Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Tips

On the first day everyone just starting out got advice from those that already went through the first 3 weeks. 

I liked a lot of the advice. I haven't followed some of it. 

Sleep  (I haven't done that enough.)
Ask for help
Don't be afraid if you have to repeat phases.
Take notes (I have done this. You forget by the end of the day let alone future days.)
Don't code all the time; spend time doing your former hobbies. 
Don't stay too late (I can't so I haven't done that.)
Go drinking with your classmates. I agree with the hanging out with classmates part. The drinking part isn't necessary. 

Some advice I didn't care for was the advice to take your shoes off and relax. So many people walk around in socks or barefoot. I don't know how they do that. I need my shoes.  I guess in general telling people to relax and not stress is a good plan. 

I'm surprised nobody gave a warning about the chairs that sit on the floor. I really hate those. 

We got tips from about 30 people but now that it's been 2 weeks I forget the rest. This has been open on my computer for awhile. I figure I should post it even if I did want to include more originally.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Poly is Cute (7.8)

Just look at this cat. Poly heart some birds so she had to check it out. I was reading in the reading chair but luckily my camera was sort of handy and luckily she stood like that for a little bit.
 I think she needs a table to make hunting out the window in this room easier.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

18 Weeks (July 27)

Last week I mentioned my doctor having awful hours. Well I still haven't scheduled my next appointment. 

Size of ba
by: Bell Pepper, 5 - 5.8 inches long (from crown to rump)

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  0.6 lb gain overall. I gained 1.2 in the past week.  But last week I had higher numbers on Friday and Sunday so it wasn't really all week.

Maternity Clothes:  6 days out of 7 I wore maternity jeans and the other day I wore pre-pregnancy jeans + belly band. (I went into DBC 6 days... the 6 days of maternity jeans).  I only wore maternity shirts maybe half the time maybe less. Some shirts that are from before are shorter and I lack time in the morning so I just go for what I think is long instead of testing things out. I might be missing out on more clothing options. 

Gender: We will find out on August 3.

Movement: Not yet. Or I haven't noticed anything yet. 

Sleep: The same exact as last week
My lack of sleep is not baby related. I'm so exhausted this past week. I slept about 6 hours a night with adjusting to Dev Bootcamp and 4 hours traveling a day!

What I miss: Being able to exercise without pain.

Cravings: Nothing yet.  When do these usually start?

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: Last week I mentioned my containers on top of the refrigerator. Well I have a new spot that is down low in a cupboard under the counter. So now i don't have to struggle with that. I get lightheaded sometimes or just black out a little when I move too quickly. It's happening less than it used to but I'm also way more careful. 

Best moment this week:  I'm not sure. Nothing stood out baby related. I've had a few worst moments this week that it's even hard to pick. They aren't baby related either. For example someone trying to steal my phone on the bus.  

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender.

Exercise:  Now I'm on week 2 of the drastic increase in exercise. I've had to bike to and from the train station. I did Drive on Monday and walk on Tuesday.  I walk 3 blocks in the morning. Then up a flight of stairs. At the end of the day do it all with the addition of crossing an extra street. I maybe walk a block from the train station to the bus too.   Also we have mandatory yoga.  I didn't like all the different standing things like from forward fold to standing.  The instructor gave me alternate exercises for the ab portion since I had talked to her after the Tuesday class.  On Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I walked a lot to get to and from Bart. Since I've packed my lunch and dinner, I haven't had to walk to get either of those things. I still wish I had some weight lifting time. My arms have lost all their muscle. I want some of it back or to stop losing the rest of it.  So if I walk fast and not even my old pace that people said was fast but slower than that, then I get a pain in my lower abdomen and it sucks. If i bike fast the same thing happens. 

SQL Developer

Today I learned how to use an SQL Developer and make things look pretty and then it creates XML for you.  For one of our assignments we had to get creative and come up with our own Many to Many Schema. Usually being creative and making up something to model is rough for me but Dave suggested I do it like my website. So I did. Here is the pretty picture. I did simplify it and only included "outfits" instead of outfits and accessorized outfits. Currently shoes, jackets, and jewelry are the add-on from outfit to accessorized outfit. You know it's actually kind of killing me to submit the version that isn't accurate even though nobody will even look at my model and it's supposed to be made up so simplification is OK. Some people just had 3 tables to model many to many and that is perfectly acceptable.

We've only used this to play a little. I can't wait until we use it in class!

I probably should have just done a quick example since I have so much more coding to do this weekend.

Dave keeps telling me how after Dev Bootcamp I can update my website and do more to it. I kept telling him I didn't think so but as I'm working through this class, I think he's right. I can't wait.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Packing Progress (6.2)

We were actually making pretty good packing progress. These were taken June 2 and the movers weren't coming until June 6. But all those boxes in the middle of the walkway and living room were empty or full of packing paper and they kept getting in the way.
Tank: Loft, Shorts: AE, Hoodie: F21 (got a hole after a year)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

DBC Week 2 Day 3 (7/24)

I woke up at 6 but didn't have to so went back to sleep until close to 6:50. I'm not sure if my alarm went off while I was awake or if I just stopped it from going off.

It took about 30 min to get to DBC. But lots of walking. Tons of stairs. And the BART was so hot that my face was read when I got in. We got in around 8. On our way we stopped at 7/11 so I bought milk and OJ. So I got milk with my cereal.

The entire day felt busy. I felt like I learned. I felt like the day wasn't as awful as other days with workload.

Around 3 PM I got really tired. I looked around and based on everyone's faces, they were all tired too. 

We talked more about classes.  I might make a separate post about that if I ever find the time.

We coded. I was done with the core exercises at a reasonable time. That seems to happen about every other day.

I got home at 10 PM.  I was up until midnight. I spent a lot of time telling Dave about my day. Then I coded a little bit to finish a problem.


 Shirt: Kohl's, Shorts: AE, Shoes: Famous Footwear.
We got our keys to our new place. I took some pictures.  The top picture is of a bedroom that would become an  office. The second picture is of another bedroom that will eventually become a baby room. The picture on the left on the bottom is the original living room but is referred to as the chimney room by the landlord and will become our reading room.  The last picture is of the laundry room.
I love sweet tomatoes. I really need to go with someone who eats slow so I can get enough food. The picture with 2 plates on one tray is Dave's food.
We packed some but not a lot.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Boxes and Cooking (5.30)

The more we packed, the more Poly had to explore the stacks of boxes.
I cooked grilled cheese but had to rest on the floor while it was cooking. Being lightheaded is the worst. The view is from the floor. Note the pan up there... so far away.
I chilled in bed in the morning because Poly was on me so cute. Just look at that face!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Week 2 Day 2

We started out the day with a short lecture on instance methods and modules. Then we worked  about an hour.

