Friday, February 29, 2008


i had a few very weird dreams last night. one was where i was trying ot take pictures quickly. my camera was taking like a minute to take the pictures. i hate my camera that way. it doesn't actually take a minute but it takes awhile and i can't get good shots while driving. so the next camera i buy will be an actual photographers camera.

i did take pictures of the pretty snow on our way home yesterday and i kept missing all the pretty shots.
i went to sleep around 8:30 last night. i fell asleep on the couch. then pb woke me up when he got up. but he made me go to sleep on the couch down there. i dont' know why but i did. then he yelled down and woke up up to come up to bed. he sure was waking me up a lot. so i slept almost 13 hours

Thursday, February 28, 2008

and now it's even later. the longer it is until i get into bed, the more dave is on my side of the bed.
crap i was going to go to sleep an hour ago. sigh. i've been so tired all week.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i keep staying up too late. i keep not getting what i want to done. tv is too good and the episodes are too long. we watched season 1 of the wire this week. it was really good. that show is on hbo so those episodes take a full hour. then american idol is 1.5 hour show. then there is big brother. i'm a day behind on american idol. today i watched 2 episodes of big brother to get caught up.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

i went to a bachelorette party last night. the melting pot was very good. too bad i left my leftovers in Jackie's trunk. then we went to a few bars. it was interesting meeting new people.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

oi. i did some coloring

and i'm mad my one stamp is on crooked so now i always seem to stmap my words crooked
and so then i just had to find a fix for my stamp being crooked.

always going to bed too late.
i realized it was late tonight and i didn't do what i watned to do. then i also had to shower. i brought work home but didn't do that. instead of doing the work and the shower i decided to make some cards. i half made 4. i just have to color them. i guess i'll go shower now. then sleep.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i always stay up later than i want to. then i sleep in later than i want to. but lately i've been saying up too late.

i don't seem to have time to do anything in my day. a random vacation day or even a half day is wanted. i don't know if i'll do it though.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

i keep wanting to stamp and make cards. i do not have enough reasons to send cards out. well plus i like hoarding them for myself for some reason.

i started uploading some of the cards i've made to splitcoaststampers. i have 4 i uploaded so far. look it's a start. i have more. i find it pretty impressive that 1 has over 100 and one has 90. they haven't been on there 24 hours yet.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

me and pb just slept 12 hours. we were even in bed just reading a lot before we went to sleep. the past few nights we've been sleeping over 8. i'm surprised we slept so long today.

i almost woke up at 9:30 when my alarm went off but i wanted to get back into my dream. well the dream was different when i got back into it. it was the same setting but the happenings of the dream were so different.

Friday, February 15, 2008

yay it's friday. but not really. i have so much to get done this weekend.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

i think my eye twitches because of my dislike for work and the fairness of it. it's been twitching for like a month. some days are worse than others. today is a particularly bad one.
i just spent forever updating my checkbook in excel. making a separate file for 2008 and then updating so all the future months have the correct payments that are automatic. and excel crashed. it's still trying to recover. i don't think it will. this will teach me to not save it throughout. grrr

*update. it wouldn't recover. i lost it all.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i went to mad mex tonight. i need to quit ordering their cheese. it's been way too hot for me twice in a row. now it's time to watch big brother. i hope this season isn't stupid

Monday, February 11, 2008


i made chicken noodle soup for dinner. it looked like a ton. i ate 3 bowls for dinner. pb ate one. then i packed 2 containers to freeze and 2 containers for 2 days of lunches (the glad or are they ziplock continers. the ones that you can also get lunch meat in and then they have a red lid) i didn't even fill the 2 for work. then i made a container for haley since she's sick. ...then i only had a tiny winy bit left. wow.

it took an hour and 15 minutes to make it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

aim conversation i've proofread 4 pages in an hr and a half brothers and sisters starts in 4 min Rukky G 9:56 hahah you're fast and efficient

me: i've proofread 4 pages in an hr and a half
pb: hahah you're fast and efficient
we went to rivertown. i got the same thing as last time but i got about 2/3 the amount of food as last time. the power flickered a few times while we were there and based on the reaction of other people, it had gone out before that. we were at giant eagle around 11. when we left it was so windy and snowy, you could barely see. but by the time the trunk was loaded, it wasn't snowy and was just windy.

then later the power went out for over 2 hours. i was reading. then i napped. what else to do when the power goes out.


we need to go to the grocery store but i'm thinking it's already too late in the day and they'd be packed.
i went to sleep before midnight last night. i slept about 10 hours. i took an hour nap yesterday. 2 nights ago i got 8.5 hours of sleep.

