Tuesday, May 31, 2005

i got my paycheck today. i'm paid on salary not hourly liek they said. so i get gypped because i work 2 long months instead of like february.
so today i come home from work and hear my boss's ring tone. timmy had it on his phone. i knew i heard it before. it's so catchy.

Monday, May 30, 2005

i was whooping up when playing poker w/ my dad, brother, joey, and dave. but i had to give up and let timmy play for me (he was the only one out) so i coudl dry and curl my hair.
i'm so full. i need to quit eating.i'm going to explode. i have a headache.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


i sure am glad i decided to reorganize my drawer. i found gum bands from my braces. now i can wear my watch w/ the band brokenish using one of these. this is great. other gum bands were too big and wouldnt hold. time to switch watches.


my door mysteriously opned at 8:45 this morning. everyone denies opening it. then I get up and the water has air bubbles in it or something.
I also noticed today that my stomach is flatter than normal. I do not weigh any less and I haven't done crunches or anything.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


remember almost a month ago when i said i thought my desktop had asthma cuz it was wheezing. i think ti does. cuz it also doenst wheeze all the time.  It went weeks without wheezing and now it's back to doing it again.
my room seems to have gotten so messy. i need to clean it up more. the piles on my dresser are falling over.  I did clean out my sock drawer today and so now the drawer that they were overflowing into is empty so i can put back in there the t-shirts.
new photo album
what should i wear today?  I feel it should be something good cuz of my website.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Thursday, May 26, 2005

if i'm dead tomorrow ask pb why
work went fast, then slow, then really slow, then fast. but the slow parts only lasted an hr.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


this is unpacked right?
work was fun today. i got to finish what i started last week because we got all the info we were waiting for. i worked on some other stuff. it went really fast. which was good. monday dragged on and on and i kept figuring out what percent of the day i had left.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


my moods sure change at the drop of a hat
i'm home from work an hour an a half early. and i only had to leave for work a half hour early but i did only get a 10 min lunch or so instead of 45 min.

Monday, May 23, 2005

i'm funny

Frick00001: haha, youre hilarious
new pictures here and here added today
when i showed people how much of a nerd i am i got:
OreoFuchi: oh my god
KBRedXIII: woah, I see, this is a list of outfits
SmilinColleen: and the day i wore it
SmilinColleen: so like now just new stuff or anything
SmilinColleen: i could color code new stuff
KBRedXIII: lol, funny b/c mom was saying I should pick out all my outfits on the weekends so I don't have to search at night
SmilinColleen: and also link them
SmilinColleen: oooo
SmilinColleen: that's an idea

now i got a new idea.  i'll show you later. i dotn think i can actually link it up  right cuz it's pulling the pics from my harddrive

but i have an excel file of each day this summer.  then i highlighted the weekend days.  i marked down what i wore that day (even the shoes) and if i took / take a pic of me that day i'll link it in.  i just learned the link business today.
the water is still dirty.
walking at lunch in the rain sure did a number on my curled hair.

the jackets and pants i bought thursday and friday are now on sale 20-30% off. i bought them regular price.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

there's no water. this hinders the shower taking ability.


SmilinColleen: should i wear my pink or green jacket tomorrow
Gravester7: pink


today i feel really happy. i think this is a good summer and i'm enjoying myself.  my room is getting cleaner which could be a factor. i also only got yelled at once today. i think that'sa  huge factor. it's crazy. yesterday I was not happy.
today i threw out my 7th grade track shoes, 9th grade track shoes, 11th grade cross country shoes, extra fabric from sewing class in 8th grade, and some other pretty old things.
i bought a shoe rack. it's kinda nice.  i dunno .. i took pics. you'll learn the bad things about it when u see the pics.  i'll upload them once i take pics of all my shoes on it. or at least of it full. 

Saturday, May 21, 2005

more clothes have been purchased today

better link

i made a photo gallery of my new clothes so it's easier to look at.  i hate having to click on links like i had before.