Then we had another Engineering Empathy (EE) session.  We talked about our inner critique or super ego. Our super ego can come at us with a direct attack or a comparison.  Anyone under attack from their super ego should notice that they are under attack (recognize), name what the attack is (ex: you're stupid), then get help from a peer, significant other, or teacher about why there is this attack. Use compassion, humor, and anger to work with your super ego.

Immediately after that was yoga.  That gave us about 10 minutes to eat!

We did some solo exercises then got back into our pairs.

At 5 we met back up and discussed Inheritance again. Most of which we had to use a few hours earlier and we didn't have the lecture on it took way longer to look up.  Here we talked about how you call super to refer to the class inheritance class.  If you don't have any new things to initialize you wouldn't need it but say you wanted to initialize a new variable then you should have super listed before the new variables.
For example.
The super refers to the rest of initialize in the Animal class.

Note order of classes matter and the super classes have to be above the subclasses.

Since I didn't have to take the train home, I got to stay late so I'm still here and typing this at 10 PM. I would normally be home. We'll see how the night goes sleeping in a different place. I'll have a half hour travel time via BART. I'm scared! Then who knows when I'll get here in the morning.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Week 2, Day 1

I started out week 2 with a cold. I took a ton of kleenexes with me. The first half the day wasn't so bad but once 3 PM hit, I was sneezing constantly and my nose was running constantly and I was having trouble thinking. I left right when class ended at 6. I didn't stay late at all. Not working on the bus ride helped me. I always think the more I think the worse my cold is. 

Today we did something interesting in the morning. We paired up in 3 half hour segments to code sudoku. The first was a top down approach. Then there was a bottom up approach. Then we got to choose. Every half hour we threw away the code. We actually didn't finish coding the problem but it did teach us a little about each way. It probably really helped that we spent all day solving the problem for the first time. 

Then we paired up with different partners and worked for the rest of the day on the core problems. We worked with classes, instance variables, global variables, getters, and setters, and probably more that I'm forgetting since I'm still sick.  It didn't seem that hard but once my cold really set in and our code wasn't working, it sure felt hard. At least right now I blame it on the cold and not on my inability to code. 

At lunch, a bunch of women from Dev Bootcamp had lunch together. It's a weekly thing. It was nice to discuss some women's issues. We also talked about being stressed. We could talk about anything really until we run out of time.  The intern was asking us how we liked it and I mentioned how Dave told me over the weekend that he doesn't think he's seen me so happy as I've been the past week. I think everyone was surprised by that answer. 
Here's a picture of the chairs we always sit on that make my butt go numb. I often wonder if other people find them as uncomfortable as I do. I mean I sit on chairs at restaurants and my butt hurts from those so I'm not sure if it's just me.  (We always sit on these for the lecture portions not when we are coding!)
On our second day, a photographer took a group picture then individual pictures. Here are the 2 versions that she printed for me to pick from. I chose the one on the right to put up on the board with our cohort. (We didn't get to keep the pictures but I snapped pictures of them with my phone.)

I started a full summary of Week 1 but realized I spend more time coding and don't finish up the post. I also learned today that someone at Dev Bootcamp read my blog and came to check on me because I have so much going on.  I wonder if he read my tumblr, blogger, or google+. They all have different things. I was too started by the comment to ask.


I woke up at 8:30 after having slept so well that I was just itching to be productive.  I got out of bed and put in laundry immediately.  I got my banana and juice and took that to my computer. I was going to work on my Dev Bootcamp prep but I read facebook first. I checked and replied to emails.  I kept starting new things. I was doing some things with Excel now that it's installed on my computer.  I kept starting so many things and not finishing anything because I'd jump to another thing to do.

It took about 3 hours for me to remember to put the clothes in the dryer. I did pack 4 boxes. (Poly tried to pack herself.)   I only watched 1 TV show during lunch so I didn't even watch TV all day like I've been known to do.

Dave brought me home Taco Bell and he got Slice of New York Pizza. We watched Undercover Boss Canada. It wasn't as good as the US one but I did enjoy that the boss gave reasonable prizes to these people instead of giving them houses and cars and stuff.

Dave went to play his game so I went back to the computer. At 9 I decided I would take a break and play some Solitaire. I did that in bed. Poly kept thinking I'd forget to feed her before going to bed so she cried at me the entire time. I got up to feed her and went back to playing Solitaire. Before I know it, it was bedtime. I never did get back to doing anything productive. I ended up playing Solitaire until close to 11.

The picture that makes no sense of a pillow, crackers, and chips on the floor is actually my area on the floor by my computer. When I get lightheaded I slither down there and then eat some snacks.

I got the pink pants for Christmas and they finally fit but are a little tight in the gut. That's better than before where they were too tight everywhere except below the knee. They are high cut but maybe if I get a belly band I can actually wear them with that.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

17 Weeks (July 20)

On Wednesday, I had a doctor appointment at 8:15. It was with a Physician's Assistant since my normal doctor is on vacation.  She ran a bit late. I spent about 3 minutes with her and that was it. I was able to just make a train but not a bullet train so I was an hour and 40 minutes late for class.   The heart beat was 156. They commented that it was good I gained 5 lbs but they weighed me with my jacket on.  So my doctor will be back from vacation and they want me to go back in 4 weeks. But my doctor only has appointments from 10:10 - 3:50. So that sucks a lot. I have a 2 hour commute to get to class or from class. I wouldn't go to class then leave then come back after an appointment or I'd be traveling for 8 hours in one day.  I didn't make my next appointment while I was there. I need to figure out the best day that I can miss a ton of class and have it not matter as much. It'll matter missing everyday. Also sometimes the doctor runs super late. Then these appointments are only a couple minutes long. It just annoys me. I asked about weekend or evening appointments but was just told about my doctor. There are 16 doctors in the practice. I wonder if others have better hours.  I even asked if I could come back in 5 weeks versus 4 and the receptionist gave me some lip about how they really want it at 4. Since my doctor was out the week before Dev Bootcamp I couldn't go then so basically they'd want me to have 3 appointments during the 9 week class. I'm not doing that. I'm going to time at least one of them to 5 weeks.  My blood pressure was either 120/60 or 130/60 and I was told that was good. (There is the conflict because I remember 120 but when I tried to quickly text it to Dave I seem to have typed 130. I think a typo is more likely than not remembering numbers.

I've been so busy with Dev Bootcamp that I've gotten about 6 hours of sleep a night. I did sleep on the train a few times but not even the entire time.

The week 17 picture was taken before dinner. I was actually surprised I looked bigger than previous weeks since they were mostly taken after I ate.

Size of baby: Onion, 4.5 - 5 inches long

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  0.6 lb loss overall. I also lost .1 in the past week.  That is just using the Saturday weight. On Friday and Sunday I was higher. 

