Sunday, August 30, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

11:25:44 — finished the race. worse than i thought. shins hurt after 6 min. way too many people. 3000. i wish i would have known how long until the end
13:27:36 — @polahbea is/was watching lecture.
14:18:31 — In a little over 2 hours I'm going to hear "I can't believe you wore that" and I'm not looking forward to it.

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Steelers 5k

they sure post results quickly

I did worse than I have done recently in running and recently i ran more than 3.1 miles but then I just took my 3.1 mile split into consideration.

there were 3000 people registerred. i guess some didn't show up or didn't finish.

my shins hurt after 6 min. i don't understand my shins. :(

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

09:37:29 — my checkbook is locked for editing. doesn't make any sense. i gotta update it.
09:44:48 — Now I got in. But then it said I didn't have permission to save the file. It did that last time I tried to edit a file from Shady.
15:30:39 — I fell asleep again watching TV. Then I took a little nap.
19:13:19 — @TENroaches Looks gross
21:20:42 — Up to season 3 of how I met your mother.
21:54:23 — Best animal crackers ever.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

12:43:01 — I went to the gym for the first time today at lunch. I was scared to see how it is at lunch. It was weird putting back on work clothes
13:09:52 — i prefer to eat mac n cheese with a spoon over a fork. unless it's boston market mac n cheese. i wonder if spoon or fork is more common.
19:20:15 — At a pirate game. Eeven though it feels more like a phillies game with all the red and cheering.
19:23:44 — @polahbea my picture is better than yours.
19:24:48 — We tied it up. First guy up hit hr
19:28:37 — The bleacher seats aren't deep enough and are too hard.
19:29:10 — And they hurt my back. I miss the $46 seats
19:32:48 — Uh o we aren't tied anymore.
20:05:15 — Crazy girl in red threw her drink on some guys head. She left before the ushers came to kick her out or something.
20:36:15 — Food lines are too long.
20:38:20 — I wish the fans here were pirates fans. Then it would be easier to keep track how well the pirates are doing.
20:40:18 — Perogi race time. Hannah won
21:26:36 — I leave and we take a 3-2 lead
21:35:24 — Omg I was too busy rubbernecking to ge a good pic. Bad accident. Top of car is gone. Anyone one missing windshield
21:39:57 — Announcer: everyone is on their feet at the stadium. Me to pb: yea because they all want the phillies to win. This after 2 outs in 9th
22:02:11 — We forgot to pick up my car

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

07:29:01 — I gained 2 lbs since yesterday
10:44:23 — @mikecherepko This tweet just reminded me that i forgot to eat my breakfast. the cereal has been sitting beside me for 2 hours.
15:08:21 — @TENroaches What is hunky soup?
18:08:12 — @mikecherepko how fast?
20:16:51 — I quit running and am now walking.
20:33:54 — I think I peaked on Sunday with my running and now it's all down hill
20:56:56 — I tried to call 2 people for their expert advice. Nobody answered. The first one I didn't leave a message. Wasn't prepared. 2nd one I did.
21:23:20 — @mikecherepko I haven't been that fast yet.

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calf is still tight
thinking i shouldn't run on it but ran on it anyway now my right quad hurts and my left foot. weird compensating things I think.
I definitely peaked on Sunday and how it's all down hill.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my calf was still really tight today. i was going to not run. but dave wanted to go to the track. so i went. and ran super slow. i suck

Monday, August 24, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

11:47:00 — My twitterfox won't update
20:10:00 — I can't stop watching how I met your mother. All reruns from who knows when.
21:57:30 — @TENroaches Which one is that? I don't know their names. the married chick or the other chick?

