Friday, December 30, 2005


jesse turned off all the circuit breakers when he left. so we have no internet. we can't go in through is garage because he shut off that circuit breaker. i am at panera now

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


i 'm going back to troy tomorrow. I need to find a way to sneek my scrapbook stuff up to school. i think we need to take that air mattres out of the car. i have to decide what to take upstiars.

Kristin is still here. I'm about to take her home. I started cleanign up my scrapbooking stuff about 45 minutes ago and I'm not done. This si why I thought my mom would kill me. cleanign up at the end of each night is a waste of time. I could have a few scrapbook pages done in that time.
i did a lot of scrapbooking, but really none at all.
i have already scrapbooked christmas eve pictures

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

i can't believe how stupid i am. i left thigns that school that I need to make Maggie and Kate their Christmas gifts. I could make them at school but then I would also need more things from home and a double move would be no fun.


sally made me feel not so old. even though i came up with more reasons i'm old. but she made me feel not as old because she graduated with mike but looks way older than me and has a raspy voice.

i drive like an old lady.
i can't eat much.
i can't talk. Dave says i jumble all my words.
then i forget what iwas saying when i'm asked to repeat it.

today so far.

and it's not even 1pm

my day started with my alarm not going off. well i guess it started off w/ my dad's shower waking me up at 6:15. i went back to sleep though. also i only went to bed at 4:30am but i couldtn fall asleep until after 5. then i spent 3 hours waiting for my car to be done. i couldnt call to say to come get me instead of me waiting because somehow i left my cell phone in the car. now i can't find my job offer paperwork and i have NO idea where it coudl be. my dad said i took it at 8am to put it in my room. this was 8am christmas eve when i got back and then i was trying to go to sleep for the night. i thought i left it with him. i checked my room and everyone elses room but timmy's. no idea where it could be. nobody better have hid it to play a trick on me. dave's paperwork is also in there.

Monday, December 26, 2005

I'm old

Here are a few reasons why or how i'm old.
1. i'm graduated college
2. i have my own car
3. i have to pay for my own car and my own insurance
4. i have to take my car to it's car appointment all by myself.
5. i have to go to the bank myself.
6. high school guys don't check me out anymore.
7. the gutchies i have on are old people gutchies
8. i go to the grocery store to buy my own food.
9. my bra feels uncomfortable before the day is over.
10. i'm sick of my relatives
11. i'm always cold (or hot).

these are just the ones i thought up now off the top of my head. there are probably many more. i can't believe how old i am.


I want ims and e-mails. Just because of the holiday I'm out of touch with everyone. I want to know what's going on..

I'm so old. Nobody is even on for me to complain about this with.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

further update

took a few more hours. i helped and the sink works. i took gram home. we spetn 3 hours there. I didnt get home until 11. Only Dave and I took her home. I used 78.8 miles driving her to a fro the past 2 days.

Krinin is here now. I drove home w/ her so that i could drive her back and she could drink here.

We took family pictures today so that if one of us dies we have a family picture. That's the reason my mom gave. I'll load them later.


spent about 3 hours on the sink. everyone came an hr late. we were still not ready right away for the food. then we started working on the sink again now. still doesn't work. i changed out of my skirt and into work clothes to help.


mommy wanted to cancel Christmas just because our kitchen sink is clogged somehow and we can't wash dishes or clean vegetables. mommy is making the scalloped potaotes downstairs now. we wouldnt let her cancel so she had to make due. We are now going to call people to come an hour later though. Wait daddy doesnt want to call people to tell them to come late. he thinks we'll make due. daddy is messing with the sink upstairs.

i just tried to call gram to tell her to adjust her stuffed cabbage but her line is busy. we're trying aunt elaine to see if they are talking to each other

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

just cuz it's liek a holiday or something i don't get ims or e-mails and nobody posts in their live journals.

Krinin, Filtz, Gram, Art, and Judy came over for dinner tonight. I love our new dining room. NEW = our old living room.

Friday, December 23, 2005


pb's mom and shawn didn't want to be around because they didnt' buy gifts yet. money didn't clear until today and then they went to go shopping and sat at a light for 10 min w/o moving and decided to return home. They have it rough w/ his disability and her college. Neither has good credit anymore. It was alright they didn't get us anythign but they felt bad. I wanted them to be happy and open what we got htem. It wasnt' much either but it's a fun time. I didn't get pictures of all the presents. There was camera battery troubles. I think i got them opening all of theirs just not pictures of me opening all of mine or pb opening all of his.

PB thought he had his dad's stuff here and mislabeled it but it was stuff to me. his dad opened it. it was a sad time. I said "oops it seems santa got lost on his way and confused"


Santa Came to Dave's house already.


I am not sure of my favorites

There was warning that Santa was comign and everyone ran and hid.

Look it's a kleenex box and a mountan dew container... what could it be?

She always wanted Mountan Dew. And now we learned where the mountain dew cardbaord came from on the last box.

it's not lingerie.

trip to pa

we're driving home tonight. pb is at poker now. i decided not to go play poker and i stayed here. i talked to his parents a little. and then get everything ready to go. it was really nice talking to them a lot. they usually go and talk while they smoke so we dont all talk so much or we are all watching tv and you can't talk during that.
PB did leave his dad's presents up at school. we did presents here. pb's mom was sad and felt bad because they didn't do their christmas shopping yet.

republican radio

is awful. i can't believe that people listen to and believe this stuff.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


my car got its first car wash today.
i saw a crossing guard cross about 50 kids today. i was amazed. i saw about 4 crossing guards.

My DMS grade still isn't posted.

We forgot to get PB's Dad a cake.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

i guess it's time to get dressed. i will find a way to layer up. too bad i left my long johns at school.

i'll wait until divorce court is over so they dont' change the channel when i'm upstiars.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

so PB got a job offer too.

He didn't get the details becuase he was driving. He will learn them tomorrow but then when we got to his house his mom just causally asked about the job and got so excited he got it.
CAPP reports are updated but not sis. I know 2 of my missing grades. Both what I thought. The one that i'm missing is the one i really care about.


went by so quickly even though i didnt' sleep. well i fell asleep for about 25 minutes total in three naps in the car. this is a new max for me.

i want my grades. i even got an e-mail from my professor saying some stuff about the class and that grades will be up. they aren't.

i'm bored and hungry. i have stuff to do but it's uncomfortable here.


2 people told me congratulations for being done with college. and i got 4 more for getting a job offer.  my mom did one of each.  that means 5 people.

I'm still awake too

*if nobody asks questions here i'll be disappointed

**i still dont have grades yet so that smile isn't fully there.

this was my away message

if i go to sleep now I have 1.25 hours to sleep. so i'm up and about doing stuff. most likely organizing becuase that is my favorite pastime.

nobody will end up iming it becuase they will still be asleep so i decided to put it here.

Monday, December 19, 2005


I'm getting sick of not having these grades posted.  I need to stop checking half hour.  I just need to wait a few hours and maybe by chance they are there or at least some are.

BTW i'm still up from yesterday.  I figured I might try this all nighter business and see what it's like.
i can't seem to fall asleep. so i decided to check my grades. still not posted.


Nobody is on am at 6am.

I think 6am would be a good time to post grades but no still not posted.


that was a rough final. ROUGH
3 hours until the final. i'm going to die. studying does not help. i also barely studied.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Today I averaged 24% in tips.  I had to clean up throw up and that table only gave me 20%. That kid threw up twice. Once was on teh way to the bathroom.  He was liek 4.  The mom says he always throws up when they go out to eat but she didnt' figure out why. She didnt know if it was from eating too fast or what. It was disgusting.

I will not be able to go to Callie's New Year's Eve party.  I will be working on Mike's and Timmy's Birthdays and the day between. I work at 11 on Jan 1. She originally only gave me Fri and Sun but if i'm coming back just to work I needed more time.

so since i consolidated my loans. they are due 1 month after graduation not 6.  well i guess since i graduation in december they are due in January. Not 1 month after I graduate but one day after since I graduate at the end of the month and they are due Jan 1.  What kind of BS is that?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

final in 52 hours

I am not like Russ.  I have not studied for my final yet.  I have watched TV for about 5 straight days. If I was like Russ I'd probably get a B in the course. Or if I was like Russ earlier in the year I might have an A. Too bad studying sucks so much.

Friday, December 16, 2005


The problem with the tough Sudoku puzzles is they take longer and so I stay up later.  I always say to myself that I'll just do one more puzzle. Well then it's 30 min later than I thought it would be.  I didnt notice much difference betrween the moderate and the easy puzzles. But tough takes me at least 10 minutes longer. I'll have to test out diabolical sometime soon. I remember when i first started workign on these puzzles the first one took moe well over 2 hours. Now on the same site I have them done all the time in under 15. I need a stop watch to better time myself. It's also hard when I tlak on aim at the same time.
I called in sick for work.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I also have a fever.


i kept waking up because i couldnt breathe. I had to open my mouth wider to try to get air.  My mouth and hands were so dry. My nose is so raw. and I found the vaseline this monring. at least I have it but I wanted it last night.  My head still hurts.  Advil didn't help.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

2nd interview

Jan 5, 2006 - roughly 8:30am - 12:30pm
Lockheed Martin in Niagara Falls, NY
this is the longest 45 minutes ever. i have to wait 45 min for my phone interview then after that's done i can finally sleep.  i'm waiting to sleep  not for the interview.  this interview is not going to go well. i can't even thuroughly think reading LJs.

update: i went to sleep before my interview because I couldn't wait.


i'm sick.
my nose runs non stop and i have a headache. besides 2 falls ago this is probalby only the 8th headache in my life. 6 of which were in college.

Monday, December 12, 2005

today I wore this dress and this jacket  dont worry i will also have pictures of me from today uploaded soon.
DMS is done done done.

