Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Gymnastics Trial (Gold Star)

 I decided to have Ella do a trial class at Gold Star before deciding to just sign her up for Twisters.
They moved facilities so I had to wait 2 weeks to get my trial class.

Overall I thought the class was more suited to Ella's gymnastics level. But it's more expensive, more difficult to get to, and the place smells like sweat. Oh and seating was tough.

I really should just sign Ella up for either one. She wears gymnastics clothes every day to preschool! It's just tougher with having only 1 car.

(Trial class: July 16, 6:30 class)

The embedded video keeps disappearing so here is the link too.

Gymnastics Trial (Twisters)

Ella has been wanting gymnastics leotards and been excited about gymnastics. I decided to sign her up for a trial class at Twisters.  She went to Twisters back before she was 2 in a mommy and me class. She loves it.  Then she went again just after she was 2. We missed a bunch of those classes because I was sick.  She's been doing flips and loving rings and bars since. I wanted to find her classes for the past year and never did.    I still need to sign her up for real.

Twisters has 3 levels of gymnastics for her age. She was in the middle level. The more difficult one didn't have openings that didn't conflict with preschool. But then at class I found it more silly and less real gymnastics. So I'm not sure. She still didn't know everything but could easily do stuff for the first time.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Year Comparison

1 year ago I started Shift Shop. The picture on the left was my before picture. Sometimes month to month I don’t notice the changes but I really do see it after a year! It’s a 21 lb difference. Lots of inches were lost but I haven’t measured lately to do the total inches lost. It’s amazing what hard work everyday can do. I’m still not done. I’m always working to get stronger. 
If you ever want to join me let me know. I run various free challenge groups and different month long ones. 
Usually I like to compare with the same exact poses but I didn’t have time to deal with my actual camera and load the pictures to my computer. I did programs before Shift Shop but all before having Miles. My knee was just injured for so long. I even had to modify a lot of of the first few programs I did a year ago from the knee.

(July 20, 2017 and July 20, 2018)

Shift Shop Results
Core De Force results 
Core De Force Round 2 results
21 Day Fix Extreme Results
21 Day Fix Extreme Round 2 results
A Little Obsessed
80 Day Obsession Results
I have many posts of weekly summaries or videos but I didn't link them all here.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


I have had a draft post for ages. Below is all I had written.

Get Ella ready

Safeway. Knee awful


Onesie lollipops. Ice cupcakes.

I guess that's as good as it gets. But here are a ton of pictures and I'll elaborate now even though it's been a long time since it happened.

I happened to take some screen shots of my app. It's how I knew diaper changes and what not. I miss this app so bad. In the top it had predictions for the thing that would happen next. After this app wouldn't work with the new iOS, I did a lot of research and no apps were as good as this. 

Hanging out in bed. I was nursing Miles in bed just before this.  Everyone is moving all around so there aren't pictures without at least a blurry kid. 

 At first I thought this was a picture of the clean-ish closet floor. Then I saw Ella's leg.

Ella was so good to Miles but he just was so little and he'd get overwhelmed.  She tried to comfort him. 

The grocery store is so difficult. Where do you keep your groceries? Oh carry them .... but wait what happens when your knee hurts and you can't handle all the added weight?  Oh you quit the store before you are done and never get to the frozen aisles.

 I'm in the car here with an ice pack on my knee and eating.

 Miles's 1 month well-check.
He doesn't like to be naked.

He felt betrayed after that shot.

There was an accident on 85 north.  There were like 6 cars on the side of the road stopped like getting out looking at damage. I was confused. A little further down I see the car under another. Another car was smoking.  (Also I wonder what app I used to put the spotlight on these pictures?)

Ella is covered in paint. She loves the sensory experience.  The director saw her painting and had to stop and watch her because she loves it so much. 
Ella loves when I pick her up.

I have no memory of what we did with the double stroller. 

This is icing! Stephanie made cupcakes and icing but gave them to us separately. It worked well because Ella wanted a lot of icing so I would just keep re-icing her 1 cupcake so then more cupcakes for me.