Monday, December 30, 2013

Pictures Showing Names

So I've been blocking out the name Ella on everything recently to not give the name away.  I thought you might want to see those pictures.

Here are a few. They were originally posted in the nursery reveal post.

Notice the onesie on the bottom right. I've had that one on this blog a few times and hid the name every single time. Only 2 onesies are name specific (so far). 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

40 Weeks (12.28)

The past week has been crazy. I just think about how I could still be pregnant and how awesome it's been to have this cute little baby.

All future updates will go by weeks or months of how old Ella is but I just thought it was fitting to do a 40 week photo here.

If there is something you'd like to know, ask it in the comments and I'll answer. I can't think of what specifically to put here right now.
Size of baby: Based on the scale we have here and putting a diaper, onesie, and socks on it first to zero it out, she weighs 7 lb 4 oz. 

Weight: I lost 18 lbs since Thursday. I don't have a full weight measurement. I gained 40.9 lb overall (well I had 1 extra day there). I've lost 18 lbs of that.  (How far from goal weight: 22.9 lb.  Goal weight is just currently pre-pregnancy weight that was used for all the weight gain amounts the previous 38 weeks)  I took some measurements 2 days ago and today and around my belly button I am 1.5 inches smaller. Perhaps in a few days I'll be even better. I took measurements Dec 17. I wanted to take some the day I went to the hospital but that didn't happen. Today I am only 4 inches smaller around the belly button than I was on the 17th.  I measure at belly button so I had some form of consistency.
Maternity Clothes:  I wore some maternity shirts that were also nursing tanks when I got dressed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day google hangouts with our families.  I also wore a nursing tank from Target that is not maternity. I've worn T-shirts, athletic pants, and yoga pants that are not maternity clothes. I still have a belly. I have barely gotten dressed for real and didn't want to chance looking silly in non-maternity clothes. Also I have a binder I wear on and off throughout the day but that makes my midsection thicker and would stretch out a normal shirt.  Pants I wore at 30 weeks pregnant were too tight to get over my calf today. 

Sleep:  Intermittent
I messed up making the collage. The sleep while pregnant totals are 7:42 and 7:32. These were all from last week. 

Best moment this week: I almost deleted this category too because I can't possibly pick just one moment. Every single moment I have with Ella is awesome. 

Looking forward to: spending time with Ella

Exercise:  I walked the halls at the hospital. I walked around the house doing this or that. All three of us also went for a walk today.

Ella's First Week (12.27.13)

I couldn't resist making a week 1 post but I won't be doing these weekly.

Here are a few somewhat random thoughts.
  • I can't believe how quickly I went from having to pee every few minutes to going back to my old self after giving birth. 
  • I'm surprised how little she is. I've probably only held one baby younger than a couple months old before. 
  • I expected to look pregnant afterwards but didn't really expect how squishy my belly would be. I think I thought I'd look about 20 weeks pregnant but I never really analyzed what looking like 20 weeks pregnant would be. I feel bigger than I was expecting.
  • I'm surprised at how fast I'm dropping weight this first week. I'm not doing anything exercise wise since I'm still recovering. I just walk around the house doing things. 
  • I took measurements a few days postpartum and I had a one set of measurements from a few days before birth and going around at my belly button was shockingly similar.
  • I can only lift things as heavy as the baby. This means no lifting Poly. But if my baby was a big baby, then my weight limit would be higher. Sigh. 
  • People told me about sleep deprivation. I figured I'd be dead tired and sleeping very little. I was sleeping very little. I had 13:30 hours total the first 5 days. But I didn't feel that tired. I was too excited.
  • I can't believe I'm actually a mom and actually have a baby.
  • Nursing was so much easier for me than I was expecting. Granted I always expect the worst but even at the hospital the nurses talked about how well she latched. I would overhear nurse shift change and they'd be talking about it. I was even expecting nursing to be worse than normal because I read sometimes after a c-section it is a little more difficult.  Right now my difficulty is just so much milk. I have a duct under my right armpit bulging out full of milk.  I have considered pumping since I am so full but that didn't seem to be recommended yet based on what I read and what the nurses said. 
  • Poly was mostly unaware we even brought someone else in the house. She was peeping her the day after when she was in her carrier and Ella moved her arm and Poly jumped back. It was interesting to see Ella scare Poly.
  • So far I am waking Ella every 3 hours or so throughout the night (and day) mostly. She is supposed to eat every 2-3 hours and we are supposed to wake her up. This makes getting sleep for me more difficult but she has been excellent so far with this so I haven't tried to alter the doctors and videos recommendations. 
  • We've only given her a pacifier twice. One time was at the hospital when a nurse was suggesting it and gave us one. I forget why at that point. Then there was another time in the car. 
  • Ella screams when getting into the car but then falls asleep. 
  • Her hats always seem to come off when she's sleeping.
  • Her length at birth was 19.5 but 4 days later at the doctor she was 20. I saw the 20 measurement so know that one is accurate. 
  • She was born 6 lb 15 oz. Then weighed 6 lb 11 oz, 6 lb 8.2 oz, and 6 lb 8.3 oz  on the following days at the hospital. She only lost 5% of her body weight and was increasing. The following day at the hospital she was 6 lb 11.9 oz. Granted this was a measurement around noon right before eating which is not consistent with the midnight to 1 am weights the previous 3 days.
  • I cannot believe how much Dave has taken to her. He never said babies were cute before and he's talking about how cute she is now. He will kiss her forehead and it just melts my heart. I have a few pictures of him and he's smiling more than I've ever seen him smile. It's crazy. He can't wait until we pump and introduce a bottle so he can feed her. (So he can bond with her not so he gets an additional task.)
  • We have a ton of Huggies newborn diapers but hate them. She was always leaking onto the crib with them. We bought a small package of pampers and no leaks. Now we are almost out of those pampers and need to buy more.  We have a ton of size 1 diapers and before we bought the pampers newborn we were using those. At the hospital they supplied us with pampers size 1 so that's why we used those. I'm not sure how long she'll still be wearing newborn size. 