I RSVPed to a Christmas party that starts in 15 min. I dont feel like going.

update: it's not done. i still have to write a member about my contributions.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

a few pics - PB wasn't having fun.  He sat alone and read.

outfit 1 and outfit 2

Krinin trying to leave with MIke's stuff:
the waiting room but i do not know what they are waiting for:


Christmas party pictures.  I will upload them to my own gallery once i can reset the password since i forget it.

yup 2 outfits for me.


Tell me if this ever happened to you.  You were 5 hours late for a meeting but you weres till there for 9 hours of it.  That was way too long for a meeting.
We meet agin tomorrow at 9. Then we present at noon. THen we're done with this class as soon as we finish our memos on what we've done teh whoel semester.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

wow was i tired this morning. my phoen rang at 8am and woke me up. i thought it might have been mike so i jumped out of bed. but it was raechel wanting me to work for her this morning. what part of me not working the weekend because i will be out of town didn't she understand. but then i couldnt fall back to sleep because i kept hearing my phone song. it was very annoying. then at 9:30 i tried to wake up again. i had to reset my alarm and that wans't fun. that's the only drawback for heart attack alarm.  but i ended up fnally waking up at 10:13.  and timmy just arrived so i better finish getting dressed.

Friday, December 9, 2005

my necklace

is gone. it was on this morning. it was on and i saw it in the mirror at 11:30. WHat happened to it. I went to class and shoveled.
I'm done with classes. I haven't done sudoku in about 3 days!. Time to start working on one.

Finite Elements.

that test was nothing NOTHING like what i studied.  There went my A. That class was so easy I should have had an A.
i did wear those boots to class. good thing. the snow was thick. our road did get plowed in the time i was at class. i'm hungry now. i still have to finish my crib sheet and study. class was awful. it was supposed to be a review. we learned new stuff for more than half of it. then we only got to 2 example problems.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

o what a


carrots and green peppers. o so yummy right now. i'm sick of all that normal junk food.

thought process

I was in the shower and thought about getting rid of the layers in my hair and just having it all one length.  Now that it's long I thought I'd like that. So after my shower those hair cutting scissors were just sitting right there so you know what i did. I added more layers. Roughly 2 inches off the shortest layer now. Then I trimmed teh bottom layer about 1/2".  So much for not wanting layers.  Now i'd have to chop off 2 more inches to get it all one length.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Russ is making me seem like a super posting slacker.
chocolate covered pretzels are yummy.  they are super yummy where there's only a little bit of chocolate. i'll have to make more later and not eat them all. i have to take them to mike's this weekend.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

current list of things making me not happy

1. pen drive broken
2. work sucked today
3. work sucked yesterday
4. work sucked friday
5. people at work suck
6. i im someone to cheer me up and he only makes me feel worse
7. i have to redo work that was on my pen drive
8. i am hungry
9. there is nothing to eat here.
10. it is cold out
11.  i have way to much to do this week
12. i do not have any job offers
13. i keep having not very nice dreams
14. group meeting/work isn't going well
15. i barely made any money this weekend working all 3 days
my flash drive doesnt work and i have necessary files on there that are not saved elsewhere that i am in the middle of now.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

work sucked last night. i thought i'd share that with everyone.  i'm so glad I wont have to do it for very much longer. The new cook messed up a lot of my orders. Table become mad and leave no tip. Then many tables come in right before close. including 10 kids where only half of them ordered. Then big mess and only 1.79 tip and I only managed that much because the one drawer didnt have money in it so i had to walk to the other oen and then they said "dont worry about it" or they walked away so i got to keep their change. Also had to super duper rush to do all my side work at the end of the night. I could rattle on for an hour of all the awfulness that's how bad it sucked.  THe only good thing was Sam was there to help. She's new but it was the first tiem I worked with her. She stayed late to help.

Friday, December 2, 2005


advanced heat transfer professor sure lied and tricked me. i might as well have not even studied. bot of those test questions were crazy. we had 4 chapters on this test. he pulled both test question from the same chapter. he also made us use a chapter not on this test. the chapter his questions were from is the chapter we covered the least in class, the chapter that we did no example problems for, and the chapter we had the fewest homework problems from. only 2 people finished the test before we were supposed to, so he gave us 10 more minutes. but he lied there, he only gave us 5 more minutes.  nobody else finished. he had to collect our tests.

Thursday, December 1, 2005


i hate when people say they pulled an all nighter but that only means they stayed up until 3 or 4am.  all nighter means stayed up all night, not stayed up later than normal.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

wow my pamplet i made is so pretty. i cna't really put it on here because you dont get the full effect unless you see the print out. because of how they fold and stuff.


for me. normal for everyone else. I parallel parked my car in a tight spot. well kinda tight. the frog wouldnt even fit in it if touching both cars. i did it on my first try. i did nto have anyone telling me when to turn the wheel or stop going in reverse or anything. i'm about an inch from the curb. i wish i had my camera. usually i can't park in a huge spot.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Oh no. i left my psych at work.  Now I have to go tomorrow and pick it up.
pizza hut wanted to know if i'd work next tuesday. i am already workign sunday when i said i couldn't

Monday, November 28, 2005

it's not supposed to be 60 degrees at the end of November in Troy
i drove the frog today. you have to turn the wheel 30 times to turn not like my car that u turn `1/3 a turn. it's so hard to drive. i dont know how i drove 8 hours in it. i have to drive it to work tomorrow too. dave has my car for his on site interview. he's gonna be paying me for the reimbursement i can tell you that. my car has too many miles on it. it's almost at 4000. it's probably going to be over that wh en eh returns.

i wish i could find a table by power here.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

awesome bag

i've been  hunting for a laptop bag for months in stores but cnat' find one that my laptop will fit into because it's one of those stupid widescreen ones. well then i go home and while my mom is hunting for a suit bag (i forget the real name now  that might be in  but that u hang a suit in and then it folds in half or so for travel) she yelled saying we have too many bags int eh cupboard and threw them all on the floor. I found a nice black bag in there.  Perfect for my laptop.  I've never seen ti before.  It looked new.  I think it's more of a breif case (but bag) than a laptop bag but it works.  I took it back to school and used it. It was great.  It didtn have a shoulder strap though.  Then my dad found the shoulder strap on our hooks on our way into the basement. He tried telling me he will sell me the bag for $100. He said this in his joking voice. Then my mom said to wrap it up for me for Christmas.  I only need it now for the rest of the semester. Then my dad said he got it for free for filling out a survey at one point in time (years ago).  It says ANSYS on it so it makes me feel cool.  I just wish i knew how to use this finite elements program. Everytime I hunt for something in stores and can't find it it's always at home.  How weird is that.  After I found the bag I thought of a few more examples but I can't think of them now.  But THIS BAG IS AWESOME.

For all I know I already made a post about this but I figure I didnt' because I haven't posted much lately.


I was opening a box with a utility knife and I got a huge cut.  I got the cut from the cardboard after i sliced the tape. It was nice and bloody.  It stopped stinging after a few seconds, but I still have the bandaid on.  The bad part about using good bandaids is that they stay on too long and then I leave them on too long.  The cheap ones always fall off and then I dont look all bandaidy all the time.


Why did it take until Sunday night on a long weekend for me to be super productive? Now I have to be super productive all week too.  I originally wanted to be productive all break so that I could relax this week and not want to kill myself from business.

I still have yet to start my psych project.  I think I picked a bad topic too.  So tomorrow or Tuesday if anyone wants to help me get statistics about homosexual hate crimes or vocab or help me make a cross word puzzle let me know.

I made this a friends only entry so my mom doesnt get wind of it and yell at me for asking people for help on homework because "future employers could be looking at it"

Saturday, November 26, 2005

i'm supposed to be getting my stuff ready to go back to school and i'm sitting here talking on aim and knitting.

Friday, November 25, 2005

i spent too much money today

more adventures

i did buy some stuff. i didn't buy anything at the mall. i forgot my list. i didn't buy anything i planned on buying. i want to go back to khols. my dad yelled at me for shopping at khol's and not taking him with me to use his 15% off coupon when he uses his credit card.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

brack friday

lessons learned:
expect to wait in line
expect the best sale stuff to not be there
dont be disappointed
still look and get other stuff
have stuff in mind because browsing is not an option
be able to park in tight spots aka van parking tomorrow will suck
do not wear leather coat because hair gets too staticy

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


my scarf has at least a foot to go. I made it too wide. Narrower, longer ones are better I think.

my weekend

tomorrow (thursday) - pick up gram, thanksgiving here w/ more people than ever (12 people)
Friday - hardcore shopping
Saturday drive back to school

ok at hometomorrow or Friday i have to make peanut butter balls and chocolate covered pretzels.

then also want to finish knitting scarf
it's half done (started last christmas break)
then dms - probably 20 hours to do all that SHOULD be done. i want to do more.
psych project - 20 hour minimum to complete the project due dec 1(paper + way to present material and y)
psych std chapter 50 pages that was due last week but i wasnt' there. plus chapter 12 due for monday (14 pages left ot read) then chapter 20 is due Thursday 20 pages

ok then advanced heat transfer test after we get back and it's like a foreign language to me
but then i got all these sudoku puzzles to do too. timmy gave me my christmas present of 4 books today. yes it's early. not as early as my birthday present from him though.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

i am home now. my car experienced it's first snow driving ever. it handled alright. way better than those trucks. it still skidded. i was glad the snow hit on my leg of the driving or i would have been very nervous w/ someone else driving. the trip took 9 hours. we also missed a turn by about 100 miles before we noticed.

