on the floor.
10:33:40 PM - @tenroaches I was about to do some P90x but it's been so long I don't know where the DVDs are.
10:39:53 PM - @tenroaches - Now I got all excited that I found them but it's the Mac ones. sad night.
10:53:10 PM - I found the DVDs then they dissent work in the computer hooked up to the TV so I'm using Dave's laptop.
11:28:59 PM - I made it 9 minutes further in yoga this time. 34 minutes of 90.

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Workout Goals

I need some workout goals.  I don't know what they should be. There are so many options and in some ways they conflict each other.
I want to reduce my body fat percentage so I can run faster. But I don't want to decrease my measurements because I already can't get clothes that fit. The smallest size stores sell are too big lots of times. Except if I wanted to wear skinny jeans I couldn't because my calves are too big.
I want to increase my speed for running. This is a lot like the first one except could focus on way more than body fat percentage. I want to improve my running form. I don't think that conflicts with anything else that I can think of.
I want have nice defined muscles that people can notice. If my muscles get too big then my running won't be as good.

I want more endurance. I want to be able to run for an hour or more and have no problems and still be able to keep my speed the entire time.

I want to get rid of my gut.
I should eat healthier but I don't want to. I like my cheeze itz as snacks during the work day if I need a snack.

I want to be more flexible. I am so much more flexible than I was 1.5 years ago but I'm probably still worse than 50% of the people.

I also want to have more time to be able to work out.

All winter I had a nice routine: Monday - Body Pump, Tuesday - Body Combat + Core, Wednesday - Spinning + Core, Thursday - Body Pump, Friday rest day.  Saturday &/or Sunday exercise bike at home and or weight lifting.  Also before Pump I would use the elliptical for 15 minutes or so.   In January I started running a little bit in addition to the above.

Then in mid-February I started training for the Pittsburgh half-marathon. I used Hal Higdon's training plan. I followed it the best I could but probably only did 3/4 of the time. I rarely ran more than it said. I didn't usually do nothing when it said not to do nothing.

Now I made my own plan for a half September 11 starting with longer runs on the weekend so I can have more endurance for later but then I barely even do what I'm supposed to. Lately I've been doing 2.5 miles on the week days instead of 3 or 5.

What should I focus on? What else should I do?  How will I find time to run when it gets so hot so I will only be able to run in the early morning or late evening?   Provide input.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:13:19 AM - ran 2.74 mi on 6/23/2010 at 6:44 AM
07:27:00 AM - I did the loop around my house the opposite way and I was a minute slower.
07:54:47 AM - we cut Poly's nails and now I'm getting to work later than I wanted to.
03:04:07 PM - There are not enough hours in the day.
06:04:38 PM - i had an umbrella but I'm still soaked.
11:04:55 PM - I'm tired but my TV show isn't over.
11:25:25 PM - I heard kitty but couldn't find her. She was on the fridge and couldn't get down.

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Tuesday, June 22

I was going to wake up early to run but I had stayed up too late so I figured 4 hours of sleep would not be enough. I slept 4:54 instead.  I got to work and was super busy.

I'm at work and I get an email from my mom with an update on gram telling me how the hospital called my aunt because my gram's blood pressure was too low and told them to come in.  My 2 cousins, my dad, and my aunt went in at 2am and got home around 5:30. She was talking up a storm and didn't seem bad at all. Just getting a phone call had to be scary. At least I didn't know anything about it so I was able to fall asleep at 2am.

I wanted to leave work at 4 to go visit her but I was so busy with work that I didn't leave until 5 and I didn't finish what I wanted to finish either.  Instead of eating fast food, I picked Dave up and we went to Johnny Carino's.  I got Italian Chili. Man I just realized I forgot to bring that soup in for my lunch.

I didn't get to the hospital until a little after 7:30 and then I stayed for a few hours.  Jared was there with me.  Gram was talking up a storm but most of what she said made no sense but every now and then she made sense. She must have overheard my dad telling my aunt how I ordered pictures for her at Costco because Gram kept talking to me about pictures and then asking if I printed any for me and if I had them with me. She wanted to look at pictures.  She can barely open her eyes and she wants to look at pictures.  Now everyone knows where I get it. I'll probably be the same way.   The only pictures I had with me were ones on my camera and I started showing gram some of those. She liked looking. I left around 9:30 and got home around 10:30. I talked to my mom the entire way in the car.  That made it so nice because after such a long day I would have surely gotten tired driving.  I wish I knew how long gram would be in the hospital. I wish they would let her eat. They said she had to pass a swallow test again even though she had been eating. My dad was mad that they won't let her have water even. She kept asking for it and asking when she'd get to eat.  Too bad when they come to give her a swallow test she is always sleeping so then they don't do it and then when she wakes up she doesn't get to eat or drink.

