Friday, March 31, 2006


mommy cleaned up the basement. but she even took stuff off my desk and threw it at the bottom of the steps. i have to put all of that stuff away or something. i had some papers and a notebook that i use EVERY SINGLE DAY on the top of my computer tower and that's gone. i'm so mad.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

bruise update

it is still painful. it is almost bright yellow. there is no more purple to it.
i just cut pb's hair. i can't believe it's almost friday. i also can't believe how little i've been checking the horsecam.


Work is fun but uses chemistry. I wonder if it iwll all be chemical engineering stuff or if some will get into actual mechanical engineering. i think it will depened on which of my two main topics i'm working on but who knows. i haven't done anything in the 2nd one yet.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


So far I went to work 2 different ways and came home three different ways. (to and from has overlapped some)


my arm was starting to feel better. i coudl drive w/o a coat on. then i go and try to use it to open the door at wendy's . oh the pain!

Monday, March 27, 2006


i didn't sleep well last night. i kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking how i didn't pick out my clothes, change my purse, pack my lunch, get snacks ready, get anything ready that i wanted to take in today.


my stomach is upset. i should have quit eating when it was bothering me instead of eating more and more.  today work was ok. i get a project to work on tomorrow. i have to finish going over paperwork and have to skim 1000 pages and do some on-line trainings.  i picked up my chesterfields paycheck on my way home. 

Flex time is going to be awesome.


my arm hurts so bad from the fall that i had to turn on my turn signal with my right hand

Sunday, March 26, 2006

bruise update and updates

this bruise is getting pretty bad, yet when i show daddy he says he can't see anything and it just looks like a shadow. It hurts all the time from the fabric touching it.

I took some pictures a few hours ago and then 2 pictures 20 minutes ago. On camera I don't think you can really tell the difference.

I still don't know what to wear tomorrow. I was tired all day but now i'm not. I'm watching a show about sleep deprivation on CNN. I curled my ends under a little bit ago so I only have to touch up tomorrow. I didn't spend any more time cleaning my room but there is still time.
My foot is still swollen.  My feet are sore when I stand on them. Dress shoes won't be fun tomorrow. My gut is huge.


I just got to watch a bruise form on my arm. it was red. before that it was white from beign scraped adn it was red around it. now it's red, black, blue, and purple. it is in the shape of an L. once it gets nice and purple I'll take a picture.  It is on my left arm.

to give you a hint of where the bruise is: it moves when I flex my muscles.

I got the bruise on my arm becuase the sink broke my fall.

no fun

i didn't sleep well. i'm so tired now.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


my realistic goal of yesterday is no longer realistic. i lost 5 hours of cleaning time today. i probably won't get any farther than i was last night.


i can't believe i worked 12.8 hours and didn't get a single e-mail. i'm so tired.

Friday, March 24, 2006

my room

i went through 2 drawers in my chest of drawers (i emptied one a week ago). so that's 3 out of 5 done there. I only briefly touched 2 of 6 on my dresser. i looked at my lingerie chest and 2 are good and i emptied one. one is half full but the stuff in there will stay since i don't have another spot for them. that leaves 2 drawers left. but i probably won't touch either of those two drawers.

i took old folders and school stuff off my bookshelf and put them in the box i started to fill from emptying a few drawers. so now that box is full and i can put most of my books that were lying around in the hutch. the box is too full so I just slid it in to Mikey's room.
I want to clean off my furniture and clean off my floor before I work monday.  This is a very UNREALISTIC goal. I will update my progress and see how close to the original goal I get. My more realistic goal is to clean off the junk from my floor and my dresser. This allows me ot pack stuff on the desk even more while cleaning. My bed is pretty full at the moment. I have a stack of clothes in good condition that I'm debating giving to goodwill. I have all these pajama pants I don't wear anymore. I don't know if they sell them at goodwill anyway. If anyone wants them they can have them. They are all men's pants. I think size medium. I had to buy men's pants for length but they were still kind of short. I can find pictures of them if anyone really cares.


i got my shower, got dressed, combed my hair, and then said "goosey you want to cut my hair?" he did so he cut about 4 inches off. since he was ready right away i just grabbed the closest scissors. they kind of sucked but pb still did a good job. now it seems like all my hair is gone. i should have just stuck with 2 inches like i originally told him. i told him 2 and hesaid that wasn't much and i'd only be cutting off the longest layer so then i caved and said ok do 3  and then 3 magically turned into him cutting 4.

