Monday, October 14, 2019


I started Morning Meltdown 100.  I just couldn't seem to workout everyday and then I hurt my knee so took some time off of it. It's just insanity all the pick-ups and drop offs. I realized I put a few of the workouts on youtube. I record often but don't always upload.
Workout 1:

Workout 2:

Workout 3:

Workout 5:
Workout 8: Very poor framing because I can't find my tripod. Miles begged me to workout but then he was mad we didn't use weights. So we did about 5 minutes of another workout video.

Overall I'm not a fan of this workout program. The combinations with weights involve 1 of 4 moves that is tough and you need lighter weights and you are supposed to use the same weight for all the moves since it's more continuous so then I struggle with 1 and the others are too easy. Also all the cardio moves are tough when you have pelvic floor issues. I can do a lot of cardio moves but hers are rough.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Raddish Kids Chili (10.13.19)

We made the Game Day Chili from last month's Raddish Kids.  I meant to take a picture of the actual card with instructions but Miles lost it while the Chili was cooking.  The kids love making the stuff. Miles gets upset when he doesn't get to help as much as Ella. He always goes and gets his utensils out that he's gotten in previous Raddish Kids kits.  The kids didn't like the chili but they loved spoonfuls of just the sauce part.

Miles never wants to wear an apron anymore. He cooked with me 6 times this week.

Friday, October 11, 2019

2019 Exercise Goals Progress (September)

I posted 2019 workout goals.  I posted my January progress then February and March. Then up to May. Here we are up to and including September.  This is not good. Not good at all.  I tried to find a pic of working out but I was scrolling so far back and didn't come up with much so you have me here eating my lunch while walking to get Ella.

For 2019, here are my exercise goals and my progress:
  1. Run 36 miles
    • January = 1.01 (Garmin or 1.07 on mapmyrun)
    • February = 0 miles
    • March = 0 miles
    • April = 0 miles
    • May = 0 miles
    • June = 4.93 miles
    • July = 2.89 miles
    • August = 2.55 miles
    • September =  2.54 mi {13.92 total miles} 
  2. Run 36 times
    • January = 1 time
    • February = 0 times
    • March = 0 times
    • April = 0 times
    • May = 0 times
    • June = 5 times
    • July = 2 times
    • August = 1 time
    • September = 5 times
  3. Complete 2 Beachbody programs
    • January = 0 programs (and only half a beachbody workout)
    • February = 0 programs (and 0 beachbody workouts)
    • March = 0 programs (and 0 workouts)
    • April = 0 programs (and 0 workouts)
    • May = 0 programs (and 0 workouts)
    • June = 0 programs (and 10 workouts)
    • July =  0 programs (and 2 workouts)
    • August =  0 programs (and 5 workouts)
    • September =  0 programs (and 0 workouts)
  4. Exercise in some form 156 times (that's 3x/week)
    • January = 12 times
    • February = 6 times
    • March =  19 times(I've marked 34 workouts down in my app for the year so I missed marking down 3 times)
    • April = 14 times
    • May = 12 times (I've marked 56 down on my app so I've missed marking down 4 more for a total of missing marking down 7 {63 noted here. and 56 in app})
    • June = 25 times
    • July = 14 times
    • August = 26 times
    • September = 19 (my app has 131 marked down and 147 here. I'm doing a bad job marking all on app and the app I see the total number for year year and I keep wanting it to be higher. I am counting walk to/from kindergarten as 1 workout even though it's like 15 min walk) 

For inspiriting others, I plan to
  1. Run 6 free challenges
    • January = 0 (or 1 if you count month long things as free one which it is)
    • February = 0 (or 1 if you count month long things as free one which it is)
    • March = 0 (or 1 if you count month long things as free one which it is)
    • April = 0 (or 1 if you count month long things as free one which it is)
    • May = 0 (or 1 if you count month long things as free one which it is)
    • June = 0 (or 1 if you count month long things as free one which it is)
    • July = 0 (or 1 if you count month long things as free one which it is)
    • August = 0
    • September = 0
  2. Run 3 month long challenge groups
    • January = 1
    • February = 1
    • March = 1
    • April = 1
    • May = 1
    • June =1
    • July = 1
    • August = 0
    • September = 0
I am pretty disappointed because I WANT to be working out. I miss running so bad. I forgot how you can't run with a baby at first so even though I could run, I need someone else to be with Liam so it makes it tougher. 

