Friday, December 30, 2005


jesse turned off all the circuit breakers when he left. so we have no internet. we can't go in through is garage because he shut off that circuit breaker. i am at panera now

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


i 'm going back to troy tomorrow. I need to find a way to sneek my scrapbook stuff up to school. i think we need to take that air mattres out of the car. i have to decide what to take upstiars.

Kristin is still here. I'm about to take her home. I started cleanign up my scrapbooking stuff about 45 minutes ago and I'm not done. This si why I thought my mom would kill me. cleanign up at the end of each night is a waste of time. I could have a few scrapbook pages done in that time.
i did a lot of scrapbooking, but really none at all.
i have already scrapbooked christmas eve pictures

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

i can't believe how stupid i am. i left thigns that school that I need to make Maggie and Kate their Christmas gifts. I could make them at school but then I would also need more things from home and a double move would be no fun.


sally made me feel not so old. even though i came up with more reasons i'm old. but she made me feel not as old because she graduated with mike but looks way older than me and has a raspy voice.

i drive like an old lady.
i can't eat much.
i can't talk. Dave says i jumble all my words.
then i forget what iwas saying when i'm asked to repeat it.

today so far.

and it's not even 1pm

my day started with my alarm not going off. well i guess it started off w/ my dad's shower waking me up at 6:15. i went back to sleep though. also i only went to bed at 4:30am but i couldtn fall asleep until after 5. then i spent 3 hours waiting for my car to be done. i couldnt call to say to come get me instead of me waiting because somehow i left my cell phone in the car. now i can't find my job offer paperwork and i have NO idea where it coudl be. my dad said i took it at 8am to put it in my room. this was 8am christmas eve when i got back and then i was trying to go to sleep for the night. i thought i left it with him. i checked my room and everyone elses room but timmy's. no idea where it could be. nobody better have hid it to play a trick on me. dave's paperwork is also in there.

Monday, December 26, 2005

I'm old

Here are a few reasons why or how i'm old.
1. i'm graduated college
2. i have my own car
3. i have to pay for my own car and my own insurance
4. i have to take my car to it's car appointment all by myself.
5. i have to go to the bank myself.
6. high school guys don't check me out anymore.
7. the gutchies i have on are old people gutchies
8. i go to the grocery store to buy my own food.
9. my bra feels uncomfortable before the day is over.
10. i'm sick of my relatives
11. i'm always cold (or hot).

these are just the ones i thought up now off the top of my head. there are probably many more. i can't believe how old i am.


I want ims and e-mails. Just because of the holiday I'm out of touch with everyone. I want to know what's going on..

I'm so old. Nobody is even on for me to complain about this with.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

further update

took a few more hours. i helped and the sink works. i took gram home. we spetn 3 hours there. I didnt get home until 11. Only Dave and I took her home. I used 78.8 miles driving her to a fro the past 2 days.

Krinin is here now. I drove home w/ her so that i could drive her back and she could drink here.

We took family pictures today so that if one of us dies we have a family picture. That's the reason my mom gave. I'll load them later.


spent about 3 hours on the sink. everyone came an hr late. we were still not ready right away for the food. then we started working on the sink again now. still doesn't work. i changed out of my skirt and into work clothes to help.


mommy wanted to cancel Christmas just because our kitchen sink is clogged somehow and we can't wash dishes or clean vegetables. mommy is making the scalloped potaotes downstairs now. we wouldnt let her cancel so she had to make due. We are now going to call people to come an hour later though. Wait daddy doesnt want to call people to tell them to come late. he thinks we'll make due. daddy is messing with the sink upstairs.

i just tried to call gram to tell her to adjust her stuffed cabbage but her line is busy. we're trying aunt elaine to see if they are talking to each other

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

just cuz it's liek a holiday or something i don't get ims or e-mails and nobody posts in their live journals.

Krinin, Filtz, Gram, Art, and Judy came over for dinner tonight. I love our new dining room. NEW = our old living room.

Friday, December 23, 2005


pb's mom and shawn didn't want to be around because they didnt' buy gifts yet. money didn't clear until today and then they went to go shopping and sat at a light for 10 min w/o moving and decided to return home. They have it rough w/ his disability and her college. Neither has good credit anymore. It was alright they didn't get us anythign but they felt bad. I wanted them to be happy and open what we got htem. It wasnt' much either but it's a fun time. I didn't get pictures of all the presents. There was camera battery troubles. I think i got them opening all of theirs just not pictures of me opening all of mine or pb opening all of his.

PB thought he had his dad's stuff here and mislabeled it but it was stuff to me. his dad opened it. it was a sad time. I said "oops it seems santa got lost on his way and confused"


Santa Came to Dave's house already.


I am not sure of my favorites

There was warning that Santa was comign and everyone ran and hid.

Look it's a kleenex box and a mountan dew container... what could it be?