Monday, November 21, 2005

i think goosey likes me. he keeps telling me i'm pretty.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


should i attempt to make a hair appointment for Thanksgiving break? for a perm or highlights or something else?


just so everyone knows. i have a lot of work to do in the next month.  that's all i have left of college. i keep doing sudoku puzzles and watching tv instead. so probably in a week i'll be freaking out and won't be posting much at all.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


the flight landing made me feel sick. my stomach and head, my ears hurt from the descent. and i was a little dizzy

earlier today we had time to kill so me and pb went to my house. i talked on the phone and realized i didnt' know where pb was. it took me awhile to find him sleeping on my bed.

the interview was really just 2 45 minute interviews. so not much different than the on campus interview. it was behavioral based again.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


i live in troy and the first snow i see of the year is today in Pittsburgh.

interview stuff

interview 1 of 2 today done.


they had preselected behavioral based questions picked out for me. they had 3 questions. the interviewer said he doesnt liek 2 of them. i talked about IED, and Pizza Hut, and Litec, and EI. I hate that all my groups i did electrical stuff except for DMS.

"what is your greatest strength?" - like i know.

btw pb said to me"u look pale. y is that? u dont look as ugly" - answer is i put on foundation that i bought yesterday. i haven't had any in years
i can't believe it. facebook has it so u can upload albums and say who's in them and such. it's only be out a couple days or at least nobody on my friends list has had any more than a week. too bad there aren't pictures on this computer or i could add a few.
i am on complimentary hotel internet (well 1 day of complimentary)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


ok. anyone want to go to my psych class thursday. i get bonus. it's 4-6pm. i NEED bonus. let me know please


it's cool to wear a burgendy shirt, dark blue athletic pants (w/ turquoise stripe down each pant leg), a dark blue hoodie, red, black, and white striped scarf, blue, green, and offwhite hat, and purple striped gloves?

it's so hard to type in gloves cuz i can't feel the key bumps to know if my hands r in the right place.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

i've been getting warnings for af ew weeks that my mouse batteris were low. then today they died. i dont have replacement batteries so i had to take my laptop mouse out and undo the cord and use that. aka i need batteries.

i spent about 3 hours on DMS tonight and feel I barely accomplished anything.

I thought of something else I wanted for chritsmas today but then i forgot.

work schedule

Friday 5-10:30
Saturday 4-9
Sunday 4:30-9:30

Saturday, November 12, 2005

what do i want

for christmas?

the only thing i can think of is a new digital camera and i dont even need that.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

new suit

me: how do u like my new suit?
timmy: it makes you look fat. u know vertical stripes.
pb: her suit doesnt make her look fat, she makes her look fat.

i'll post a pic of this suit later

Tuesday, November 8, 2005


timmy: why is your hair so straight?
me: becuase I curled it.

that's the truth.

Monday, November 7, 2005

7 or so hours worht of work to do tonight so in about 10 minutes i'll start watching TV.

Sunday, November 6, 2005

good news

i asked laura if dave always asks about me like he said.  He does not.  This is a good thing.


dave p. was hitting on me today. he's the corporate pizza hut manager. he told me i've changed a lot and i'm something like model material now. i wish i remembered his exact words though.  but he also told jodi she looked sexy w/ her freshly died brown hair.  this was during our mandatory customer mania meeting. it was supposed to last 3 hours. it was over in 1.5.  i didnt learn anything new. i learned we're supposed to help each other like i do and like the other servers dont do.

Saturday, November 5, 2005

i finished season 1 and 5 episodes of season 2 of veronica mars. there are only that many episodes.  the show is so good.  i can't wait until there are more episodes.  now i have so much work to do. i watched all 27 episodes this week.

Friday, November 4, 2005

capital news 9 is here at the union interviewing people.

they asked to interview me and pb. we said no. it's about technology but channel 9 plays their news over and over and over every hour.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

work schedule

friday 5:00-10:30
Sunday 4:30-9:30

and meeting Sunday 9-12


Yesterday was the first time i went to the gym to lift in over a week.  The only muscles that are sore are from bench pressing even though the other ones seemed a little rough while doing them.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

I hate that I'm so busy when i get to reading LJs i'm more than 15 posts behind on my friends page

Sunday, October 30, 2005

stuff i did

here's what contributed to my business

Well last Saturday I worked with Kelly.  I haven’t worked with her since I came back after the summer.  It was actually pleasant to work with her and she didn’t stand around doing nothing, we both were doing side work constantly so then when it was time to leave it was quick.  But everyone else at work was sick or people called in sick or left early.  I was quite afraid of getting sick for my busy week.

Sunday from 9-2:30 I did a girl scout/SWE event.  Girl scouts came from somewhere in the area and SWE members had stations set up that taught them science and technology for them to get a badge.  That was fun but I woke up feeling awful and new if I went to work it wouldn’t be good.  And if you remember correctly how Sundays are always really slow and they don’t really need 2 servers on then I don’t stay very long (but I would be there long enough to get more germs).  So I called in sick. I talked to the GM on the phone making sure they could handle it w/o me though.  Since it was her working as manager and not Pam I knew they’d be able to handle it.  Pam can’t handle any pressure at all and then she gets flustered and can’t even do her job.  On Saturday I went back and helped her make pizzas while I had tables because she was freaking out that Alli was cashing people out.  But neither of those are in my job description as server but I didn’t want her to freak out.  Since Alli was already cashing people out taking over in the middle is hard so I went back and made pizzas.  I made about 4 orders in the time she made one.  I got her down to 1 order then left and she started getting flustered again so I came back 2 min later w/ every order still there and caught her up again.
So back to Sunday.  During my scheduled 4-8 shift I took a nap. That made me feel a lot better.  I can’t remember what else I did Sunday night beside DMS homework.

Monday I had class 10-12 and 4-6.  Then after my class I went to the gym.  There were too many people there so I didn’t do my normal workout.  I napped between my two classes.  Then from about 8-11 I studied with Tom for my test Tuesday.

Tuesday I had class 8:30-10 and the test 12-2 and class 2-3:30.  Between 10 and 12 is when I discovered the Sudoku puzzles.  I’ve done a million.  Some are a lot harder than others.  Some sights have easier ones but I haven’t seen rankings on how hard they are before I try them.  I was supposed to watch a movie “the Insider” before my 2:00 class but since about 8 classes worth of kids were trying to watch it I couldn’t get it anywhere.  I was still able to partake in our discussion on Ethics though w/o watching the movie.  She wanted us to watch it so incase we didn’t have experience we’d have that as examples to discuss.  After class at 3:30, Maggie, Dave and I went to Panera after dropping his car off at the garage to get fixed (you know the mirror from the drunk a few weeks back) Then 6-8 I went to an information Session for Lutron.  Pizza and drinks were provided.

Wed I had a Lutron interview.  It was 1 hr long and he asked really really simple technical questions.  I think the nervousness of the interview makes you not think as clearly.  At the end of the interview he said he has to help everyone through them.  He even had to help Dave through his so I don’t feel as bad.  He had 1 question the same as me and 1 different.  (Dave just looked over and said “if you wrote that much in your journal then it would be worth reading”) Ok so I’m not sure how the interview went but I don’t want to work for them so it doesn’t really matter.  Wed night I had a Xerox info session 6-8 and Raytheon 6:30-8:30.  See there’s a problem with that.  But I don’t really want to work for Xerox by what they have engineers do so I just went to that for the first half hr then left and went to the other one.  The Raytheon info session made me like the company even more.  Wed I also did a little DMS hw and probably other hw since I have multiple classes.

Thursday I had class 10-11:50 but had to leave early for my 11:45 Raytheon interview.  The interviewer loved me.  Less than halfway through the interview he said he was recommending me for a 2nd interview.  He worked at BK during undergrad so he knows how hard it is to keep your grades up and get everything done so he was impressed.  I have found that if people didn’t work during school they don’t realize how hard it actually is.  He really like when I answered one of his questions w/ how I trained new managers at Pizza Hut last year even though I wasn’t getting paid any more to do it (it was some question about going above and beyond the “job” description but when he said job it triggered working and I asked if that example was ok and he thought it was.  He’s probably sick of hearing all about school all the time.) Then I had an hour to kill before my next interview.  I called my mom to tell her about the interview.  All she seems to care about is if these companies are close to North Huntingdon. After I got off the phone w/ her I still had 30 minutes to kill so of course it was puzzle time.  I think the Xerox interview also went well.  I think 2 facts help my interviews: the more I do the less nervous I get and if I don’t want to work for them there isn’t as much pressure.  Then my 4:00 class was cancelled because the professor is traveling.  HE said he was a time for us to work on Project 2 but he has to approve our idea.  He did not respond to my e-mail yet.  I e-mailed him Monday before class.  I should probably e-mail him again because I can’t start working on it until he OKs it.  I napped from about 3:30-5:30 then Maggie and Kate came over.  Well them coming over and coming inside woke me up.  They wanted me to join them in shopping for Halloween costumes.  I said I had a huge test at 8:30 in the morning and would only go if the trip was short.  (I told them this the night before.)  Well costumes weren’t looking good.  WE changed ideas many times and I kept saying how I needed to study but I didn’t really say “ok we have to leave I said it had to be a short trip and it’s too long and I don’t want to fail” I wasn’t so demanding.  Then after 4 hours at the mall we went to Target.  So I didn’t get home to study until after 10:30.  With any other week I would have started studying already but this week I just didn’t find the time.  I made a list of everything I had to study and then after an hr and then after 2 hours I figured it out that I would be done studying by 10:30am.  So I went to sleep and got 4 hours of sleep (or closer to 3).  I had boxed some hw questions I still didn’t’ understand the solution.

