Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i feel a little stressed about work. i'm behind what my mentor (verifier) thinks i should be. even though i'm 2 weeks ahead of the regular schedule. i also spent all day tuesday doing stuff that i was told to do then when i went and asked a question about it after 6 hours (well i asked some questions earlier) my mentor didn't know so we consulted another guy. and decided just to delete the tables and figures. so a days worth of work is down the drain. i can't wait until i know a little more that i make these decisions for myself in advance. as i was doing the stuff i thought how it didnt' make sense because it wasn't in the other report for Millstone.

go me

oh. i got a westinghouse engineering services recognition voucher. i can (should) cash it in for a gift card. i brought it home to scan it for gloating purposes later. it was for all the help i did with getting the new hire checklist ready.


oh i forgot to mention the scale stopped gaining a lb and dropped 6.if only i had time to update this weight graph i had it would be pretty. it won't be as fun though because 4 of the high weights were at night and i only graph morning weights.

oh man

i'm a character

SmilinColleen: the peop was good
SmilinColleen: hahah ... peop = food
the outside of my knee hurts now. like sharp pains. kind of like what i'd expect to feel from a knife jabbing me.

today at physical therapy i noticed that my knee cap still moves slightly to the side but it's a ton better than before.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

why don't caterers have websites? they are really annoying me.
it is still bugging me that i didnt' post on the 29th.

Monday, January 29, 2007

i stayed up too late again.


my knee is taped again. it's not as bad as last time. the girl doesn't pull the tape as hard as the guy.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

i* bought a wedding dress.

*i didn't acutally pay for it.


should i feel good that my driveway is the only shoveled driveay in the area or should i feel like they know something i don't know and why did i waste my time shoveling?

maybe they don't shovel because what's the point of shoveling if the roads have 2 inches of snow


i hate american express. i only used the card since i got a letter saying i got my cash back (only get it once a year) and they'd deduct it off my next bill. well i didnt' use the card for so long. then i used it just to get my 9.73 in cashback. well i got my next bill. no 9.73 deducted. i dont wanna have to use it again to get it. i wanna know why it wasn't on there. where did it go?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

oh boy

i really stayed up too late.


I stayed up too late. i made a list of dates that i want to scrapbook. i know i cropped some already. i dont know if i printed them. i have to now make a list of the ones i already cropped, the ones i printed, theni can later make a list of the oens i put in order and then the ones i got scrapbooked.

i did have an excel file of dates, events, and then all the above information or i'd put the date and event and put no if i wasn't going to scrapbook it. i haven't updated that since summer of 05 though. the excel file wasn't as useful as i thought it was. it took too many pages to print out and i'd never keep it updated.

i believe i already have enough pictures put in order to be able to scrapbook the full day the next time i'm at the all day scrapbooking (February 10). actually i have more than i'd finish. i have learned it's much better to go in order so you know if it will start w/ a left side or start w/ a right side. i hate when i assume one and it's the other then i'd have this blank space if i didn't put things in out of order.
what gets my goat is that i have 3 pictures printed and i can't find the originals (the .jpg)
i just spent the last 3 hours putting pictures in order. i'm not done. some of the pics were so similiar that i had to analyze the clouds to make sure i was putting them where they belonged. i dont think that's necessary but i'd rather have it in order and maybe scrapbook them differently then get there scrapbooking and start stressing that they aren't in the correct order.


scale: 130.2

then i tinkled and scale read 129.8

scale 2 that normally says a higher number read 128 pre tinkle and 128.6 post tinkle.


pb shut off his car in the garage today and it sounded like boiling of something. we were baffled. we just sat there for over a minute listening. then he popped the hood. it only took like a minute to actually pop the trunk. it was still boiling or sounding like that. we deduced that the noises were coming from the coolant container. what do you think this meas? PB could see that there was still coolant in it but we couldn't find the lines that it shows how high the coolant should be for a warm car or a cold car.

oh boy

I think my level of happiness corresponds to the amount of comments I get in my LJ. I really do.

