Monday, April 30, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

10:42:43 PM - I'm tweeting Marathon times for Colleen McCloskey in real time on race day. Powered by Verizon

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April Workout Goals - Overall Summary

Photo Credit: Paul Meyer Photography (This is only a screen shot not the original)
I'm STILL injured so these will still be different than previous months.  I feel old and washed up.

  1. No running until April 7. [New and will be hard.] - kind of did it
  2. Complete 18 cardio workouts - Completed 23
  3. Complete 13 core workouts - Completed 9
  4. Frequency: Run 8 time - Completed 16
  5. Run 60 total miles - Completed 54.95
  6. Workout with Dave 5 times - Completed 11
  7. Lift weights 10 times on my own - Completed 4
  8. Attend Body Pump 4 times - Completed 4
  9. Have 3 double workout days - Completed 5
  10. Stretch for 10 consecutive minutes 5 times - Completed 3
  11. Do foam roller exercises 10 times - Completed 5
  12. Perform yoga or a similar group fitness class 2 times - Completed 0
I have a few other goals that are related to exercise but aren't me working out.
  1. Have another photo shoot to get some athletic pictures for at the top of this post. (March = 1, met)
  2. No more than 8 rest days all month  - Had 8 rest days. It was close
  3. Put my monthly workout goals in excel or some program so I have them all together and can pull some data based on that.  - Partially done
  4. Make more collages with exercise photos and add them to my exercise gallery - Made some more.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:40:02 PM - Our neighbors are at it again with the bass. :(

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Long Run (4.29.12)

Well I finally ran a long run. This is my first one in ages. It was longer than what the taper on the training plan says. But today looked at the training plan and the last time I looked at it was week 5.  Today is the last day in week 17. I ran the 30k a month ago and then only ran an 8 mile run since and all other runs are 5 or under and mainly 3 or under.

We met at a new place. Waterworks Mall was wrong on my GPS. {Later Dave said it was wrong last time we went too. He just forgot. Last time we went was 3 years ago so it is understandable to forget.}  I ended up turning around because it made it out like I missed it. After I was back again to where it said it was, I called Ibrahim. He put Jill on the phone.  Then later I messed up again. I called back. I eventually made it. I was 15 minutes late. :(

About 3 miles into the run, my knee started hurting but not bad.

Maybe 4 miles into it, my toe started hurting. It just felt like pinching.  We stopped back at the cars at 5.75 miles and I took off my shoe to find my sock bloody. I took off my sock and saw a bloody toe. I put on a bandaid from my wallet. (a bandaid that I bought in Colorado when I had a million blisters)

I went on to run and my watch was beeping up a storm. It seemed like it started but I guess it did not because .75 mi later my watch gave the 30 second warning for inactivity and that it was turning off the GPS. No good. I started up the timer but now my data is all inaccurate.
About 2 miles into the second run, my toe started really hurting again.  This time I felt like I couldn't bend my foot at the ball of my foot. I wondered if it was bleeding again.

I got home and looked at it and I had bled through the bandaid too.
At the end of our run we were just short of 10 miles so we ran extra in the parking lot. Then on our way back from the turnaround spot, Jill said to run hard like in a race.  Then she said her fast and our fast were different so we should keep going fast. Then she cheered and cheered and described the end of a race and a finish line. I ran the last .28 in 7:40 pace but really only the last .13 of that were at the fast pace.  I was really booking it.  (We went fast for .13 so .1 was in my .25 split and then the last .03 was done in 9 seconds for a 5:06 pace.)  I could tell I was going fast.  I can't believe I had that in me since my toe hurt so bad.

I don't feel ready for the marathon. I have a week.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:21:59 PM - I haven' seen my blue hoodie in weeks (my new one). This house is a mess but I really don't know how I still can't find it.
12:50:14 PM - I was just about to get up to do a core workout and Poly walked over onto my lap. Guess I'll continue to sit here using the computer.
01:11:56 PM - I'm 15 days behind on blogging. 3 of those days have pics ready, 5 have posts written (minus pics). I better hop to it.

