Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Back home in our own bed. So nice. Poly missed us.

 Ella missed Poly.
Finally a pair of jeans don't fit over my pregnant belly. Except they did button after about an hour. Darn jeans stretch.
Five Guys for lunch. Ella loved opening peanuts.

I went outside for something and Ella came out. I told her not to since she wasn't dressed.
We cooked quesadillas. Ella still wasn't wearing clothes so I don't have a picture of it here :)

Monday, May 30, 2016

26 Weeks (May 29)

I seem to have started my gain 3 lbs a week trend too early. Being too busy to cook and eating junk are probably causing it.  I have not been sleeping enough. I never get enough rest.  This week with a day's notice I started putting together a teacher gift. It was going to just be from me/Ella then it snowballed into from the entire group. I was up until 2 working on it. I worked on it all that day. Then I worked on it in between the meetup I ran with a lot of people.  So Wednesday and Thursday were really busy and I feel like I never recovered. 
Ella woke up just as I was finishing up taking pictures and she wanted to join in. She wanted the tripod down low so she could hit the button so those are our sitting ones. She wanted to "stand in the bushes" so that was the last one.  Ella woke up in the middle of the night cold and put on socks herself then came and told me she did it herself. She was freezing. I woke up an hour earlier and was freezing so I cuddled her and put an afghan 4 layers thick on her then she warmed up and went back to sleep. 
I feel like my bump is more rounded and popped out this time but I am not sure. It could just be the slightly different photo angles. 

I went to the doctors this week for my  normal appointment. I measured 26 almost 27 weeks she said but I was only 25 weeks 3 days when I went.

Size of baby: Eggplant, 14 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 2 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I gained 3 lbs this week so I'm at 16.3 lbs overall! That's about 25% more than last time!

Maternity Clothes:  Wearing them all the time except to sleep in and workout bottoms.

Movement: As always there's a ton.

Sleep: I'm falling asleep far too often using my laptop. I wake up about once a night to pee. At least I'm going right back to sleep. The punk cat wakes me up a lot. She meows until I  get an afghan set up for her right against me.

What I miss: Exercising easily.

Symptoms: Always having to go to the bathroom. Feeling so much hotter than I usually am.

Best moment this week: Getting a good 4 mile run in.

Looking forward to: baby shower!

Exercise:  I ran 4.4 miles on Monday. Sunday I did a Cize workout. Saturday and Sunday I went into our pool. It was a lot of standing but also moving and treading water and holding Ella at the same time. Then we walked about an hour at Ikea (probably more.) 

Same this time: I took some pictures that weren't my side profile.

Different from last time: Interestingly last time we bought a dresser for the baby room and this time we did not. BUT we went to the store to get one but then we didn't feel like lifting the box so we decided to wait. So it's kind of the same. (Plus they were out of something else we wanted so we'd have to go back anyway.)

Saturday, May 28, 2016



 Daddy hugs after a shower!
 Ella picked out her clothes.

 Apparently socks go on your hands. But then you can't use the ipad with them on.
 Dave and I got lunch. Ella was at preschool.
 I started packing. Dave's shoes are so big!
Leaving school, there were snails. Ella loved it.

 Ella liked to sit next to daddy.
Ella's grandpap shaved his beard for her. Ella immediately saw it and called him Pap-Pap and then warmed up to him.  She was afraid of him in September mostly so shaving the beard was a good call. (As  you'll see in future posts, it was great when she saw him.)

Ella and daddy were coloring.

Ella liked her new backpack.

 She was practicing for the plane.

Ella really liked having her stuff in the backpack.

Friday, May 27, 2016


 Ella makes a mess!

 Ella likes her sit n spin.

I thought I was mostly better so I didn't cancel my bootcamp.  Then I took a turn for the worse after working out so I guess I shouldn't have done it.

 Ella wants to exercise when I bring the supplies outside.

 The kids had lunch.

We got fries in the car before Ella fell asleep.
 This is not what a bathroom should look like especially before leaving town.

 I tried this to try to clear out my nose. That failed.
We ran to the store to get some stuff and Ella had to take my purse. She was such a big girl.