I'm amazed at how much Ella has changed over the past week.
  • She is more aware of her hands and now hates them to be swaddled. 
  • She's lifting up her head.  
  • She likes to sleep on her side.
  • She is really good at getting her arms out of a swaddle now. She's even better at it each time Dave swaddles her.
I meant to focus this post on Ella but I talked about me a bit.

I took these pictures specifically for hitting a week old. I just didn't plan ahead so I'm not wearing any makeup.

Photo of the Day: Wedding (8.21.10)

Here's a picture of Dave and me at my cousin's wedding. It was extremely hot so I didn't wear my cardigan.  I never did blog about that wedding. I still want to because there were some crazy stories about the people who were sitting at our table.

I take 300+ pictures at the wedding but there are no full body ones of me enjoying myself.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Photo of the Day: 7.1.10

I bought a Nike+ a few years ago and used it just a couple times. (I hated the thing. It was too inaccurate. I gave it away.) But when I did use it, Poly sure liked to follow the little runner go across the screen. Isn't Poly cute?

You can see my eye-fi card automatically uploading photos in the corner. I sure miss that. With my current setup it only does that when I plug in the card to my computer. This house just doesn't like to work for the wireless upload so much. I'm not sure what the deal is but at least I can just plug in a memory card and it uploads to the proper folders and whatnot.   This was also back in the day when I only had 1 monitor and it was probably 2 sizes ago from what I'm currently using.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Naming Background

12/20 Dave was talking to Ella.
I told Dave I should write a post about how we came up with the name once we actually finalize a middle name. Then he said he should write a guest post.   I thought a better idea is that we should both write the same story and see what aligns.

Dave's version:
Colleen and I were sitting in the office and I was thinking of what to name our daughter. I had previously decided that for a girl I'd name her Ainsley after the character in the West Wing who was a Republican counsel for the Democratic White House and had to stand up to a lot of prejudice and was a very strong woman. Also, it was a good Irish name. Colleen wasn't too excited about the name so I was looking on a baby name web site. There were a lot of name. So I just said pick a number from 1-100, and Colleen picked 18. #18 most popular name in 2012 was Ella so that was the name we picked. We also looked through all the other names on that list and didn't like any of them better.