Friday, January 26, 2007

something like this

i'm scrapbooking over here and i sent something to print and the paper fell behidn the printer. after i got it

dave - "you're lucky you didn't sit on your scrapbook. can i see"
me - "i thought you said you didnt' want to see"
"oh that's for me. i didn't know"

update: he actually wanted to see what i printed out. at tleast he already knew he was getting a scrapbook.


my knee can bend.
i ripped the tape off. the dr said it'd last 2 days. well i waited 54 hours. it still was pretty tight. he said it wouldn't be. o well. i have a huge red mark. the red mark is the exact spots the tape was. my knee is throbbing.

hmph part 2

i weighed myself today and it was 128.8... seriously this scale

Thursday, January 25, 2007


SmilinColleen: i think my scale is broken
SmilinColleen: everytime i get on it i weigh 1lb more than the previous time
SmilinColleen: i'm upt o 127.8
SmilinColleen: jan 1 i think i was 122.3
SmilinColleen: granted i don't weigh myself that often
SmilinColleen: i stopped writing it down though

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


who thought such a small amount of tape could cause so much pain

PT visit 2

they start off with heat and the electro shock therapy. it tricks you into thinking you don't have pain. then you do all these exercises. then they put ice on. then you are stiff and can't bend your leg.

oh well also the bending part is from taping my knee cap. i can't bend my knee. sitting is rough. i'm supposed to be able to bend. the first time he taped it it popped right off so he taped this one tighter i think.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

i just woke up from a 2.5 hour nap. this is no good.
pb was mean. he made mean comments (responses) to me at work. then he said he was just immitating me. now he's not talking to me since i yelled at him for being mean.

Monday, January 22, 2007

by the beginning of february i'll have spent about 3/4 of the money i put into my spending account (for medical). i really misjudged how much i'd spend for the year. maybe tomorrow i'll try to see if i can raise it. i doubt i can since the year already started.


i just started going through my clothes to give the ones i don't wear to goodwill. i have 16 articles of clothing in a bag ready to go. i think i hit my quota for the day. i solved my needing to buy new hangers problem. i have been to walmart twice and they have been out of the nice hooky hangers (where one hanger hangs from another and you go down say 6 and thus can hang more clothes in your closet)

tired and lazy

its been days now that i've wanted to hook up the vcr and set it up to tape my soaps. i'm lazy. my knee hurts. i don't want to move. i'm ready for sleep.


oh the physical therapist could tell by looking when i was laying down that my knees are uneven. she told me this after i told her about my leg lenghts. then she was usprised that when i got orthoddics they didnt make one a litlte taller than the other.
the physical therapist said my loose knee caps caused my tendonitis

Sunday, January 21, 2007

i had lots of plans today, but all i did was watch tv. i did get caught up on some TV though. i scrapbooked a little this morning

Saturday, January 20, 2007


always leaves the house and forgets his wallet. it's starting to really annoy me.

my tree

my tree is nothing but trouble. it doesnt want to fit into the box.

Friday, January 19, 2007

i changed the thermostat to 70 in here and i'm still freezing. earlier it was at 68. the upstairs thermometer even said it was 68 before and onw it agrees that it's 70.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


the doctor also has me going to physical therapy 3 times a week starting next week. i go for 3 weeks. in 4 weeks i go for a follow up appointment.


so i keep forgetting to weigh myself. then yesterday i did. i was over 2 lbs more than the previous 2 lbs more of the normal. i thought something must be wrong, but i didn't even try a 2nd time. something must be wrong w/ me.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


i got a lot of sleep last night. i went in to bed at 10, played gameboy for a half hour or so then went to sleep. i slept until 7:30.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


after i was really tired it still took me over an hour to fall asleep. the pain in my knees was so bad.

i just sawa commercial for "wife swap" one guy is flipping out he can't find the remote. he's even lifting up the couch and looking for it. now why can't he just turn on the tv at the tv. if he's watching the game he won't have to switch channels (men do that) until at least commercial.


i'm not sure what to do about my workout plan until i see the doctor. now my knee is in constant pain so i'm thinking i shouldn't do anything*. but then my appointment isn't until the 24th. i am going to call tomorrow to try to schedule it earlier. the dr is only in on tues and wed of each week.