Maternity Clothes:  New clothes arrived in the mail. I have 3 pairs of maternity jeans. 2 of which basically fall  down. I feel like I'm sagging all day. But I can't really wear my non-maternity jeans because we have so much sitting on the ground in these chairs that are weird so that your butt is on a little cushion and your feet are flat on the ground with your knees in the air. (I should take a picture to simulate because I fear I cannot describe this.) And with that positioning it would make sort of tight jeans extra tight. And as it is, my butt either goes numb or falls asleep each time I'm on them. (We meet 2-4 times a day in them.)  I also feel because of this even if I would want to wear skirts to travel and deal with the SF cold, I couldn't sit on the floor with them. I have so many skirts that still fit and will continue to fit.  I got more maternity clothes in the mail. Some new and some used. I haven't posted links to all my maternity clothes yet. (The cobalt jeans fit good but the coral ones are loose. I am glad I found a pair of regular color maternity jeans at Macy's when I was there even though they are huge. My other jeans that are en route won't arrive until July 23. They will also be huge. Too bad these jeans don't have belt loops so I could hold them up until I get fatter.  I do like that the Asos jeans have belt loops in the back for tugging them back up all day.  I wish the smaller Asos jeans would go up over my ankle because that would help. Then they might fit at the top.  I still have to figure out how to return the 2 pairs of pants in the size too small.)
Plus same reasoning as last week: Since I bought maternity clothes I started to wear the shirts even though I didn't need them yet. Maybe I can get my cost per wear down so I started wearing them earlier. 

Gender: We will find out on August 3.

Movement: Not yet.

Sleep: My lack of sleep is not baby related. I'm so exhausted this past week. I slept about 6 hours a night with adjusting to Dev Bootcamp and 4 hours traveling a day!

What I miss: Lunch meat. Mainly because lunch was provided to us on Monday and it was hoagies and almost all had lunch meat. 

Cravings: Nothing yet.  When do these usually start?

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: I've been too busy to have many symptoms. I do think my allergies are worse. Also i still get lightheaded at times and I'm really weak. It's tough work getting my container of food down from the top of a refrigerator. There are 4 containers on top of the fridge. The heaviest one is usually on top so I can't grab 2 containers at once. I struggle to reach to the top. I can't reach as high. But then I struggle because that bin with multiple jars of peanut butter is just too heavy. Next time I'm going to request help. I just hope someone is in the kitchen and someone tall.

Best moment this week:  Baby Related: Hearing the heartbeat (156). Anything else related: starting Dev Bootcamp. (Dave said he can't remember a time he saw me so happy. Too bad I'm just so tired too.)

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender.

Exercise: Well in the past week I've a drastic increase in exercise. I've had to bike to and from the train station. I walk 2 blocks in the morning. Well a maybe 3 because it's a half block then 1 block down a steep hill then 1 block sort of level then 1/3 block up a super steep hill. Then up a flight of stairs. At the end of the day do it all with the addition of crossing an extra street. I maybe walk a block from the train station to the bus too.   Also we have mandatory yoga.  Let me say I do not like moving from down dog to anything. That's worse than loading the dishwasher for my lightheadedness. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Poly kept trying to pack herself. Just look how she was in a box in a box under a box!  She also enjoyed a new spot on the shelf since some of my crafts got packed. (We also got donuts!)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Maternity Clothes (Asos and Old Navy)

Here's what arrived in the mail Tuesday.
The blue pants were in 2 sizes and the smaller size wouldn't fit up my lower leg.

The red shirt from Asos is huge but would be better when I'm bigger I guess.
The yellow tank from Asos is tighter at the hips. Almost too tight. But has room to grow in the gut.
The cardigan will fit better when I get bigger.
Same with the weird shirt on the bottom right.
The striped shirt (top left) is a medium but it was ok enough to wear.

(The gray pants are my yoga pants that I already owned. Same with the teal shirt in the 1 pic)

So far out of 3 maternity jeans 2 stretched out to being huge. It's weird that the cobalt ones did not since they are from the same place as the coral ones.

Oh those coral jeans are trouble because I think they are pink or peach or coral depending on the lighting so I don't know how to match them. I actually think they are coral the least.

(I apologize if this makes no sense. I at least tried to get rid of things underlined in red.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Coding is fun (Day 4)

Or maybe it sucks. It depends on how you think about it.

Today started with a quick lecture then we worked on our portfolio problems for an hour. That wasn't so bad. Then we had an hour to work on the first of two problems for the day. That problem was nothing but trouble.

We had to write a game that is a boggle board. So you needed to create an array that randomly selected letters of the alphabet. You needed this 16 times in 4 rows of 4. This is to show the "shaking" the covered tray if you were playing in real life. The trouble is that the driver code we were given didn't quite work so after a few hours and 5 TAs we just changed the driver code and figured that was alright. Then we had to make a smarter version of the game that instead of random letters there were 16 sets of data to mimic actual dice. Once that was done the easy step was to adjust the code to make the Q be Qu in the final display and then to make the display pretty. Our pretty one is named "pretty_array" because that's what I said I'd call it. My partner liked how I said "then we win" when talking about completing the program.
Here's the thing. I left at 8 PM and I never even started the second problem of the day.

Granted we didn't work all day because we had a lecture on debugging before lunch and we had an Engineering Empathy session at 4 PM. So basically out of the normal day we only and 2.5 hours to code our projects. The normal day ends at 6pm. Nobody leaves at 6 though. I always leave first when I leave at 8 PM. Some groups completed the second problem where we create a game called Ruby Racer.

I learned a few things today.

  • Our puts statement just printed the object instead of the output I wanted to print. (Happened when we just did "puts board" but if we did "puts board.shake!" then it would work.) The object that it was printing was .self. 
  • The entire class seemed to have trouble with the same part and who everyone got to such different places is some people decided that changing the driver code was OK a lot before other people did. 
  • Using string#ljust will help you out when you want your grid of letters to be pretty but sometimes instead of 4 letters per row there are 5 because a "Q" is never found by itself but is always a "Qu." 
  • I learn more on the days I don't get as much done as I'm supposed to. 
  • Using pry is a good way to debug. You can see what the program is doing at certain points. To install it type gem install pry. I still have yet to try it though. 
  • To make a quick array use %w(word word word) and then you don't have to waste time with the quotes and commas (no need for ['word', 'word', 'word']) 
  • There are 4 parts to the compass of shame: withdrawal, attack others, avoidance, and attack self. 
  • When in conflict there are different ranks (social rank, contextual rank, democratic rank, psychological rank, spiritual rank) Consider the needs of the person you are in conflict with. Slow down and breathe. Honest and transparence. Inquiry - Curiosity and composition. Name your strategies (I want to attack, get power, blame, etc). Enlist your counterpart as your ally. 
  • I learned why someone recommended taking notes. It's because even by the end of the day you forget what you learned in the morning so a few days down the road it will be even worse. 

