Friday, September 30, 2011


I wore my new clothes for the first time.  I really loved this outfit.  I was actually shocked I didn't get any compliments while at work. I actually never get compliments when I think I'll get them and I get them when I don't think I will.
This necklace is getting more and more use. I never realized I was missing a necklace this length before but it keeps coming in handy.

I finally got a patterned skirt. This just makes me want even more of them.  Too bad I don't know what else to wear with this skirt besides this shirt (or another shirt this color).

I wore my hair up but it just didn't cooperate in this claw. I had to fix the claw constantly throughout the day.

Too bad I got this sweater so close to when it is super cold out. I won't get enough use out of it.
Somehow I ended up not taking a single picture of Poly. I don't know how this happened.

I worked, went to Body Pump, and came home after that.  I watched TV and went to sleep early.  The Steeler Game kept me up too late Sunday so then I had to make up for it Monday.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shopping (9/24/11)

I did some shopping by myself at Ross Park Mall and I ended up buying a lot.
I labeled it all for quick reference.

At the Limited skirts, pants, and blazers were buy one get one free so my skirts were basically half off.  All tops were also buy one get one half price.  The prices above reflect that.

At Express, I had a $15 birthday coupon.

At Soma, I used a birthday coupon and a coupon so I got $30 off total.

The skirts from F21 go to my knee because 2 were meant to go to the knee and the other 2 I bought a size Large so then they are longer.

I need to figure out what else to wear with my Limited skirts besides the pink top I already wore with it (31.81) and then the purple cardigan I already wore with it.

I did not even realize how much pink I bought until I got home. I should have realized the purple because that was all from the same store, but I did not. I'm wearing the purple 3 consecutive days at work.

I got home and started creating outfits. I think I made 8. I just have one sweater left. Each day I just pick which one of the 8 I want to wear and work my way down that way.

I went to the mall to buy shoes. The shoe areas and stores were too crowded so I did not even attempt to try any on.
How I wore the first 5 items.
Do you ever find that sometimes you go to the mall and can't find a thing and other times you find tons of great stuff? I was at the mall less than a month ago and it was not a successful trip.  Then this time I found a ton of stuff.  I have been looking for patterned skirts since before Christmas and failing.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

11:07:56 PM - What a day. And I still didn't get my work done. Or some of it even started.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

Run 3.31 mi - 9.28.11

I wanted to run 8 miles but didn't have enough time if I was going to go to Body Pump too. Perhaps I should not have gone to Body Pump but I was encouraged to go and I listen to encouragement. 

I ran after work but before Body Pump.  After deciding I couldn't run 8, I thought I'd run 4 since the day before I should have ran 4 even though I did nothing. Well 10 minutes into the run I calculated it out and I would only have time to run for 31 minutes to make it to class on-time so 4 miles was out too.

My left knee hurt the first half mile or so. I set my goal time to be 9:20 pace average by the end of the run. I know mile 2 would be slower but the other miles would make up for it.  I didn't want to run too fast since it was my first run after the Great Race, I had to lift right after, and my arm was still sore from the flu shot.

It was a good slow run. I added 1 little housing plan that added .23 to my trip so then I didn't have to double back up and down my street a lot to get to 3.1. I thought it was flat but I didn't run fast on it so maybe it was a slight hill.

I keep adding more data to my standard table. Best and worst split is something that I recently added. But now I will look at my time for the first half the workout and my time for the 2nd half. I like knowing this.  I want them to be consistent or my 2nd half faster. In races my 2nd half is always slower.  Knowing the halfway point is manual unless I end right on a .5 so I will have to remember to do it.  What else would be good to track?
After the run
After I got inside, I got water and left for Body Pump. I made it with 1 minute to spare but I got lucky with green lights. I guess I should have ran a minute or 2 less or quit working a minute or 2 sooner because I didn't like the stress of making it on-time.

At Body Pump I increased some weights. I left some the same. I think I'm at the point that I can increase biceps again. I increased lunges and still thought they were a bit easy so I'll have to go up again. I increased squats, lunges, and shoulders at class. Next week Kelly will start mixing up old releases. I hope she doesn't throw in a hard bicep track when I'm about to increase my weights.  I still have to increase back and chest to get them to where they were a year ago.

Then I ended up staying after class for 40 minutes talking to Steph and her husband, Steve.

