Tuesday, December 30, 2003

o i learned that tons of stuff could be done in photoshop. i want to learn how to do those things. i was watchin screen savers earlier. it was amazing. i want to practice or learn how or something.
and i'm in philly and i'm tired

Monday, December 29, 2003

so i worked today.
john swope told me a secret. he and barb love me so when i'm home on break anytime in the future to give them a call and they would love me back. i'm not supposed to tell anyone since it's against restaruant policy because of my lack of working new year's eve. he told me that they dont want to lose me and that definitely call. i said that i hope for an internship this summer and barb said that i could work there too. how nice of them ....hahahaha

Sunday, December 28, 2003

o the pain. an hr and a half later i finsished my 4 small cookies
i took a long nap today. longer than i wanted. i had a bad dream too.
this is what happens when you can't swallow food because you feel like you're swallowing your tongue.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

o i dotn konw if i said but friday morning i went in to set up the oak for sunday brunch. last night when barb told someone else to and there was only one small thing to do he was surprised. i guess when other people set it up they dont do a good job. the one small thing he had to do was get rid of this garbage bag of pine branches. i put it in the bag but people were all over the building so i couldn't take it anywhere.


chesterfields sucks. i called at 9:05 and chris answered the phone. barb wasn't even in yet. i said i wouldn't call back and they had to call me. he didn't know if i would have to work or not. now i can't even fall back to sleep. i didnt think to ask chris if he got my note that i was there Friday night. grrrr
o yea since i wont be there new years eve i dont get to come back after the 1st and before i go back to school
ooo i forgot to post this:

it still hurts a lot to swallow. today i weighed 124.5 a new low for recent times. today seemed really long i think for the lack of food. i ate a stuffed cabbage today before work. i woke up super early and alloted an hr for me to eat it. i almost ran late and over my alloted time. the last hour or so of work i felt like was going to throw up. like i felt like i was gagging quite often. on teh way home it was bad. when i got home i had a piece of cheese cuz my mom had it out. acutally i think i ate two pieces of muenster. then i had 4 slices of bread with butter. that is all. it took me quite a long time to eat. the pain wasn't as bad as at work or this mornign i dont think. it could have been that i was super hungry. i drank skim milk too.


I started at 11 today. the day started off easy. nice easy party of 24 poeple. mrs divorchak's (sp) daughter had the bridal shower. then we had to set up for a 40 at 4:30. i had 2 tables the whole lunch. then aroudn 4:25, judy realized stuff needed done since the banquet servers weren' tthere yet and the party arrived at 4:30. i had to do that and i got new tables. then i had tables in 2 different rooms. dinner was very very hectic. then a table had to wait liek over an hr for their food and said they were so pissed off they couldn't even eat. which they didnt. their dinner and drinks were free. i think they should have tipped me. i was very busy today. i had late tables so others ended up helping with my side work. i feel bad about that. like really bad cuz i always get mad when i have to do stuff for other people. i still need to be tipped out for the party iw as working this afternoon. i worked almost 12 hours today. i made 101 in tips then i tipped out the bar 5 bucks even tho the two bartenders that got me most of my drinks walked out. also tonight a cook got fired because he was drunk and then got in a fist fight with one manager. he did get one punch in to the face of chris. john mcdonald has come to work drunk before but this time he came in sober and ended up drunk. that is quite frightening. after i punched out today i noticed that chris never punched me out yesterday. what a loser. he said he would. now i have to get that straightened out. that's 5.9 hours they need to add and fix.

as i was telling kevin and vinnie that tonight was my last night cuz they wont let me come back after new years eve, john swope (former manager that returned) asked if he could see me when i had a minute. i went over and he asked when i was leaving for Philadelphia and then when i said Tuesday mornign he asked if i could work tomorrow and monday if he needs me.

now tomorrow i have to call at 9am to see if lisa is better or if i have to work for her. which is totally crazy. they should call me. i dont wake up by 9. then on monday he wants me to come in and help decorate for new years eve. well since new years eve is wed i thought he woudl want me in the evening so i would get to sleep in but no he wants me in there at 9am. he wants me in my normal work attire too so that he could use me if he needs me. nobody is even in the place at 9am. i won't show up until at least 9:15 because i dont want to get there and not be able to punch in.

