Monday, May 31, 2004

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my computer hates the internet and hates me and likes to take 20 years to reboot

Sunday, May 30, 2004


I just succumbed to the lure of an infomercial.
i had dinner at kate's last night.

i forgot to weigh myself this morning.

i want to go shopping today even though i have no money.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

things surprise me.

i learned where the landlord lives.

Monday, May 24, 2004

i made a heart healthy recipe today. chicken w/ speical breading in the oven.
progress of 1984: page 179 chapter 9 (297 pages but 326 with the appendix)
justin at outback is checking to see if hostess position is still available. no other positions are available he said. at outback they give u a test before u start workign in any position, even a dishwasher.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

the landlord's son has been here for hours fixing the doorbell. he is just replacing 1F now i guess to be safe. i just gave him a big glass of ice water. i think he really enjoyed it.
all i do is sleep. i get tired when i'm not sleeping. i sleep 10 hours a night. and take naps. i need to keep busy so i dont nap, but i dont konw what to do.
i'm so full. i think my stomach shrunk. i didn't even eat a whole bagel.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

i just deleted 17 screen names from my buddy list. i would have deleted more but then relaized when i go bored out of my mind and read away messages and profiles i will have less to read to keep busy.
update: after my 3 hour nap it didn't hurt to breathe or to not breathe!


stupid refrigerator ruined my eggs.

froze them and cracked the shells.
it also hurts when i dont breathe
my chest hurts when i breathe
also my blue express short sleeve shirt w/ a little pocket shrunk and it shows my gut.
there was a parade today in schenectady. i wonder what for. i heard there are fireworks tonight for it at the high school. but the high school over there. i might research why. i'm curious.

Friday, May 21, 2004

the power went out about 45 minutes ago.

things i haven't mentioned

our doorbell no longer works

the landlord has one of these recording things he keeps in his pocket. that holds 2 hours of stuff. it's sony. it doesnt use a microcassette. i am not sure when he uses it. probably for all of his dealings cuz people try to say he didn't tell them stuff. but if he uses it all the time that's tricky.

i spilt my glass of water all over the floor earlier today.

dave leveled twice today.

i cut my elbow somehow and it still hurts.

i used one skein of yarn so far for my scarf.
gravester's halo cd was in the couch and he found it and dave took pictures of his search.
yay for my scarf being over half done

doing dishes causes harm

o my i can't use my touch pad with this bandaid on.

i got cut. it likes to spit blood. the sink attacked me. i have no clue what on the drain got me...but sometihng did.

it hurts
kate brought coffee cake. smells and tastes good.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

after reading every away message on my buddy list i am reassured that life sucks.

life royally sucks

Hello Collen and Dave,

I tried earlier today to get in contact you over the phone but the line was busy.

The way our projects work here at IIAM and the way we hire individuals is based on contracts that have either been approved or are about to be approved. Up until earlier this week we were under the impression that a proposal we had submitted would be successful. Unfortunately we have been told that this will not be the case. Unfortunately this means that we cannot afford to hire any new temporary employees for the summer.

I know Professor Grivas had told both of you that you will be with us for the summer and we were also under the impression that this contract would have been approved. We sincerely apologize for any difficulties that you may experience due to these turn of events. It was never our intention to mislead you, but these things do happen.


John Makresias

no parking noon -3pm

They just cleaned the street.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


my guess is i'm 1/9 of the way done with the scarf i started today. i can only guess how much i'm done because i dont know how long i will end up making it. i want it longer than my old one but not too long. i'll start taking progress pictures.


i just cleaned off the kitchen counter for the first time since e brought anythign into this apartment.
i just sewed my white pants and pb's shorts.

i got nothign to do so i decided to be productive.
my cholesterol results are 209.
high just like gas prices.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

that 70s show

red " i'm gonna have to lock him in his room and poke his eyes out"

talking about eric when he was looking at donna in her catholic school uniform.