When I got home I was so tired but I ended up staying up until 11:30.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

01:26:02 AM - Uh oh. I just started another episode.
08:01:47 AM - It is all backed up on my way to work but I don't know why.
08:39:16 AM - The only reason for the extreme backup was because people don't know how to drive in the rain.
08:39:40 AM - Too bad I basically have meetings all day. How can I call the car dealer about my brakes or call Aunt Elaine.
11:19:58 AM - @mikecherepko If you see Aunt Elaine tell her her pictures are ready at Costco and remind her to buy the albums with 50 free prints first.
10:29:02 PM - I just got back from the hospital. I was there late. Gram didn't want me to leave. She was tired and wasn't making sense.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

03:26:20 PM - 2 days in a row I didn't take my daily picture. I took about 200 total pictures of Poly those days.
09:30:58 PM - My eyes are itchy.
10:55:38 PM - I watched TV tonight. Yay.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:44:14 AM - About to run without my gowear fit on since it's sunny.
09:46:30 AM - This water was not in the lake yesterday.
11:10:28 AM - I can't go anywhere without seeing someone I know. Also it was a bad idea to wear my old shoes. Orthotic gave me a blister again.
11:22:02 AM - this blister hurts. time to mow the lawn. then to shower and get to visit gram then to my parents for dinner.
11:27:43 AM - ran 6.42 mi on 6/20/2010 at 9:52 AM!
12:12:36 PM - all week i knew i needed to fill the gas can. I didn't. I mean i didn't know but suspected. Well lawn is 3/4 mowed and I'm out of gas.
12:50:03 PM - went and bought gas for the mower and filled up dave's tank. 18 min round trip. had trouble pouring the gas. now i can't start the mower.
01:05:40 PM - Dave started the mower right away. Now I'm done mowing. Self-propelled is so much easier to mow with.
01:30:46 PM - Excel has moving average trendlines. Who knew. Exciting. I have been making my own up to this point.
10:57:13 PM - Costco keeps telling me only 14 minutes left to upload these pictures, but it has said that for the past 30.

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Friday, June 18

I was going to run in the morning but I was just too exhausted that I hit snooze for an hour and didn't run at all before work.  I didn't get to go to lunch at work because I had a meeting 12-4.  That meeting was so awful. Sometimes I think no matter how I try to explain something, people just don' get it. Mostly they just don't it because they don' know the current process so then describing a change doesn't work so well.

I left work around 4:45 to head home, change, wait for Dave and head to the Pirates game.  It was so hot on my way home from work but I checked the weather and it seemed to say that it would get cooler so I didn't worry too much.  I should have worried.  It was so hot. I was dying.

I drove down. That was the deal for him to go.
Then we get down there and there is TONS of traffic.  Well first we left later than we planned on leaving. I told him our plan had us leaving too late anyway.  We can't.

We had to park in a different place than normal. It took forever to get there and it was at a garage instead of a lot.  There were only a couple spots left. At the end of the night I had to back down the hill to get to the main top floor of the garage to head down.

Then we get to stadium and have to wait in this huge line to get our tickets.  Usually there is 1 person in front of us. We had to weave and actually wait in a decent amount of the line past all the weaving because it was so long.  We had coupons for buy one get one free so we had to go to the main ticket buying area versus the smaller ones at other areas of the stadium.  Jen and Chad were late but since we had to wait so long in line they actually just got there as we were buying our tickets.

We get into the stadium and have to buy food.  The line takes forever. They give you way less fries than they normally do. It was very disappointing. Then I go to put mustard on Dave's hot dog and the thing runs out of mustard 3/4 of the way through the hot dog.  They didn't give us trays for the food. And oh we left the water bottles in the car that I had brought.

Since there were no trays, the nacho cheese was extremely hot on my legs. It was hard to hold. This only made matters worse because it was already super hot and my jeans were sticking to me.  Of all the days not to go to the Club Seats where we could benefit from unlimited ice water and the airconditioned room.

The innings went by too fast. There were like no hits up until the 7th inning.  Then it got a little exciting.