my feet hurt. i'm so tired. luckily i got 8 hours of sleep last night

Friday, December 26, 2003

ok so i didn't go downstiars to eat. i attempted to eat 4 skittles. i put themall in my mouth and about 12 minutes later i swallowed the last bit of them. boy am i hungyry and i'm gonna be tired tomorrow when i wake up so i won't want to eat.
i have this dilema here. should i try to eat or not? i'm so hungry but the pain is so much when i swallow.
i hate chesterfields

i work at 11 tomorrow for lisa

Thursday, December 25, 2003

my grrrr at 10:38 pm last night was because Dave got duplicate presents that i got him and that I hadn't given to him yet. I still haven't given them to him yet.
Christmas pictures are loaded. I wish i had better ones when the family was here. i don't even think everyone is in the pictures.
dave is coming to visit jan 4-10 now

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

i'm tired. i want to go back to sleep. we started opening presents at 7am. i got a bunch of cool stuff. in the middle of opening, i started to feel sick to my stomach. i still feel that way. i had a glass of orange juice.
i work friday 9am setting up. i dont have to wear my white shirt and black tie.
then i work at 5 as a waitress.
then i work on saturday at 5 as a waitress.
that is all i am scheduled.

as of 2 today i was not scheduled at all.
we will see what happens.
averaged 12.52 an hour tonight. i guess that's the best i've had if they fix my other time sheets when i was making 7 an hour instead of the waitress wage.

i was the busiest i've been in awhile though.

everytime i average how much i make it's before taxes. so it is actually a bunch less.


reasons i can't say
i worked today. it was the worst day ever. there were no tables for our first 2 hours there. tables didn't tip good. tables complained because it took awhile for the food. i worked from 2-8:30

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

i made cookies and took pictures of them.


2 hour naps are nice at the time but will ruin u for going to sleep. which then causes u to be messed up again the next day.


visiting the high school was fun. mrs boyd's 7th pd class wouldn't talk. her 6th period class had about 10 kids missing. her 4th period class was small.
we went to kerber's for lunch. the french fries were good and hot. i didn't have ice cream.

Monday, December 22, 2003

so when i'm on overtime after wed they might realize how stupid they were and fix my whole timecard. i bet not though. but there is always the possiblity. then i will be back to not making much again. hehe


chesterfields is so stupid. i was not on the schedule today so all the punching in and out was them. they punched me in when i was at home for 2.73 hours today. they also punhced me in as a banquet server tonight when i even specifically said it had to be server. i even got a second manager to fix it.

btw i am supposed to work tomorrow and i'm not and i still work wed of this week. and so far on my time sheet i'm at 39.95 hours.

i want a big long hug from dave and i can't have one.
i did no cookie bakin and i napped. mom says she is wakin me up at 9am to bake tomorrow.


just got home from work. have to make cookies since i wasn't replaced as the cookie baker. and then go back to work at 5

Sunday, December 21, 2003

totalled 10.5 hours today

then went to denny's for a 3 hour visit.
11-4 i worked brunch. now i'm home. i go back for 5 and work my full shift.

i worked brunch for michelle. she has to finish her christmas shopping. her kids r like 7 and 8 or something . young enough to need to be shopped for on time.

mike's bored and i work all the time. so it seems he is replacing me for cookie baking for christmas.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

10.10 hours today woulda been 4 more if i woulda gone in early liek they wanted. grrr on them
i spent lotsa money on good shoes today. but still lotsa pain.

how accurate?

this was from the 27 question test

Friday, December 19, 2003


with 9 question test.

with the 18 question test.
y did i leave my naproxen at school?


