Saturday, April 30, 2005

i knew it was going to be a bad week.

SmilinColleen: so not only was this week horrible w/ classes. relathionships didn't end up going so well
SmilinColleen: and i know liek 6 people that died (well indirectly my mom knew 2 and one was someone i know's grandma and someone else i know's dad)
SmilinColleen: and another dad (of someone i went to hs with) and then tom's best friend's dad (tom, the gm at work)

crazy night

i'm tired. i slept for 10 hours but those 10 hours weren't so good. i woke up twice in a full body sweat.  my nose is all stuffed up now. i had a really weird/bad dream. i kept sorta waking up and then it would slightly change but be the same dream. in it my cousin jared died and i dotn know why. nobody would ever tell me.  there was something about uncle henry's obituary even tho he died 3 years back (which he never did). and some magical reasons the obituaries from that day were on my camera so I still had them. I dont mean i took pictures of the obituary but that there was this cardboardy thing outlining my camera that had them on it.  then i forget what exactly happened but i was scrapbooking down the street and doing something and opening a new scrapbook material then i drove home but th enext second i was running back there ..well walking then running and ridge, from the bold and the beautiful was after me. then the alarm went off (set it for 1pm)  crazy dream.

Friday, April 29, 2005


i decided i wasn't going to do homework tonight for a break. but then all night i keep thinking about homework and how much i could get done. i have so much to do. i dont think i'll have enough time to do it all.  this worries me. why did i not do homework tonight. but then if i did i would be on overload again. i'll be so glad in 2 weeks. yet i won't be glad at all cuz i'll be away from dave.


Russ doesnt believe me that I have a gut.  Everyone tell him how it is so.
my list of things to do is not so long anymore. but it's also fewer days left.

now until the end of the semester:
1 EMD class
1 Mechanisms class
1 forensic psych class
1 engineering econ class
1 PD2 class
Mechanisms project (design report) + test
Engineering econ project(presention + report) + final
MSL report 6 finish and start and finish report 7 + final
EMD hw due Monday + final
PD2 test

Thursday, April 28, 2005


i think if i took this test before this evil week it would have been different. i did go to the library twice this week. 2 more times than i've been there before. the 4th floor was way different than i expected.


i wa ssoooo stressed at 4 when i got back from working on msl that i couldnt handle concentrating. so i took a nap (until 6:30) then ate dinner. Cad is now done for mechanisms. well a few things coudl be added to make some stuff not just float around. Powerpoint still has to be made. I started it. I have 3 slides complete. and 4 more started. even though 2 of those only have a heading. my head hurts now.

SmilingColl: i called to get my work schedule cuz i forgot last night and tuesday it wasn't up (even tho it was supposed to be)
SmilingColl: and i called at 8pm and apparently i was scheduled at 5 tonight
SmilingColl: he said "that's alright we're ok"
SmilingColl: but i checked my availablity i told him max 3 shifts
SmilingColl: for the week
SmilingColl: i worked sunday
SmilingColl: and was scheduled, thurs, fri, sat
SmilingColl: that's 4
SmilingColl: so he messed up
SmilingColl: but officially in the new rules if u r even one min late to work you are taken off th enext weeks' schedule
SmilingColl: i think that woudl be good
SmilingColl: but i bet they wont do it. i think it's just a threat
but i guess since i said 3 shifts i have a case. he could claim he thought even though i put it liek a real calendar and labeled it at the end of the week that i meant the work week (thursday - wed) We will see when i go there tomorrow. Also I probably have to tell him a new last day becuase I dont think timmy has to to take the physics final.

I think i'm gonna get sick. Cramer was sick and sitting right beside me today.
toay was the third day this week i had a snickers for lunch.


crazy.crazy. crazy.

now until the end of the semester:
1 EMD class
2 Mechanisms classes
2 forensic psych classes
2 engineering econ classes
1 PD2 class
Mechanisms project (presentation + design report) + test
Engineering econ hw + project(presention + report) + final
psych finish Wuornos paper
MSL report 6 finish and start and finish report 7 + final
EMD hw due Monday + final
PD2 test

MSL lab 6 isn't going so well.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

well because my computer went crazy and i couldnt e-mail out hte lab to the group i just took up another half hour on MSL

off to a bad start

well I already went over my MSL allotment by a half hour


so i figured it out. if i spend the minimum amount of time I think my hw will take (and w/ making my project kinda crappy and and not having it done for the resentation, I can get away w/ only doing 14 hours worth of work. I thought "o only 14 hours that's good" then realized I only have the rest of tonight and then tomorrow after class. so 4hours max tonight and then tomorrow 4pm on and i'll need food then. and i present at 10am so i should be asleep before 2. and if i go to sleep at 2 then that's 14 hours but no time for food. ooo that's even worse than i thought.

and really i should take about 15 more hours for mechansims 5 for psych, and 3 for econ and more than an hour for msl (msl is due tomorrow) and an hr for msl was counted in my before friday time.


