Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

03:03:28 AM - well i was in the middle of the 8th episode and now the program won't work so I can't watch the rest!
03:35:19 AM - @ADayinLifeToo welcome back
03:50:02 AM - I picked a bad day to stay up so late. 8 am presentation. need to talk to my old director before that.
03:52:35 AM - Poly always does this. The last episode is over and now she's on my lap purring hugging my arm. I hate to get up. She's too cute.
03:53:38 AM - @lisafilipek The new one. I'm caught up until tomorrow's episode.
09:46:34 AM - @lisafilipek I watched the old 90210, but haven't watched it since it was on originally. The new one is good when you watch lots in a row.
07:15:20 PM - I function surprisingly well after less than 2 hours of sleep last night. I even worked out.
07:29:43 PM - @BodyMediaFIT I didn't sleep much yesterday. http://t.co/1AiwU4Of
09:08:56 PM - Is 650 Calories a lot for a salad? How about if the salad took me 45 minutes to eat (yesterday same salad took me 50+ minutes to eat)
10:05:44 PM - I have no idea how I'm still awake. I only slept 2 hours last night. I even worked out today. (run, weights, and yoga)

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January Workout Goals - Overall

I did them all!  I actually made it. 4/5 of the way through the month, I thought there was no way I would ever do it.  I killed myself the last few days and the workouts feel so good.
  1. Complete 19 cardio workouts - Completed 22
  2. Complete 13 core workouts - Completed 14
  3. Frequency: Run 14 times - Completed 16
  4. Distance: Run 60 total miles - Completed 60.35
  5. Workout with Dave 10 times. - Completed 10
  6. Lift weights 5 times on my own. - Completed 5
  7. Perform yoga/BodyFlow 2 times - Completed 2
  8. Attend Body Pump 3 times - Completed 3
  9. Have 2 double workout days  - Completed 4
  10. Stretch for 10 consecutive min. 2 times - Completed 2
I had 1 bad week and still was able to make it.  I had to double/triple do a lot of workouts.  The miles I ran were a little end of the month heavy... I got 28.3 miles in the 4th week and 28.28 miles the first 3 combined.  I also kind of cheated with the yoga not doing the full video.

January just flew by!  Now it is time to make my February goals. I have to take into account there are 2 fewer days.  

Work Emails

I love data.  I wrote about my work emails before.

Here are 2 of my updated graphs.  I try really hard everyday to sort/delete emails as they come in. I also try to read them all. I currently have 104 unread emails. The more unread emails the more stress. The last time I had 0 unread emails was December 14.

I have to change the scale almost daily for new maximums in my emails in my inbox graph.
Since I hate unread emails, sometimes I read an email and flag it. But then I get too many of those and then I can't keep up either. Flagged emails = stress. Daily I quickly look at my flagged email folder to see if I have done some of them or if they are no longer needed so I can unflag them. Too many of them are still required.  I think I need a vacation from getting emails so I can try to catch up.
A few times coworkers have seen my excel file where I document this and have a bunch of graphs. I have gotten a few weird comments. One was "sometimes I worry about you" when they saw my excel for fun file. I'm off work this Friday and am going to try to spend 2 hours handling emails.  Usually on a weekend, I can spend 3 or so hours and get through a good chunk.   I will start with the unread emails then I will go to the flagged emails.  I wonder how far I will get.

I love data.  What would you graph {if you were to graph something}to show how good/bad you are doing in your work?


Poly wanted in my daily picture and this is the process of that happening.
I worked. I went to the gym with Dave. I ran and did weights.   After work Dave and Poly fell asleep.
Instagram is a great program. I rarely use it though.  Do you use it?  What is your favorite app?  Do you use at picture apps?

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:44:21 PM - Salads take too long to eat. I've been eating this one from chick-fil-a for 45 minutes so far.
11:03:52 PM - I'm on my 3rd episode of 90210. This might end badly. I have 5 more to go before I run out but I better stop after this one.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012


I telecommuted.  I didn't get dressed in real clothes.  I wore a sports bra and a tank top with jeans. I guess since I put on jeans I went somewhere but can't remember where.
I used the exercise bike + did abs.