Photo of the Day - April 20, 2008

I was starting to pack but getting distracted. Look at this clean room. This was the half office half craft room.

I still wear the same clothes now. I still have a lot of my crafts organized in the same way.  The bigger clear container in the back with the white lid still has that exact same stuff in it.

This was almost a month before we were moving but I figured I should get started. The clipboard in front of me is where I wrote the box number, what the box looked like, what room it should go to, where the box would be stored, and then what was in the box.  All boxes were labeled with the box number, room destination, and if they would be stored at my parents or in the PODS.

Even with that labeling system a few things that should have been at my parents were put in the PODS and vice versa. I guess that's what I get for having friends help. Also people said the P  and H were confusing. I can't even remember now if P meant parents or PODS or if H meant house or parents house.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:06:09 AM - My car is surprisingly not the only one left in the parking lot.
12:31:20 AM - For those keeping track, I am home.
12:00:32 PM - I'm out of breath from eating.
04:07:29 PM - I hate phone meetings where most people are in one room & I'm on the phone. I try to talk but with how the system is you can't interrupt
10:40:21 PM - I almost ordered teal shoes but they were out of my size. The tried purple. Same. Ordered pink in a different style.

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9.4 Bolognese

Cardigan: Kohl's
Tank: ?
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Dave took my daily picture so I moved all around just because I could.    This tank top was a pleasant surprise.
I was supposed to run with Kelly in the morning. She cancelled and then I went back to sleep and didn't run or workout.
We decided to make Bolognese.  It takes 5 hours.  It took up our entire day.  
After many steps and all that hard work, it was way too salty.  
Have you ever made bolognese?  I never even heard of it until Chef Ramsey's TV shows.

Poly liked to hang out on the washer because she loved the beach towels.

9.27 - Long workday

I just bought the vest at the mall this weekend.  The button down shirt is the oldest and that is from 2008.  Each piece is from a different year (I think) and it all works so well together.
The back of the vest is solid gray. I seem to be wearing these purple shoes a lot. I think I wore them more in 2 weeks than I did in the past 5 months.
I woke up early and got to work early. I even curled my hair. It only takes 3 minutes but I tend to skip it to get other things done in the day.

I had numerous meetings. I was swamped. I had a meeting scheduled 11:30-5 but it was done slightly early. Then I was able to give training a little early and we hurried. I was done at 5:30 instead of 6.  Instead of doing the millions of things I had to do, I helped a coworker finish her RCA. Actually I could have run too. I was going to run then do my own work. That didn't happen. I didn't get my nice easy 4 mile run in. I got a rest day in instead. :( Julie did tell me to go run and not miss my workout but I felt bad. I thought I could run then go help her but I didn't have a change of clothes for a shower. Plus she thought she'd be leaving "early" so by 9 or 10pm and I thought I could use an exercise bike at home after.

I got tuna to go and velveeta shells and cheese and we had that for dinner.  Then later I learned my Olive Garden leftovers were still in the work fridge so I had that. (Dave was supposed to take them home the day before but he forgot.)

I left work at midnight.  I have never been at work so late. I have worked later but drove home, ate, and then worked.   This was my longest continuous working. I even worked through lunch.  At least I did have 5 minutes in the middle of the day that I talked to Jen.

I got my flu shot today too.

I was making a big deal that Julie worked 15 hours today but then realized I worked 16. Oh boy. She did work 17 yesterday though and then only slept 4 hours.  She looked really tired.  I encouraged her to stay at a hotel instead of trying to drive 50 minutes to go home. I really hope she did that. She doesn't have a change of clothes but I still think it's a smart move to stay at a hotel.

Why do I always put in extra time helping other people? I should have done my own work.  I still have things to do by EOB Wednesday!

My little Poly greeted me when I got home. She ran down the stairs. She's such a cute little girl.  Dave was asleep but I woke him up after I made noise trying to get ready for bed so then he said hi. He immediately went back to sleep.

