Thursday, June 30, 2005

i didn't get enough sleep. mom wakes me up pounding on the door saying we should be there by now. then at quest i learn they close earlier than i thought.

a min ago a book fell on my power strip and turned it off. so my computer was shut down.

i got bloodwork in my right arm .. i still have on the bandaid. i still have the hole when i was poked on tuesday and I get to go back today to get the PM test done.
i made a mouth gaurd. there's no way it can work as a retainer. we boiled the water using the stove timmy made. it took forever.

i foudn some stuff under the calendar on my desk. the one note is pretty funny.
the power went out once. i had to turn my computer back on to post this:

i am shutting down my computer.
y do bagels=yummy and bagels= pain in jaw.  that's not fair
1320 am is an awesome station.

today i was so backed up cuz of a tire being in the middle of the road and the car it belonged to being on the side of the road. well on teh raod cuz of the curb. it was an suv or a jeep (not sure or forget which). it was red. the car was between 48 and haymaker village.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


i think i have an eating disorder. i never ever want to eat anymore. i never want to snack. i only eat a sandwich at lunch cuz i pack it in the morning because i'm supposed to. i dont snack. i eat dinner but not much.

update: my mom made me eat dinner cuz she cooked. i ate mozzerella sticks at apple bee's. it was a tough time. i didn't even eat much either.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


new car pictures. sorry they suck. it's hard to take pictures in a garage. tomorrow better ones will be added.
i forgot to mention that at 5:10 pm i went to take my bandaid off from giving blood and i started to bleed again. i went down and started the paperwork at 10:20 even tho my appt was for 10:40.
also today we went to bettis. and got there and learned our meeting/presentation was cancelled.  then i gave blood. my blood actually dropped for testing for iron. so it didn't have to be spun. then i was going good until i was done giving blood. i ended up missing 2 hours of work.  45 min of that was my lunch.  i should have taken a "lunch" anyway even tho i ate at the giving blood area. they even had me have juice and a donut before giving blood when i told them about getting light headed.

then after i ate 2 donuts and a piece of pizza. i had 1 apple juice before and one after. and then they gave me gingerale. i hate gingerale so i only drank 1/20 of it.

I want donuts now. they made me want donuts. they were good.
i picked up my car.  the battery was dead again.  it's raining super hard. daddy let me park in the garage.

Monday, June 27, 2005

if your parents think you lived at home too long/ live at home too long. i know someone that was 101 and 2 of her kids still lived w/ her.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

when i've been saying i had 4 pairs of black dress pants i meant i have 6. i just realized 2 were so similiar that they aren't the same. and then one pair i haven't worn in forever.

i have these dark blue dress pants. i need to know what matches them (shoe wise).
russ's garage is awesome. it's the most like my grandpap's garage of any i've seen

Making a Stove

Timmy and I are making these. He made one yesterday with Russ.


last night at 10 pm timmy made me an omelet and toast
for breakfast today i ate spaghetti
for lunch i had hashbrowns and waffles

Friday, June 24, 2005

i started to clean my room. too bad i only got as far as cleaning right around cmy computer monitor. i'm so tired now . i think it's bedtime.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

so work has a 9/80 schedule but my section has this major thing going on and he canceled the 9/80 day off for tomorrow. wow

my job

is so awesome especially now that i have work to do... real work. sometimes it's a little tough cuz i'm not exactly sure about stuff so i have to ask more questions. i dont want to mess up  since i'm the one approving things myself. and making comments back to the vendor myself.


diane cleaned my teeth again today. i didnt' get yelled at for not flossing. i dont have any  cavities.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

light bulb

another light bulb burt out on my ceiling light. so i replaced it.  the other one i left burt out cuz i think it's broken and not really burnt out.
i'm hunting for my old splint so i dont have to buy a new one and i find my super old top retainer...


i slept in 33 min late today but was still ready in time cuz usually i wake up at 5:50 to take a shower and today i didnt' need one.  and i'm always ready early. i woke up at 6:23 and was ready to leave by 6:39 and we usually leave between 6:45 adn 6:45.  my dad was already downstairs eating breakfast and reading the paper today. he usually never reads the paper.  he didn't even notice i was asleep even tho i'm always downstairs totally ready by the tiem he comes downstairs.