I decided to try to set a goal of 700 miles in 2012.  Do you think I can do it? I had about 530 miles in 2010 with an injury so I was off for 2 months.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

02:36:42 PM - I ran 10 miles today. The last mile was in 8:38. Not bad
10:59:10 PM - @TheNewChrissy 10 miles in under 10 minute pace. My goal was 10:20 too. I feel good.
11:03:09 PM - @reedaboutme that is the truth.
11:05:11 PM - In bed trying to sleep and Poky caught some ponytail holders so she meows until we acknowledge her.
11:12:50 PM - Yay. How was it? RT @angelineevans: How I spent my Sunday morning. http://t.co/bLtJSW4i

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Long Run (1/29/12) - 10 miles

I did my long run today, the day after my 5k.   I planned to do 10.   I was meeting a bunch of people at 10 AM but they were only going to do 5 or a little more. I decided to do 2 first before meeting the group so I at least got 7 in.

I ran out 1 mile and turned around. I didn't come back the same way and decided to run the big hill. That hill was slower than everything else I ran but it wasn't as bad as I ever thought it was.  I guess I'm getting better.

Since not only was my long run the day after running a 5k but was also my first over 6.5 miles since I ran the marathon, I figured it would be slow. I was also running with new people and didn't know their pace.  I was hoping to finish it all at a 10:20 pace.  I was successful.

The temperature started around 28 degrees and warmed up to 35.  The wind chill said it was 18 when I started and it was 20 when I looked later.  I forgot to check at the very end of the run.  It felt much warmer than that.  I started the run with my hat on and my ear warmers. I took off the hat and my sleeves off after 2 miles.  I took my gloves off and my light coat with about a mile left of the loop.  I dropped those off and my neck warmer thing off at the car after the loop and ran in just a tank + dry weave shirt and headband.  My hands got cold on that run though. 


I stayed in bed late morning. I was so tired from my party. I did play with instagram for the first time ever.  I should play with the effects of instagram because they are pretty cool.
Poly hung out in bed with us.  I had to lay out my clothes from the day before to get my "daily picture" because I keep forgetting to take my picture days I wear those pants.
 Poly got confused and thought she had to sabotage my clothes so that I wouldn't put them on.
I napped.  I woke up to the door bell ringing when my parents visited.  They came to help eat leftovers and to watch the Steeler game with us.  Oh it was such an awful game.

Poly chose my dad to sleep on. Poly knows how to make company feel welcome.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

1.7 - Party

I woke up and made Chili.  Then I went and ran a 5k
I came home, prepped cooking some stuff.  Looked at excel (brifely). I didn't even analyze race data.
I took a brief nap.
I went for a walk with Dave
Then we went on to cook.

We were not ready when everyone showed up :(
I had a ton of food. I didn't take pictures of any of it. I didn't get my daily picture. I didn't take pictures of the 13 people in attendance either.   (That's a Jello shot.  That's also Jen using 2 iPads to compare them.)

The last people left around midnight. Man was I tired.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

06:20:12 PM - It is sad that I feel like it is bed time and it isn't even 6:30 PM

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Frostbite 5k for Autism (1/28/12)

I ran another 5k at North Park.  Not only were the 5ks at the same location but they had the exact same course!

I got there around 8:40. I was unsure where to park. I decided to park in a lot .25 from the Boathouse but didn't want to take my chances.   Plus I wanted to get some extra miles in so parking further away helped.

I ran to register. Registration was upstairs in the Boathouse. I didn't even know there was an upstairs.  It was pretty big too. I did see a sign once on the door saying a birthday party was through the door but I didn't know the door lead upstairs.
I ran back to the car (so another .31).  I sat there and played on my phone until 9:30. 

Then I ran to the start and went inside to keep warm.  I ended up talking to some lady I didn't know and was glad we kept talking. At 9:50 I went outside.  The race should have started at 10 but it didn't start until at least 10:30.  The weather was way better than I expected.  The previous few days I kept seeing cold rain. But the rain held off until after the race.  The temperature was 35 but the wind chill was 28. (Screen shot was before the race started so it showed 33 and 28.)