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In 10 days I get to see these actual photos and many more.  I can't wait.
My 10th grade Christmas Dance got another wear out of it.
BTW I'm barefoot here. My feet still feel weird from being barefoot so much today. Those are houses on water. I remember those from my last vacation to Erie in 1995 (or I remember them from a vacation there before that.)

That's Paul from Paul Meyer Photography {warning site plays music} taking the photos. I have been distracted by his blog. The recent engagement photos are amazing.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:11:42 PM - The water in Lake Erie is too cold.

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I telecommuted. So did Dave.  Poly let me hold her only when she was laying on Dave's shoulder. She actually really liked that.

Not too much went on. I can't remember anything good.  The day revolved around Poly. I was in my PJs all day. I never took a daily picture. None of the pictures of Poly even show my face.

I did go to Body Pump and then ran after class with people from the studio. We ran 2 miles at a 9:58 pace.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:02:56 AM - I'm very tired but need to get my but out of bed.
09:37:55 PM - An hour or so ago I remembered how I wanted to be less gutty this week so when I get my picture taken tomorrow, I'll look slim and trim.
09:38:26 PM - I look pretty gutty now. worse than normal. Instead of thinking I gotta be better for tomorrow I'm sitting down to eat donuts.

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Shoes: Kohl's
Skirt: Express
Shirt: NY&Co
I thought this outfit looked a lot nicer than it appears in these photos.

I was so exhausted so my alarm was only first set for 6.55 instead of my normal 6:17.
Well I ended up hitting snooze for an hour. Poly was cuddled up with me. I didn't want to leave her.  When I finally woke up, she was really putting on her cute face so I ended up wasting time petting her and letting her use my hand as a pillow instead of getting ready for work.  I got to work at 8:40.  That was the latest I've gotten there in a long long time.

I was so busy at work. I finally finished and emailed out an agenda at 11:15 for a 12:00 meeting. That might not seem bad but I want to have the agenda emailed out the day before.

I was so busy that the day flew by.  I really need to put in a good extra 10 or 12 hours just to read my emails from Thursday and Friday when I was out. I didn't even get that far today.

I ran with Jen after work.  We went to the track to take it easy.  We walked 1 lap without our Garmin's on. Then we did a ladder sort of.  We did 1 lap running 100, walking 100. Then we ran 200, walked 200. Then we ran 400, walked 400. (3 times), run 200, walk 200,   then 1 lap of run 100, walk 100.  I was in lane 4 the entire time and I didn't stop the timer while walking to the car which is why the total distance was 2.67.  We did that at a pace of 12:02.
After the run I came home and ate dinner. I watched politics on TV until bed time.  I did do foam roller, core exercises, and stretch at one point. Dave fell asleep early on the couch.
Poly was definitely on her best behavior and in loving mode when we got home.  Too bad I couldn't telecommute. I felt bad ditching her all day while I was at work.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:06:19 PM - I'm still at work. Time to go heat my dinner. I planned ahead and packed a small dinner (or pre-dinner)
08:30:45 PM - I'm at work too late.
09:09:05 PM - I have a blister on the ball of my foot from my shoes!
09:09:34 PM - @CatherineBaleda A running book. I think it was called Born to Run. It's not as good so far as the past 3 running books I read.

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Sandals: Famous Footwear
Pants: VS
Shirt: Loft
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Poly was extra loving in the morning. I told her she could not stop me from going to work. As soon as I said that she walked onto my lap. Then she took a little rest using my arm.  I sat there for 10 minutes.  She won temporarily but then I did have to go to work.
I went to Body Pump after work. I went to Giant Eagle on the way home to grab a few things. It was actually nice to just zip around the store and just get a few things.  After that I got home and Dave was talking to his Dad on the phone. Poly sure liked him.  Look how happy he looks in that one photo. Also look how ladylike Poly sits.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:28:50 PM - What's up with having to showy ID to vote this time?
08:04:16 PM - @mikecherepko I knew they were against it but thought PA was OK. Guess not.
10:26:03 PM - my scheduled posts keep not working. It makes me seem like a posting slacker.

