Monday, March 31, 2014

3.5 - Rhonda Visits

Ella slept 10 hours exactly. Too bad I was up for almost 4 before going to bed. I assumed she'd wake up soon because she barely ate. I was wrong. I did slept almost 6 hours. Then we played. We were still up when Dave's alarm went off. I told him I felt so rested since I had consecutive sleep. He always sleeps straight through but his alarm was set for earlier than normal. He probably got 7 hours of sleep and he said he never felt so tired.  All 3 of us socialized then Ella went to bed. I was getting tired so went to sleep at the same time as her. We did this twice.  We got up around 10.  We played again for a good while.

A friend from Dev Bootcamp, Rhonda, came over and showed up just as I was nursing and she was about to fall asleep. Ella didn't seem to want to go to sleep so I went out and greeted Rhonda. A few minutes later Ella fell asleep in Rhonda's arms.  We put her in the crib then ate lunch. As we were cleaning up the dishes, Ella woke up. Pretty good timing I guess. At least we finished eating.
I fed her. Then Rhonda played with her while I went out and ran 1.5 miles. I got back to hear Ella crying. Rhonda said that I was right in that Ella will be pleasant and playing and then all of a sudden cry/get fussy because she peed in her diaper. Rhonda was just changing her as I walked in so she was still crying from the diaper.  Ella is still cranky so I feed her before my shower. I started on the left side but wasn't sure if I was on right or left. Ella didn't want the left. I switch her to the right and she eats up a storm. Then I look on my app and I should have started on the right. Ella was trying to help me out.
I think this is when Rhonda took Ella to play while I showered. I got out of the shower to Ella crying. She had peed again. This girl is insane with how she cannot handle a wet diaper.  I feel like I must have played or something before my shower based on the timing of how I document on my app.  I nursed Ella after my shower but before even combing my hair.  Then Ella fell asleep on me. We waited a few minutes before getting up and putting her in her crib.  Rhonda touched up my hair. There were a few slightly long spots in the back. Ella woke up just as she was finishing. She slept 20 minutes and I think 10 of that she was still on my lap. This is why I never end up getting anything done.

It was already 3 PM by this time so I feel like more had to have gotten done since Rhonda arrived besides eating, running, shower, fixed haircut. She arrived shortly after 11.
We played a bit.  Then went for a walk a little after 3:30.  We walked 1.5 miles. Ella slept for maybe 20 minutes of the 30 minute walk.
Then there was some playing, a diaper change, and food. She somehow required pacing around. She didn't want to sit. She had a little more food then finally fell asleep. I was afraid to move her so I sat there and let her nap on me. When Dave got home, I had to drive Rhonda to the train station. I put Ella in her crib at this point. Dave said even before we left, she woke up and started crying.   The trip to the train station took forever. We hit so many lights red. Then coming home it was awful too. I got home and see Dave standing outside with Ella. I think I was gone 25 minutes and he said she cried the entire time until about 2 min before I got home. Bringing her outside helped.

I took her inside and fed her. She ate forever and ever and ever. I thought she went to sleep at one point but when I went to move she woke up and started eating more. So it was about an hour after I took her inside that she finally went to sleep.  She went to sleep at 7:40 PM.

While I was nursing dinner arrived. Dave had ordered Chinese. But he was doing his exercises so didn't actually start eating until I got out there. It was all awful. He said it cost like 50 bucks too and we'd have leftovers.  Well after we rejected that we had to make more dinner. Dave and I watched Person of Interest. Then I watched a show or maybe 2. I can't remember and I'm typing this less than 24 hours later; it'll just be awhile to post until I get pictures ready. I went to bed after that.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


I went back back to sleep a few times that I got up for the day at 10. That sure was nice.

Recently Ella stays awake longer and longer. She likes to play with her toys now. We sit at her piano often throughout the day.

