Thursday, May 31, 2007

i was so exhausted last night so i was going to go to sleep early. somehow that didn't happen. i was up til midnight. there just isn't enough time in the day to unpack and catch up on all my files that i update and rest.
there is too much to unpack and not enough room for it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

how exciting

dave and i got cookies today. the note says "from your stalker"
it's too hot. the thermostat is st to 70 and it's not running0 so apparently it's 70 downstairs. but ti's 77.5 upstairs. they said we'd get a set back thermometer but we didn't.

so tomorrow we need to call the apt people about the set back thermeter, pugliano's about getting our deposit back, and dave needs to call erie to change his insurance address. then i need to change my address on my credit cards. we need to change our address at work.

so much to do that i even got distracted in the middle of this post.
we got our new a/c today. it's huge. i haven't gone down to see the new furnace though.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

yay for internet. not yay for not being able to get cable in the 2nd bedroom. not yay for not having a/c yet. not yay for not having any silverware here so i couldn't eat my cereal. we even bought the milk yesterday.

Monday, May 28, 2007

busy weekend

our new place is smaller but a lot of things are better about it. last night i wanted to walk around the nieghborhood and peer in people's windows to see how they figured out how to arrange their furniture but i got distracted unpacking and didn't get to it.

it was too hot yesterday to work so i didn't get much done at all.

i have numerous bruises on my arms and legs. moving really does a number on me.

yesterday we bought a new micrwoave. we bought the same one my parents have. it's about as big as our kitchen. it actually is too wide to fit on any of our counter space so we have to put it on the desk. i can't figure out how to organize anything in the kitchen cabinets.

we'll have internet tomorrow at our new place. i'm not sure about what the window is for the cable guy. i guess i should look into that. i have to so some work for Westinghouse tomorrow. oh and i have to do my time sheet. perhaps i'll do that now since it's due by 9am.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

it's too hot to unpack at the new place. the new a/c won't arrive until Tuesday. it sucks. we're goign to be sleeping at my parents house again tonight. earlier we had the a/c low at the old place so then ti was 80 degrees. well that also sucked for packing. today was too unproductive. it needs to be cooler. i can't handle it. i may go into work on Tuesday just to be cooler and then use some vacation at another time. now the old place is down to 75 but it is also cooler outside. now it's manageable to pack.

Friday, May 25, 2007

o boy

russ will like this one too

so not only was my alarm set but pb's was set too. his goes off at 7:15. mine at 7:02.they weren't on when we got home so they must turn off eventually.
so much is packed yet so much is left. too bad i didn't totally finish a room or anything. i've started to just line things up and i'll make the trips tomorrow. if i dont get the junk cleaned off the tops of furniture, my dad will be yelling at me tomorrow.
i'm full. i hate uhaul.

originally we booked at 17 ft truck. we did it forever in advance because this weekend is crazy with people moving. then somethign got messed up and we had to switch things around and then could only get a 14 ft truck. well then yesterday we called to confirm and see if we could get truck sooner and learned the other guy messed up changing our order/time the last time (14 ft truck time) so they didn't have any trucks anymore for when we needed. so they called around and got us a truck at a different uhaul. we have to go to different uhaul to pick it up. but this time it's a 10 ft truck. this sucks.

alarm clock

russ will love this one.

my alarm has been going off this week when i haven't been home. i'm awful. my neighbors probably hate me.
i'm back from pittsburgh. it's hot.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

today was a little better. the japanese restaurant wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

today wasn't as bad. i knew i'd be hungry. they feed us too early. dave and i got a pizza after returning to our hotel. i'm still hungry. i didn't get ot eat it before it got cold becasue timmy called and he needed directions.
today our fueling the business workshop consisted of listening to lectures about boring crap that i alreayd knew about then doing team building activities. team building and customer relations activities. our last activity was an egg drop. overall it sucked. now i have 15 minutes before i have to leave to go to a silly dinner.

off topic: i'm mad about my pants. they were kind of tight when i bought them which was nice. now they are loose and no fun at all.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


i hate people my age. the bus ride home from dave and busters just made me want to kill myself.
it's almost time for dave and busters

