Sunday, June 29, 2003

argh for work

work sucks. i did get to serve again. but that was cuz they were stuck. i didn't get many tables or anything so i didn't like it. barb got mad i punched in as a hostess even tho it says hostess on teh schedule. she told me i need special permission from now on to punch in as a hostess even tho i was on the schedule twice as a hostess.

i'm so excited. i leave tomorrow morning... :)

argh again

work changed the schedule once they hired all these new people. it drives me crazy. so now today i only work 3-8 instead of 11-8. it pisses me off. i was so tired this morning and i rushed to get ready. i really hate that place. i figure everyone hates their jobs and some are just worse than others. i think mine is really bad. the turnover is like a week and new people are coming in.

Saturday, June 28, 2003


i didn't work!
i went to visit Rachel's apartment and it was cool

i'm like a little kid and so excited. i have to pack and stuff.

Friday, June 27, 2003


we got some pain goin on here

work is horrible. they are so unorganized. they r crazy


they sent me home from work early. i'm not on at all tomorrow. they really know how to give me the hours.

Thursday, June 26, 2003


i'm not quick like a fox anymore. i probably shouldn't work very long tomorrow. i will anyway though. i need hours. i don't need the pain. i don't need to ruin my chances of running in the future. this is pretty bad. why does everything have to happen to me. everyone keeps asking me if i hurt my foot at work. i bet i did but i'm not sure. i know it got worse at work. argh too bad i dont' have one of those easy jobs that i sit down all day and get paid lunches and also get paid more.


i'm good at working short days to make foot heal. only 9.5ish today. i did pick up a few tables while i was hostess. pocketed 25 bucks in an hr and a half. they have been packed this week becuase of the coupons in clipper magazine. i almost had a thrid table but they wouldnt' let me take a table outside. even after i took their order and everything. i still haven't found out if i passed the server test. i assume yes or they wouldn't have me serve today. but who knows. they probably didn't even look at it yet. tomorrow i work 11-2 and 5-10(or 11 or 12)

well i'm on the phone so i'll write more later


well i worked for 3 hours today and i have to go back at 4:15. they still haven't even looked at the server test that i took. so i don't know how long before i find out how i did. my guess is never. one can only hope. today lunch was busier than it has ever been before. well busiest since i've been back anyway. my foot is being iced at the moment.

so far i'm only on the schedule sunday 11-8. banquet from 11-3 and hostess 3-8

Wednesday, June 25, 2003


shopping was done twice today. i went to kmart and then kohl's with my mom. then after dinner and some tv, i went to fashion bug, world of values, and kohl's. I bought a bunch of stuff and spent too much money. it's just not fair. i just got another paycheck and it isn't even deposited yet and i spent some of it. i was plannign on spending less than half my money I make this summer. I'm only 50 cents off from half now. Too bad it was spending 50 cents too much. and i'm visiting dave for a week before my next paycheck. i have to conserve!

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

i work 11-2 and 5-9 on thursday too what fun

i went out to "dinner" with mallory after work tonight. We talked forever. tons of fun.


i worked. 3 hours. foot in some pain. not as bad as before. but if i didn't know that bad pain i would say this is painful. i work again at 5.

how come i can't get two 40 hour weeks on the same paycheck. i went over 40 w/ 8 hrs and over 40 with 16 hours and now over 40 and this week which will be about 10

333 buck paycheck

Monday, June 23, 2003


June 30 – July 8 I will be visiting Dave! We will be visiting Andrew one day while I’m there. We have a list of things we want to do. I bet we won't get to a lot of them and that we will think of new stuff to do while i'm there. My duffle bag is still filled with stuff from school. My laziness is setting in. Maybe there's another handy dufflebag that i can use in this house. I have to go shopping before I go because I don’t have any shorts that fit. My mom won’t let me go anywhere though or do anything just because of my stupid foot. I went to the dentist today for some kind of sealant. Then I went to Gram’s. She took me out to lunch. She wanted me to order so much. How much does she think one person can eat? I decided to go with a pizza because I knew the family would like leftovers. Mom ate 4 pieces so I was right. I am going back to the dentist to get a retainer made and he’s going to fix my top retainer so it fits. Timmy's teeth are straigther than mine and he didn't have braces at all. I had braces for three and a half years.
I’m so disgusted that I can’t run for awhile.

