Friday, May 30, 2003


dave and i went to eat n park with laura and betsy. then after talking for awhile, betsy proposed that we hang out. naturally we went to khols and target.i only bought 6 things. then later on dave and i went out to eat. we were somewhat dressed up. his steak was burnt but my pepperoni stromboli was excellent. the breadsticks with cheese were wonderful. i actually ate all my food. i'm tired already, but i bet i will be up for another 4 hours at least.

Thursday, May 29, 2003


i didn't end up having to work today and i slept later than 2. I would have been done working at 2. I don't like sleeping my whole day away, especially with dave here. but he likes to sleep it away saying we don't do anything during the day. well we don't do anything because we are sleeping it away. yesterday i went to denny's once and eat n' park twice. dave got to meet mallory and laurel. my brother just learned he got the RPI medalwinners scholarship. it is now 15,000 a year instead of 10,000 when i got it.
i added pictures to my website yestersday.

well showertime

Monday, May 26, 2003


we woke up a few minutes before we were supposed to leave for the parade. the parade was boring but it always is. then we went to visit mike at his new apartment. it was quite funny. then it was off to downtown to do a little shopping and exploring. then we went to white oak park and had a picnic. we tried to go to giant eagle and shop n save but they closed at 6pm and we arrived at 6. i couldn't buy ingredients for baking so we had to settle for eating ice cream instead. now i'm outside sittting on our deck swings. someone's having a party and making a little too much noise for my liking.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Friday, May 23, 2003


i just finished putting the olive garden pics into my scrapbook.

wow 14 hours!
i'm so excited. my mom said i was like a little kid earlier today when i said about being excited.


i ate so much. janet's is soo good. grilled ham and cheese is yummy. i also ordered a vanilla milkshake. she made two by mistake. i couldn't drink most of the second oen tho. i brought it in the car but still gave it to dad. work was boring today. i talked to judy about serving and she said i could. i bet if i don't serve before barb gets back that i won't serve though. my hopes aren't too high. today i did answer the phone a million times.

Thursday, May 22, 2003


originally i was
off on fri cuz judy forgot
saturday 12-3
sunday 12-9
tuesday, wed, and thurs 11-2

wite out is great

next week's schedule

fri, sat, wed, thurs 11-2
baquet server saturday and the rest hostess

not too many because dave is a coming!

previous post

the previous post wouldnt' have taken so long to post if i didn't take a nap for all but about 10 min of that time there.

at work today i had to make some drinks. i gave too much but nobody complained.

yay for saturday!

the post i attempted to post 3 hrs ago

43.35 hours this week. worked oan hour and a half this week w/o beign punched in though, so it coulda been more
40 x 7 = 280
3.35 x 10.50 = 35.175
315.175 bucks for this week
but probably over 75 taken out in taxes :(

yay for saturaday being soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003


i just said that i felt like going to walmart then i said a little more and then i said well actually i dont feel like going to walmart. Therefore I am not going. I do need to get insoles for my work shoes though. Tomorrow is going to be a long day and my feet will surely hurt a lot. I am still very indecisive about whether or not to go to the funeral tomorrow. If I go, I would need a ride to the church and would also need to wear my dressy clothes to work in the morning. I don't really like churches yet i actually like them. I would not get paid to be there though and then it would cut down on my overtime but i feel bad and guilty if i don't go. if i go there might be things to be done and nobody to do them. This is quite a dilema. I have to be dropped off at work tomorrow so i'd have to bring my clothes in the building. o what to do what to do. It was odd having the day off work today. I slept through most of the day which made it odder.
i just renewed my swe membership. i think it's time to work on my scrapbook, but first i will take my clean-clothes-hamper upstairs so my mom doesn't kill me.


i slept until 4pm today. i wasted my day away.

Saturday is coming quicker and quicker.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003


i got back from work early. i worked like almost 5 hrs today. i dont' work tomorrow. so far 37.91 hours for the week and i work one more day... i was right about the overtime.

i went to the funeral home today. there were tons of flowers. barb's hands were so cold. it was noticable that jack got skinny at the end there.

i am still tryign ot decide if i will go to the funeral. no matter what i still have to be at work at 9am on thursday. i might feel bad if i don't go. i don't really like church services because i always get lightheaded. but then everyone else from work seems to be going and i don't want to be the only one left behind.

