Monday, April 30, 2007

i'm mad

this is the 2nd or 3rd time i remember setting up a pnc automatic payment and then noticing later it's not there. i never save the confirmation things so i have no evidence of this. actually the first time i set it up i did save it and that one didn't work. grrr

my new best friend apparently

i learned more information about the neighbor. she's 8. she turned 8 on February 25. she now lives w/ her grandparents because when she lived w/ her mom she went to a bad school and the teacher called her stupid. her mom lives in duquesne she said. she told me a story from school today. it started with "there's this kid joshua. he's kind of cute but has a weird shaped head. well he punched me right here today" points to her nose/cheek. i asked her why. she doesn't know. she was wrestling w/ n ick at the time. oh the drama of 2nd grade. her grandma made her go inside to do her homework even though we were going to go on one more walk (a walk is a loop around our plan) she rides her bike and i walk. that is more exercise than when i walk w/ pb. it's hard to keep up with someone on a bike. we were going to do our last loop while i took my camera. i got my new camera in the mail today and didn't have time to play with it because the neighbor was out waiting for me. we got home at 6:30ish. i told her i'd be home around 5:30. i think she was waiting out there for me. she was crying becuase she had to go back inside. i tried to tell her it was alright and we'd go tomorrow.

i got weird looks today from the mom walking her kids. just because she never saw me before and i'm walking the outgoing kid around. sheesh.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

i forgot to mention my finding a roll of film yesterday. it's used. i hope it's not too old to develop. i bet it's from late 2002 / early 2003. i always thought i lost a roll of film.
so the camera i bought is now 12 bucks cheaper on i bought mine there!

what an afternoon

i was organizing in the garage again today. the neighbor girl came over and introduced one of her friends. i forget her name. then i gave them balloons i had just found. a few minutes lader the neighbor comes over and talks with me as i'm going over stuff. i learned her name and that she's in 2nd grade. then we played and sat while she colored. then we jumped rope. she said she never saw a grown up jump rope before. then we went for a walk around our plan. she was allowed to walk over ot the dumpsters since she was with a grown up. oh man it was funny. then i came in to eat. she said she'd wait for me. but i guess i took too long and it was too late for her to be out playing. her name is Summer by the way. she's the neighbor who told me i was pretty the other day. oh and she doesn't really live there. her grandparents live there. she told me who lives where. too bad i'm going ot move now that i finally learned who some people are.

i gave her crayons, colored pencils, and markers. she didn't want my stencils. i guess now adays they have cooler stencils. these ones were from when i was in 1st grade.


i'd like to note that i have fat earlobes. i bought new earrings and they are hard to close in the back because of this. i remember when iw as in 1st or 2nd grade, i learned that i had fat earlobes. i had just forgotten about it.
my spare memory card and my spare battery arrived yesterday but the camera was shipped separately and i still don't have it.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


i have to wait 2 months to find out if i got a raise. i better have gotten one.
my mom was jealous of pb's nintendo wii.


i hate people who say they are taller than they really are. i'm 5'7 (5'7 and 1/8) and i say 5'7. in the past week there have been comments from 2 different people abuot how i'm taller than them and they are 5'8. someone said i was 5'9 the other day when comparing me to a person who said he was 5'8. well i'm 5'7 and taller than them but they're 5'8. i dont think i'd dislike rounding down for your height but i hate rounding up.

so after pb measured how tall i was. i measured how tall he was. i had to get on a chair to be acccurate. he's 6'4 and 1/2. we didn't believe it. so we did it again. same height. so then he stood how he normally stands w/ his legs apart and he shrinks about 2 inches. so that's why i thought he was only 6'3 and about the same height as my dad.

garage fun

i'm going through junk in the garage. these 8-10 yr old girls were looking at me then they started looking at me weird. well about 10 minutes after htis i figured out i might be getting the weird looks because i'm wearing pb's hoodie.
so i curled my hair all nice and pretty yesterday and by the end of the workday the ends were only slightly curled. i dont know how long the curls actually lasted becuase the end of the day was the first time i looked in the mirror.