I wore too many layers but I had the layers for before and after the race and figured it would still be good for the first 2 miles of the race so I would just feel hot the last mile or so.  That is exactly what happened.  I wonder if I would have run faster/better without so many layers on.

I didn't PR this time :(  I was very close to my time last time.  This time I didn't pick anyone to chase. I just ran.  The course was the same but we didn't really cross the sides of the roads as much as last time. 

At the very end I passed up this girl.  I passed her up with 2 steps left.  The timing was all manual so the guy made me stop to pull my tag off and then the girl who I passed and who ran into my BACK when they made me stop, had an official time ahead of me.  What makes it worse is she was 2nd in my age group and I was 3rd.  The only thing that makes it a little bit better is only the top finisher in each age group got an award so neither of us got something. 

 I forgot to stop the timer so the pace got so slow at the end that you can't see the pace graphs as good. The peak halfway through was the turnaround.

After the race, Adrienne and I walked down to see her son finish and then her daughter.  After we saw her son, we saw some lady that was injured. She was grabbing her knee. She injured it. I'm not sure what she did, but I assume fall. She kept grabbing her knee but I think it was bloody.  Adrienne and I ran to get the race director and some lady went to get her with her fan.  She was concerned about driving on the course.  It was only about .25 from the finish and since it was so far into the race, there weren't that many people so we told her she'd be fine driving to get her.  I never saw what happened to her after that.  I'm kind of curious.
Adrienne and I stayed at the finish for a few minutes until she saw her daughter coming in. She ran down to run in and finish with her.  I got a picture at the finish.  Race photographers did too. Their pictures were better but who knows if I'll get to see those official ones at all.  I'm still waiting to find out about the Resolution Run pictures.

After the race, we headed to Parish Hill for the awards.  The directions needed to be more specific to get there.   I didn't know the distance. Also they should have warned that I'd have to park up the hill because Parish Hill doesn't have enough parking in their lot.  I had to go all the way down to JC Stone field to turn around and head back up the hill.

They had some food and some water. There was some local up and coming rapper there.  Then they did awards. That's where I learned only the top runner in each age group got a prize instead of the top 3. They also only gave the top female an award not the top 3 females.   It was the first year for this race and I hope they make some changes for next year.  There were 300 runners this year so that was pretty good for a first year race especially a first year race that had very little online about it.
While I ran this time, the splits that popped up were rounded down and my mile 1 added up was 7:59 but unrounded numbers ended up with 8:01.   This was the first time I realized each split is rounded down that pops up.  I think I will have to set goal times 1 second lower from now on to account for this.

Compare my splits from the Frostbite 5k to the Resolution Run.  My best split and worst split were the same.  I had 3 splits under 2:00 in both too.

Official results are posted and I'm shocked how many there are in my age group!


I was off work so I wore workout clothes on top and jeans so that I could be productive
Jacket: Soma
Tank: F21 (I love the fit and color. I tried to go back and buy more but they didn't have them anymore)
Jeans: Express
The picture in the top right shows how I document my mileage/speed on the treadmill. I write when running and sometimes add a little more later.

The top left picture shows how our fridge wasn't 100% full after we went shopping. I don't even know how that happened.
Dave and I went grocery shopping for our party and we both needed a nap after. Poly napped with us too.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Blue and orange.... the colors don't look so dominant in these pictures
Shoes: Connie
Pants: Gap
Sweater: Express
Tank: ?
Necklace: Target
I discovered the bruise on my leg a few days before taking this picture. I have no idea how I got it and it's a pretty big bruise too.

Dave and I watched Iowa Caucus news all evening.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:13:47 AM - I accidentally carried my gym bag into work instead of leaving it in my car. now i'll just have to carry it back out when i go to the gym.
07:35:26 AM - Well it's 2012 and I've animated something on a PowerPoint slide for the first time in my life.
06:34:35 PM - @briecs No. I used some finite elements program in college but don't remember a thing. Never used ANSYS.
08:53:32 PM - It's sad when I feel like I'm catching up blogging when I am only 16 days behind. 16! That is a lot.
09:23:20 PM - Dave and Poly are sleeping. http://t.co/NkHQQHRq
09:26:06 PM - Help me reach my goal for my Bowl for Kids Sake! http://t.co/zhtiO44h
10:07:12 PM - @lisafilipek that's what I did when the Internet was out (re: Internet on phone)

