Friday, September 30, 2005


so pb bought me a very nice birthday card a month ago that i got a sneek peak at.  well today and last night he couldnt find it.

he'll probably never shop in advance again.


here's how i'm spendign my birthday:
sitting here on aim reading LiveJournals while Dave and my brother play madden 2006 and madden 2004 (for the computer and for gamecube ), respectfully.  we did wander around compusa forawhlie and sam's club for awhile. i got my free burger at red robbin for my birthday.


50 lbs today

Thursday, September 29, 2005

i come back from class expecting to get back into my nap. but my pillows and afghan are being used.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My abs hurt from laughing so hard. so then i decided to do some crunches. boy they were fun. the pain was nice.
i went for a jog w/ maggie tonight.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


2.75 miles
30 minutes
i should try a different preprogram thing next time. this one doesn't make you go with enough resistance ever. none of them do. maybe i should make my own. i kept adding resistence to each of theirs.

i amaze myself

i went to the gym twice today. once to lift weights between classes and then just now to test out the elliptical machine.

the elliptical machine still hurts my foot a lot.
perhaps i should start soaking it or icing it or taking that medicine or learning about that specialist i should go see.


today the doorbell rang. we looked outside and saw a homeless guys cart. so we guessed that he was knocking ot see if he coudl have all the cans and bottles that jesse and sheila have in their driveway in garbage bags.  so i was scared when i went downstairs cuz i saw him so i made pb do it.  he told him they werne't ours. so the guy lit up a cigarette and kept ringing their bell and he was still here when we left for class.  probably a 5 minute time span.  i forgot to check on our way back from class if the cans were still there.

Monday, September 26, 2005


y couldnt i fall asleep last night. grrrrrrrr. i could have been doing somethign else with that 3 hours.

in reaction

to just 2 things about my test

Callie: no one should ever have to have a class like that
Callie: oh my i'm getting grossed out just thinking about such a concept.
SmilinColleen: it's the only psych that woudl fit into my schedule so i took it for my psych minor
Callie: ugh.
Callie: well, you're not stupid.  you're just pure.

Callie: this class sounds like the worst thing ever invented.


i'm so stupid.  ask timmy or pb what about.  wow didn't realize i was that stupid.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


I got a $2 bill today as part of my tip


i got the never ending pasta bowl again yesterday.  2 saturdays in a row. it's great.
then we went to friday's last night.  there was an extreme amount of hot women workign there. it was baffling.
then i watched meet the fockers.
between restaraunts i was watching american pie 2 and then i fell asleep until it was time to go eat again.
gas/electric bill came and it's less than it was at the other smaller apartment 2 summers ago

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


today was slightly better than yesterday.

maybe just cuz all the bad stuff is over.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Somehow my day went from bad to worse. 

It started out with me waking up at 6am with an upset stomach.  I attempted to go back to sleep but that wasn’t working. About a half hour later I took Pepto-Bismol but not the full dosage. It made me want to regurgitate.  I ended up taking 2 partial doses of it over an hour span.  I don’t think I even totaled one whole dosage.  My stomach has felt weird all day but it goes through kicks and will seem fine for awhile.
I ate crackers at 2:30 for my first food of the day (saltines). 

My 10am class isn’t as good as I thought. It’s DMS. The class that we are doing a project for GE for.  Well the group of 6 of us has one kid that is the “group leader” but he really doesn’t’ know anything about thermal and he does things the wrong way or puts his suggestion and it always ends up going that way.  Well we had to turn in a project proposal last Thursday.  I spent over an hour formatting it (like numbering equations, labeling figures, referencing figures (because the group hadn’t and they stole the figures from websites) and adding page breaks instead of hitting enter until you got the heading on the next page.  Well apparently even though I sent out the file before anyone else was even working on it, the group leader didn’t include anything at all that I fixed.  I even put in the body of the e-mail some of the minor things I fixed.  Apparently he didn’t use my copy even though it was the only one updated and he kept working on his.  There was even still an extra period randomly on a new line after a section that I had gotten rid of.  I didn’t know until today about all of this because he never sent out the final copy to everyone before turning it in.  I was discovering more and more things that weren’t included looking at the graded one right at the end of class today.  I was going to go home and see who was on AIM from my group to talk to about it.

I get home and the internet is broken. I figure it’s something w/ cable modem actually being down or something being unplugged.  We are still using the neighbor’s internet. (Yes no cable still)  I did curl up in bed and watch The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful today.  It was pretty fuzzy but I watched it.  So I had to wait until after my 6:00 class for the internet to be back up.  Jesse had been cleaning the closet and organizing the wires so he had everything unplugged and didn’t have time to finish before his 12:00 class which is why our internet was out until 4 which is when he got home.  In class today we got back our “reading quizzes.” I read but the questions were so random and specific I ended up get a 5/10 and this test was worth 5% of our grades.  It’s our first grade.  So there again the day got worse.