Friday, May 20, 2005


i seem to be much happier now that people comment to my posts.
this is a reversible skirt

my camera kept giving me issues. i used three sets of batteries and aparnetly did'tn get the pic of the other side of this skirt

the rest of the pics of those clothes are here
my family hates me and i worked w/ my first actual confidential information today.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

i got some new clothes and took some pics of them here.
SmilinColleen: so last night i took a nap at 7pm and my mom was yelling at me
SmilinColleen: cuz i shouldnt have to nap
SmilinColleen: i got 4.5 hours of sleep or less 3 nights in a row
SmilinColleen:  so then i was asleep on the couch
SmilinColleen: in my jeans and stuff
SmilinColleen: and i slept until 10 when my dad woke me up to go upstairs. i said ok and  then fell back to sleep
SmilinColleen: i meant to go upstairs tho
SmilinColleen: then i didnt' wake up until 4am when th eclock was dinging
SmilinColleen: so i went back to sleep and woke up at 5:45 ... my wake up time is 5:53 so i get out of the shower before my dad needs it

info i may make in a few coherent paragraphs later

SmilinColleen: i did some shopping todya
JCal01: what did ya buy
SmilinColleen: short sleeve: yellow, black, blue
3/4 sleeve: black
skirt: black (about to knee), pink pattern a little past knee, and deeeeep pruple (or some color) w/ floral print
pin stripe suit jacket
SmilinColleen: steel toed shoes (work will reimburse me for these)
SmilinColleen: running/walking shoes
arch support insoles for my dress shoes
SmilinColleen: so i spent 25+34+181+66 (and i'll get reimbursed for 80)
JCal01: nice
SmilinColleen: they had pink pin stripe but i dont know how well that will stay in stile
SmilinColleen: style
SmilinColleen: plus i dont need a jacket for work it was just nice
SmilinColleen: the pants didn't fit right  and they didn't have the next size bigger or even the size after that
SmilinColleen: but i can go back at some point of i feel i need them
SmilinColleen: so i spent less than half of what i made so far this week tho
JCal01: hows it going
SmilinColleen: today i reviewd papers but then an engineer w/ a degree has to check my review stamp and resing it
SmilinColleen: meslissa just went through and resigned them w/o checking
SmilinColleen: i walk 2 miles at lunch a day
SmilinColleen: but i dont think i'll be there long enough to be in the 100 mile club
SmilinColleen: cuz we have to go to vendors and stuff so i cant walk

SmilinColleen: so people warned me that the lady i walk w/ is a "speed walker"
SmilinColleen: before i went otu the first day
SmilinColleen: and she like walks my pace  i didnt think it was fast at all

Rukky G: u use any engineering knowledge yet
SmilinColleen: when they talked about stuff
SmilinColleen: emd,  mechanisms
SmilinColleen: like i knew what they were talkign about
SmilinColleen: yield strength

SmilinColleen: next week i'll start work at 7:15
Aquatic941: i think thats typical of internships
Aquatic941: if i ever want or need to start my day earlier i could
SmilinColleen: i could choose anytime roughtly between 7 and 8:30
SmilinColleen: and leave anytime after 4
SmilinColleen: but i could even start at 6:30
Aquatic941: same here
Aquatic941: wierd huh
SmilinColleen: not really
SmilinColleen: different people have different needs
SmilinColleen: my lunch starts at 11:30
SmilinColleen: but i could choose  30 min, 45 min or hr

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


i went to bed at 7pm on the couch in my clothes i wore yesterday. i woke up from the couch at 5:45 am. my dad tried to wake me up at 10 to go up to bed. I said ok and moved my leg to go up but fell back to sleep. the chiming of our clock every 15 minutes got to me twice and i remember specific chiming in my dream. so i dont think i'll be tired today. i was exhausted monday. then i didn't get more sleep and was super exhausted tuesday and then yesterday i didnt get much sleep again and got extremely exhausted when i had to stand up all day.


my jaw hurts. my tongue hurts from that bump/ucler thing on it. my left cheek also hurts. i bit it on sunday and keep rebiting it. it took me a half hour to eat a jumbo sandwich today because of this.  my lunch is only a half hour long.
my feet hurt. i had to stand all day and it was kind of boring and not walking around  just standing. i kept almost fallign asleep and almost falling over.
i need to get steel toed shoes for friday.
i'm sooo tired i want to go to sleep.  my jaw hurts too bad for sleep though and dinner is almost on the table even tho i ate a lot of poatoes. and i cant' eat dinner cuz fo my jaw  (steak!=good for jaw)
i left for work at 5:53am today. i got back at 5:51pm  except i'm not sure if i was looking at the same clock.  but i only did 10 hours of work.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

i've returned from work. i was gone for 16 hours today. i have to leave at 6am tomorrow.

