Thursday, September 30, 2004


college is crazy
i dropped pd2.

sorry gravester
i just read all the away messages on my buddy list. i'm surprised at the amount that say they are watching the debate. it was over half i think.
my chest hurts when i breathe.

i know a tiny bit of modeling and control now. that's after over an hour of studying. i think i have a long night ahead of me. i'm so tired. i dont think that 1.5 hour nap helped.
today i put 2 of my 3 pens on my lap while i used the third. but i thought the caps were on them. aparently the blue one was not and what do you know i have this big blue ink spot on my jeans now. it is quite sad.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

wow a school board member from my school district at home just e-mailed me. i used to go out to eat w/ her and my mom after school board meetings sometime. she just had to go and remind me about peanut butter pie. there aren't any places that have any as good or even have it the same. :(


soo busy
i think i finally got the NIMO bill straightened out but I'm calling again in 2 days or so to make sure it is fixed.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

i've been todl i should stop killing myself with all this work and ive' been told that i'm a posting slacker and i've been told that i dont have any free time.

Monday, September 27, 2004

to do lists

on sept 24 at 8:27 am ihad 22 out of 50 things left to do on my to do list.  now i made a new to do list w/ what was left and like a few more things and there are 19 things on it so far w/ none crossed out
i'm confused

Sunday, September 26, 2004

i just ate 48 cheese raviolis and boy am i full. i only wanted to eat 45 but pb put 3 more on my plate.
man they were hard to finish.
my scale said i weighed 118.4 this morning.  i think it's broken. someone should test it out when i get back tonight

Friday, September 24, 2004

classes this semester

SmilingColl: so i hate pd2 so bad
SmilingColl: i hate modeling and control but not as much
SmilingColl: i hate EI but only really because of my group member so i dont hate it as bad as M&C
SmilingColl: and i hate tf2 lab cuz it just sucks but it's only 2 credits so it's not awful
SmilingColl: so that leaves politics and tf2 and politics he gives us a million readings and 40% of our grade is participation so i dont liek that class. so that leaves my fav class being tf2 just because i dont hate it as much as the others
Well I finished my EI hw for Tuesday. Now I have a 9.75% in that class.
i think i need to go hide away from everyone and everythign and get some work done.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

o man i'm so tired. i'm going to sleep in 17 minutes. no less.. that's right i will hold myself to it. but i better get to start studying first.

today i had class from 8-1 straight then i was supposed to do work study from 1-5 but i decided i needed a little lunch before i went to work. Then i only worked until 4 instead of 5. i did this so i would clean my room. but i did not clean my room. at 5 ish i went to jesse's room to print a bunch of stuff. at 7:56 i left his room and rushed to the dining hall and got a little snack and then rushed to pb's room just in time for big brother to start. then during all the commercials i kept trying to figure out where to eat for dinner. then at 9:15 we left for wendy's since it was so late slow food was out of the question. then at 10something we returned and watched the rest of amazing race. i was working on electronic instrumentation the whole time. i give up for now. it is due on thursday though. i just have this thermal test tomorrow (i hope) and so it's looking pretty good tonight.

tomorrow i have class 10-12 and 1-2 and meet w/ my thermal group to divide up our lab at 4 but i think we have to do some stuff first cuz we all dont have the data. i'm glad i dont have modeling and control lab tomorrow. that woudl be from 2-4. next week i have it though.

down to 13 min before sleep now.. guess i took too long to post.


i worked 37.5 hours in the past week ( if u want to count last tuesday then 41.5)


i got vpn to work

Monday, September 20, 2004

i have 16/33 things done on my to do list.

this is the same one that i had going a few days ago.
I finished my EI homework 23.5 hours before it was due.
i took a quiz and dont feel i failed it.
today i realized my lab group is mostly cool.  but  at least when it's not one other person usually looks at me in agreement.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

i have 13/31 things done on my to do list
i just had a nice nap. i can't remember the last time a nap felt so good.

