Thursday, November 30, 2006

i'm much healthier today. my nose is still raw. i even got out the cross stitching.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


i logged onto my bank and then saw the amt. i checked it to my checkbook and wondered how they could think i have 12 more cents than my checkbook says. then i looked at my transactions and i got interest. this happens every month. i get tricked. i never remember the date i get interest on and i get tricked.

famous kennywood

season 4, episode 21. last minute of the episode of csi they are talking roller coasters. they are at some park in LV. they mention 2 other parks. kennywood /steel phantom was one. even though grism (sp) said he holds some record on the steel phantom. i dont know of any kinds of competetions like that for ridiging it continuously.

work internet

so the internet was broken at work today. that's why i couldn't connect to work from home. i've been wanting to check my e-mail. i think they are up now so time to get to checking.


what's funny is you always have 2 choices and for a lot i really didn't like one so i chose the other. but the other choice was also no good.


i went back to sleep and slept pretty nicely until about 1:15PM. i did have the weirdest dream. it wasn't even a nice dream. so maybe i didn't sleep nicely.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

tylenol nighttime didn't work. it did such a good job 2 nights ago. i slept about 2.5 hours all together. normally i dont even wake up until 8. i figured i'd get up and e-mail work and perhaps try nyquil
since i'm sick i didn't take these pictures soon enough and i didn't take the best poses. you can see some of the ornaments I made. Some blend in. i see 4 on each picture. 1 is the same ornament in both though. in the first one i know because i know where the one in a frame is but it is sideways so it just looks gold from the picture.
the tree top fell off the other night. it hasnt' made it back on yet. it was actually sitting on the floor in front of the tree just out of line of sight of the camera.

Tree from a bad angle because of the couch (note i broke all the rules in the book and used Silver AND gold as dominant colors.)

tree from a better angle but not the tree's best side
almost complete wreath (still needs 1 or 2 more s nowflakes and 2 or so more bells. i got tired and lazy)
a coworker said to me today "don't you know the rules, no getting sick on holidays or weekends, you save that for work days"


how am i so much sicker today than yesterday?
i wore my nice new sweater today and i only lasted 2.5ish hours at work.

it's quite hard to drive while constantly sneezing but i made it home. luckily i'm used to the windey roads. (i dont know the difference between windy and windey i dotn know if windey is a word. i dont think it is but i didn't want it to sound like the stuff that blows outside. i'm tired.)

Monday, November 27, 2006


i think i finished putting the ornaments on the tree. pb helped. it was so funny when he saw how you use hooks. he said that's so much easier than trying to jam the branch into the little hole on the ornament. i didn't believe him. i thought he was joking. he said when he put up the tree with his dad that's what they used to do. poor guys.


i'm home sick today.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

what's a show i should start watching? preferable one that aired the last few years so i can watch teh season over a week instead of having to wait until new ones air. i'd prefer one that has each episode tie into the last like what about brian or friday night lights or lost or grey's anatomy and not one like CSI or law and order.
i'm sick and feel misearable. i think i'll end up not going to work tomorrow. it'll be my first full sick day in 8 months.... the 8 month anniversary of me starting work

Thursday, November 23, 2006


it would probably make sense to use the same order polynomial for the trend lines on my daily weight graph and weekly weight graph. but i didn't. see.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

cross stitching

i cross stitched 2 candy canes tonight. one is a mirror image of the other. i also used different shades of red. the 2nd one is too dark and isn't as good.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

i still need a tree top and tree skirt. and probably some more ornaments.

if i only knew

what i did to my knee. it's been hurting for 2 weeks now. it started hurting the morning of Tuesday November 7. sometimes it is worse than others. going down stairs is the worst.

Monday, November 20, 2006

loans and interest

i was calculating how much money i pay in interest a day for all my student loans. it was a little depressing. then i did some math for pb's loans. it made my interest seem like nothing. then when i realized my interest is still rediculous, it was very depressing.

phase 2*

* or the rest of phase 2 or the rest of phase 1. since it's the same stage as the last picture and i didn't post any of just the ree and no lights

Sunday, November 19, 2006

i've wanted to try to make peanut butter fudge all day but the pyrex dish is dirty. i dont feel like washing it. it's no fun.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


tree so far. i ran out of lights. i have to make another trip tomorrow. but i'll need more ornaments too.

this tree is doing a number on my nails.
i'm going to run out of tree lights


a little more than 1/3 of the tree is up. i think it was a bad idea to buy a tree about 1/3 the lenght of the living room and then halfway from one wall to the next. so about 1/6 of the living room. the tree cut me up a little. i'm waiting to put the rest on until i buy lights. i think it'll be easier to get around all the branches w/o the rest of it on. some things i like bout this tree bette rsome things i like about the old style better* i got the tree at pool city. i've lookedf at a few places and i wa annoyed w/ the trees that have long needles and the short ones on teh same tree. i dont get it how there are 2 types of tree on one fake tree. that makes it seem super fake to me.