Monday, May 21, 2007

i have ot pick out my clothes for Tues-Friday and i have to pick out worth clothes adn evening (casual clothes). i started packing my clotehs at 10:30. i'm still not done. i still need another work outfit and another night outfit. plus if it's cold or hot then i'm screwed so i should have a backup outfit for each. oh and i only got this far becuase 2 different people looked at my picture site and then gave me outfits to wear. one of the outfits i had picked out for myself first so i guess i made a good choice.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

new camera

i like my new camera and all but way more pictures end up blurry than did with my old camera.
1 year ago was RPI graduation


so we left at 5:32 to get to the game at 7:05. normally it takes a half hour to get there. well half hour. hour and a half. same difference. then we had to wait in line to exchange our tickets from the previous rain out. we didn't really think to leave earlier. we thought we'd get there plent early and we only made the decision to go at 5:15. or say the final decision to go. some people (Brian) are unsure if he wants to go or not. we were stuck in so much traffic that i got out and walked the rest of the way. Brian and jen had gotten in line and they were next by the time i got thre. actually they were next for awhile. they had been letting people get in front of them. i never walked so fast over the 6th street bridge. my exercise enduced asthma was kicking in. so then we're at the ticket booth and the guy is taking 8 years to exchange the tickets. he's trying to add and we can't figure out waht he's doing. he never says a word to us. he takes forever that peoople at the booths on both sides of us come and go and come and go in the time that we're there. so finally we got the tickets just as the game was starting. Dave still hadn't parked the car. JD still wasn't there. I gave Jen and Brian their tickets and let them go in while i'd wait. about 2 minutes later dave got there. eh said "ok lets' go" not realizing that I still had JD's ticket. so then he kind of offered to wait with me too but he kept talking about what he was missing. so he went in and i waited for JD. well JD and i were on opposite sides of the park once he got there. he walked to me even though i thought our seats were by him. oops i made him walk. i did tell him where our seats were. so then we finally go in and half to walk around half the park. we were a little late. then after the first inning dave and i got up to get food. it was a battle keeping the food from blowing away. it was too windy. so i didn't actually see a single play of the game until the 3rd or 4th inning. the guy in front of us got hit with some coleslaw from dave's sandwich, a few nochoes, and then with the fry box once it was empty. poor guy.

the pirates got 6 runs in one inning. we thought for sure they'd win. well then the other team got a grand slam later to tie it up (7-7) then the following inning they got 2 runs. uh o. then we got 1 run and in the 9th it looked like we were gonna get a homerun and we all stood up but the guy on the other team caught it right at the back wall. i'm not sure waht the other team was. it was some weird name i never heard of. ok i looked i up incase anyone is wondering. here's an actual article if you don't like my summary. oh here's a nice summary. i originally didn't know what kind of key word's to search for.

JD, Jen, Brian, Dave, and I went.

then afterwards we went to Brian's under the assumption that he lived right of Carson street and we were going to walk to a bar or something. well his right off carson street is like a mile up the hill off carson street. brian's place is such a dump; i can't believe he lives there. then we get down to the bar and wait in this line for like 15 minutes and as we're getting out our IDs dave realizes he doesn't have his wallet. so this is not good. so dave and i walk back up to get his wallet. i didn't think we'd go back down but dave was willing. i was shocked at this. then finally we got to the bar. JD was already drunk. some of Brian's roommates were there. i think the bar was called something like Carson City Saloon or other. so it was weird. the music was so loud. they played all these country songs that were new so i didn't know them. everyone else there knew them and shouted the lyrics. they sold beer out of tubs so you didn't have to go all the way over to the bar. that was hard work by the way. i got a rum and coke. it cost me 3.75. Brian complains about Jason and Haley being smoopy. well he was all over Jen at the bar. I still can't get over how short they are. a few of brian's roommates were there. i only remember the name of "mikey." that guy was pretty nice. aka he actually talked to me so i could hear him. i think it was his birthday week so they were celebrating. he told me they normally call brian "B R Y A N" but tonight if you did that you can to buy a round of drinks. they were calling him my different woman's names. i'm not sure how that came about. it was done in the walk back to dave's car to get his license.