Comment here with your name and I'll tell you something I adore (or at least
mildly like) about you. (or I'll tell a funny story about you) Afterwards,
copy and paste this into your own journal.

I think I probably shouldnt do this until after my insanely busy week is over though. Still comment I will get to it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

mainly for Russ's reading pleasures

The psych professor said my Kuklinksi section was very detailed. That's the only comment he has on the whole paper. (He doesnt like to let people know how to improve.)

what do you think?

Should I make a website that has all of our groups serial killer papers? I think it would be interesting. But long reads

updated again

i just dropped half my bagel on the floor face down.  looks like i'm only eating a half bagel today.

Monday, April 25, 2005

i got cerissa beat on nerdiness. she's only been making excel grade sheets since last semester.
i've realized i'm so stressed out, i cant even read live journals and enjoy it.


i'm tired. i did sleep 7 hours last time. i have so much work to do i dont knwo where to start. i dont want to start. and i'm so hungry i feel i can't work on anything.
i'm hungry. i barely eat anything. i'm never fulfilled and yet i'm fatter than when i was at home with all that good food.
i e-mailed work study to say i'm not going today. I have so much work to do. I haven't even updated my money file in liek a week. I didn't even count how much money I made yesterday from work.  It's still sitting in my apron.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

35 minutes of cad and only have a cam drawn. and not even exact. it's hard to get it to look ok during the rise and fall. i wonder if there's a real way to do it.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

so i finally got out of wanting to eat right before bed and eating right before bed. but nwo when i wake up in the morning my stomach is growling. I dont like that either. but that's better than eating before bed i guess.

sleep and stuff

Last night I was going to sleep at 12:30.  I decided to set an alarm for today. I set the alarm for 11:30.  Well I needed it to wake up.  Some poeple would think that I would have woke up in less than 11 hours.  But not me. I'm so tired when Friday rolls around.

I dont work today which is good.  I have a lot of homework to do though.  More homework than can fit in my day.  My foot is quite swollen from plantar fasciitis  again today.

Friday, April 22, 2005


I wonder what ever happened to Lyn and her gf and the gf's baby. She got pregnant (so it was obvious she was cheating). Oh I wish I knew how to find out. She probably had the kid already. hmmm let me think... Or maybe would be born in the next few months.

work is boring lately. No good gossip.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

yet another update

Only MSL has been updated.
i think it's a bad sign that i've been having dreams about workign at chesterfields.  yes dreams not nightmares.  it's been such a happy work experience in these dreams. i dont understand it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

it's gonna be 80 today. The PD2 classroom is alwasy like 20 degrees warmer when it's above 50 outside. So now I have to figure out what form of "naked clothes" to wear today so i'm not totally dying of heat in there.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

what a mess.

my landlord is stupid. luckily ikknow the people living in my now and also that i dont want to live there this summer. sheila and jesse's lease starts may 15 but by something crazy the people that live there have leases until june 1 and july 1. now they dont konw what they will do. Sheila found this out from someone that lives there currently not from the landlord.


Monday, April 18, 2005


i just woke up from my 2nd nap today. this nap was twice as long as the first one. The first one was only 45 minutes because I had to go to a meeting.
Well this one i started to fall asleep around 8:10 but didn't fall asleep until 9 and then woke up a little after 10:30.
last night when i said i was exhausted my 9 hours of sleep and then falling asleep in EMD is proof

Sunday, April 17, 2005

everytime timmy comes into work to eat people think he's a girl.
btw. this mornign when my good old heart attack alarm went off i must have hit the wall out of confusion. my hand hurt until about 2pm. i must have hit it Hard. I remember the pain when I actually started to wake up today.
this weeked i worked an extra 1.5 hours on Friday, 1 hour on Sat, and 1.6 hours today.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


tonight we were so busy late at night. during normal dinner time like nobody was there. tom hasnt' figured this out and only schedules people early and they leave before/during the rush. When we are busy and I'm supposed to leave, I always stay. I had like 12 tables and Rachel wasn't doing much at all. She just wanted to leave. I was out of breath I was running around so much. My lower back hurts a lot. It started around 9PM. I'm so exhausted.
I had at least 4 tables leave me nothing tonight.