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i broke down and called someone
then it sounded like a fax machine and ringing so i hung up
then i called from mh house phone
and the person's phone died

signs to not use the phone.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

08:30:12 — @TENroaches it was cold to sleep since I slept on capris instead of pants.
09:10:04 — Jaggin' around waiting for @TENroaches to get ready
09:52:09 — Still waiting for @TENroaches and it sucks. Getting ready to leave without him.
10:34:03 — Too many people at the track so we're at Indian lake.
10:37:09 — Now @TENroaches won't even get out if the car.
11:59:24 — I ran 6 miles while @TENroaches sat in the car
12:00:14 — @TENroaches jeans at least and I couldn't gain on him
12:47:05 — I'm 3 hours behind schedule because of @TENroaches. He thinks I'm made of time.
12:48:54 — Also while running it was like I was dodging land mines. So much goose droppings.
17:19:45 — Mowing isn't so bad. But when you mow you notice how you have to pull weeds, put mulch down, and fill holes with dirt then mowing sucks
17:20:59 — @iamoddd the trainer told me to switch up every 6 weeks or so. And that actually helps

You can find me as smilincolleen on Twitter. is updated
perhaps i need a 2009 only graph. you can't really tell when I'm adding data points or not. it looks the same as before.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

07:29:28 — it is way too hot inside.
08:15:14 — Morning grove neighborhood garage sale today. i'm not selling. I can't even believe all of the pplthat have showed up already. started at 8.
08:15:52 — who know so many people wanted to look at other people's junk. i think i'm going running but i can't stop spying out the window.
09:16:38 — i accidentally reset my timer while running so i quit. so mad. i was 2.25 or 2.5 or 2.75 mi into my 3 mile run
09:42:13 — @polahbea said isn't practicing running more important than times. i said nope. convo on phone right after i quit running b/c i reset timer
22:30:14 — Tired. Ate a ton of chip n dip earlier.

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i'm so mad i reset my timer while running. so i quit.
it was right at the lap and i was hitting lap
and i have no idea how many laps i did. at least 10.
i'm so mad
i want data points for my graph.
it's almost like i have to run again now.

(someone may recognize the above from an email i typed)

then my trouble with trying to remember my splits is this

once i did my warmup i looked at my timer after 100m and calculated in my head what my lap time woudl be. then at 200 i noted if i did better than the pace for the first 100 (which i did every time) and then i calculated my new lap time. then at 300 i checked to see if i was on or ahead of pace for what i calculated at the 200 and then at 400 i hit lap and looked at my time. now every time i beat my projected times. but all those numbers in my head make it hard for me to figure out how many laps i ran and also what my actual splits were.
it was my best set of splits ever.
i'm so mad
so mad
it's almost like i need to go run again to get more times.

Friday, August 21, 2009

wondering if i should run today since i only ran 3 days this week. it's way too hot in this house so it discourages me from doing anything.

A day's worth of Twitter....

08:12:16 — @mikecherepko Wow
19:02:28 — So hungry
20:11:20 — Didn't eatbyet but not as hungry.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

21:46:55 — Busy day today. tomorrow will be worse. can't even leave work at a decent hour because I have a late meeting.
21:54:03 — RT: @polahbea: It decided to start raining
23:05:04 — @TENroaches don't you need to wake up at 4?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

13:10:14 — Sitting outside in the rain. Too bad radar says it will rain for a while.
13:58:16 — @TENroaches We eat lunch outside sometimes
14:50:56 — @TENroaches Well we went out and it was not raining. then boom starts raining after awhile.
18:09:52 — I keep forgetting to leave work
20:45:57 — decided not to go running because it's too late and because i ate too many cookies so i feel like i'm going to throw up. too many = 10
21:31:04 — Used the exercise bike. Cut workout short. Did 3/5 of plan.

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I'm following my workout plan horribly. i followed it 4 days out of 11. Yesterday I was even noticing progress.
Tomorrow I won't be following it either. No time to lift and run.

My stomach still feels super weird from eating 10 cookies from DiBella's. Those are some good cookies though. I've stopped wanting more and when I think about them I just want to throw up even more.

Today someone told me it looked like I lost 15 lbs. I didn't. Maybe she's saying i was fat before. or as timmy put it he said that i was just fatter before. i didn't lose 15. i lost 1 maybe. or depends how far back you go.