* oldl style has colors for each row and you snap them in. this one has 3 parts and all the branches just fold up. but around the base how the branches "connect" makes them a little wobbley.


i finally set up my e-vite for my christmas party. i bought a few christmas presents. well they are silly ones, but gifts none the less.

i'm hungry. i'm trying to decide ifi i should go cook.

Friday, November 17, 2006

i spent time shopping today with my parents today. i bought some christmas presents. i miss-bought a present. ithink i'll go back tomorrow.


i asked pb to cut 2 inches off of my hair. i gave him a low estimate becuase i know he cuts too much from previous experience. i measured one of the strands he cut off. it wasn't even the longest batch and it was over 3.5 inches. i dotn think it's straight. he also missed some hairs. i was touching it up and then added layers. i think i still missed some in teh back. he says it gives it character.
i think i've been a posting slacker. how nice is it to be on vacation today. i got to sleep 10 hours.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


a coworker told me i can spend the next 2 full days polishing up my report and proof reading it. little does he know that that 1.5 of those days is vacation and dhalf the remaining day i have a meeting that will most likely run over by an hour. i guess i won't take my full 1.5 days vacation so i can get this thing done. i knew i would be at a crunch since i lost yesterday due to trianing that i wasn't supposed to have until after my report is due.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i keep getting headaches. it's starting to really annoy me.

i finished cross stitching another tree today. it's the same pattern as the last one but this time i used fabric instead of plastic. now i'm in the middle of another gingerbread man. i dont like this one as much. it's not symmetrical.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


my latest ornament took over 4 hours. but it was rough. it's rough to type too. i smashed my finger between an empty tv stand and the wall about 6 hours ago.

i should probably make my ornament posts private since they are boring. in a few years it's fun to go back and read stuff so i keep putting it in.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

hobby update...again

with my cross stitching, i'll think i'm almost done. all i have to do is outline. then another 2 hours later i finish that. then i spend an hour with the exacto knife cutting out the thing. fun times though. i shoulld post more pictures tomorrow of my newest ones.


i bought more christmas decorations today and it seems like i still don't have any.


i just inventoried all my new string. i did not do my old strign because it was purchased in bulk and doesn't have a DMC number or Anchor number or any brand number for that matter. next i'm finishing the wreath or at least using all the fabric that i have. i will decide if i need more. then i'll finish making the list of the string i need for certain projects or only what i need to buy for certain projects if i run out of time. them i'm going to the craft store to get more fabric if i need ti and then get more string. i barely have any ornaments done at all. i work on them all of my free time the past few weeks. it's almost discouraging. i dont think i'll have all i want done by christmas.


i made my christmas tree ornament into a magnet. i figured hanging a tree on a tree might be weird. so now it's on the fridge.

Friday, November 10, 2006

i was so tired all day today. then i get to cross stitching and i can't go to sleep until it's done. i'm not even tired. grr.

i got another headache. it's annoying.

Thursday, November 9, 2006


today was so much fun today at work. it shouldn't even be considered work. introduce a girl to engineering day was so much fun. some things were hectick but i think that's what made it fun. it was also fun to meet new westinghouse employees. it seems like they all enjoy their jobs so much.

then i came home from work and cross stitched for 5ish hours. i think i'm halfway done with the horn. i decided i'm going to make an excel file of the string colors i have (by number/brand and then convert to the other brand number) so then that makes shopping easier. i've purchesed the same colors on a few occasions. i'll use it eventually but it's not worth it now. i need to buy other colors that i have 0 of.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

i'm a loser

SmilinColleen: i'm getting a headache and grinding my teeth. this happens all the tiem. i get so excited about my money file
KBRedXIII: hahahha

oh only if money information wasn't all personal and stuff, i'd be posting it on the internet. so exciting. it's not done efficiently. i need somethign better to be able to add what column it goes to. i have a differnet column for each category then sum those. there's gotta be a way that i dont' know. there's probably a better program than excel but i always fall back to excel. even microsoft money didn't do all i wanted it to do years ago and now i do more.


my new hobby is dangerous. i lost another needle today. i think i'm down two. i've only used 3. now i know why they sell them 10 in a pack. i hope i dont end up stepping on it later.

laon fun

paying extra on my loan (since i started calculating it) has saved me an extra cent a day on interest.

new shirt

i got a new shirt. too bad i can only wear it half a day tomorrow. nobody at work will see it. (well unless they are helping with introduce a girl to engineering day)

penn trafford, gateway, and hempfield are all sending kids. norwin isn't on the list. i think kids from 12 districts are coming tomorrow.

here's my shirt (and it's just like all the Westinghouse employees shirts they are wearing and the shirts the high school girls will be taking home with them)

grrr. jesse's server sucks. i can't get my webpage to load so i can't get the url to link to the pictures. the pictures uploaded fine. i dont get it.


closeup of insignia

back (the best part)

argh. i'm just posting this w/o pictures. you will have to return to see the awesome pictures. (i got them to work. but i'm leaving the arghs in here to remind me how mad i was)

and i volunteered to help before knowing i'd get a cool shirt like this. actually when i volunteered we weren't getting shirts. i helped convince that we should get them to wear so the high school girls know who is in charge.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

i voted today. it was scary going to a new polling place but i did it.