*anything legwise. i can still lift weights on my arms but some of them still hurt because my knee hurts when i'm putting extra weight on it.
office 2007 is so hard to use. i can't figure anything out.
the chair was much harder to put together than i thought it would be. it kept bouncing off my knee or things kept hitting my knee. my knee hurts constntly now. you never realize how many times you bump you rknee in a day utnil it hurts each time you bump it.
i finally bought a desk chair. i hope it is easy to put together and that it's comfortable. i also got new toner for my printer. it's getting low.
I bought one of those containers with wheels and an extended handle today at Joann fabrics for my scrapbooking paper. They didn’t have any in black except the $100 one. So I got a purple one for 35. It comes with one of those organizer things like you had w/ all your scissors and stuff in it. I found a stamp set with a 3.97 clearance tag on it. I was excited. Then I get up there and the cashier tells me it’s not on sale and she doesn’t know how the tag got on there. I should have argued that it’s on there so I should get it for that price, but I just told her to forget about it.

I also went to the Big Lots in Greensburg. They had light pink and orange textured in the 20 pack. They had pretty white paper with small multi-colored stars 20sheets for $2. I bought 1 of them.

i still have my scrapbooking in the car form yesterday. it's hard work to carry it upstairs w/ a knee that is constantly in pain.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

i took pictures of my knees to compare the bad one to the good one. both knees look awful. you can't tell at all that one knee has a big dent it in.
am i kind of light headed because i'm hungry or because i bumped my knee off of my bumper?

Friday, January 12, 2007

i gained roughly 2 lbs since i started lifting. but perhaps something is wrong w/ the scale. yesterday i was unhappy w/ my weight so i took off my pants and the new weight was 1.2 lbs higher than the old one.

stamps and paper

it took me over an hour to put together my stampin' up order. i only wanted to spenc 50 to get my free stamp set. i'll order the rest when i host my own party. it is hard work to get jsut 50 since things end in .95 or .50 and stuff.


i saved 59.12 + tax. i spent 72.46+tax

i also bought stuff at big lots and got pictures printed from sam's club.

good deals

i got them. joann fabrics has huge sales. scrapbooks were 50% off. the refill pages were 40% off. individual paper was really cheap. many things were 40% off. the 3 that werne't i used my coupons for them. i had 2 40% off ones and 1 50% off one. after i take pictures of all my goodness i'll check the receipt to see how much i saved (if it's on there).

Thursday, January 11, 2007

i log into work to get a few things done and a few cases run. well then the server is down or something so i can't run my cases so i couldnt' get results. i guess they dont want you doing work at midnight.
photo shop is making me mad

workout 4

we exercised again.

this time i didn't do all the exercises. my knee hurts too bad.

workout 4 should really be aerobic workout. but i took a day off yesterday since i started a day early. and because of my knee and the thought that something might be torn i might skip that for awhile unless callie has any other ideas for the next week.

oh that dr

she wanted to know what was wrong w/ my knee. so she fiddled, poked, proded and now it really really hurts. i have to make an appt for a specialist

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

boy am i tired. getting a shower in the morning isn't so fun.


i went to a stampin' up party. it was fun. it was for mkaing cards. i most likely wont' make any cards but i'll use stuff in my scrapbooking. i want to host a party. you get to make cool cards. would anyone be interested in the next month. in the next month if you spend $50 you get a free stamp set. you can buy paper and everything. we made 2 cards and 1 bookmark tonight.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


are comign down. i got about half of the ornaments off the tree and i took the greenery off the fireplace.

day 3

day 3 of my training was harder than day 1 because i'm sore. i only could do 4 pushups. the last one was liek .25 of a pushup but i roundedup. the 2nd set i could only do 3. the rest i could do the same it was just harder to do them.

i definitely feel my abs from both kinds of crunches. the key was holding the crunches for 2 seconds. i haven't done that since 9th grade. people quit doing it and so did i.