march madness

while i was picking my bracket i kept saying how i wasn't picking duke because last time they blew it and I lost. well i was stupid and picked them anyway. and then they lost. at least i knew it was coming.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


i hate when veronica mars ends so good when I don't have another episode to watch. i told goosey not to start watching it becuase it would end too late. then of course i had to go to the 2nd episode. he got tired and went to sleep in the middle. now it's super late and i don't have another episode to watch and i'm not tired becuase I want to know what happened/happens next.

so as i was typing i saw a typo. usually i don't fix them but this time i thought i would. i finished the sentence and went back to fix the typo. i can't find it. i thought i typed he as eh but it could have been a to as ot. it was something to that extent.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


my calendar is updated. i do a bad job taking pictures of me on the weekends.
ok what should i wear on my first day of work. i have new clothes that i will link to here later but also check out my calendar from the summer.  let me know your favorite date. dress is business.


goosey is going ot make me fat with his taking his medicine at night with food. eh shoudl take it aroudn 11 but his raids are never over in time so then he eats later and takes it later. we just got done eating now. i wasn't even hungry. i only ate becuase he kept telling me it was time to eat. i felt obligated.Then i'll go to bed in 45 min.

waste of time

that server meeting didn't tell me anything new at all. my toes are still cold.  that's 2 hours of my life i'm not getting back.

Monday, March 20, 2006


why didn't erie send me my insurance bill? i usually put it in the mail by the 21st or 22nd for the 28th due date. it usually sits around the house for awhiel before i mail it in. i still don't have it. what's the deal?  i guess i have to find a phone number and call tomorrow.

i'm no longer poor as dirt. well i don't feel poor as dirt. i still owe my dad like 400 bucks. pb owes me 200 + his half the truck and gas (aka he owes me more than i owe my dad)

march 20

weight: 120 at 10:25AM (ish)  but I did not check my weight a second time to find out if the scale was off. usually i weigh myself once it says something other than 121.5 so then i get on it again and it says 121.5

breakfast: honey bun 11:30AM (while at work)
lunch: 2 hot dogs on buns with ketchup, 3 dunkin sticks, milk 4:00PM
nap from 5 until dinner
dinner: french fries (lots of them) and juice 8:00PM

update: snack: macaroni and cheese meal thingy frozen dinner. it was a lean one with 300 calories and 5 grams of fat and then chip n dip (1:30AM)


i just spent 1.5 hours looking at new pictures on facebook. i was surprised by the amount of pictures added. the amount of people that went places for spring break. and the amount of people in bikinis or bathing suits on these pictures. oh and i'm not done picture looking.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

march 19 food

breakfast - honey bun (11:30)
lunch - cake (2ish)
dinner - french fries (about 10) around 4:45
snack - 2 pieces of cake 6pm
real dinner - 2 grilled cheeses with fat free craft singles 8:30ish
post dinner dinner - stir fry with vegetables that i bought at giant eagle for a buck. i got so full that i threw the last 5 bites away. aroudn 10pm
snack - chips with dip 12:30 am


"goosey you took your hamper upstairs"
"actually your dad did"

i laughed and he didn't think it was funny. his hamper has been down here for days. i wrote him a note to take it upstairs andt hen it was upstiars. but really he only moved it to thebottom of the steps and my dad took it up the rest of teh way. how nice.


yay i get to sleep in my own bed tonight. my body is so exhausted. i don't think it likes sleeping on a couch.


i'm so exhausted. my muscles all ache.


there is a little spider on my computer screen as i type this. i dotn want to get guts on my computer.

update: it got away. i wasn't quick enough w/ the tissue. it slipped out at the last minute.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


i hate when things happen and neither person is in the right and both want you to be on their side or think u should be on their side.
i hate how i'm always sore (espeicially these butt muscles)
i hate being tired all the time.
i hate when people are stupid and then blame you for not picking up their slack.
i hate my hair (and i can't figure out how i will like it better)
i hate how my teeth are crooked and how they aren't white.

i'm so full of hate


i didn't post yesterday. what a slacker i am.  i almost didn't post today but i decided to get my post in before it hits midnight. i can't afford to miss 2 days in a row. that's a super slacker there.

today chesterfields was so stupid. a five year old could have ran a better event.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

future events

March 16 - Truck 'n Pup for breakfast  then diabetes teaching with Dave  then possibly bowling
march 17-20 probably working but don't have schedule

March 27 - first day of work
March 28 - 3 year anniversary and car payment due and car insurance due
April 1 - April Fool's Day and school loan due
April 15 - Gas/electric due
April 16 - Easter and Discoverbill due
April 18 - Mom's birthday
April 19 - Amex bill due
April 28 - car paymend due
May 1 - School loan due
May 15 - Last day of lease for Troy Apt and gas/electric bill due
May 20 - graduation (should look this up to verify)
May 29 - parents 30th anniversary


i start March 27. I got a job with the same lady i interviewed with for the position that PB got.


i beat level 20 for the first time today.  first try. before this week i could barely beat level 10.  then i beat 21, 22, 23  but 24 i have not beaten yet. i turned off the machine becuase i'm hungry for lunch and i want to see this carpet. we are getting new carpet in the family room and the steps and hallway

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


i found receipts i wanted in my scrapbook and i already di those pages and forgot. silly me. now there isn't space. 