Friday the test was 2 questions and I’d say both were awful.  One involved solving a differential equation to derive an equation.  The class isn’t diff eq it’s advanced heat transfer so I didn’t like that.  And that question was almost identical to one of the hw problems I boxed because I didn’t understand it.  There were 15 total hw problems on this material.  Then the other question was identical to a hw problem but that hw problem had an incorrect solution based on pulling numbers from a chart so I remembered that but I know I got all the procedure correct on this one but I messed up reading one chart after I left the test I realized (I read .01 instead of .1).  This 2 question test was worth 20% of my grade.  The professor didn’t show up for the test a Thermal TA administered the test.  He had to collect tests at the end of the time because at least 10 people out of about 30 weren’t finished. The first person only finished w/ 5 min left in the class.  This class is awful because the professor just goes straight through the book.  He doesn’t collect hw and all of our grades are based on tests.  I bought a study guide for the book and it came Thursday.  I didn’t have time to actually look at it at all for this test though so I don’t know how helpful it will be.  Then I had class 12-2.  Normally I go to the gym at 10 but since I was so tired I skipped that.  In the past month (even though it feels like longer) I’ve been making it to the gym to run or lift weights 4 out of 5 weekdays but this week I only made it once.  My 12:00 class didn’t have the correct professor either.  Some other guy came and lectured right from the power point notes.  He said the first time he saw them was 15 min before the class.  He wasn’t our TA but I think he was a student not a professor. 

Friday night I worked at 5. It was slow and we had a new waitress there learning. So there were 4 of us.  She was just bussing tables and hostessing and such but she really just stood around.  I kept doing all the side work throughout the night and realized she’s supposed to be doing it.  I think they are having the wrong person train her.  Hollie is training her and Hollie always stands around doing nothing and letting other people do work. But her friends came in on my turn but they wanted the new girl to wait on her so we sort of took it together.  They left me a good tip. And I couldn’t live w/ myself if I just kept it since I got it because of Nicole so I gave her some.  I asked a few cooks what I should do and they all said I should keep it all since she’s just standing around doing nothing. Plus I thought later her friends might say the tip that they gave and then she might be surprised or mad I didn’t share it with her.  The other 2 servers left early because we were slow, then I started getting busy.  So I was able to make more money.  Actually I ended up with more money than I’ve made so far on a Friday (since August).  At the end of the night I had to carpet sweep under more tables because I got so busy at the end.  I wanted to be a slacker and not really carpet sweep under the back tables since it was so late and I actually had plans later in the night, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I can’t leave w/o work being done that’s why it takes me the longest to close and why they have me closing every shift I work.  Well the table in the corner that I was debating not sweeping under I found a $10 bill.  It was wrinkled up.  I bet it was there when the last girl was sweeping under it (I didn’t see her move the table to get anything in the corner).

I decided to break up Friday a little since this would be one huge paragraph. Then I got home and someone was parked in our driveway.  I could still make it into the garage though.  I just couldn’t back into it.  Then I learned it was the car Maggie and Kate came in.  They thought I would be home by then but I wasn’t since I got out of work late.  Our neighbors are/were having this big 2 day party.  They somehow ended up going there since Dave didn’t’ answer the door when they knocked.  WE kept the door locked because drunks kept walking in and not realizing it was the wrong house.  Dave didn’t answer the door because people kept banging on it and ringing the bell all night.  I made a sign for night 2 saying wrong door and with arrows and saying don’t knock on the door.  It worked a little.  Friday night Maggie, Kate, and I dressed up as our “Hug Dealers” this is what we came up with after so long.  We had pink shirts that said hugs not drugs and pink purses and hats and we were dealing “hugs” or the hug candies (that are likes kisses).  Adam also joined us (Kate’s BF) but he wasn’t in costume.  We went to a party at the “Frisbee house”  Maggie is on the ultimate Frisbee team and she lives in one house of people on the team.  The party was at the other house.  It wasn’t that fun since Kate, Adam and I only knew about 3 total people.  Maggie knew everyone.  After about an hr and a half we left (and Maggie stayed).  Then we came back here and sat and talked for awhile and took some pictures.  I’ll send you some later.    Then when they left I went next door to see how this party was going.  I’ll continue here next time.

Well while Kate, Adam and I were in my apartment (Dave and Timmy upstairs) I didn’t lock the door because they were going to be leaving soon.  In 20 minutes time 4 different people walked right in thinking it was the party.  If you walk up the front steps our door is straight ahead and theirs is to the right.  After Kate and Adam left I went over to see what was up since some of my coworkers were there.  I helped Raechel call her cab and get into the cab. I also helped pick up a little because people were spilling everything.  Sheila, one of the people who lives there and a pizza hut coworker, was throwing up since before I got there.  She was in the bathroom upstairs.  She even made a party rules sign w/ Bo (another roommate) where it said to know when you’ve had too much to drink.  Jesse (the 3rd roommate of which I knew since freshman year) doesn’t drink and didn’t buy any of the alcohol.  He was in his room for awhile upstairs then when Sheila started throwing up he took care of her.  Then after she was able to lie in bed he decided to mop the floor multiple times.  Another reason I went over was to check it out because their music was shaking our walls.  At one point Dave called me to ask them when they were going to turn down the music.  Around 3:30am they turned down their main floor music.  They left the music on in their garage until about 6pm the next day but I could only here that from our garage. 

Someone else threw up in the hallway.  It was a lot of cranberry juice. One of his friends was blaming it on what he ate not the enormous amounts of alcohol he drank.  I’m not sure if I mentioned Jesse’s constant mopping of the floor or not.  So I left there around 3:30 and people were constantly being retarded and then when I wasn’t retarded back they commented that I wasn’t drunk yet and that I had to get to drinking.  That didn’t happen.  I was going to drive Timmy home at this point but he was about to fall asleep on the couch.  Dave was already asleep.  We kept hearing people argue on the porch and being quite drunk and leaving to drive home.  So we decided it was better to stay off the roads and eh spent the night sleeping on the couch.  He was very tired. He pulled an all nighter Thursday night.

Saturday I woke up around 1pm.  Did 2 loads of laundry, made roasted potatoes, vacuumed the carpet, cleaned up a little, and ate.  I got exhausted so I went to lie in bed and read psych.  I fell asleep shortly after.  I slept for 2 hours.  I set my alarm for 1 hr later but went back to sleep. Dave had to try really hard to wake me up and get me up and about.  I told him to make sure I woke up and didn’t nap for ever so he was just doing his job.  Then I sat around trying not to fall asleep for awhile and I then made homemade French fries.  I burnt my mouth a few times.  Then I took Timmy home and watched some TV with Dave.  I also did a little DMS before TV. Around 10 Kate and Maggie came over and we went out for dessert.  Then we came back and changed into our Halloween costumes and took some pictures.  Then we went to a frat party because SWE made a deal with them that if we got 20 SWE members at the meeting then 8 of their members would show up at our SWE meeting.  I think Kate, Maggie, and I were 20, 21, and 22. That was really boring but we were hunting for Kate’s roommates to show them that we showed up.  While doing this the party got “busted” or so public safety came around and everyone had to go inside (it was 3 on campus apartments w/ a tarp in the back connecting them and we were outside waiting for people at this point).  So they made sure nobody with an X on their hand had a drink in their hands even though many were very intoxicated.  This was my first frat party (like official one) since the first week freshman year so it was quite interesting.  We had to wait about 15 min for public safety to leave.  I never saw them so I don’t know what they did.  Then we went off to an apartment of some cross country members (I actually knew these people from before), but they weren’t home.  Next we went to an apartment of some other people I actually knew.  When we walked in somebody dressed as a tree was laying on the floor saying he was so drunk he was just laying there and we’d have to step over him.  I’m not sure if I knew him or not.  Someone put him to bed.  But there were a few more people so totally drunk I have no idea how or why they were still drinking more alcohol.  I just don’t understand it.  We stayed there for awhile talking to people and getting our pictures taken.  I actually knew a few people at this party and I haven’t seen them in awhile.  Kate and I left this party and Maggie was going to walk home.  She lived about 100 ft from the apartment so it was easier for her to walk and she wanted to stay.  It might have been around 1:30 at this point.  Then coming home Kate dropped me off so I couldn’t sneak in through the garage since I didn’t have a garage door opener.  When I got to our porch there were about 15 people on it so I didn’t want them wanting to come in my place so I went into their house.  I walked around and ended up going upstairs and found one of the hosts.  Apparently about 8 of them just got high up there.  There was a bong sitting out.  That was the 2nd time I’d ever seen one.  The first being the night before.  So I was going downstairs and they all were.  And all of a sudden everyone is running to the back door with someone shouting “if you are under 21 get out and run. The cops are here.”  That left like 3 people in the living room.  I was shocked at this.  Later I learned those that were 21 and older were also running.  I don’t know why.  So I left and went to my apartment.  I tried to be nosey but didn’t learn much other than the cop car was blocking the street for more than 15 minutes. 

Jesse was using the fog machine so it was so hard to see inside.  I learned this is actually why the cops came.  There wasn’t a noise disturbance or anything.  They only talked to one of the three roommates and said if there is another disturbance or anything he would be the one arrested.  But he was the only one drunk that lived there.  He just turned 23.  Today at work I learned the cops were there for so long because they were chasing all the kids that ran.  They only caught up to one person.  Dave H.  I used to work w/ him.  He’s 21.  They asked him why he ran.  But at work today I heard all kinds of stories of stuff that didn’t actually happen and some stuff I don’t know about so I’m not sure what to believe for the rest of it.  The cops did look around to “make sure there was no underage drinking” and Sheila said the cops were so cool and joking about it and they left.  I’d have to say it was probably 80% or higher underage drinking which really shocked me when I first was over there Friday.  It was more of a shock because Jesse is 21, Sheila 20, and Bo 23 so I thought they would have older friends.

I enjoyed the changing of the clocks this weekend.  Saturday you might have noticed all I ate was potatoes.  I did have ice cream about 11pm and then nachos and cheese when the cops were around because I was starving. 