Some things that were emphasized but I already knew were

  • To get code right before needing to debug: 
  • Use tests. Continuously. 
  • Keep methods small. 
  • Use proper naming of variables. 
  • Have pseudocode. 

To debug

  • look at the error (error line numbers are provided and helpful) 
  • Visualize 
  • Hypothesize and test 
  • modify 
  • test 

I hate pretending. In our EE session we had to pretend to have conflict with our partner acting out a recent conflict they had. Then them acting yours out and arguing with you. Worst thing ever.

I am so tired. Commutes are not fun.
Also I typed this all on the train on the way home and am so tired that I had trouble thinking of what you do in boggle to get the array of letters. Not what you do in Ruby but what you physically do to the real game… shake. If I wasn't so tired, you might get some cooler info on here.

Now this may make no sense because it's coding related or it may make no sense because I'm so tired, I can't tell what's what anymore.

Groceries (5.24)

I used to carry almost all the groceries upstairs and I might have just left 1 for Dave. Well since I started being lightheaded a lot and especially after shopping, he'd carry everything. Not only did he carry everything but while waiting for the elevator he'd lift the bags like he was lifting weights.  Here's an example but he did it more than once. And those are not light bags. We had half gallons of juice and 2 liters of pop in the one bag.
Just look at his face. You can tell those aren't light bags. Also I was complaining with how heavy my purse was when he was doing this. I even had to lean in the elevator while it was going up to try to recover a little. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Day 3

 I got to sleep in an extra hour since I had a doctor appointment. 

The doctor ran late but the actual appointment was quick. Then I'm supposed to make an appointment for 4 more weeks with my dr but she only takes appointments 10:10-3:50. Well that's the worst possible thing ever. I need to be in SF 9-6 with a 2 hour commute each way. I can't go then come back then go back unless I want 8 hours of travel in 1 day and still miss most of the day.  Today I got an appointment at 8:15 because my dr is on vacation so I had it with someone else. 

They weighed me with my jacket on so it appeared that I gained more weight than I did. They seemed happy with my gain. 

I was able to hurry out and make it to the train and park about 3 minutes before the train was supposed to arrive or I would have had to wait a half hour.  the train was 6 minutes late anyway.   The train was packed. Then later the buses were packed. I pretty much wanted to get off the bus and cry because I just couldn't handle so many people so close to me. Also I wanted to lie down. I didn't really feel like I was going to pass out yet but I was at the stage that it was coming. 

I was 1:40 late to class. I got there and apparently missed like 1:35 min of lecture. My summary was 3 sentences if that. So I'm sure I missed something else. I was able to join a group that was already paring since we have an odd number now in class. I don't know what the teacher thought about a group of 3. He had told people they could work alone. 

By lunch we finished all the exercises were were supposed to do by lunch. Go us. 

Then in the afternoon, we had a lecture on scoping. Then spent some time doing our solo project. Then paired up or solo and waited stopped only to have our 1 on 1 session with the TA or professor. I had mine with the TA. The professor sessions were booked. But I think having a session with a TA isn't quite a stressful as with the instructor.   I was told to quit doubting my ability since I knew my stuff. He said I should be more confident. I still don't believe him that I knew my stuff.  I was finally able to pair with someone. But the computers and issues so we both coded on our laptops and didn't quite do it the strict driver/navigator roles. We were almost done super early with the mandatory tasks but then the last one just wouldn't work. We decided to scrap it and start over and then we were done in 10 minutes. 
So I left at 7 as soon as we were done. I did spent 5 min or so telling Dave i was leaving.

I was so happy to leave at 7 versus 8. figured i'd get the 7:40 train and be home an hour early. 
Well i arrive at caltrain and see nothing about 7:40. So I look on phone and see it was 7:30. I had walked in and after being confused looked at my phone and it was 7:31.  So then I had an hour and 9 minutes to kill. 
That sucked. 

I bought subway. I only bought 6" since i already had a peanut butter sandwich on the bus. But man was I still starving. I think I ate the entire thing in less than 10 minutes with texting 

For both train trips today I was cold. Every other day I was hot. My ankles and calves are very cold. 

I'm eating all my Mike and Ike snacks. I'm starving. 

Today I had a ton of grapes for breakfast.  Grapes and a peanut butter sandwich on wheat for lunch. A peanut butter sandwich on wheat plus a meatball hoagie for dinner. I'm so hungry. 

I'm so tired. 
I hate all this travel. 
I still cannot believe how fast the day at class goes. 

On the bright side my pants are only a little bit big by the end of today so ti didn't look like I was sagging like the past 2 days. 

Today when I was getting up off the chair things that are actually on the ground someone offered me a hand to help me get up. But it was too late and I had a tablet and pen in that hand. I hope he does that again. Getting up is rough. Every time we sit on those chairs my butt falls asleep so it is worse than normal getting up. Or maybe it's numb not asleep. 

Everyday on the train my ears bother me near SF when we go through the tunnel or whatever it is. Bother me like hills and planes do. 

Some days I really regret my heightened sense of smell because so many things smell bad but today all I could smell was all the food everyone had and was reheating. 

Dev Bootcamp Day 2

Day 2
Short Version:
Travel sucked in so many ways.
DBC Class flew by and was pretty awesome. 
Travel home sucked at first but got better.

Long Version:
I woke up at 6 without my alarm. I didn't get up. My alarm went off at 6:05 so I was ready. I hit snooze. My second alarm went off at 6:09.  I was out of bed by 6:09.  Little Poly slept cuddled up to my side the entire night. I don't think either of us moved from when we fell asleep. 

I got up, got dressed, then tried to figure out what to make for lunch and have for breakfast.  I took a big container of grapes. Figured that could be breakfast and lunch. Plus I made a peanut butter sandwich. I almost made 2 but was stressed I'd be late. 

I think I left the house right at 6:30 but I can't remember exactly. My Strava should tell me so if I wasn't on a train now I could check.   I decided biking is hard and there must be a slight hill on the way to the train station.

I get to the train station and have so much trouble with my bike lock. I can never manage to unlock it even with the key.  Once I figured that out, I went over to tag on for the train and I get all these errors. I have since learned you only tag on and off the first time of the month. (But then it wouldn't work on the bus either. )  I was super stressed the entire train ride about how my pass would work to get the rest of the way to DBC and getting home.  

I just missed the bus 30 so I had to wait about 10 minutes for the next one.  I still got to DBC at 8:20. I think 3 people were there first.   I looked up the muni pass and tried to call them and stuff. So I didn't get to do extra prep then either.  