Around the 5th inning Dave and I went for more food. Dave couldn't handle the line so I decided to wait in line and try to carry it all. We got the same thing as the first time: Nachos, foot long hot dog, and french fries.  I missed an inning and a half in line. The line actually went shorter than it would have because people got sick of waiting and left the line.

But we still lost.  The Indians had to have a little meeting because they feared our guys on base would score. They had too much faith in the Pirates and the guy on 3rd never made it home.

Dave and I left in the middle of the 8th inning so that we would be able to get out of the top floor of the parking garage.  We accidentally left our prints they gave us at our seats but I texted Jen and she said she would grab them. I don't know if she did or not though.

Dave was miserable the entire time. He usually enjoys the games so I was bummed. We are never going on a day again that everyone says is "great weather" because that means the weather sucks.  Also Dave said we are never going again when we place a team that is close enough to have fans from the other team driving to our stadium.

I was highly disappointed about the game. I thought it would be fun an exciting instead I was hot and didn't get to enjoy myself.  I was expecting a loss so that didn't even matter.

There was this cute kid in front of us who liked to turn around and talk to me. I liked him.

Also I hate how people at PNC park don't respect the game and thus get up and leave their seats whenever they want same with returning to their seats.  We were in 108 FF and I'd say about half the game my view was blocked by people. Sometimes people just were in the way and stood instead of moving out of the way.

I can't believe I just wrote that much about the game. Usually I take lots of pictures and don't have a lot to say.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

10:53:52 AM - Of course I look like this when I see someone I know. I tell that to Dave and looked at me and laughed.
10:57:55 AM - ran 3.64 mi on 6/19/2010 at 9:59 AM!
10:58:44 AM - i quit my workout early (half) because 1. it was way too hot 2. people i know were there 3. a family walking hogged up lanes 1-4 4. hip hurt
11:16:07 AM - I wish mine was. RT @mikecherepko: My baby-holding arm is still sore.
11:18:24 AM - I tell Poly my plans for the day. I figure she listens about the same as Dave does.
03:16:11 PM - @tcassino (re: pillowcase dresses) i read a few blogs about those. they seemed neat
04:27:54 PM - Stampin' up used to have 48 colors + 6 neutrals + 6 in colors. now they have 40 including neutrals + 6 in colors. cutting down!
05:47:31 PM - today we didn't mow earlier... like before all this rain.
11:12:25 PM - i was organizing my craft room and cleaning. dave wanted to go to dinner. i didn't bc you have to be in the mood to clean. went to dinner.
11:12:48 PM - got back 2 hours ago from dinner and giant eagle and my room is worse. i knew we should have eaten at home.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:35:17 AM - why is it that once you stay up too late you find all kinds of other things to do and you aren't tired? at 5:30 AM I will be tomorrow
07:10:57 AM - I hit snooze for an hour and was so tired that I didn't run. Also kitty is so cute so I don't get up now.
07:12:14 AM - Forgot to atach the pic
03:53:33 PM - I was just in a conference room where I could view the smoking shelter (1 of 4) the entire time. I cannot believe how many people smoke.
07:13:39 PM - Nothing goes right today and we are in the longest line ever to get pirate tickets and the game already started.
07:24:04 PM - It is so hot. Of all the days that we don't get the seats with the room with a/c. Also left bottled water in the car.
09:22:19 PM - This game sucks
09:28:25 PM - Sax guy called me cheap poparatzi. Then started playing lady gaga.

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Photo of the Day - Christmas Party 2005

On December 10, 2005, Mike had a Christmas Party at his apartment in Brooklyn. I went that year. We drove down from RPI. I made the chocolate covered pretzels.  Timmy made the thumb prints. Gram made the pizzelles and they arrived because I brought them.  This party had a ton of people and a ton of cookies. It made me plan my Christmas party the following year with tons of cookies. My party didn't turn out so well. I had 10 people versus Mike's 40.

This picture makes me want cookies and makes me miss the old kitchen table.

I also loved this party because people dressed up. Not only did I wear a skirt and shirt that I never get to wear but I changed my attire at some point and also wore a dress. I hear people do that at his parties sometimes so I packed two outfits.

A lot of us tasted corn whiskey. It was not tasty as you can tell by my picture.

The rest of the photos are on my old picasa since the event took place before I got married.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I thought I was busy last week but this week would be better but that isn't how it worked out

Saturday was Callie's race and I didn't get home from my parents until 4PM on Sunday (spent the night there and went to brunch then to visit my gram)

On Sunday I still had to mow after I got back, in addition to eating dinner and doing laundry.