Next, I was interested in the middle name. I decided that it would be super if the initials were fun because some people have some nice combinations of names and initials at work for their user names. Mine is dlm which is not very interesting. I thought it would be good if the initial spelled a word, so I used this command in Linux to see 3-letter words that start with e and end with m.
$ grep -i ^e.m$ /usr/share/dict/words
The only one was elm so then we knew we wanted to start the middle name with L. Now the problem with having a middle name that starts with L after a name Ella is that Ella has two L-sounding syllables and it's short. So the idea was to pick a long name (in contrast to the short name Ella) so that it would sound good and also one that didn't sound like "la" or "el". There weren't a lot of choices. We also considered a bunch of names that were not starting with L to see if they'd be good. We didn't have a name picked out when Colleen went into labor so while she was in the surgery room getting her spinal, I just decided we'd go with Lindsay and I told her in the recovery room and she was okay with that. She said she narrowed it down to that and another one so she was on the same page as me.
12/20 Holding a swaddled Ella for the first time.
My version:
So many months ago I said our child should have initials that spell a word. I've had CMC and CMM and neither one spell anything cool. So I had that thought but without a name in place. We didn't even know if we were having a boy or a girl.  Dave said he had a name picked out if we were having a boy or a girl. He's actually said both names for many years but now one of them is really popular. I won't repeat them just in case we use them for future kids but maybe he'll repeat them in his story.  I did say that if we had a girl it was less important to spell a word because she'd likely change her name then spelling a word would be pointless.

Then one day I'm sitting at my computer and Dave says pick a number 1 to 100 so I pick 18. He said alright if we have a girl her name will be Ella. Then he went to the boy page and asked me to pick another number. I refused and said this was a stupid way to pick a name. We didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl yet at this point.  Dave then read all the names on the list and said Ella is the best name on the list anyway.

I thought Ella should have more thought but it was nice. I wasn't set on the name but Dave was. Then he started telling his coworkers and such. He said the more people he told the more I couldn't pick a different name. He did this even after we talked about how we don't want to announce a name early because people make so many comments about it when you do that and so many new parents recommended not sharing the name until the baby is born.

So then to jump back to my initials spelling a word idea, the only word that initials can spell in elm. So that began looking for a middle name that starts with L. I went to many sites that list baby names that begin with L. I'd email Dave my favorites from different links even if i didn't fully love them. But he didn't like any of them. Then he'd send me or say to me some names with an L and I didn't like any of them.  After many days of this and many sites we decided to look at all names that begin with any letter. I started a google doc and at the top of the page Dave would type in names that he liked. After a few enters I had my list.  We didn't have any names overlap.  But then this document sat there for weeks and no decision was made at all.

A few days before the c-section, I kept saying we had to pick a name but we still didn't do anything  I looked at the google doc again and realized there weren't even that many names on there. I remembered Dave emailed my mom that we had it narrowed down to 2. Well my mom emailed asking if we decided and his reply was about the 2 names.  I had a few I liked and he didn't so I ruled them out. Dave said he liked Juliette but that didn't fit spelling a word and since I wasn't in love with it, I decided that wouldn't work.

Then Friday morning I went into labor. We still didn't have a name picked out.  Once I got out of recovery Dave said he decided on Lindsay. I said OK.  So it was decided.
12/25 Just before the end of her nap
Well there you have it. Two pretty similar stories on how Ella got her name.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

First Onesie in Action

Dec 28, 2013
There have been a lot of onesies made for our baby but I also made some for a friend.  Neil got to wear them first so here's the first onesie in action.  Neil is the son of my friend Jen.  Isn't he just so cute?

I mailed her 3 onesies. Two of which were messed up. This is the one that isn't but also the only one in size 12 month. The other ones were 18 month onesies. By messed up I mean I forgot to sew on the fabric that I ironed on so she has to find the time in her busy schedule to do that. And the other one I lined up to be straight with the sleeves but then overall the image is crooked.  In a few months he'll probably wear them and I'll make her send me a picture so I can share.  I was awful so it'd get there sooner, I made her pre-wash them. After you paint, you need to wait 3 days to pre-wash them. I figured that'd take too long. Now that I think about it, mailing was only a couple days since it wasn't a huge package so it wouldn't have been a big deal to delay going to the post office. Oh well. 

I love how he's dressed in blue. I wanted a blue onesie for the superman but cheaper onesies in colors are hard to find in larger sizes. I also was going to paint yellow on the logo but figured that would add more areas for me to mess up.  You can see this onesie along with the others I sent her at the bottom of my other onesie post.
For Jen's baby shower, I made an afghan. Here's the afghan being used too. This was back in July but I never posted it. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Welcome, Ella Lindsay

Ella Lindsay was born on December 20 at 6:58 AM via c-section. She was 6 lb 15 oz and 19.5 inches long.  Here are a few pictures.   I will post more and the full story later.  I am still in the hospital.