Monday, May 19, 2003


work is my life again. 33 hours in 4 days. well actually that's not too bad at all. but consider i have to work more this week. then it's ok that i'm tired.

what's the point

of even giving me a schedule
day- original - actual so far
fri - 6 - 6 (but i only got my schedule at 3)
sat - off - 5
sun - 5 - 11
mon - 9am-like 2 for hostess- 9am-6pm cleanign and hostess
tues - off - 9am
wed - 9am - off (closed the place)
thurs - 11 (hostess) - 9am (banquet)

Saturday, May 17, 2003


well to start off i work tomorrow at 11 instead of 5 but i will still be there the whole day.
i learned about peggy and gino leaving today. today i had some bonding time with sarah. she had some stories. the closing manager chris was pretty cool. i actually got to sit down for a minute still being punched in. o and after we finished serving cake i asked judy (the manager of the wedding for the evening) if i could have a smoke break. hehehe and she said yea. too bad i didn't take it. i'm slowling learning the names of the new people that work there.

what was the point of them even giving me a schedule if they keep changing it. so far i only have a little over 14 hours. Tomorrow I'm scheduled for 10 but most likely will have at least 12. i work mon, wed, and thurs. Can i pull off 14 hours those 3 days to get over time. i am not too sure cuz wed and thurs i will probably only be there from 11-2. It's possible. wouldnt' that be funny if my first week back i get over time for the first time ever?
i'm glad i get next week off for 2 reasons! :)

so far

i was having some pretty crazy dreams last night and then i was woken up by chesterfields at 10am. i work tonight. i only said ok becuase i know of the troubles they are having there. now this messes up me having enough clean shirts until laundry day so i must go shopping an dnow is the only time we or tomorrow before work.

Friday, May 16, 2003


i worked a wedding with melissa and michelle. they both drank alcohol while on duty. melissa hates me and it's obvious. steve's last day is sunday. i'm tired and i only worked a little over 6 hrs. i also had to steal some food while i was there because i was hungry. so no peggy and no gino. 2 managers are gone that were there at christmas. they replaced one of them w/ kathy, but kathy quit already. john swope(sp) is helping out a little now but he is also teaching. he used to be a full time manager back in the day. barb wasn't there and i probably won't see her for awhile. she owns the place. michelle told me her husband won't live through the weekend. her husband, jack, owns the place with her and he was diagnosed with cancer a little before christmas. o my is what i have to say. things ran smoothly while there even with the lack of managers. sunday john will be there for brunch but then we will be managerless again so michelle is going to play "manager."

i got a job

tonight 6pm - banquet server
sat off
sun 5pm - banquet server
mon 9am - hostess
tues off
wed 11 - hostess
thurs 11 - hostess
fri 11 - hostess

i have to tell them i need mem day week off and i need to make sure my clothes fit.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

long time

ater 15 and a half hours of working on scrapbook. well 15 and a half from start to finish but i did break to eat dinner and a snack of cereal and a snack of pizza. i was also on aim a lot. i took pictures of some of the pages just for kicks. none of the pages are done. i need better magazines to look through and i also have to write stories about the events. i would clean up all my stuff toinght but i will work on it more tomorrow. i did neaten up my stacks. i hope mom doesn't get mad.

fyi ductales at 3:30am is the same as the one at 2:00pm so don't bother watching.
i kinda want lotsa jobs or at least lotsa hours this summer so i can make money. i feel like a bum this week just lounging around doing nothing. i wonder if i should work for the school district again this summer. it was hard work in the heat though. and it was hard to work at chesterfields the same day. the decisions...

uh o it's gettin to be morning i better go to sleep!


yay for scrapbooks!

I watched my soaps, talked on aim, worked on my scrapbook, watched cartoons, and ate.

