Saturday, November 29, 2003


today i cut dave's hair and then he cut mine. pretty
2 nights ago we went to empire diner the second night in a row. we got another milkshake. the first night i didn't have my camera so we had to go back to try to recreate our first milkshake.


yesterday was a day of shopping and other surprises.

at outback dave gave me a promise ring. o it's so beautiful. i tried to buy a ring guard at target and kmart but they dont have them. i bought one a long time ago at walmart. i could order one on-line sometime. my knuckles need to not be bigger than the important part of my finger.

i expereienced 2 malls yesterday and multiple stores. we went to kohl's twice. 2 differnet kohl's so it was alright.

my purse broke at payless so i had to get a new one. the zipper came out. the rest of my mall trip had to be done with a broken purse.

at k-mart shenanigans took place.

we bought 2 dozen krispy kreme donuts after target last night. they were 10 bucks. at the train station one dozen was 6.20.

we did do a little christmas shopping. it more like gave me ideas and then i couldn't find the stuff i wanted. i did buy me stuff. i'm wearing some of it now. dave likes all my new stuff. he was an influence on buying it. i like to look pretty for him.

i still have a lot of homework to do and not much time left here at the not poly. i wonder how we are going to get all this stuff ack to the school. carrying it is the hard part.

Monday, November 24, 2003

my stomach hurts and i don't know chapter 8 at all and i have been a slacker at studying and i only studied some of chapter 7 so far and no i have to write my ied report for sunday night instead of later in the week
they shut of my ethernet port becuase of some network bridge my new desktop made.... the internet came back but as soon as we plugged in desktop it went away so dave called someone and talked for a bit.

now i really wish maggie's wireless would work for me.

Sunday, November 23, 2003


stackwyck oven is so inconsistent. the cookies say to bake 10-12 min at 375. anticipating the horribleness i put it to 325. the cookies that burnt the most on top were in for 6 minutes. the cookies that burnt the most on teh bottom were the first batch at 8 minutes. i just had to keep a good eye on the other ones and they still didn't turn out right. not as creamy as normal. possibly the hotness of the oven that ruined them. it is quite sad. the recipe called for 60 and i got 54 out of the deal.

i have no clue how the last tray turned out because i was forced to finish with only the christmas tree lights. so i coudlnt' tell how dark or how light they are. most likely they are too light.

no bakes are a better bet up here

Saturday, November 22, 2003


its pretty blue when it's on. too bad it makes this beeping sound that drives me crazy. the sound has been narrowed down to the motherboard but it's also a voltage problem as to why it beeps. it's late now so more will be tried to be figured out tomorrow. o sooo much to do tomorrow.

work 1-6
40 minutes to install windows

Friday, November 21, 2003

pb likes cats
why do certain things bug me when they shouldn't at all?

this isn't any fun at all... i can't play with my new computer. i'm sort of regretting the lack of flat panel. Also they sent me a different mouse than was pictured. they did put the computer together for me when i just ordered parts.
there's a keyboard error or it's not found........ :( and i don't konw why
new computer set up time. i need a floppy drive
ied exhibition is done

i'm sooooooooo tired

Thursday, November 20, 2003

aren't ied projects wonderful. i'm here at the dcc now working with a few others.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

i so want to say what's on my mind but i dont want anyone to hate me. it's hard to hold back when he is/was so wrong.

PD1 was good today
in the wonderful world of computer lab monitoring i'm getting dripped on and i dont know how or why

also yesterday i forgot about work from 8-1 today in my plan of events


bj3l33t: also got good news and bad news for you
bj3l33t: the good news is the scr will work for us, the bad news is we dont needthe spark gap anymore, i feel awful cause you really did an awesome job im impressed and kinda sad i have to actually tell you we cant use it

how is that good news. like 10 hours of making my part and lots of planning down the drain

well maybe not ... dave says swersey will like it because it's a fully developed alternate method
"oh my god i'm dead" dave just said that and i agree
my computer monitor is now in Sharp instead of the Common's mail room. but the rest of my comptuer is not here. my credit card was charged on monday. i can't access the page where it lets me check my status tho. that scares me a little

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

i want my computer to come so i can not have it put together until IED is over.
My monitor is here... i havne't picked it up. but y waste space and pick it up now?

i'm excited about playing with it.
i burnt my left index finger today working on IED because I'm a silly goose


my work is never done

so tomorrow my rough agenda:
wake up: 10:45
lunch :11:15
MDL: 11:50
PD1: 2
IED as group: 3:20
dinner: 6ish
IED and other hw

bed: 3AM

gotta love IED
somone else did one thing on my part and they messed up.