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Photo of the Day - June 21, 2008

On June 21, 2008, I forced my mom to take a picture of me with Jason. She barely knew how to use my camera but she got this nice picture.  I printed it for my Aunt and gave it to her a few weeks later.  Sometime after, it was Jason's favorite picture. He always tried to hold it. He'd point to it if it was out of his reach.

Once he could talk, he'd go through the photo albums and point to all the pictures with me and say my name. He sure liked me. {Now he likes Angry Birds.}

My aunt hated how he'd hold this picture and wrinkle it so they tried to keep it away from him. I hated that so I printed 3 more copies of the picture for her so she could always have one that wasn't wrinkled.
Before I knew this was his favorite picture, I used it as inspiration to make his first birthday card.  I made an orange onesi. I also printed another card and put it inside the card.  My mom said when my Monica opened the card she commented that this card was going in the scrapbook.  I could not be there for the party because I just had knee surgery. (I was very sad to miss the party.)

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:42:18 PM - All Poly does is wag her tail today.
08:36:24 PM - I have so much to do that I'm overwhelmed. So I'm starting a book instead.

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April Workout Goals - Weeks 3 and 4

Side Plank with Poly keeping me company
I'm STILL injured so these will still be different than previous months.  I feel old and washed up.

  1. No running until April 7. [New and will be hard.] - kind of did it
  2. Complete 18 cardio workouts - Completed 20 so far
  3. Complete 13 core workouts - Completed 7 so far
  4. Frequency: Run 8 time - Completed 13 so far
  5. Run 60 total miles - Completed 36 mi so far
  6. Workout with Dave 10 times - Completed 3 so far
  7. Lift weights 10 times on my own - Completed 4 so far
  8. Attend Body Pump 4 times - Completed 3 so far
  9. Have 3 double workout days - Completed 5 so far
  10. Stretch for 10 consecutive minutes 5 times - Completed 3 so far
  11. Do foam roller exercises 10 times - Completed 5 so far
  12. Perform yoga or a similar group fitness class 2 times - Completed 0 so far
I have a few other goals that are related to exercise but aren't me working out.
  1. Have another photo shoot to get some athletic pictures for at the top of this post. (March = 1, met)
  2. No more than 8 rest days all month  - Had 5 rest days
  3. Put my monthly workout goals in excel or some program so I have them all together and can pull some data based on that.  - Partially done
  4. Make more collages with exercise photos and add them to my exercise gallery - Made some more.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

04:23:32 PM - I took a little nap.
06:57:03 PM - I sneeze nonstop
07:48:25 PM - @MarnieCarlson either a cold or allergies or both are causing the constant sneezing.

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8.37 mi (4.22.12)

Well this was my longest run in 3 weeks. It should have been 10 but the mapping was off. My knee hurt after about 3 miles.

I ran with the running group downtown. Their plan was to do 15 with an additional 5 miles for those that wanted to do 20. Some of us had planned to stop at the 10 time stop.  Jill mapped the run wrong on MapMyRun or something so the relieve vehicle at 5 miles was really at 4.3 and then the car at 10 was really at 8.37.  I debated going to run the full 15 since I didn't get a full 10 in but decided not to aggrivate my hip and knee more.  I'm really fed up with my hip and knee. If one doesn't hurt the other one does.

The downtown route was hillier this time around than last time.

When we started we said we'd run a 9:30 pace. We didn't do that.  The 2nd half we didn't have people in front of us telling us where to go so at each corner we'd turn around asking which way to go so that slowed up the time on the garmin a few times.

This was my longest run since Just a Short Run. But my second longest run was only 3.63 miles. I'm not marathon training like I should at all.  I  think I got too confident with my recent races and now I think the marathon will not go well.


Skirt: Limited
Shirt: Express
Shoes: Connie (Famous Footwear)
Belt: Target
Necklace: Sears
The shirt was a lot of trouble staying tucked in. Last time I had issues with the cami staying tucked in and not the shirt. This time I didn't wear a cami.  I feel like I look skinnier than normal in this outfit both times I wore it.

