Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sleep Training: More Details

Last time I posted, my table included when I put her in the crib and when she went to sleep.   I had some data from before of when she stopped crying and I've tried to keep track so here is an update.

The highlighting is based on each column so 15 minutes might not be the same color on both sides.

Most of the earlier days I wasn't marking down as much details. I don't know if days I didn't mark were short or long crying times. I went back to fill in the data too long after the fact.

Many days she will fall asleep and then cry for a few seconds then go back to sleep and repeat. I only count it as being asleep after the final falling asleep. Also I don't count that as no crying either.

Typing in the data of when crying stopped made me feel a little bit better about it.  Too bad I didn't document when it's loud crying I can hear from the wall or when it's crying that I can only tell she's crying based on the sound line from the app.

I can't bring myself to stop taking notes each night. I want to but can't.

I still haven't put her in her crib to fall asleep while awake if she hasn't already fallen asleep on me. I tend to wake her up putting her down in the extremely low crib but she she was already asleep I will leave her and tell her to go to sleep. I have yet to put her in fully awake though.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


 Ella was up at 6:15 again. I was going to meet Beth at 8 to run but Ella seemed like she wanted her nap early so we went a little early and walked a bit. Then Beth and I ran the loop (3.09 mi) running the entire way.  Then we decided to run:walk since my neck isn't back to normal. We didn't have specific intervals. We started with run 2 walk 1 but then ran further different times and once we walked 3 minutes. We went another 2.25 miles. It was 2.24 but  I made us turn around in the parking lot and run more to get 2.25. My nexercise app said 5.52 miles but I'm more inclined to believe my Garmin.  Ella didn't even nap for a half hour of the run!

Then after we sat on a blanket for about an hour! I took plenty of pictures.

Ella wanted to nurse but we were about to leave so I thought I'd make her wait until we got home. She cried the entire way home and was super crying at home. I guess I shouldn't have made her wait. It was only about 10 minutes too!   Then she refused to nap though. Maybe she got in too much of a freak out mode.  She finally napped at noon. She napped for 2.5 hours then we headed to Blanket Babies (the meetup group we have been going to for a few months).  I took my good camera this time and actually used it. Our normal spot was closed off so we were in a different area that I kind of liked better. It was the first time Ella didn't care about me and rolled around and went on other people's blankets and played with whatever toys. She was so independent and also a social butterfly.   We left at 5 when everyone else left.  I saw Ella doze off on the trip home but she woke right back up.

She didn't nap when we got home. She had gotten in the habit of having a 5 PM nap but that only lasted a week. She nursed, she hung out with Dave after he got home, I fed her dinner, she played, and then she went to sleep at 7:30 PM!  This is insanely early for her but late for a lot of babies.

I ended up staying up too late watching TV and using my computer.  You'd think I would have gotten a lot of blogging done and make albums for my pictures but I mainly did emails and random little things that I said I'd email to people.

I read in bed and ended up staying up until 11:45. I stay up too late!

Friday, August 29, 2014

August 11-20 Outfits

 This is a familiar outfit.
 So many outfits in one day. I wore the pink in the pool.
I broke out some of my tops from the limited.
This is another limited top.
Dave and I went out to a late dinner. I wore a skirt. I was going to wear high heels but nothing worked out right so I didn't spend the time to find them in my closet.  The top of this skirt was about 4 inches higher than where it should be. It wouldn't zipper at the appropriate spot.
As you can see I wear the same shorts everyday.
 Here is that familiar outfit again.
Ella is really good at looking at the camera. Too bad I was trying really hard to get a picture to show the back of her onesie.
This top from the limited was shorter and slightly tighter than the rest. It was the same size though.  These pants did not work.  They are too loose in the top half and too tight in the bottom half. They pretty much hurt my calves from squeezing so tight.
I forgot my daily outfit. It's a shame there are numerous days I wear real clothes and leave the house and forget my picture.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Photo of the Day: Poison Ivy

On the last day of school in 4th grade, Mr. Coles decided we would play kickball for hours. That's now my idea of fun. Many other people agreed. We were told to go sit by the fence when we didn't want to play anymore. Well the greenery by the fence was all poison ivy and I got it bad.  I also slept in a sleeping bag that night and it probably didn't help.
I asked my mom to scan in an old picture and she emailed me more than one so you can see some of the progress.  I think these are in order (except the top picture but I felt like that looked the worst).  I made it hard to tell one day to the next before I wore the same clothes multiple days in a row.