Everyone else started filtering in near 8:30 and talking to me and asking how my commute was and stuff. I guess I complain a lot about my commute because everyone knows how I live far.  

Then actual DBC was fun. It flew by. The least fun was when we had to work solo on a problem that we actually already did in the prep work. And that I looked at many answers before so not sure if I was just using those or thinking on my own. 

We did pair programming but with the same partner all day.  I think we did pretty well until we got to this one part of a problem where we had to convert from a number to spelled out words. What was so awful about that was that we both did the same exact problem before in the prep work and we still struggled for far too long. Most in the class struggled with that part too so I shouldn't feel so bad but boy do I.   Near 5:50 we were finishing that up and about to start the next problem but we both decided we needed a breather or we would struggle with the next problem no matter what it was. 

Tonight was mentor night so we had free pizza and a few mentors came. They told us about the mentoring program.  They match each interested student with a mentor in the coding industry. This mentor is interested in being our mentor and meeting with us but is very busy so once we are paired we need to be persistent. Here's what I want to know…. how am I going to have the time to fit in meeting with a mentor once a week.  We don't have to sign up for a mentor if we don't want to but I mean we should and it'd be good.

Once the mentor festivities were over I started coding another program. It was a requirement for the day but supposed to be done in pairs. I didn't want to meet back up with someone because I'd have to leave early. 

I took notes at the different sessions we had today.  Our first session was on readable code.  Then we had an Engineer Empathy session.  In the afternoon we went over Regular Expressions. 

We will have engineering empathy sessions weekly. This time we talked about how to solicit feedback, how to give feedback, how to ask for feedback, and how to integrate feedback. We are supposed to become feedback ninjas. 

One of the coding exercises where we had to convert words to pig latin I thought was very similar to an exercise we did for prep but my partner couldn't remember it. Then I figured it out that it was on my App Academy work for the interview process.   I opened my old code after we were done and think some of that was better. Some of the new one was better.  But per our directions this time if it started with a vowel you just repeated the word instead of having to modify it. Also we weren't given specific instructions with "qu". So those 2 things were easier.

The hardest exercise for the day was also the easiest. But it stressed me out more since you can't "check" your answer. It was typing up pseudocode for a problem. They gave you the code and you had to type the pseudocode for it. 

I ended up being so close to finishing but not then fixing things that I left 5 minutes late. Then I thought I would take bus 10 that I saw on google at one point since it was 15 minutes by bus versus 20ish.  Well I headed that way and had Dave tell me where it was and stuff and he discovered it stopped at 7:30 PM. So I was screwed and left late. So then I backtracked to a hotel and found a taxi. I made it to the train station with about 5 minutes to spare. Which was far too close for my liking.  But once on the train I can relax. And Dave is meeting me at the train station so we can bike home together.

I typed that on the train. I got home a little after 10. I got new clothes in the mail and had to try them on. That wasted a lot of time. Then I coded until close to midnight. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Day 1

(The following was typed on the train. I have pics I took but no time to add them. Also I got home after 10 and then coded until midnight.)

I left the house at 6:25. I was going to leave at 6:30 to give myself 10 extra minutes. I was ready at 6:20 and sat around and decided to just leave instead of risking falling asleep.  I biked to the train station.  I got there and got my bike locked up. My license and muni pass fell out of my little wallet. I told Dave that they would even though the pouch is there specifically for your license.  I was right. At least I heard them fall. 

I ended up on the bench to wait for the train 15 minutes early. 
The train ended up being 6 minutes late. 

We arrived in SF only 4 minutes late. They were able to make up some time. 

Then I took the bus. I only had to wait about 1 minute to leave. 

I got to DBC at 8:22. Then I had to wait. I sat on the floor outside the classroom. 

We were told the doors would open at 8:50 so I knew I'd have to wait.

Many other students arrived near 8:35.   At 8:50, someone brought out name tags for us. Then a bit later she brought out a dry erase board that welcomed us and mentioned it was a little late for that. 

At 8:58, we started hearing cheering from inside. It was enough to make us more nervous. Like they were trying to pump us up but it was freaking me out. 

A few minutes after 9 we went in. Everyone was there from Phases 2, 3, and 4 to greet us. Giving us high fives and stomping their feet. Then we went over to an area for some ice breakers.  Those were a little weird. 

After that we went around the room and introduced ourselves.  Those in Phase 1 said their name, something they loved, a quirk about themselves, and why they were there. Those in Phase 2 said their name and a quick tip for us newbies.  Those is Phase 3 made a video. Phase 4 and TAs did a mix of all things. 

Once that was done we had breakfast. They had bagels, muffins, and fruit. I just had fruit. I wanted a bagel but feared for my jaw. The muffins seemed a bit scary since they all looked berry by the time I made it through.  I also had OJ.  

Then Phase 1 went to "The Cave" for more team building.  We had some sort of presentations too.  We also created accountability groups.

Then it was lunch time. Hoagies, chips, and salad were provided. I was afraid for lunch meat so I had the chicken. I was kind of scared of that since there was a red line on the bun where the chicken touched it.  Man was it spicy. I ate it all though. I didn't manage to finish my salad not because I didn't want to but because we were getting a tour of the local park and the YMCA and I wanted to go with everyone else. 

After lunch it was more lectures then it was paired programming.  Finally we got to code. 
We did pairs but every 30 minutes we switched.  If you were a navigator you became a driver on the switch on the same code. But after you were a drive you got up and joined someone else. (Someone new joined you when you switched from navigator to driver.)  That was a little confusing to pick up in the middle.  It also kind of sucked to swap and then have to backtrack and do the same code again while someone else did it for the first time. This was especially bad since I knew it was going to be tough for me with a long commute later. 

After paired programming was over at 6, we went back into the cave to talk about what we learned about paired programmed and some good techniques.  I didn't think there was much coding left but everyone else thought there was a ton. 

Maybe 8 of us went to Chipotle for dinner.  At least it was quick.  Then it was back to coding. We could code in a pair. Most people did. I did not since my previous partner wanted to work solo for a bit.  Finally she came to ask me if I wanted to pair up when I needed to leave for the train.  I thought I left 10 minutes or so early 

I left at 8. I ended up out of the building at 8:05. By the time I got up the hill, I only waited maybe 1 minute for the bus. I got off the bus and was able to immediately board a train. I did walk through 4 cars trying to find outlets. Then I discovered them hidden on some of the upper rows. I probably spent 10 minutes looking for an outlet. My macbook needed to be charged.  I took some screen shots of some code to do but then when I got to get started with that, I realized I didn't go in and get the base code so I was basically a failure. The one program I was in the middle of, I realized I needed the internet to look up some google docs so that was a failure. I got out my phone to ask Dave a few quick questions but then my phone died! 

I read a bit of my programming book but then decided to open my laptop up and write a text file on how the first day went. I might never get a chance again. 

