Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Shirt: NY&Co, Jeans: F21, Shoes: Aldo, Necklace: Lia Sophia, Earrings: Target (I think)

I slept in. At one point Dave invited Dave into bed with me and we slept together. He was up for a few hours before I got up.  I got dressed as soon as I woke up. I haven't done that in months.
We went to Olive Garden, 2 malls, and DXL.  We didn't buy anything. I was looking for shoes. Dave was looking for a jacket and jeans.  We were gone from the house for over 6 hours. Oh we did quickly go to Safeway on our way home.  At one of the malls we went to the train was different than I'd ever seen. It didn't have a track and just went around the entire floor of the mall. I wanted to buy light wheat bread but the only light wheat cost 4.99 for a loaf. Seems a little crazy. Does your grocery store have a selection of light wheat? Is it reasonably priced?

I wore cute shoes and got a blister on my bunion and then the skin wore off before I got out a bandaid. I had other shoes in the car so after the first mall I changed into my boat shoes.
I watched TV, had tuna for dinner, and watched more TV. I did a little programming and laundry in there but I fell asleep during the programming lecture and I had to do the load of laundry twice because Dave had a chocolate mint in his pocket and that got all over the clothes.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week X of Y Training (10.20 -10.28)

I need to find my race to know what I'm training for and then depending on when that race is, I will know what week into the training I am up to.

Monday: 1.5 mile walk with Dave

Tuesday: Ran then later did weights.  I actually did legs for weights. I haven't done that in awhile but I also added more than I had been doing. I have slowly been adding more so I didn't kill myself with being sore everywhere.

Wednesday: I ran with Hilary.  We did a different loop at Bay Trail and for the last 2 miles of it, the trail had way more stones. It reminded me of running in sand. There was one tire track that had less stones but that's where Hilary ran. I could tell it was winding me a lot more than usual because of how little you actually get to push up.  I guess it made the run seem a lot harder and become a better workout.

Thursday: I worked out for over an hour. I did the elliptical while I read 2 chapters, which took 22 minutes.  Then I did weights. Then I ran 1 mile on the treadmill in 8:13.
BMF during my workout on Thursday

Friday: I only did abs

Saturday: I spent hours walking around a few different malls but I did not actually have a designated workout.

Sunday: I rested. I got a bad blister on my bunion on Saturday and just to bend my foot it hurt.  I didn't even attempt to put a shoe on all day.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this week.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Shirt: American Eagle, Pants: F21, Sandals: Kohl's, Necklace: Sears
I didn't wear the outfit for long because as soon as I started cooking, I got sauce on my clothes.
I woke up close to 9am. I started waking up at 6am but kept going back to sleep.  I went to sleep so early that my body just wanted to wake up.  After I got up, I blogged and cropped pictures for 2 hours.   I had a few draft posts but needed the pictures to go along with them. I took care of those. I also cropped pictures for my calendar site. Now September is updated. I still have to finish October.

Dave was home sick but he spent most of the day in bed.  I watched some TV. I ran.  I called my mom to ask a quick question about hot sauce and then talked to her for over an hour.  I went to Safeway.
I cooked Stuffed Pepper Soup. It was good.  The rice was my least favorite part. I should have made more rice. I forgot how my mom used to make extra rice that I'd put into the soup. I also like my soup thicker than normal so I didn't put as much water in when making it.

We watched TV.  We went to sleep at a decent hour.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Shirt: Loft, Jeans: F21, Shoes: Macy's, Necklace: Lia Sophia
The coloring is weird in the hallway so when I used "I'm Feeling Lucky" in picasa to fix the orange walls, my jeans look way darker than they were.  Also with whatever settings I was using on my camera, I needed up making my face look extra light. Oh well. I should walk down 3 flights of stairs and go outside one of these days.
We went to BJ's for a late lunch. I love their pizza. I didn't like their meatballs as much this time. They also came so late. Dave ate his entire salad and I still didn't get my meatballs. Then I got them and didn't even eat one before the pizza came. Once the delicious pizza showed up, I didn't even want the meatballs.  They changed how they server their pizza. They used to serve it in the pan but now they serve it on a plate.  They also have a new hand tossed pizza but we love the pan so much we won't be trying anything new.

(The gut picture is of my gut after eating.)
I probably watched TV the rest of the day but I can't remember.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Birthday (9.30)

For those of you keeping track, I turned 29 at the end of September.  Many people always say they are 29 so maybe I'll be 29 forever.