Friday, April 15, 2005

i'm so freaking tired. I have class til 4 then work at 5. This sucks. I think i'm going to leave this class early and go nap.

i did leave to take a npa. i couldtn post that at 3:15 when I wanted to. I didn't use my laptop again until now.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

8,340 words on Dahmer

updated again

It was trouble because we have an extra MSL homework they didn't tell us about. So it messed up my spacings and stuff to add it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


UH O i messed up MORE parts
yet i thought that test was easy


I am so stupid. One part of the test I had the correct answer and changed it. This other question I knew they would ask and yet i still forgot it. I knew I would forget it too. Before the test I kept relooking at it cuz I knew I would forget. Go me. THe highest I can get is an 84 on the test now just based on those questions.
i super glued both of my broken watch bands last night. i dotn think the one will last though. the rubber is crackign in many places and there is some rubber missing.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

i bought purple pens today. i started studyign w/ them and in 4 lines all of them worked and then quit working. but i stood them up on end and just tried one and it works again. i'm glad i didnt' end up wasting $1.50 on the 8 pens

work schedule

Friday 5-9
Saturday 5:30-10:30
Sunday 11-7:30

Monday, April 11, 2005

nighttime adventure

Dave and I went to the track tonight. We did 4 laps. Running every other hundred and walking in between. then we went to price chopper. I only grabbed a little bit of cash to take w/ me then pb wanted to get all this stuff so then i was scared. I only had $22 but then i found 3 more dollars in my id holder. That was my emergency money if i needed a little and only had that change purse. Well the bill was $24.17. Then PB wanted me to drive home so i did and he rode in the back seat for kicks. He liked it back there but said that the seat was not deep enough. I didnt' do any hw since my 7pm meeting. I only had 3.5 hours of homework scheduled for today but I also had a midnight bedtime scheduled. Which will win? Or will neither win? I also want to eat.


did i exercise in my sleep or something? Today my legs are sore when i walk up and down steps. and my arms are sore when i pick things up. i haven't done anything that i know of that would cause anything to be sore.


i can not work at the union. I can not concentrate. My group probably thinks i do no work. But outside of our meetings I do a ton. The union is way too noisy. We need a new meeting place.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


I wanted to eat 3 hours ago and now I just feel like I"m going to throw up. Maybe next time I shouldn't make myself finish homework first.

pizza hut

Pizza Hut was dead for the 3rd day in a row.  So there was no money to be made.  Quite sad...quite sad indeed.

Saturday, April 9, 2005

I am a member of 1 clique of size 4

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i used to have 3 cliques
the day before easter i had liek 11 and 2/3 drinks cuz i was using shot glasses that were too big so i was tricked.
i just realized my crooked bottom teeth make it harder to bite my nails.
For those of you that don't know, I use firefox now instead of Internet Explorer.
ok i work at 5:30. I need to pick up the car before that, but I have tons of hw i should do in the next few hours. But i sure would like to hit the mall (Dave's idea). I work all day tomorrow. So I think so I dont die from a 20 hour EMD assignment all in one night that I'll skip the mall.

Friday, April 8, 2005

i made this

in excel


i got a 25/25 on my pretty Econ homework from last Friday.

most of what the lost post was

I had a weird dream last night. I was at home but people were there from school. There were all these new stores opening and I was goign to go shopping at them with Chrissy. Later her coat ended up at my house. Also during this my grandma (the one that's already dead) was dying and we were supposed to talk to her and stuff. After I talked to her my mom made fun of me for how i talked to her. There was more but I mostly forget it.