some of today

i went back to sleep after my alarm today. during that time i had an awful dream about my boss yelling at me and stuff. then today on my way to work i realized i forgot my badge. on a normal day it would be ok but not on a day i have to go to bettis. so once we got to work i got the cavalier and came hoem got the badge and went straight to bettis for the tour that was to last an hour. well really it was 2 mini half hour tours and our group was broken up. 25 min into the first one i had to leave becuase i was so lightheaded and going to pass out. i was starting to black out. i left to go to the bathroom cuz i knew they would have chairs in there. i got a paper towel to wet but the stupid sinks were automatic and werne't cold. so i got a new papertowel and went to the waterfountain. that saved me for the 2nd little tour cuz i kept putting it on my neck and stuff. then i got back and had all this stuff to do or to learn to do. i dropped off a security form and my phone to get a new sticker on it. then the interns were debating watchign a video during lunch to prepare us for the shipyard tour. but as of 11:30 when my lunch was supposed to start they hadn't decided so i went walking. but really i was still making copies and caused a paper jam so i was fixing that until 11:35.

i walked at lunch and caught up to the walking club organizers and said how interns shouldnt have to walk as many miles to get the prize and stuff cuz we aren't there the full duration of the club.  they said they would take that into consideration  but then also said i coudl walk after work.  then at 12:08 i returned to the 10th floor to receive an e-mail to say we were going to try the videos at 12... so i e-mail and sy i'll be down. i go down to the 2nd lfoor only to not find them so i go up to 8 to find pat and he's sitting there sayign they decided not to (pat was also talking to him about it)  so i didn't get upstairs to actually start eating my lunch until 12:30. at 1:15 when i was leaving to go to Bettis i was still eating my sandwich. i hadn't gotten to any more of my lunch.  i was tryign to get some stuff done before leaving. i didn't actually get to leave y 1:15. it was more liek 1:20. 

c i was worried about this mornign and my lack of lunch because i was warned our 2-4 thing we would have to be standing.  lucky thing was i got to share a chare with this girl. the guy talkign to us told her to take the chair cuz she was in front of me but she was nice and shared it.  it was such a beneficial program at 2..the best yet. 

then i came home at 4:30ish instead of traveling back to work and getting everything out in time to leave. so while telling my mom about my day i was getting all lightheaded again. the room was spinnign a bit throughout the day and i felt a little clammy. i didn't ever fully recover from this morning.  she made me drink juice.

my arm keeps throbbing on and off ht epast few days (like someone punched me). and actually right nwo i have a headache and i feel all tingly.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

the pirates won by a lot. the tailgate party wasnt' very good. i only ate chicken. i'm starving. the hotdogs and hamburgers werent' ready when i got there.

Monday, June 20, 2005

2 things

so i'm wearing black and yellow today before the pirate game but when i change to go i'm not wearing either color. weird team spirit i guess.

i slept with my bedroom door open and i didn't get attacked in my dreams.  i was super duper tried when i finally got to go to sleep though.
so today i remembered i didt'n give my dad his father's day cared. then i couldnt find it. i ask timmy and he signed both our names to it and gave it to my dad yesterday.


so yesterday when pat dropped me off after he got out of the car to get my suitcase my mom said "he's cute" then she thought he might have heard and was worried. but she resaid it once i got in the car and he was in his.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

we went to some restarant in drexel hill. it was j.b. dawson. i ate cheeseballs before going so i didn't order a lot. i just got soup and french fries (3.99+1.50) and water. dave ordered chicken and ribs (16.99) and coke (1.99). i got my soup and didnt like it so i gave it to him. but he shared his ribs with me.

i'm so tired and full

Friday, June 17, 2005


friday's was packed so we went to applebee's. it was the worst service ever and then they charged a 15% graduity for us. like it was the worst service by far and i thought new york service was bad. then we went to ed's. it took them 45 min or more to start playing poker. then it was tournament so i wasn't going to play. 9 of them played. yusuf went to applebee's and left after 2 minutes. then he left once we all got to ed's. shreve came drunk. then he drank a little more there. but he was winning when we left. 7 people were left but 2 had very little left. i'm so tired. i didn't take any pictures.