The outfit was surprisingly comfortable for such a long day. It didn't annoy me much at all. But 11pm I was getting annoyed a little with the shirt bunching up under the vest but not too bad after such a long day.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

11:07:25 AM - how can I get any work done if 75% of my time is taken up with meetings?
12:56:49 PM - @briecs can't. Too many priority things. Ugh.
02:06:09 PM - I just ate 4 cookies because lunch wasn't big enough.
02:40:19 PM - Yay. Snack time.
09:55:19 PM - I'm eating dinner now. leftovers my husband forgot to take home. I'm still at work. What a day!
11:33:41 PM - @briecs I'm getting really tired.

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9.16 - PJ Friday

I woke up and was going to run. It was only 41 degrees so I decided I'd wait a few hours when it was 60 degrees.  I put laundry in and spent some time cleaning. Then I needed to eat because I was getting lightheaded. When I ate, I watched TV. When I watched TV, I decided to watch more TV.

Next thing you know I didn't run. I had leftover mashed potatoes for lunch. I had Ramen for dinner.  I watched more TV.  I did 3 loads of laundry.  My Amazon order arrived and so did Dave's.  We got a total of 4 packages. I got my water bottle belt and an extra pouch to hold my phone.  I noticed the package around 11 am and still didn't for my run.
I was in my PJs all day.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:11:55 AM - Scrap and Run: Great Race (9.25.11) - 3rd Time @RestonStyle and @TheNewChrissy you might be interested
12:56:44 AM - I stayed up too late. Poly is on me super cute so I'll just stay here a bit longer. Maybe I'll cat nap in this chair with her.
07:22:34 AM - @missylizzylucy how long until the marathon?
01:42:26 PM - I just looked at my calendar and realized I have back to back meetings. Then realized the 2nd one is training I have to give. Ooops.
06:18:37 PM - @missylizzylucy you have plenty of time. You will do amazing at it.
09:04:33 PM - My husband tells me that people don't talk about their feelings in a bulleted list. I do/did.
09:47:57 PM - @iamoddd yes if they pay attention. Give your blog time. Also look in google reader.

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Photo of the Day: 2002

I must have been practicing for my daily photos back in high school. Look at this photo from 2002.

I also enjoy looking at everything at the edges of the picture like my collage on the floor and the stuffed bear I made.

I was just starting to let my bangs grow so this was the second half of senior year or in the summer.

Do I look the same or different?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

October Workout Goals

In October I need to get back into working out enough.  I have a wide variety of goals that just aren't running even though that is mostly what I post bout on here.  I created goals back in December to try to help me. That didn't work out too well, but I hope this does.
  1. Perform yoga 2 times. (once every other week)
  2. Attend Body Pump 5 times. 
  3. Lift weights 2 times on my own.
  4. Complete 16 cardio workouts (running, classes at the gym, exercise bike, or elliptical)
  5. Do 10 ab workouts (chiseled core, P90x core ab ripperx, Body Pump, or on my own)
  6. Quantity: Run 12 times. (that is 2-3 times a week)  - Stretch goal is to run 15 times. 
  7. Distance: Run 87 total miles (18 mi, 20 mi, 22 mi, 25 mi, 2 mi - 2 mile because it is 4 weeks and then couple days) (My previous best in 1 month was 75 miles in March 2011) - stretch goal: I would love to have 100 miles (22, 24, 26, 28) just to have hit 100 in a month would feel like a great accomplishment

I have a few days to adjust this before October 1 rolls around.  Do you have any suggestions?
(Note week 1 will end on October 2 because I don't want my mileage weeks to all be different and currently my week ends on Sunday.)

I haven't taken a yoga class is over a month. I want to get back into it, but I did not want to make my goal too unreasonable.

To compare so far for September I have

  1. Performed yoga 0 times
  2. Attended Body Pump 3 times (going Monday and Wednesday of this week though)
  3. Lifted weights 0 times on my own
  4. Completed 11 cardio workouts (won't be getting 5 in the rest of this week)
  5. I have done 4 ab workouts with 3 of them being at Body Pump
  6. Run 10 times (may hit 12 by the end of the month)
  7. Run a total of 46.86 miles (will get a few more before the end of the month)
So I may meet 2 of the goals.

I kind of feel like I should add goals something like "Run so hard that I feel like I'm going to throw up" and "Not throw up" 

Great Race (9.25.11) - 3rd Time

I ran the Great Race in 2009 and 2010. I feel like I was in the best shape this year and the 2nd best shape last year.  My numbers and feel after the race don't support that though.