The picture of the 3 of us was in the recovery room.

Photo of the Day: Snow (3.2.05)

So moving to California, I thought one thing I don't miss is snow. I was thinking back to living in PA. But I just came across some old pictures from college and there the snow was worse and more often. I definitely don't miss that.
This was March 2, 2005. I remember when I'd be home for spring break which was usually the second week of March, I would be running outside in s hots.

We were just digging out the car to move it to an area of the parking lot that was plowed so that this area could be plowed. Notice the sweater Dave was wearing. That was his only winter coat!

This snow wasn't the worst at all, it's just what I have pictures of. It's sad times to lose old pictures.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Decorations (12.7.13)

This year we bought a new Christmas tree. We gave our old one to my parents. It was really  nice but also really big. Last year we didn't have a tree or any Christmas decorations at all.

We put up the tree but I decided to quit decorating it because the more ornaments I put on it, the more I have to take off after just having a baby.  There are also a few Christmas decorations on the shelf behind the tree. I'm not sure where they should really go so I put them there. My grandma's snowman, a penguin, and 2 reindeer stuffed animals are there.
I have bells on the front door. Now I can hear when Dave leaves. I have another bell doorknob thing but no good doors to put it on.
I put a wreath on our front door.
I also put a fabric wreath on a wall. It's quite smashed from being packaged poorly for over a year. I didn't know where to hang it so I took down one of Dave's clock/thermometers. He's not happy about that.
Here's a tree from another angle. It's the angle that was in the pictures I posted the other day.
The tree looks better lit up. You can' tell it's missing half the ornaments. I probably put even less than half that we own.  I at least put all the homemade ornaments on there. I really enjoy all the ornaments I cross stitched back in 2006 and 2007. I wish I had made more.    You can see Poly wanted in my pictures.

How do you decorate?  We have outside lights we could have put up. We have candycanes that could line the front walk. We have garland that we used to use inside on our railing and garland we used outside on the porch. We have other random center pieces and such. There was more we could have done but this year is probably not a good year for it.  Any guesses when I'll actually get these decorations taken down and put away?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

39 Weeks (12.21)

This is a little odder update than it should be. There is no weekly photo. There is a baby but since this is for the week not just birth that will be a separate post. 

I spent more time making more onesies. It's fun. Well fun until you realize if you make something level based on where the arms end then it's crooked because the arms are crooked. I guess that's what I get for buying cheap onesies/t-shirts.

I had my doctor appointment on Wednesday. Dave couldn't go because he had to give training. When I scheduled it, I knew he couldn't go. The doctor was booked on Thursday and he was booked Wednesday. I forget about Friday but think Dave had a conflict for her opening too.  

I thought I noticed my first stretch mark this week but then looked later and couldn't find it. Granted I can't see the lower half of my belly so I might have stretch marks down there that I don't know about.

Last week Dave and I did some research on c-section surgeries and then I was curious what an incision might look like after. Dave found this vlog showing 1 week after surgery. It was interesting so I started looking at more of her videos. The one where she ends up with a c-section is rather interesting too. At one point the dad is face-timing and asks his mom if she wants to see the baby which of course she does so she shows the baby but the baby is breastfeeding at the time. I told Dave I'd kill him if he did that (to anyone). I guess this lady didn't care because it's also on her vlog, but I don't even lift up my shirt to show you my belly.

Size of baby: Mini Watermelon, 20 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 7.25 pounds.  The baby gains a half a lb a week. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Based on my last available weight 40.9 lb weight gain

Maternity Clothes:  Same as previous weeks: Mostly. Some t-shirts and hoodies aren't maternity. I also sleep in my yoga pants that aren't maternity. I actually barely get dressed and my pajamas aren't maternity.  Some maternity shirts are too short and expose my belly because the pants aren't full panel pants that I wear.

Movement: Same ol' same ol'. She moves around. I enjoy all the movement because then I know she's still alive in there.

Sleep:  My back has been less sore because Dave sleeps in a way to prop me up. Granted then he wakes up and says his back is sore from holding me up.  Sometimes he turns over and isn't holding me up in the same way so I move closer to lean on him over there. Then later I notice Poly has so much room on the bed. She seems to enjoy it but still cuddles up against me.

