Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:34:52 AM - I putz around so long. I could have been done running by now.
10:08:34 AM - so i have dreams lately that turn into nightmares because my camera batteries die. each battery i have lasts about a day because of overuse.
12:08:27 PM - That was the hardest 7 mile run of my life. And it should have been 9.
12:25:40 PM - ran 6.42 mi on 7/31/2010 at 10:46 AM
12:29:35 PM - today while running, I took off my tank top and ran in my sports bra. Good thing I didn't run into anyone I knew.
06:20:48 PM - How much ketchup do they think someone really uses.
10:51:03 PM - At houlihans someone pulled their minivan up &hit &gouged my bumper. Jerk. It didn't seem like anything at first but at mall noticed scratch

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Running Tips

Today while running I thought about some running tips and how I should make a post about them.  There are a ton of blogs or articles about tips but here are the ones I think about. If I concentrate on them, my times actually improve. I have data for all my runs so I know how well I do at each run.

Some of these tips were tips from Mr. Tray but I didn't realize how good they were back in 11th and 12th grade.

1. Run through the hill. Don't just run to the peak but run PAST the peak then the level or the downhill seem easier and you pick up speed.

2. Open your stride. This is usually easier at the beginning and as you get tired, it gets worse.  Mr. Tray mentioned tightening your abs and your stride naturally getting larger. It seems like a bunch of crap but it works.

Like this
Somewhat like this.
Not Like This
3. Don't let your arms cross your body. Everyone knows crossing your arms wastes more energy but there are also many different degrees of crossing your arms.  I didn't even realize my arms were going toward the center of my body until some recent pictures during a 5k.
A little bad
4.  Hydrate before, during, and after your workouts. I am awful at doing this.  I know runs that I drink the least, my runs are the worst or I feel that they were the hardest.
5. To improve time, you need to get the miles in. Other forms of exercise just don't cut it. You can do those too but you need to get in 3 or 4 runs a week at least. Preferably 4 or 5 though.

6. Weight train in addition to just doing cardio.  This is big. I do strength training via an hour long Body Pump class twice a week.  I feel like it has done wonders for my running. I also lift at home if I miss a Body Pump class or if I have time on the weekend.

Well I forgot I was writing this early so that is all for now.

Does anyone else have any tips they think are good?

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:41:24 AM - yesterday JD told me I had some guns on me. Today my body pump buddy was told she has guns on her. we are buff.
11:35:31 AM - @imaoddd June 12 not July 12 though
12:11:59 PM - Pittsburgh marathon: Should I register for the full or the half on August 2 to save money? 26.2 miles seems scary
01:57:49 PM - I have become addicted to reading blogs at some point over the past month.
02:01:38 PM - @mikecherepko -- I should not have clicked this during my work day. I should close this until later.
02:05:33 PM - @mikecherepko I never even heard of it before. My blog should be named something with clothes instead of scrapbooking since i never do that.
02:18:28 PM - i had a dream that my cousin was having some event prior to his wedding and then thugs came and shot people in attendance. weird.
02:56:54 PM - I think I forgot to be productive today.
06:17:03 PM - I checked my mcd's order and they shorted me my chicken selects. I had to go in and tell them. Ugh.
06:44:47 PM - i got a frog in the mail today!

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Being Objectified

Brie made a post recently about being objectified. This made me think I should write one about my thoughts since they are different than almost every person I've ever talked to.

I think being objectified is good. I like the looks. It makes me feel like I'm pretty in some way.

But then I also think it depends on the person doing the objectifying. For example one time I went into a restaurant to buy a gift certificate and most of the guys in there had the jobless look about them and it felt creepy when I felt their glances coming my way but then at work I enjoy feeling the glances come my way.

Granted I don't think I'm that observant when it comes to people looking at me or not looking at me so maybe i just don't notice the creepy guys doing it.

Brie mentions being whistled at in her post and I was whistled at once and I was very flattered. Yet I didn't know how to react.

When I notice people staring at me when I'm walking, I turn the other way to allow them to keep looking.  I don't want to make eye contact because when I do they turn away. I figure whey not let them look while I'm walking.

Sometimes in the cafeteria at work I would see an attractive female walking by and I would then look at the guys eating to see when/if they would turn to look at her.  This was actually quite fun. Some guys even practically turned around in their seats to check someone out.