A few notes: 
I barely used my cell phone in the morning but the battery just got eaten up all day. We aren't allowed to use cell phones during core hours so it was in my bag.  I think because it had no wireless and was just using 4G for location stuff it was dying. I will turn it off in the future. 

For lunch we get 1.5 hours and 2 days a week yoga is mandatory.  We are allowed to use phones and laptops in that time for personal use but only during that time. 

I talked to the instructor about how I have to miss a morning at some point the next 2 weeks for a doctor appointment. It is currently scheduled for Wed but I was willing to change it. He looked and said no day is better than another but to let my accountability group know.  So at 9 if everyone is not there, they wait for everyone to show up. If you will be late or something you have to let your group know.   We were supposed to exchange numbers with our group but none of us had cell phones with us and nobody had pen or paper so we still have to do this. 

One tip we got was about taking notes yet we never got to go back to our bags to get paper to take notes so there was no note taking today. 

For the quirk we had to say about ourselves I mentioned taking my daily picture everyday since May 2005. Then later 2 different presenters referenced that. 

For paired programming, I was with 4 different people. I was told by 1 person how it was one of his best ones. Then the last one just didn't go well and I got a lot of constructive feedback. It just depends who you work with and everyone's coding style.   In the future we will have 1 partner all day or at least half a day so it won't ever be as confusing as it was on Day 1. They like to swap a lot on Day 1 just so you get to work with as many different people as possible. 

Funny (5.22.13 and 11.28.03)

Dave was about to cook and put a pot on his head. I forget what he said but boy was it funny. I made him leave the pot on so I could take a picture.  He did do a solute but I did not get that on camera. Dave says it was like something from TF2.
This all reminds me of the time in college when he put a purse on his head at the store and called it his Purska.
The folder with the Purska Pictures is EMPTY on my computer! I did dig through a ton of old scrapbooks and found the pictures with the commentary that Dave initially wrote on my photo gallery.
I just took pictures of the scrapbook pages so they aren't the best quality. And I just realized my finger was covering the words.

Dave is often funny, like the time when he was chewing on his blinds. No wonder people like to hang out with him.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Strawberries (5.18)

The fruit smelled so delicious at the store that I talked Dave into buying strawberries and making whip cream for me. Delicious. It probably tasted even better since I didn't have to cut the strawberries or make the whip cream myself.

My love for strawberries with whip cream started at Kennywood. I also started to like strawberries with frozen yogurt there too. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Commute

So I just did some ciphering for my travel to and from Dev Bootcamp. I figured I'd share some of it to help get the point across about how I will be busy for the next 9-12 weeks.   (I say 9 through 12 but really it's 9 or 12. 9 weeks are mandatory. Then there is an optional 3 weeks after. But also some people have repeated the first 3 weeks so then it could be 12 weeks just with that. I'm not sure how good or bad you have to be to repeat the 3 weeks but of course I fear the worst and think I'll suck so bad they'll kick me out or make me repeat things.)

I have to catch the train at almost 7am daily. I have to leave my house probably by 6:40. I have to either bike or drive there. It's only a mile away but there are 2 lights that last an eternity and could waste 6 minutes of my route. Then I have to lock my bike up or park and pay for parking then get to the other side of the tracks. It all takes time. I might leave at 6:30 tomorrow just to be safe!  Luckily going at that time I get a bullet train so it barely has any stops and only takes 46 minutes instead of over an hour.  It's a faster bullet. There's another bullet train later with a few more stops and a few more minutes.  Then I walk about a block to catch a bus. The wait for the bus could be a minute or 10. I just never know.  Then I spend 16 minutes on a bus. I have to walk down a really steep hill for 1 block and up a really steep hill for about 1/10th a block.  The travel to class will be between 1:30 and 2:00.  I think maybe 1:45 is more standard but at least the first day I'll get to the train earlier.

Just 2 hours of travel in a day would suck. But that's just 1 way!

I have a very similar trip but in reverse on the way home.  I will just have 15 minutes or 20 minutes on a bus on the way home depending on which bus I take.  I have to walk 3 blocks versus 1 for the 15 minute bus ride.  Then the train ride is not a bullet because I will be leaving too late in the day so then I will have 22 more minutes on the train this time!  Based on all that the trip home will be even longer.  Minimum I think it'd be 1:45 to get home but probably longer based on timing and waiting for buses and trains.

Who thinks I'm going to die from doing this?  At a minimum, I will be commuting like this Monday through Friday but everyone also goes in on the weekends.  I'm hoping some fellow students feel bad for me and let crash at their place once a week or something.

The timing I used was so that I would get home near 10 PM since I have to wake up by 6 so that would leave me 8 hours to sleep if I had to do absolutely nothing at home.  But this timing also has me leaving DBC between 2 and 6 hours earlier than others leave.  Maybe at some point if I have time, I will update on how this is all going.

I have been writing about my Dev Bootcamp prep work on my google+ page and some on my tumblr. (I really hate tumblr but keep using it because others use it.) I posted before about Dev Bootcamp with some background if you missed that post.  I have 10 or so scheduled posts set up on here so for the next few weeks it may seem like I've had time to post but I did that before staring my insane schedule.

16 Weeks (July 13)

This will be my last scheduled post and actually at the rate that I load the pictures and make collages, this might be when it would have actually posted anyway. From now on you will get them as they get posted.... And hopefully I have time for it.

I spent hours looking online this week at different maternity clothes. Mainly pants. Finding shirts was easy... too easy. I can also easily find shirts in stores.  I was going to order pants from Gap based on a recommendation from a friend with long lengths. The pants were on sale. Then they had a deal for 30% off. Well I couldn't get the coupon code to register. In the time I spent googling it, the coupon expired because ET is used for the sales.  A new code started but with 20% off instead of 30%. That wouldn't work either. But that one did have an exclusion about maternity clothes. I tried to put in an expired code from weeks earlier and I got an error so I know it wasn't my browser. I also tried in IE and in Chrome. So I decided Gap doesn't get any of my business. I took some screen shots of the deals and exclusions. I was going to write to Gap but I doubt they'd do anything so I'll just stick to not buying form them again and some other company will get all my pants business.

We haven't started a registry yet. I have a friend due 2 weeks before me and her entire registry is done. Her entire nursery is ready too. I wouldn't feel so behind if it weren't for Dev Bootcamp taking me all the way until after I actually need to be registered for my shower.

Size of baby: Avocado, 4.3 - 4.7 inches long

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  0.5 lb loss overall but a 1 lb gain from last week. I'm low even though I gained because of muscle loss.

