Saturday, September 30, 2006


my away message said i was tired last night around 9pm. i did manage to stay up until maybe 10:20. i'm not sure of the time but i was watchign 20/20. then around midnight i was really confused and tried to answer the phoen but by the time i said hello, i heard pb saying "bye". then i questioned him about it and how timmy called to say happy birthday. i'm not sure what else was said in that phonecall. pb is a very bad person to get details from. then when pb came to ed i got hot. then he turned on the fan and i got cold. pb told me about this when i woke up. i kind of remember something about it. then in the middle of hte night i woke up a few times not being able to find one of my three covers. finally around 5am i found it. then i slept until 10:55.

Friday, September 29, 2006

i'm so full. i'm so tired. i think i'll go to sleep. all week i didn't go to sleep before 12:30. i'm a loser.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

big loser

i just did 1.5 hours worth of work just because I can. i'm such a big loser.

i watched 3 episodes of CSI Miami earlier. You know I don't even like CSI Miami. I like the Las Vegas one better.

my productivity is unreal

i just filled out the info for my dlel recalled baterry. it's only been on my to do list 1.5 months.

the tub

i can't believe myself. i've never been like this before. i jsut went into the bathroom and looked at the tub. i thought "that's a little dirty looking" and so i got the cleaning stuff and cleaned it. it was barely even dirty. it just wasn't the super white that it's supposed to be. i think most of it was just dust from not even using the thing. but not to worry. it's super clean now.

(I cleaned the shower and the downstairs sick on Sunday)

how often do normal people clean their showers and sinks?


yay. i got remote desktop to work from home. now i can do work from home. go me. now don't get me wrong. this does not mean i'll do work all the tiem. this just means i don't have to go in on a weekend or something to get a few more things done. i can do it from home. or say i waste an hour talking at work then i can do some from home so i don't feel guilty (or get behind).

now this isn't anything new really that it works. i got the e-mail on how to set it up exactly 1 month ago but i never tried to set it up until tonight. but luckily i talked to pb before leaving work to realize i needed my work ip address.

to celebrate i'm off ot wathc some more tv.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

oh that tom

so kid in training yesterday was pretty sick with a cold. he sits right behind me. then today out of 8 people he had to be in my group and then sit next to me. how long before i'm sick?

*sick kid = tom

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


i'm fatter today than i've been since 2003. i swear the scale has to be wrong. then i tried the other scale.

i'm not writing it down. maybe tomorrow i won't be so fat. i dont' want this to mess up my weight graph.

i only weighed myself when i couldn't get my pants buttoned. well i also weighed myself in teh patns but even subtracting what patns might weigh, i'm still fat. i have dents and red marks around my waist from these pants. i took a picture, but it'll probably stay on my camera for awhile.

update: i decided to write it down AND update my graph.
i'm still itchy.

training was rough today standing. at first i was really tired too. we were sitting and i was tired. then after lunch it was time to stand. it wasnt' fun.

Monday, September 25, 2006


i'm itchy. ITCHY. i can't take it.

double oi.

i think it might be hives. i took benadryl (sp) but i only had allergy and cold one. i hope it works. they seem to be getting worse. i feel all hopped up. i should be in bed.


i have what appers to be about 15 bug bites around each of my ankles. i would say they are mosquito bites but they aren't all swollen. they are so itchy. i also have one right above my waist on my back. i wonder what they are. i also have one on my left arm near my wrist.
does anyone else get sad when they check their LJ friends list after a day and nobody has posted?

Sunday, September 24, 2006


i'm cleaning off my desk. there are 15 tablets on my desk right now. i removed 5 while i was cleaning it off too. it just made me laugh. some ar elittle post it tablets, some are spiral and kind of small, 4 were about 8.5x5.


i cleaned up the clothes off the bedroom floor, vacuumed the bedroom floor, swept the kitchen floor, swept the laundry room floor, took out 3 bags of garbage, did laundry (4th load is in the dryer now), and cleaned the shower. i also worked on making a shopping list. i was disappointed to learn i didn't have a recipe for dirt. so i couldn't put those ingredients on the shopping list. i will be going shopping soon. hopefully in the next hour so i can make it to radio shack to buy a tv antenna before they close at 4 (the one in murrysville closes at 4, the one at miracle mile closes at 5). i also loaded pictures from my camera onto my computerm, balanced my checkbook, and made sure all my bills are set up to pay. i also arranged to actually hang out with mallory this week.

i still have a lot more to do.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


it's way worse here than grandma's house.

all i want to do is go home and clean and throw everything away.

it's probably worse jus becasue of the smoke smell. justin's old room is looking very similiar to uncle bill's old room.