funny stuff
i need to upload pictures to my gallery but have nowhere to upload them to
the landlord doenst have any friends i've decided. pb said i dont even say anythign on the phone. he called me to tell me he was about ot take a shower or something and asked me about the refrigerator but then he talked for many minutes. He calls at least once a day.

the shake

i can't stand the shake from the construction on the corner of hoosick and 15th. i'm just sitting here minding my own business and i shake most of the time.
i now have a phone book for the capital district area


i just made 2 eggs. i never knew the clear part could form into ice crystals. i guess i turned the fridge up too high when i was trying ot make the freezer work.

i wish i had a toaster


the salad plates that came with bigger plates and also bowls have a blue tint and the just salad plates that were dirt cheap yesterday have a green tint. The plates sort of look the same and are clear glass but when you stack them up, there's a difference.

Monday, May 17, 2004


so landlord said we had to bring in our garbage cans by 8am.. well garbage men didn't come around until after 12:30.

he said that he woudl be here today "bright and early" and "first thing in the morning" to drop off bed and air conditioner and he's still not here yet.


pizza hut washes your car. i saw it today. i couldn't believe my eyes.

mornings suck

so we're supposed to bring our garbage cans in before 8am. well they haven't even come on this side of the road yet. also the landlord was supposed to come bright and early today. that's what he said. he's still not here yet.

Sunday, May 16, 2004


i'm on the phone w/ my brother now. he wakes up at 5:30am for school.
the landlord wanted to know if me and pb wanted to work part time for him for mechanical engineering stuff.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

there was a spider on the ceiling above me. i made pb kill it.


there was a centipede in the sink today.
the lights dim for a sec every now and then in here.

i still have to straighten stuff up in here. it's almost like a messy house if u look some places and if u turn your head a little you see lots of boxes.

Friday, May 14, 2004

i hate the landlord and apartment even more
now we have no more cereal


and still yet the more time goes on the more i hate the new apartment and everything.

also i can't get the crap off my arm from teh tape from when they stole my blood for testing.

and there's still no room in the apartment for stuff.
the landlord is saying stuff he never told us before and it wasn't in the lease.
he took the tv and vcr that came with the place since we already have a tv. he says we told him we didn't want it... we never told him that. the shower is scary. it's soo hot. even tho it's only 77 degrees out.

and there are administration issues and we cant' start work on Monday like planned. I do not know when or if we start. we should since you konw, they told us we were.

and we need money bad... we still have stuff to buy and then even more stuff cuz of the stupid landlord

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


it's quite sad that my linked photos don't work since shady is sitting on the floor not plugged in.


we aren't meeting john on friday about what we will do at work. I do not konw if that means we dont start on monday or not. we better. he said we got to pick when we started. i need the money. we better start. i'm worried though. i feel like we aren't going to start. timmy will make more money than me this summer, even if he doesnt keep his job at KB.

i dont know if we will go back to troy tomorrow or not. I can't decide.

i got a tentis shot today. my arm hurts a lot. it hurts to move my arm.

Sunday, May 9, 2004

i felt like throwing stuff away earlier. now i no longer do. o well.
i went to a craft store today. i held back and only spent 16.99 on scrapbooking supplies.


i'm at home. i ate good food. i have a lot of stuff i want to do. i need to throw away 140% of my room if i ever want my junk at school to fit in there.

today i threw away my old receipts with pb's help. it's fun to see how the text and font changes over time for a place. i had all receipts from 1997-2003 here.

i'm watching survivor.

Thursday, May 6, 2004

life sucks

dynamics final sucked. it's iffy if i got my 64 that i needed for my B

and emily sucks.. she took our litec notebook. i want it. i did the work. i paid for it. it is rightfully mine.

