Wednesday, December 30, 2015


 Ella got hats from a neighbor. She loves to wear them.

 Ella had her first gymnastics class. (separate post)

 After gymnastics Ella told me she had to go potty. But then she saw her stroller in the car so she wouldn't go potty. Instead she wanted to push the stroller around.

 Ella is ready to go shopping. She has her hat, my purse, and her shopping cart.

 Dave and I went to out dinner for my birthday.
 Marie watched Ella. I got some pictures of them playing.
 It was so weird to be out just the 2 of us.

Here are some pictures of Ella in her new hats. I have more pictures but this was just a quick collage.


 We went to the park in the morning.

We met one of Ella's friends there.
You have to watch Ella with babies because she says "eyes" then tries to touch their eyes.

I can't believe how good Ella is at eating sandwiches.

For dinner we went to Pizza My Heart. Ella's preschool was having a fundraiser. Ella got to make her own pizza.  She put on the cheese but ate half. Then she put on the pineapple and ate half again.

 We were explaining to her how her pizza was cooking then she'd get to eat it.

I've never seen her eat pizza so good. She loved it. I thinks he was proud because she made it.


Ella wakes up at 7 so often. I wish this would change to 7:30 but 7 is better than 6 or earlier.

We ran at 9.  There were 8 moms! There could have been 10 but a few cancelled.  8 is tied for the most we've had.

We played afterwards.  Some boy played with Ella's toy stroller for a long time. Then later she wanted it back and he launched her about 4 feet pushing her down. I missed seeing it. I only saw her on the ground after.  Christina saw it and couldn't believe how hard that kid pushed.  We see them at the park often and he's never pushed like that.  The nanny was right on top of it and was there and made him give the stroller back right away.

Later Clara got pushed.  I guess they were all in a mean mood!   Later Marie was holding Ella and swinging her around and the one girl ran right into Ella's foot and got it. I kind of didn't feel as bad since she was mean earlier.

We left around 11:30. I bought gas and went to safeway on the way home. Ella signed to go potty in safeway but wouldn't actually go. I realized each time she saw a door to the back she thought it was a potty and wanted to check it out and that's why she was signing.  She wouldn't go in her potty at the car either.  At home later she did pee in the potty but it was a little while later.

Ella had a decently long nap. I was able to entirely prep dinner and cook some of it before she woke up.  I attempted to do a few dishes but noticed her rustling when I clanged so I stopped doing that and tried to be so so quiet just to finish.

At 6:50 Marie dropped Clara off.  I watched her so Marie and Landes could go out for her birthday dinner then later Marie will watch Ella.    As soon as they arrived, I took both girls with me to pick up Dave. I finished dinner as soon as we got home and we spent some time eating. Ella was such a good eater. Clara already had dinner so she only ate some blueberries and she didn't touch the rest. I made chicken on the grill and it was really good.  I steamed fresh green beans and it's the first time I did that in a long time. I forgot how good they are. Ella loved them! She ate a few helpings.  The parsley potatoes were good too.  At first Ella just ate green beans but then Dave asked if she wanted hot sauce. She nodded. He gave her some. She dipped her chicken in it and ate it. Then asked for more hot sauce.   She didn't eat the potatoes at first but then I showed her how I jabbed mine with a fork and ate it and then she did the same thing.  I also gave Ella a few blueberries but she didn't eat as many of those.

It made me happy that Ella ate but it worked out that she didn't eat after nap before dinner was done. Usually she's starving so she has to eat something and then she's mostly full by the time dinner happens.

Ella and Clara were squealing up a storm and having fun playing. In the car they were super excited.  At home they were excited. They played a lot. But then Ella did say "mine" about a lot of stuff and want to take it from Clara. She even pushed her or tried to steal it a few times. I think those kids at the park taught her some bad habits. So she got into trouble a few times.

Ella said she had to go potty so I took her to it. Clara joined so I had Clara sit on my lap and I read. Then Ella got up and Clara sat down on the potty. I decided to take off her diaper and finish reading.  Well she peed on the potty!  That's the first time ever! Yay.

Marie picked Clara up around 8:40 so we started bedtime routine rather late. Then Ella did not have a fun time falling asleep. She hasn't been lately. It's pretty awful. It's also bad that now she can scream "mommy mommy mommy" while she's in there instead of just crying.