Sunday, June 22, 2003


i keep telling my mom i'm quick like a fox but she doens't believe me.

work made me go in but then when i gave her the doctors excuse she said i had to leave. so i had to wait until my mom got home for her to come back to pick me up.

before i left i walked to the request off folder. right above that a sign was posted that said "no request offs for July 4" and then i fill out a sheet that i need off from june 30 - july 8. nothing i can do about it.

i have resorted to reading today. all day until about 15 minutes ago i was internetless. :(

Saturday, June 21, 2003


i'm so thankful for lifetime movies. they have kept me bored out fo my mind today and kept the day going by not extremly slow. yesterday took a year to be over. and this movie ends at 9 and from 9-11 there is another one to watch. go lifetime. next i will try 502 becuase it's lifetime original movies all the time.


i feel helpless. i feel bad making my family get stuff for me. i want to be able to be normal again

Friday, June 20, 2003


constant hurting. the ice doesn't help. i have crutches now. i am bored out of my mind.


a picture and an article that is related to me


correction it is anti-inflammatory


chesterfields just called and asked if i could work at all because the hostess quit. hahahaha. i sorta feel bad for them though. i told them i would work on sunday at 3. i am callling tomorrow. this sucks bad tho.... my stupid foot.

o the pain

I can't work until Tuesday. I am to rest. The x-ray results will be learned in 3 business days. She perscribed me some medicine. I think plantar fasciitis is what she called it. I have a paper with excercises to do and stuff but that is downstairs and i'm not going to go get it. I was also given a perscription. It's naproxen the generic for naprosyn. a 500mg tabled to take twice a day. it's the same as i had for my jaw. so i know it's for pain and not inflamation. If it still bothers me in a few weeks I am to go back.
in the packet i got it has excercises for me to do and it says that the worst pain is in the morning and that is correct.


o my god. my foot is getting worse by the day. it hurts so bad. i was limping this morning. i called work and i'm not going in today. i still have a scheduled 10 hour day tomorrow. i won't even work 30 hours this week. i wanted two 40 hour weeks on the same paycheck. o well. i put bengay on my foot this morning. let's hope that works.

Thursday, June 19, 2003


i tried to stay off my foot. i soaked it. i iced it. i rested it a bunch. i'm not limping as bad today. it's only a little puffy and bruised. it better get better asap.

11 days

Wednesday, June 18, 2003


I'll be arriving at 2:50 in Philadelphia. I asked both of my parents about it. Neither seemed too thrilled but neither told me out right no so i just bought the tickets. Yay for AAA discount. Still 63 bucks round trip. I didn't want to make my parents that mad so I'm not staying for an extreme amount of time.


trian tickets have been ordered for June 30!


i don't work tomorrow because of overtime. at 1:45 I was forced to punch out because of it. Then i had to stay for server training at 2. and it started late and it lasted forever and she didn't even go over all the stuff on the server test. that server test is impossible. crazy let me tell you. also the arch of my foot is in such pain.

they don't let me work the last day of my schedule just becuase i worked 43 hours this week.


my foot is in such pain!

Tuesday, June 17, 2003


work is way too unorganized. i worked from 11-3 today and they told me to come back at 5 to be a waitress but at 5 i came back and they made me be hostess. that is mean of them. getting my hopes up and dashing them. i got the servers test. i have ot take it before i can be on the floor serving for real. it's 9 pages long. the questions are crazy

Monday, June 16, 2003


so i got two referals at the doctors and neithe rof the doctors that the referals are for will see me. they hate me, that's all it is, now i have to find new doctors


in 4 days i averaged 8 hours a day. funny thing is 2 of those days i had a little over three hours. 3.31 today

for the last hour or so i was at work today i was lightheaded. i kept pretending to clean out the podium so i would be all bent over and stuff.

Sunday, June 15, 2003


today i did some actual serving. i wish i was more prepared though. ahhh the pain. it would have been a better day if i wasn't dead at minute one. usually that doens't kick in until hour 10 or so. she only told me minutes before rather seconds before i was to take the table at dinner. and as i walked in this mornign she told me to come there and showed me which tables i had. talk about no warning.
today was an adventure. yesterday was worse
daisy is annoying me by crying at me. i dont' like ti. she should behave.


i thought last week was bad. with today and yesterday i worked over 25 and a quarter hours. and i'm sooo tired cuz i worked hard.