I woke up.
I worked.  I worked a lot.

I ran with Jen after work (different Jen than my normal Jen. This confuses Dave too.)  We ran 2.1 miles.
Then I got home and ran with Dave at the track. I told him we should do more than I did with Jen but he said no.  We did 2 miles.

We got home and started watching TV. We ordered pizza. We are so out of food.  Then I watched TV and did 1 load of laundry until bed.
Poly was extremely loving throughout the day. Dave kept texting me picture updates of her to give me the status. He telecommuted but I moved my telecommuting day to Friday so that we would be with Poly more days this week.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:40:03 PM - @CatherineBaleda glad to have you following. Followers and comments are my favorite things.
09:48:29 PM - It's going to be 40 degrees and feel colder when I run tomorrow. I need to remember how to dress. This warm then cold confuses me.

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I ran a 30k in the morning. Well it took until about lunch time.

I got home and looked at data and rested. I finally ate something. I was lightheaded from lack of food and still analyzing data prior to eating. I finally showered but stayed in my robe for a long time.  I watched a TV show with Dave.  Around 2PM I told Adrienne how I was still in my robe. I had about an hour before I had to leave to go to her house.  She was cooking and all that by that time.

I looked for Dave's cord for his Xbox. I couldn't find it. (He looked for a long time while I was at my race too.) I did find a row of club crackers under the couch though.

I wore flats after the race since the race was so hard for me. I don't like how they look in flats or maybe it's these flats. I don't like how I look in flats in general so I don't think it correlates to the skinny jeans.  

I went to Adrienne's and had dinner with her family.  Dave wouldn't go.  She made an excellent pineapple upside-down cake. I stayed there until 9:30 or so and I was tired.

I went home and had a little snack then went to bed.

I happened to look at my clothes on the exercise bike and realized other things besides white match my yellow pants.  Funny how that happened.

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

10:15:55 AM - if i was supposed to get something to someone by the 7th of the month & didn't do it yet & they didn't ask, should i still do it?
04:02:43 PM - It is too hot to run. The sun makes it feel worse than 80

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4.10 - Polka dots

Shoes: JCP
Dress: Dress Barn (purchased 4/1/12 for $40)
Cardigan: Express
Necklace: Sears
Belt: Kohl's
I finally got around to wearing my new dress. When I bought it they put it in a bag and the hanger came out the top so then that bag was in my closet and I kept forgetting about it. I love the material on this dress. I like that it doesn't have a zipper. It was very comfortable. It is probably just as comfortable as pajamas.
Before work I sat down on the edge of the bed and Poly came over to me and sat on me. I was basically forced to sit there and pet her for a little and then leave for work alter.

I marked all my emails as read at work. That almost gave me a heart attack. I know I had over 100 unread ones.  I happened to be telling someone about this and they asked if I had a graph of it. But they were just joking. My answer was yes.  I quickly tried to go through all the emails and see what I thought I didn't take care of.  I probably missed something though.

Dave went to the gym after work and I was still at work. After work he was home and said he wanted to shower but Poly was on him so he couldn't (top right picture). That was a funny text I got from him.  I like when he updates me on Poly's whereabouts when he's home and I'm not.
I mainly played Solitaire on my iPad after work. I just got too addicted.  I should have never listened to Dave and downloaded some games.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:05:24 AM - @mikecherepko OK I folded. Now time for bed.
12:11:17 AM - I was about to get up. was even leaning forward but just decided to read one more thing on the internet and a little Poly jumps up on my lap
12:30:16 AM - I think Poly wants me to nap on the couch like I did 2 nights ago. I napped for 2 hours because she was too cute.
07:43:10 AM - I told Poly she couldn't stop me from going to work them she did this
07:44:00 AM - Then this. I've wasted 10 min already. Poor Poly.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

05:14:48 PM - My computer hates me
05:22:36 PM - @TheNewChrissy nice job
11:55:15 PM - I forgot to fold laundry or do the rest of my to-do list

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2.5 miles (4.17.12) - Home Loop

Not too long ago, I ran the loop around my house and said next time I'd run it, I would do an 8:30 pace. Well I haven't run the full loop in ages. I did run a short segment of it about a month ago and beat 8:30 pace, but had yet to do the full loop. So yesterday I sought out to do that from the start.