Friday, September 17, 2004

SmilinColleen: obvisousxly a critter in my receipt box
Rukky G: it ate your receipts
Rukky G: ?
SmilinColleen: yes
SmilinColleen: and crackers
Rukky G: haha
SmilinColleen: and rice krispy treat
Rukky G: hahah

Thursday, September 16, 2004

and i installed semagic on my laptop now.
12 tables
35 bucks
5 hours
for my money file since MAY 2004  i am no longer in the red... go me
politics sucks
we have all this stuff to read
luckily i just read 1984...but too bad i sent it home at the end of august.
leave for breakfast at 7:15 this morning and return after dinner at 7:23.  o man that was a heavy backpack

it wont' let me post this.          that was tuesday

Monday, September 13, 2004

well it appears timmy hates it here more than i thought.  i thought he was starting to like it better.  i guess not.


i need to study thermal 1.  now that i look at the old stuff it seems easy but how will i do on the test?  it scares me.
i have so much work to do
i have to do my electronic instrumentation hw for tuesday night then i have to do my electronic instrumentation portion of the report for wednesday morning. then i have to compile the EI report for our group due Thursday morning.
i have to buy my modeling and control lab notebook by Wed.  I have to check and see if my remaining 3 books are in yet to the book store. 
i have to do all kindsa politics stuff and do my journal writing.  I need to check oout the websites he said and also go back and reread the preface and note the similiarities between that and the RNC.
then i have to finish editing my leadership paper for professional development and i would do reading for that class if the book was in.
i have to do my homework for thermal and fluids 2 lab. today we worked as a group (4 of us) and in 2 hours we got about 1.5 problems of the homework done.  then i also have thermal and fluids 2 homework due friday.  i have to study for my thermal and fluids 2 test that i have tomorrow. 
i had 4 pieces of toast for dinner.  3 with jelly and butter and 1 with just butter.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

i'm starting to not be sick. this weekend wasn't so bad but i had too much fun and didn't do enough homework

Friday, September 10, 2004

SmilinColleen: yay for me bieng in my room
SmilinColleen: except i told work i coudl work tomorrow
SmilinColleen: but i said i couldnt handle that long of a day
SmilinColleen: and i held in a cough the whole tiem
SmilinColleen: i shouldnt have
SmilinColleen: but now iw ork 10 -7
SmilinColleen: nto 8-7

but 2 hours less will help me.    that was very nice of tom to call and ask tho.  to make sure.  except i think he was gonna ask if i could come in tonight  but he didn't.  just  his tone and then sai dhow r u and i said "still kinda sick" 
i feel i am being so productive right now but i am not sure if i am or not.  The time seems to be going by too fast for me to be productive.

Thursday, September 9, 2004

boy it's really raining
i was afraid but i did it. i called in sick. but there is no way i should be making pizzas while sneezing and stuff.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

isn't when u have a multiple choice question  that d should be "all of the above"  not  the choice a?
pb's new computer keeps getting the blue screen of death.
i would have to say that i'm writing my resume and cover letter and not finishing my hw.  but i think the resume and cover letter are almost more important.
my classes suck.

i keep sneezing.

i walked to the union in the rain.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Monday, September 6, 2004

my pants are too big now.

the shuttle takes forever in the morning
my scale tells me i weigh 120  i need another scale to verify this because i dont believe it.
i think my body is rejecting the dining hall food.  o i so dont wnat to have to have a meal plan.  it sucks.  i can't stand to eat the crap they serve. 

o my

today i woke up and my throat hurt.  i was truly thinking about calling in sick.  but i decided against it.  i get there and devon is not there.  then at 11 the driver calls in sick.  so at 11:45 there is me and a manager  when there should be 4-5 people there.  i was making pizzas cutting pizzas and waiting on my tables.  so good thing i didn't call in sick i guess.  today tom asked me to sign my review.  he said i got one of the highest but he will go over it with me later.  i got "OT"  for on target.  aparently there is on target, below target, and above target.  when he asked me to sign it he only todl me to sign it and didnt' tell me what it was.  i had to ask.  then i left and in the car i was eating my pizza talkign to timmy on the phone as i realized that i forgot to get my tips from credit card slips.  so i went back in and they thought i was crazy.  and i got $9.53 from them.  good thing i remembered.  my head hurts now and has hurt almost all day.  the first thing i ate or drank today was at 5:15ish