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Friday, June 13, 2003

twice stolen survey

1. What color are your kitchen plates? they got some white and then some flowers i think
2. What book are you reading now? like i have time to read
3. What is on your mouse pad?..laptop = lack of mouspad
4. What is your favorite board game? paracheesy and i can't even spell it
5. Favorite magazine? newsweek has a better font than teen for my scrapbooking
6. Favorite smell?.my smeller isn't the best and i cna't think of a good one now
7. Least favorite smell?skunk seems like a common answer
8. What is the first thing you think of in the morning? during school = yuck i have to get ready for class and go, beginning of summer was = argh work lately = i wonder if i'll go walking mom today before work
9. Favorite color?.purple
10.Least favorite color?.hmmm ... depends on the circumstance
11.How many rings before you answer the phone? as soon as it shows up on caller id if it's for me if not i don't answer at all most of the time
12.Future Child's Name? i would like to make those decisions with a husband at a later date
13.What is most important in life?happiness
14.chocolate or vanilla?.vanilla of course
15.Do you like to drive fast?.sometimes
16.Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?.no
17.Storms--Cool or Scary? cool
18.What type was your first car? i haven't owned a car yet. first car i drove was a 1990 oldsmobile. i think it only had about 100,000 miles when i started driving it.
19.If you could meet one person, dead or alive?.i dont know
20.Favorite alcoholic drink?none
21.What is your sign and birthday? libra and september 30, 1983
22.Do you eat the stems of Broccoli?yes but less than a year ago i didn't eat broccoli at all
23.If you could have any job what would it be?i dont know
24.If you could have any color hair what would it be? same as it is now
25.Is the glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty? depends if filling it our emptying it and if it's just sittin there depends on my mood
26.Favorite Movie? i like a lot. dirty dancing is always on top lately i have really wanted to watch fried green tomatoes
27.Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?if my words make sense i do
28.What is under your bed?pillows, beads, hemp, string, yarn, baby food bottles, makeup, folders, bags, lotions, and... enough that makes it so nothing else cna fit under or stuff comes out the other side. i am too lazy to get off my bed and look
29.What is your favorite number? it's always been 13
30.Favorite sport on TV?ummm i havn't a clue
31.What is your single biggest fear? failing i guess
32.Say one nice thing about the person who sent you this... i also stole it so being sent done'st count
33.Person most likely to respond to this?dave is filling it out now
34.Person least likely to respond to this?.... everyone else
35.Favorite CD?my theme songs cd. the only cd i've listened to. well i haven't listened to the whole thing
36.Favorite TV shows?....i love lucy, bewitched, leave it to beaver, i dream of jeanie, the odd couple, andy griffith, gomer pile, dick van dyke (tv land is awesome)
37.Ketchup or Mustard?..........ketchup.
38.Hamburgers or Hotdogs?.....i like them both. especially if someone else is making them for me
39.Favorite soft drink?.......sprite but i dont' really drink pop
40.The best place you have ever been?....i dunno
41.What screensaver is on your computer right now? picture screen saver of course
42.Burger King or McDonalds?......Burger King has better burgers but if i'm only hungry for fries it depends which direction i'm going (they are on opposite sides of the road and i would go to the easiest one to turn into)

i finished

10 random thoughts

1. i like to be busy
2. i love pictures
3. drunk people make work more intersting
4. there's nothing good on tv at this time of night
5. i sometimes enjoy the craziness of work
6. i miss not having work over my head all the time
7. i wish i could run more
8. i wish i didn't have a gut
9. i wonder what music sounds like to everyone else
10. i sleep with a fan on every single night when i'm at home but at school i never used one
i counted my money earlier
12 - ones
it's not all together
1 - five

2 -twentys


then i made a bank for work. (bank is the change i take to work)
i then realized i wanted coins too. i forgot that i should be collecting it. so i only ended up with.
4 quarters
6 dimes
2 nickels
1 penny

i made my bank for work with 40 bucks then added all coins

i wish i wasn't sick when i was packing at school. i can't find some of my stuff and i hope it's not in boxes i didn't unpack. i put too much small stuff in the top of boxes to fill the boxes.


so i thought i would try to only spend half as much as i make this summer. well so far i am only up 37 bucks from spending all of what i made so far. and it's over a week until payday. at least i got to make a cool excel file to figure out my money.


This morning an appointment was made with my PCP Dr. Raja. That appointment ended up also being today. i just got back. she gave a me a new perscrption and two referrals. one referral is with dr becker for some endocrin testing. we don't to see her but there is nothing we can do about it. then i got a referral for dr kahn for my jaw. i have seen him in the past. he was so nice. i hope he can help and figure something to be done but i bet they won't be able to tell anything. The bad part is that my jaw isn't that bad now, so it's hard to describe things and hard for them to fix it when it's good. i also have to look some stuff up on the internet. Dr Raja is the only one at the practice that is a DO instead of an MD. time to find out what one of those is.

