Wednesday, April 30, 2014


 Here are some random pictures from the day

The last picture makes this gif worth it!

4 Months of Comparisons

I did some comparisons last month so I did some more. This made me realize I didn't take any pictures of Ella in her Bumbo this month!
I can't really see as much of a change as I was expecting. 3 and 4 months look so similar.  This month I forgot to put my hair down. I also had changed into my 7th grade track shorts and didn't bother to put on pants for the pictures.
I took way more photos this month since Dave was involved but I forgot to try to do the same poses as previous months.
For earlier months, Ella fell over and I took pictures. This month I did remember that I had a collage of lying on the chair so I put her down. She didn't appreciate it. 
Here's a new one. Ella was petting the stuffed animal. As the months go on, it's more time consuming to make collages but that still won't stop me. I love them.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I started this post back on the 28th and wrote 3 notes

  1. Ella rolled over in swaddle.
  2. We went to google for breakfast
  3. We visited Dave's area and people were impressed with Ella.
 Ella is always looking over at me in the car.
We went to Michael's.

Ella likes to kick the toys nowadays instead of kicking the piano.
 I wore gray to coordinate with Ella's gray!

Laptop (4.26)

Ella is using a laptop. She's so cute about it too.  OK it's a chromebook.  She's just like a little person. If Dave took pictures of me more often, I'd have pictures where I'm in that same spot doing the same thing. I wonder if I do.

Monday, April 28, 2014


The night was awful and that continued. My back also hurts a lot so it makes it all worse.

She woke up at 7:30. She finally napped at 9. It was a short nap then she napped again at 11:30.  She seems to have gas but gas drops didn't help her enough. But also she would play lying down just not eat. Very tiring.

Her 9 AM nap was in the chair with me. I was very uncomfortable during this time but didn't want to deal with crying for a bit so I suffered.

Through the night she was up at 2:30 and 5:30. So at 5:30 she was up until 6:30 then woke up at 7:30. fun fun.
Ella doesn't like a pacifier
Apparently that's all I wrote about my day! Seems awful now that I read it later!


Ella loves to chill out in bed.
Poly attempted to jump up on the crib but I think realized she shouldn't and messed herself up. So then she scratched the crib.
Poly feels neglected so then she tries to get between me and what I'm taking pictures of.
 I put Ella in a dress so then we had to have some photo shoots.

Poly is always trying to hog the changing table!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 11-20 Outfits

This is the same outfit as April 10 but that's in a different post so you would have never known if I didn't point it out.
This top is a maternity top but I just love the color so I keep wearing it.
 I had changed out of my pants and into shorts from 7th grade.
 I probably wore shoes at some point. This was my outfit after my run and shower so I didn't wear it all day.
These are my new shorts. I referred to them as mom shorts when I told Dave about them. They cover a lot more of the butt and have a little bit longer inseam.  Notice I'm wearing the same shirt 2 days in a row. When you see this, I also slept in it. Figured I'd be honest!
 I'm really liking this shirt that Ella picked out for me.
This was my boring Easter outfit but I didn't want to clash with Ella.