Monday, November 17, 2003

if i take the physics final i could get an A and to maintain a B i would only need a 62%.... but last year i only needed a 44 to maintian B so that meant an A was a lot closer and I didn't get that A. decisions will have to be made afther the thrid test i suppose.
dave is so funny. it helps relieve stress.
tonight was dinner with me dad. me pb kate and gravester ate with him. during dinner he kept getting up to look at the steeler game. i'm actually surprised he even agreed to go when steelers are on. at home he would never do anythign when the steelers were on.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

update to october 25 entry: pb's wireless is no longer working :(
update to October 21 entry: i did get an A

i don't know why

i feel like i'm going to cry
i can't optain a network licence for solidworks so i can't use it to finish my assembly for ied
my whole ied group told me to use the stolen drill today. and about 2 hours later i bought one for 14 bucks


my impusle buy was actually a better deal than my previous thoughts of getting a new laptop next year (or senior year) so i'm just saving me money. go me

so i get to work on ied in a few minutes with teresa. fun fun fun. ied is a pain and i dont like how things keep changing.

i worked on strengths for 3 hours earlier and got 5/6 of the assignment done.

my dad's plane is gonna land in about 45 min. then i get to figure out how i was supposed to meet him and then we r going shopping. i hope he doesn't end up going to my dorm before i get there. since i have an ied meetin gat 6

Saturday, November 15, 2003

i just applied for an internship at westinghouse. it's my first actual job i've applied for


i spend too much money. i impulse bought a computer a few days ago. well it should be shipped out on monday to me. i still can't check my order status so i'm not sure what is up. i order the monitor from another company. that has been shipped out and expected delivery is on nov 17th. i'm excited about it all.

ied sucks and i can't take my group. things i've done can't be used.

i'm quite stressed. 24 helps me be not stressed. i love that show. i have 8 more hours to watch in the 2nd season then i can start this season. we will be caught up by thanksgiving.

duct tape is my new best friend.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

my computer sucks
i dropped social psych for next semester and signed up for writing to the world wide web
i attempted to change my desktop today but couldnt handle the change so i put my old one back that i've had since the day i got my computer

Friday, November 7, 2003

i figured it out
if i get a 100 on the next test and a 100 on the final i will have an 89.9 (if my hw average stays the same)

if i get an 80 on the next test and an 80 on the final i have a 79.9

looks to me like there is no real point in trying that hard. cuz i'm stuck at a B anyway. BUT there is always the hope of a curve...hmmm decisions decisions
i didn't fail my strengths test (the lowest grade was a 60)

never a whole

today my lunch seemed to end with .5 too
1.5 rice krispy treats and .5 bowl of cereal

it's friday and tonight is cooking spaghetti time

Thursday, November 6, 2003


tomorrow i get my strengths test on that i know i did bad on. it's quite scary. they should have just given the tests back on tuesday so they wouldn't be prolonging the agony.

ied takes up so much time. i can't really do that much. i need to help out other people. there isn't much for me to include in my final chapter of our design report. that scares me a little. swersey isn't very good at getting grades and things back to us.
i used to think i would have more A's than B's. now i dont know. I might not even get a B in strengths and it's such a shame because i know that stuff. i think i'm like maggie was last year with iea. she knew the stuff and would just freeze on the tests. strengths is so much like iea. they should have a retake exam like iea did. it would make me a lot happier. at least i know i got an A in my one credit course. i just want a 3.5 is that too much to ask. i bet i'll get an A in psych and the law so that is good.
my physics test last week was bad. a lot worse than i expected. our professor told us after the fact that they made it harder because they felt kids were cheating this year. if i would have known in advance it was going to be harder, i would have studied more. other classes knew it was going to be harder so that isn't quite fair to us. my professor doesn't have a review session either.
I schedule for class in less than four days. i better hurry at deciding what i want to take.

today for lunch i had 1.5 cheese sticks, 1.5 glazed donuts, and half a carrot stick with ranch. go me

Monday, November 3, 2003