tomorrow we're going to dave's mom's place at noon.
i'm in drexel hill. got in about 11:30 last night. some accident on the turnpike closed both lanes of traffic for awhile. mile marker 144.4. actually i think it was just a tractor trailor that turned sideways and stuff from the rain. it was on the side of the raod by the time we went by. it was like all torn up. weird like if it was a soft plastic and someoen was trying to bed it and it cracked.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

i can't even rememer the last time i was this tired. stupid play lasting so long last night. i need to take a coffee cup to work.
work was sooooooooooo boring today. i didn't really have anything to do.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

to help avoid confusion about my street descriptions

read the previous entry first. i was in the passenger seat in the car. and i only know that street by the diner takes u up to 837 cuz we had to go that way cuz we couldnt get out of the street the way we wanted to go. it took us right where we needed to be. also guy in story w/ with head injury was probably in his 60s. The driver of the truck was also a guy. the truck was like a pickup truck for a business. but it has those compartments on teh sides where they store stuff on the outside cuz of all their work equipment.

excitement for the day

so it was off to training today. we had to be there at 9:30. we were leaving early because last time they started early.  we missed the bridge to get on 837. we could have gone a different way but felt liek we should turn around. so we did. then we had to return aroudn cuz the onramp is only going the one way. so we pulled into the street by Korner Stone Diner (used to be little nicks... this is on 148 or 5th ave (known as both names))  then there's this truck in front of us. we have to wait for it to turn green. he's turning left.  but it's a T intersection so that shouldnt matter too much.  The light turns green.  He waits a few seconds and starts going slowing and this little red car comes fliying trhough the red light. he saw it comign and braked but it was too late.  the front of his car on the driver's side got a littles mashed.  but the whole front of the red car got smashed in.  glass flew far. and all this liquid started dripping on the road. 

i didn't get out of the car at this point but one guy in our car and one guy in the other car got out to see. they saw the guy's (passenger we assume) head smashed into the windshield. he was bleeding pretty bad.  right after it happened some black lady came running over w/ the cops on the phone so we didn't have to was taken care of.  so then we backed up and went into the diner parking lot. i called work to tell them to let bettis know we would be late  cuz we had to give our statements about it cuz the other people weren't witnesses they just heard it and ran out.  the cops and the ambulence were very fast getting to the scene. the cops only took statements from the drivers even tho i noticed more details about the light being green and going and the car  but o well.  I called my manager cuz i wasn't sure who else to call... I only had numbers of a few people in my department. but he didnt' answer; my administrative assistnant answered and wanted to know if i had the number of who to call... if i had that, i wouldn't have had to call her.  but i didn't tell her who all was in teh car(s). so she told the intern coordinator and aparently she sent out and e-mail to all the managers of the interns to inform them about it.  but aparently i did good calling work and nobody else thought of it.

the cops couldnt seem to find the driver of the red car. i don't know where she went. but we didnt' stick around at all after we gave our statemtns. they wanted to get to a boring presentation. i wanted to find out what they do after wrecks. i want to know the speed limit on 148. i am thinking 45 but it might be 35. the lady was definitely going faster than 45.

btw i've never seen a wreck before but i was close one day on 30 when i had my permit and was driving. but i wans't lookign at the road at the redlight so i missed it.

our presentation ran over.  then on teh way back we went to fuddruckers. i got a 1/3 lb burger and couldnt finish it. most of the guys got 1/2 lb burger. one got fries too and a milkshake.  one guy got a 1 lb and onion rings but saved half for later.  it was a pretty good burger. and i never say that about a restraunt.

Monday, June 13, 2005

nobody comments in here anymore
well time to go eat nachos and cheese.  they are part of my "soft food diet" for 3 weeks
jaw dr prognosis: soft food diet for 3 weeks. at home physical therapy, hot compresses 20 min on  20 min off, medicine
then next time it hurts the same thing for 3 days.

he wanted to do regular physical therapy but since insurance is retarded we are going to not do that.
aparently i'm in the "in crowd" or something .  and there was much talk about the party and pictures  but i did not get to see the other set of pics yet... quite sad

Sunday, June 12, 2005

so little sleep. i suck at this game. fun pictures  sorry they are out of order.