Well not only did I meet 8:30 but I blew that out of the water. My old best time for the full loop was 8:33. I don't even think I ever beat 8 minutes on a shorter piece of the loop.

This got me thinking that if I keep up that pace in the 5k I will run it in 24:42 and we all know that we run in a race faster than in a training run.  I'm excited. Last time I ran the 5k in my neighborhood was 2 years ago and my time was 25:59.   I want a new PR. I think I can do it. I will just have to make sure I run the loop a little more so I get used to it.  The hill at the end is a bit tough. Also now that I have a Garmin I will know a spectator is full of it when he tells me only a quarter mile to go. Last time I mapped it out after and I had a half mile to go when he said quarter mile. No wonder I died last time before I hit the end.

Now I have a new goal each time I run my home loop. I'm not sure I like such a fast goal. Usually I add some little side housing plans to make the loop over 3 miles. It would have been harder to sustain it that long.  I guess I'll have to try it out next time.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:30:54 AM - It is bedtime. But how do I disturb this cat?
01:35:44 AM - Ok I just slept on the chair holding kitty... For 2 hours
08:35:18 AM - I keep plugging and unplugging something usb into my computer to hear the sounds. I'm told plug/unplug are different but I cant tell. :(
08:18:54 PM - watching Game of Thrones even though I have so much work to do.
09:54:15 PM - I just want to go to sleep but I somehow lost my phone in the past 10 minutes.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

3.30 - Busy

Pants and both tanks: F21, shoes: Aldo, Jacket: NY&Co
I keep second guessing sizing up. The pants are too big in the butt. Look at them in the back. That's freshly washed and how they look. I didn't even sit down in the yet.  After a few hours they got even worse.
I spent the morning cleaning  and then blogging.   Dave and I headed out to lunch. Before we left Poly sure put on her cute face (on the ottoman on her red bag).  She was really cute.  She didn't convince us to stay home though.  We headed to Aviva for lunch.  We were not sure where to go and had somewhere else in mind then we went there.  It was a good choice.  Dave ordered meatballs for appetizer and I liked them.  I never eat meatballs. I sure liked them though.   I had even ordered spaghetti and meatballs for my meal and planned to give Dave my meatballs and maybe only eat one by breaking it all up. Instead of that, I asked for more bread and only ate the meatballs.

We went to Target after. I bought a new purse, purple shoes, earrings, and a necklace.

On my way home I got a work phone call and ended up working for an hour.
I cleaned more and blogged more. While cleaning I ended up making a bigger mess.
worked for an hour

I went to the track with Dave. I did a walk/run interval with him. I ran 1 lap without him while he walked so I could get some extra distance to help contribute to getting a new maximum mileage for the month. I even started my Garmin while walking from the car because I knew all the mileage would add up to help me out.  Dave has been doing a pretty good job at running.  He just needs to double that to be able to do the 5k in the middle of May.

We had leftovers for dinner and watched TV after that.  We watched American Idol, Modern Marvels, Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, and Rachel Maddow.  Then I blogged until late to catch up on old posts.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:51:40 AM - Nothing like leaving your purse on the airplane to add some excitement in your day. I ran back. They unlocked things and got it.
07:46:10 PM - I just looked outside and thought I saw a bush. I saw weeds. Oh boy.
11:34:50 PM - I just watched last week's Biggest Loser. Now I can't wait for this week's. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.
11:39:24 PM - I was about to go up to bed but Poly came over to my lap and now she's purring up a storm and doing her cute paw thing. More TV time.

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Pants that are too big are comfortable. They sit below my gut so then I can eat a ton. The only downside is they are longer than they used to be.