Thursday, October 10, 2019


I was up past midnight from a moms night in and then full of energy after.
Miles slept until 6 AM.  He nursed for a long time but didn't go back to sleep.

We hung out.  Around 7:30, I heard Dave's alarm going off so we went and joined him. He was still half asleep for awhile.

Ella woke up near 8.   Miles was ready for sleep by this point. I nursed him and got him down by 8:20.   Then I had cereal with Ella.  Miles woke up by 9:10.

Divya and Arya visited. They got here around 10 and Ella and Arya had so much fun playing. We all had lunch together.  Miles had 2 super quick naps.

They left, and we all tried to lie in Ella's bed to get her to nap.  She was so tired but just wasn't having it. She said she'd stay in her room and I went to nurse Miles. I got him 99% asleep and then Ella comes in. Then she leaves. She comes back with her iPad. Miles was so close to sleeping that I didn't really yell at Ella or force her to go to her room because I knew he'd wake up.

I got Miles to sleep, I tried to lie down with Ella but Miles woke up after 4 minutes in the crib.   So much for babying him earlier because he woke up.

At least I put the gate in and Ella went to sleep.

Miles never did take his nap and it was rough rough and I was so tired. We tried to do all kinds of things.

Dave picked up dinner on the way home. I got to eat some. Then got Miles to sleep. Then ate more and Miles woke up. I got him back to sleep. I ate more. It was 9:30 by this point!

Ella was fixing her chair and then had to go check on the other chair. It was dark in the office so I got her the head lamp. She loved it. She had a blast and wouldn't go to bed. Then she was drawing E's over and over on her easel.

Finally we got her to go into bed. She lied with Dave awhile and then continued to play in her room until past 11.   I did a few things on the computer!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

2019 Week 40/52 Photo

I had a little birthday lunch.  It was nice.

Photo Taken September 30, 2019

Liam sat on his own for a few minutes. He's such a big boy now.
Photo Taken October 1, 2019

Miles got all the cones and wore them as a hat.
Photo Taken October 3, 2019
Just one of the many pictures of Liam being super happy. I have so many and don't share enough of him. When Ella was his age, I had a post a day and had 20 pictures per post.

Photo taken October 3,  2019
I took the kids to Maddie's birthday party. After it was over we were leaving but then instead of leaving we quickly went to the playground. I told the kids we could go if they posed for pictures. They didn't so much pose though.

Photo Taken October 5, 2019

I included more than 1 picture. Oh well.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Random Goals Progress (September)

In addition to exercise goals I made some other goals for the year. I posted my progress in a few times this year but it's been quite a few months because I'm so far behind on everything.