I almost have money to pay my dad back. I might pay him some and then keep some incase other bills come up. I'm going to e-mail him now and ask him.(He isn't home so it makes sense)

Monday, March 13, 2006


i'm bored. i want to go somewhere and do something but i can't think of anything to do. also it's late to do anything. i'm open to suggestions. i just did a sudoku. i payed dr mario for hours before that.

PB got the job that we both interviewed for within westinghouse.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


somebody almost switched lanes into me today. good thing i have good brakes.

Friday, March 10, 2006


on a happy note i got my tax refund today. now i can pay all  of my discover bill w/o having to cash bonds. and i will most likely have enough money for car insurance and car payment even w/ my lack of hours this week and last week (and i won't have to cash bonds for those bills either)


pb said his interview went well today. timmy just got home. we went to red robin tonight for dinner. Timmy got lost many times. Yet he still made in home in 8 hours.  my thumbs hurt from so much gameboy.

Thursday, March 9, 2006


my ride to the energy center was the worst. im me and ask me about it. then i had a mini interview with a manager and a team leader. then i went to lunch with the manager to continue the interview. then i left that and got to the hospital only about 10 min late for the diabetes teaching for Dave.  I just got hoem 20 minutes ago. THere were 8 diabetics at the teaching. there were 4 or so people there like me that were there for support of a person. Everyone else was more than twice as old as us. i think 3 people were roughly 4 times as old as us. I think someone was 78 and someone was 90 and i'm not sure how old the other 2 pretty old people were. Dinner will be ready in liek 20 minutes.

I will hear early next week from westinghouse. She found it funny how they handed us. she always thought once you were offered a job and accepted that you were put on payroll even if they didn't have a position for you.

I still have to call and get my work schedule.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006


i showed 4 people some of my scrapbooks in the past 24 hours. it makes me so happy. russ didnt' really look at much but he looked at some so it still counts. i gave felicia the stuff i owed her so i don't have to worry about it getting mixed up with mine anymore.


a manager at westinghouse called. i have an interview tomorrow during lunch. she is interviewing three people for this one position. then 10 minutes later Dave gets that same phoen call. His interview is Friday over the phone. So here we are 2 people competing for the same job that we know nothing about.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

sad times

nobody has been posting lately. it makes me sad. i always wonder waht felicia has been eating and no posts about that. russ can't update about class because he is on spring break. he has at least done a little updating with his dialup at home.  people need to post more.

I also had to put all my scrapbooking supplies away today. well i had to the past 4 days or os. i was only putting a little away at a time but i was forced to finish puttign it away today.


y are my tags not showing up? how do i get them to show up? do they show up for anyone else? i want to do a search fo my tags and i can't find them. where are they? i am quite distraught right now.

update: it should work now but i lost my old blue style.


i went to chesterfields for dinner with laurel. we were only going to get appetizers but then we got one of those then i got a chicken salad and she got a steak salad. i brought two scrapbooks to show her. then i showed john. he said i went out to eat a lot. i said i just take pictures when i go out to eat and people don't usually do that. then he seemed to like to laugh and joke about me taking shots on my birthday.  he said he will take care of my server training tomorrow and put me on the schedule.

food today

breakfast : in the car: 4 saltines about noon
lunch: 4 bowls of honey nut cheerios and an oatmeal cream pie about 2:30

Monday, March 6, 2006


i feel for those people that have to prick their dinfers for blood sugar. oh the pain.


i've come to the conclusion that i hate bras. they just seem so uncomfortable.  i can never seem to get one that fits right. i should quit wearing them.

peyton place

I finished reading Return to Peyton Place. It wasn't as good Peyton Place. They are dirty books though. I think the 2nd was even dirtier than the first. It was written 5 or so years after the first.

Sunday, March 5, 2006

go me

i just almost doubled my old high score in super bounce out. a yahoo game.  now it's 52,584. before it was roughtly 26,700.  well i forget the tens and ones but it started w/ 267.


i did not waitress. barb thinks i need to be trained. they also had 3 other poeple theere. so when i got there they sent the current hostess home that was there all day and i hostessed. so i worked 3 hours instead of over 4. and i only made 7 an hr instead of much more.