Monday, January 8, 2007

i'm good

my money market accoutn only collects interest if the average monthly balance is onver 1000. the statement i got today has my monthly average at 1000.42. that's what i call cutting it close but still making it. i had to take money out of there and so i had to deposit extra to make it have 1000. i did some rough calculations in my head to figure it out. i guess my calculations werent' very conservative. but i dont need to be more conservative than that. i keep the rest of my money in paypal where i collect over 5x the interest.


going to the gym for my aerobic days takes up so much time and the elliptical machien and also the bike don't seem to give me much of a workout. my face was only slightly pink. what to do next time...who knows.


oh and the verizon guy had to look at my phoen to makr down what phone the family plan was going on and he said i have a bad battery. i didn't know it was literally bad. then he showed me how my battery spun and batteries shouldn't do that. he gave me a new one.


we wpent an hour and 40 minutes today at the verizon store. changed pb's number (only did that for thing 2) then we got a family plan.

then we went to el campecino. it seemed to take forever because i was starving. it was good though.

then i went and picked up my car.

then got home to find kate's present. all kinds of scrapbooking things. it's perfect timing. i'm going to a big "super scrapbooking saturday" thing for 10 hours this weekend.

i still have to make ti to the gym tonight to stick to my workout. i also have to do a ton of work (work work). i've been putting together some trainings for new hires and slacked in my project.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

day 1 of training

i have some questions for callie. one i have no idea how to do. the "reverse crunches" i kept hitting my knees to my head. i dont know how to do it any other way.

some things i added weights that there were none. some of the ones she said to use 5 i used 4 becuase i don't have a 5. but i could only do 9 pushups and her workout called for 12.

also i have no idea how to stretch my arms.

perhaps i should post my schedule so people know.


my washer shakes like crazy in the final spin. you can see in these three videos. "with hangers" is the best one.

the scale

today i weighed myself after i woek up. i weighed 123.2 then a few hours later, i weighed myself. i wans't in my pj's anymore since i was about ot take a shower. but the 2nd time i weighed 122. now which weight should i put on my weight graph? every other weight is my morning weight. but i always assumed my morning weight was my lowest.


i just did 100 crunches while i was waiting for the hot water to actually get hot for my shower. my abs can really feel it.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

training goals

these might help in callie making up her traning schedules for us. she said she was making them a few days ago and didn't get it to me. i have high goals and also some smaller ones that are actually achievable.

i want arm muscles that show (even if ever so slightly)
i want my gut gone and also my thighs to be smaller. (i want these so my pants fit again)

here's a goal that will happen as long as i do things: i want to stop getting out of breath from walking up the stairs.

maybe i should want to be strong so i can carry the 27 inch tv upstairs to put into the bedroom.

ehh there is probably more but i just got tired really quick so i'm off to bed.

ok so

if you ask someone a qestion on aim. then they ask u a question to clarify and you dont answer, that's no good. but then if the other person answers kind fo both questions and you make no response th at sucks. u shouldn' tdo that. then dont just pop in after 10 ims and say "well i'm off to bed".

gravester did that. he does it all the time. i can say his name here cuz he never reads this.

Friday, January 5, 2007

boy am i tired.


i lost my black sweater. i wore it once. where could it be? i've spent two separate days looking for it.i guess i didn't look hard enough since i didn't find it.


my new vacuum is awesome. if vacuuming worked this well with my old sweeper, i would be doing it all the time. oh the stuff in the corners that i've been trying to suck up since i moved in is finally gone. i didn't do the basement steps yet with this new one. o man this sweeper is awesome.
my dress pants are too tight.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

updating queen

now my weight graph is updated.


i have a ton of icons. i think i even made more but i didn't put them in my icon folder. i always think i should make artsy ones. i never do. then i notice how i label them in LJ. i label them by date. some people label theirs by what they are doing or something like that. mine are by date mostly.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


i was so tired all day until about 20 minutes ago. this sucks.


i'm awful. my inspection ran out on my car and i didnt' even realize or notice that it was close.
my teeth hurt from the dentist. i'm tired. i have so many things i want to do but i don't feel like doing them.


that nap ruined me. i couldnt fall asleep last night. i was in bed for hours and hours and not sleeping. it was no fun.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

another one

this one is similar to my default picture. tomorrow i'll erase the background. it'll look better. i should have been in bed hours ago so i won't do it tonight.

i only have half as many userpics uploaded as i can. boy it might be a sad day come feb 14, when my paid membership runs out. i dont think ti's worth that much money just for the icons.


but different

a new icon

i should make a new one a month

what i wear

i've updated my calendar site. i seem to only do this monthly. the orignal purpose of me creating the calendar was so that i knew when teh last time i wore something was. when you don't update it for a month it defeats the purpose. i started something new. i don't make the small version the same as when you click on it. when you click on it, most of the time, more of my legs show. sometimes i crop* my arms if they are extended.