I attempted to call Chesterfields today. There was no answer. Mike saw a sign on his way home today that had something about praying for Jack Braun or something. Jack and Barbara Braun own Chesterfields. So there might be a little problem. I'm not worried because Dave is visiting soon.


he's coming in two weeks. maybe only a little over a week!


is so cute. she was snoring a bit ago.

o yea i did 10 push ups this morning but then it was commercial so i came downstairs to get on aim.


my mom didn't talk to my dad yet. but she thinks i haven't put stuff away and stupid stuff like that and she said she is leaning towards no of dave coming to visit. now nothing to look forward to.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

i did

30 crunches today. i was going to do a lot but realized both sides of me were hitting junk in my room so it was hard. i decided i should clean up a bit first. plus there wasn't a rule that i had to do cruches before leaving like there is about me unpacking and cleaning up my room.

i'm leaving in about 10 minutes to go to denny's or eat n' park with laurel. i sure am glad i'm leaving because dave is out until pretty late and i was getting kinda bored.


mike is home now and my room is almost clean. i didn't really do anything at all today. my mom woke me up at quarter til 1 and daisy came in my room but didn't have anywhere to walk so she left.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003


i still have 7 boxes left to unpack and then clean up my room a bit. i'm making progress. i just dont work anymore so no more gets done.


i added pictures to my photogallery. and both galleries are up and running now here and here.
have a good day.


how did i acquire so much junk? i still have tons to unpack and my floor has tons of junk on it and i'm out of room to put it all! I need to get it all unpacked so i can leave the house.

Monday, May 12, 2003

my family

is so funny when they aren't mean. i laughed so much tonight!

i have to go unpack.

i changed my colors of my journal to happier colors

more today

earlier today i mentioned something about grades and then my mom got all in my face and made me leave so i wouldn't cry in front of her. well i didn't want her to know i was crying. then i went upstairs and got my puffalump that i rediscovered when i was unpacking a few hours earlier. i hugged it and pretended it was dave and hugging me back. it helped slightly but wasn't the same. then when i came downstairs i started talkign to my mom about the puffalump and it got me thinking not about grades so i felt better. maggie had one too. we are taking them to school next year. mine is a cute white cow and hers is an elephant. i wonder if i named it when i was little. i can't remember. o boy do i miss everyone at school.


i did a little unpacking. i slept 10 hours again last night. it was nice. i attempted to go to scrapper's corner for some supplies but it wasnt open. we don't knwo when it will be open. i guess i will be forced to go to walmart and spend less money. then i watched the young and the restless and then the bold and the beautiful while talking to dave. it is all quite funny. then i ate and unpacked with planned periodic breaks. i scraped the paint off the wall a little. but it's not that noticable. well it's not tociable at all now. i had more room at school. i have more junk here. at 6:55 i was typing and i said i needed a nap. next thing i knew i woek up to my dad coming down the stairs and it was 7:15 and i missed lotsa ims. both people left that i was talking to. i was quite sad. and then my dad yelled at me cuz i didn't get up to fold laundry. then i yelled at dad cuz he got 2 cheese pizzas and put vegetables on both, knowing that i dont' liek vegetables. but once my mom yelled at him after that then he got a pizza out of freezer to make for me. actually he tried to get one out down here and there wasn't one so he went upstairs to look. i dont' knwo if he found one there or not. i hope.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Mother's Day

Today I was woken up with a shout that they were ready to leave and to get ready. Three minutes later i was shouted at by my dad that the rest of them were in the car. I tried to get ready fast but it was hard since my clothes are all packed in different boxes. I became ready very shortly and we went to Hoss's. I didn't eat much. I wasn't even full but everyone else was ready to leave so i pretended I was. We got home and mom opened her present of a basset stuffed animal and she opened her cards and later she ate cake. Then I came down and talked on aim. Around 5:30 we went to my aunts to visit my gram for mother's day. i showed her all pictures on my computer since Christmas and it took an hour to look at them all. I got back was talking on aim and then the power went out and no internet. Now i have to wait until it comes back before i can post this.

