Monday, February 28, 2005

i'm so tired and have so much to do even though some people think that i barely have anything! (at least my so much to do is not due tomorrow)

work schedule

Friday 5-9:30
Sunday 12:30-8
Monday 4-8

Sunday, February 27, 2005

weekend money

SmilingColl: i made 162 in tips this weekend
SmilingColl: then my paycheck will be for about 50
SmilingColl: and i worked about 19.5 hours
SmilingColl: 1 hour production rest service

what do you think?
y wont' my printer work form my laptop. it keeps giving me some error. it works from dave's computer


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30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

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they dont really have choices for most of them i would pick or the "correct" answer.


ok so i wanna know who's been beating me up. right below the bend of my knee there are like 3 nasty bruises. yesterday i coulda sworn there was only one. my left leg the leftish back side.

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it lies

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some chemistry quiz

i didn't anything up. most of the ones i missed i knew at one point. some i got right, i never knew. they shoudl show me all of them.
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Total Test Points = 26
Points Obtained = 19
Raw Score (Percent * 10) = 730

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40% scored higher,
9% scored the same, and
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No chemistry = 542
High school chemistry = 653
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A lot of college chemistry = 783
Chemistry is/was a job = 810

For your background, you scored as follows:

47% scored higher,
12% scored the same, and
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Q:How many valance electrons are on elemental carbon?
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Q:What is the common name of CaCO3 ?
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Q:What does sulfur smell like?
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money quiz
i didn't like this quiz

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Friday, February 25, 2005

i should get nerd points for this

except for the fact that those grades aren't very good.
one question on my mechanism's test was worht 9% of my overall grade. too bad it was hardish.
if i use my grade file and sort of extrapolate what i got so far then i have an 87 in engineering econ, an 83 in msl, 80 in forensic psych ok well 85 cuz he said our first grade isn't going to count, 0 in pd2 (we dont have a single grade yet), 88 in EMD, 72 in Mechanisms. but i only have a test in econ so the other ones aren't very predicting yet.


I am nerdier than 68% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

i'd have to say i'm impressed by 's nerd score of 99.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


my hair is now 1.5 inches shorter.  but i couldnt handle the pressure of the noise in my suitemate's room.  i kept thinking they were gonna try to come in the bathroom. so i had to give up.
it's quite interesting. i dont have any tests the week before spring break. i'm hungry. i'm never fullfilled when eating. i think i'm hungry. most of the time i'm not. or i dont know if i am or not.  i'm putting my compass and protractor in my backpack now so i dont forget them for tomorrow.  i even have spare led with my compass.
i mailed my letter to gram today.  I wrote it on Feb 8.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

work schedule

Fri 5-10:30
Sat 10-4
Sun 12:30-8:30
today i was going to return chrissy's belt i borrowed but decided to wear it today instead. i hope she doesnt mind. i borrowed in like 3 weeks or so ago. She doesnt know I planned on giving itn back today though.

I should be studying now so i guess i'll quit trying to think of stuff to post about.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

it's quite a shame that i didn't start studying for EMD. i'm gonna die. I also didn't start studying for Mechanisms. I also have to do laundry either tomorrow or Thursday. I also have homework due Friday. I am also not in the best of moods this week so it makes it really hard to get motivated. Just kill me now.
my printer just printed a pdf very retarded's not like i changed any settings or anything. 

final semester

supposedly next semester I only need to take 14 credits.  I wont know what to do with myself.  Maybe I'll actually be able to work hard on each course.
i have a to do list for today.  Not all of it is super important to be done today but it is stuff that needs to be done.  So far there are 45 things on it. So far I completed 16 of those things.  I sort of unfairly did something that wasn't on there so I added it and crossed it off.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

today was awful. people were really really really mean. many people did not tip at all. scott called in again so i was the only server for dinner. i wanted to leave earlier than i was scheduled. i ended up staying over 2 hours later than i was scheduled. I dont appreciate pizza hut just assuming that I can stay and close.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

my check books are balanced and my money file is mostly up dated.  my stomach is gettin hungry.