In 2019:
  1. 240 blog posts with a reach goal of 280. 
    • January - 30 posts ✅
    • February - 29 posts ✅
    • March - 23 posts ✅
    • April - 20 posts ✅
    • May - 20 posts (even though I would have rather had 21) ✅
    • June - 18 ❌
    • July - 14 ❌
    • August - 11 ❌
    • September - 7 ❌
  2. 2019 Photo of the week blog posts
    • January - got all backlog posted and caught up! ✅
    • February -  ✅
    • March -  ✅
    • April -  ✅
    • May -  ✅
    • June -  ❌
    • July - ✅
    • August -  ❌
    • September - ❌
  3. Weekly new baby blog posts for 6 weeks  ✅
  4. Monthly blog posts for new baby
    1. 1 month  ✅
    2. 2 month  ✅
    3. 3 month  ✅
    4. 4 month  ✅
    5. 5 month  ✅
  5. Complete 2 photo books!
    • January - ✅  2 books ordered already. They were mostly finished in 2018
    • February - didn't work on any
    • March - Spent more time than I'd care to admit doing the preschool yearbook (not complete yet)
    • April - worked on LACP yearbook
    • May - completed LACP yearbook (3rd book for the year finished)
    • June - September - completed Ella's 5.5 book and updated the yearbook to make a special one for Beth (2 more completed to make 5) 
  6. Read a personal development book
    • January - I didn't even find it or figure out which one. 
    • February - oops
    • March - oops
    • April - oops
    • May - oops
    • June - September - oops
  7. Use to-do list notebook.
    • January ✅
    • February  ✅
    • March  ✅ 
    • April ✅ 
    • May ✅ 
    • June -  ✅
    • July - ✅
    • August -  ✅
    • September - ✅ but definitely don't use it daily.
  8. Finish watching 2b Mindset videos.
    • January - Oops. 
    • February - Oops
    • March - Oops
    • April - Oops
    • May - Oops
    • June - September - Oops (I still haven't watched a single one)
Reach goals
  1. Clean the kitchen 2x week
    • January - ✅ I have not kept track week but I've cleaned it at least once the first few weeks then I cleaned it EVERYDAY the last week which averages to cleaning it twice a week. 
    • February - Oh oh oh definitely not. My back was so bad.
    • March - I did at least once a week even though my back was so bad
    • April - Nope
    • May - Closer to 1x
    • June - September Closer to 2x/month 
  2. Make bed 2x week
    • January - ✅ I have made the med at least twice every week. It helps that I make the bed every time I fold laundry and I only have 5 pairs of pants I wear so I do laundry at least twice a week.
    • February -  ✅ I make it when laundry happens or when people will see it.
    • March -  ✅
    • April - Nope
    • May - Nope  I even just did laundry on the unmade bed. 
    • June - No
    • July - September - I've made it 12 times since July 1 (so 4x/mo so that's about 1x/week) 

Monday, October 7, 2019

Miles's 3rd birthday interview

I forgot about this so asked the questions late.  Questions answered on September 25 and then finished on October 6.
  1. How old are you? 3 
  2. Who is your best friend? Chloe 
  3. What is your favorite color? All the colors 
  4. What is your favorite animal? A cheetah!!! 
  5. What is your favorite food? All the food (are you sure?... then after some discussion) Chocolate 
  6. What food do you really dislike? Chocolate (I try to clarify this with the last question. He insists he dislikes chocolate) 
  7. What is your favorite TV show? Car Patrol 
  8. What is your favorite song? Daniel Tiger 
  9. What is your favorite book? Daniel Tiger 
  10. What is your favorite thing to wear? Daniel Tiger 
  11. What makes you happy? My balance bike with the neighbors 
  12. What makes you sad? When Ella hits me 
  13. What is your favorite toy/game? My Fishing Game and my Paw Patrol toys 
  14. What is your favorite holiday? The park (that’s not a holiday) My favorite holiday is Sunday (that’s not a holiday either. ) uhh (I list a few) Halloween!!!!! 
  15. What would you buy if you had $1,000? Uhh uhh uhh A little trampoline!!!!!! 
  16. Where is your favorite place to go? dinner 
  17. What is your favorite restaurant? Chocolate (no where is your favorite place to go) McDonald’s 
  18. What is your favorite memory? My birthday. (which one) the birthday with a trampoline (did this ever happen?) yea 
  19. What is your favorite stuffed animal? My panda 
  20. What is your favorite thing to sleep with? My panda (what about your afghans?) no just my panda (...funny he won’t sleep without his afghans) 
  21. What is your favorite fruit? nothing 
  22. What is your favorite cereal? Nothing (took a break. He said he’s not talking anymore) 
  23. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? oatmeal 
  24. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Nothing (starting here answered on 10/6) 
  25. What is your favorite dessert? Ice cream, silly 
  26. What is your favorite drink? Milkshake, silly 
  27. What is your favorite game? A video game, silly (he’s never played one) 
  28. What is your favorite movie? Nothing just Paw Patrol 
  29. What is your favorite thing to do outside? play 
  30. What are you really good at? (he didn't answer) 
  31. Where do you want to go on vacation? I don’t know. How about somewhere … how about the park. How about somewhere that has ice cream. 
  32. What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner? 
  33. What do you want to be when you grow up? A firefighter and a doctor, silly 
  34. What is your birthday wish? (I didn't ask since it was so late) 
  35. Who is the president?(he didn't answer)

Sunday, October 6, 2019


Ella's class has Star of the Week and you have Chester and take pictures of Chester with people or doing things. Ella was the first Star of the week.  We learned on Friday.  She had Chester until Thursday. We got to do things with Chester and take pictures. She also filled out a poster for it too.  You printed some pictures and glued them on paper into a binder. The only person in the binder was the teacher. At the end of the year, you can see all the places Chester has been based on the binder.  I also created a google photos album and put a QR code into the binder. I wonder if anyone will actually add photos to it.
Ella and Chester on their way to lunch.