  • Official Chip time - 56:01
  • Clock time - 56:38
  • Official Distance - 10k
  • Garmin watch time - 55:55 moving and 55:57 elapsed time
  • Garmin distance - 6.29 mi
  • Course - mainly downhill
  • Arrived downtown @ 8:11 but was supposed to get there @ 8:40 so I waited outside the parking lot for RL to show up.
  • RL showed up at 8:35 and we went into the lot then went inside and went to the rest room. 
  • Immediately left to drive to the start. 
  • Walked a little bit and ended up in a long line just waiting to get up over to the course start
  • Race was supposed to start at 9:30 but it started at 9:37. 
  • Kelly and Jason passed me around mile 2
  • Liza passed me near the 5k
  • Around mile 5, I saw Nate after he finished when he was on his way to find Emily. 
  • I ran the first mile with Adrienne. (She finished in under 50 minutes)


  • I thought I was in better shape this year than last year. And last year I thought I was in better shape than the year before. 
  • I am always really nervous before races. I was more nervous this year than the first year. This is mainly correlated to goal times. 
  • I was less nervous today than the last 5k I ran. 
  • Carpooling helped me be less nervous today. 
  • At races, I have false hopes of doing minutes better than practice/training runs because people often tell me this will happen. 
  • I feel a lot more pressure running races when lots of people know I'm running them.  When races were just a first time for me and people just thought the goal was to complete it, I was able to run it a lot better.
  • Adrenaline helped me run my first 10k. 
  • I still want to find a 10k to run that isn't the Great Race to see how I compare. There is one for the Pittsburgh Runners club coming up. That course is hilly. Oh that race is October 2.  I have an American Heart Association Walk on October 1.  If I do that 10k, then I won't have the time to get my long run in on the weekend.  I thought I could do it Friday on my normal day off.
  • Sometimes at training runs, I run with someone else and the other person pushes me our I push me so I don't fall behind. I even talk during these runs. Then my times from those runs are often better than my race times.  I need to find someone to run with at races. Today it was awesome running 1 mile with someone. It really pushed me. I should have tried to keep up for mile 2 just to see. 


  • In 2009, I mainly trained on the track. In 2010 and 2011, I did a lot of training around my house and at North Park.
  • I did a lot more workouts in 2009. I actually worked out 6 days a week for the 2+ months prior to the race.  This year and last year my September workouts were lacking.  
  • In 2009, I was consistently doing Body Pump 2x a week.  In 2010, I was doing it 1-2x a week.  This year I am going 1 time a month.
  • In 2011, I did a lot more total miles, but I ran more times a week in 2009. 
  • In 2009, it rained. In 2010, it was cool and no rain. In 2011, it was hot for the end of September (75 degrees and sunny)
  • In the rain in 2009, there were lots of bands along the course. They were motivating. I liked the accordion guy.  In 2010 and 2011 there was a little bit of stuff on the sides but not much. 
  • In 2009, I just had a watch and I memorized what the splits said when I passed the mile markers. In 2011, I used my cell phone to hit split for each mile marker.  In 2011, I had my Garmin watch and got splits to the .25 automatically.
  • I got my BodyMedia Fit right before the race in 2009 but it was broken so I had to ship it back to get a new one, so I missed wearing it for the race.  I wore it for both 2010 and 2011. At the start in 2010, someone asked me about it and was all excited to know what it was called. 
  • This year I started up further than any other year and the congestion or lack of it was amazing.  
  • My goal in 2009 was to beat 60 minutes and I did it. In 2010, my goal was to beat 2009 and I failed. In 2011, my goal was to beat 2009 but was also to get around 55 minutes and I only half did that.
  • After the Great Race in 2009 and 2010 I basically didn't run for at least a month. I will not let that happen this time. I will be posting my workout goals like I did in December so I can be accountable
  • I notice each year I have the most thoughts racing through my head after the Great Race than any other race. The first year I did so much better than I thought I would do and the previous two years I did so much worse. 

Race + Mowing

Everyone talks about the course being mostly downhill, well it is but even the elevation gain is more than most of my runs.
Around the 5k mark, I stopped for water and walked for a bit (like 10 seconds) so that is why there is that drop in speed at that point.

My husband made fun of me for making a bulleted list in a blog post. He said people don't do that. Well I guess I do. He also glanced quickly at the one part and said he could tell I was an engineer.