She likes the bouncer too. I was able to do laundry while she had fun in the bouncer.  I folded laundry with her in the crib.
She was causing some trouble in that she didn't want to eat like ever. She'd barely eat throughout the day.
Dave gave her a bottle and got her to sleep tonight. I was going to let her nurse after but she stayed asleep. She didn't eat all that much and she cried a lot but with Dave's comforting she went to sleep. I decided we should start having Dave do this more and more so if by chance I'm not here then she will be able to go to sleep.  I'm still throwing out a lot of milk because with each bottle she tries she never finishes them. We keep trying and she's drinking a little more each time but still doesn't finish them. I think tonight she drank an ounce out of the bottle and that's the most she's had yet form a bottle. (She ended up sleeping 10 hours.)

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Ella was up a few times in the night again.
Then from 8-10 she slept on me. I decided that was for the best.
I put her in her bouncer while I did an ab workout for 7 minutes. She was starting to get fussy at 7 minutes so I stopped.

After another nap we went for a walk. We got outside and it wasn't raining but then started by the end of the driveway. I got an umbrella and we walked. Ella loved it because it wasn't sunny.  About 2 minutes from home I checked my weather app and it said the rain would end in 5 minutes. I guess I sure know how to pick when to walk. Earlier the app said 9 minutes so I believe it was pretty good.

We got back inside and Ella played with her piano. She didn't want to have any parts of tummy time after that.  Then I swaddled her and she was not fussy anymore. After a little snack she went to sleep.

I typed the above on the third and now I forget the rest of the day.  There are a lot more pictures
Poly wanted to cuddle with us.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Onesies with Templates

Before I posted some tutorials for making onesies and just showed some that I created. I didn't post any of the specific things I used though. I figured I'd show some onesies, and a pdf file of some of what I traced. (Most of what is in the PDF file is in the picture above.)

I also have some updates.  The freezer paper method washes well but gets some cracks since the shirts stretch. The paint on a stamped image fades a bit. The sharpie smears a lot and bleeds when it is washed. Be careful. I would recommend fabric markers instead of sharpie if at all possible.

Ones with a lot of small pieces are hard to iron on so I didn't even put all the insides of the letters for the Dad's a nerd one. I cut them all out but just didn't iron them.

On the file the shoe was crisper until I started messing with it.  When you trace it, the lines aren't jagged. I did the laces a little different but they'd take 10 minutes to iron down so I think this might be a better way.
I was only making this file with ones that Ella has already worn but Blogger and Rebel Alliance ones are still too big. Instead of deleting them from the PDF I'll just leave them.

The onesies above are 0-3 months or 3-6 months Disney onesies. The Muggle Born one is a 3-9 month Gerber onesie. Those are all that Ella has worn. She has worn them a few times but I only included a few pictures.

The purple superman was freehand painted. See how it's not nearly as nice as the red ones that were done with freezer paper. For the to-do list, the list was traced with sharpie and the bike was done with freezer paper.

I hope you enjoy. If you ever make any onesies let me know.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Here's another example of Ella liking to watch World of Warcraft.
I showed Dave how she plays her piano. So then he was able to take a few pictures too.

I tried to get her to roll over and she didn't want any parts of that. She seemed to enjoy this though.
When Ella went down for a nap, I had Dave cut my hair. He's cut it a few times before but never while it was dry.
I told him to cut 3 inches.
It ended up more like 7. It wasn't straight. Ella woke up before I even got to fully finish fixing it up. It was good enough though.
I tried to show Ella her giraffe to get her to play with it. She wasn't having any parts of it.

A gif of Ella playing on her piano mat. She is pretty much like this all the time on there. She loves it.
Ella sure is getting big.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3.24 stats

I mentioned in the 3 month update that Ella's height was shorter than previous times. This shows it. I guess I should change it to at least the same as the time before.
Her head circumference was the same twice in a row for me.
Weight is my favorite since the scales does the work.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photo of the Day: 11.25.10

Here's an old sort of daily picture of me.
I had on a dress but was cold and wanted to wear shoes versus dress shoes so I put on my yoga pants under it. Poly wanted me to hold her but then changed her mind. This was the end result.
This is from November 25, 2010.