I have friends who disapprove of all forms of objectifying. Sometimes I wonder if they like it but they say they don't just to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

I think objectifying someone is a form of a compliment and I love compliments.

I almost feel there was a correlation to me not caring what other people thought and thinking I looked good and the amount of stares or compliments I got. The more I cared before, the more I wanted to be looked at and the more I wasn't looked at.

Well I guess that is all I will ramble. I probably should reformulate this into paragraphs instead of random sentences but I have posted enough today and nobody will read this anyway.

5 things

In my blog reading, I came across this one and decided to listen to the very end and name 5 things I like about myself. Well Sally said love but I won't go that far. Also I won't put this in my wallet because I don't like wallet clutter.

1. My biceps: I can lift heavier weights than most girls and it shows. I have gotten compliments and comments that I consider compliments lately.

2. Waist: I have one now and I didn't 2 years ago so it's nice. I'm finally not many sizes different between my hips and my waist. I think it was 6 sizes different.  My mom's waist was smaller than mine used to be the week after she gave birth to me.

3. Glutes -- a nice way of saying my butt: Lunges and squats have paid off immensely.

I thought this was going to be easy but I'm out of things. I can come up with 5 things I hate about my body or some are love/hate relationship.

4. Quads: that's right not my entire leg. i like my quad muscles. If i wore shorts or mini skirts maybe people would see but my hidden muscles actually look nice.

5. my height: it isn't short. it's not too tall either. it's good. I am not taller than most guys so it's good.

1. my ribs that poke out of shirts
2. my legs that are too long for most pants
3. my skinny body that is too small for clothes at most stores
4. my freakishly long arms that are way longer than most sleeves so in the winter I have cold wrists
5. my larger feet so then cute shoes aren't in my size and also boots then have very large openings for calves but I need small openings.

Those dislikes just flew out. I could barely keep up with typing.
I have more that i dislike.
6. my face looks fat compared to the rest of my body
7. my neck is short

I don't think the dislikes are what Sally had in mind.

I was going to add pictures to this post to show each of my likes but then I figured I'd also find more pictures for the things I dislike. I figured I shouldn't show people all that or they would notice that when they see me.

6 through 10 Summary

I made this summary just like days 1 through 5 but this time it didn't turn out so good. I re-cropped Monday's picture so my head and feet weren't cut off but now I seem like a midget in that one. Then I look huge in Tuesday's picture. Oh well it's a summary none the less.

I definitely like the look of pencil skirts over the dresses but the dresses are more unique.

Last summary I noticed that I wore black shoes too much so I would not allow myself to wear them at all this week.
I decided to do a different kind of collage with days 1-10.

Now I can't wait until this is done to a make a 30 day collage. :)

10 of 30 (July 30) (1/3 done!)

 3, 10, 27
I never ended up swapping the other white button down shirt for this one.  
I was going to wear the red pants today that I haven't worn yet. Then I thought how I only put 2 pairs of pants in my 30 for 30 so I didn't want to wear pants twice in one week.  Don't ask me why. I have to go longer between times I wear red pants so I should have just worn them today.
Also I have a red shirt in my 30 for 30 that I could have worn but I didn't think about that.  Today I was so tired and for some reason picking my 30 for 30 was rough.

Oh I didn't wear my red pants because I would have worn my black sandals and well to wear those I should paint my toe nails and I was too tired to do that last night.

Today someone told me that they bought red shoes and haven't had the guts to wear them and mentioned how I just pull it off so well. This made me think that I didn't know you had to have guts to wear red shoes and then I started thinking about how I don't do gutsy things with my clothes so I probably shouldn't be so daring with red shoes.  Then I thought about how I wear red pants and that's a lot more bold than red shoes so then I became OK with my decisions. Also I wear the red pants and didn't think anything of it because I wanted red pants since high school but I didn't find ones that fit me until this year.

30 for 30 Banner

How sad is it that my husband won't even read my blog. He won't go places to hang out with me and now he won't even read my blog about said things.

I couldn't wait for today to be over so I could get home and post this so then I could make my weekly recap post.