Friday, April 27, 2007

we went to the pirate game toinght. they won and it was fireworks night.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

i bought some new clothes and got some good deals on them.
going out to lunch sucked today because some lady rear ended pb. he needs a replacemtn bumper cover and some tail light stuff..only work on teh tail light none of hte parts broke. but it's about 900 bucks for the estimate. the other lady's insurance will cover it though.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i'm going ot be sad if my new camera doesn't categorize things on the disk and have memory as to the order of hte pics. dave's doesn't and it makes me mad. mine does and it's awesome. if you have 4 events on the card it's easy to tell what is with what and you know it'll number hte pics in the order htey were taken. you dont have that with his. i should have looked into that.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i ordered it.i didn't wait until june. i'm a loser.
this is the camera i may buy

probably through here

i know i said yesterday that i wouldn't buy it until June.
i fell asleep before 9 last night. i woke up at 6:45.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


i finally talked PB into selling his XBox. he's also selling his gamecube. It took him buying a Nintendo Wii though. The Wii plays Gamecube games so he can sell that system. Then eh's selling XBox and all his XBox games. He'll make a good portion of the Wii price back though. But then he went and bought extra games. i'll let you know in 10 days or so how much difference in cost we paid to cost we sold the stuff for.

i've decided

i've decided that i'm buying a new camera in june. i keep waiting because better ones are always coming out and prices always go down. but this will be the case until i die. i'm waiting until june because i'm moving and thus saving money in June on rent. but then again i may want pictures of my moving event with my new camera. ok i'll allow myself to buy it the last week of May. granted my camera now can take great pictures. it just takes awhile for them to save. yesterday i took some pictures and the file size was 11.0 MB. now that's some good quality.


me: do you like my tree?
i hold up a picture to show pb
pb: all i have to say is when you said that all i thought about was random binary search trees

discussion about random binary search trees

me: well how about my tree? you never answered my question
pb: it's interesting.

i wish i knew were this picture was taken. i guess i could figure it out. the picture taken before it had street signs and the pictures after it did too. after was the cathedral of learning. so i'm guess it was in oakland since we took the direction of "Oakland" on the previous picture.

update: we were already talking about pictures before i asked him.
i was on the ball. i ordered pictures and picked them up. i ordered them today. i took the pictures today and yesterday. i picked up the pictures today. then my mom tells me about this way better way to convert to grayscale. now i'm mad.
add to the list of what is sore: my whole upper body

i also lifted weights yesterday for hte first time in forever.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


today was better than yesterday. it was also better than the day before. it's better even though my legs and fee hurt. i'm surpsied they hurt so much considering i only washed and waxed a car. i've done that before. my knee has been hurting so perhaps i bent different to compensate and that's why i hurt. my cack also hurts. it hruts worse today. it has been hurting for a few days though. don't know what i did there.
timmy's going to make me a CD. i can't wait.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


it used to be all nice at lunch when pb would talk about how great of a gf i was. now at lunch he talks about how hot and awesome other people are. it's depressing.
we looked at a deauville park townhouse today.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


is it bad to have about 40 scrapbook pages for 4 days worth of pictures? i can count in a few seconds and give an exact count but i dont even have any pictures from night one. then there was fri-Sun and then breakfast on Monday. i don't have pictures from Thursday.

ok so it's 51 pages. there are a few pages w/o pictures. there are also pictures i didn't print. i know from sunday i only printed half.

update: it's 52 now. i had pb guess how many pages i had for the trip and he said 100. so see my 52 isn't that bad. hehe

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

i keep turning off my alarm instead of hitting snooze. this isn't good.

weight graph

i started putting dates on the graphs i actually update. this might be better since i actually only ever update 1 or 2 of the 5. i need to reorganize my website. i'm starting to think it sucks.
it seems like i've gained 5 lbs in the past year.
today someone tried to volunteer me for something at work. i missed what it was. then i was asked what i'm working on and i replied "a lot of stuff" someone else said "good answer" but i am working on a lot of stuff. i could have listed it. but some people say they are working on a lot of stuff but currently they are waiting for inputs or something so they are at a stand still. i have all my references/info for all that i'll be working on the next month.

Monday, April 16, 2007

our power went out 4 times tonight. the firsdt itme was a flicker. the 2nd time was right after that time that the computer was in the middle of booting up. this time lasted over a minute. then the power was on for awhile and there was another flicker and another out for a little bit.


i had an LJ post typed then the power when out. then it wnet out again. it was about how i'm not that tired. i may wright it later. i'm shutting down my computer just incase it goes out again.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

i spent mroe time laying in bed trying to fall asleep than i got actual sleep.

right now

i'm bored. i brought work home to do but don't want to do it. i have tv that i could watch but then it'll be too late. i have some more Y&R i coudl watch but then i'd want to watch all that i have (2 more hours worth). i already did the sudoku on mousebreakers for the day. i'm not sure what to do just for a few monutes.


my nice new shirt needs to be ironed everytime it's washed. and also my khakis also need ironed. i bought them the same day from the same place. i feel cheated. i never have to iron pants. these stupid pants. ironing sucks. the pants are also too big. it's no fun.i'm a failure at pants buying.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

what are the chances the pirate game will be rained out tonight?