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I've been thinking about life lately. I do the same things; I like what I'm doing at home but I'm not doing anything to improve myself.  TV is taking up too much of my time.  I'm doing things I like to do like blogging and analyzing my running data, but I'm not reading, learning, or being productive.   I read reddit about running. I read in general about running, but really what do I learn from this.  I need to start reading or doing things that will benefit my career.  I have some things on my to-do list for months and never get to doing them.  I've had a skirt that will take 5 minutes to sew sitting around for a few months. I need to sew a button back on a shirt and it's also sitting right there.

Why is it so hard to be productive and to do things that will benefit me in the long run?

The problem is that I don't want to give up anything I do for fun.  I've been thinking that I need more of a specific schedule so I get something productive done each week day.  What do you do (even if it doesn't always work) to stay productive?

  • I want to learn how to use my camera better. I want to learn what all the manual settings are and when and how to use each little thing. 
  • I want to use my sewing machine more and sew a few skirts. I bought fabric almost a year ago. 
  • I want to try on clothes in my closet and come up with new outfits. I have so many clothes and so few "outfits" because I have such trouble matches. At 6AM I just keep going with what I know instead of trying something new.  I also just want to see what fits and what doesn't. 

The more I think about it, the more I want to do something more with my life. Do you ever go through times like this and what changes have you made after you thought of this?

(BTW I've been watching TV for the past 4 hours tonight which is the opposite of what I want, but at least I have been watching the news instead of normal TV shows.)


I was at my computer until midnight on the first and thought that wasn't too late but then my tooth hurt so bad it kept me up past 2am. I finally thought of taking Advil and that helped and I was able to get to sleep.

But since I was up so late (plus only sleeping 5 hours the previous night), I was really tired in the morning. I allowed myself to reset my alarm and sleep in a bit. I still hit snooze some too.  I still got to work by 8 which is better than a lot of people.

I had so many emails that I ended up doing emails all morning and not getting to any of my regular work that I knew I had to do.

Dave and I went to Moe's for lunch.  Then after lunch, I meant to do real work, but only did emails. I think I still had 110 unread emails when I left.

I left at 3:30 to go run with Jen.  That means I'll have time to make up later this week. I do that without even trying.

After the run, I analyzed the data while a purring Poly sat on my lap. I wanted to get up and do some stuff but I just couldn't disrupt her.

After Dave got home, I ate dinner and we watched In Treatment. Then we began finalizing our menu for our Christmas Party. I ended up with 6 cookbooks around me. While menu planning we had on MSNBC and then I couldn't turn it off. I had to pry myself away at 10:30.  At least after menu planning, I loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up a bit.  Now the main floor isn't a wreck. It isn't neat but it isn't a wreck. Hopefully it only gets better as the week goes on instead of getting worse.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


The vest is purple. The tights are gray. The pictures didn't turn out that well.  I probably haven't worn this shirt in over a year. OK maybe it was 3 years ago.  It wrinkles like crazy so I never wanted to wear it.
I wore my snake necklace again. I don't think it really went with the outfit.
My desk is a lot cleaner than normal at work. I handled the 10 or so post-it notes that were all in front of my keyboard.  Dave still said this is not a clean desk but I guess he doesn't see it on a normal occasion.

After work I was so motivated to run and I head over to the gym and realize my orthotics were in my shoes at home and my shoes that were in my gym bag had no orthotics (or insoles at all). Boy did that suck. I was actually motivated to run because Jen told me how she ran 4 miles and had emailed me about it. Usually I go to the treadmill to run and am not motivated. Such wasted motivation.   I came home and after dinner used the exercise bike, did some weights, did an ab workout, and stretched so at least I got a workout in.

1.23 - Sapphire

This is the first time I wore black tights with this skirt. I like it.

Skirt + Shirt = Express (Shirt 2002, Skirt 2010)
Belt: Target
Tights: Target
Shoes: Aldo
I swore I was wearing a necklace in the morning but I guess I wasn't.

I really wish I left for work in the daylight or that I got home from work in the daylight. These shadowy pictures suck.
I took far to long to read ready in the morning.  Perhaps going over to my computer wasn't the best way to hurry it along.