She always wanted Mountan Dew. And now we learned where the mountain dew cardbaord came from on the last box.

it's not lingerie.

trip to pa

we're driving home tonight. pb is at poker now. i decided not to go play poker and i stayed here. i talked to his parents a little. and then get everything ready to go. it was really nice talking to them a lot. they usually go and talk while they smoke so we dont all talk so much or we are all watching tv and you can't talk during that.
PB did leave his dad's presents up at school. we did presents here. pb's mom was sad and felt bad because they didn't do their christmas shopping yet.

republican radio

is awful. i can't believe that people listen to and believe this stuff.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


my car got its first car wash today.
i saw a crossing guard cross about 50 kids today. i was amazed. i saw about 4 crossing guards.

My DMS grade still isn't posted.

We forgot to get PB's Dad a cake.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

i guess it's time to get dressed. i will find a way to layer up. too bad i left my long johns at school.

i'll wait until divorce court is over so they dont' change the channel when i'm upstiars.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

so PB got a job offer too.

He didn't get the details becuase he was driving. He will learn them tomorrow but then when we got to his house his mom just causally asked about the job and got so excited he got it.
CAPP reports are updated but not sis. I know 2 of my missing grades. Both what I thought. The one that i'm missing is the one i really care about.


went by so quickly even though i didnt' sleep. well i fell asleep for about 25 minutes total in three naps in the car. this is a new max for me.

i want my grades. i even got an e-mail from my professor saying some stuff about the class and that grades will be up. they aren't.

i'm bored and hungry. i have stuff to do but it's uncomfortable here.


2 people told me congratulations for being done with college. and i got 4 more for getting a job offer.  my mom did one of each.  that means 5 people.

I'm still awake too

*if nobody asks questions here i'll be disappointed

**i still dont have grades yet so that smile isn't fully there.

this was my away message

if i go to sleep now I have 1.25 hours to sleep. so i'm up and about doing stuff. most likely organizing becuase that is my favorite pastime.

nobody will end up iming it becuase they will still be asleep so i decided to put it here.

Monday, December 19, 2005


I'm getting sick of not having these grades posted.  I need to stop checking half hour.  I just need to wait a few hours and maybe by chance they are there or at least some are.

BTW i'm still up from yesterday.  I figured I might try this all nighter business and see what it's like.
i can't seem to fall asleep. so i decided to check my grades. still not posted.


Nobody is on am at 6am.

I think 6am would be a good time to post grades but no still not posted.


that was a rough final. ROUGH
3 hours until the final. i'm going to die. studying does not help. i also barely studied.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Today I averaged 24% in tips.  I had to clean up throw up and that table only gave me 20%. That kid threw up twice. Once was on teh way to the bathroom.  He was liek 4.  The mom says he always throws up when they go out to eat but she didnt' figure out why. She didnt know if it was from eating too fast or what. It was disgusting.

I will not be able to go to Callie's New Year's Eve party.  I will be working on Mike's and Timmy's Birthdays and the day between. I work at 11 on Jan 1. She originally only gave me Fri and Sun but if i'm coming back just to work I needed more time.

so since i consolidated my loans. they are due 1 month after graduation not 6.  well i guess since i graduation in december they are due in January. Not 1 month after I graduate but one day after since I graduate at the end of the month and they are due Jan 1.  What kind of BS is that?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

final in 52 hours

I am not like Russ.  I have not studied for my final yet.  I have watched TV for about 5 straight days. If I was like Russ I'd probably get a B in the course. Or if I was like Russ earlier in the year I might have an A. Too bad studying sucks so much.

Friday, December 16, 2005


The problem with the tough Sudoku puzzles is they take longer and so I stay up later.  I always say to myself that I'll just do one more puzzle. Well then it's 30 min later than I thought it would be.  I didnt notice much difference betrween the moderate and the easy puzzles. But tough takes me at least 10 minutes longer. I'll have to test out diabolical sometime soon. I remember when i first started workign on these puzzles the first one took moe well over 2 hours. Now on the same site I have them done all the time in under 15. I need a stop watch to better time myself. It's also hard when I tlak on aim at the same time.
I called in sick for work.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I also have a fever.


i kept waking up because i couldnt breathe. I had to open my mouth wider to try to get air.  My mouth and hands were so dry. My nose is so raw. and I found the vaseline this monring. at least I have it but I wanted it last night.  My head still hurts.  Advil didn't help.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

2nd interview

Jan 5, 2006 - roughly 8:30am - 12:30pm
Lockheed Martin in Niagara Falls, NY
this is the longest 45 minutes ever. i have to wait 45 min for my phone interview then after that's done i can finally sleep.  i'm waiting to sleep  not for the interview.  this interview is not going to go well. i can't even thuroughly think reading LJs.

update: i went to sleep before my interview because I couldn't wait.


i'm sick.
my nose runs non stop and i have a headache. besides 2 falls ago this is probalby only the 8th headache in my life. 6 of which were in college.