Friday, September 22, 2006


i went to the phillies game. they won 5-2. it was boring. it was sold out and so getting out of the parking lot sucked at teh end.

we got to pb's house. it was locked. its never locked. he doesnt' have a key. his dad isn't here. he is at his gf's houes. his mom isn't here. shawn isn't here. it's so weird. make the smoke smell go away.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


pb is on the phoen w/ his mom . he said "OH NO"
i said "what?" then he says in just a normal voice "Kitty's* dead"

Kitty is his cat from home.

Then he asked how she died but i haven't been informed of it yet. i know she was old.

Dave's dad never told his mom that we were visiting this weekend. We'll be there tomorrow.
i woke up and dind't have a fever. so i went to work. thinking and moving at work was nto a good idea. i left work at 10:45ish. i came home slept, took my temperature, drank water, watched tv. then around 2 i ate.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


i blacked out today at work. i still don't feel well. i was clammy, then i got lightheaded then i left my meeting and tried to scurry back to my desk before i passed out. i had to crouch down twice from blacking out so i wouldnt pass out.

i just took my temperature. it's 99.7.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i have to learn that these windows need to be closed at night or i won't wnat to get out of bed. it's so cold in here now.


oh and afterwork we went to target. they actually had a double boiler there. they also were not out of the tongs. go me.

i came home and made chocolate covered pretzels and oreos. i only had 14 oreos since i didnt' think about buying new when i was out. i did get to cover 67 pretzel rods though. some are in white chocolate and the rest are a white chocolate/milk chocolate mixture.

if anyone visits me they can have some.

can you freeze these like you can cookies?

donated blood

i gave blood today. my iron dropped (didn't even need to get spun). My temperature was 98.9.

I was able to give.

I did not even get lightheaded.

I walked at lunch with pb (very shortly after giving).

also they didn't question my weight. this is the first time ever. they use a certain size bag for 110-119. then 120 and up. well i dont' know they might have a third size. today they blieved me. i gave the 120+bag for the first time

i wanted doughnuts. they only had cookies and pretzels *pouts*

i didn't think it was very crowded today. i told my dad BPMI was more crowded. then at the end of the day today they sent out an e-mail pleading people to donate saying they didn't get the turnout they needed.

Monday, September 18, 2006

i finally unpacked my color printer. about a month ago i bought new color ink for it. well i think i need the black ink now.

o man

my mom just left me a voicemail. as pb put it "she sounds like someone just died" really it was only her car (again...she didn't even get it back). now the car is towed to the dealership. it needs ap art. its the 3rd one of the part they've put in. right before it died the mechanic put the inpsection stickers on it.


aldi's had green peppers today.i'm so happy. we got green peppers, carrots, french fries, some kind of flavored rice, and cheese in a can for 6.55. I hope all these not name brands are good. I know the carrots are good. I think the green peppers will be good. the rice is a name brand so we're set there. i'm making the french fries for dinner so i will be able to tell. i'm only making half the bag. the bag was 99 cents. i wonder what else i'll have for dinner. the oven takes 8 years to preheat that i'd probably have time to make something else too.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


we rearranged the den. the big stuff is where it goes. i have to figure out what to do w/ these plastic drawers so that they look nice. i brush burned my elbow organizing computer cords.
today i had about a half lb of bacon, 2 pancakes and 2 pieces of toast for breakfast.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

so sad

last night pb couldnt figure out why i was so depressed. then he told me to go back into work because i seemed happy there. i almost did it.
i'm depressed. i can't figure out what to do to be not depressed.

Friday, September 15, 2006

i've been bummed all day thinking about my weight graph

Thursday, September 14, 2006

i'm just a failure

ok i also can't find an LJ setting where i can get it if youwant to post a comment in my LJ that you can actually view all the comments not just the one you are posting a reply to. i used to have it do that. now it just shows one. i never changed anything (that i know of). i can't find where it is. does anyone know?

still sad


the curve is pretty funny that's why i left it.

now i have to start weighing myself everyday to get some more data points.

so sad.

oh no

my weight graph file only goes up to october 2004. how could this be. where did the recent file go. i wanted to update it too. this is sad.


i showed someone i work w/ my weight graph and my calendar site. he laughed. he didn't know if he should think it's funny or be disturbed. he said he'll get back to me. he was laughing alot while showing it to him. he commented on how i need to get on the ball since i haven't updated it since april! so tonight i will update it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


so a few weeks ago i told pb how work should have something like the wikipedia and it would help new hires so much and even help the older ones that we ask questions all the time.

then he goes and makes an innovation thing about it. now he's workign on making a wiki and our manager loves him for coming up with this idea. i need to learn to voice my ideas to not him and get credit for them myself.


today wasn't that much better than yesterday. i got to work at 8. i was done working at 5:45. i went to class at 6.
i came home watched TV, used the computer,watched some more tv, and played on the computer.

i've been meaning to do laundry for a few days now. i might wear brown tomorrow just because i don't have any clean black socks.


oh man i didn't post yesterday. maybe it's the fact that i got up and went ot work by 7:45. worked until 5:10ish. came home changed my clothes and headed to the baseball game. well that didnt' turn out so well so we ended up at primantis. pb didn't like it so much. i tried really hard to stay awake on my way home. i fell asleep anyway. i came home and went on the couch and fell asleep. pb kept asking me "shouldn't you just go upstairs to go to sleep?" "or is upstairs too far?" then aroudn 10 he woke me u/i woke up and went upstairs and changed my clothes and went to sleep.