What I miss: I miss running. I miss hoagies from Jersey Mike's. I miss being able to turn over in bed without breathing heavy or without it being a big ordeal.

Symptoms: I'm pretty swollen. Also I'm really warm. Sometimes I sleep with no covers, pull my pants legs up to my knees and lift up my shirt to expose my belly. And I'm still too hot.

Looking forward to: Can the baby get here already? (kind of ironic)

Friday, December 20, 2013

More Onesies (DIY)

I'm addicted to making them. I wrote a post before about how I made onesies.

Created Dec 11-12 (except future nerd, rebel, and superman which were created earlier but were not in photos)

The photos are taken by size but sometimes 2 sizes are in one photo. I like knowing what size is what so when I have to pull out a new size in the future. I tend to group them together after washing them too.

Created Dec 15-17

some close-ups of some from above
how I created it
I have washed half of these so far and have a few more updates.

Some of the sharpie onesies bled all over the onesie but others did not. The ones that bled a lot were iBaby and #baby. The google one only bled for the yellow. The pocket tee, elephant, jail, and abcd were also done in sharpie and I don't remember them bleeding at all.   I did create the "My mom is a nerd" and did not wash it yet and now I'm worried it will get ruined. I tried to set it with the iron so maybe that will help.

I also did a few of these with iron-on transfers. It took me forever to break down and order the transfers and then my ink was dried up. I didn't even realize we had an inkjet printer. Then it took a few more days for the ink to arrive since I ordered it online. For the most part, iron-on transfers are really easy but if you peel off the backing too early you ruin the shirt. Make sure you pay attention to which side to print on. I read a lot of people saying they would print on the wrong side and ruin the iron. I only bought iron-on transfers that work on white shirts. They also sell them for light colored fabrics or dark fabrics but it was too hard to decide and they got more expensive.  I tended to print in black but only because that is what the fonts should have been. I only washed 1 iron-on shirt so far and it did crack a little bit with the ribbing but not much. The paint tends to crack a little too.

I actually have a few onesies started but not finished. For example I have a lightening bolt painted but have not painted on the words "Muggle Born" yet. I should probably at least finish ones I started but this is really hogging up my life.

Some of these I like more than others. Some I just like the idea of them better. I tend to realize I like ones that I created versus ones that I copied something a lot more. The Run Mom Run ones use my own silhouette and I also came up with the words. I saw one that had the words "Run like a girl" over a silhouette but I didn't like that.  "Nerd in training" using the Nintendo font and their idea of an oval. I created that but did see something else use the Nintendo oval and font so it wasn't 100% me. It just wasn't for a onesie like that. "My mom is a nerd" uses the google font or one very similar and the google colors. I came up with doing that on my own. I thought it was a little nerdy. Granted I did it on a white shirt thinking I could see through the onesie but once I started the M, I could not. So I pulled up the font on my computer and went from there.  I feel like you can see through until you start pushing in one area and then it doesn't work. Brenna didn't seem to have trouble so maybe I'm just blind or did it in poor lighting.  Dave helped pick out the points for the "Level 1 Human" onesie when Brenna was working on that.  Dave came up with the wording for "My dad has root at Google" but then after I made it he said the Google line is too close to the line above it. I used what he had when I made him work on a google doc to edit some stuff. Like he changed the font of the word "root" and he wanted the word Google in black not in their google colors. I would have preferred the google colors myself.  The shirt might be less boring with some color.
Ok I finished some of the designs I had so I made some more.  The to-do list is green but it's hard to tell in this picture. Nerd in training was made above but it was still wet so I forgot and included it  in my photo.  I really should count all the onesies I have. I should count per size and brand too.  The 3-6 month yellow onesies is the exact same size as the 6-9 month black and gray onesies. Disney is weird like that. Sometimes I think the 0-3 month ones are bigger than some of the 3-6 month ones.  The Gerber onesies are a lot narrower and longer than Disney. Leveret (light pink ones and some white ones) are very wide and not nearly as long.  I wonder which ones will end up being the style we like the best.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nursery Reveal

I've been asked what our nursery looks like. And I always say it's not done. I doubt it will be done so I might as well post some information.
When you first walk in you see this big ugly chair and a crib behind it. That's an extra desk chair. We decided to leave it in there so 2 people can actually sit. Between the crib and the closet entry way, we'd like a small accent table. We just haven't found one we like.  The video camera is plugged in to an outlet there and a clock that is currently sitting on the floor is also plugged in there.