Monday, November 6, 2006


my bloodwork a few months ago had my cortisol level at 35.3. normal is 4-22

website quote 1: stress hormone cortisol, a chemical released by the human adrenal gland when it is under stress, has now been shown to have a detrimental effect on memory. In addition, this stress hormone may lead to illness and weight gain.

website quote 2: Higher and more prolonged levels of cortisol in the bloodstream (like those associated with chronic stress) have been shown to have negative effects, such as:

* Impaired cognitive performance
* Suppressed thyroid function
* Blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycemia
* Decreased bone density
* Decrease in muscle tissue
* Higher blood pressure
* Lowered immunity and inflammatory responses in the body, as well as other health consequences
* Increased abdominal fat, which is associated with a greater amount of health problems than fat deposited in other areas of the body. Some of the health problems associated with increased stomach fat are heart attacks, strokes, the development of , higher levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and lower levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL), which can lead to other health problems!

i saw something on pbs the other day about working out and watching tv isnt' always a good thing. if you are watching the news and you get all riled up that's nto good because it increases your cortisol level. that's what had me looking this stuff up again.

another quote from website 2: Studies have also shown that people who secrete higher levels of cortisol in response to stress also tend to eat more food, and food that is higher in carbohydrates than people who secrete less cortisol.

carbs are my fav.

and another thing

fox news was on one of the tvs at the gym. it got me so fired up. afterwards pb was all fired up complaining about the same things. o man that o'reily factor.
oh i forgot. pb sai d"you're face was the reddest thing in the room"

i bought gas today. last tiem i bought gas it was 2.92 a gallon. so this time i got 20.316 mpg. my car is supposed to do much better than that. last time it was 19.8 mpg


day #2 at the gym. 2.47 miles in 30 min on elliptical.

how do you get those heart rate things to work. the ones where you just hold one ot the metal that are in the normal holding position. my heart rate never goes above the "below" marker and at one point it said 39. it only got up to 98 once when i was killing myself trying ot get my heart rate on that thing up. my chest is tight. i wonder where my inhalers are.

yesterday i did a different preset and did 2.85 mi in 35 min. the last 5 was cooldown.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

pictures of the rest

finished santa

the finished snowman head that u saw before. ok u bought frames like this years ago. 3 for a buck at the dollar tree. i tried to go back and find them and i coudln't they also had a plastic cover and a better back. if you buy a frame like this at the craft store you get 1 for 1.29. has anyone seen these frames anywhere? (a better pic of the frame is shown in the last photo)

the ifnished snowman that you didn't see before (with the other snowman)

my most recent work of art

i should have probably resized the picture better. it is only about as long as my fingers. and the width of my fingers. i'm not in the dimension guessing mood right now.

more are here

the santa took over 12 hours. the tree took about 2-3 (that was my first one). the candy cane took 3. it was my 2nd one. the snowman was my 3rd. it was harder since my hoop wasn't big enough to get all the edges in it. i made the snowman in the plastic stuff (not cloth) next (no picture) and it was quicker. i also altered the pattern a little.

you know

my new hobby helps me to not be sad about people not posting everyday. i think i went THREE days in a row without even checking. then when i did, i loved it. there were posts. there weren't even that many but enough to make me have fun reading them.

also i'm still obsessed with checking my loans on-line and seeing after payments post. i sent more money that will post tomorrow. this is probably a good addiction to have. then my highest interest rate loan will be paid off in no time. (i haven't started paying off extra on the smaller interest rate ones yet.) pb's interest rates are higher mostly, but his loan websites aren't as fun.


i checked everywhere and it was less than a foot from me when i made hte last post

uh o

i can't find my new voter registration card. it was in my purse for so long but it was too big for my n ormal wallet. i took it out jsut a few weeks ago. where did it go???
the gym was fun today. if they didn't close i would have stayed. i got addicted to the lifetime movie. there were maybe 15 women there. there was one guy when i got there but he left. i guess the football games keep the guys out of there.

Friday, November 3, 2006


i went to crafts stores 4 different days this week. (starting monday)

if i wake up earlly enough tomorrow i might go to delmont to the dollar tree to buy some craft accessoories. i'm also going to pat catan's tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006


i went to joann fabrics today. i saw stuff i bought at pat catan's eysterday and the day before for double what i paid. some things were only 1 cent more or 10 cents more. well to be fair the 1 cent more thing was 28 cents to 29 cents. the thing is joann fabrics had a bigger selection. i wandered around the store a few times and couldnt find the pencils you use to draw on fabric. i was afraid to ask someone, since the fabric lady kept talking to me forever. also pb cooked dinner and i was in a hurry. stupid traffic.

on a side note; the dinner was tortillini. it was supposed to be cheese. it was homemade from the italian bakery that is by miracle mile. but it was meat. i was highy disappointed. so then i made a cheese quesadilla. the chicken and cheese one was better the other day. but that one was cooked on the grill. the grill would be better anyway. but i think the chicken was better anyway.