update: i fixed the order
so aparently my mom called me at midnight last night. she was one of my missed calls. she was worried that iw as passed out drunk. my mom said to me this morning "how do u fell" and i shrug cuz i didnt' shower yet but she meant drinking. she couldnt fall asleep until i got home at 3.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

i got beer in my hair. i was there from 8:30-2:30. The host puked a bit. I think there was an age limit of 30 unless your wife and kid are out of town (then 31 is allowed).  i wish i had my camera. but some guy took tons of pictures and i'm supposed to get them from him somehow.


i went INTO the bank today

craziest dream i had

mikey lived at home. sara was always here. then all of a sudden mikey proposes to sara. her response was "i can't...timmy" but then they are gonna get married.  and mommy is so crazy helping them plan. like if she was in the middle of doing something with me or cooking food she would just stop to go help plan. she was helping plan the shower and the wedding stuff. but daddy was making the phone calls to see if a place would fit them in soon like in the next few months.  sara was helping bake cookies at one point and was making them all wrong at one point. she was having the cookies touch on the cookie sheet before putting them in th eoven.  this was making me sooo mad cuz u don't want all your cookies to touch and have flat edges. but all the time when they weren't planning  the shower/wedding, timmy and sara were hanging out or sitting beside each other. mikey would be sitting on another couch or something.  i was unhappy about all this planning because nobody paid attention to me.

Friday, June 10, 2005

i dont know why i even ask questions. nobody ever answers them.

sorry behind the last post

SmilinColleen: this is so weird. i get invited to a party  someone is having at work.  he said people from work will be there
SmilinColleen: then today i call to find out of it's afternoon or evening (tomorrow) and he said "evening some people are coming earlier but mainly evening" i said what time's that he said "8-9"
SmilinColleen: i ask what to bring
SmilinColleen: he said he doesnt know i ask whty they r having. he said  no food  a keg and drinks
what should i take to a party that has some coworkers and no food and a keg that starts in the evening (8-9pm or so i was told)

Thursday, June 9, 2005


minutes after it was curled:

after i woke up and brushed it:

after humidity killed it and i put it up (and let it down for hte picture):


i got my first arm band today for being 21 and allowed to have booze at the bar. she made it sooo loose i could give it to someone else. i slid it off my wrist w/o having to scrunch my hand at all.  i didnt' drink any though.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

i'm tired
so when i drive to work  not carpooling w/ my dad. i leave 3 min before him and we pull into the parkign lot one behidn the other (cuz he's stuck behind me) but if i leave a min behidn my dad i get there liek 6 min after him.  yet he claims he doesn't speed. and on 993 i go 55 minimum slowing down to 45 on the curves that i'm supposed to slow down to 25 for and go over 50 on 22 where the speed limit is 35.


ok i have this pair of earrings. and the one earring i cannot get into my right ear and yet the other one goes in right away.  and then i try the earring in my right  ear in my left ear and it won't go in but the earring that wouldn't go in my right ear goes right into my left ear. 
this should not happen.  What gives?
i must remember to inspect my plant tomorrow to figure out what's wrong with it or what looks wrong so i can report back to callie.

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

i went to sleep at 9 last night for a nap. i decided to sleep the night but then i woke up many many times in the night. so i dont think i slept that well.
i was so tired a bit ago and almsot felll asleep  but then i got called to dinner. so i didn't get to sleep.

Monday, June 6, 2005

fyi: new clothes were purchased. i keep adding new clothes to my old gallery here
well my 6th dr appt for the summer was made today
o my  i almost changed clothes w/o taking my pictures!
should i do an intern thing thursday 5:30-9:30 in pittsburgh?

Sunday, June 5, 2005

so i have this dilema. it's gonna rian tomorrow so it will ruin my hair at lunch if i curl it. it's gonna be in the 80s all week cuz it's getting to that time of year. should i curl it pretty anyway?
my mom yelled at me for lifetime ruining entire day. i only started watchign itn at 10:30am. i'm trying ot figure out if i can squeeze a shower in on next commercial or if i shoudl wait until 11. cuz i have to dry it and curl it and stuff.
dead spider on my box of hot rollers.  i dont know if it's my buddy or not.
my mom said she killed two centipedes today (upstairs). i told timmy and he said "she didn't kill joe did she?!"


i got them

spider returned

and crawled to part of the ceiling that i can't reach

the camera was able to work better today because it was brighter in my room.
so i'm not sore at all and i ran last faster (so harder) than i did when i jogged w/ maggie a few months ago. and after the run w/ maggie i was all sore. so maybe i didn't run hard enough. man i wish i was sore so it was like i did something.


my mom woke me up this morning to show me her new outfit. that would have been alright if that's all she did cuz then i could have fallen back asleep. then she kept talking to me. then she shouts up from downstairs that i have to close the skylight.  looks like i'm up now.