Above the crib we have wood letters with the baby's name. I figured I didn't want this post to be the reveal so I used photoshop to remove them.

Behind the door when you enter is a closet. There are some clothes in there but not many. There are a lot of diapers in there. Then there's scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies that I guess should be moved at some point.  I don't have a picture of the closet since I cleaned half the junk out.
I do have this picture of Poly that shows the closet doors closed.  I closed them after I cleaned up in there.
Now if you want to see the entire back wall you can see that the glider and ottoman take up a lot of room. There is another closet back there. It's a huge closet. It's full of my clothes, our winter coats from PA, sewing stuff, craft stuff, a vacuum, a 42" TV in a box, some computer in a box, a huge container of cords and wires, and some other boxes.  Clearly we haven't touched in there.

Oh you see that ceiling fan and light. The light sort of works if you are super tall and can pull the string out horizontally (which means I can't do it but Dave can).  The landlord was going to come back to fix it after he fixed our sink but he got shingles so he's stayed away. The fan part is very dangerous. I can turn it on but it is not secure and wobbles like crazy. It is too dangerous to use as is. The landlord was going to fix that too  I think but with shingles he's not supposed to be around someone pregnant.  The light switch in the room doesn't work the ceiling fan/light anyway. They work another lamp.
Then we have the wall with the window. We need other curtains. I want black out curtains but we're lazy bums and never buy anything. We'll need a new rod with whatever we put up because this doesn't work so well as it is.

Those built in shelves were already there when we moved in.  We did paint them when we painted the room. Right behind the arm of the glider is a toy box. In the toy box I have a bunch of the bags and stuff that all the baby stuff came in. I also have a shoe box with paperwork. The rest is empty.
The right portion of the shelves has a bunch of stuff that I might move later.  The top shelf has Poly's afghan my mom made since she loves sleeping on it. I opened the window for her before I took these pictures so she's in the window versus on her blanket. Beside the blanket are all our books. I put 2 stuffed animals there as book ends. The bear on the right Dave actually bought for me when I had knee surgery back in 2009.

Then the shelf below it has the scale that we will pull out to use or put somewhere else. Too bad this baby scale doesn't automatically go to the internet like the scale I use. (Poly weighs 8 lbs 14 oz if you were curious.) Then there's a picture of Poly that will go on the wall but we haven't put it up yet.  Then the bin to the right of that has some stuffed animals and rattles in it.  The green bin to the right of that has our baby carrier, these other things that you can use to make a stroller or car seat fit a smaller kid. I forget what they are called. And then it has a blanket sort of on top.

The plastic drawer set has extra sheets in the top drawer and then nothing. Our diaper bag is currently leaning against it but that is also empty. The brown basket is actually a laundry basket. Then we have a garbage can and the diaper genie. Everything else in the corner is more for an older kid or we didn't unpack it yet.
 Then the wall that shares the entrance door. I hung up some onesies. The top row is 18 months and 12 months I think. I hung them up by size. They were all made at the shower.  The bottom row is 3-6 months. I decided to hang up some colorful ones so that's why there's the jump. There are many more I wanted to hang and put them over the closet door or something but Dave said no that it was too many. He said I can rotate out different onesies in these strings.

That lamp is just an old lamp we were going to throw away a couple times then ended up moving with it. We want to buy a new lamp but have not yet.  This is the lamp that the light switch works.  You can also see the changing table and diaper stuff on top of the dresser.
Here you can sort of see that we are missing an outlet cover. We bought some childproof kind that are fancy and then nothing stays in the outlet so we have to return those. So now everything is exposed. (Yes this was a picture of Poly that I'm using to show you other stuff. But that orange shoe box is now in the toy box.)

We have a bouncer, a swing, and a play mat that are currently in random rooms. We aren't sure where we'll want them.

The dresser has 8 drawers. I'd say 4 are organized. I'm not sure how I'm going to want things. I know when I moved into my dorm room each year, I'd organize my drawers then a few weeks later reorganize them to a way I'd like them better. I have a feeling this will happen. Currently the middle drawer on the left  is full of 0-3 month clothes.  The top left has 0-3 month clothes, newborn clothes, and socks. There's a little drawer of blankets and burp clothes. Plus more blankets and some bigger clothes in another drawer. Some much larger clothes and different random things are in the bottom 2 drawers.  Maybe sometime I'll open the drawers to take pictures but I have a feeling things will get moved around.
Oh the walls were some sort of off-white/yellow and Dave and his coworkers painted them back in September. It's supposed to be peach but in person it looks like light pink. At least light pink works so then we picked sheet colors and stuff that would go with light pink (well and peach).