my drink was too strong for me to drink quickly. i say this because after less than a half hour dave said he was getting a headache and was going to leave w/o me so i had to finish my drink. that wasn't happening. so then i gave it to JD. i don't know if he really drank it or not. but you can't waste alcohol. then we made the trek back up the hill. on our way on carson street we saw a cop pull someone over. i'm nto sure what the guy was doing. then there were 4 cop cars down past 18th on carson and i'm not sure what was going on there. they were blocking a lane of traffic so a cop was there directing. this was at 1:30. then walking up 18th we saw a car coming down teh road. it might have been a tad fast but i'm not sure. and a cop pulled him over. so when we drove out of south side we made sure to obey all laws since we didn't even notice the other guys doing anything wrong. going back down the hill, the cop was at the car of the guy he pulled over (it was like 10 minutes prior that he actually pulled him over). they are kind of blocking the lane of traffic so we had to go into the other lane to pass them. this was at a light. just as we are doing this the cop backs away from the car and more into the road. i think he was asking to be hit. but we didn't do it. all the walking made my shins hurt.

we got home a little after 2 and went right to sleep. dave said he wouldn't cuddle with me because my hair smelled like smoke. i had such an awful nights sleep. i woke up every 5 minutes or so since 8 so at 10 i decided to just get out of bed.

(i tried to make this detailed so when i scrapbook the pictures from this day, the story is already written. too bad i didn't take out typos or anything)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

my knees hurt from carrying things down the steps. i barely packed anything at all.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

pb got his car back from teh sohp today. they replaced the bumper. 973 bucks i believe. it took them 4 days even though they only said 2.
i told dave i'm going to go on a strict diet w/ lots of exercise, while i was eating donuts. he kept talkign to me about it. then after a few seconds i said "strict diet. but like how i'm eating donuts now" then he laughed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i keep wanting ot pack. i never know what to pack. my evenings disappear and i dont do anything. yet all evening i seem to be busy except the hour that i watch tv. moving is going to be rediculous
i seem to be misearable

Monday, May 14, 2007

i just woke up from a 2 hour nap. pb was asleep. he kept trying to read his textbook and was falling asleep. finally an hour later i joined him.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

oh and

i dont' think my parents appreciated our new tv. my dad made some comment under his breath about us not being able to save money if we keep spending too much.

mother's day dinner

so my parents and brother came over for dinner today. there was some mishap with the grill and the grease drips from the previous time caught on fire. so after an hour that was taken care of . but this put the meat behind schedule. everytime my parents come over it's hectic. we can cook the same foods w/o them here and it's fine.

the roasted potatoes were done about 10 minutes before they needed to but i thought things would be crazy if i had them be done at just the right time. so then they started getting cold by the time everything else was actually done. i made the sauce for the hot saucage aroudn 2pm today and just reheated it for 5. i also steamed the green beans around that time and just put them in the fridge. then i heated them up on the stove w/ butter and salt at dinner time. it's the first time i've ever made fresh green beans. my mom's never made them either. they were good. i barely bought any and thought they'd turn out bad. of course if i bought a lot i would have found a way to mess them up. i did open a can of green beans because there wasn't a lot. but nobody ate those. i need to come up with better vegetables to make at picnics. also i only ever make roasted potatoes for guests. i should come up with something else. roasted potatoes are easy but so time consuming. i need to come up with something better. while i was prepping the green beans i thought how it wasn't worth the trouble for fresh green beans but then the taste was so nice afterwards. i guess i'll have to do that again.

oh so i only got dressed just as my parents were arriving. i didn't put on any makeup or even rebrush my hair after getting dressed.