Today I woke up and didn’t really do much, watched a TV show then went to work.  I got Ryan to close for me since he wanted more money so more hours.  I had 2 tables while I was there but didn’t mind.  I would still have 2 more hours there.  He also made 40 bucks in the 2 hours before I got there so he was in a good mood and just wanted more.  I’ve been writing this e-mail since I got home.

Before Saturday the only real food I had in the past week was Pizza.  At the info session they provided pizza and other than that I didn’t any.  I kept grabbing food on the go or sleeping through meal times then not wanting to cook. 

I have an interview Nov 3 with Praxair.  I got an e-mail saying I was pre-selected for an interview with Lockheed Martin but the interview slots didn’t open yet to sign up for one.  I got the e-mail from them early.  They aren’t supposed to be decided until Nov 1.  But they are interviewing 120 people that day so they probably pre-selected everybody.

I don’t have a test until November 11, but I know that time will come around the corner before I know it.

Today I was about to leave work and then remembered I didn’t pick up this weeks paycheck or last weeks yet.  Wednesday is payday. 

O I forgot yesterday I cut my hair.  I left the bottom layer the same length and just added layers taking about an inch off max.  The layers help with holding the curl but I still wanted length.  It was a spur of the moment hair cut.  I wasn’t done when Kate and Maggie showed up.  I just did 2 more snips and left.  I could probably fix it up more but its just layers so nobody notices.  I should probably use a mirror to check out the back though.  I didn’t really add any there.  Kate and Maggie said I’m brave cutting my own hair.

I should do a few more calculations for DMS for tomorrow but I feel like I’ve maxed out my brain from last week and I still want to rest.  I probably forgot to mention some of what I did too. It was the longest week ever.  It feels like it’s been a month since I’ve had psych.  The last time I had psych was last Monday.

Friday, October 28, 2005


i'm going to sleep now. i haven't been up this late in a long time.  i went to two parties tonight. one being next door. it's the one i was at last. it's not fun not having people around i know but i felt like doing something vs nothing.  tomorrow i dont work so i can catch up on things that need done around here and do some not priority work.  i have to do some DMS early to redo the other DMS that had an incorrect temperature. timmy is sleeping here tonight. he's been up for many many hours.

jesse mopped the floor a few times during the party and was cleaning up. he didnt drink anything and was in his room until sheila got sick and then he took care of her.  Bo was pretty drunk.  He kept telling me how he wants Timmy to be his friend.
professor de wasn't even there today. some sub person who just read the slides was.
test was awful. the last test was so much easier. i got a 47 on the last test.

the zipper on pb's pap-pap jacket broke. he only got the jacket at 5:30pm yesterday.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

anyone else ever been asked to design a stapler on an interview?
sudoku is so much fun. i have to keep finding new sites that have a daily puzzle

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


on a side note i got 7.5 hours of sleep last night and i had an 8:30am class today. maybe i wont have to take 2 naps today then.
there's nothing like a firedrill when it's raining and super windy.

also w/ a window open upstiars it's 75 degrees up here and 69 degrees downstairs.

Monday, October 24, 2005

my jeans were very uncomfortable to sleep in. i dont know why i didn't change into comfy pants for my nap like last time.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

maybe we're all smart

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!

and how am i supposed to do dms if dave made my computer run really slow because he is burning dvds and transferring files.
o and i have overlapping meetiings on wednesday night.


just took a 4 hr nap, now it's work and dinner time. 

this coming week is extremely busy.
my free time is monday 6-9, tues 4-5:30, wed after 3, thursday a few hours, and friday 2-4

also i was asked to go shopping with someone. i have 3 interviews this week which require prep but i did nto schedule that. i have 2 MAJOR tests to study for. i haven't started yet. I have DMS work that i'm supposed to be constantly working on. I specifically have things to do for tomorrow. The only reason i can post this now is that I called in sick today. it was only the 2nd time ever.  o and by tuesday i have to watch the insider for pd3 class.

Someone looked at my resume and I haven't even had time to fix it up based on their suggestions.  He probably thinks i dont care. I have this reminder in outlook that keeps going off because I keep snoozing it.

The bad part is i cant' work constantly so i have to take small breaks. then i dont get done nearly what i should. 

but to look on the bright side. after this week i have nothing major due for over a week.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Friday, October 21, 2005

car update

the mom of the kid that was in posssesion of the car that hit Dave's called again today.  SHe has a friend that does car stuff and wants Dave to go there so they dont have to turn it in to insurance.  she said "rumor has it you need a new mirror and some new trim"  haha.  but Dave is only replaces the mirror; the trim isn't that bad. just he hasn't driven it yet and i don't know if it'll stay on or what since dave just pushed it back on.
no need to give me suggestions. i found it. it was where i thought it was but in a white envelope so i was tricked.
I can't find my car payment book thing. where could it be?
i just read all kinds of fun statistics about abortions

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


goosey is reformatting my ibm. 

i got 2 interviews: raytheon and lutron

i don't feel good.

next week sucks and this weekend: Friday  - work (so missing a meeting), Saturday work,  Sunday -  9-2:30 girl scout thing & work at 4, Monday - can't remember,  Tuesday - FE test, Wed - interview,  Thursday - Interview, Friday - AHT test and work

i haven't been sleeping well. i can't seem to be tired at night.
i haven't been eating much at all. too busy. yesterday i had 288 calories before 8pm (waking up at 7:30) and today was roughly the same except it was about 300 calories before 6pm but today i went to the gym and lifted weights at 10am and also had to run back the the apt to get some forgotten homework for dave.


why is my alarm clock broken AND  why are the batteries in my heart attack alarm dead?


bench 55
curl 15
upped both kneeling on the bench (one to 10 from 5 and one from 10 to 15)

Monday, October 17, 2005


today i had 3 cheez its for breakfast (that's a little less than 18 calories)
then i had a butterfinger for lunch (that's 270 calories)

then dinner was at 8pm (breakfast was at 8:20)
i had 5 pieces of toast and spaghetti for dinner.
i wrote down the time when my car turned over to 2000 but i didnt' write down teh date.  so at 3:35 pm one day it rolled over.  i might be able to figure it out by the days i went shopping.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

i'm going home for thanksgiving break.  i plan to leave Tuesday right after class.  but that involves night driving so maybe I won't.  I have an appointment to get my car inspected the day after Thanksgiving.

I should get an oil change before then but maybe not.

Friday, October 14, 2005


there's a hole along the seam in the crtoch of the PJ pants i'm wearing RIGHT now. 
cobly jack grilled cheese didnt' taste that good

Thursday, October 13, 2005

3.35 miles in 30 min on the elliptical machine
i brought to talk on aim. i figured what better day than teh day before a test.

pizza hut called asking me to work. i coudl do it and go in late but i have work and i miss out on money becuase i couldnt get there unil 6:30. plus i wanted to go to the gym. i'm going right after class.


so much to do. so little time. sorry for being a posting slacker.

our calculations are off for dms.  i want to do a bunch to try to fix them and make calculations in word for the report so it looks pretty. i have to read 15 pages by 4. i have to finish my psych powerpoint and burn it to a cd or e-mail it before the start of class at 4.  i have to do powerpoint slides for dms presentation on monday and be prepared to discuss them  and get prepared to give the entire presentation with knowing everything. we also have to write a "mid term review" paper for dms due monday. i have a psych test monday and those require lots and lots and lots of memorization. i work tomorrow night for 6 hours or so. i work sunday for 5.5ish hours. we have a meeting sunday for dms.  i know of lots of corrections to our report so far but i know if i say them they wont get changed or whatever even tho they are just minor changes (liek 5 min worth) they r important. like this isn't revisision 1.1 it's 1.0.  our names should be alphabatized on the coversheet. the date on teh paper should be the due date not the date a few days ago. (that's just the cover sheet corrections).

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

WOW wow WOW*

i had to watch video of sex today for a half hr in psych class.  they were doing different positions adn some guy or girl was talkign about what's good about them orwhat's bad.  like deep penetration, good for pregnant women.  and also deatails about the position. it was like an educational video and it had a main menu of the differnet sex positions

*not world of warcraft


i should post pictures more.  when you look at my LJ it looks so boring.

subjects and moods give it some color
the landlord is here now to fix the toilet.

Monday, October 10, 2005

i have the most posts of anyone in our DMS group on the forum.  The professor has twice as many posts but has 3 groups that he is in charge of.
jr cheeseburger is so good. i dotn need jur bacon cheeseburgers anymore

Sunday, October 9, 2005

dave's parents left about an hr ago. they didnt think t woudl be cold here so they borrowed coats.  i put the coats they wore and the sheet and pillow case in teh wash to get rid of the smoke smell.  we sprayed the furniture with fabreeze too. 

right now the broccoli and cheese whiz thing is in the oven.  they didnt seam to want meals or to inconvenience us at all or somethign so it was liek we had no food even though our fridge, cupboards, and freezer are full .  his mom said she never saw so much junk food in her life.

timmy is here now.  pb just picked him up. he was sad and said it was no fun w/o timmy so he had to bribe him with food to get him to come over  because of his football watching.
the thermostat is set to 62. it's 69 upstairs and 68 downstairs.

Saturday, October 8, 2005

how do you fix a cd drive that won't open.  it like looks like it's tryign to push out when you hit the eject button but it's not going
o did i mention there's more damage than we thought.  the metal that goes between the wood and not wood on teh bottom side is off it's litlte things that hold it on. (only the back part behind the back  door.