i ate. i'm tired. i'm wakin up early tomorrow.
i worked the naretto buick christmas party today. i worked it last year. mr nareto remembered me. too bad i can'ta remember how to spell his name.
call at 11:30 from chesterfields
"are u comign in"
"i wasn't on the schedule"
"we thought u knew"

so at 12:20 i got there. and they sent me home around 1:45. grrr on them it was pointless. we were pretty busy but leaving after an hr isn't worth it in my book

i work at 6 tonight
3:30 tomorrow
5 on sunday
off monday
off tuesday
wed 2-8
thursday closed

lets c how closely they follow that schedule for me.
o the pain in my elbow. it hurt when i was turnin over and stuff.

my foot hurt bad when i was first walkin today

i already lost 2 lbs since i've been home.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

there's nothin here that i want to eat.

i worked 11.43 hours today. that short cuz i took an hr break even tho they said 20 min.

there's a hole in the ice pack. my plantar fasciitis is back. my foot doesn't look pretty.
i was a server this evening. in a very small section. it was very very very busy and my last table waited over an hour and a half for their food. they gave me a good tip though. maybe it was those free desserts i hooked them up with.

i made 48 bucks in tips after tipping out bartenders and stuff. they kept making me stay later and i had to cash out twice.

kevin asked me out. after my answer then he asked if laurel would go back out with him. vinnie didn't tell me he loved me. laurel must have told him about promise ring cuz he asked about me bing engaged. some other servers had loud expressions after that. i just said it was a promise ring.

i burnt my finger today on a plate.

48 bucks in 7.6 hours would suck if i was making 2.83 an hour like i should have been. but instead i made my banquet server wage on top of that. so $9.14 an hr vs $13.32
but i was there all day so the average of today came out to be $9.20

the last table i had today that had to wait forever told me i should get a new job.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

i'm tired. i work in 7.5 hours.
thanks to dave pictures
if rpi had the + - for grades i would go up .15 in average gpa. it is a lot different since it's out of 4.

i bought some more christmas presents today.


last night i tried to go to sleep early after falling asleep on the couch. i gave that up after an hour. at 12:30 i began reading. around 5 i forced myself ot put down the book. i have less than 30 pages left. i want to finish. it became so good. i couldn't put it down. i almost read 200 pages last night. for me that is quite a lot. i had a few breaks during my reading time where i thought i woudl go to sleep and put it down. but that didn't last long.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

we need more phones. we r lacking on our main floor. we had to throw two away. now we are down to 4.

also my mom said that from dec 26 on she's busy (this is because she is getting game cube)
i can't get photo galleries to work from home. so this will have to do. it's what was done to my room

Monday, December 15, 2003

argh grrr argh grrr

my mom ruined my room. i'm going to have to spend hours to get it looking how i want it again. pictures will be posted soon as to what she did to it.


i wanted to make cookies tonight. we didn't have enough sugar for any recipe. i made a list of things i would need. tomorrow i think will be christmas shoppign and also christmas cookie supplies shopping. then bakign in the evening or the next day.

i dont kwno when to call chesterfields.

dave had a rough trip today. flights delayed and changed and loudness at the airport. 4pm flight didnt leaving until 6 and then 6:20 transfer flight still hasn't left yet.
pizza is so much better around here. troy pizza sucks.

daisy is so cute. she tried to give me kisses though. she is spoiled.
i'm home

Saturday, December 13, 2003

62 degrees is too cold for a house to be kept. i put on my hat

still trying to come up with christmas gift ideas.


i just ate beeferoni at the dining room table with the light on. something that never happens here.

dave's so good. yesterday he loaded the dishwasher and turned it one. today he put everything away. such a good boy.

we're going somewhere soon. i dont know where except the bank.

i called home today when i woke up. we talked for awhile. daisy heard my voice and looked at the phone. i figured out what i might get mike for christmas.

i'm still waiting for grades to be posted.
i'm in philly now. i slept late. i came in last night but nobody set up wireless until really late.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

much food to eat before break so that it doesn't go bad.

i'm angry at myself for not studying. i may think it's impossible for me to get my A. but the possibilities are a lot smaller now that i spent today not studying. 8am test is gonna suck. making this crib sheet is hard too. there are a lot of equations.
ok i lied i'm gettin up to do the dishes now. cuz i dont want to be held up in going back cuz they aren't washed.
OreoFuchi: if he's gonna eat, make him wash

that's right

pb's doing the dishes for the yellow cake with chocolate icing that was slaved over earlier.