i went to gram's after having to go in through the basement and make my way to the stairs and make my way up them in the dark. then i let everyone else in through the front door (well through the middle floor front door). i still feel spider webs on me. that was so scary. those steps are narrow. oh and going into the backdoor i pulled hte doorknob off. oops. i don't know how anyone can walk on them. then we looked at some pictures. i took some from the walls. i don't think i will get to keep them so i have to scan them in and return them. i want more. then i went up the trap door. now that was also scary and narrow. people must have been skinny back in the day. i eyed up the pictures on teh wall and wanted some. i didn't take any. then i went to a closet. the door was open. it's never opened. well there was th is box of pictures. it was a jackpot. there are so many super old ones. some from the 40s. i dont know how a lot of them are but i fi recognize them i'm going to scan them in. my grandparents were in a million wedding parties. i'm nto sure who the pheople are. then my dad knew some and everyone has weird names like Putt, Giggy (sp... w/ pronuciations like a g), scutta, snookie, and much much more. that was some weird stuff. i want to go to gram's to go over who the people are. i took the box with me becuase my dad didn't want me wasting tons of time there. we had to leave before it was dark because it's hard enough. i said "who is going down through the basement? not it" well then i went down. then leaving i made sure to not touch the doorknob. well it fell off anyway.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

i went to a co-ed baby shower today. everyone asked where dave was (or big dave). next work thing i'm invited to i'm making him go. so the party actually lasted liek 3.5 hours. then a bunch of us moved to the bar. i think when i left only the people i was talking to were left from the party. i heard lots of stories.
i had such trouble trying to match this morning.

Friday, May 11, 2007

i have a baby shower to go to tomorrow. i didn't buy the present yet.


timmy is fat. I thought I’d update you on how fat timmy is. I didn’t recognize him in the store twice. He just keeps looking fat. Then at walmart pb and timmy were helping me look for something and then they bumped guts. Their heads were feet apart. w/ the bump then timmy bumped into me and almost knocked me over. Then I started laughing so hard because they said they bumped guts. I didn’t even know they bumped and I wondered why timmy had bumped into me.

dinner was really fun. i laughed so hard.

also i forgot to take my daily picture again today. so 2 days in a row no work clothes picture. also i forgot ot weigh myself this morning.

timmy gave me my cds. i wanta 2nd copy now so i have some at work. i knew all but about 4. i didn't get the whole way through the third cd though. they laugh that i never recognize the song until the chorus.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

i went to a stmapin' up party tonight. i always want to order so much. they make it so convenient telling me what colors match. but then they make it so you have to order their colors.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

my throat hurts. my back hurts. i'm just getting old.

the car

here's the pic of the car i told you about. note that the light is red. you can also read the license plate. timmy said i should turn them in to get a ticket.

this is also a reduced file size.

Monday, May 7, 2007

funny car

so today at the light to turn left into sam's club from 22 a car was in the other left turn lane. he didn't go when the light was green. we were confused. then as we got closer we realized his car was smoking. then after it turned red for awhile he went and turned left. his car was smoking the whole way up the hill. he pulled into the gabriel's brothers parking lot. pb and i turned there instead of going up to sams so i could continue to take pictures. the lady wasn't happy when she saw us driving taking their picture. the pics are still on my camera but tomorrow i'll load them and link them. i think i took about 10 pics and i dont think you can tell it's smoke in most of them.
i thought my allergies were bad with the allergy medicine but they are awful without it.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

i'm a little disappointed with soem features of my camera. some i might be able to fix if i learn all the settings but some things just don't exist.
i was up from 3 til 5am this morning with a stomach ache. it sucked.
pb's x-box and games sold for a lot higher than i thought. i guessed it'd sell for 100. apparently there was some bidding war going on there at the end. it sold for 242.50 and 25 bucks shipping. there were 15 games involved.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

it is so winddy i can't believe it.

we just got home from visiting clarion. i was impressed by the room they give the RDs. she had a full size bed and a separate room with a couch and tv stand provided by the school.
i curled my hair pretty and pb doenst like it.
today is cinco de mayo. i wonder if el campecino has free margaritas like they did last year.

Friday, May 4, 2007

i'm so hungry. but then i'im also so lazy. i'm going to be so hungry in the morning. if only i didn't have to walk down the stairs and all the way into the kitchen for some food.


so i weighed myself this morning and yesterday morning. i didn't write it down though. now i can't remember what it was.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

i had olive garden leftovers. yay. now i can have a good lunch tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


i really should read my camera book.

oh man that was a good veronica mars