(not his car but similar for a visual on the dividing things (the black lines on teh bottom are rubber and under that is metal.  that metal is off the holders)
so pb called his insurance compnay today. since he didnt' have collision, his company wont deal with the other compnay to take care of the money and crap.
dave's parents are here.  we went to red robbin for dinner. they were "so busy" that my bottomless fries were takign forever then 30 min later i said to forget it cuz we were ready to leave

Friday, October 7, 2005

i stood out in the rain for an hr

intesting night.  weird things.  timmy was almost going ot spend the night cuz i didnt want to take him home.  then we took him home and went to price chopper.  pulling into our driveway i said "your mirror is hanging. someone hit yoru car!" pb didnt' believe me. he said "it looks right"  then i get out to check it and i nodd saying it's all wrong and then sheila, jesse, and robert come aroudn their driveway saying, "dude someone just hit your car. we saw it and called the cops" (that was robert).  jesse ran down teh street apparently after the car and got the plate number.  PB's car was parked on teh street between ours and sheila's driveway. jesse added that the guy was obviously drunk.  he hit other cars backing up.  we need to tell the neighbors they have to report the damage to be added on teh police report or the cops dont care. the cop was all writing up the report  we missed the accident by a minute or so. sheila thought we were home since i left a light on upstairs so they were ringing our bell.

then later this other guy comes sayign his car got wrecked into too. he was with his friend.  they were talkign about how he hates cops.  it was his car that did the damage. but now insurance is better cuz they got the car and the guy. but the guy (20 yr old drunk) said he wasnt' driving.  but his friend    who was there too but snappy at the ocp so the cop told him to leave    is who sheila thinks was driving

and he walked up and down teh street liek 4 times  before getting the owner of the car. then upon leaving the guy said "do u know where i live" and we didnt' so he kept walking.  i think a hint he was drunk.
the guy driving kept yelling f@#$ when he hit the cars.  right now pb's mirror is hanging my a string and the rest of the damage doesnt matter really  just dents to the wood .

2 other cars got bumped when he tried to back down teh street.  the cop doesnt think these dents are new even tho the one had fresh paint. the other had the metal part that is like decrative trim bent out so if it was old it would have been bent back in. and pb is parked like OFF The street    his paralelle park job is so good  so the road was sooo wide. but the guy who owned the car left his keys in his car.  so someone else drove it according to him. but he doesnt know who. or so he says.

but since he didn't report it stolen they think he knwos and wont rat on his friend.
so his car got towed well the cop called the tow truck.  i dotn know if he got towed yet or nto cuz i can't see down at hte end of the street.  too bad billy isn't on. it's right outside his place.

the weird part is when the guy who owned the other car first walked into jesse's garage he asked if they had a lighter. very weird. i thought one of htem must have known him but they didn't.    another funny thing is how the garbage can and hose were strategically placed to cover where the plates should be on sheila's intrepid.

btw since i didn't even plan on taking timmy home after my shower i put on pj shorts and a t shirt.  so i stood oustide in the rain liek this.  boy am i glad i used the hair dryer before taking timmy home....not.

pb has to call his insurance company within 24 hours. (his parents will be here in 8.5 if they are ontime)

those of you that know me will know that this was pulled from an aim conversation mostly because of the multiple spaces instead of punctuation. i added a lot though but didnt' take the time to fix the periods and spacing.

note: those of you that were there or that i todl the story to please feel free to make comments clariflying things i said or adding parts i left out.
wow it's hot

Thursday, October 6, 2005

i dont understand it. finite elements homework is so fun to do.

how did there become so many ltitle bugs in this apartment?

i got an interview for westinghouse. i think they chose 26 for interviews but not sure how many applied.

i've been meaning to work on my psych project but haven't done any since the first week it was assigned. (about mid september)

we went to appleebee's last night for half price appetizers and after we got our bill we learned only certain appetizers were half off and none of the ones we ordered were on the half price list.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005


I've had 5 tests so far this year and am only happy with my grade on 1 of the 4 that i got back.


i'm a slacker all around. a posting slacker and  a homework slacker.

Monday, October 3, 2005


man, i woke up drunk yesterday, so then i was up three hours or so and went back to sleep. i felt better after that. i think it was severe lack of sleep. i was so busy last night i didn't get all my work done. nothing was officially due so it's ok. i've decided to use the delete key and see how that effects my typing (or is it affects?... timmy i'm counting on you to tell me which one)

crap class is over so it's time to leave.

all of my pens from the career fair r not smooth at writing (except 1) it's highly disappointing. who wants to trade em for their good one?

Saturday, October 1, 2005

it olnly took me about 20 tires to opnen seamaigic to ype this
it was my birthday celebration.

some might htink this is bad typing. this is like normal except i didnt hit delete at all.


my nose is all stuffy and i keep blowing it. i hope this isn't the start of getting sick.

Friday, September 30, 2005


so pb bought me a very nice birthday card a month ago that i got a sneek peak at.  well today and last night he couldnt find it.

he'll probably never shop in advance again.


here's how i'm spendign my birthday:
sitting here on aim reading LiveJournals while Dave and my brother play madden 2006 and madden 2004 (for the computer and for gamecube ), respectfully.  we did wander around compusa forawhlie and sam's club for awhile. i got my free burger at red robbin for my birthday.


50 lbs today

Thursday, September 29, 2005

i come back from class expecting to get back into my nap. but my pillows and afghan are being used.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My abs hurt from laughing so hard. so then i decided to do some crunches. boy they were fun. the pain was nice.
i went for a jog w/ maggie tonight.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


2.75 miles
30 minutes
i should try a different preprogram thing next time. this one doesn't make you go with enough resistance ever. none of them do. maybe i should make my own. i kept adding resistence to each of theirs.

i amaze myself

i went to the gym twice today. once to lift weights between classes and then just now to test out the elliptical machine.

the elliptical machine still hurts my foot a lot.
perhaps i should start soaking it or icing it or taking that medicine or learning about that specialist i should go see.


today the doorbell rang. we looked outside and saw a homeless guys cart. so we guessed that he was knocking ot see if he coudl have all the cans and bottles that jesse and sheila have in their driveway in garbage bags.  so i was scared when i went downstairs cuz i saw him so i made pb do it.  he told him they werne't ours. so the guy lit up a cigarette and kept ringing their bell and he was still here when we left for class.  probably a 5 minute time span.  i forgot to check on our way back from class if the cans were still there.

Monday, September 26, 2005


y couldnt i fall asleep last night. grrrrrrrr. i could have been doing somethign else with that 3 hours.

in reaction

to just 2 things about my test

Callie: no one should ever have to have a class like that
Callie: oh my i'm getting grossed out just thinking about such a concept.
SmilinColleen: it's the only psych that woudl fit into my schedule so i took it for my psych minor
Callie: ugh.
Callie: well, you're not stupid.  you're just pure.

Callie: this class sounds like the worst thing ever invented.


i'm so stupid.  ask timmy or pb what about.  wow didn't realize i was that stupid.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


I got a $2 bill today as part of my tip


i got the never ending pasta bowl again yesterday.  2 saturdays in a row. it's great.
then we went to friday's last night.  there was an extreme amount of hot women workign there. it was baffling.
then i watched meet the fockers.
between restaraunts i was watching american pie 2 and then i fell asleep until it was time to go eat again.
gas/electric bill came and it's less than it was at the other smaller apartment 2 summers ago

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


today was slightly better than yesterday.

maybe just cuz all the bad stuff is over.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Somehow my day went from bad to worse. 

It started out with me waking up at 6am with an upset stomach.  I attempted to go back to sleep but that wasn’t working. About a half hour later I took Pepto-Bismol but not the full dosage. It made me want to regurgitate.  I ended up taking 2 partial doses of it over an hour span.  I don’t think I even totaled one whole dosage.  My stomach has felt weird all day but it goes through kicks and will seem fine for awhile.
I ate crackers at 2:30 for my first food of the day (saltines). 

My 10am class isn’t as good as I thought. It’s DMS. The class that we are doing a project for GE for.  Well the group of 6 of us has one kid that is the “group leader” but he really doesn’t’ know anything about thermal and he does things the wrong way or puts his suggestion and it always ends up going that way.  Well we had to turn in a project proposal last Thursday.  I spent over an hour formatting it (like numbering equations, labeling figures, referencing figures (because the group hadn’t and they stole the figures from websites) and adding page breaks instead of hitting enter until you got the heading on the next page.  Well apparently even though I sent out the file before anyone else was even working on it, the group leader didn’t include anything at all that I fixed.  I even put in the body of the e-mail some of the minor things I fixed.  Apparently he didn’t use my copy even though it was the only one updated and he kept working on his.  There was even still an extra period randomly on a new line after a section that I had gotten rid of.  I didn’t know until today about all of this because he never sent out the final copy to everyone before turning it in.  I was discovering more and more things that weren’t included looking at the graded one right at the end of class today.  I was going to go home and see who was on AIM from my group to talk to about it.

I get home and the internet is broken. I figure it’s something w/ cable modem actually being down or something being unplugged.  We are still using the neighbor’s internet. (Yes no cable still)  I did curl up in bed and watch The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful today.  It was pretty fuzzy but I watched it.  So I had to wait until after my 6:00 class for the internet to be back up.  Jesse had been cleaning the closet and organizing the wires so he had everything unplugged and didn’t have time to finish before his 12:00 class which is why our internet was out until 4 which is when he got home.  In class today we got back our “reading quizzes.” I read but the questions were so random and specific I ended up get a 5/10 and this test was worth 5% of our grades.  It’s our first grade.  So there again the day got worse.

Oh getting dressed today I wore sweats and a tank top with a sweatshirt over it.  Dave made fun of me for wearing an RPI sweatshirt and asked if I was trying to look ugly.  I said I was because I wanted people to leave me alone.  It worked.  In psych nobody sat on either side of me so I wasn’t smashed and I could spread out.  I did the tank top under incase I got hot.  I walked home both times taking off the sweatshirt but in the AC I wore the sweatshirt.