Necklace: Target (new)
Pants: NY&Co (feel new but are from 2010)
Sweater: Express (is one of my new sweaters but is over 2 years old)
Shoes: Famous Footwear
I woke up bright and early and carpooled with Dave. I was going to sleep in and not do it but he wouldn't have any of that.  I made the mistake of telling him at some point over the weekend that I thought I'd carpool with him.

We went to Boston Market for lunch with Jen.

We headed to the gym around 5pm.   I ran while Dave did the elliptical then we both did weights.
I cooked some dinner and fed Brie.  We hung out a bit. I watched TV.  I played solitaire on my iPad. I am very addicted.  Then I went to sleep early.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

03:24:20 PM - @reedaboutme good job. Does it make you want to run more?
07:36:23 PM - I think I have been forgetting to tweet.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

4.8 - Easter

Jacket: NY&Co
Jeans: Express
Shirt: Limited
Shoes: Famous Footwear
I woke up bright and early at 7:20 AM. I was going to go running. Instead I played Solitaire on my iPad for 3 hours. Then I was so behind. I only had time to run 2 miles.  Then I headed to my aunts.
I left there around 9PM.
Busy day.

Jason enjoyed playing games on my iPad. He liked Timmy's phone better because he could walk around with it.
We looked at some photo albums. I took pictures of some of the pictures.  I figured that's quicker than scanning. The quality is worse though.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

05:16:55 PM - I had 4 donuts for lunch. Now I'm just thirsty

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Thursday, April 12, 2012


I was so busy at work but felt like I didn't actually get anything done.  I talked for the first time in Toastmasters.
I was going to go to the gym after work but since I got an allergy shot, I wasn't feeling very well.  My arm was swollen and sore. I was also sneezing like crazy. My throat hurt. But the reason that put it over the edge was that I also had a headache.
I got home from work around 6:30.  I read my Toastmasters book until dinner. Then watched TV. It was a fake Friday so I wanted to watch more TV and relax.  I put my hair in some french braids as practice.  I'm debating doing that for a race sometime.  We then went upstairs around 10PM. I did some KenKen and went right to sleep.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:51:04 PM - I realized the jacket I've been wearing all week isn't my normal white jacket. It was instead the white blazer I wore instead of a cardigan

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It was my first week of telecommuting 2 days so I was home on a Tuesday.
Poly hung out a lot with me during the day.
We cooked dinner. It was all delicious.  I ate so much. Then I ate more. (I ate that entire muffin plus I had a 2nd helping of roasted potatoes too.)  I prepped the potatoes before going to spinning class and just had Dave put it in the oven to time it right so the first time they needed to be stirred, I would be home.

It was the first time I was at a spin class in over a year and a half. Maybe even 2 years.  Once I started running more, I stopped going. Also once I started telecommuting on Wednesdays, I stopped being at work on Wednesday's to go.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

11:25:03 AM - I found my missing house key... on my key ring. I swore I checked there and none of the keys worked the door. Oh boy.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I wore my new skirt and shoes.  I should have worn pantyhose. I was so hot upstairs with the window opened that I thought it was warm outside. It was not.  I also took the pictures at a sunny time. 

Shoes: Target
Skirt: F21
Shirt: Express
Jacket: NY&Co.
Necklace: Limited

I tried on a lot of old clothes. I decided to give a few things to Goodwill. I moved a few things that were too big and a few that were too small to another closet.  My closet is still too full.  I need to go through more.
Dave and I went out to breakfast.  Then we went to McGuinnis Sisters.

We woke up before 6am and I ran downstairs and took out the trash. We forgot.  We just made it in time.  Then I played on my iPad in bed for awhile.   After shopping, I napped for 2 hours.

I started off productive, but with that nap it ruined my entire day. I tried on some more clothes and didn't do much else at all.

Dave napped later in the evening. Poly napped at the end of the couch.  Then napped on Dave. Then he told her it was time to get up but before he finished his sentences she started napping under his chin.