Maternity Clothes: Since I bought maternity clothes I started to wear the shirts even though I didn't need them yet. Maybe I can get my cost per wear down so I started wearing them earlier. Within the week I will have jeans I ordered in the mail. I will probably start wearing them. I enjoy my stretchy skirts but next week I will be wearing jeans/pants since it is colder in San Francisco than where I have been.

Gender: We will find out on August 3.

Movement: Not yet.

Sleep: I wake up maybe 1 time to go to the bathroom near 6 am. Sometimes it is helpful because then I wake up early but other times I want to go back to sleep and I lie there for awhile before I'm back to sleep.  I have more dreams that I remember.

What I miss: Working out like before and working out without getting sore.  My groin was sore in the morning for 2 days after I ran.

Cravings: Nothing yet.  When do these usually start?

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: Nothing new.  The main one now is lightheadedness. That is almost all gone too. I did get some headaches but nothing major.  Well maybe not almost gone because shopping gets rough. I can't handle standing that long I guess. Even if I eat right before going to Target.

Best moment this week: Exercising! (But I had a few good ones. I enjoyed shopping for clothes too. I haven't shopped in so long that it was nice to look. There's a date and a place ironed out for my baby shower!)

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender.

Exercise: I ran 3/4 mile on July 9. I also biked to and from Google on July 11. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Maternity Clothes Worn

So I decided I like it right now where I can wear maternity clothes with non-maternity clothes. It gives me some  nice outfits.  I'm not sure how long this will last though.
I matched this myself and wasn't 100% sure it actually matched but I did enjoy it. It's so weird when  I moved locations in the yard that the color of my pants seemed to totally change.
I'm beginning to think I need white maternity jeans because everything I buy or see, I want to wear with white jeans.
This skirt will fit for awhile because it is super stretchy and has a foldover waistband.

All tops are from Target since my on-line orders haven't arrived.
Just out of pure coincidence all bottoms are from F21.
Shoes are from Target, Kohl's, Famous Footwear, and Kohl's (repeat).
The one necklace is from Sears.

The jeans can still button. I believe on July 10, I wore the belly band and after I ate, I unbuttoned my pants.

I can't wait until my colorful new jeans so up so I can try to figure out how to match them. Well I also dread it because I fear I won't know how to match.

I like the ruching on maternity shirts and so far all that I have worn have had it, but I did buy some without it.

What do you think?

Friday, July 12, 2013

15 Weeks (July 6)

On July 6, I went to Target and looked at some maternity clothes. I don't really need them yet but after Dev Bootcamp starts I won't have any time to shop. I bought 4 shirts. They were a bit expensive but I really liked the one style so I bought it in 3 colors.  After doing some research online for different stores other people complained that other stores had the shirts too thin so you had to wear a cami. These from Target don't require a cami so I guess it's a good deal. In the next week I still need to buy some maternity pants. I have also been given recommendations on a belly band but at the same time other people said they hated the belly band. So I'm not sure what to do there.

I actually didn't take the Week 15 photos after I ate so that is more baby than dinner.  I googled pregnancy collages to see what other collages are out there. It's crazy. People range a lot with how early they show. Also people range in what they share. Some people had the picture zoomed in on their stomach but you could see they weren't wearing pants and just had on their gutchies.   I was in a hurry this week since my mom was trying to do a google+ hangout with me and was waiting. I still took about 30 pictures.  If I don't have an exact side profile, sometimes you can't even tell I'm pregnant.

I had my first dream where I was pregnant at the beginning of the week and I was shopping for maternity clothes at Target. Then the next day in my dream, I was much further along in the pregnancy and something went wrong (not sure what) so we had an ultrasound and it showed we were having a boy. So I wonder if we will have a boy or girl now. I wonder if I'll have other dreams that disclose the sex of the baby.

Size of baby: Apple, 4 inches long

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  1.5 lb loss overall but a 2.9 lb gain from Week 14.  (Note Week 5 picture I weighed 136.7 and Week 15 picture, I weighed 135.)

Maternity Clothes: Same as mentioned last week: No but some of my jeans don't fit after I eat.  It's been hot and my jean shorts are still big. I've worn skirts but only the stretchy kind. Mainly because those are the only ones I wore here anyway. The others just seem too dressy for California even if they might fit.

Gender: We will find out on August 3.

Movement: Not yet. I haven't tried to pay attention but I think I have a few more weeks before it's even common to feel movement.

Sleep: I wake up maybe 1 time to go to the bathroom near 6 am. Just this past week Dave has kept me up too late and let me sleep too late. Just in time for Dev Bootcamp to be starting in a week when I will have to wake up at 6am.

What I miss: Working out without getting lightheaded or working out in general. I did workout some but not nearly enough to not miss it.

Cravings: Nothing yet.

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: Nothing new.  The main one now is lightheadedness. That is almost all gone too. I did get some headaches but nothing major.  Well maybe not almost gone because shopping gets rough. I can't handle standing that long I guess. Even if I eat right before going to Target.

Best moment this week: Buying my first articles of maternity clothes.  No no no I think exercising might have been a better moment. 

Looking forward to: My blog being caught up to my actual weeks. (But not looking forward to not having time to make posts.)

Exercise: I biked to and from the train station with Dave. He got ahead of me. I was slow. I also biked to and from seeing fireworks and walked about a mile after biking to where we biked to before we found our spot to sit.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Maternity Clothes

I bought some maternity clothes in person and ordered some on-line. I was going to wait to post until everything came in and I wore everything but starting next week I won't have any time because of Dev Bootcamp.

I bought all of these in person. I also bought a pink long sleeve shirt that wasn't shown on-line.  So far I've worn the last item in the first row and second row. I don't really need to wear them yet but I wanted to try to get the cost per wear down. I bought the same shirt in 3 colors. I like them because they are not see through at all. Based on reviews I've read on many maternity clothes sites, most shirts are thin and require a cami.  Besides the 3 shirts that were the same style but different colors, all others were on clearance.
Old Navy
I ordered all in Small except the second one I ordered in medium.  They won't arrive until next week. I only own one sort of recent shirt from Old Navy and it is small so I figured I'd order small but I thought maybe by the end of pregnancy I'd want bigger so I switched one to a medium.  I wonder if I will have to return any. Hopefully I will have time for an update later.
I've never ordered from Asos before. I think I only heard of the store from my brother before. But then within the 24 hours I heard about it from two people and that they have maternity leave. I ordered 4 things. The shirts are both size 4. That is what I would wear based on the sizing chart.  I ordered the jeans in both 4 and 6. I hear returns are easy and I wasn't 100% sure which size I'd wear. The model pictured is 5'11 and wearing a 4. My brother sent me the link first. I was looking at a lot of jeans but these have the best inseam for me. I really hope they fit.  Sometimes skinny jeans will fit on top and the calves are too tight. I hate ordering on-line.
I ordered this on Amazon the day after my first set of 4 shirts from Target. It was $15 and free shipping but I ordered it. I'm still waiting for it to arrive.
Sorry the above pictures are not very good. The lighting is bad in our bedroom especially after dark.
I can't believe nobody told me about a belly band years ago just for when I ate too much and was too gutty. All of my pants that I have been wearing the last 6 months still fit so I tried out the belly band with pants that got too tight months before I got pregnant.