I need to plan out my day for tomorrow to see what time I have to wake up to run. Tomorrow is to be 3 miles (or 2 if i cheat and use the easy plan). but i skipped intervals today. but intervals are my favorite. but intervals before work would stress me out since i don't know how to time everything that way.

Tomorrow is the NA-YGN picnic. I probably should go early and stay late since I'm an officer.

I feel like just going to sleep right now. I was asleep last night by this time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

08:21:21 — At work. Most of the redness is gone. When I was done running Dave said face has never been so red.
08:22:39 — Wow that is worse than I thought RT: @polahbea: @SmilinColleen has a red face
08:58:54 — Wow. Just took a group photo. You can tell my face is red.
15:33:33 — @mikecherepko I met a guy at work today... "Bob Barker" --that prompted some price is right conversation and he said he gets that daily
21:20:46 — i'm going to bed now. hard run this morning that was too early really wiped me out

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Monday, August 17, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

07:36:52 — @mikecherepko I don't get sandwiches there. I think I did once. I got it without coleslaw.
07:39:13 — @TENroaches Interesting. Who is this?
13:35:29 — @TENroaches Is this the hospital cafeteria?
14:38:53 — - I want one. Have wanted one for over 6 months now.
14:39:19 — @mikecherepko I have a coupon but never used it. I do want new sunglasses though.
19:55:06 — RT: @mikecherepko: a 311 iHorn App! Alas, only in #Pittsburgh, most technologically advanced city on Earth
22:51:50 — My email on my phone won't let me write an email or reply to one. Making me mad. Ready to get out of bed so I can reply from my computer.
22:54:11 — @TENroaches I've always had to shorten them myself.
23:31:07 — @mikecherepko that's what I figgired to do already and it worked. And the email I was writing came back too

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run tomorrow?

do i have time to run 4 miles before work tomorrow?

otherwise gotta do it in the evening.

before you answer:
i have a group meeting at 8:30
i'll have to shower after i get home --20-35 min
run (plus drive and stretch) = 55 min
get ready to run 10 min

drive to work 20 min
walk into the building and to get where i need to go 10 min

working backwards
leave for work by 8
start shower by 7:25
6:30 leave to run
6:20 wake up

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

01:15:16 — @polahbea The angle on that picture is awful. My teeth seem bigger than my knee.
09:57:42 — @polahbea wasn't helpful. not nice.
11:21:10 — i think i ran too hard in this heat. arms got all tingly and still tingly then i couldn't stretch after due to blacking out. then i ...
11:21:28 — then i came home and got water and walked upstairs and had to sit on the floor due to blacking out
13:04:38 — @mikecherepko I want to go to the beach. I wish I had a beach.
14:06:27 — guardian showed up. i was in my robe. i got dressed in about 10 seconds. They didn't even get out of the car yet.
14:29:06 — Guardian replaced the motion sensor. The guy said they put in a "better" one.

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running today

nobody will care but i'll post it anyway

today i ran 5 miles
well i ran 7500 and walked 500 (aka walked a little over 1/4 mile spread out)

my mile splits were

all the walking was in the last 2 miles.
overall pace was 2:34 for a lap (1/4 mile)
I stretched after 3 laps. normally i stretch after 2 but figured it was such a long run that the little break of stretching would be nice further into it.

It's the first time I ever ran 5 miles

I think i walked extra at the end when I didn't need to and then the last lap was a little slower for a cool down. plus my arms were all tingly the past 2 laps.
then i went to stretch but when i did some of the stretches i'd black out (like bending down to touch my toes) so i stopped that. and didn't stretch.
came home and got water. walked upstairs and had to rest on the floor in the middle of when I was telling pb about my run.