I felt so unproductive at work today. I got a decent amount done but nowhere near my normal amount so therefore I felt unproductive. After telling someone how little I got done I realized that I still accomplished more than other people normally accomplish.

I did not exercise today, but there is still time.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A day's worth of Twitter....

06:43:47 — The weather was thundery so I went back to sleep. No run for me again.
12:01:54 — i don't understand it. I hate yoga yet I keep wanting to do yoga. what gives?
20:32:31 — I ate dinner with Dave and JD and now I'm about to eat dinner number 2 with Jen and Chad.
22:08:29 — i stop petting kitty and she reaches over and hits me.

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9 of 30 (July 29)

 2, 8, 22
All three things were purchased this season. That's amazing for me. 2 from Kohl's and the shoes from Famous Footwear. Locations across from work in Cranberry. The cami isn't really a cami but a bra that is a fake cami so since it's a bra it did not count in my 30 for 30.

The earrings are also from Kohl's.  Wow it's like I'm an advertisement today.

The necklace was a gift from Kate when we graduated from RPI in May 2006. I owned the thing for at lest 2 years before I even wore it was.  I didn't work with jewelry back then that wasn't just a simple chain.
I prefer a pencil skirt over this.
My legs look like sticks.

Earrings and necklace
My eye
My eye shadow looks weird but that isn't the point of the eye picture. The point is to show how there is brown in my eye.

30 for 30 Banner
This is day 9 and I feel like there are tons of things I haven't worn yet.
I have really been trying to wear different things. I have 1 pair of shoes left to wear (1).  I have 1 cardigan I haven't worn yet (7). I haven't worn either button down shirt (10 or 11). The white one was going to be swapped out for another white one but I haven't ironed it yet and the black and white one needs to be ironed. The shirts I wore are the add-ones and what I thought were staples I haven' worn yet. I didn't wear for shirts (13, 14, 16, 17). I have actually worn all my dresses. I didn't wear 1 pair of pants (25). I wore all 4 skirts.

So out of 30 things, I have 9 things left.  Now I feel like I'm out of choices. Wow how my thoughts changed once I counted everything up.

8 of 30 (July 28)

2, 8, 22
Shirt and Skirt from Ann Taylor Loft.  I bought this skirt the same day I bought a dress and another skirt. (Purchased last week of March 2009.) Neither of them fit anymore. That's what I get for buying 3 different sizes on the same day.
Necklace from Walmart. I bought it 1 of 2 times I was at Walmart in the last 4 years.

I really wish someone else would take my picture. So many of these are out of focus.

Each day I can't wait until the next because I want to finish the week to make a collage of all 5 days again.

Photo of the Day - Poly and a Magnet

Sometimes Poly gets magnets stuck to her collar.
July 28, 2010
This wasn't the first time and it won't be the last.  She's so cute. Sometimes the magnets are heavy and she doesn't know what to do with herself.   The chip clip fell off when she jumped and landed on the chair.

7 of 30 (July 27)

2, 28, 18 from 30 for 30
Earrings from Target
The shirt is the oldest thing, then the skirt then the shoes.  The skirt was on-sale from 56 (or so) to 19.99 then all clearance were 40% off. Go me.
I think the shirt was less than 20 since it was at an outlet.
The earrings were 3 pairs of very similar earrings but different shades of pink for 7.99.
Those shoes and pants in the corner of the picture need to be given to goodwill.
So I went to Body Pump in the morning so I was not in my work clothes when I left the house. Then I walked with a friend after work and thus was in my gym clothes again.  I never got my daily picture. On a normal day (not during 30 for 30) I would have just skipped a day but I couldn't do that so I put back on my clothes after I got home. I didn't put back on my pantyhose though. I even put back on my earrings.
Sometimes I have had coworkers take my pictures because we lack full length mirrors in the building I'm in now. But I didn't realize I was walking until later in the day so I didn't get a picture.
There have also been times that I have taken my picture in the locker room before I change but I will only do that if there isn't a sole in the entire locker room.

I tried to hold kitty for my pictures but she wanted down. She was more interested in my gym bag and ponytail holders on the bed.  Then I tilted weird to hold her and it looks like my gut is bigger than my butt. 

I should have taken a picture from the back. This skirt has nice big buttons. 