I've also been cutting out pictures that i printed from my digital camera. i have been using my mom's cool paper cutter thing. i want one. i would be working on my scrapbook but my mom is takingme to scrapbook store tomorrow. actually i think i will work on it anyway. ehh maybe not. i have to unpack.
and it remians down at 9:24 over an hr later the internet is back

Saturday, May 10, 2003


i'm home. the drive seemed quick because i slept a lot. 1.5 hrs was not enough last night. i wish i had more time at school with friends after finals and before leaving. i wish i wasn't sick yesterday. my breathing is not so good today. i should go take inhalers, but that requires movement.
for my return home my mom made me my favorite meal. ribs!!!!! oooo they were sooooooo good. i was eating with the family and then they were done and i was eating and then timmy went to get in shower and i was still eating and then dad went outside to clean leaves but mom sat with me more while i ate but she was done then she cleaned up everything else and then she put the ribs away so i had to be done eating. ahhh just like old times.
it's quite sad w/o dave around. I'm glad i started to feel better after dinner last night so i wasn't totally miserable for our last night together. i am relieved that classes are done so far. grades aren’t' as good as i wanted. they are better than i expected. my mom is disappointed.

Friday, May 9, 2003

my head

walks slower than me no matter how slow i walk. the room actually spun today during the physics final. i used up tons of tissues during the final and all day. i didn't get an A. The test was evil. i might have done better if i wasn't so sick. i was sick last week. i'm not allowed to get so sick this week.

I usually love to pack but now i keep having to rest because my head hurts. I'm sad because now i don't have fun packing. i look foreward to packing all year and then it's not fun. quite disappointing!

So maggie went to her physics professor and said she needed 3 more points to get a B and showed him her second test, so he said "let me see what i can do" and then he gave her 4 more points so she got the points she needed for a B w/o the final. I had a high B before the final. I'm not so sure now. Gravester left the final and checked the box not to grade it. i thought that i worked on it so much that i was going to finish it.

i'm such a slacker. i didn't post yesterday.

time to go pack

note: i do not have my speakers turned on!

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Monday, May 5, 2003

one down

one down 3 to go.

i didn't know 8 the first time through. i hope i got at least 3 of those right. i need to in order to get a B. otherwise I will have that C and my studying will prove pointless. now i have to study for chem.
lunch/breakfast 12:30
studied until 2:45
final at 3
back to room 3:24
talked to kate
made this post

Sunday, May 4, 2003


i'm a loser. i can't go a day w/o napping for at least two hours. now i have to hardcore study or i will fail. ok i had to do that before.

Saturday, May 3, 2003

next year

next year i'm going to do things differently. ok well that's what i think, but i bet i won't do anything that i plan on. i plan on being more careful with my spending. this year i'm sick of buying a lot and having others benefit. i want to share. i also plan on being more studius. but then i think i say that each year. i start out the semesters good then it's all down hill from there.

i'm all alone right now. i think maggie and kate went to lunch without me. dave and gravester went to a movie. :( i guess i can go back and study. i don't want to study. i don't feel like it. i need to study or i will fail. like literally fail. i'm so worried. the bad part about me is that i'm so worried, i can't study. :'(

Friday, May 2, 2003

the fun of last night

last night we got all dolled up and went out to eat. then we went to super walmart. it was tons of fun. many pictures were taken. it was tons of fun. oops i already said that. the service at olive garden wasn't good, but it made it more fun. because it was bad, we actually got a lot more mints than were initially wanted. i got manicotti, instead of chicken marsala. I forgot to eat the leftovers today. i ate at the union twice today so i didn't get a chance to eat it. Walmart was fun. It was maggie's first super walmart experience. she wasn't having so much fun walking by the end. she had some high heels on. i only spent less than 4 bucks. i'm gettin good. it was a nice break from studying. but today was also a nice break from studying. that is not good. i am going to fail now. argh. :'(

smaller portions

i have reached the conclusion that there need to be smaller portions. they serve too much for one serving. i get soo full that i feel like i'm going to throw up. and it makes me fat. i only have 3 chins though.

mica just walked in and gave a look and left. hmmm... i guess that's why people lock doors.