Here's a funny one. Dave did it twice, but once I retook the picture. He just jumps right in right before it's about to click.

*i originally typed "cut off" instead of "crop" and thought i'd just get a comment from timmy or pb (if either of them read the post) about me cutting off my arms.

exercise stuff i can do at home

this post is so callie knows what i have so she can make my training workout.

here i have 1 8 lb dumbell and 1 15 lb dumbell. i let my mom use the 2nd one of both, but i could get them back if i really wanted. i have a barbel that has a 5 lb bar and the weights for it only make it go up to 17 though. i forget the increments because i always used 17. i only bought it because it was really really cheap. i used to use that one for squats and those types of things, but it never felt like i was lifting anything. i also have a jumprope at home. i can do crunches and pushups anytime too. i have ymca membership with my lease. it is probably really crowded in january with all those new years resolutions. it was crowded there in November.

my bed

my bed keeps giving me bruises. it took almost a month for one to go away. well it is still barely there. it doesnt look like a bruise anymore. then today i was trying to creep through the bedroom to pick up my hoodie in the dark and i turned the corner too sharply and got another one.


i just took a 3 hour nap. i'm still tired. i wonder how going to sleep in a few hours will be.
boy was i tired at work today. i think i'm going ot take a nap before i get my 2nd wind and then end up even more tired tomorrow.

Monday, January 1, 2007

eventful 2006

2006 will probably be one of my most eventful years.

I quit working at Pizza Hut
i moved out of Troy and Back home
I went back to working at Chesterfields
I found out where i'd be working at westinghouse
i started at westinghouse
I quit chesterfields
i moved out
i got engaged

thinking about it before i typed it up, it seemed like there were more things. perhaps i will remember them later. i kept forgetting to make this post so i just typed it up real quick now.


i just gave pb a haircut. back when i first started giving him haircuts, i used to take pictures. well not anymore.


they told me my face wasn't red. well maybe this is just pink

more pictures
i'm gonna get fat. i eat super bad for you foods all the time.

new year's eve

i look forward to callie's party every year. I'm a picky eater so this year i decided to take something even though i didn't have to. i made pepperoni bread and took a bunch on a tray. i ate a little of it. it was a hit, so it disappeared early. i should have hidden some so at 4am when i was hungry again i would have something to eat.

i left my purse downstairs or i'd upload pictures now. i didn't take that many. at 11:15ish, i took laura home. she got sick and it wasn't from boozing. it's funny i took her to my parents house and nobody was home, which i knew was the case and she stayed there. i left a note for my parents so they knew she was up. Laura was still sick throughout the night. my parents didn't have any medicine for her. i guess i wrote a bad note, my parents thought she was sick from boozing, but i straightened them out or i think laura did that too.

all of callie's friends were in the garage because her brother and his friends took over the basement. well at midnight, we were sneaky. when they were all outside banging on the pots and pans, we snuck down and claimed the basement. they were mad. 2 people were down in the basement when we went down, they got scared off. but after the youngins rang in the new year they came down and saw us. they didn't know what to do. but we get the basemetn every year. that's where we sleep.

i had a gin and tonic. i didn't like it. i gave mike half. then i had whiskey and coke. it was pretty good. so i had more of that. people told me my face didn't even get red. i dont believe them. i think just becuase i was sitting by shane, with the reddest face, they couldn't tell about mine. i'll have to check my pictures.

i went to sleep at 6:20 ish. I was the last one up. Callie was next to last one up. then i woke up at 7:30 to drive mike home. well i really woke up to make sure he woke up so he could have enough time to get to his plane. since i was up i went on the ride ot the airport w/ my parents. i slept only a couple minutes in the car. the van is too bumpy. i came home (parents home) and slept 4 hours. then i woke up and talked to pb to make sure he didnt' think i was dead or anything. he wasn't worried. then i drove to my actual home. now i'm making this post and still starving. i did grab a cookie on my way upstairs.

i hope none of this sounds stupid. i aint rereading it because i'm going downstairs to eat now.

i can't believe i have to work tomorrow.