30 for 30 Banner

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

06:45:09 AM - Poly wants me to pet her so I am for the last 15 min instead of getting ready for work.
01:04:19 PM - I have a pimple on the top of my foot. I never had this before.
07:01:36 PM - I wanted spaghetti but am too lazy to cook so I'm at DiBella's but I only ordered food for Dave.
09:32:23 PM - I put on my running clothes a few hours ago. It appears just to watch TV.
09:33:15 PM - I'm disappointed. RT @Sammybeany: Ran into the family of @iamoddd at Keystone. Bet @TENroaches is disappointed.
10:31:10 PM - My TV won't go loud enough to be heard over the exercise bike. It is very annoying.

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I was hungry so I couldn't work on my RCA anymore and I was going to go for a walk later anyway. Haley and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and  go for a walk after core hours ended but before the end of our work day AND eat Cheez Itz while doing this.
The stop sign behind Haley's head keeps confusing me. I'm a bad photographer but it was just so hard to tell with the bright sun around.
Yes we did walk around carrying the container of Cheez Itz. Lots of people saw us too. They were just jealous they didn't come up with such an idea.  We ate almost all of the Cheez Itz. There were only a few left. I think if we had something to drink, we would have definitely finished them but they just seemed too salty to not have a drink especially while walking in the heat.

We walked about 2 miles and it took 30:24 as shown by the screen shot of my timer below (except I realized that is for home not where I am but they are only a few miles apart so it's probably very close).  We cut part of the loop off so I don't know the exact distance. It's probably closer to 1.9 miles except I think the loop plus to and from the loop would be a total of 2.1 miles so maybe it was 2 or 1.95. Perhaps I'll have to walk it again and use iMapMyRun so I can know how far we walked exactly.
This was a half hour after we were done walking but I forgot to take a screen shot while we were out there. 
It was incredibly hot out there or at least it felt super hot.  My gym clothes were all wet with sweat by the end. I was disappointed that I didn't get a picture of how gross I looked. Haley was glad I forgot to take a picture.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:17:36 AM - I like your yfrog links because those aren't blocked at work. twitpic is.RT @TENroaches: @mikecherepko
08:23:11 AM - @briecs twitpic and tweetphoto work for me at home without a problem.
08:28:13 AM - Kitty knocked my alarm clock, phone, and camera on the floor around 4am.
10:20:32 AM - just read it. i want to make an entire follow up post instead of commenting. Tonight hopefully. RT @briecs:
11:11:48 AM - I was just looking at training slides and thinking it is hard. Then see the last slide. It made me laugh.
11:16:16 AM - It's probably the first time I read slides and thought I couldn't do it. RT @briecs: @SmilinColleen That made me laugh outright, holy crap.
08:06:06 PM - The dishes in the dishwasher have Bren clean for over a week and @polahbea still hasn't unloaded them. I'm super annoyed.
10:22:03 PM - I finally vacuumed the steps and hallway. I cleaned the downstairs hallway. It wasn't that hard yet it's been on my to do list for months.

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6 of 30 (July 26)

I may not take Fridays off of 30 for 30 when I'm at work because I can't wait until I can do another 5 day summary.

Pants: VS  January 2009 (or earlier). They were my first VS pants and they wash wonderfully that I got excited about other pants and then almost all the other pants were awful.
Shirt: Loft - February 2009
Shoes: Macy's July 2010
(6, 15, 26)

The shoes looked like they matched more in real life than in this picture. The picture makes me so scared that I don't think I'd wear this outfit again because it doesn't look like they go.

I wanted to sleep in a little so I didn't get to work in enough time to go to Body Pump at 5 and still get 9 hours in. I didn't want to go at lunch since I haven't had lunch with my friends in ages.  So I decided I'd run Monday and do Body Pump Tuesday morning.
I called Dave as I was leaving work. Neither of us wanted to cook so I told him to pick up dinner on his way home.

I call him 30 min later for computer issues and he hadn't left work yet.
Then at 7:50 or so I learn that he left work at 7:30 and he thought he was only supposed to pick up dinner for him not me.  He ordered himself a pizza (form the place that I don't like their pizza because it hurts my jaw).  He picked up Wendy's for me anyway.