Oh getting dressed today I wore sweats and a tank top with a sweatshirt over it.  Dave made fun of me for wearing an RPI sweatshirt and asked if I was trying to look ugly.  I said I was because I wanted people to leave me alone.  It worked.  In psych nobody sat on either side of me so I wasn’t smashed and I could spread out.  I did the tank top under incase I got hot.  I walked home both times taking off the sweatshirt but in the AC I wore the sweatshirt.

After I got home at 6 I was able to confront 2 group members about not including the stuff I did.  I wanted to say “what is the point of me doing anything ever if you don’t include it” but I didn’t. I phrased it nicer.  One of the ones I confronted had nothing to do with it and didn’t get to see or work on the final corrections.  The other kid (not the main one I mentioned earlier but the kid that always works with him) said something to the effect “well if they were minor changes we probably didn’t notice them.” He asked what and I was able to rattle off a list of 5 or so things that weren’t included.  He didn’t seem to see my point of sending out my corrections and explaining why I was working on it when I knew nobody else was.

Also in class my group doesn’t seem to like to hear my input.  I always get cut off. So it makes me just sit there silent a lot.  Well most of the time I don’t really have any further input because we are working on equations on the board or something.  When we do peer evaluations I have no idea what they will think I do though.  One other person in the group doesn’t say much at all but when he does get a word in it’s about a very intelligent idea.  I think I should talk to him and see what he thinks about the group or input.

So the references I added to the titles of figures that were taken from other sites that weren’t included in the report got comments by them saying to reference them.  We also got zinged for our poor “executive summary” even though Dave told them they needed to summarize the report and this and that and they didn’t do that and we were told to do exactly what Dave said to do.  I bet the group didn’t even realize or remember his comments about the report and what we should have been doing differently because everything was right that Dave said.  Dave is usually the one that can get his point across or people will listen when he talks and he even gets cut off or they shoot down all of his comments.  I don’t get it, two of the kids haven’t even taken thermal yet so they don’t even know all they should about the topic.

Then at dinner we made raviolis. Dave bought Italian bread earlier today so we had that too.  Well Dave was cutting right on the bread bag and not being careful.  We have 4 cuts in our very nice/new kitchen table.  I tried that scratch cover stuff that people use for their floors and furniture but it wouldn’t get into the deep narrow grooves. It’s right in the middle of the table so the napkin holder and coasters would cover it up but still if it’s not there it’s really noticeable.  Dave was sad about this.  Not really that he ruined the table but that he thinks I’ll scream and complain and yell about it later.

Another thing with DMS group (this all happened today btw) was that certain group members always take on the extra responsibility of talking to a professor or someone we need to talk to.  And really our whole group shouldn’t go see the person.  But then they don’t have time and don’t get the job done and we get behind because of it. 

We had a conference call with GE today.  We didn’t hear the information we wanted to hear about our questions aka he still couldn’t answer them. 

Tonight from 5-6 the CDC (career development center) had a workshop for seniors looking for a job.  I forget the exact description but it was very applicable to me and I couldn’t go because I was in class.

Well after DMS and before psych I was trying to do homework but it was so hard to concentrate because I hadn’t been able to get off my chest to my DMS group about them not including my stuff.  I did get a lot of my reading done today that I needed to get done.

OK that was today

Yesterday I got to work a few minutes early.  I mainly did all of Hollie’s side work while she was out smoking. I just work when I get there what needs done and she lucks out.  Then from about 3:30-4:30 I didn’t have a single table.  Then from 4:30-7 I made $3 so they finally let me leave early.  There was another server on.  I was scheduled until 8.  Ryan the other server kept yelling at me when we were slow for doing this and that.  I said “what else am I supposed to do.”  I was filling the ice even though it wasn’t that low, etc.  But then when I had to do my side work to leave all I had left was the salad bar to fill.  The one person I like to work with got to leave early so I didn’t even get to work with him.

Tomorrow is the season finale of Big Brother.  I’m kind of disappointed that the person I liked in the final three lost the tie breaker in the competition and then got rid of the girl I liked. 

I have class tomorrow at 8:30 and usually end up wanting to hit snooze and not get a shower in the morning but my hair looks better when I shower in the morning versus at night.  I’m trying to decide now which I should do.