Thursday, June 12, 2003


i worked 41 hours this week. they wanted me to stay longer but i said i was going to lunch. i was only scheduled two days next week. so i asked about that. after a little bit, i was told that i was supposed to hostess during the day. then i got out my black pen and added me 11-2 on wed thurs and fri. then i went to ask if they wanted me then or everday. "I want you here everyday" so then i broke out the pen and added me mon. and tes. so now i work all 7 days. probably for about 33 hours. that's sort of not fair. since i work 3 hours during the day i miss out on 8 hours during the night.

i need to go running today. my abs hurt when i cough. probably from so many crunches.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003


i went to see "down with love" tonight. i dont't know how that movie is rated pg. the premise was you don't need love and u can just have sex.

i did fall asleep for a bit. but then i came to.


i remembered to get my paycheck.
gross pay 374.44 because of overtime my first week
but after taxes 301.88. my next paycheck will be small

Tuesday, June 10, 2003


so when i was at the track tonight, the lights around the track weren't on. the lights were on around the school. i could only see my dad about 9/10 of the time. it made it go faster i think, because i thought about seeing him and not running. i wonder why the lights weren't on.

o my

i just realized i went shopping two days in a row with my mom and it was her idea.


today i tested two things at the same time. i tested my new shoes and the new high school track. both seemed to be alright. i ran pretty slow.
after lap one ~ 2:10
after lap two ~ 4:30
after lap three ~ 7:00
after lap four ~ 9:30 (then i talked to dad while jogging slowly for a little)
after lap five ~ 12:30
after lap six~ 15:30 then jogged to dad which ended at 16:05
that was pretty slow. i didn't keep pace all that well. the first day is always the hardest though.

then we went to giant eagle right after. i went with my dad. he walked and i jogged. my face was red as always when i finished.

Monday, June 9, 2003


i went to the see dr. pollack at children's hospital. he said nothing has changed and the adenoma is still 7mm or so. he's making me go back to that stupid endocrinologist for testing. mom is calling about that tomorrow. i'm calling to make a dentist appointment tomorrow too. i'm also waking up at 9 to go walking mom. i want to try to get used to waking up early before i start running. i got new running shoes today. so i'm set for cross country. i just need spikes now. i also got a pair of earrings. i wouldn't even go and look at the clothes becuase i knew i would want to buy some. i also went to goodwill and got one more work shirt. it will be easier with that one. one or two more and my life would be easy.

i asked mom today when i should go visit dave and she told me she didn't even want to hear it. i don't think that was a good sign at all. i miss him.

Sunday, June 8, 2003

timmy just talked to dave on the phone for 20 minutes

work is my life

my hopes were dashed today becuase barb said i was there from 11-11. then i said that i wasn't scheduled all day. then i asked if i could dial out to say i wouldn't be home for dinner. then she realized there were a lot of people on for that night. she then said i could leave after this this and this. well then she added more stuff to do. if i was there 11-11 then i would have kept up the being at work more than being home theme. i knew my family was going to go out to dinner. i was trying to get off work before they left so i could call them. i was trying to sneak to dial out before i was done so they would know to wait. that didn't work. i punched out at the same time that they pulled out of the driveway. as soon as i got to the van, i called home and got the machine. i was all mad becuase i thought then i could have just worked. but i was soooo hungry. the last few hours at work, i had that empty pit in my stomach. i haven't felt that hungry in a long time. but when i got home, there was a note on the kitchen table saying where they went. i joined them. i had to wait longer for my food and the waiter wasn't all that good.

today barb asked me when i was leaving for school. then she looked like she was pondering it. then later she told me "i'm gonna train to you be an alacart server" which made me happy. sometimes the money isn't all that good becuase buisness is bad but sometimes it is really good. i hope i get trained this week so i can wait tables on father's day. but actually last year i was going to serve on father's day and i wasn't an alacart server. so i bet i will be put on the schedule for father's day unless they want me for hostess. argh you never know with chesterfields. i just have to wait and see.

Saturday, June 7, 2003

i realized that i'm at work more than at home. because i have to drive that takes away from time in day to be home or at work.
about 15 min shy of a 12 hr day again.
today was a good day then horrible day then it ended well.
i'm still mad about the way the place is run.

laurel told me somethin i didn't quite wanna hear today.