Monday, May 16, 2005

and i just woke up from a 2 hour nap.
well i'm back from my first day of work. i didnt' do any work. i got all this intro stuff. i didnt' finish that. i got my new hire physical. i did security stuff. i got introduced to a million people. i dotn remember anyone's name or face.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

o man so many guys have muscles around here.  very different than rpi. i dont konw how to handle it.


there's no food in this house.  my mom's cooking dinner now. i think it has to cookin the oven for like an hour after she finishes making it. i'm starving now. and now that she's in the kitchen i can't hunt for food.

i tried to move my computer tower underneath my computer desk but the cords wont' reach and the cords wont fit through the hole in the hutch of the desk. actually the hutch/desk is too close to the wall that the cords that will fit through the hole can't because the wall blocks them.  but this doesnt really matter because the cord that goes from the monitor to the computer doesnt fit through the hole.  timmy suggested (before he even knew how it wouldtn fit underneath the desk) that i just put it in mike's room.  he does have the desk w/o a hutch so no cord problem and does have a dresser the same height ad the desk right beside it so my printer and scanner could live there too. but his room is not my room and i would have to get up and stuff and also i couldnt do things in my room and use the computer at the same time and he doesnt have a tv in there. and it suer is convenient to use the computer right before bed. it sure is nice not having to use my laptop.  i wish i had a keyboard drawer. i also wish i knew how to mouse w/ my left hand becasue i need room for my mouse to the right of my keyboard so then my keyboard can't be centered over the chair spot in the desk.  what should i do? i think i'll leave my computer here and put up w/ my mom yelling bout it. and i'll try not to kick the tower or anything.

i'm getting there with unpacking. well there's only one drawer thing (that has my paper in it) downstairs that isn't going to be stored for the summer.  i have 2 boxes w/ textbooks and folders in it.  i brought them home to go through them but that will not be happening yet. so i will put them downstairs w/ my scarpbooking stuff.  i also have a box up in my bedroom of scrapbooking stuff that i shoudlt ake downstairs to the basement w/ the rest of my scrapbooking stuff.  scrapbooking up here is nice becuase i can see the tv at the same time.  but scrapbooking at the bar is nice cuz it's a table top vs my bed.  but i dont haverooom to store all my scrapbooking stupplies up in my room.  i'm going to wait to hook up my printer and scanner for a few days. i have a spot for my printer and possibly scanner (if it will stand upright (dad broke the upright holder thing but i might try to super glue it.  i have too many books that won't fit on my bookshelf. so i guess my printer and scanner boxes are still downstairs.  my backpack is still also in the kitchen.

wow this is my longest post in a long time.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

i hate it here

i tryign to clean off bed
and fireant or red ant

i go to get tissue to killi t
and it disappears
how can i sleep in my bed after that

pre-weight graph time

fyi in August 1998 i weighed 106.5 (at 11am)
in May 1999 I weighed 108 (at 10pm)
July 2000 I weighed 110.5

(those are just some random weights on this list I found underneath the calendar on my desk)


my back hurts so bad.  it's never hurt this bad. it sure makes unpacking hard because it's a pain to bring boxes upstairs


does anyone know how to fix this?

Friday, May 13, 2005

ok time table moved up to getting a powercord... wont' charge at all now.
my back hurts... carrying more boxes isn't fun.

i can't set up my desktop yet... where are my cords?
5 of six grades posted so far.........
i get home and see a spider on the wall on my way down the stiars and then as i sit here at the kitchne table as pider jumps on my hand and then goes under my laptop. but it disappeared on the table.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

i'm done w/ finals.  the wireless card is installed in my desktop and it works. but my computer fan is making noises.  like breathing heavy or wheezing every now and then (like asthma)

MSL test

omg i'm so stupid

Monday, May 9, 2005


i dont know how much i mentioned already but last night i wanted to go to boston market. but we couldtn cuz the road was closed cuz of all these firetrucks there for kfc. i didnt' know what was going on. then today when we actually went to boston market, kfc is boarded up and a big dumpster in the parking lot. and caution tape around some trees in the parking lot. i attempted to take pictures while dave drove both times.

I might not get to this until tomorrow

but I doubt many will post before then or many will post at all

1. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
2. I will then tell what song/movie remind me of you.
3. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, it would be...
4. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
5. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
6. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. Put this in your journal

and for 2 let me say it wont be a song

wireless for my desktop

i bought a wireless PCI adapter that does g and b for my desktop. fun times for the summer. i bought it now w/ more sales tax and probably more expensive at comp usa than best buy but so dave can install it before i get home. i had to weigh the pros and cons of each. i thought i woudl go to best buy tomorrow or wed but i'm pretty busy so when we were out at boston market we went just down the street to comp usa.
so i get to the test. question one is so easy... then i'm working on it and my crib sheet is missing the key equation that is very long so i couldtn memorize it. that question i would have so had a perfect..but i couldnt do it w/o an equation for part b (cuz c, d, and e were based off of that) so i was stuck doing the other three problems.