I watched TV all day. Dave asked if I wanted to go anywhere and I did not. I did request he make me a cake. I also wanted Pizza Hut.  The cake didn't raise as much as normal.  The pizza was not good; It was definitely not double pepperoni and I think they forgot half the cheese.   I did enjoy my leftovers from Tomatina's. Poly hung out with me all day. I like it when she sleeps beside me. Sometimes my arm falls asleep and I can't move it but I still like it.

My birthday was good in that I got to watch TV and that is what I wanted to do but really I would have wanted to do something else but we lack in things to do. We can't spend money. I don't have friends around here. I don't do things anymore. I don't scrapbook or make cards. I want to sew but my sewing machine is somewhere in storage. The apartment always seems to be a mess and I want it to be clean without having to clean it myself.

I have a few store credit cards and they all send me birthday coupons but I couldn't use any of them this year. Well I guess I could have tried to find something for just over $10 and then gotten $10 off of that but you know stores never have things that workout like that so I would have ended up spending a lot more. It was sad to not use them.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Week 8 - Training (10.1 - 10.21)

(well multiple weeks worth since initial Week 8 was lacking but I wanted to post this because I started writing it and I liked the image)
Previous Summaries
I have been more of a slacker with posting about my runs than I have been about running and I've been a pretty big slacker about running.

I won't say what all the training plans said to do because I clearly didn't follow even close.
See details below. 

Monday: I went to the gym and did weights for upper body.  I did 30 minutes. I used the machines plus did biceps and triceps with free weights.  (I forgot to do back exercises.)

Tuesday: I used the elliptical for 21 minutes while reading.  I was on a strict time table by the time I went to the gym so I didn't have time to go longer. 

Wednesday (10/4):   I again went to the gym.  I used the elliptical for a 10 minute warm-up then did weights for my legs.  It was my first leg weight routine in probably a couple months. I only worked out for a half hour but since it was my first leg workout in awhile, I didn't want to overdo it. I did leg curl, leg extension, squats, and lunges. I can't believe it actually took that long to lift but I did time it.

Thursday: I ran and I did weights.

Then I had 4 rest days in a row. I guess I couldn't have my good start to October continue.

Tuesday: I ran 2.16 miles.  I also did weights and foam roller later in the day. 
Wednesday: I ran with Hilary at Bay Trail. I had to make her stop running at 3 miles because I've been too much of a slacker lately. We walked the last mile back to the car. 
Then I had 2 rest days

Saturday: I did elliptical and weights. 

Then I had 3 rest days in a row. (I'm a slacker.)

Wednesday (10/17): I ran with Hilary.  It was really hot. We decided to do a smaller loop because it was so hot.  California weather spoils us and 86 degrees was just too hot.

Thursday:  I ran right before lunch for a quick 1 mile.  Then later in the day I went to the gym and used the elliptical, did weights, and ran .5 miles on the treadmill.
Then I had 2 rest days again!

Sunday: I ran with Hilary and already posted that. We did a total of 5.16 miles but walked .5 of that.

Total Miles: 17.28 miles
That's 3 weeks of running and that mileage total is actually less than any of the plans week 8 training.

Final Thoughts:
If I was actually keeping track the run on 10/21 should have ended week 13 of training. Good thing I wasn't able to do the race or I might have died trying to finish it.  I am so out of shape.  At least I am lifting weights more and doing some cross training. I'm not getting the miles in but at least I'm doing something. I'm still doing less than I want to but I'm getting back into it. September was an awful month and I'm trying to get back into it.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


(I wrote this almost a month ago but it was sitting in my draft posts.)
The day started off on a better note than any have in a long time.  I woke up at 7:30 AM when Dave was getting ready for work.  I used my laptop in bed for about an hour.   I watched some TV.  If it was like any normal day I would have watched TV all day but I didn't. I also finally read some emails and replied to some.

I went for a run near noon.

I made some collages. I blogged a bit. I read some blogs. I cropped some daily pictures.  I did all these things that I haven't done in ages.  These are all normal everyday things but I haven't done them in ages.

I cleaned up some boxes on the office floor that haven't been cleaned up since we moved in.  I vacuumed the floor.
I had to play with Poly a lot. She was super annoying.