I had numerous meetings. I got lots of action items at the meetings but I didn't have time to do anything because I had far too many other meetings.

At 2, someone brought a "guest" to my meeting. I then learned that guest is my new director.

I took a break from working to go run and then I came back to work.  On my way back to my desk my admin asked if my face turns that red just from running.  She's seen me before after a run so maybe it was worse. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary in the locker room and then I forgot to look to see what I looked like. Oh well.

I stayed at work far too long.  I finally came home and Dave told me to take a shower before we ate dinner.  After my shower I had Dave cut my hair.  Then we ate leftover stuffed peppers.   Then I watched MSNBC all night except the time I was watching the debate.  I did miss a little debate because I ran upstairs to analyze some running data.

We went to sleep before the debate was over.  We're old. I'm so tired anymore.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

01:33:05 PM - My desk isn't super messy. I handled all the post-it to do lists. http://t.co/y2fYOpnX
06:11:59 PM - Can I switch to a job where I'm not overworked please?
09:05:39 PM - even with screwing up & not having orthotics or insoles in my shoes in my gym bag today, I can still meet my mileage goal w/ 2.25, 4, 10, 5.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Cardigan: NY&Co
Shirt: Express
Pants: Express (but I thought I put on my VS ones and I wondered why they felt so big
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: Lia Sophia
I got to work early.  I was so busy all day it was insane. I feel so busy a lot lately so it was nothing out of the ordinary.  I wanted to go to Body Pump + run. I did neither and left work after Body Pump would have been over.

I came home and watched TV. I cleaned up a little. I watched more TV.  Then finally I used the exercise bike for 16 minutes. I only count it as cardio if I use it for 15 minutes. I prefer longer but for my workout goals I had to have a cutoff. I was doing the bare minimum.

I watched some popping videos that Dave was extremely grossed out about. {Dave would recommend that you do not click that link.}  Then we watched this other one that he said he needs to recover from.  He is traumatized. Now tell me it wouldn't be the coolest thing if someone you knew had a huge pimple/cyst and you got to pop it and go at it?

A Day's Worth of Twitter

11:16:40 AM - stress = someone presenting in less than half hour and I still don't have their presentation. I'm running the Live meeting. Sigh
11:17:05 AM - @DarlingSparrow1 The knee feels good. The legs are tired. They are used to 2 months of laziness. How is your running going?
04:05:59 PM - Why do waiting rooms always cause me to fall asleep.
04:26:41 PM - I can't stay awake. I need a nap.
06:34:50 PM - Oh boy my mouth/tooth hurts. The crown stuff they did today was way worse than the root canal. Then I have to go back to get the real crown
06:40:43 PM - The pizza guy shows up and Poly bests us all to the door.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.


Sweater & Cami: Express
Pants: VS
Shoes: Connie via Famous Footwear
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Poly slept with me and then I got up and she still slept there.
I got my root canal.  It was nothing like I expected.  There was a lot of testing to make sure the tooth I was complaining about was the tooth they were about to do the root canal on.  The dentist got a piece of ice and held it with little tweezer things and rubbed it on my teeth one at a time to make sure the one that made me flinch like crazy is the one that he was going to work on.  The dentist also sings a lot during the entire process. He takes songs that everyone would know (but me because I don't know music) and then changes out the words to dentist stuff or stuff going on in the office. That's the best part about him.   The dentist said my root canal is perfect so I made him explain what a bad root canal would look like on the x-ray.

I took my picture when the dentist left the room at one point. I took pictures of my x-rays twice.  I sent an email when the dentist stepped out too.  I wonder if people normally do this.

I got called back over 15 minutes late and I kept falling asleep in the waiting room. What is it about waiting rooms that make me so tired and I fall asleep.  People tend to look at me weird when they see me sleeping.

Have you ever had a root canal? Did you get a crown or a temporary crown?
I got home and tried to take my pill because I forgot at lunch and when I heard liquid hit the floor, I realized I wasn't swallowing it all.  My shirt also ended up all wet. No good.