Well there you have my race summary with a little more details than normal.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:18:06 AM - Nervous
07:34:57 PM - i just mowed. the last 10 min or so it was hard to see and now my eyes hurt. also now I'm covered in sweat. Why is it so hot today?
09:04:00 PM - I really have to stop eating dinner at 9pm
11:07:55 PM - @wrkngmomscloset I bought 4 new pink things today without realizing. #BreastCancerAwareness

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Shirt: NY&Co (altered twice)
Tank: Not sure but it was in 2002
Skirt: F21
Shoes: Macy's
Earrings and Necklace: Lia Sophia
This is the shirt that I altered in two different ways. I made it sit better in the hips instead of having wings and then about 6 months later, I made it not so loose in my lower back.

I woke up and was so exhausted. I slept 1.5 more hours than Dave. He's the sick one.  I hoped I was not getting sick.

The work day flew by until 11 then it dragged on until lunch. I had french fries with cheese for lunch.  Then the day flew again.
I went straight from work to run with Kelly.  I got home, showered, started setting up my computer, ate dinner, and then it was already 8:30 pm. I wanted more food, but couldn't figure out what to eat.  Dave and I watched part of The Sing Off and then Dave went to bed.  I was going to go to bed but then I noticed that The Biggest Loser started so I watched that 2 hour episode. Then I went to sleep. It was very hot so it was really hard to fall asleep.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:13:44 AM - man am I so tired but I still have many things to organize.
09:29:26 AM - I am only 6 days behind on blogging and only 3 of those days need to be cropped.
11:10:49 AM - Lovely Links: 9/23/11 - via @SallyMcGraw - Amazing Scarf Video
04:16:00 PM - I just went in H&M and the line to pay wrapped around the store so I left (20-30 people)
07:06:21 PM - Oh boy. Just bought 6 things at the limited.
08:12:05 PM - After I ordered, it took me 23 minutes to get my food at Wendy's. So then they asked if I wanted anything else since I waited. I got water.
11:05:12 PM - I'm far too nervous the day before races.
11:05:42 PM - @RestonStyle I bought a purple cardigan today. Then realized it was from the Limited... like that email you sent me. Weird.
11:17:22 PM - @the_littlebit I use swifter. I scrubbed on my hands and knees once then didn't notice much better so used swifter after.
11:20:59 PM - @missylizzylucy good job on your run

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.


Cardigan and Tank: NY&Co
Belt: Target
Necklace: Sears
Skirt: The Limited
Shoes: The Shoe Dept.

The skirt fits a little better than the last time I wore it. I keep wearing black, white, and red. I need to mix it up a little more with this skirt. How do you style a red skirt or red pants?

The work day FLEW by.

I went to Body Pump at 5. I was still really sore from Saturday's lifting. I backed down on triceps and lunges but the rest I kept my normal weight.  It was hard.  Triceps were too easy so I guess I shouldn't have backed it down on them.

After pump, I went back to work for a bit. Eventually I headed home to eat dinner and watch TV. All kinds of seasons are starting so we finally had TV to watch. We started with 2 episodes of How I Met Your Mother.
Dave is still sick. But he did chew on the blind cords for some humor. He chewed on the blind cords before and I posted about it. The original email was a lot funnier than this time.


Sweater and Jeans: Express, Shoes: Famous Footwear
No makeup.
Boring outfit.
I was going to wake up to run. I did not. I was pretty sore. I slept in.  I had all these intentions of tons of stuff to do. I didn't do any of it.  I even fell asleep around 1 so I watched the Steeler game on delay.
After the game, my parents visited. My dad kept me cleaning and organizing the junk in the garage that should have been put away ages ago.
While they were here, we snacked. I tried this jalopeno cheese spread I bought. The first bite had me coughing. I said it was spicier than I expected. My mom then informed me that my face had turned purple from it. Oh boy. Too bad they didn't get a picture of that. Since I thought it was so spicy, the rest of my family had to try it. They all thought it was spicy and they can usually tolerate such spicy food and sometimes there are things that I say are spicy and they don't think they are spicy at all.
My parents left at 6:30 and then it was time for dinner. I started getting all the windows updates for my newly installed Windows.  Everything was a slow process since I had to keep leaving the computer to do things or socialize and then I didn't realize that it was waiting for me to click something.  It'll be a week before I get everything set up at my current pace.