lots of laughs

dad always keeps me laughing

Big JCJC (2:22:44 PM): time to feed the dog named Daisy see ya later bye


I finished my strengths final after two hours. if i would have stayed longer i wouldn't have been able to figure out what i was iffy on anyway.

last night i could not fall asleep. i felt like i was spinning when i was laying in bed. my held was going forward in the counterclockwise direction. it lasted well over 20 minutes. i'm gettin a cold and it sucks. i'm nto sneezing all that much yet.

i was tired before. nto so tired now. i get to make a list of what i need to study for physics then hop to it. o i dont want to take it but o i do. i dont know. i know i won't get an A. i dont know why i try. it's just wasting two of my days.

my dad always asks a million questions. the other day i got him and asked him a million questions so he didn't get all his questions in. my posting keeps getting interrupted becuase he keeps talking to me.

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

i added a new picture and had to delete an old one...so now a new default picture for my gallery
i can't fix everything even if i want to. i try. i don't succeed. it isn't fun.

absense makes the heart grow fonder?

sometimes realizing something is quite rewarding. then thinking about it it loses it's appreication when i realize i should have known it the whole time.

strengths final tomorrow. i'm worried. yet i'm not worried. it's luck i think on how partial credit will be awarded. i believe i know the stuff. i am going to look over chapter 10 next since that is the only chapter we haven't been tested on so far. I gotta brush up on Mohr Circle garbage too. I thought i knew that stuff but i'm not sure if i do anymore. too bad i'm not skilled enough to pick up on the hints as to what will be on the final.

Monday, December 8, 2003

and now i feel like i'm spinning it's fun except my jaw hurts too.
some train tickets purchased. leaving here on the 12th at 5:15 pm. staying in philly until the 15th then coming back to philly on the 30th. nothing else pruchased yet.

i dont feel right. my jaw hurts. i've been clenching my teeth. i must not be happy
little things mean a lot whether good or bad
ok i talked maggie into taking the physics final. i'm starting to talk myself out of it. argh
commons might be a possibility today
we'll see

Sunday, December 7, 2003

the classic had a little bit of trouble toinght. all because another car took his earlier spot

the day of rest

yesterday was the day for playing but i did not do that. i rested yesterday. but also today i rested. i half listened to grivas. so studying will have to be tomorrow. i took a nap today after waking up at 1pm. i took lots of pictures of snow. i watched finding nemo today.

Saturday, December 6, 2003

lots of snow today = not worth walking to commons
we got a lot of snow. it'sstill snowing. i got halfway dressed and am lying in bed wondering what to do.

Thursday, December 4, 2003

originally 2 finals on the 11th
both got changed

now one on 10th and one on 12th


test 3 average 67%. none of the professors would have gotten a 100 on it. a few professors say they are changing their teaching styles now to adjust for the course coordinators alterations.

right now i have a B and i think I wont take the final to get an A. wait i might. it was said it will be more like a conventional final in the past. hmmm could i do it? i dont konw. is it worth the stress? i do not know. is it worth at 4 instead of a 3. it is to my mom. i dont knwo if i coudl do it. i need to study for strengths.,

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

and i think i choose to not take the physics final unless i like totally fail the physics test tomorrow. i dont know why i keep studying. i thinki quit retaining information about 5 minutes after i started studying. my mind keeps wandering and ied issues arrise and aim keeps me occupied.
ahhh not enough time alloted in the day to do ied AND study for physics.

strengths test = not good and also the TA can't add so i have to go get my extra point.

i burnt my thumb this morning on my curling iron.

Monday, December 1, 2003

i only need to study 66 different areas or things for the physics test.


what are the chances i could get a 100 on wednesday's physics test. if i get 100 on this test i have an A without the final. but i dont know anything at all on our preveiw test. studying i must. o if i get a 60 i still have a B.... so actually studying i don't really have to that much.

i have a lot of ied to do though. i should be a busy bee, but i'm lazy and like TV more.