Saturday, March 4, 2006


a manager called to inform me of my money from the mother of the bride. he said that she asked him to get all the employees that worked the party together and eh did. then she noted that one was missing. he said no. she argued. then he said "o yea colleen. i sent her home" so now i can get my money from teh office. i'm SO glad that the mother of the bride talked to me earlier or i would have been screwed.  he didn't actually say how much it was for.

My food for today

breakfast 10:30 - 1 doughnut from krispy kreme (that i bought yesterday)
lunch probably around 1:30 - 1 piece of yellow cake
dinner 6:45PM - 1 piece of wedding cake + vanilla ice cream  with raspberry squirted on top (it wasn't good)

Now I must find FOOD for a snack. I got out of work early but only because they didn't want to pay so many people just to clear and set up. but the mother of the bride asked me how many people were working the wedding because she wanted to tip us all a 50. i really really really hope that i still end up with a 50 even tho i left. gina haney was there same with one girl that i forget her name but she sat in front of me in spanish so her last name is between brehm and mine. she also sat beside timmy in his computer science class. casey wonderly was a brides maid  or one of those people. i also recognized many more people at the wedding. it was only a wedding for 86 people. I think maybe only 80 showed. the mother of the bride was dressed like a big slut.  it was teh worst wedding i ever worked becuase they were a bunch of chain smokers. they being at least 4 people at every single table. 10 tables. some tables all 8 were major smokers. i really feel bad for those non smokers. i couldnt even breath in the room. when they told me to leave i didn't argue just because i wanted to be able to breathe. i wanted hours but not that bad. as soon as i got home, i got a shower. nobody would come near me i smelled so bad. i wish there was some way i could come home chagne clothes and magically make me not smell like smoke w/o having to take a shower right away. my hair attracts too much smoke.  my foot is killing me. i had to bring all the buffet food back and carry it downstiars. i made 12 or 13 trips.

Friday, March 3, 2006

ow ow ow

the headache is back. i guess it has been about 6 hours since i took advil. maybe i'll take more.


HGTV is making me really excited to move somewhere and get organized and make everything look nice. i am also in a cleanign mood so i'm going up to my room right now to work on that. dang it the show is over. now cleaning and organizing has left my system. lets hope the next show is as good as this one.    Oh No it doesnt seem like a good one. 

Maybe i'll go eat more doughnuts. I think i ate 7 so far. I got Krispy Kreme this time.

I want to go somewhere. I want to do something. I don't have any money or anyone to do anything with.


10 days until payday.

the last time i was this excited over a paycheck was ... never. but i was kind of excited for my very first paycheck.


well in that money stuff i also forgot that pb owes me for half the truck and we need to split the costs of gas.  that's at least 250 bucks.

Thursday, March 2, 2006


i miss new york laws. i hate smelling like smoke so bad once i leave a restaurant.


so far i've worked fri, sat, sun, mon, wed and i've worn my hair a different way each time

Wednesday, March 1, 2006


Sept 30 :: Feb 23

Not quite the comparison because of left and right arms


i finally have pictures of a full week. now i can get rid of september at the top

earlier when i plugged in my card reader it sort of shut off my computer yet it was on. i had to hid the reset button and have it reboot. i think it's about time i quit using those usb  in the front of my computer. stuff like that has happened too many times.


around 6 somethign I could smell dinner but i was exhaused so i decided to go to sleep until dinner was ready. usually it's ready for eating around 7 but sometiems earlier if she knows my dad will be home earlier. well now it's 8:37 and I was never called for dinner. i think they must be mad at me now thinking I should know or something. now i'm afraid to go up. i only ate breakfast at 4 and I didnt eat much so I would be hungry for dinner.
i napped 2 days ago so then I was not tired and couldnt fall asleep. then i was tired so i napped yesterday and then i couldnt fall asleep. then i got 4 hours of sleep so then i wanted to nap today.  at least i don't have to wake up early tomorrow.


I now work tomorrow. i wasn't supposed to. i'm off friday
Saturday noon until about 1am bqt
sunday 5-9ish server
monday 11-3ish
Wed 5-9ish hostess

who wants to bet how many times this will change?

It already changed twice and the schedule was just posted today.

On a side note I worked 2 extra hours today and i got to spend 3 hours fixing an excel spreadsheet and then entering data. and while workign w/ the laptop there was this file open. it was a press release. i read it and fixed some BAD typos. i didn't change around wording or anything. then i saved the file. now it must be really bad if i can catch these typos.