Monday, September 11, 2006


this is the worst family picture i've ever seen. well it's almost one of the better ones of my dad. he almost looks like he's smiling.

oh this one is a little better


we no longer have cable. the put the filter on when we were in vegas. well the filter is so strong or somethign that the internet is really bad and it is so slow that our internet phone doesn't work. then today we got a bill in the mail. we were charged the cancellation fee and also charged for next month with all the cable and also charged the higher internet charge .

Sunday, September 10, 2006


oh and i forgot to mention how the las vegas airport was awful. no wonder they tell you get there 2 hours early. it was kind of nice when they let the people going to pittsburgh bypass the last 100 or so people in line. i've never even seen lines that long.

then my watch broke or my watch battery broke so i never knew what time it was going through the line. and i couldnt tell what time it was on the plane.
the girl beside me on teh plane trip home asked me when the wedding is. almost as soon as we sat down people noticed she had an engagement ring. even after he told me it took me awhile to see it. we talked for awhile. she's from pittsburgh and her wedding is in oakmont in december. one of her bridesmaids was on the plane. somehow they didn't get seats next to each other even though that's what they picked online. her wedding will have about 300 people at it. she was hoping for 225 (hoping that people from far away would say no)

Saturday, September 9, 2006


the guy came to start cleaning the pool so we got scared and left. even though the pool is open until 11:00.

well we were in the whirlpool when he started cleaning the pool. we were in the pool when he started organizing all the pool chairs. the pool was freezing. the hotel claims to have a heated pool. if you touched the lights under the water they were a litte warmer. maybe the pool would have been super freezing w/o those lights. the lights in the whirlpool were not on so at first we thought it was turned off or not working.
i'm fat. pb keeps making fun of me.


i never get up to pee in the middle of hte night. sometimes i do if i've slept 12 hours. but even with that i probably only have to wake up to tinkle once every couple months. well last night i got up TWICE to tinkle. that's a record for me.

Friday, September 8, 2006

class is over. now time to do stuff. people asked me how long i worked at westinghouse. i said about 6 months. they all asked where i workede before then. nobody seemed to think i was in school right before then. I'M OLD.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

i'm so tired now. i spent a buck and got 6.50 but then pb told me it's not any fun to just stop. so i lost it all. i also lost 20 cents in the nickel machines. but the monorail was expensive over to there.
it's only 8:48 here. it feels like it's way past my bedtime. i just got back from dinner with the group. it was expensive. it kind of tasted ok. everyone liked how fancy it was. now pb wants to go to the strip or something.

day 1

of training is over. it was pretty fun doing example problems and trying out a new version. i'm still mad my last problem didn't turn out right. the guy in charge even checked over everything and it was all input correctly... so why isn't the answer correct. he said it must be something that i can't see. jeeze. i wanna know what it is.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Tuesday, September 5, 2006


big brother makes me so mad. i can't believe that endurance competition.

fun day at work

today at work nothing worked out right that i was working on. i had to try to figure out where the errors were coming from. i'm probably 6 hours behind where i shouldl be but today was so much fun. it wasn't boring.


how much spending money do you think i will need in Vegas. I'm arriving late Wednesday. I have training classes during the day on Thursday and Fri and I fly out on Sunday.


i just rotated my computer desk 90 degrees clockwise. now i can lean against the window and admire the nice outside. this is such perfect weather. i could also spy on the neighbors easier now.

Monday, September 4, 2006


i went to sleep at 1:13am. i woke up at noon. pb tried to get me to wake up at 9, at 10, and at 11. at 11 i was so going to wake up. i only closed my eyes for a few minutes. then at 11:57 he came back in and woke me up.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

the cake

i got home from work and used the computer for a few minutes then went ot sleep. 5 hours later I woke up. It was 9:30. then i used the computer for a while then watched 7 episodes of Bones.Then I played some gameboy and headed back to bed. pb tried waking me up at 9:30 but i wouldn't have that so then he woke me up at 10:30

Friday, September 1, 2006

now i know y it is SO hard to wake up to get to work at 7 now. it's way too dark. it's only going to get worse. this is no good.

well i'm gonna play some gameboy and go back to sleep. pb slept fromm 4 til 4 so i think he's staying up.


my mom tells everyone how dave and I are going to Las Vegas next week and she'll be disappointed if we come home and we aren't married. then she said "how many mothers want that?"
it's firday night. we should have done something fun but instead at 4:30 we went to sleep. i woke up now even though after sleeping that long i was trying to sleep the night.