Saturday, February 28, 2009


I noticed that I say like "pink" and "blue" and then Melanie says "saphire" and other blues that I can't remember. And for shades of pink she had different words too. One was coral. It's not even that pink but that's what i would call it. or orange. so many colors. Who knew. or green she would say "lime" or man i can't remember.


i went to the mall today with Melanie. We went to 4 stores. I bought 12 shirts, 1 necklaces, and 2 scarves. I almost spent 200 bucks counting the smoothie I had. Excitement.

note i made this friends only so my mom doesn't get on to the fact that I went to the mall before I went back to work (even though it's a weekend and i'm going to work on Monday.)

Friday, February 27, 2009

i should probably go to sleep
i took an hour nap
then i tried to go right to sleep.
it didn't work. i finally got out of bed after an hour.
now i've been at my computer for well over an hour and i'm not tired at all.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

diet update

Timmy lost 2.2 lbs in 2 days. i gained .2 lbs. I don't know Alia's numbers. She's about as serious as I am about this. She might be more serious and I'm going to be mad when I come in 3rd.

Here's how good I am at dieting - I eat Wendy's and Girl Scout cookies.

It also hurts to eat because I think I burnt the roof of my mouth about a week ago. I really dont know what I did to it but it hurts like it was burnt or something.


i went on a diet with timmy and alia. so far I gained .6 lbs.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


pictures of me since surgery
feb 13 (unlisted album so you need this link)
me since surgery
i just came into my craft room for the first time in weeks. pb vacuumed it when he vacuumed other stuff up here. how nice. and i didn't even know because i didn't even come in here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i just took a 2 hour nap

after 1 hour is when PT called me back. I scheduled my appointment (for friday at 2:00) and then i went back to sleep. i only wanted to sleep an hour so dave told me to stay awake. i said "just a couple minutes" and finally he gave in. Then at 4 he tried to wake me up, telling me in was 4. i didn't believe him. i thought i didn't even fall back to sleep. he proved it on 3 clocks so i believed him, but still watned to sleep.

update on me

I went to PT. I was told how great I'm doing. how I'm so good i should be able to drive and pretty much go back to work. told that i'm walking really well.

then i see dr fowler. he removes my stitches and the wound splits open and bleeds
now i have butterflies (or well steri strip or something) and i have a lot to change it and i have to go back next week now. and i have to "really baby it" now and if there is any drainage i have to immediately call dr rogale or wissick (sp) and be seen immediately since fowler is out.

i got benzoin little tubes too because the butterfly won't stick to my skin enough itself. he gave me the tweezers and scissors he used to take out the stitches. said i could use them to help me with the steri-strip.

I go back to work Monday. he gave me the option to go back monday or go back Tuesday after my next appointment.
i got a note to park close at work but i don't know if it's good enough and i mentioned it to the nurse person. she gave me her direct line and said to call her and she would fax whatever they need.
he said i'm allowed to continue PT but i think i need to skip the 1 exercise because it would stretch my skin too much.

I'm limping like crazy now.
Also, no shoveling for a few weeks but he said the snow will melt anyway.

he said i can vacuum bit that it would take a lot longer than normal to vacuum.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

earlier today i was limping alot after walking a decent amount. but after icing and my exercises I walked without a limp. I wonder if the next time I get up if i'll limp or not.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


check out early 2005 on my calendar site.

my computer is so slow.

i wonder if i have pictures on my other computer.

i know i have recent pictures, i'll get to cropping those later I think.

I also added Feb 1, 2006 that I found randomly.

Notice how skinny I was back then. (2 days in March, I look incredibly skinny)
I'm cropping pictures of me from before May 2005 to put on my calendar site.

Granted the past 4 months aren't even updated, but I have fun looking back at pictures so the next 2 days I think i'm going to crop up a storm.
gram went to the ER today. She went straight from the ER to the OR. they had to remove a few inches of her intestine. the surgery was for a hernia i think. she'll be in the hospital 4-5 days.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I had my 2nd PT appointment today. Before that I visited Gram.