I was done running around 11. only drank about 2 oz of water so far.

i'm also stupid and forgot sunscreen. we'll see how burnt i get. I was probably out there for about an hour. well a little less. ran in less than 52 min. probably took 2 min to stretch. and then drank sips of water twice but that didn't add much time. i wish i could tan. man my legs are so pale. it's almost disgusting.

in 2 weeks i'll be running a 5k downtown. I want a 9:30 mile pace for that. don't know if i can get that. probably based on todays number though. most promisiting so far. last 5k was about 10 min mile pace. today my 5k split was 30:02.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

08:26:31 — Make my shins stop hurting. at least today is cross-train day. depending on what workout plan i use i need between 50-60 min of cross
10:24:13 — Working out in my sports bra as a shirt. Nobody can see me and it gets hot. If be too shy to do this in public.
11:11:24 — This bike is so boring. Even with sudoku, book, iPhone, and gameboy.
11:21:34 — first time i noticed sweat dripping off of me while exercising.
11:49:04 — @TENroaches More exciting and more dangerous. i'd be scared the entire time. I'm afraid of bikes ever since I fell ages ago.
11:49:56 — @mikecherepko Why are you cross?
12:01:54 — @polahbea is going to yell at me. i haven't documented any of my stampin' up income or expenses all year. i did save receipts
15:25:58 — I didn't get dressed yet. I'm sitting in my robe. Have been for a few hours. Can't decide what to wear.
15:59:40 — @TENroaches hey. @polahbea said the same thing minus the go change.
17:26:00 — Scary. We hid until my dad got here
17:32:03 — @polahbea oh god. I got asked if I'm nuts because if wearing jeans.
17:33:28 — @TENroaches is wearing thus. He got told he was nuts too.
17:47:14 — Oops on the cake.
18:06:08 — @TENroaches hacked @polahbea into saying we could have a baby.
18:07:05 — JC stands around waiting to take peoples plates
18:09:06 — Presents going on here. Not sure why. Baby us 2 months old.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

00:17:56 — @mikecherepko today i ran faster than 2 girls that were running. teenagers i think. the football team started practice when i was running
00:22:35 — @mikecherepko when i did 400 repeats my goal was 2:00 laps but I did 1:45 laps until the end 1:58
00:22:49 — @mikecherepko you should run a 5k or a 10k
08:50:37 — @mikecherepko 5k isn't that long at all. 10k is worse. to keep up with a speed long enough is why my lap time is slower.
08:51:04 — @mikecherepko if i can only do 2 miles or less running, then i run a lot faster. everytime i reply to your tweets i go over character limit
08:52:28 — @mikecherepko you need to tweet this much all day long. except i want someone to dilute my mortystvbb11
08:53:19 — @mikecherepko who is this @leahkk person?
09:19:08 — i should just go back to bed. Nothing is working out right.
09:25:55 — My new watch sucks
09:27:02 — It us too big. Sucks. Bought it so I know the time during races.
10:13:35 — the longer i'm awake the more things that go wrong
15:07:18 — It was so hot in that pizza place. I about died. Now we are eating ice cream to try to help cooldown.
15:08:31 — @TENroaches RT @mikecherepko: @smilincolleen you should ask @tenroaches who @leahkk is.
15:10:13 — @mikecherepko hey. Tell me. Except I dint usually read about running. Callie sai not to an I always read conflicting info.
18:03:35 — Today went by too fast. Tomorrow is a picnic at my cousin's. the next day (my anniversary) i have to sit around all day waiting for guardian
18:05:15 — @TENroaches You are supposed to email me your weight.
18:06:20 — @TENroaches You've lost over 30 lbs since the end of Feb.
19:16:09 — i'm wearing my new orthotics. they don't seem that wonderful.
19:16:48 — I just registered for the Great Race (10k).
21:36:36 — If we had artwork on our walls, they would be shaking from the sub woofer.

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I have been using my dell more and now most of my desk is messy instead of just half of it. my vacation is over. i didn't get anything done around the house. i didn't do anything fun. it was too hot to leave the house. today we tired and that sucked. the only thing that seemed productive to me was getting some running in. i keep thinking I should be productive.
i got sunburnt 3 times so far on my "vacation" yet the most I was outside was 40 minutes.