Tomorrow for PD3 they have “key executives” coming to class to grade us while we do fake interview questions or fake scenario questions.  I’m nervous about that because of my dad today and my lack of concentration.


my stomach doesnt feel good. this started aroudn 6am. i'm tired. i'm hot now.
today i dressed in a polysweatshirt and my new athletic pants so i was all comfy like and maybe people would leave me alone.  at least that worked.

i looked at our proposal for dms. i made all kinds of changes to make the paper look better and liek numbered the equations and stuff and aparen tly the final copy didn't incorporate any of these changes. i'm mad and someone needs to hear about it. what's the point of me working on anything if it doesnt get incorporated.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


i am a polytechnician: proof

more later

man such a good story at olive garden but i'm too tired to type it now.

but it entailed free desserts

Friday, September 16, 2005


no cable again.
long involved story.
involving  an e-mail from the landlord, cable guy coming, pounding a hole in the way, cable guy not installing cable, cable guy leaving, us being mad.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

i was told my hair looked like a librarian today

work schedules

so I knew I got the wrong work schedule so I was waiting to call back to get it from someone else on a different day.  Well it was Nate again. So I just pretended I couldn't remember what it was.  He told me again.  Friday 5-cl and Sunday 2-8 even though last time he said Tuesday 5:00-9:30. The only thing I wonder about is that this is the same exact schedule I had last week.  I'm glad I didn't just assume he told me the right schedule last time.
the rain did not hold off while i was walking home from class today.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


it's 88 degrees upstairs and 80 downstairs.


i'm fed up.  my jaw is getting sore. i guess i'm grinding my teeth.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


and now semagic is installed on the new laptop.
i've also installed google toolbar for firefox and ie.


i installed office and aim on my new laptop. dave also installed firefox.
i still need to instal semagic. i will save that for a time when peopel are talkign to me (aka a time i can't concentrate on work)


so i planned on taking a nap and then getting a shower between classes today. but i decided to nix the nap and just work on a bunch of stuff for classes.  now i feel i'm running out of time.  i also have to eat.  now i feel too rushed. even though it's nothing that has to be done today.  maybe i should put thes down for a minute and reveiw for my "reading quiz" at noon. that's probably why i feel rushed.

i need to purchase a binder. i probably had more at hoem i didnt' bring too.
My new computer should arrive after 5:00 today.

Monday, September 12, 2005


i should start cropping these pictures with a ratio to make them the same size.  but then i think that would be wasted space. hmmm


I was looking in the mirror today thinking I wish my hair was longer and with more layers.  I can put more layers in now.  I was debating getting the scissors and doing it right then, but decided to wait a little.  I wish I knew someone to give me another perm.  I know someone at home but Thanksgiving is too far away.


my foot is only slightly swollen from the plantar fascitis (o no i forget how that's spelled).

yesterday i hit every light green on my way to work. i think i got there in about 8 minutes.  when i got there i asked if it would be a sign to a good night.  or somethign ot that effect. but i didnt' define good.  if good was make lots of money i was right.  if good is not being in pain then i was wrong.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


well dave fell down thesteps outside. a bit scraped up. one knee bad.
my foot is quite swollen


freakign weird time at the hut tonight. s hort handed and busier than we've been in awhile.

Tonight was awful.  Well I was scheduled 2-8.  But Alli was sick so they wanted to send her home.  She just had her appendix out. But they needed someone to cover her production shift.  They couldn’t find anyone. They wanted me to do production so Alli could go home but I didn't want to do that and make like nothing.  So we made a deal that Ryan the closing server would go into the back since he’s not a strong server and he’s pretty decent at production.  So then I was serving myself.  Lately we haven’t been to busy.  Well tonight was different. I had about 13 tables max at one point.  For a 2 hour span I had 10 tables minimum and I was answering the phone and taking orders because the new workers weren’t doing it.  Well the 2 new guys working kept messing up my orders and taking forever and I think Ryan was bitter about going into the back and so he kept standing around doing nothing while one of the new guys was making millions of orders and getting way behind.  Then a table comes in 10 minutes before we close. They were rude from the start about waiting to be seated (and by waiting I mean waiting the 3 seconds while I put down my tray to seat them).  They were so mean and rude and complained about everything.  Then I was done with all my side work and they didn’t leave.  I was there until 10.  If it wasn’t for them I would have been done by about 9:20.  These rude people were in their early 20s.  Usually rude people are old and it’s more expected.  I kept trying to hurry them along.  They didn’t’ leave until 10:10.  I even asked the manager at one point if I could leave and they would clean up after the table.  The manager said yes but I ended up staying wondering what tip I would get out of them.  I got a 12% tip ($3).  At one point they asked if we were closed.  A little later they asked if I was waiting to leave.  (These were shortly before they left.)

