Friday, February 24, 2017


This was an extremely busy day! Quick summary is Easter Egg Hunt Meetup, Marie and Clara staying at our house, preschool, more Marie and Clara, and sleep. 

We were at the park trying to figure out where to put the photo booth. We thought this wall might be good but the ground was too bad. Too many twigs as tripping hazards. 
We found a tree but then after a little bit of time there were harsh shadows so it wasn't even that good :( :(
Ella was playing at the play ground.
Now my good camera was gone so I only had my phone or my Sony camera. The sony camera isn't bad and could be great but I wasn't used to it so wasn't getting great pics with it.
It was difficult to get a good picture of Ella in the photo booth!

There was crafting.

Egg decorating!

Ella finding an egg

We were trying to get Clara and Ella to pose and look at the camera but we failed.

Ella tried to take pictures of people at the photobooth. Too bad she touched the lens so there are some major smudges.

 Ella is sitting and eating.

 Then Susu joins her!

Then it was fun with bubbles.

Even though I coordinated this event. I had 2 co-hosts. I bought most of the prizes and most of the eggs. But I did not plan the squat hold challenge with the moms. Everyone thought it was me. Well they were going to do a push-up challenge but realized this was easier to monitor.

Ella climbed on me at one point and I was holding her for a bit. This resulted in me leaning a bit forward. But everyone's form was suffering by the very end. Based on time stamp on the pictures and we didn't even have pictures through the entire thing it lasted over 4 minutes!
The aftermath of crafting.  The downfall of using my tables for things is that I end up with the cleanup!
Ella fell asleep on the way home.  But it was short lived.   We got home and Marie and Clara were there since they were spending the night. Well she didn't make the transfer to her bed and had no nap.
 We hung out for a little bit. Ella gave the tour of the house which involved looking out all the windows to see the "park" in the backyard.

We read stories and tried to nap. That didn't work.

Then 3-5 we had preschool. They had crafts and their egg hunt.

There was a nap after school!
 Ella likes to rotate when she sleeps. (She rotated in her crib too.)

Clara and Ella are having too much fun hanging out that bedtime is never going to happen.

We tried for bedtime but it was very delayed and after 10 PM

Marie slept on the couch. I said she was going to wake up early with our lack of curtains. (She did.)