UGH time flies. I still have so much to do.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


So far it's 8:55. I slept in until 8:30. I was in the middle of dreaming about how i was having a stampin' up party that I didn't prep.
My shins hurt so bad. Front shins instead of side shins. I don't understand it at all.
At least today is rest day.
Did I do too much running? I even did an extra cross train day so that I wouldn't kill my shins.

Then i sit here and try to get pictures from my iphone to picasa and that isn't working.
already feels like such a bad day.

also certain people I email ignore my emails and yet i keep emailing them and getting all mad about it.

A day's worth of Twitter....

05:20:34 — Something or nothing just set off our motion sensor. Scared us. We has to go check it out. Not sire how to fall back to sleep now.
06:06:46 — I can't fall back to sleep. Sucks.
09:13:55 — i finally fell back to sleep at 8. now i'm up. my shins are killing me & i have no idea why. looks like i'm not going to run. going to work
09:19:23 — @TENroaches Don't think I didn't consider that. I did watch your cat video on my iphone around 6am
11:10:52 — ran 3.25 miles don't think i got sunburn. nevermind taht. id id. uh o worst yet.
18:35:45 — @TENroaches I got sun burn
23:44:54 — today for my run my average speed was 5.95mph. my hopeful goal was 6.0 mph. i was so close

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

08:07:50 — pb slept in. hacked me. he's full of hacks this break. now it's hotter when i have to go for my run
08:18:27 — @TENroaches That's about how i used to be. they finally did something about it when i was losing weight because I couldn't eat.
09:31:38 — My garage attacked me
09:50:00 — It was so humid today. When I first got out of the car, I thought it was raining.
12:08:20 — @TENroaches I wonder what your scale says for me. The caliper method said 17 or something last time
18:53:40 — We cooked.
19:08:32 — @polahbea just ditched me at the dinner table. He even went upstairs. I'm still sitting here eating.
20:23:06 — My old pants fit again.
20:28:07 — These were the pants on February 26. but that was after i gained 6 lbs in the previous 2 weeks.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

19:07:00 — i'm hungry but i'm waiting for PB to set it up so my tweets go to my LJ. I am checking my work email while waiting.
19:07:25 — @iamoddd You shouldn't be tweeting. you should be on a honeymoon or something!

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

i ran 3 days in a row. time to take some time off for these shins. but time not to take time off because i need to train for a 10k and the shortest training programs i saw were 8 weeks and i only have 7.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

i went to the track this morning
it was 9am
i should have gotten up earlier and got a move on leave ealrier. it was so hot. the sun was beating down on me. it was pretty humid.

i did 3 miles today. my shins hurt a little after 2. my shins hurt worse when i'm on the recovering job/bounce lap and they hurt the worst then after i was done and i was walking. so if I can just keep running I should be good.

i need endurance back.
i had a baby stomach cramp for more than half of my run today.

Friday, August 7, 2009

i was going to turn tonight but i took a little nap and that nap lasted until after it was dark. ugh. i wanted to run yesterday and that didn't happen. i guess i will have to use the exercise boke tonight
that's just so boring.
i want my endurance back.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

pb hacked me into staying up too late last night. he always goes to sleep first and goes to sleep early. so i kept doing stuff until finally i noticed it was an hour past our bed time.
i'm so tired.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


i guess i was in hate so much that i didn't realize i made that nice short post after i returned. so then i complained again.


my run sucked. i hate my shins. and now i'm getting more and more out of shape. did 2.25 miles. wanted to do 3 or 4.
it was way too humid os maybe that's why my times sucked. or why i did my 9th lap as a bob instead of running full out.
but i guess i was hitting my targets (almost) of 2:30 laps. i actually did 15 sec better on the first 3 so i slowed up but then i couldn't go faster if i wanted to.
my face was a very nice shade of red when I was done.
i only made it 9 laps today before the shins hurt
i hate this