I made coupons last night for SU. I also made pb 2 bookmarks. we watched Terminator 3. We went to Target after WSHI because Giant Eagle was already too packed. Then we went to Panera. They never have potato shoup when i'm there anymore. Luckily i like broccoli cheddar soup. it wasn't filling so i ate when i got home. We ordered pizza from amili's. i'm sick of think pizza that i don't like. luckily i got fried zucchini too. fried zucchini is so much better with ketchup than it is with the marinara sauce that you're supposed to use.

i have so much to do, but i always want to do other stuff. i think i need a random vacation day or something.

i'm trying to decide if i should go to the gym before my shower this morning. there are pros and cons but the main con is that when i do that i usually get lightheaded. my body doesn't tend to like to go in the morning.

i want to visit gram. i'm always afraid i'm intruding on meal time or something for my aunts family so i don't go. i tend to tag along with my parents when they go

Saturday, February 9, 2008

i went to sleep before 11 last night.

i woke up before 8! i had to. i was helping with Westinghouse Science Honors Institute. by the time that was over, Giant Eagle was already packed so we didn't go.

i made dave 2 bookmarks. one with snowflakes for winter and one with green leaves for spring. so now he has 3 bookmarks and he's just missing a summer one.

one of these days i need to finish Betsy's Wedding gift. I have finished what i thought i would do but i added to it and i didn't do that yet.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

wow i am so tired.

last night

last night in bed i thought of 1 or 2 thigns that i forgot to type about that went wrong. i almost got out of bed to type them and realized our internet died so i couldn't even post it. so i stayed in bed. now i forget what i thought up. but one thing that was bad was the internet dying. i was connected to work and trying to work and boom no internet. so i couldn't finish working. i couldn't get the internet to work. sigh.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

oh so at work right before leaving i wanted to pay some money to my student loan because that always cheers me up. i even logged on. but we're trying to save so i didn't do it. but i'm going to do it now. only a small payment. i get the same satisfaction as long as it's more than the amount of interest i accrued since the last payment.


last night: power went out and broke my power cord for my laptop. it was in a power strip/surge protector but it still broke it

today: i woke up and thought i should take a vacation day. i didn't.
dave thought we should drive separately because he said he didn't want to work late and knew i would (i disagreed with him and told him i wouldn't)
then my computer is super slow and retarded the third day in a row. word crashes multiple times.
my computer just hated me.
adobe would quit responding
other times adobe just magically closed
i tried to use excel and type in equations. those equations would work but dragging the equation dragged the letters and numbers for the equation but the answers weren't actually answers. i spent forever trying to fix that. then i decided to save even though i thought that would mess things up since i had been using the file previously. well saving it magically made all the cells with equations work correctly. too bad i wasted half hour on 2 min of work.
then word crashed again
then what do you know when adobe is breaking again i accidentally click no to save a recovered file. well bye bye 2 days worth of work.
it also took me 4 hours today to do 10 minutes worth of updating 2 word files and making 2 PDFs.

so i didn't start redoing my 2 days worth fo work yet. it should be quicker this time since i already kind of know where in the documents i looked for certain inputs. but i still worked 1:45 extra tonight. even if ididn't lose 2 days worth of working printing the pdfs still wasted more time than the extra time that i worked

update: i forgot to mention that i was not receiving all e-mails. i only learned at the end of the day when someone asked me about it. he had sent me 3. i didn't get any.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

how could i lose papers in 3 days. they should be on my desk (well table beside desk). it's making me so mad. i've been trying to find them all night.

Monday, February 4, 2008

oh at cmu at the meet and greet with my mentee, some professors talked to us. they thought i was a freshman.
i barely got any sleep. but i got so little that i'm not even tired.

i made it to cmu and back. the mix and mingle among engineers wasn't as good as i had hoped.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

i shouldn't have just started another episode of brothers and sisters. after this one there is only 1 more. this is not good.
i finished season 1 of brothers and sisters. last night i was on episode 4. there were 23 episodes in the season. but i was missing 3 of them.

now it's time to eat. i only grabbed a small brownie earlier. we were going to leave for dinner at 4:30 and somehow i managed to keep watching another episode.


so i finally took my shower. nothing like starting the day at 1:15. well i'm still in my robe. i was thinking of exercising before the shower but when i do that i always get lightheaded...because that also relates to running before eating breakfast. i swear almost every morning when i get out of bed and attempt to make the bed i black out and have to crouch down. i really want to watch brothers and sisters again. i should start laundry now. i keep telling dave he needs more clothes so i can go longer than a week without doing laundry. well and i tell him he should do the laundry himself. like 80% of every load is his stuff. he wears too many clothes too. he changes after work everyday and uses another set of clothes.

i guess i can look on the bright side in that i can't find my to do list so i don't really know all the stuff i'm forgetting to do.

sunday really is my least favorite day of the week. it has been since middle school or elem school. i don't enjoy my "day off" knowing i have a full week ahead of me of working/school.


i kept making all my posts for friends only and didn't mean to.
yesterday i got a paper cut and knew it was a bad one. it hurt worse than others i remember getting. well then the paper cut woke me up in the middle of the night from hurting. it's all red. i put neosporin and a bandaid on it now. hope it helps.

also i got addicted to watching brothers and sisters last night and think i watched about 10 episodes. it was roughly 6:00am when i went to sleep.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

i've just been lunging around today (well after we went to lowe's and sam's club). it's been nice. but now i feel like i had way more stuff i wanted to do on my to do list. you know the stuff i've had on for weeks and never got to it.

Friday, February 1, 2008

i watched the 2nd harry potter movie tonight. this makes it the 2nd time i've seen it. i've never see any of the other ones. i've also never read the books.