Also the old general manager’s wife, kids, and boyfriend were there tonight.  The kids were loud.  My table also complained about them.  But then later the old GM came in to ask if they were there and to see how that went.  He’s still living w/ this wife though.  It’s crazy.

On top of that it's the 6th time I've worked since i came back and it's the 6th different way I wore my hair.
look new LJ picture
May 28, 2005

I have the complaint that it changes all old pictures posted with "default picture" even if that photo is still one of my three but no longer default picture.
aparently this is the time of year that i'm always sad according to pb.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


dinner sucked. i was mad before going. i wanted to go to olive garden and get there earlyish so we wouldn't have to wait hours.  well gravester and jcal are too good to eat dinner at 5 so they say we have to leave later. i invite them. they have to make allt he decisions and pick the place. we had to wait an hour at carrabba's and it sucked. our table was in this corner and my hair kept getting attacked by these fake plants. next time jcal and gravester arent' goign to be invited our they will be just told aout it last and i wont accomodate them at all.* the best part was killing time in target. i'm sick of me coming up with an idea but they have to amke all the decisions and change the plans and think it's cool to do that.

now i'm fed up and bored.  nobody will do anythign with me. everyone already has plans or they sit at home doing nothing.  i cleaned up earlier in boredom. i dotn want to do homework on a saturday night which is why i'm bored.

* i can say these things because i'm making this a friends only post so they wont be reading it.
60 upstairs and 62 downstairs this morning. nowonder i'm freezing.

Friday, September 9, 2005


so we had advanced heat transfer review quiz today.  aparently he gave out solutions when people left. but he didnt' give me one.  so i think i found an error in his solution on one problem, but the other oproblem i did somethign the long way instead of interpolating to a guess. but that came out wrong.  or at least different. i don't know how many points it will be wroth.  iw ould e-mail the TA but i dont know his name.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

these 2 recliners are the weirdest recliners i've ever seen.  they r super hard to recline. impossible while u r sitting. but they can go down while sitting but you have to work hard and then you fling and almost fall out of hte chair. come check them out.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

2 new recliners were acquired. i hope they dry out ok


I'm so tired. I had 3 mini naps today. One in Advanced Heat Transfer, then one in the library after that class, then one in Finite Elements.  I stayed awake in PD3.  Our PD3 is awful.  It's worse than the other classes.  We have to stand up when we talk every single time.  No other class does that or should I say no other section of the same class.  I have things I woudl say but I wont because of that.  Then she tells us how we answered the question and our posture etc. She critiques us.  Then we had a group meeting today.  It was pretty productive.  I have to write a paper but at least it's not worth a grade or at least the sylabus doesnt show it to be worth a grade. I also have a review test Friday. Crazy. I have to review a lot.

I want to put up a more recent picture for here. out of all three of mien the newest is 2 years old. one is 3 years old and the other is about 3.5 years old.

Today I had a tough time waking up for class at 8:30 now tomorrow I have to be at GE at 8 which means we are leaving here at 7:15. Oh boy.

Monday, September 5, 2005

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Ryan keeps dissing my car because I bought  NEW car versus used and because it "looks like a station wagon"

Friday, September 2, 2005

i worked 6 hours tonight but the last 45 minutes were cleaning up and side work. i made about 4.60 in the first 2.25 hours. but i ended up with 65.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

today is the first dya i wore this bracelet. i put ti on at 1
it broke just now


So instead of doing my homework due at 4 i thought i needed to catch up on LJ reading.  I still have about 6 left but I think i must get to doing other stuff.
I bit/broke off all my finger nails. They were long and pretty 2 weeks ago.
I dont seem to like my classes already. It's low humidity today so I tested out my new hot rollers. I dont think they curl very much but the same level as at home.  There's still spts taht have the crimped look from my perm. 

I wish all this junk was put away so i coudl focus on my studies instead of constantly cleaning up/picking up.  I want my laser printer hooked up. I think I'm going to temporarly put it on the floor and plug it into my computer. I still need to isntal it on this one.

This morning Dave was checking the delivery status of his new desktop since his desktop broke and then his laptop froze up and he held down teh power button and now it wont turn on or anything.  So two of his computers broke.  And Shady broke this summer.

Please note that I used some capital letters if nto all fo them where they should be in this post, that i used a subject, and that i put a mood.  If only I was listening to music I could go all out.


i came home from class. unloaded the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher, hand washed a few things, put made ice in bins and made new ice, ate lunch and right now i'm writing my rent check due today. class was over at 11:50.