I'm surprised how normal the day was. I started watching Heartland. There are a few seasons of it so maybe I won't finish it in a day like the last series I watched. {I took over a week to watch all 5 seasons.}

I did a lot of little things that take a minute or two to do but I haven't been doing them (like getting the mail, putting pizza boxes in the dumpster, etc)

Dave and I went to Five Guys for dinner. I told him he'd be proud of what all I did throughout the day. I then went on to tell him I only watched 6.5 episodes of TV. He was impressed by that.
I downloaded picstitch for my iphone and tried it out. I didn't play too much because I don't have that many pictures on my iPhone. Do you have any apps dealing with pictures? What are your favorites?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Shirt: VS, Jeans: F21, Belt: Kohl's, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Earrings: Target
I need better shoes.

I woke up and ran. Well waking up was a little rough. I set a few alarms and even set the timer on my phone. I just wanted to keep sleeping.

I got home and analyzed some data and then decided to go lift weights before showering. I might as well get 2 workouts in for 1 shower.  Not eating at all wasn't the best idea so the last few things I did, I only did one set.
We went out to lunch and went to Baja Fresh. I miss the Baja Fresh close to our apartment. They are putting in a Boudin where it used to be.  Then we went to Walmart to see if they had foods that Safeway, Target, Lucky, Sprouts, and Whole Foods don't have. Walmart was the worst. It is not worth it. They didn't really have different stuff anyway.  We went to Whole Foods after.  I got home and had to rest on the couch for a few hours to recover from Walmart.  Walmart was too crowded. If I never go back, I'd be fine with it.
I watched a few episodes of Psych.  Dave went and picked up pizza and we watched the Steeler game.  I cannot believe how the Steelers suck this year.  They won but the first half just made me scared the entire time. I was scared for every play.

Evening football is so much better on the West Coast. It doesn't end so late.  I still watched TV after.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I woke up and played Solitaire in bed. I took over a month off without playing it at all so I wasn't very good. I used to win 90% of the games but I think I lost 90%.  Then I watched an episode of Psych.
I went to my computer and did a few things.

I went for a quick run.  I ate lunch. I watched some TV.
I did some cleaning. I did the laundry. I probably watched more TV but can't remember.
At 3:30, I went to the gym. I used the elliptical while reading. Then I lifted weights. Then I went to run a half mile on the treadmill while reading.  It was a little harder to do. I still managed to run at 6.0 mph. I ran before while reading a normal book and I could only go for a minute or 2 before I had to walk because my eyes couldn't take reading such fine print.  At least with a kindel you can make the font larger.  Next time I might even go a little larger.  I only ran a half mile. That was my plan though so it wasn't like I was cutting it short.
I got back showered, and then started cooking dinner.

I made roasted potatoes and hot dogs. I also heated up some beef thing for Dave (some refrigerator prepackaged meal type deal).  (Dave filled up the gas tank on his way home from work.) We watched Rachel Maddow and then the Last Word.    Then I watched the Mentalist. I didn't remember anything that happened last year so I rewatched the season finale before watching the first episode of this year.   I wanted to watch a 2nd episode but I decided to go to my computer and do another chapter in my programming book.

Workout clothes: Tank: Kohl's, Carpis: Target
Normal outfit: Shorts: American Eagle, Top: Express, Sandals: Kohl's

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Long Run (That wasn't long) 10.21

I ran somewhere new today. Hilary picked me up so I wouldn't have to find it on my own. There were hills involved. Granted they were overpasses. Some were pretty scary. My fear of heights kicked in.

We started out way too fast.  I didn't feel as dead as I expected.  It was my longest run in over 1.5 months.  I thought 4 miles was a good goal but Hilary has been running a lot further so when she asked me how far I wanted to run I said 4-5 miles.  She thought that meant I wanted to run 5 miles.   We ran 2.5 miles out and turned around.

After 3.75 miles we walked for .25. Then we ran for .5, walked for .25 then ran the last bit.  I kept my timer running the entire way.  We walked because Hilary's allergies were bothering her but I didn't mind. I thought I might die if we ran the entire thing.

I'm surprised our pace was so good considering the walking.  I was trying to explain the Galloway method to Hilary. I told her we are going to try it out for a long run.  Walking before you are dead is really helpful and you can go much further.  Every time I'm way out of shape, I use the method for my first pretty long run and it helps build my confidence. I am in need of that right now.  

Today would have been the 5k or 10k that I wanted to run. Based on past years I would have placed in my age group and if I didn't become a slacker since the beginning of September, I might have even placed overall for females. Ugh. Maybe next time I'll do it.

I liked the trail because it was in the shade about half the time.  I didn't like some of the overpasses because of my fear of heights.  This one bridge was even wood and you could feel the give in all the boards. I did not like that.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

10.14 and 10.15

I started Sunday off being pretty productive.  I was learning. I was doing things at my computer.  Dave and I went to the farmers market and Safeway.