Monday - Callie, Mike, and Timmy came over for dinner and to hang out.
Tuesday - I drove to McKeesport to visit Gram. I almost made it home by dark.
Wednesday - I had dinner with Jen after working late and got home and immediately went to sleep. I thought this was early but I calculated it out and I only slept 8:30.

Thursday aka today I was finally free of plans but had a ton to do. I didn't even get to mowing. I did put together my shelf and finalize my Stampin' Up Pre-order.
Tomorrow I'm going to the Pirate game with Jen and Chad
Saturday I guess I will mow and finish the laundry I was supposed to do last weekend.
Sunday is Father's Day stuff.

I was trying to visit gram every other day but the 70-90 minute drive each way were killing me.  I thought I didn't watch any TV all week but I forgot how I saw a bit of some cooking show while at the hospital on Tuesday.

At least Kitty is cute.
Her about an hour ago. She's still in her "bed" though.
I'd also really like to make plans with Brie to walk at North Park. I've been wanting to do this for over a month... probably 2 months. I just can't fit it in. 

Thinking about all this is giving me a headache. 

A Day's Worth of Twitter

06:07:57 PM - Old Navy Dress from 10th grade RT @DaizyCh: @SmilinColleen What dress?
06:12:15 PM - 2nd bookshelf took less than a half hour to put together the main part (no doors) and yet it took 2 weeks to get that far.
08:44:40 PM - ran 1.26 mi on 6/17/2010 at 8:10 PM!
09:17:34 PM - Kitty likes to jump up but my room is all messy and then she falls over all my junk on her way down from the bookshelf.
10:34:44 PM - Just getting ready for bed and realize I didn't put the clothes in the dyer! ugh
11:07:44 PM - my 2nd new shelf is assembled. Time to get stuff on it

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Last night I stayed at work a little late, went home to get Dave, then went to Houlihan's.  It got late because Jen was meeting us there and her text messages were really delayed.

But right after dinner, my tummy didn't feel so good so I wanted to just lie down for a few minutes.  Before you know it, Dave was trying to ask what alarm I needed set for the next day and I got under the covers.

Then at 5:30 this morning Kitty wakes me up.  I wanted to wake up at 5:30 to get ready to go to the gym. Kitty was too cute though so I stayed in bed for a few minutes before getting up and getting ready.  Kitty didn't want me to leave. She sat on my gym clothes trying to stop me from getting dressed.  It didn't work.

I made it to body pump a few minutes early and worked out before work. My first body pump since last Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

06:33:31 AM - Started: #iMapMyRun
06:56:42 AM - Completed #iMapMyRun (Run): Distance 0.57 mi, Duration 0:05:27, Pace 09:37 min/mile, Speed 6.2 mph.
06:59:07 AM - ran 2.67 mi on 6/16/2010 at 6:31 AM!
07:07:21 AM - I decide not to use my timer and to use imapmyrun and then I go and reset it about 18 minutes in. stupid thing. look down & it's not running
07:07:39 AM - Nike+ only had about 7% error today
12:28:07 PM - facebook is working for me today. RT @briecs: Stupid FB won't let me respond to my last post. Stupid stupid.
12:29:44 PM - walking back to my desk i thought my dress makes me look gutty. then 100 yds later some guys were staring at me b/c i'm gutty or i look good
12:38:10 PM - or they stared at me because they can't believe I wore this... the dress is from 10th grade. 1999 or 2000.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter. - Regular Run: Regular Run on 06/16/2010 - Regular Run: Regular Run on 06/16/2010

I was using iMapMyRun but reset it somehow. When I noticed I started it back up. The following was all I got to save.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:05:57 AM - My muscles are too sore. No body pump for me. Time to go back to sleep
09:59:07 AM - Thats a long time. RT @mikecherepko: Timmy and I spent 4 hours getting home from Colleen's.
04:51:49 PM - man i hate days dave goes into work. i can never get in touch with him.
06:50:09 PM - Using an ATM that has to dial in
11:16:25 PM - Kitty was in my bookshelf, knocked my papers out, spun around chasing her tail, and then fell out.
11:18:07 PM - Kitty mid spin
11:28:48 PM - Too bad I forgot my canon was up here. I've been taking pics of Kitty with my phone. I wonder if she does often.

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Callie Won an Ultramarathon

Things happened before Callie won the Laurel Highlands Ultra.  I woke up at 8. Dave and I went for a walk at 8:30. It was so incredibly hot. I about died. I started to really worry how my running would go in the middle of the afternoon.