My ear is huge compared to normal. I also lost hearing in that ear for a few months. I had a special test done at school a few months into the year to see and I think that's when I was back to normal.

Another Myrtle Beach shirt and I've never even been there.
I don't remember being itchy. I probably was. I remember being on steroids. I remember having to go see a specialist and the parking garage being full so I had to walk 3 blocks in Pittsburgh looking my worst. I remember doctors asking us if we were going to sue the school. I remember the principal asking my mom to come to the school to point out the poison ivy since she wasn't sure what it looked like. I also remember going in for report cards a week after school was out and having all the teachers being concerned with how I was except for the teacher that I had when I got the poison ivy.
Look. I'm starting to get better. You can see a smile on my face.
I can't believe I was showing off my midriff!
This was either the 6th day of medicine or the 6th day since I got poison ivy. I remember talking  about how we wouldn't know what day was what so my dad had me hold up fingers to be able to tell but now those pictures look so silly.
For reference this is what I looked like.

Have you ever had poison ivy bad? Do you have pictures of it?  What was the story behind yours?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Ella woke up at 6 again and I didn't hear her until 6:25. She's good at being fairly quiet in the morning.
She ate, we played, we woke Dave up. You know, the same stuff.   She napped a little before 8 and woke up by 8:30. I figured this was going to make the day suck.
She put the blankie on herself like a burp cloth
We ended up moving my Stampin' Up party until Tuesday so I didn't have that to worry about.
My doctor appointment ended up starting and ending way early so I wouldn't have had a thing to stress out about. There was also no traffic.
This circled above for over a half hour.
Ella started napping shortly after the doctors so she would have napped during half the party too. Bummer. I knew if we moved it, everything would have worked perfectly.
But since we moved the Stampin' Up party, Ella and I were able to go to the park.  Ella made more friends.

She fell asleep on the way home but I was very careful and got her to stay asleep getting in the house. She napped for almost an hour in the stroller in her bedroom.
Then she ate and played until bedtime.

I didn't put her in the crib right away because she was tickling my back. Well more like my shoulder but it was nice.

I put her in the crib and she immediately cried but then she fell asleep minutes later. It was the first night she woke back up minutes after that. She fell asleep for good 22 minutes after I put her down but she slept for 10 minutes in the middle.

I spent forever trying to find something to buy Dave for his birthday. I had ideas but just couldn't find anything available.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Ella woke up at 6:15. This worried me since we had to meet to go for a run at 8:30. I thought for sure she'd go down for a nap just before we had to leave based on that timing. I tried really hard to feed her a little and get her back to sleep. I did and she slept until 7:30!
We hung out with Dave in bed and I was almost late getting ready even though I tried to get her bag and everything ready while she was sleeping from 6:30-7:30.  It's rather difficult to get everything ready and put a jogging stroller in the car while holding Ella.

Two people cancelled the morning of though. One person was left. I was waiting for her and texted her. She got her times mixed up since we met at 9 last week but today I had set it up for 8:30.  I ran 1.33 miles until she showed up, then ran 2.21 miles with her. I ran straight through myself and we did 1:1 intervals together.  Then we sat on the grass for a long time. Ella started to get tired and I procrastinated leaving since Tiffany was in the middle of feeding Johnny.

Ella napped after a little bit at home. She got too tired and wouldn't go to sleep right away.  She napped  almost 3 and a half hours.   She woke up and I fed her quickly. Then we headed to the park.  We were an hour late for a 2 hour meetup but then we stayed 2 hours anyway.

I got home and hung out a bit with Dave. I fed Ella and ate dinner. She ate finger foods while I ate so it was nice.

Then we put Ella to bed and I blogged. Then I watched some TV with Dave and ate. Then in bed I read.  I fall asleep about 3 pages in daily.

Pics are below since they are out of order and don't really pertain specifically to the paragraphs above.