Thursday, April 27, 2017

Road Trip

Today marks 2 weeks of being on the road trip. I can't believe how long it is!
Here are a few random pictures that don't involve seeing sights but are from the roadtrip.
Frisco, TX
 Here we are eating dinner in our hotel room. I loved that it had a kitchen. We ordered pizza. It took forever to arrive. We ordered it late. So it was very late when we ate. Ella ate 2.75 slices of pizza.
Frisco, TX
This is how we enter the hotel room most nights. We have all this junk. We have more in the car but try to condense our clothes to at least one suitcase.
Ardmore - while supercharging
Miles loves to eat.
Oklahoma City
We made it into one hotel pool. Ella is too short to stand herself in the shallow end but she still wants to go in all the pools now.
I was shocked Miles was never shivering. Ella sure was. She didn't want to get out.

(pics were quickly inserted and are in reverse order of when they were taken)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Ella came into our room at 3 am. She mumbled something to me. I don't know what she said. I asked if she wanted to sleep with me. She nodded so I lifted her up. She fell asleep on me in minutes and slept until morning.

She brought her old standing toy into the bedroom. I asked her if she liked it. It's her old toy. She said, "It's for my little brother."

Dave decided to finally move the litter from the master bedroom closet to the office closet. This started some productivity. He finally moved the boxes from the baby room.  Then he put a gate with a door on Ella's room. I cleaned the entire car out. I still had a backpack in there from when Marie moved at the end of October. It has shoes in it to donate and she ran out of time so I was going to do it for her.

Ella got on her tricycle I took out of the car and she rode it down the driveway. The hill really threw her off. I ran after her and caught her just as she turned the handlebars to turn back up the hill and stopped. So she figured out how to save herself. But boy did she have a scared look on her face! We immediately moved the tricycle to the back patio. While I was cleaning the car, Ella was a helper. She used the dust buster. It needs to be vacuumed better but at least it's clean. I also want a better box/container of some sort in the back to keep the canvas bags and things together from going all over the car.

We tried a new restaurant for lunch. Wing Spot was pretty good! Ella even enjoyed the wings. She never ate so much chicken. The cheese fries were good but not amazing.   We went to the hardware store after to buy a few things.  I thought for sure Ella would fall asleep but she got a 2nd wind. I drove her around for over an hour to get her to sleep!

She napped 3 hours and I was busy on my computer or doing things the entire time!

After she woke up, she sat on my lap at the computer for about an hour. She was drawing and making video messages for Magen. She never does that. I was able to do some stuff but it is much slower when you have a kid on you telling you to move your arms so she can draw.

Dave played his game for hours. He couldn't even believe an hour would pass when his watch would warn him to stand up.  I got Ella's birthday party* invitation out finally. Now I have to get to planning. Parties are on her half birthday.
Ella and I had dinner together without Dave because he insisted he wasn't hungry. Ella ate mac n cheese then wanted more so I made her some easy mac.  I had leftover pasta from dinner Friday.  We called Mummaw and Pap-Pap on the phone because Ella kept trying to call them on her toy computer and toy phone.

Shortly after it was time for bedtime routine. And it was about 2 hours before Ella was in her room without stalling and finally going to sleep. I went to sleep early for me. I fell asleep with my computer on me again.