I napped.

It all went downhill once I started watching Nikita.  I continued to watch it all night.  At one point I was even in bed but couldn't sleep so I got out and continued to watch.
Dave woke up at 4 and yelled at me. He woke up and went to work and yelled at me then too. Apparently I'm supposed to sleep.

Around 5pm I started to get tired. At 6, I stopped watching TV and ate dinner with Dave.  He brought home Taco Bell since he drove to work.  I fell asleep watching TV after.  Dave tried to wake me up to be awake when he was home. He was getting mad.  I went to sleep for the night though.

This was my third all nighter in the past month. I only ever had one all nighter before that.

Nikita is a good show. They don't play out a story line to death and changed what they were up to for season 2. It reminds me of Prison Break. They changed the story line and it still fits. I mean with Prison Break you can only break out of Prison so many times.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10.7 and 10.8

I watched TV all day but pretty stupid shows.
Late at night I started watching Hart of Dixie.  23 episodes later I still hadn't slept.   I napped around 5pm.  I was watching Raising Hope at that point and looking into another series to start up.
I watched politics with Dave and then fell asleep while he put on the X Factor.  Then I went into bed and slept for a good 10 hours.

Dave was sick all weekend but stayed home sick. He slept in and took medicine and could almost breathe out of his nose by the end of Monday.  We didn't hang out at all. When he got out of bed, he turned on the TV in the living room and I couldn't hear my TV through my headphones so I went into bed thinking I'd fall asleep but after a couple episodes I got back up and he wasn't in the living room anymore. He was in the office so then I was in the living room.   Around lunch I put on workout clothes but never did workout.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10.4 - Kindle Presentation

 Necklace: Target, Shirt and Jeans: F21, Sandals: Kohl's
The pants are too big in the waist/butt area but are good in the thighs. The tightness in the thighs helps hold them up.  I also wore a belt and tried to wear a shirt that would hide it. I only wore these for a couple hours and by the end they were really big. They were freshly washed and dried and only put on minutes before these pictures so they didn't have time to stretch out as bad as they were at the end of the 4 hours.
I only wore these pants 1 other time and that time I got Marsala sauce on them. I tried many things and washed them many times and the stain just didn't time out. I gave them one more try about a week ago and it finally came out.
I woke up before 9 and had quite a few emails.  Lately I haven't been getting any so it was nice to have some from some real people.  I watched a little TV.  I made some phone calls.  I did some things on my to-do list.  I went for a run at 11:30.

I ate lunch. I ate a lot because nothing is satisfying me anymore so I keep eating and eating trying to be satisfied and I'm not. (I also gained 5 lbs.) I cleaned the bathrooms. I even cleaned the mirrors. The tub we haven't used yet is all dusty so I should probably wipe that down but I didn't. 
I did laundry.  I actually put it away. I've had laundry in the clean clothes laundry basket for weeks and I never get to the socks at the bottom. Well I did a lot of those.

I went to Google to meet 2 of Dave's coworkers, then we ate dinner there.  I stressed over what to wear because now that I leave the house so infrequently I don't know what people wear.  Then I went to this RPI presentation.  One of the creators of Kindle spoke. We went around the room to introduce ourselves and said our name, major, year of graduation, and when you came to California. Another guy was there from 2006 and I recognized him.  I was going to go talk to him after but he disappeared when I was signing in. I think the oldest person graduated in 63.  It was actually a quick 2 hours. Usually I'd be fighting falling asleep by the end but I couldn't believe all the time had passed. It was more of a Q&A and I enjoyed that. He also passed around a few things too.

I watched TV after I got home for a few hours.

Monday, October 8, 2012

9.13 and 9.14

I woke up near 9 and started watching Dawson's Creek in bed.  Then when my laptop battery got down to 10%, I headed to the living room to plug it in and watch on the TV.  Before I knew it, it was 1 so I had to eat. Then next thing I knew it was 5 and I hadn't run.

Dave texted me that he was going out to dinner with coworkers so I figured I'd keep watching since I was so close to the end of the season.  I ended up not running. I had 1.5 episodes left when Dave got home.  We watched Big Brother and we sat cuddled on the couch where he told me about his day (and his day Wednesday).  I also told him about my day but of course that doesn't take as long.

I watched the rest of Dawson's Creek. I was glad Pacey ended up with Joey. Now that I'm done I can google some things about the show or characters.  Before if I wanted to look something up, I didn't for fear it'd ruin the ending.