Friday, April 13, 2007

my gmail has been annoying. i've been getting e-mails many hours late.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

ok so

my mom has uterine cancer. she just foudn out. and mike bought her a book for her birthday about death. her b-day is next week. her surgery is the day before her b irthday. i bought her slippers for her birthday and she kept sayign how she needs to buy slippers before the hospital so tonight we broke the rules and i gave her her gift early.(i got her other stuff too) but anyway. the book about death she didnt like so much. she didnt tell me the title so i dont know what it is really about.

so the birthday donut wasn't planned but we got donuts after dinner and pb got a pittsburgh cream and that's her favorite. i'm so wound up from eating my dounuts.
today was white shirt day and i actually wore a white shirt. well 4 of the 5 of us had on white. very nice.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

where is it?

i keep losing my allergy medicine. mind you it'ds different allergy medicine. i keep vringing some home from wokr cuz i can't find my old ones. then i can't find what i brought hoem. i also hav esome i can't find that. grrrr

uh o

I am nerdier than 97% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

but if there were 2 choices i might do, i picked the nerdier one.

pb took it and if there were 2 choices he did then he picked the less nerdy of the 2 to get a less nerdy score and he scored a 93. i took it again picking the less nerdy of the 2 and got the same as pb. wow
wow i've gone days w/o posting. that shows how nothing important has happened. or nothing worthwhile.

today i borke my nail. now it hurts to type. also my othe rnail is too long that the pressure kind of hurts when it ype.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

i wonder if i could sell my old digital camra 4.0 mega pixels that takes 2 AA batteries or some lithium. i think i still have the instructions in the original bag unless the last time i moved i threw it away. then if i could sell my old one then i would feel better about buying a new smaller one. i'll look on ebay to see what's up.


ok so the first time i got my hair highlighted pb's brother died. the 2nd time his mom had a heart attack and had to get triple bypass surgery. yesterday nothing happened (that i know of) but the day i made the appointment is the day i learned his grandfather died. does that count? he learned the day before i think but didn't talk to his mom until friday the day i made the appointment. yesterday nothing happened. so is it still true that something bad happens to pb's family everytime i get my hair highlighted or am i in the clear because nothing really happened yesterday and it was the day before?

update my last sentence doesnt make sense. the and it was the day before was that i made my appointment the day before the actual appointment. or maybe it was that he actually died the day before i found out. so really he died 2 days before i got my hair highlighted.


i was so tired last night that i didn't want to type all this.

i woke up to a dream that i was 4 hours late for something. this caused me to wake up for fear i was missing my 9:00 hair appointment. it was about 7. then i notice none of my alarms were set. i set one. i didn't have to wake up until 8. i couldn't fall back to sleep so around 7:30 i get out of bed. so i clean up a little since i have all this extra time. then right before i leave i think how i won't be able to find the place and i should take their phone number with me. well i didn't get the phone number but i did notice my phone was dead. since i wasted all that time cleaning, i only had a few seconds to plug my phone in before i left. i left at 8:23. Google maps said it would take 35 minutes to get there so i was scared. well i hit every light green so i get to the street that hair place is on 20 minutes early. i ride up and down multiple times. then i call my parents asking if they remember the address or know where it is. then the phone dies. i pull into town square and use a PAY PHONE. yes i said pay phone. i called my mom and then she called the hair place on three-way calling and i asked where htey are. well it was tricky. you get to their place from a different street than their address is. insane. well i got to my appointment only 1 minute early after all this.