Liam's Birth Story (4.14.19)

This is the longest birth story yet.  I always heard from everyone that each labor is faster than the previous. Mine went in the opposite order.  I was going to pull out some pictures and put them at the end but Liam is almost 6 months old so I'm just going to post this.

Friday night around 2 AM a contraction woke me up. I wasn't 100% sure that's what it was. But then throughout the night I was woken up at least a half dozen times with contractions.  Then throughout Saturday I had at least one an hour or so. I started timing them at 10AM just so I could see what it was like.
They were so spread out.

Then near 8 PM they got more intense and way closer together. I had 11 in 1 hour and almost went downstairs to call the doctor how you are supposed to but decided to try to sleep a little. Once asleep, I was just waking up about every hour with contractions. So I either slept through them or didn't have them.   I did nap in the afternoon on Saturday and Dave commented about my long contraction that I didn't even remember so I could have slept through a ton.

They can be pretty painful and strong. Other times not as strong.

Sunday morning I deleted the data from the app and just stopped marking them down thinking it was ridiculous. I started again near 2 PM.

We walked to the park. I thought maybe that would help move things along.

Baby Freya was there.
still pregnant

contractions app

still pregnant photo

I didn't get to cleaning up this mess while in labor.

Finally I figured the contractions were close enough together to go in. But instead of going right in when I was hungry, I decided to eat dinner first. I texted with Beth so had her head over.  Then when she was on her way I figured the house shouldn't be as much of as disaster as it was. I unloaded the dishwasher. Dave actually helped.  I didn't get the kitchen table cleaned off before leaving.

We were about to head out the door and I ask Dave if he has his laptop. He doesn't remember why or that he had one last time. I said there are hours to kill and last time he watched Twitch TV. So then he had to go get his laptop before we left.

7:33PM - on our way to the hospital
7:37 PM -  got to the hospital (talk about living close). Dave actually dropped me off at the door this time and he went to park himself. (Last time he parked and I walked in from the car parked way in the back of the lot.)
7:47 PM - They checked to see if I would stay or go home. I was 6cm dilated.
I had to do paperwork and stuff.

I take a picture pointing to the doctor there so then later I'll know who delivered the baby.

8:31PM - I got epidural the epidural. Then after told Dave last time that he took pictures of me when I was sitting on the edge of the bed.  The anesthesiologist dropped a vial and it shattered on the floor right before my epidural. He said it would start kicking in at 8:45.

The back pain for 6 weeks made me want one!

Getting the epidural, he was like this will pinch /hurt for like 3 seconds. This or that. I forget what he said. But then it barely hurt. It was nothing like the back pain agony I was in. He gave me props for not flinching or anything. It was not bad at all. Hahaha

How epidurals work is different than it was last time. I have a dosage but then if it starts to hurt you hit a button and it gives you more. You can not get too much because it will only give you extra every 15 min.  I was in so much less pain than last time.
It kicked in near 8:50
Felt contractions 9:05 so gave myself more

9:20 PM They checked and I was 7-8cm, 90% effaced, -1. Also put it the catheter.

9:48 PM I got Pitocin. They said it was at at 1 level so it was ok even though I had a previous c-section. I was always told you couldn't induce when you had a previous c-section. The contractions had slowed so they gave me Pitocin. They were every 7 min or so and before they were every 2 min.  The nurse said she didn't feel the bag of water so she assumed it broke already and nobody noticed. I had asked and they set the Pitocin to 1 but the normal dosage would be 5 or if it was a new labor it'd be 30.

wonder why I took this pic

10:30 PM
Dave: Why do you always want to know your BP? It’s always the same
Me: They keep retaking it so I want to see if it changes
10:56 PM - I can feel contractions. I can't give myself more epidural. I'm having big ones and they are 6 minutes apart and then there is a smaller one between that 6 minutes and not quite in the middle. Dave had looked and was able to tell on their machine that the contractions were big but I asked the nurse and she told me the timing. She wouldn't have said anything if I did not ask.
11:04 PM - The nurse came in. She said the nurse change over would be in 8 minutes.  I asked when they'd check my dilation again and she said nobody would. She said my body will just know.   So that's twice I asked something and got more information but if I didn't ask, I wouldn't have been told anything.