Then I got my stuff together and realized I had to hurry out the door. I only had time to eat half my cinnamon roll. I got to my parents and Krinin and Aurora were there and I didn't even have time to visit. This made me sad.  I put on sunscreen then I headed to Art's to swap mowers.  He gave me lessons on how to start it. We talked a few minutes but had to hurry. We left and headed home. We got my mom and headed out to "Checkpoint 3" where I was going to start my leg of the race. I drank a lot of water in the car and ate an Energy bar. 

Callie told me to get there at 1 but I didn't think she accounted for the extra 6.5 miles so I thought I might have until after 2 before I ran.  The trail looked much more dangerous than I expected. I expected a nice almost paved trail.

My parents drove me instead of me driving myself then having to figure out how to get my car from one point to the next. But then when Callie was taking awhile and how I wanted to go to the finish, I thought my parents should just go home. They did leave at like 2 to go eat lunch and didn't stick around to see me start running.  My mom didn't even walk the little portion of the trail that you had to walk before you got to the checkpoint. You also had to cross 30 to get to the checkpoint.

There was a big ordeal with the checkpoint before this one because none of the families (aka the crew) could find the location so they couldn't get water and snacks to the runners.

There was also another ordeal at one of the aid stations in that they didn't have water there for the first 8 runners to get there.
Another problem was they updated the website in some places and not others so then the mile markers for certain things were off by 6.5 miles and for someone who has what food/drink they take with them down to a science this is not good.
The trail is in this picture somewhere.
Callie Stretching before we started running.
The one part of the website said that checkpoint 3 was at 46.4 miles but it was actually after 52.9 miles. Some areas of the site were updated some were not. The website was great and awful at the same time. 

Running through the woods with such awful terrain made my Nike+ think we ran 23% more than we actually ran.

I never ran on trails before ever so it was quite a challenge. At least we didn't have to run hardcore.
The trophies
They give everyone that finishes a trophy. I learned later that they mail them the plaque for on there that says their name and the details.  That has to be nice. We cheered for all the finishers while waiting for Callie. I talked to crew members waiting for their spouses.  I had bug spray but still ended up with about 30 mosquito bites.
Callie Finishing
One bright thing is Callie's headlight. 2 are the reflectors on her camelbak (or however you spell that. I'm not a hardcore enough runner to know about such things). The other lights were from Alex who paced her in the last leg of the race. Callie said that she would have quit at the third checkpoint if her pacers didn't drive from so far.   I'm glad she didn't quit after 50 miles. Now she has a great accomplishment under her belt.
I tried to get a 2nd picture before Callie finished but it took too long for the flash to recharge so Callie was already resting after the finish line by that point.
A minute or 2 later they presented her with her award for winning first place for the females. They also told her her entry fee is waived for next year.  I think she's retiring so she won't take them up on it.
(I showed the picture to a lot of my friends at one and one girl commented how ripped Callie is. I told Callie and she was happy saying she's worked all her life to look ripped and glad someone finally noticed.)
I made Callie's dad take our picture so there was evidence that I was there.  Too bad I didn't get a picture with Callie's other pacer. I think we were all good encouragement for Callie and somehow even though I didn't actually run in the race I feel like I was a huge part of it because of being at the aid stations and seeing all the runners.  It was a great experience.

Callie's parents were nice and drove me home that night.  We got Taco Bell on the way home.  It was late then I spent forever telling my brothers about the race. I don't think they cared. They were also watching TV. It was so late.  I started falling asleep in the rocking chair. Then I went to sleep on the couch in the basement and took my hair out of the ponytail. It was still wet from sweat and rain, but it was too late to shower.  I went to sleep after putting a towel over the pillow so I didn't ruin it.  I didn't plan to stay at my parents but good thing I had clothes to change into after the race that I could wear the next day.

I was so nervous before I ran. The longer I waited, the more I got nervous.   I loaded my GoWear fit data for the day.

6 Personal Bests!
I guess all the stress had me burning tons of calories. I can't even believe I hit 6 personal bests in 1 day. I entered the food that I ate that day and I burned 2100 more calories than I consumed. I didn't lose any weight though because I had a lot of water in me.

There are probably a lot more details I could write about but I think this post is long enough.  I could talk for probably 8 hour straight about the race and I didn't even run it. I bet I talk more about the race than Callie does.  I also keep cluttering up her wall on facebook making comments about the race and the results