There are only three and a half weeks left in the semester. I have so many projects and stuff that still need to be started and finished. I'm going to die. I need to make an updated calendar for Tom of my work availability.
i had this super long post typed earlier and my internet died so i couldn't post it and was going to wait for class then my computer wouldn't hibernate so I lost my post.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

white belt

this is the white belt I bought awhile ago that wouldnt' fit through the belt loops so it didnt' look good. Here's the potential it has.
Tomorrow is the first friday I dont have anything due. I would say I normally have 3 things do. But I definitely have 2 things due every Friday.

update fun

Click on it to see a more readable PDF

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Work Schedule

Friday  5-8 or so
Sat 5:30-9:30
Sun 12:30-8

pizza hut facts

Watervliet Pizza Hut has to pay $1000 to corporate Pizza Hut each week.  Last year V&J (own our Pizza Hut and many others around) lost $1.5 million. Tom, the GM, can't get a bonus unless we get an inspection from the head guy of higher than 85%.  We haven't had that score since he started.


i sure am glad is around becuase now I get comments on my posts.

weekly weight graph updated

this one is daily with some random weights i remember from freshman year


I work production tonight! I haven't worked it in so long. I need to find my hat. Working today I get to pick up my paycheck and I dont have to call in to get my schedule.

Friday most likely I will work and right about the time I'm done working is when there will be fireworks up here. So I dont think there will be a place to park and such.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005


in forensic psych class today, we watched videos on school shootings and bullying. it's amazing how much affects a child's future.

Monday, April 4, 2005

Tonight my Cold Stone experience was not a happy one. My ice cream was half the size of PB's and it barely had any peanut butter in it.


if u add my peak and my off peak minutes so far this month i have 303.  and my month ends in liek 3 days.  my plan gives me 300 peak and unlimited off peak.

right now it's 63 peak and 240 off peak


i think first niagara is better than pnc in the ability to download to microsoft money.  does anyone know how i can download PNC bank information.  I could not find it.  I thought for sure it had to work because Money had PNC Bank listed.  It didnt' have First Niagara listed but I was able to download that really easily.


my cpu fan or something in my desktop is making noises like it's not supposed to. i shut it down while i was at class.  i think i'll do that again when i'm done here.

Sunday, April 3, 2005

i'm insane

earlier tonight i was thinking of giving up aim just for kicks. then tonight i was doing stuff but also wanted to talk on aim. and nobody was on to talk to. it's killing me. i want to talk on aim. nobody is talking. one person is on now and he's super slow at responding. i can't take it. i need to talk on aim for a little before i go to sleep.


my picture site is so out of order.  my old one (colleen.akwire)    i just put all the 2005 pics first and all the old pics at the end.  so 81 albums and probably a total of 10 r where they should be i think it would be nice to fix the order.  but then the enxt time it hast o be uploaded or changed or fixed it gets out of order again.  i think i've already fixed the order 4 times. it gets worse each time because there are more pictures. the only one that really uses it is timmy. then he yells when he can't find the pictures he wants.  so should i waste my time reordering the pictures?

Saturday, April 2, 2005

10 tables tonight $46
We went to Outback tonight. We didn't eat much at all and were so full and the food wasn't good at all. I guess it's not a good idea to go so late at night.


Last night from 5-8 I made $59
then I worked 5-10:30 and got a total of 92.92 (+5 that I gave to the hostess for helping). But I had a table walk in at 9:55 and I sat them and then they weren't quick. I would have been out at 10 exactly w/o them and making $4 less.

Back in the day I would work all day (8+ hours) and not even make that much...because it was on Saturday or Sunday. And by back in the day, I mean still.


I got some sleep. I got a little over 12 hours. My back hurts.

Last night work was insane. There was actually a waiting list to sit down. I would get new tables before I even got to go over and greet my old ones.
I forgot to punch out last night. I was leaving and knew I was forgetting something but couldnt figure it out. Then when I was pulling in to BARH, I wondered why I didn't declare anything. That's how I figured it out, so then I called Pizza Hut and told Pam.

Friday, April 1, 2005

uh o

My grade so far in econ is wrong.. i forgot ot update it after i added the new test i got back!... what a slacker
sorry and............ IT'S A 91%!!!

how could i miss my first time i've had an A all year.


I just did this. This is my pretty likely grades. But it's not set it stone.

I'm such a nerd.

I would need to get between 90% and 95% on the rest of the Labs and Quizzes to get an A in MSL.
I can only miss 6 more points in PD2 to get an A out of 200...not likely but I can miss ~40 more points to keep a B.

Update: The highest i can get is a 3.63.

updated gradesheet

(click to see it big)


I'd just like to note how pretty my econ homework is that i'm about to turn in. i hope it's right. maybe because it's all neat if it's wrong i'll lose points unlike those sloppy kids.