when i'm almost done another stylist says "your next appointment is here" "what time is it?" "10:30" "what time is her appointment?" "11" "send her back" this way confused me. then it was kristin. how funny is that. then i stayed there and we talked throughout her whole appointment. we also talked for the rest of my appointment. then at 11:40 we leave. i go to my car and find a note saying somethign about stopping home after my appointment and that they bought me something. they bought me a banana nut muffin w/ chocolate chips on top. we jagged arahnd for a little while then went to Janet's for lunch where i had the best grilled ham and cheese and also the best milkshake and then also some very nice fries. then we came home and watched a little tiv and then started watched the wedding videos about videographers and photographers. that wasn't over yet but we had to head down to aunt elaine's house for dinner at 4 to eat w/ Uncle Henry. we got there to eat but i was still really full so i only had 1 plate of salad and a not super full plate of food and only a small amount of fruit and only a few desserts. i was ready to burst. then we talked for awhile and left around 6. i went back to my parents house and we finished watching the wedding videos and decided we have a lot of decisions to make about videogrpahers and what we want and crap. also decided that we won't put all the pressure on art so we'd hire a photographer but still ask art to take pictures cuz i want to make sure i have enough. it was bout 9:30 by now so i cleaned up all the wedding crap and went home. i got home at 10:06. i sure was tired. i didn't og to sleep right away. i sure wished i did. i did some stuff on the computer and got mad that i've updated my wedding budget file about 4 times and when i reopen it (days/weeks later) it still has the old version. then i think i went to sleep around 11.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Friday, April 6, 2007

is it a sign you need to lean up when you can't find your watch that you wore two days ago?

i also can't find my allergy medicine.


i have a 9am hair appointment. this would require me waking up at 8ish. well i had a dream that i was going ot idlewild and driving everyone else and i told everyone a certain time. then i ended up sleeping in 4 hours. well this woke me up out of fear the same thing would happen to my hair appointment. i looked over and did note that my alarms weren't even set. i remember setting one last night. well i guess i remember incorrectly. then i couldnt even fall back to sleep. i tried forever. so i'm just up now.

also in the night i was hot and pb kept trying ot lay w/ his arm on me. that made me hotter. also in the night at one point he stole my pillow. i woke him up to tell him and he said somethign about me being crazy and then i pointed to the pillow he was hugging and he said "oh" and put it back.


i wanted to be productive today. i kind of was but didn't get everything done that i wanted to. ok now that i'm thinking about it, i didn't even get half done. man that's disappointing. i did update my calendar website. i did scrapbook a little.i did not update my weight graph, move the bed from the spare room to give me more scrapbooking space, clean up the scrapbooking so there is a path to get in and out of the room aka a path to get the bed out, and make a homemade version of thin mints.


i'm in the middle of making a scrapbook page. i'm in the middle of matting a picture and then my coluzzle knife blade broke. it's halfway cut out. now i have to wait until tomorrow to go to pat catan's to buy a new blade. if it would have happened a half hour ago i could have zipped right down and purchased a new one. too bad walmart doesn't sell this type of thing.


just looking at the pics on my calendar site it looks like i never wear this one blue shirt i have. but then when i was adding in the typing of what i wore for the days i don't have a picture i seem to wear it a lot.
blue shirt =


pb misses school so much that he downloaded some lectures to some class and he listens to them and does hte in class problems. he's using headphones now but last night he didn't. he wanted to but i wanted to fall asleep quickly unlike my normal lay in bed for an hour business. it was just like school (boring) so i fell right to sleep. it was so nice.

update: he is wearing his headphones that totally block out sound so i can't talk to him. so i imed him. his aim isn't blinking so then i e-mail him. he doenst check that. so then i wave my arms and bank around until he paused it. then i asked him about checking his ims and e-mails and he said "i'm in class. i dont check my e-mail until after class" now this is weird. he's not in class. also when he was in class in school he would check his e-mails. i think he's gone crazy.


i'm going over my bill for my knee stuff. they messed up. now i have to yell at them.

message to felicia

i'm doing a search on myspace for someone and found someone that's icon is the same as your old LJ icon.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

so a few months ago i switched to using pb's scale because it had me weigh less. well now everytime i get on my scale i weigh less. i haven't written down the my scale weights though.

it makes sense

today i was explaining why i'm getting fat but why i was fatter freshman yr of college. now i only eat french fries for 1 meal of the day (fat) but freshman yr i did it for 2 meals a day (fatter). it makes perfect sense.

oh then i got yelled at for saying that i'm fat. i was told people better not overhear me saying that. fat for me and fat in general are 2 different things. o well.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Monday, April 2, 2007


pb just changed his mind. now he wants his phd in computer science (not nuclear engineering)
the young and the restless didn't tape because the power went out here. but if it did tape it would have taped over friday. now i have to set up the tape again.

we went to rick's sports bar for dinner.

Sunday, April 1, 2007