After PT, I went to red robin with my parents and dave.

i think it'll be weeks before I can drive.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

i woke up today with a big pimple in the middle of my left cheek
i can walk .... sort of

i had PT today.
Don said that I was very good for a first appointment. it must be that i practiced yesterday.

also i learned that the fact that i can't tighten some of my muscles is normal and i just have to retrain them. that is super good news to me anyway since i was stressing.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i should have slept on the couch
worst nights sleep ever
pb kicked my knee or something in the night. hurt so bad that i flung up and pushed him . couldn't sleep since. so much pain.
dave got home and i said "i didn't get dressed today, because yesterday you said i couldn't wear what I wore yesterday, so i just wore my pjs all day" he didn't appreciate it.
i'm still using crutches.
this sucks.
i shouldn't be
but i can't support my weight yet. even with baby steps
last night i was going to sleep upstairs. i wasn't ready to go to sleep when dave was so i decided not to sleep upstairs since it would be a hastle to try to get up there myself later after dave was asleep.
so i decided to sleep on the couch again. well i ended up staying up 7 hours later than it was that dave went upstairs. oops.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i took a bath today. we have a nice big tub. it's the first time i've used it. then afterwards I said i looked healthy. i almost looked too good for how i feel.
i accidnetally stayed up until 4am
then i woke up around 9.
but then i went back to sleep until 11

now i son't know if i should eat donuts for lunch or if i eat lunch food.

this what not to wear is funny. this lady is wearing a shirt that she snagged from her dad in the 70s. so it's even older than that. she's 33.

Monday, February 16, 2009

i think i'm staying up too late.
my knee hurts a lot more today.

i keep thinking i should make an LJ icon of my knee, since i make so many posts about it.
i'm always getting sauce splatters on my shirt. i hope they don't stain
stupid stupid stupid

i have to start PT this week. i can't drive yet though. makes it hard. i also can't go to the same place or there is no way i get a ride there. pb works Wed and Thurs. if he leaves at 3:30 he might be able to get home in time to get me to some place. i still have to find such a place and make appointments.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


pb said he's hanging out with me.

it's more like he's hanging out with his iphone playing music and singing along while sitting a few feet away from me. now that i called him out on it, he looks at me now and then and sings in my direction
now i have on 2 blue socks. pb helped me put it on

pb tells me this is a twitter post. but i dont have twitter so it's an LJ post for me.

now i'm adding more so it's not so much like a twitter post. my nerves or muscles or something in my leg/knee seem to be jumping all around. i wonder what it is.
i took off my ace bandages adn then the guaze stuff and then i cleaned the incisions with peroxide and put bandaids on it. so much pain. also i was about to eat before i did it but then dave came down so i skipped eating. i only made it halfway through lunch because i was too lightheaded. when i was putting my pants back on i blacked out. good thing i had dave holding me up so i could dress myself. i took pictures. if dave brings me down my card reader later, i will upload them.

my knee is swollen.

also i asked dave if he misses me at night in bed since i've been sleeping on the couch. he said no and that he replaced me with a pillow. then later i brought it up and he said he thinks he likes the pillow better.


also in case anyone was wondering, before my surgery i was so scared and shaking like crazy. it was over before I knew it. at least i didn't really get scared until they started wheeling me to the OR. So it was proably only 10 minutes maxed of being super scared.
it would be so much easier to change my socks if i could reach my feet without bending my legs. i could never reach the ground when you had to stand there and reach down.