Saturday, June 4, 2005

a spider

was on my curtains and posed for pictures but then escaped

but timmy got some better pictures in the basement of a centipede

update: so i went downstairs 3-4 hours after the pictures were taken and timmy points out "his friend" in the corner and tells me how it moved to a different spot and moved to another spot and it was just chilling there.
i'm such a loser. i made my hair look so nice about an hour ago. then i went running

pre run:

post run:

I sure look pretty w/ that red face.
so i wake up today thinking it's monday (well middle of the night) then i realize it is sunday  only to find out 3 hours later that it's saturday
i slept a long time last night. i woek up at one point and went back to sleep to finish my dream. i did finish it but i forget what it was. i woke up and mommy and daddy were gone. they didnt leave a note.  how dare they.

Friday, June 3, 2005

o man today at janet's the waitress referred to me, my mom, and timmy as "ladies" at least 4 times. she seemed to stop doing that once he ordered/talked.
o and i leanred tonight that insurance doesnt cover surgery for tmj

not so fun times then fun times

i went ot cafe supreme for dinner (w/ my parents and timmy). i bit into this soft roll. it was still warm it tasted so good. then it killed my jaw and i couldnt eat. then i was eating a cooked carrot that came w/ my meal and it hurt my jaw too. so overall i had about 1/15 of my salad, 1 roll minus some curst, 1 bite of chicken marsala, 1 roasted potato piece.  i'm hungry.
then we went to oak hallow park to "learn" how to drive the impala. we drove aroudn the park and then on the trail (durst road) then back on nike site .  well that was timmy. then i drove and drove on nike site first then back on the trail then half a loop around oak hallow.  the trail was THE BEST trip ever. sheep, calves, guinea hens, bunnies, birds, red winged black bird, dogs, the barn house had it's garage door open, deer, killdeer, chipmunk, and probably other stuff I forget.
THEN we went and played on the playground at oak hallow. it's the best playground ever. it was so much fun. i got dizzy so many times from the fun stuff. all the spinny stuff was awesome. there are 2 things that look like satelite dishes that are awesome and u sit in them and pin. there are 2 things that u stand and spin.... very nice. i didnt' try the baby slide because there was a puddle of water at the bottom and i forgot to try out the swings. i tried the rest. i even climbed up the thing that looks like a spider web. if anyone wants to go play, let me know.

so me and timmy finally driving the impala means we cracked my dad and he caved into having to readjust the seat after we drive it but it's only for "emergencies"

Thursday, June 2, 2005

i stopped off at giant eagle on teh way home to get my mom another anniversary cake cuz she didn't liek the last one.  she wouldnt write on it.  at first i wanted a sheet cake and was going to have it say "happy 29th + 4 anniverary" but then i had to get ar oudn one  and she said it was too small to write on but i thought she coudl fit a number so i wanted "29.01" but she didnt want to do it.

anniversary cake (number 2):
what up i called today to get an mri appointment and i got one for tomorrow. go me.  but not go my day off. i thought "ooo i could go to kennywood" but then realized i have nobody to go with.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

who wants to go to kennywood with me that would like to ride and be willing to stay and ride almost all day?

please someone want to go with me
i went downstairs to cheer myself up by eating.  but i quit after getting yelled at.  i just got yelled at for NOT scrapbookign in the basement        cuz timmy's using my table for his computer and she can't stand that
btw  all those years we joked about all my dad doing is eating at work. i think it's ture. they go thorugh a 6 lb box of nochos in 2 days.
i made my dentist appointment and i feel a lot better cuz now i did 2 thigns out of 40+.
i wish timmy would do more things wrong like yesterday so then i wouldn't get yelled at. my sweater and hoodie r downstairs and i get yelled at to bring them up here. yet they r my "coat" cuz i dont have a spring / summer coat so shouldnt they be allowed to be downstirs like the rest of the coats in this house.

my perm isn't very good i dont think. there are a bunch of straight parts.  i have about 40 things on my to do list.
i dont follow my own rules