Friday, June 30, 2006


i'd like to note that I did NOT take as many pictures as a lot of people this past week. I probably took 5 total for all 4 days. This should be noted. It won't happen again unless my camera breaks or my batteries die and I can't get new ones.


i got home from new hire orientation. i slept for 4ish hours as soon as i got home. i was so exhausted this week form it. i even got minimum 7 hours every night. some people got 8-9 hours total for all three days. maybe they're crashing now i dont know. but i would have crashed before the end of the event if i did that.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


i'm at orientation. i they keep us out until late and start us early. i'm exhausted. i'm going to sleep nowish.

the pirates lost tonight. it was a pretty good game though.

Monday, June 26, 2006


i got a real phone at my house.  i'll give it to anyone who wants it.


so saturday i made a trip to the post office to say to quit giving me the mail from teh people that used to live here.  return to sender. they said they'd take care of it.  well today we got a bunch fo mail...that same mail.  arghk

christina quit westinghouse. she only started january 30 of this year. and what's worse is she told 3 othere people before she told me.

i tried to post this hours and hours ago and i guess i got up from my computer before i saw it didnt post

i also didnt' take my picture today but i wore the same thing i wore on the first Friday that I worked. i believe it was march 31. i wore different black pants though. so i can refer to this when i'm making my calendar. this is the first day i've missed in over a week. but usually i dont even make it a whole week.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

my mom yelled at me for boring people with my scrapbooks
i ordered the sunday paper just for getting joann fabrics coupons and today i got the paper. there isn't even a joann fabrics ad. i hope it's just a fluke and not like at my parents house and how they don't ever get circuit city ads.

Friday, June 23, 2006

i cna't believe i didnt' get any goalshare. just because i worked there for only5  days is so not fair. everyone else if they worked there 1 month they had it proportional.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


i go to the dentist tomorrow.
today was a busy day for me. i did training all day too. jim didn't have time to check over my files. he's gone for a few days. too bad i had a class i had to prepare for or i could have had it done a little sooner and given it to him sooner. oh well.  i'm also out next week for training.

i didn't call benefits to get them to straighten out that i am indeed a female.
i'm also such a girl. prison break made me cry in both episodes i watched tonight. i've already seen these episodes too. i also know what happens next.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


i just cut my hair.  i think it's better when someone else cuts straight across the back. but i'm pretty good with layers. i only got rid of an inch or so.

i hate benefits

i mean i hate dealing with the benefits people that screwed up.
i'm still listed as a freakin male. i have to go home to call next time. i don't want to go over on my minutes. 

Sunday, June 18, 2006

desperate housewives

i finally saw the season finale of desperate housewives. i had seen the first half but not the second half. i didnt' even realize i hadn't seen the 2nd half. i remember the night it was on my mom kept yelling at me and yelling at me to get my shower and not stay up so late since it was a 2 hour season finale. i thought i watched the 2nd half the next day. apparently i hadn't.  i also watched episodes 21 and 22. i had seen some of them but nto all ofthem. i've actually missed a lot of the episodes or parts of episodes since Dave wasnt' downloading tv so i was watching it on the actual TV.


so i thought today might start out bad when i took out the vegetable tray i made last night and it was all frozen today.

then everyoen showed up at once so i didn't have enough chairs. i got the card table and took my desk chairs from upstairs. i ended up at the reject little card table w/ pb and my gram but then pb left it.  well my aunt and her family were late. my aunt and gram went in one car and the other 3 in the other.  the 3 got lost-ish.  food wasn't timed right because pb didnt' turn on the grill early enough since they were late we were just waiting.  i have too much food but i think i would have cut it close before.
i made the burgrs smaller than i wanted. then i made too much food.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


this week i'm buying a new vacuum cleaner. i had the one i have. i spend 20 minutes doing the stairs and their is still a ton of stuff on them that should have been sucked up. i had the bagless upright. i have to go out on teh deck to empty it becuase it gets everywhere. i also have to take a damp cloth out there to wipe down all the dust particles that land all over the vacuum.
update:it also smells like something is burning when i'm using it. sometimes screws seem to come out of it. i never remember there being screws on the floor that i've tried to suck up but screws appear on the grownd after i try vacuuming for awhile.


i was worried i wouldnt have enough food so i went out and bought more.  the only thing i thought i would have too much of was the only healthy thing, the vegetables and dip.

original menu:
vegetables and dip
6 hamburgers
14 rot dog buns (but about 30 hot dogs..not cooking that many)
5 turkey hot sausage
7 burger buns
6 hot sausage rolls
broccoli and cheese whiz
21 wings
tater salad
pierogie casserole

the last 4 items people are bringing. then i went out and got 8 more hot dog buns, 8 more hamburger buns, and enough beef to make 6 more hamburgers.

there might be 12 people here. i only have seating for 10. and that is because i borrowed 4 chairs from my parents and bought a 6 ft long folding table yesterday. we do have a card table in the garage so if any guests happen to have their own chairs with them then it will work out. there will definitely be 10 people here.

the worst part is i still have cleaning to do. since it will be the first time these people are at my house, they will require a tour. they will also want to be nosey and look in closets.  i didn't even finish unpacking yet. i made a to do list of what i have to clean and do to prepare for tomorrow (this is the today list so making food isn't on here) and i kept adding to it and crossing off as i did stuff. there were a total of 46 things listed on here and i have 19 left.

update: i'm also worried i don't have enough vegetables and starches and that i have too much meat. o and we're having cake and ice cream.