After I got home at 6 I was able to confront 2 group members about not including the stuff I did.  I wanted to say “what is the point of me doing anything ever if you don’t include it” but I didn’t. I phrased it nicer.  One of the ones I confronted had nothing to do with it and didn’t get to see or work on the final corrections.  The other kid (not the main one I mentioned earlier but the kid that always works with him) said something to the effect “well if they were minor changes we probably didn’t notice them.” He asked what and I was able to rattle off a list of 5 or so things that weren’t included.  He didn’t seem to see my point of sending out my corrections and explaining why I was working on it when I knew nobody else was.

Also in class my group doesn’t seem to like to hear my input.  I always get cut off. So it makes me just sit there silent a lot.  Well most of the time I don’t really have any further input because we are working on equations on the board or something.  When we do peer evaluations I have no idea what they will think I do though.  One other person in the group doesn’t say much at all but when he does get a word in it’s about a very intelligent idea.  I think I should talk to him and see what he thinks about the group or input.

So the references I added to the titles of figures that were taken from other sites that weren’t included in the report got comments by them saying to reference them.  We also got zinged for our poor “executive summary” even though Dave told them they needed to summarize the report and this and that and they didn’t do that and we were told to do exactly what Dave said to do.  I bet the group didn’t even realize or remember his comments about the report and what we should have been doing differently because everything was right that Dave said.  Dave is usually the one that can get his point across or people will listen when he talks and he even gets cut off or they shoot down all of his comments.  I don’t get it, two of the kids haven’t even taken thermal yet so they don’t even know all they should about the topic.

Then at dinner we made raviolis. Dave bought Italian bread earlier today so we had that too.  Well Dave was cutting right on the bread bag and not being careful.  We have 4 cuts in our very nice/new kitchen table.  I tried that scratch cover stuff that people use for their floors and furniture but it wouldn’t get into the deep narrow grooves. It’s right in the middle of the table so the napkin holder and coasters would cover it up but still if it’s not there it’s really noticeable.  Dave was sad about this.  Not really that he ruined the table but that he thinks I’ll scream and complain and yell about it later.

Another thing with DMS group (this all happened today btw) was that certain group members always take on the extra responsibility of talking to a professor or someone we need to talk to.  And really our whole group shouldn’t go see the person.  But then they don’t have time and don’t get the job done and we get behind because of it. 

We had a conference call with GE today.  We didn’t hear the information we wanted to hear about our questions aka he still couldn’t answer them. 

Tonight from 5-6 the CDC (career development center) had a workshop for seniors looking for a job.  I forget the exact description but it was very applicable to me and I couldn’t go because I was in class.

Well after DMS and before psych I was trying to do homework but it was so hard to concentrate because I hadn’t been able to get off my chest to my DMS group about them not including my stuff.  I did get a lot of my reading done today that I needed to get done.

OK that was today

Yesterday I got to work a few minutes early.  I mainly did all of Hollie’s side work while she was out smoking. I just work when I get there what needs done and she lucks out.  Then from about 3:30-4:30 I didn’t have a single table.  Then from 4:30-7 I made $3 so they finally let me leave early.  There was another server on.  I was scheduled until 8.  Ryan the other server kept yelling at me when we were slow for doing this and that.  I said “what else am I supposed to do.”  I was filling the ice even though it wasn’t that low, etc.  But then when I had to do my side work to leave all I had left was the salad bar to fill.  The one person I like to work with got to leave early so I didn’t even get to work with him.

Tomorrow is the season finale of Big Brother.  I’m kind of disappointed that the person I liked in the final three lost the tie breaker in the competition and then got rid of the girl I liked. 

I have class tomorrow at 8:30 and usually end up wanting to hit snooze and not get a shower in the morning but my hair looks better when I shower in the morning versus at night.  I’m trying to decide now which I should do.

Tomorrow for PD3 they have “key executives” coming to class to grade us while we do fake interview questions or fake scenario questions.  I’m nervous about that because of my dad today and my lack of concentration.


my stomach doesnt feel good. this started aroudn 6am. i'm tired. i'm hot now.
today i dressed in a polysweatshirt and my new athletic pants so i was all comfy like and maybe people would leave me alone.  at least that worked.

i looked at our proposal for dms. i made all kinds of changes to make the paper look better and liek numbered the equations and stuff and aparen tly the final copy didn't incorporate any of these changes. i'm mad and someone needs to hear about it. what's the point of me working on anything if it doesnt get incorporated.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


i am a polytechnician: proof

more later

man such a good story at olive garden but i'm too tired to type it now.

but it entailed free desserts

Friday, September 16, 2005


no cable again.
long involved story.
involving  an e-mail from the landlord, cable guy coming, pounding a hole in the way, cable guy not installing cable, cable guy leaving, us being mad.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

i was told my hair looked like a librarian today

work schedules

so I knew I got the wrong work schedule so I was waiting to call back to get it from someone else on a different day.  Well it was Nate again. So I just pretended I couldn't remember what it was.  He told me again.  Friday 5-cl and Sunday 2-8 even though last time he said Tuesday 5:00-9:30. The only thing I wonder about is that this is the same exact schedule I had last week.  I'm glad I didn't just assume he told me the right schedule last time.
the rain did not hold off while i was walking home from class today.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


it's 88 degrees upstairs and 80 downstairs.


i'm fed up.  my jaw is getting sore. i guess i'm grinding my teeth.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


and now semagic is installed on the new laptop.
i've also installed google toolbar for firefox and ie.


i installed office and aim on my new laptop. dave also installed firefox.
i still need to instal semagic. i will save that for a time when peopel are talkign to me (aka a time i can't concentrate on work)


so i planned on taking a nap and then getting a shower between classes today. but i decided to nix the nap and just work on a bunch of stuff for classes.  now i feel i'm running out of time.  i also have to eat.  now i feel too rushed. even though it's nothing that has to be done today.  maybe i should put thes down for a minute and reveiw for my "reading quiz" at noon. that's probably why i feel rushed.

i need to purchase a binder. i probably had more at hoem i didnt' bring too.
My new computer should arrive after 5:00 today.

Monday, September 12, 2005


i should start cropping these pictures with a ratio to make them the same size.  but then i think that would be wasted space. hmmm


I was looking in the mirror today thinking I wish my hair was longer and with more layers.  I can put more layers in now.  I was debating getting the scissors and doing it right then, but decided to wait a little.  I wish I knew someone to give me another perm.  I know someone at home but Thanksgiving is too far away.


my foot is only slightly swollen from the plantar fascitis (o no i forget how that's spelled).

yesterday i hit every light green on my way to work. i think i got there in about 8 minutes.  when i got there i asked if it would be a sign to a good night.  or somethign ot that effect. but i didnt' define good.  if good was make lots of money i was right.  if good is not being in pain then i was wrong.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


well dave fell down thesteps outside. a bit scraped up. one knee bad.
my foot is quite swollen


freakign weird time at the hut tonight. s hort handed and busier than we've been in awhile.

Tonight was awful.  Well I was scheduled 2-8.  But Alli was sick so they wanted to send her home.  She just had her appendix out. But they needed someone to cover her production shift.  They couldn’t find anyone. They wanted me to do production so Alli could go home but I didn't want to do that and make like nothing.  So we made a deal that Ryan the closing server would go into the back since he’s not a strong server and he’s pretty decent at production.  So then I was serving myself.  Lately we haven’t been to busy.  Well tonight was different. I had about 13 tables max at one point.  For a 2 hour span I had 10 tables minimum and I was answering the phone and taking orders because the new workers weren’t doing it.  Well the 2 new guys working kept messing up my orders and taking forever and I think Ryan was bitter about going into the back and so he kept standing around doing nothing while one of the new guys was making millions of orders and getting way behind.  Then a table comes in 10 minutes before we close. They were rude from the start about waiting to be seated (and by waiting I mean waiting the 3 seconds while I put down my tray to seat them).  They were so mean and rude and complained about everything.  Then I was done with all my side work and they didn’t leave.  I was there until 10.  If it wasn’t for them I would have been done by about 9:20.  These rude people were in their early 20s.  Usually rude people are old and it’s more expected.  I kept trying to hurry them along.  They didn’t’ leave until 10:10.  I even asked the manager at one point if I could leave and they would clean up after the table.  The manager said yes but I ended up staying wondering what tip I would get out of them.  I got a 12% tip ($3).  At one point they asked if we were closed.  A little later they asked if I was waiting to leave.  (These were shortly before they left.)

Also the old general manager’s wife, kids, and boyfriend were there tonight.  The kids were loud.  My table also complained about them.  But then later the old GM came in to ask if they were there and to see how that went.  He’s still living w/ this wife though.  It’s crazy.

On top of that it's the 6th time I've worked since i came back and it's the 6th different way I wore my hair.
look new LJ picture
May 28, 2005

I have the complaint that it changes all old pictures posted with "default picture" even if that photo is still one of my three but no longer default picture.
aparently this is the time of year that i'm always sad according to pb.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


dinner sucked. i was mad before going. i wanted to go to olive garden and get there earlyish so we wouldn't have to wait hours.  well gravester and jcal are too good to eat dinner at 5 so they say we have to leave later. i invite them. they have to make allt he decisions and pick the place. we had to wait an hour at carrabba's and it sucked. our table was in this corner and my hair kept getting attacked by these fake plants. next time jcal and gravester arent' goign to be invited our they will be just told aout it last and i wont accomodate them at all.* the best part was killing time in target. i'm sick of me coming up with an idea but they have to amke all the decisions and change the plans and think it's cool to do that.

now i'm fed up and bored.  nobody will do anythign with me. everyone already has plans or they sit at home doing nothing.  i cleaned up earlier in boredom. i dotn want to do homework on a saturday night which is why i'm bored.