I watched TV. I used the exercise bike for a short time. I rested and went to sleep early.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

11:26:31 AM - @BodyMediaFIT Check out my post about not having time to eat healthy http://t.co/o0DxYPTr
07:04:51 PM - I enjoyed the hot shower after the cold run outside. But then I realized my skin was all red so I should stop standing there under the water
08:47:21 PM - Our Internet is down. I ate 3 eggs an 4 pieces of toast and I'm still hungry.
09:19:44 PM - I ran 17.2 miles in 3 days!
09:27:47 PM - We had to pause the SOTU so we could figure out why Kerry looked like he was beat up.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

5.37 Mile Run (North Park - 1/24)

I ran again with Jen. We ran 1 mile, walked 1 minute, ran 1 mile, walked 1 minute, ran .5 and then turned around. Then we set up my run/walk app to run 3 and walk 1.  We did that until about a half mile left and we just continued running. I think ended up missing 2 walk intervals.

Our 5-5.25 mile split was 2:18 which is very good for that far into that run.   Then we booked it even further and ran the last .09 at 8:25 pace. Then we walked horizontally across the parking lot to the car and I stopped the timer after that.

My legs were tired at the beginning since it's my third day in a row running.  I ran 17.2 miles in 3 days. Lately I have been running 10 in a week.

We made it until about the 4th mile until we had to get out our flashlight and headlamp.  If only I didn't leave work 20 minutes late, then we would have made it further or even finished before needing the lights. 

We stayed on the back half of the lake to avoid traffic. It's a lot safer that way.  We turned around at 2.66 miles. 

Jen sure is improving a lot over the last few months.  I can't wait to see what her running future holds.

If I want to meet my monthly mileage goal which I have said there is no way I'd make it, I would need to run almost 22 miles in the next 6 days!  I also have a 5k on Saturday so that also puts a damper on resting my legs.   My legs are far too tired for a race right now.

I need to turn on auto pause on my watch but I always forget when I'm near my watch except for when I'm running and then I'm running and don't want to be messing with it.   I forgot to stop the timer today but at least I had a "moving time" to use so the 3 minutes I spent stretching were subtracted out.

I need to compare all runs with Jen and each mile split to find out how they compare.   I used to make a table comparing my own north park runs but ever since I got the garmin and adjusted how I track everything, I forgot to compare all the extras I used to.  I need to compare my run from yesterday to other runs around the loop at work.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Pants: VS, Sweater: Express, Shoes: Aldo, Necklace: Sears

I've worn this combination before but different shoes this time. These shoes aren't as tall and it's noticeable that the pants are too long. I hate how it is dark when I leave for work and Dark when I get home. Indoor daily pictures are kind of sucky. (Granted outdoor ones are too because I don't have a working remote so then the shrubs across the street are in focus and not me.)

I made it out of bed to shower and get to work by 7:30 for a meeting.

I didn't feel well at work. I swear I had a fever or something.  It was rough going at work. I wasn't very productive.  I probably should have left a bit early but I didn't.

I ran to Target after work to buy stuff for our Holiday Party.  The snow had started coming down so everyone was trying to leave work and drive and it was all going far too slow. I wish I would have remembered to buy some Mr Clean to mop with. Sigh.

I got home and was very productive emptying the garbage, taking out the trash, moving the mower, moving the boxes, and moving the recycling.  It was exhausting.   I wanted to curl up in a ball but knew some of that had to get done before Dave's car was in the garage.  I also shoveled the entire side of the driveway to make it easier for Dave to get into the garage.    He didn't get home for 30+ minutes and the driveway was covered again but at least he was able to make it up it without having to stop in the street to get out and shovel.

We made little hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls for dinner.  I ate a bunch of junk after that.
We were watching American Idol. We stopped that at 8pm to watch the debate.  I can't believe the first question was to Gingrich about how his ex-wife had interviews about him asking for an open marriage.   17 minutes into the debate, Romney only said 1 thing (let's get on to the real questions).  I thought they should try to be even.