Wednesday, May 5, 2004


i would normally say is it bad. but i know it is.
it's bad when i'm scared of my summer apt and that i haven't studied much at all and that i know i won't get the grade i need.


the couch has been moved. it was heavy and a lot of work. gravester, adam, and jcal did most of the work. it took almost 2 full hours to move it. well counting the leaving and returning to BARH time.

i'm tired.... i haven't studied at all yet and i need to study so it's making me tired.

the new place sucks more and more. i want to take pictures. i wanted to take pictures of the couch moving. the L of the couch sticks out and makes things worse and have dead space. i don't think we have room to stash it anywhere though. maybe it can fit in a bedroom. i dont know where the computers will go. i think pb already claimed the bigger room for his futon. the smaller bedroom doesn't have a window it just has the door to the balcony thing.

correction.. this is more what it looks like

Tuesday, May 4, 2004


i was so close...yet so far away


i decided since i dont ever have time for fun that i'm going to play spider solitaire instead of study. i don't think that is very fun but it used to be and i used to play it all the time.


man i suck. i need to be smarter. i studied a lot but it seems i didn't study anything that i needed to know.
grades need to be posted
that final definitely did not go well

Monday, May 3, 2004

mood required too

and i was just looking and i think i need to put my mood down too for some color to the page.

now my mood is confused becuase i'm confused as to why i'm not freaking out about my finals and studying yet.

subjects needed

i need to put subjects to my posts more cuz when i listed a months entries by subject 90% didn't have a subject and it was quite disappointing and they should be more descript.
i messed up
dynamics i need an 11% on the final to get a C and a 64 for a B and a 91 for an A.. boy am i a slacker at this grade calculations

uh o - more fear

i will bold the scary part and say why at the end

To TFE-I Section-4 students,
In response to the questions that I have received from some of you concerning the final exam:
- the exam is open book (same format as for all three mid-term exams),
- the exam will cover the entire course material,
- you will not need a laptop,
- there will be six questions,
- the place is DCC 308 and the date is Tuesday, May 4,
- the exam will start at 3 pm sharp, and you will have to finish by 6 pm;
- the minimum preparations for the exam should include reviewing (actually
redoing) all homework problems, review problems and exam problems,

- if you have any questions concerning your previous exams (or any other
problems) and would like to review the solutions with me, I will be
avaialble tomorrow in my office from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.
Prof. Podowski

Michael Z. Podowski
Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics
Director, Center for Multiphase Research
5044 JEC
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 8th Street
Troy, NY 12180-3590, USA
Tel.:(518) 276-4000, Fax: (518) 276-3055

ok ... the test is 6 questions and 3 hours all other tests were 3 questions and 2 hours. next that's a lot of reviewing he wants us to do. i haven't reveiwed any of that yet. i only reviewed example problems in the book. reviewing exams is hard cuz we aren't ever given the solutions. i was going to review homeworks and the review questions but that seemed like a lot of work.

chapters 1-5 are the hard ones. the rest is easy and jsut silly mistakes made
i just read every away message on my buddy list
i should study but i dont think it wi ll help but then i think it's worth a try cuz it might help then i think if i study all day that's a day of my life i just wasted

i just figured

a B is very unlikely in thermal even w/ studying all day. A B is also unlikely in dynamics but I have to study and I could get that B. But if i spend all my time studying thermal, I won't get my B in dynamics or my B in thermal. And that would pose a problem. So now I have to decide if I could really pull of B's in both or if I should forget about thermal. The final is 3 hours long and 6 questions. All our other tests were 2 hours long and three questions. That also adds to the scariness. I need an 82 to get a B and a 49 to get a C in thermal. In dynamics i need a 92 for an A, 66 for a B, ~30 for a C. I really need to be above the cutoff points. It's no fun having my grade end in a 9 so then it's the lower grade not the higher one. argh for that twice last semester.

ok so maybe i wont just quit studying thermal. argh. maybe i'll study all day. i just woke up an hr ago. i still have to find time to move and stuff in there. that's why i have to study dynamics today. i have to meet with landlord on wed at noon to get keys and then i believe we are changing some utility stuff and who knows. i think it said it would take the better part of an hour. But taking better part of an hour my be on friday. i dont know how long it will take on wed.

Sunday, May 2, 2004

the purple pub sucked this time.
dave made this. he thinks it's cool or something.

i wasn't studying

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