* i can say these things because i'm making this a friends only post so they wont be reading it.
60 upstairs and 62 downstairs this morning. nowonder i'm freezing.

Friday, September 9, 2005


so we had advanced heat transfer review quiz today.  aparently he gave out solutions when people left. but he didnt' give me one.  so i think i found an error in his solution on one problem, but the other oproblem i did somethign the long way instead of interpolating to a guess. but that came out wrong.  or at least different. i don't know how many points it will be wroth.  iw ould e-mail the TA but i dont know his name.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

these 2 recliners are the weirdest recliners i've ever seen.  they r super hard to recline. impossible while u r sitting. but they can go down while sitting but you have to work hard and then you fling and almost fall out of hte chair. come check them out.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

2 new recliners were acquired. i hope they dry out ok


I'm so tired. I had 3 mini naps today. One in Advanced Heat Transfer, then one in the library after that class, then one in Finite Elements.  I stayed awake in PD3.  Our PD3 is awful.  It's worse than the other classes.  We have to stand up when we talk every single time.  No other class does that or should I say no other section of the same class.  I have things I woudl say but I wont because of that.  Then she tells us how we answered the question and our posture etc. She critiques us.  Then we had a group meeting today.  It was pretty productive.  I have to write a paper but at least it's not worth a grade or at least the sylabus doesnt show it to be worth a grade. I also have a review test Friday. Crazy. I have to review a lot.

I want to put up a more recent picture for here. out of all three of mien the newest is 2 years old. one is 3 years old and the other is about 3.5 years old.

Today I had a tough time waking up for class at 8:30 now tomorrow I have to be at GE at 8 which means we are leaving here at 7:15. Oh boy.

Monday, September 5, 2005

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Ryan keeps dissing my car because I bought  NEW car versus used and because it "looks like a station wagon"

Friday, September 2, 2005

i worked 6 hours tonight but the last 45 minutes were cleaning up and side work. i made about 4.60 in the first 2.25 hours. but i ended up with 65.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

today is the first dya i wore this bracelet. i put ti on at 1
it broke just now


So instead of doing my homework due at 4 i thought i needed to catch up on LJ reading.  I still have about 6 left but I think i must get to doing other stuff.
I bit/broke off all my finger nails. They were long and pretty 2 weeks ago.
I dont seem to like my classes already. It's low humidity today so I tested out my new hot rollers. I dont think they curl very much but the same level as at home.  There's still spts taht have the crimped look from my perm. 

I wish all this junk was put away so i coudl focus on my studies instead of constantly cleaning up/picking up.  I want my laser printer hooked up. I think I'm going to temporarly put it on the floor and plug it into my computer. I still need to isntal it on this one.

This morning Dave was checking the delivery status of his new desktop since his desktop broke and then his laptop froze up and he held down teh power button and now it wont turn on or anything.  So two of his computers broke.  And Shady broke this summer.

Please note that I used some capital letters if nto all fo them where they should be in this post, that i used a subject, and that i put a mood.  If only I was listening to music I could go all out.


i came home from class. unloaded the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher, hand washed a few things, put made ice in bins and made new ice, ate lunch and right now i'm writing my rent check due today. class was over at 11:50.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gas Prices

so gas is 3.09 or 3.05 now. 3 was my cut off so guess i'm not going anywhere anymore.


gas was 22 cents cheaper 2 hours before we bought it today.

Internet and Heat

being without internet sucks. it's hot too. i ventured to the union to get cool and to get internet.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

the dresser is not put together. it's kind of a shady dresser.

Monday, August 29, 2005


wow. i was ready to do work. it didn't work out. first dave woudnt give me my book back. it was interesting or something. then we got timmy to help move a fridge upstairs. then ended up cooking on jesse's grill but pb wanted it cleaned. well jesse took that as meaning a hardcore cleannig and wasted overa  half hr cleaning. then it took forever to cook it and then forever to eat it and it was magically 2 hours later. then i went to timmy's to get some books he had for dave. also right before i got timmy we were just about to start putting the dresser together. well now that's all over the floor. i'm too tired todo it tonight. ugh

note the dave and pb usage here. that's jus twhat came to me.
it's like i have to do actual unpacking w/o the internet working
went toclass. my feet got stained from my shoes from walking through the grass that was wet. i'm still trying to figure out how to get my feet back to normal. my internet keeps breaking so after class i was forced to nap instead of doing my homework.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


classes tomorrow.
dave's computer broke. we dont know what's wrong with ti. it kept shutting down. but not from overheating. then all this text was going across the screen over his game.

Capital Letters

I realized I'm the only one of my friends that doesn't use capital letters when posting. I should start. It's so annoying though. I'm not used to it.
i hate when i have someone elses computer hijacked because I can't comment in people's LJ w/o logging theother person out

Saturday, August 27, 2005


i put together the tv stand, night stand, and coffee table. i should have started with my desk. i want to at least do that before sleep. we will see
desk, tv stand, end table with lamp, coffee table, dresser have been purchased.
i started putting together the end table with lamp. i'm on teh next to the last step. it's weird and they tell u to do stuff in teh wrong order but the last 2 screws going into the base can't go in based on the crookedness of the support. so i'm decidign what to do before i attach the lamp.


I've been slacking at posting because I haven't set up my computers yet. I've also been slacking at taking my daily pictures. I have taken some, but I haven't loaded any.

We're heading to office max so I can buy a desk. My dad carried 2 TVs in from the car today for me but I need one upstairs. The room is a lot cleaned up but there's a lot of work to be done. Gravester and JCal might be coming over tonight. I want to clean up a little more before they get here. But as long as my computer is set up a lot will be cleaned up already. Well, actually, I work tomorrow night so I want most of it cleaned up and put together before classes. I have class Monday at 10. I think I will wake up early and buy some books before class.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


sleep, pack, load car, move couch, help with stuff, funeral home place, dave's for funeral stuff, drive to troy

this would be my away message if i was leaving the laptop on
i hear i got a fudge delivery. but i have to wait a day to get it.
btw that post from 11:59 last night was relaly at 12:01 this morning but i did'tn want to miss a days for hte post so i altered the date and time.
and now from this meaningless post i have today covered too.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


i'm quite the posting slacker.
i found a computer desk i like at office max. my stomach feels weird. i feel like i should be helping out more and doing more things and more comforting. I sewed a stuffed animal back to health today. Next the bathroom needs cleaning. Most other stuff is done. I want to know why the death notice is in the paper but not on-line.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sunday, August 21, 2005

my phone broke earlier today. it died mid call and the screen went out on the inside and the outside one was stuck on 24 seconds. We put it in the freezer. then it worked but only for about 6 more hours. I tried the reezer again but not for long enough. i didnt want ot leave it in overnight. now it gets stuck on teh screen "downloading mode" it did that eralier today too.
i bought fried green tomatoes dvd tonight. otherwise my walmart/target trip was uneventful. i want a computer desk. we also need another tv stand. There are only 13 boxes left ot unpack. they would be unpacked if there was a computer desk. A dresser would also help. I realized our apt doesnt have ceiling lights. that sucks.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


last time my throat hurt this bad i lost 9 lbs.


ask me about what sucks personally and i'll tell u.

aim counts as personally.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Monday, August 15, 2005

week 5 of matching isn't going as well. a lot of people are forgetting or not having the right clothes.
i coulg barely get my shoe on this morning. My blister hurt so bad. It felt better in my New Balance. I did walk at lunch.  I also went to the model shop and did a lot of walking around there.  It still hurt but not as bad.  I worked late today.

My final presentation went alright.  It kind of went better and worse than I expected.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


my mom laughed at us today. cuz we were hitting apples into the woods with a wiffleball bat and having so much fun with it. i'm still sore from doing that 2 days ago. i got this huge blister on my left big toe. next time i weill wear my new balance and not my sandals. the blister skin was all pealed and buched up before i found it. i actually took off my shoe in teh grass and then still played w/o looking at it. (timmy was pitching to me and i was hitting them). that's probably the first time in 20 years i was outside in the grass in my barefeet. the blister still stings constantly. that hs to be my biggest blister ever. also i practically never wear sandals (granted these sandals dont even show my toes.  even with the blister it was tons of fun. carl came over too. i think next time we will buy another bat. we only have 1 good one. we even shook lots of apples from the tree when we ran out. we had a heaping 5 gallon bucket full, then about half bucket full, then heaping bucket full and about 15 extra that wouldnt fit in.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


this has got to be the best year with birhtday presents and my birthday is still over a month away. first i get a really nice tool set and a slip (to replace my 2nd grade slip) then today i got silk stalkings season 1 dvds. (6 dvd set for 22 episodes)  o i watched the pilot earlier tonight. such a good show. i dont know how i'm going to do any school work this year with all these tv shows i have to watch.
i matched my shirt to my nailpolish today all by myself. i'm very proud.

Friday, August 12, 2005

i just painted my nails. not cuz it's a pretty color. actually it's ugly. but because i came across the nailpolish while hunting for my pizza hut name tag (to pack it in the same place as my apron). it's called golden khaki.

krinin's ring

how pretty

(i hope she doesnt mind i put it here.)


a little over a week ago our 29 year old microwave broke. it broke the same way 10 years ago. 10 years ago we bought a new microwave to repalce it and then grandma said to hit it so we did and it worked. so we returned the micrwoave.  this time we tried hitting it. it ididnt' work. so we bought a new one. put the old out out in teh trash. timmy woke up at 6am today to go steal it. he was goign to give it to sara. well then he hit it around a little. and it works now. mommy wants it back. she said it was 10 years left in it. but the new one is better.  she said but this is like burying a dog that isn't dead.  so we will have to see if she swaps them out.