i was sweeping by our front door (inside) and this bug ran out from right where the floor meets the steps. i had to stomp on it 4 times for it to die. some of it's legs were off and it would still run. now i have to clean bug guts off the floor. right before i started sweeping i cleaned another set of bug guts off the floor. oi

busy bee

i've done almost half my to do list. but there is stuff i have to do that isn't on said list.

sam's club

i had to wait for 30 min at sam's to get my pictures. they were supposed to be done at 11am. i got there at 12:35. Their machine was down or something. But 3 people picked up pictures when I was there and they were all complaining about how awful they were. I saw the one set of black and whites. They were either black or white. there was no gray in it at all.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

how nerdy would it be to index my scrapbooking supplies?

today so far

i gave pb a haircut. that wasnt' on my specific agenda for tonight.  i worked 9 hours then went to k-mart and zipped around in there getting a bunch of stuff. then i shot over to joann fabrics but only spent 3 minutes in there. pb had dinner ready so i had to hurry. i came home and ate raviolis. he made my cheese raviolis with meat sauce so all i tasted was meat. i didn't like it. he made himself meat ravs. while eating we watched some tv show he downloaded. i forget the name of it. invasion or something like that.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


i can't believe how busy i am.

i met someone who knew russ at college.  i can't believe westinghouse hires so many interns soon to be juniors. i couldnt even get a job with them as an intern.

i'm starting to get super stressed out that i'm so busy.

Monday, June 12, 2006


what's the normal cost of a wedding per person? *

or what's a cost of someone you know or a place you know?

i know 2 places. one is 30 bucks a person + your DJ and flowers and photogorapher
and the other is like 80 + photographer (maybe flowers i dunnow)

and i don't know how long they are for

* not because i am planning one but but because I am curious


we bought a new ficus tree. well we exchagned the old one. so nobody can come and just sit around and wait for it to fall. this one is sturdy. instead of carrying it up the steps we did a hand off outside to the deck. o my it was scary and hard work. the deck is super high.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

at the aviary gravester was having so much fun and then a bird pooped on his phone. he just got this phone 4 days ago.

ficus tree

now anything can knock over a ficus tree. or nothing. it just falls.


my camrea batteries died while i was out and i forgot the spare in the charger plugged in at home.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


an industrial fan can blow over a ficus tree
me and pb took 170 ish pictures todya on my camera and kate took a lot on hers. her batteries died before the end of the boatride so she doesn't have as many.

Friday, June 9, 2006


i'm sunburnt, but pb is sunburnt worse.
we left so early in teh day i never left so early. pb hated it and complained and then gravester wouldnt' ride becuase he didnt' want to be a third person.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

they made it here. we went to ricks sports bar for dinner. they carded us to get in. we've never been there before. it was near export.


i put ketchup on my cheeseburger at lunch today. i put it on myself so it was good.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006


i ordered ketchup on my double cheeseburger today. it was the first time ever. i hated it. it was too soggy. but pb tells me that the meat was extra greasy today making the bun soggy so maybe i'll have to give it another chance.
so the intern with a broken foot is still out. they won't know if he needs surgery until teh swelling goes down. he has to keep his foot above his nose to help with teh swelling and the pain.  today they packaged up a bunch of work for him and the laptop and he'll be doing work from home.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

no fun

SmilinColleen: so the intern my group got  was in a car accident
SmilinColleen: well the kid in the accident was hit by a cop.  cops fault.
SmilinColleen: and he broke his foot
SmilinColleen: well he had to have surgery today
SmilinColleen: my manager is tryign to get him a laptop so he can work from the hospital cuz we r so short on people
dead aim keeps crashing on me. it's so annoying and i lose my aim logs.

Monday, June 5, 2006

no fun

2-4am was pretty rough. my stomach didn't feel right and i couldnt fall asleep. now i'm so dead tired now and my stomach doesn't feel 100% so I don't know how i'll feel today.
i hate 22 near where i lve. you can never make left turns. it is awful.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

i'm stupid

i bought a variety pack thing today mainly for 2 different things in it. i'm not sure if i will even use the rest or not. i should have bought those 2 things separately.

if ony i had friends

pb: wow it's clean. we should have visitors more often.
i showed russ and felicia my leg bruises. russ should comment to say how bad they really are.


i almost want to wear shorts today so i can show everyone my 6 bruises on my left leg above my knee.

Saturday, June 3, 2006


i went to a panera and sam's club. that made me so exhausted that i took a 1.5 hour nap. that nap made me late to a picnic at annie's house.  i figured out at annie's that it musta been low blood pressure all week that was doing it to me. at her place eating the potato chips i seemed to be alright.  all week after work i was going to a store and dying after 10 minutes or so. i thought it mighta been because i was tired but i really died so early into the trip that it shouldnt' have happened.  last night i slept 11 hours. so i got home from annie's and cleaned up a bunch of mail and went through things and cleaned off the kitchen table. i would have done more but dave forced me to watch a few episodes of 24. i hope i'm in a cleanign mood tomorrow to get the rest of the boxes out of the living room.
the picnic at annie's was like half work people and half cmu people (her husband is a grad student at cmu). her idea worked well of her supplying the meat and everyoen else bringing something small. now i'm not so scared to have my own picnics.
those bruises from my bed turned into huge bruises

nothing but trouble

i need to put padding around this bed so that when i cut the corner too sharp i dont' bruise myself. i did the same thing today on the same corner as yesterday.

Friday, June 2, 2006

the bed just took a chunk out of my leg. it bruised within a minute. usually bruises take awhile to show up


i finally got a decent amount of sleep last night.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

i cant' believe i let pb talk me into the ugliest shower curtain and towels and rugs for the bathroom.