I started watching Live Unexpected. I watched both seasons.  I never actually went to sleep.
During the day on Friday I did some productive things but still watched a ton of TV. I saw season 2 of Life Unexpected before so I could do other stuff at the same time more than usual. I stayed up past 11 PM. That's my second all nighter ever. Both for no good reasons.
At one point during the day I heard fire whistles and I thought they were close. I peaked outside.  I saw the start of the fire before the fire trucks showed up.  I took some pictures but had to go back inside because I didn't like breathing the smoke. I went back outside a few more times and took some other pictures.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I watched TV all day.


I woke up around 9:30 and watched TV all day. I had leftover pizza for lunch and dinner. I also had a midnight snack of toast.

I finished Season 1 of Dawson's Creek and started Season 2. OK I got a good way through it by staying up past 6:30 AM.
I woke up around 10 then watched more TV. I only took a break to go to Panera for lunch.  I mainly watched Dawson's Creek but also watched the Steeler game.

I went to sleep around 5.

I was going to go to sleep at 2 but the show just gets better and better. I root for Pacey. I am curious what people thought throughout the show but won't let myself google too much for fear of ruining the last 2 seasons.
I watched Dawson's Creek all day.  I fell asleep near 3am.
I watched Dawson's Creek almost all day. I got out of bed before 9am. I was proud of that.  I did a few other things besides that though. I went to the grocery store. It was so bright outside I could barely handle it.  I have been closing the blinds in the living room to see the TV better so it hasn't been bright at all during the day.   I watched Big Brother and Rachel Maddow with Dave after we had dinner so I didn't get back to season 4 soon enough.  I watched almost all of Season 4 in a single day.

It's funny in TV shows you can't have the people you want together to be together because then there is no conflict and you need some conflict to make the show good and have people keep watching it.  I won't google anything about the show for fear of ruining the later seasons.   So far for a couple seasons I've been rooting for Pacey.  I wonder what will happen.  I'm intrigued to see how Season 5 is when they are off at different colleges. According to all other high school shows they always have some magic college that most of the cast goes to.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Workout Goals

I'm keeping all the goals the same as I did in August even though I didn't meet a bunch in August  (and I didn't meet any in September).
  1. Complete 16 cardio workouts (running, exercise bike, elliptical, or workout video)  
  2. Complete 13 core workouts 
  3. Frequency: Run 12 times. 
  4. Distance: Run 60 total miles 
  5. Workout with Dave 5 times. 
  6. Lift weights 10 times. 
  7. Exercise 5 times that aren't considered cardio above (mainly thinking about walks here that don't fit in anywhere) 
  8. Have 3 double workout days (morning + evening, lunch + evening, etc) 
  9. Stretch for 10 consecutive minutes 2 times  
  10. Do foam roller exercises 3 times 
  11. Do yoga 1 time.
I have a few other goals that are related to exercise but aren't me working out.
  1. Have a photo shoot to get some athletic pictures for at the top of this post.
  2. No more than 12 rest days all month (stretching or doing foam roller exercises means it is not a rest day)  
  3. No more than 3 consecutive rest days. (the only change. It was 2 days before)
If you are curious how they compare month to month, you can look at old months or I might post my excel file.  I used to put in parenthesis what the old months goals were and if I met them but that cluttered it all up too much.

Friday, October 5, 2012


I started the day watching Psych.  I watched a few but since there is no plot going between episodes I didn't think I wanted to be watching it all day.

I started watching New Girl Season 1 so that I could start with season 2 since we record it.

I went to the gym and read while using the elliptical. I didn't have a lot of time so I only did 20 minutes. That 20 minutes was pretty tiring.  I'm also not used to reading while working out.

I went to Google for dinner.  It wasn't as good as it has been in the past.

Dave and I watched TV when we got home. Then he went to sleep and I watched more TV. I eventually fell asleep on the couch sitting up.
Shirt: Sam's Club, Belt: Target, Jeans: F21, Shoes: Famous Footwear
I wore my skinny jeans for the first time in a long time. It was so hot I went with a sleeveless shirt. I was surprised when I got to Google and people had on coats. I think heels are better with skinny jeans on me but I didn't know how much walking Dave would have me do so I went with flats.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


The fire alarm woke me up. It ended up being nothing but it was still annoying.  I probably watched TV the rest of the day.
When I was complaining to Dave about the fire alarm he made this meme for me.
I had 4 pieces of birthday cake throughout the day. I'm pretty sure that was my "excitement" for the day. I did go to the gym and lift weights.