Monday, December 12, 2005

today I wore this dress and this jacket  dont worry i will also have pictures of me from today uploaded soon.
DMS is done done done.

I RSVPed to a Christmas party that starts in 15 min. I dont feel like going.

update: it's not done. i still have to write a member about my contributions.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

a few pics - PB wasn't having fun.  He sat alone and read.

outfit 1 and outfit 2

Krinin trying to leave with MIke's stuff:
the waiting room but i do not know what they are waiting for:


Christmas party pictures.  I will upload them to my own gallery once i can reset the password since i forget it.

yup 2 outfits for me.


Tell me if this ever happened to you.  You were 5 hours late for a meeting but you weres till there for 9 hours of it.  That was way too long for a meeting.
We meet agin tomorrow at 9. Then we present at noon. THen we're done with this class as soon as we finish our memos on what we've done teh whoel semester.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

wow was i tired this morning. my phoen rang at 8am and woke me up. i thought it might have been mike so i jumped out of bed. but it was raechel wanting me to work for her this morning. what part of me not working the weekend because i will be out of town didn't she understand. but then i couldnt fall back to sleep because i kept hearing my phone song. it was very annoying. then at 9:30 i tried to wake up again. i had to reset my alarm and that wans't fun. that's the only drawback for heart attack alarm.  but i ended up fnally waking up at 10:13.  and timmy just arrived so i better finish getting dressed.

Friday, December 9, 2005

my necklace

is gone. it was on this morning. it was on and i saw it in the mirror at 11:30. WHat happened to it. I went to class and shoveled.
I'm done with classes. I haven't done sudoku in about 3 days!. Time to start working on one.

Finite Elements.

that test was nothing NOTHING like what i studied.  There went my A. That class was so easy I should have had an A.
i did wear those boots to class. good thing. the snow was thick. our road did get plowed in the time i was at class. i'm hungry now. i still have to finish my crib sheet and study. class was awful. it was supposed to be a review. we learned new stuff for more than half of it. then we only got to 2 example problems.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

o what a


carrots and green peppers. o so yummy right now. i'm sick of all that normal junk food.

thought process

I was in the shower and thought about getting rid of the layers in my hair and just having it all one length.  Now that it's long I thought I'd like that. So after my shower those hair cutting scissors were just sitting right there so you know what i did. I added more layers. Roughly 2 inches off the shortest layer now. Then I trimmed teh bottom layer about 1/2".  So much for not wanting layers.  Now i'd have to chop off 2 more inches to get it all one length.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Russ is making me seem like a super posting slacker.
chocolate covered pretzels are yummy.  they are super yummy where there's only a little bit of chocolate. i'll have to make more later and not eat them all. i have to take them to mike's this weekend.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

current list of things making me not happy

1. pen drive broken
2. work sucked today
3. work sucked yesterday
4. work sucked friday
5. people at work suck
6. i im someone to cheer me up and he only makes me feel worse
7. i have to redo work that was on my pen drive
8. i am hungry
9. there is nothing to eat here.
10. it is cold out
11.  i have way to much to do this week
12. i do not have any job offers
13. i keep having not very nice dreams
14. group meeting/work isn't going well
15. i barely made any money this weekend working all 3 days
my flash drive doesnt work and i have necessary files on there that are not saved elsewhere that i am in the middle of now.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

work sucked last night. i thought i'd share that with everyone.  i'm so glad I wont have to do it for very much longer. The new cook messed up a lot of my orders. Table become mad and leave no tip. Then many tables come in right before close. including 10 kids where only half of them ordered. Then big mess and only 1.79 tip and I only managed that much because the one drawer didnt have money in it so i had to walk to the other oen and then they said "dont worry about it" or they walked away so i got to keep their change. Also had to super duper rush to do all my side work at the end of the night. I could rattle on for an hour of all the awfulness that's how bad it sucked.  THe only good thing was Sam was there to help. She's new but it was the first tiem I worked with her. She stayed late to help.

Friday, December 2, 2005


advanced heat transfer professor sure lied and tricked me. i might as well have not even studied. bot of those test questions were crazy. we had 4 chapters on this test. he pulled both test question from the same chapter. he also made us use a chapter not on this test. the chapter his questions were from is the chapter we covered the least in class, the chapter that we did no example problems for, and the chapter we had the fewest homework problems from. only 2 people finished the test before we were supposed to, so he gave us 10 more minutes. but he lied there, he only gave us 5 more minutes.  nobody else finished. he had to collect our tests.

Thursday, December 1, 2005


i hate when people say they pulled an all nighter but that only means they stayed up until 3 or 4am.  all nighter means stayed up all night, not stayed up later than normal.