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

10:43:07 PM - apparently I should have self checked my uploaded files. 1.5 months of pictures gone.
11:00:44 PM - to make my loss of pictures worse is that lots of the missing ones are on a memory card I mailed back TODAY for replacement. so mad.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

9.7 - I Got Dressed

I got dressed... mostly. I didn't put on shoes.
Jeans: Express - Curvy Fit. Too high waisted so they aren't meant to be worn while eating.
Cami: Costco
Cardigan: F21
Sandals: Payless many years ago.

Getting dressed made it easier to carry my camera around. You can see it in my back pocket.  My hips are too wide for the cardigan so I didn't button the bottom even though once it is buttoned it seems like it fits.  I wish these jeans were a little longer. Since they are a flare versus a bootcut if I wear any sort of heel or even a normal shoe, they do a bit of a hovering.  Seeing myself in these makes me want to try on some straight leg jeans to see how different they look.  I have noticed if jeans are tighter at my knee, they make my hips seem wider.   My lower half is like an hour glass with the narrow part of the hour glass at my knees. Just look at that first picture and tell me if you don't see it.
I telecommuted so then that meant I got to hang out with Poly more.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:01:21 AM - Poly stuck her head in my glass of water and her nose hit the water and she got scared and took her head out of the glass. repeat 4x.
12:30:12 AM - @emipoe Oh good. Do you have a blog? (I don't recognize your twitter name)
12:42:44 AM - @emipoe It varies. Some super popular ones post the same as ones with 10 viewers.I haven't found any like mine(run, cats, exercise, clothes)
12:53:46 AM - Scrap and Run: Miles - 2 years worth (sorta)
12:55:14 AM - oh boy it got super late all of a sudden.
01:00:33 AM - @angelineevans happy birthday and yay for running. (I may be a little bit obsessed with that)
08:20:45 AM - Thank you. It makes my day when people like my blog. (makes my week when I get comments)RT @emipoe: @SmilinColleen that's why I like yours!
08:21:37 AM - @angelineevans I'm no expert runner but I am glad I'm an inspiration. Keep track of your training. Seeing the progress is motivating.
10:02:58 AM - @DaizyCh I don't think that is the song. It was not country
11:26:59 PM - I watched a lot of TV tonight. The office, big bang theory x2, the mentalist, 90210, unforgettable, and part of dancing with the stars.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Miles - 2 years worth

I blame Callie for this data. I was in bed and then I saw that she commented on my blog and then commented back on comments I had on her blog so I got out of bed.  This was 2 hours ago. I have been digging through my old blog posts and data to find out when I ran the last 2 months of last year. It wasn't much but I couldn't believe I didn't mark it down. I guess I blame her that you got it now versus later. Sometimes I wonder if I should keep my data to myself.

Callie had claimed that she had some data and a list of stuff to blog about. That got me thinking about my email to myself about how I wanted to post this data a couple days ago.

I did some labeling on my jpg. I thought that was easier than writing paragraphs about it. This Sunday I have a 10k. I may run 1 more time before that but either way my miles won' be insanely high this week or anything.

Do you log your runs?  I also log my exercising in a google doc. It all started with an exercise contest with my friend Christina (wrote this Why I Run guest post). We had weekly competitions. Who had the longest exercise duration. It started the week after the great race. Before that I did document what I did but not always in excel. Sometimes I posted about it. Today I just started logging my runs in RunningAHEAD because it can upload from your Garmin but I haven't finished saving those. You have to click individually but I was trying to remember data off the top of my head for what type of workout they were but I need to pull up my excel file to look so it is not done.

How many miles would you say someone has to run before they are a runner? In my mind there is a difference between a runner and someone who runs. I still don't consider myself a runner. I'm not sure why or what I would have to change to be a runner. Chrissy mentioned something like this before.