Sunday, September 5, 2004


today at work some table told me that i am very efficient and a good waitress.  then said they were gonna tell a manager when leaving.  then when they were paying they asked the cashier to talk to a manager.  Chrissy said that he said it in a mean voice.  So when Nate came around he was expecting something bad.  then the guy kept telling Nate how good i was and stuff about it.  Nate said "yea... we've been hearing lots of good stuff about her lately" and he was nodding and stuff.  too bad yet again that tom wasn't there.  currently tom is doing reviews for firing or raising or stuff. 

i worked 9 hours today.  but 8 as a server.
i had a dream that ihad to argue with the landlord over our security deposit.  he said there was so much damage that we still owed him more money to cover it all. 

Saturday, September 4, 2004

i'm a slacker.  i overpaid my discover balance by 37 cents.  it's not like it's a big deal or anything except that it means i can't add.
i haven't been updating my money file and i can't remember how much i made in tips on thursday.  what will i ever do.  my graph will be all messed up
well today i served. he wants me to work all day tomorrow and monday
i'm going in all day tomorrow and in the morning on monday

Friday, September 3, 2004

wll good thing this new voicemail system is gay so even when you lift up your phone it doesnt tell u you have messages.  i got a phone call thursday from someone in my thermal class askign to borrow my book to do the homework.  but i didn't check it until now.  and it was due on friday.  i don't have his e-mail handy to apologize or anything either.  i can look it up on rpi site but i only knew jeff and that he's a senior.  i think that i figured it out but i will wait until after work to get my folder from pb's room and find his info.  even tho i dnot think the folder is in his room .  ooo it wasnt in his room.  and no that wasn't the one i thought i had it narrowed down to.
i napped earlier. i think it was over an hour. almost 2 hours. but i think pb tried to wake me up after 45 min the first time around so that we could go eat. i was sleepign on his futon curled at the end and he was sitting at the other. it was in couch form. i fell asleep during crossfire.
clinton needs bypass surgery


today leaving thermal pb sorta tripped where there was a ramp to leave the room. i did'nt even know there was a ramp to leave but i went on it. he ankle has hurt all day. it's a little swollen. i got ice for him and advil but oops i forgot to actually give him the advil i just brought it to his room

class and stuff

thermal and fluids 2 was over early. she says this will be the only time all year. i'm still in the classroom though. i cant' get to my next class too early. the downfall is that it's freezing in here. i should start bringing my gloves. it's supposed to be 82 today. i'm wearing a hoodie now. today i was one of the randomly selected people to have to turn in my in class work for attendance. I think i'm going to use that stupid assignment book that the school provides students with. i've never used one before but i think that this semester requires it.
classes seem to suck this semester.
i'm disappointed i didn't get to watch bush's speech last night. i didn't even get to watch all the commentary afterward. i also missed kerry's speech too. it's all quite sad. i'm going to have to watch coverage on it today, if there is any.
i had grapes for breakfast today. they were nice. i think i figured out that breakfast foods are so common that the dining hall can't really mess them up too bad. those dinners are what they really screw up.
well i think i'm heading out now to my next class. i wanna know when modeling and control homework is due. it wasn't on the original syllabus but he changed it since he got a 2nd ta for all of us.


Thursday, September 2, 2004

i ate 2 hot dogs again for lunch today.  but today i got ice cream too.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

my ra told me she liked my kerry edwards sign.
y can't classes be normal where u have it at a certain tiem every week. y do they have to have it this week and not the next and then have it 4 weeks in a row an dthen skip one. and have to be all difficult and not consistent.
i wish i had all my books.