At 11:08 I told Gio "I have a feeling you will be asleep and won’t come later. This labor is slow. Ha"

11:10 The OB came in. He wanted to check water.  He felt it during a contraction so realized it had not actually broken earlier.  He broke the water. He said I was 7.5 cm, almost 8. They set the Pitocin to 2.   They had the nurse change over. Now there are 2 nurses.  They tilted me weird saying I couldn't be flat on my back the entire time. I didn't like the tilt. The nurses also said to sleep before I start pushing.

11:12 PM

11:21 I'm feeling contractions like crazy.

11:26 They said I was complete or something and ready to push.
11:33 PM
11:33 first push

I pushed the first push but didn't remember how to push. I was asking the nurse. I swear she said to do it differently than the last time but who knows. I didn't do it the way she said the first time. The second contraction I pushed better but still didn't even do a good real push yet because I couldn't seem to manage to push and hold my breath like they were saying. I was trying to figure out how to hold my breath and push and his head was sticking out. They said I did so well and he was almost out. I didn't believe it but then saw the head in the reflection in the doctors glasses. I reach down and felt the head! Then It was either 3 contractions I pushed on or 4. I think 4 counting the first one that I didn't even push at all. 
Liam was born at 11:48 PM. I had 2nd degree tear. It was nothing like after having Miles.

We did skin to skin immediately.

Liam's stats!
  • 21 inches long
  • 3630 grams - 8 lb 0 oz
  • 30.5 cm abdomen
  • 35 cm head circumference
  • 99.7 initial body temp
  • 8 9 on Apgar scale

12:07 AM

12:28 AM

He latched at 12:20AM

12:26 - temperature 98.9

Less than 20 min total to ours 4 contractions

Around 12:30 Dave left to get home so that Beth could leave and go to her house. He didn't get to stay long but it was better that Beth could get to her house since her husband leaves for work so early in the morning.  Right after he left, I asked Gio if she was coming. She wanted to come but I figured it was too late at night. She came right over and got to my room at 12:50. I was in room 4.

At one point they had some specialist or something come down to check Liam's breathing. The nurse just wanted it checked out to make sure it was OK. The specialist said it was fine.

2 am I moved rooms (159).

The nurse told me that if he was born 12 min later, I would have had an extra day in hospital.
The nurses were asking questions to fill out paperwork. They asked his name. Even though I told people he was born via text and hangout messages, I hadn't given the full name. The nurses asked and I said and then Gio told people before I did.  We decided on his middle name while at the hospital. Even just thinking about it, I thought of his middle name but that was actually Miles's. Dave wanted to have his middle name be a scientist just like we did for Miles.   In addition to that we thought Liam was so popular so we named him William with the nickname of Liam. Liam was the number 1 popular name for awhile and we thought it might be too common so we went with William. Later I learned William was the #3 name with Liam being #1 so clearly we didn't stay away from a popular name.
Gio left at 2:45 and while walking to her car she sent me the pictures she took while visiting. I can't believe she stayed so late. She got home at 2:54 since nobody is on the road at that hour!

3:59 AM

4:06 AM I Snacked. The nurses came in. I requested more snacks. Ate more then I decided I'd sleep. The baby was beside me versus in the nursery.

4:49 AM They removed my IV.

I slept 5-5:50 but it was broken up with the nurse interruptions (2x) and beeping machine.

6:05 I got out of bed to go to the bathroom. The nurses woke me to do that. I hate how they wake you so much and it's not like you are getting much sleep as it is.

8:10 AM - The doctor came in to check Liam out. He says he has a little bit of a tongue tie.
10:20 AM - Liam had his hearing test.

I couldn't get first day photos because the photographer was not on site either of the days I was there.

Ella's Birth Story
Miles's Birth Story