I cleaned up a little bit. I finally washed 2 trays still dirty from my party on January 7.  On January 8, a friend asked me if I did all the dishes yet. I laughed. I still haven't done them all!  There are 2 cutting boards still sitting there waiting to be washed.      I was productive even though I didn't want to be. I wanted to curl up in a ball.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

05:31:08 PM - nice weather so I head to run outside. .08 mi into run it starts pouring. i run 2.09 miles. poured from .08 on.
05:31:28 PM - then I ran on the treadmill. I heard that shortly after I was done running outside, the rain stopped. Also I missed a double rainbow.
06:55:53 PM - I just had Dave cut about 5 inches off my hair. Only been wanting a haircut since June.
07:44:18 PM - I ran 32 miles in 23 days and need to run 28 in 7 days to meet my running goal.
09:59:31 PM - my legs are tired.
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Run (1/23/12) 2.09 mi + 3.01 mi

While I was working this afternoon (after core hours ended), I realized how warm it was and figured I would beat myself up if I didn't get a run in. I checked the weather and it projected rain the 4:00 hour and it was about 3:50. I looked outside and it looked clear enough.

I decided to go run then go back to work.

Well I went over and changed and by the time I was running I got .08 mi into the run before the rain started.  It poured the entire time I ran.  I then went in and changed my shoes and went to run on the treadmill. I looked a bit soaked but figured nobody would notice.  I learned that just a few minutes after I was done running, the rain stopped. I know JUST how to pick the worst time to run.  

Except the run was really good.  My first split was 1:56 for 1/4 of a mile.  My 2nd split was 2:02.  I guess the rain was doing good.   I used to run the entire loop in 18 minutes. Then I got it down to running it in 16 minutes plus the little over 2 minutes it took to get to the loop and the 2 minutes back.  Without looking at any data, I'm 99% sure this was the fastest I ever ran at work.  It was definitely faster than any time last year. Two years ago I was a bit faster than last year and I still think I beat all of those times.  I didn't have a garmin back then and just used a timer and compared 1 loop to the next.   For those of you that forget, the loop at work is very hilly.  It felt much less hilly than it used to. 
I had to stop at the cross walk because for some reason cars have the right away.
My first mile was pretty good. After my first split in the second mile, I decided to make a goal of 9:20 and even with the biggest hill in the loop, I met my goal.  

I went to the loop at a different entrance this time. My run was 2.09 instead of the 2.18 it could have been. (Today it should have been 2.10 but I walked a bit past the door getting my GPS on.)

On my way back into the building some guy said to me "This is a bad time to run with soaked socks." Now that seemed like such a weird thing to say.  You are soaked all over that I could barely tell my socks were wet.

On my way into the locker room to change, one janitor saw me and said hi. He's the janitor that always says hi to me but never says hi to any of the guys I see around me.   Then after my run, he was out there again and said, "You poor girl."  Sometimes I think the reactions are so funny.  I could have not run out in the rain so it was my own doing. I could have returned back much earlier since there are 4 entrances back into the parking lot.

After I ran outside, I went to run on the treadmill. I wanted to run 5 miles but I just wasn't feeling it outside.  I ran 1 mile doing 1 minute intervals.  This time I did 7.4 mph, 6.6 mph, 7.6 mph, 6.6 mph and repeat.   I stopped and got water. I only drank about 6 oz all day and some of that was fruit punch and not even water.    The 2nd mile I started at 6.6 and went up every minute by .2 mph until 8.0 mph and then I went down to 7.8. I would have kept going but I stopped after a mile of this because Dave came down to the gym and I wanted to talk to him. I did talk to him for over a minute while I finished my mile.

Then I decided to run 1 more mile.  I started at 7.8 mph. I went down by .3 mph this time since I was tuckered.  I got down to 6.3 mph and then climbed back up.   I ended with 1.01 miles to compensate for the .09 from earlier so I could have it end in kind of a round number.

I had to run on the treadmill without my headphones because I left my one pair in my gym bag at home and I left the other pair in my purse back at my desk.  I am SHOCKED I made it 3 miles on the treadmill without headphones and after running outside.  I can't believe I kept up with the speed as fast as I did.

You can tell from my BodyMedia fit screen shot that I did in fact stop after each mile. I also only stretched for about a minute after. I should have probably stretched about 5 minutes like I normally do based on my level of soreness now. I guess a hard run 1 day after my longest run in 2 months wasn't the best choice.