We want to hang up more on the walls and haven't. It took us a few years to hang up artwork on our walls when we built our house in 2008. We aren't good at this game.

So there you have it. Things will probably change. I may or may not remember to update about it.  What do you think?
I wrote this up then went out to dinner and since we got to the plaza about 10 minutes early Dave decided to go into TJ Max to see if they had an accent table. He sent me pictures of 2. I told him I didn't like either. He bought one of them and here it is.  In the picture he sent me it looked brown not green.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Random Updates

A few years ago Dave bought me a watch. It was nice. Too nice. I criticized him for spending so much. Then just last week he mentioned the diamonds in my watch. I had no idea. I got my watch and sure enough there are diamonds. I've been wearing this watch daily for years.  I was trying to find and old post where I wrote about it but failed. Here's a picture I just took to show the watch. I only learned about this because of that song that talks about diamonds in your timepiece (Royals or something).

12/4  I went to a meetup at Google. The room was so hot that after 2.5 hours my hands were so swollen. My feet were also so swollen that my shoes hurt. I didn't appreciate it.

12/5  While getting dressed in the morning I couldn't find the one bra I thought of wearing. Hours later I notice it's been sitting on my computer desk. I remember taking it off about a week ago because I couldn't handle being a bra so many hours. Guess I never moved it.

OK this has been sitting in my draft folder. Guess I should post it.

Last night Dave said our gas/electric bill was $240 last month. It has been about $60 each month. I guess needing heat sure costs a lot.

Photo of the Day: 5.22.10

My family was visiting to watch the 5k run by our house. My brother was there to take pictures of the race for me. He didn't stop at the race and took many pictures of me while I was eating. He got a few while I was telling a story about talking on the phone. I wish I remembered what story but man is it funny.
Here's another "good" one.

I posted about May 22, 2010 before but only mentioned dinner with my family not all the fun pictures.  I also posted about the 5k that was that morning.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Maternity Clothes Length

I always thought I was short waisted but it seems with maternity clothes that are older, they are way too short. I've complained about them before to different people, on facebook, and probably on my blog. I decided to take a picture to show some lengths.

The white shirt and the turquoise shirt are 2 I have complained about in the past. I also have 2 other shirts that are shorter than that. The black and gray striped shirt is one that I have and really enjoy the length. It could be 2 inches shorter and still work. Granted it's a "tunic" but it's not quite long enough for me to be comfortable wearing leggings with it.

My belly is a lot bigger now but 2-3 months ago the white shirt was already too short.  I bought 5 shirts without seeing them from someone on facebook. They were only $2 or $3 but in the end ended up not being worth it because they were too short. I wore them to sleep in for awhile but didn't really like moving or turning over and having skin exposed.   Back in August when they were entirely too big around, they were almost long enough but looked silly because they were too loose.   Actually based on going through my pictures, I haven't even slept in these shirts since early August and I was barely showing then.  At that time half the clothes I was wearing weren't even maternity.

I know I've heard a lot of people over the years complain that maternity shirts are so long at first and then later they realize they need that length. I never even thought they were too long early on. Maybe only 1 shirt that I bought on clearance and bought it too big did I think it was too long for a bit. (Shirt on August 17 if you are curious.)

Did you have issues with shirts being too long or too short? Where was your favorite place to buy maternity clothes?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Photo of the Day - Parking (4.21.10)

Back in the day I had a car that I could park in a garage. Oh the good times! Anyway sometimes I pulled my car up a little too far. Here is an example of one of those days. I never actually ran into things but just got extremely close. Some days I'd park and walk around the front of the car but most days I walked around the back since I had bags to get out and such.

I miss that red car. I miss parking in a garage.
I did blog about April 21 when it happened but had no mention of this.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


I was trying to do some work on my computer but Poly was on me. She was comfortable and then got even more comfortable.  I walked over to Dave and put her down. I cannot believe she stayed. She eventually got comfortable there and then I could go about my business. It was hard to get a good picture when she was on me. She got even cuter but I didn't want to disturb her so I didn't try to move my arms to get a picture.