Sunday, May 8, 2005

i should have probably just finished studying last night because it took em an hour and a half to fall asleep so then i didnt want to wake up today to finish studying. so i reset the alarm 3 times.
nobody is on aim to talk to. how am i supposed to study?

away messages

i'm sick of people making their away messages song lyrics. but sometimes i think that's better because when they make it specific to what they are doing or what happened then i feel the need to wait on aim until they return to find out the details.

Saturday, May 7, 2005


i'm tired. i haven't started studying yet. I havne't started my take home test yet. I agreed to work Wed. 10-3 production.

I need to get pictures printed at Walmart before Wed.
i now work wed 10-3

Friday, May 6, 2005

my thinking in the dream was about forensic psych. so i guess i can say that class gave me a nightmare (after i finished the class)


I keep having weird dreams.  I dont know what's up. Last night was like the worst.  Brian had an evil plot and he was using his two younger sisters for his ploy (he does have 2 younger sisters but these were not them... one was named Trisha and I forget the other one... they were not the actual names of his sisters anyway).  THey were on track with me and it was high school.  (but where we practiced was familiar to me. I knew of his plan so he kept visiting me at night to let me know what he would do to me if I told. Everyday at track practice another girl went up missing and you would see blood about the place.  I was attempting to notify the police through e-mail since he watched me wherever I went.  But that's when I woke up.  Also in the dream he would bring 2 cats with him when he visited me knowing how they freak me out when i'm sleeping.  It was all too real even though the events would never be real. Like in the dream track turned into basketball tryouts at one point but then changed back and that still didnt' make me wake up.  People at the basketball tryouts were from the basketball team when i was in high school (but only in my grade).  I almost think I woke up at least once and then got back into the dream.

and then nobody was on  aim for me to tell this story first hand to get a reaction. Nobody has been on aim lately.  I seem to get bored.  People seem to only be on when they are busy with classes.  LIke now that it's a study day, they have a life or something.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

if I got a 75 on my paper i can get an A in pd2.  So if i didn't take the last test super sick like I would have done better.  I doubt I'll get the A.  I think PB will get an A tho.


i've been having crazy dreams lately. it's weird.
last night pizza hut got this new soda machine. it was so fancy i couldnt figure out hwo to use it. but alaso pizza hut started serving real meals.  so therefore i have no idea why it was pizza hut at all.

Wednesday, May 4, 2005


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also very introverted and introspective. You may have noticed that
these traits are just as applicable to your laptop as they are to a
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Your exact opposite is the Class Clown.

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with classes that is.

my list of what ihave to do is dwindling

Mechanisms test
Engineering econ final
MSL report 7 + final
EMD final

report and mechanisms test are the only real things i have to do..the others require studying. it's a take home test.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

psych grade of A
ranked 4th overall

aparently i was 4th overall w/ group grade but 2nd in the class w/ just my individual grade but people ranked 35 still got an A (out of 45)

i had an official A

now i'm quite disappointed i spent many many many hours a week on this.

Monday, May 2, 2005

now i finally remember the story i meant to put about dave. the first time i hugged him he said he was never going ot hug me again becuase my collar bone choked him or something. this was well before we were going out. sure looks like he was wrong w/ that not hugging me again part.
TENroaches: so i was bored last night
TENroaches: so i ripped some toenails off
TENroaches: boy do i regret it
SmilingColl: hahahaha
SmilingColl: i do that all the time
TENroaches: i know
TENroaches: freak
SmilingColl: u did it too
TENroaches: :-[

and i weighed 119 today w/ jeans on at 6pm.
last time i weighed myself i was 122.8. the time before i was 119.2 or somethign in the 119s...
i've decided i'm not going to post my grade sheet anymore. it is only available upon request. i dont think i should share how i'm doing so poorly.

Sunday, May 1, 2005

i bought 2 new purses and 2 new pairs of shoes today and a bunch of hair clips that i've been hunting for everywhere and i'm still not happy.


i had another dream about pizza hut last night. this time it was remodeled and the ovens were in the middle where the salad bar is. this was done so that the servers could cut the pizza. it was like crazy busy and stuff. insane. i kept waking up and going back to sleep into the same dream.
so i might only work 2 more days at pizza hut before i go home if he keeps my normal schedule on the days i didnt' request off. or i might work 0 if he actually follows the giving me a week off becuase i missed my thursday.