But because he normally works until 6 and I left work at 5:45 I figured dinner was soon so I changed into my running clothes and decided I'd eat then run.  Then at 6:30 I learned he hadn't left but I figured he'd be leaving any minute because he never works late so then I didn't run because I wouldn't get my entire run in.
Well then by the time I learned what all happened, my food would have been cold if I went running.   I barely run anymore.   So then later I just had to suffer and use the exercise bike. I didn't go crazy on it because I was also watching 90210 at the time.  I like how I can get some form of exercise in while watching TV. I should do that more. If I watch TV with Dave he wants to watch it downstairs but even if I convince him to watch it upstairs he doesn't want the bike noise. Ugh.

 I don't like most of my daily pictures anymore. I think now I take more of them but they end up worse than they used to.
My workout clothes that I was going to run in. I ended up using the exercise bike in them because of the entire ordeal.

Dave came home and actually commented that I looked nice in my workout clothes. 
Kitty Likes Numbers
Kitty likes to try to move my emails to folders
Kitty Likes the Remote
We hung out then my allergies got bad.

7/25 - Dave's Birthday

Sunday, July 25 was Dave's birthday.  I woke up at 9 and didn't realize it was his birthday until 10 when I was making my daily outfit post for the 23rd so I shouted Happy Birthday to him.  I make tons of cards. I even have some cards that I thought of giving him, but I did not give him one.  I did not give him a present. He buys stuff for himself all the time so I figured he was good on gifts.
I took pictures in the living room too because I'm sick of the same scenery.
I appear to have my ribs poking out in this pictures. I hate that.   Why does my face suck in the 2 pictures that I like my legs. 
Remind me not to stand like this. If the leg that is further away is stepped out I look fatter.

I was going to exercise but I didn't. My parents called and wanted to know if we wanted to go to Carino's. Dave did but for lunch so we both had to get ready and we headed out.  I got unlimited soup and salad but service was slow so I sat without food at points.  And everyone knows I'm the slowest eater so if I go without food that just makes everyone else have to wait for me longer.  I ate 2 salads and 1.5 soups.
Now we did stop at Casual Male XL on the way home from lunch and Dave got 3 new polo shirts.  Those can be his birthday present. 

I thought I'd clean, but I didn't.  I did watch more TV.  But everyone should be proud of me. I got tired in the middle of an episode so I stopped it and went to sleep. Usually I'm tired and I still watch 1-2 (or 8) more episodes.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:53:52 AM - I can't get certain TV shows to play. 3 different shows so far.
01:07:52 AM - multiple new blog posts this weekend
01:12:42 AM - Dave should be proud because I stopped a TV show in the middle because I was tired.
08:29:52 AM - Rebooting my work laptop. Wondering how long it will take.
02:28:34 PM - I'm down to 76 unread work emails and am excited about this yet up until a month ago I would be freaking out if i had half as many unread
03:00:56 PM - Do you go there everyday? RT @mikecherepko: I just became the mayor of JC Penney on @foursquare!
06:28:42 PM - Funny = I'm talking to dave while he's at work abd in home and I ask how to restart the computer and he says he'll just do it for me.
11:36:23 PM - Poly was being bad so I go to get the camera. I come with the camera and she immediately jumps down like a perfect little kitty.
11:37:29 PM - Kitty likes numbers.
11:39:49 PM - She likes to use my iphone. She was trying to move an email to a folder but I stopped her.

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New Cardstock

Stampin' Up went and changed their colors and color families on me. I needed to stock up on the new colors or colors I was low in. I ended up buying a lot.  I need a few ink pads for some of the "new" colors. What gets me is that I did have Wild Wasabi and River Rock ink but sold it back when they retired from being In Colors.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

outfit 7/24

Tank top from Walmart before I graduated from college so that was before 2005. There is a lot of detailing at the edges. You can't really tell in the picture.  A lot of the beading came off anyway so perhaps it's for the best.

I hate having a bra strap show but I did that with this tank. Strapless bras never fit right or aren't low cut enough. I figured my hair is longer so it mostly covered it.
On Saturday after my race, Dave and I went to Five Guys and then we went to Costco. We forgot to buy the napkins and we ended up spending $200 worth.  We bought beach towels and they came in handy later that day when we went swimming.