so i only changed 1 sock today. now i have on a blue sock and then a white sock from yesterday.
i'm going out of my mind with boredom.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

the hospital just called to make sure everything is going alright.
why is it that when i wear flats i wear a 34" inseam but then when I buy 36" inseam the pants are too long for 2 inch heels or even 3 inch heels. i need to wear 4 inch heels.
i knocked over my crutches while sleeping. they are behidn the couch. i've been waiting or pb to wake up for 2 hours so he can come down and get them for me.
so i had lose pieces of cartilage and they took those out.
dave asked if i would be able to run again. dr seemed to think so.but that i wouldnt want to (or maybe he said shouldn't) run on hills. that's all we got around here.
i'm home
i'm not dead :) i'm hungry

Thursday, February 12, 2009

i feel too wired to sleep


here's what i wore yesterday

and monday

i can't upload to the server that i use because the hard drive is full so you have to click on my picasa and the white is yesterday and the pink shirt is monday.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

today i decided to look pretty
so i didn't wear my knee brace. i also wore heels.

i'm regretting that so bad right now. ice didn't even numb it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a coworker casually commented to me that while i'm out for surgery i'll be fine and relaxing and work at least 8 hours a day anyway. yeah right. i tried to tell him how i've been told by 2 separate people who had kene surgery that you are miserable and have to elevate weird so you don't even use a laptop for the first few days. he didn't believe me.

Monday, February 9, 2009


i'm so tired. i didn't get to what i wanted to get to. i have to be at work around 7:30 tomorrow. i normally wake up at that time.

i'm mailing a birthday card . i still have to make 1 and then make a sympathy card. i'm also mailing 2 medical bills.
too bad i only have 1 stamp.

i'm thirsty but i would have to get up to get a drink. *yawns* I worked too long today.

i got a loaner computer at work. guess what... it didn't work. while the IT guy was there setting it up, my laptop got a blue screen of death. then he ended up saying the loaner kept crashing so he had to go up and get me a new loaner. my group tells me all the time that i need to stay away from their computers.

also my throat still kills me. i wanted to ask my admin if she got sick with sore throat first. she was sick thursday and friday but still at work and i was mad that she'd make me sick. well i didn't get to ask her today because she was out sick.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I have at least 4 weddings to go to in the next year. I better start saving my money now.
i think i'm too old for ultra low rise pants. my butt doesn't fit in them anymore. i guess i need to buy new jeans then. the ones i'm wearing are 5 or 6 years old. summer 2004 i think but i could be mistaken.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i'm so stupid. i made cookies without wearing my knee brace

Sunday, February 1, 2009


i just spent a half hour using the ice pick and shoveling. the bottom of the driveway is almost totally ice free behind pb's car (except i didn't do the angled part at the end of the driveway since the pile of snow is over that. but behind my car is still 3 inches thick or more at the bottom of the driveway. i tried to get rid of layers. then i eyed up the sidwalk. the sidwalk on the side of the driveway with the mailbox is 5 inches thick of ice. i tried to pick at it and then shovel to at least get rid of some of the top layer so if it melts with the temperature it's easier. then the driveway isn't shoveled as wide as the pavement. i tried to shovel closer to the edges but it was too icey so it was super hard to stand. i salted. the driveway is out of the sun though. it was quite a workout. also i banged my jaw with the shovel handle when i was switching from shovel to ice pick. not sure how i did it, but it sure hurts. the sidewalk on the other side of the driveway is only 3 inches thick of ice. it had a layer of snow on top. i shoveled that off.

the road is a pond. there is so much ice around the drain that the water doesn't really get to the drain.

across the street the driveway and walk is bone dry except at the very end where i have trouble with. and that is wet on their end. this morning it ws inches thick of ice. the people in this house shovel. they are practially the only other house on this end of the street that shovels their driveway and walk

across the street to the left (where the people have a basement garage), they had trouble getting out today. their tires were spinning like crazy. there are pink balloons hanging from their mailbox. i don't know who lives there though. it's the house that has the stone around the front door.

so earlier today another house across the street had inches thick on their entire walk. their walk has steps and you can tell how much snow/ice is on it since they don't have shrubs. their walk is dry now. they get the sun. we don't get the sun.