Friday, June 6, 2003


we'll go with work royally sucked. worst ever. at least i dont' have to be there for almost 11 hours.


so i asked work yesterday if they wanted me in tonight for the wedding. they said no. but today they want ot know if i can work at 5. they ask when i work 11-2 ... well i worked 11-3. so i get 2 hours off and go back for liek 6 hours.

but barb did talk to judy about making me a waitress outside. outside is different than inside and a little harder but also sometimes not many people eat outside. i wonder if i will actually get ot wait tables though or if it was just talk.

Thursday, June 5, 2003


so i would have had less than 10 hrs of work this week if i didn't go in for that slacker kelly. i still barely got any hours. i attempted to talk to barb about serving. she said to talk to her tomorrow. chris the new manager (well a month or so) thinks i should serve.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003


was fun. there were 10 people total here. some came late and some left early though. i took pictures throughout the evening. not too many though becuase they yell at me. we just talked the whole time and told stories about school. now they all left and i am not sure what to do. i should put things away. i think that is what i will do. but that's not fun at all.


today i went in to work and they had another hostess. so they send me home. i get like no hours aymore and she said she would give me lots. they better not steal any of my days away next week. i really want to talk to her about ala cart serving. This week I will work 4 shifts and only get about 14 hours. Work is crazy. I wish there were jobs elsewhere. so now dave doesn't have a job. that's just crazy. i didn't get much sleep last night and i went back to sleep after my first alarm. i actually woek up on my own at 9:58 checked when my alarm was going to go off (10:04) so i went back to sleep. then after that went off i went back to sleep again and had to wait for second one ot go off. then i woek up at 10:15 and all my alarms went off way before that so i guess i went back to sleep again. I woke up early for nothing.

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

my schedule

Wed 11
Thurs 11-2 5-8
Fri 11
Sat 4
Sun 11
Mon off
Tues 11-2
Wed 11-2
Thus 11-2
all quitting times are rough.
that's a lot of days with very few hours!!


i just e-mailed coach tory since he didn't seem to respond in any way to kate's e-mail to him about me. i regretted not running but i won't like being the slowest person on the team and hills really kill me. i think probably either way, i'll regret what i choose to do. i really want to get back into shape. i feel like a bum now. next year i have a little gym in my dorm. that should be fun. but there isnt' that much good equipment so i probably won't use it very much. right now i feel very motivated to get back into shape and build my muscle back up. too bad it's raining so i can't go out running now. i think it's good that i start work at 11 am practically everyday because then if i get motivated i could run before work. and once summer rec starts for cross country i could go to that from 8-10 and then still make it to work on time. i would have to go to sleep early though. that might be a little hard. but i could get used to it. hey last summer i worked everyday at 7am and was just fine.

so far

the joy of waking up in the morning and not having to get out of bed before i get on my computer!
and now i can clean my room and talk on aim at the same time. the thing is i dont' really feel like cleaining.

i got used to sleeping in today and tomorrow i'll have to work. i want a better paying job but i think that won't happen, so i'm just gonna be lazy.

Monday, June 2, 2003


the mri went well. then we picked up mike at haymaker village, where he got off the bus. I watched my soaps and then watched TV until 4:30. Then i ate dinner, made a few phone calls, watched tv, and talked on aim. once friends that were visiting my brothers were here, i went upstiars w/ my wireless. being upstiars makes it a lot easier to snack. i wasn't even hungry. i'm kinda bored. i wish i was making money isntead of being bored. mom doesn't think i should look for another job because there are very few and i probably won't find a better one. i can't believe it hasnt' even been 24 hours since dave got to his house.

Sunday, June 1, 2003

new clothes

shirt i got in pittsburgh on May 26 at Lazarus for $4.99 (pic 2)

shirt i got at Khols on Friday, May 30, 2003

those are just two of the 8 new things i got this week.

well i did get shoes but haven't uploaded any pictures since i got them so they don't count

i should go to sleep, but i want take a shower tonight so i dont' have to take one in the morning before my MRI. i think i may go w/ getting it in the morning, even though i brough my clothes down here already.


dave's gone and i already worked 6 hours and am bored. i haven't eaten. I should get on that. Timmy weighed less than me again today. I get my MRI tomorrow so i can't work. I am still on the schedule. They forgot to take me off. Tuesday I think I will go and put in some job applications if I don't get too lazy.