The purple diagonal shirt didn't seem that big in small so I bought the medium. Both were on clearance. I didn't try the medium on at the store and it look pretty huge. I won't be wearing it for awhile.

Lots of people seem to try to wait as long as they can before buying maternity clothes but I figure I'll mix them in so I can wear current pants with new shirts and have more outfits.

I did add up everything I spent on maternity so far and it was close to $225.  It all adds up quickly.

Where were your go-to stores for maternity clothes?  I did look on the Gap website and may order jeans from them but none of their sale items were in my size and I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for something that I couldn't try on.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

14 Weeks (June 29)

The 14 week picture was taken a day late because I totally forgot! I also took it right after pigging out on lunch!

During the week a friend (former friend?) posted on facebook about being annoyed with pregnancy announcements and she wanted other kind of news like about divorce. I replied to that telling her she was rude. Apparently she 2 other status updates that were similar. The most recent I only know about because another friend commented telling her how awful she was for saying that. I got it in an email since she tagged me. But the entire update is gone now so I didn't get to see it. Other people saw it because I got messages all morning telling me to ignore her and she's just jealous. I was surprised how many people actually commented about her being rude. Most just commented to me instead of telling this person to her face how rude she was. At least I had one friend tell her. Maybe she'll learn she shouldn't be so rude. Also 2 people I know defriended her this morning on fb because of it. Seems a little crazy. I am always overly excited about pregnancy announcements. Also I haven't been annoying posting about pregnancy. I posted my initial announcement with picture. Then 10 minutes after my friends first status update that was rude, I posted a link to my blog saying if people wanted to hear pregnancy updates they could go there.  I haven't posted about it since besides replying to a fb comment where someone mentioned a store with maternity yoga pants. (My status update was about my current yoga pants getting a hole and maybe I should buy new ones.) I don't think I've been excessive or annoying about it. But I guess this person only wants to hear about misery.

Size of baby: Nectarine, 3.5-4 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  4.4 lb loss overall but a 1.8 lb gain from Week 12 to 13 then lost .2 from week 13 to 14.  I tried to cut down on the amount of juice I was drinking because I read about it being bad for my teeth.

Maternity Clothes: No but some of my jeans don't fit after I eat.  To be honest, I don't get dressed much. My yoga pants still fit great. My t-shirts from elementary school still fit. Sometimes when I lounge around I do notice my shirt riding up a little bit.

Sleep: I'm still waking up in the night. I don't seem to wake up as much to go to the bathroom. I still go to sleep insanely early for me and wake up insanely early. Never in my life did I wake up at 6am without an alarm but now I do often.

What I miss: Working out without getting lightheaded or working out in general. Pepperoni in my salad.

Cravings: Nothing yet.

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: Nothing new.  The main one now is lightheadedness. That is almost all gone too. I did get some headaches but nothing major.
Already mentioned but still going on: Thirstier, sense of smell, lightheaded, nauseous.

Best moment this week: I really enjoyed continuing to tell people.

Looking forward to: Talking with more people about the pregnancy.  Posting things on my blog.

Exercise: Nothing :(

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Boxes (5.3)

We had some boxes. We decided to save space and store them in each other. Poly still found a way to hang out in the boxes.

Monday, July 8, 2013

13 weeks (June 22)

We went for an ultrasound on June 17. Once that was all clear, we knew we'd start telling people.  I had to wait until Dave got home from work to call his parents then I could start telling others. I didn't think it'd be fair to tell people all day and then have them know before his parents. 

It just so happened that my monthly doctor visit was the same week so on Wednesday we went to the doctors. That wasn't as exciting since we just had the ultrasound. The doppler wouldn't work so she had to get out the ultrasound. That would have been even cooler if we didn't just have the ultrasound 2 days earlier.
I didn't quite get to tell everyone before news started getting spoiled. Telling my aunt was the most elaborate. She was on vacation but I wanted to tell her before she heard it through the grapevine. I knew if I didn't tell her while she was on vacation, she'd hear it from my cousin when she read it on facebook. So I tried to call my aunt's cell and it went straight to voice mail. I left a message. The next day I called again and it went straight to voice mail. So my I talk to my  mom and she gives me my uncle's cell phone number. His rings but no answer. So I texted him. I explained who I was and asked if he could have my aunt call me when she got a chance. Well my aunt thought something was wrong with someone in the family so she called me back right away from Disney World. She was so excited. We talked for a bit and then she got off the phone. I thought she was in a hurry because she was at an amusement park with her son, daughter-in law, and 2 grandchildren. But no it appears she was in a hurry to call my mom and talk to her and then immediately call my dad and talk to him. 

Size of baby: Tangerine, 2.5-3 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  4.2 lb loss overall but a 1.8 lb gain from Week 12.  I was up a little more then I go one day without drinking a ton of juice and my weight was back down again the next day.

Maternity Clothes: No but some of my jeans don't fit after I eat.  I don't get dressed much so it's hard to tell. Yoga pants are still just as comfortable as before. My t-shirts from elementary school that I wear all the time still fit the same.

Sleep: I'm still waking up in the night. I don't seem to wake up as much to go to the bathroom. I still go to sleep insanely early for me and wake up insanely early. Never in my life did I wake up at 6am without an alarm but now I do often.

What I miss: Working out without getting lightheaded or working out in general. Pepperoni in my salad.

Cravings: Nothing yet.

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: Nothing new.  The main one now is lightheadedness. That is almost all gone too. I did get some headaches but nothing major.
Already mentioned but still going on: Thirstier, sense of smell, lightheaded, nauseous.

Best moment this week: I really enjoyed the ultrasound and telling people.

Looking forward to: Talking with more people about the pregnancy.  Posting things on my blog. The ultrasound on August 3 where we will find out if it's a boy or a girl.

Exercise: Nothing :(

 I made a second collage finally with some pictures I took more zoomed in.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


I did not sleep well at all. I was so tired when I woke up that I rested in bed a bit and played Solitaire on my iPad. I may or may not have napped a bit too.

Then I woke up and ate lunch and watched TV. I continued to watch TV until Dave got home. We talked a bit. He went to the gym and I continued to watch TV.  He brought home dinner and we ate and watched TV.
We still have so much TV to catch up on. Maybe I need another full day of TV watching.

I did sit at my computer for a few minutes at some point trying to upload pictures to blog posts but nothing seems to work right anymore so I gave up on that and went back to TV.