Thursday, April 30, 2015


Ella got the pretzels and opened the container and started eating them!  I caught her and then she tried to put the lid back on.

We tried a new Mexican restaurant. It didn't go so well. Ella did not cooperate.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Potty Training

So I haven't even "tried" to potty train Ella. I just sort of asked and she sat and now we ask sometimes. She only peed on the potty the first month of this. The last few days she has pooped on the potty too.
I'm pretty impressed with her.  We use sign language. So far I ask her and she answers by signing or shaking her head no.

She has been on the potty and I thought she was done and asked and she shook her head and sure enough 20 seconds later she went more.

Ella is such a big girl the other night she even pooped on the potty when her friend was over and quite a distraction.
She first peed on the potty on March 21!  She first pooped in the potty on April 26.
I'm not sure when she first signed to use the potty but she did sign on April 23 to use it. (On April 25 she signed to use it but I had just changed her diaper so I didn't believe it then she peed in her diaper a little later. oops)

Ella will probably kill me later because of the pictures.  I'm behind on going through pictures so these were the only handy ones and at least they aren't that revealing.

I decided to post this. Soon I think we will do the 3-day potty training method. I haven't read the book yet. Dave has.  Ella does not wake up from sleeping all night dry though. So I'm not 100% sold on it.  Ella gets upset if she uses her diaper throughout the day so I think she is ready for the day time. Also most naps she wakes up dry.

Do you have anything you wish you did or anything you have read up on and think you will do? Or anything you did and worked great?

3.17 Photos

I took some pictures of Ella to show off her St. Patrick's Day onesie.  I was practicing using manual inside and outside. I didn't do too bad. Ella's room is dark with the blackout curtains so I'm surprised I managed. I still like the outside ones better but I'm glad I managed some inside. I took so many that I decided to do a separate post instead of putting them in the 3.17 post.

Ella is so silly. I love her. She's so stinkin' cute I can't handle it.


Ella woke up at 5:30. She slept all the way until then so I was not up during the night though!

We went into bed so I could rest but Dave wanted to sleep until 8 so we left. We played in the living room. I organized toys.  Then all of a sudden Ella wanted milk. She was freaking out so I said I'd nurse 2 minutes then we would eat food. Well she fell asleep. We were on the couch and I was sitting there.  I got a pillow for under my elbow and played on my phone. I put an afghan on my legs. Then I put a pillow under my head! Before I knew it I fell asleep. I woke up later and my hand was still on my phone so the screen was still on but it was 45 min later.   Ella ended up sleeping 2 hours!  We missed my run because of this!

We hung out. We ate.  Then we walked to Safeway.

On our way back she saw her red car and wanted to go in that bad so I put the groceries away and we went to the park. We were there over an hour. I made a new friend. This friend knows 2 of my other mom friends.

We got home and Ella nursed and fell asleep on me.

After her nap I made brownies. Brownies are hard to make while holding Ella. She helped stir but then she helped make a mess and she tried to lick the spoon.   We played, ate, etc until the brownies were done. At 4:45 PM I had some leftover frozen corn and that was my first meal of the day.

Ella really wanted to leave so then we went to Gio's/Lily's. I took some brownies. They hung out a bit. Then Ella would not leave!

We got back and I cooked. Ella was in freak out mode. It was rough. She was all over me and I was trying to cook. Dave was home and on the couch. He was so exhausted from working all day and still being a bit sick. I had had it. I was so mad and fed up. I tried to get Dave to feed Ella but he was too tired! So then finally I can give her some food but still cook but she ate so fast that she needed more and would whine and I'd have to run in from the kitchen.  It was nuts.

Ella loved the spaghetti.

As soon as we ate, I gave Ella a bath.  Then I swept the floor and cleaned up a tad while she tried to steal Dave's phone. Once she was done with that, it was bedtime.  I nursed her then continued cleaning up. I didn't even finish. I swept and mopped and then it was 10 PM.  I watched a little TV with Dave and signed up for a 5 day exercise challenge thing that involves shakeology.

What a day. I used my computer until 11:30 actually doing stuff and not even getting to other stuff I wanted to do.

We found out Ella got into preschool for next year. She is no longer wait listed!  It's a parent observation one. Ella is young/will be young so there weren't many options but I think she will thrive and that's why I was looking into it for her. I will probably post more later at some point.