*I just took a screen shot of my excel because that was quicker for me to be able to get the Total Miles on it and only a few months of data.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:18:05 AM - I'm a little shocked I didn't set up my desktop sooner. It's been days since starting to backup all my files. I must not need it as much
08:05:34 PM - Oh I don't know what to eat for dinner.
08:17:27 PM - I had toast again for lunch. I need more ways to eat it. @mikecherepko what are some good ways?
08:19:16 PM - if I was dripping sweat an hour ago, should I assume I need to shower? I don't want to. I want to eat dinner.
08:28:37 PM - @mikecherepko yum to tuna salad. Not sure about the rest
08:39:28 PM - @mikecherepko my dinner.
11:19:03 PM - How can I figure out what song is stuck in my head without knowing any words or notes really? It might have "gone. Gone. Gone." in it
11:56:33 PM - @emipoe is the other end of the spectrum good or bad?
11:58:22 PM - @mikecherepko no. newer. like would be on Sirius Hits 1. It might have reminded me of Grenade. I tried googling but too many songs.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

Short Run (1.52 Miles) - 9.21.11

After work I only had a little bit of time before going to Body Pump. I could have easily chose to do nothing since I ran pretty hard yesterday. Instead, I thought I'd go to the track and run some intervals.  Something was going on there so I went to Adams Township Community Park and ran their loop plus a little bit.

I wanted to run 2 miles but thought I wouldn't have time. I got to Body Pump with 1 minute to spare so good thing I didn't run further. Also I didn't even stretch after so if I did that, I wouldn't have even had that minute to spare.

It was a hilly course so I thought I would do a slow run.  I didn't go as slow as I thought so then after half mile I decided to try to get 9:00 pace.   The course felt a lot hillier than the GPS let on. There were even signs about the steep grade.

I'll have 1 more run before my 5k Sunday.

All this running has improved my time greatly.  I hope over the winter it doesn't get slow again like it did last year.
I ran clockwise around the loop plus a little to get to 1.5 mi
After the run, I went to Body Pump for the 3rd time in 5 days.  I probably went 3 times the past 2 months before that. Today it was release 79 again. It was much easier than the first time.  Some of the tracks seemed a lot easier than release 78 that I did on Monday.  I might be able to increase my weights on a few of them next time. I actually made it through biceps without skipping a single rep. Chest and Back seem to be getting easier that maybe I can start getting to my weight selection of a year ago (Using 12 kg now and before used 15 kg for both back and chest.)  After class today I paid for 10 Body Pump sessions even though I belong to the other gym. I'm not really using my current gym enough but not going to quit there either.  Oh well it's worth the extra money if I start working out more and quit slacking. Only working out 4 days a week is not what I want.

9.9 - Nice Outfit - GOMI

Shirt: Kohl's (Juniors. They had a similar one but not as soft in the Women's section)
Pants: VS
Shoes: Macy's
Necklace: Kohl's

I was extremely proud of this outfit. I didn't go with black pants but with gray... Yay #1.  Then I didn't go with black shoes and went with purple ones... Yay #2.  The color of the shoes was more similar to the shirt but they seem to photograph differently. I found the shirt on Kohl's website to see how they tied the belt. I just copied.
I was all happy until around 10am when I realized a website complaining about my blog was the sending tons of hits to it.

I was 100% addicted to reading all of the comments. It took up a good portion of my work day. So many comments for just one post. I couldn't believe it. It was a big waste to my work day. There was no need to have to read them all or reply to some but I just couldn't help it.  I also had to tell a lot of my friends about it. I'm not sure if most people would advertise what people say complaining about their blog but I guess I'm not most people.  I even told some friends and learned they already found out about it through the grape vine. Now I'm posting about it on here. Oh boy.  One of the blogs mentioned above wrote a rebuttal post but then deleted it. She bashed each and every person who left a negative comment about her. That is the craziest reaction I ever heard of.   Do you check your blog stats to know if anyone ever links to your blog?  Have you ever been linked to because people disliked your blog? My husband said that if he had a blog that was mentioned on a site like GOMI, that he would quit blogging. Throughout the day as I told people about GOMI linking to me, almost everyone asked what Dave thought of it.  I was shocked at how much

Well after reading all the comments, I was second guessing if I liked my outfit or not. :(
Poly slept in my leg nest and I just had to sleep in a bit because of it.
On my way home from work I picked up Pizza Hut and I ate my entire personal pan pizza while stuck in traffic.  There was construction and tons of cars were stopped for a long period of time and I really wished I knew about it.  Oh to top it off, I passed up Pizza Hut so had to sit in some traffic first then turn around, get the pizza, and do it all over again.