Friday, February 18, 2005

I need to know what kind of drinks to make and hwo to make due with what other people have.  people need to stop only drinking beer.  Chrissy didn't even have any soda or OJ to mix with anything tonight.


i cant wait until next friday. i get to use a compass, protractor, and ruler on a test. i dont konw if i've ever done that.

i keep forgetting today is friday. next week is a busy week. i forgot to bring my tablet with my to do list with me to class today. i can't handle myself. i keep thinking of things to add and can't and i can't cross off things i've completed.

I saw someone with crazy bobby-pin hair today. Only a few people know what this is. Krinin did it to my hair once and I did it like three times to myself.

I hate when psych gets out early and I have to kill time before Engineering Econ. This class is so easy yet the homework seems to take me forever.
I work tonight at 5. I'll be done around 10. I probably should scan in our MSL report so the group has the comments sooner rather than later. Ehh nobody will be caring about MSL tonight anyway. Then i'm going to Chrissy's.

I was falling asleep 20 minutes ago in class yet now I feel quite awake.
I did not eat french fries for lunch today. I had stuffed shells and pepperoni stromboli. I probably only ate about half of each that I took before I got disgusted, but I did not eat french fries or a baked potato. It's the first time all year that they've had baked potatoes and I didn't eat one. At least tonight I get to eat some Pizza Hut. They spoil me giving me good food three days in a row.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

i wasted like 3 hours tonight looking at pictures and sending pictures to people. now i'm going to sleep without my homework done. but it's only one question and max 10 minutes to wokr on it.

remind me to put up the picture of one of my new belts or both! i still have to upload them.

so lets see out of the to do list I wrote earlier today on here... i did laundry and a little bit of the motivational model. luckily pb is the group leader this time so ic an be late at turning it in. hehe


i should try to go back more  but i dotn have specific dates

I need to get back to my daily weighing and make sure my weighing is in the morning and not with different shoes on and such.

work schedule

Fri 5-10
Sat 5-10:30
Sun 12:30-8
my printer takes forever to print. 
i'm wearing my pretty pink belt today.
I need to fill out my tax forms tonight.  Today I got to watch half hour of the young and the restless.  it was a change of pace from homework.  Tonight I also have to do laundry (or tomorrow night) and do my psych motivational model and the msl homework.
and over 10 minutes later it's still printing 
i forget what else i was going to update about.  it was about last night or something but i can't remember what i did that was interesting enough to post about.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

i went for a run with maggie. we stopped off at the apartment i'm living in next year and billy let me look at the bedroom.  it sure was nice.  i don't remember the other bed room having 3 closets like in the back apt that the landlord lives in. i liked the dining area better with no sliding glass door.

Monday, February 14, 2005

i forgot to mention my valentine's day presents I got last night (early). I walked into pb's room and saw a power point saying somethign behind a beanie baby goose surrounded by 8 shot glasses filled w/ water. the goose was wearing a necklace. A very pretty heart necklace.

to recap

it was fun saturday morning after the initial not gettin enough sleep. but i sure was tired with all my lack of sleep. i went out saturday night too. it wasn't as fun. going out with friends or staying in w/ friends is more fun than a party with people you don't know. Friday was seriously tons of fun. Saturday was just a tiny bit and that was because I got to see Maggie drunk. Saturday would have been more fun if I knew more than 4 people total that were there throughout the whole night. This weekend I definitely want to have fun again. I will be venturing to the liquor store before then. Or shall I say I need to venture in order to have enough booze. What should I get? I am very indecissive because Chrissy can get me cheaper alcohol when she goes home. Well the same alcohol at a cheaper price. I liked amaretto, rum, vodka (mixed w/ 7up) and JCal has vodka.

Sunday I worked all day and I was covering for Ryan at one point and took a table that shoulda been his. Then I waited on them the whole time.(even after he got back) and they were really nice. And he took the tip. and I was there for 40 min after that and couldn't work up the courage to tell him / ask him for it and he even told me i could have the tip from one of his tables when he left but I did'nt take that. So it's like i'm down two tips worth. He also didn't check on them at all even after he was back so I kept going over. But then he cleared their table right away after they left. It keeps bothering me that I didn't say something to him. What a loser I am.

I was sooo tired last night it was crazy. I went another weekend w/o doing any work at all. I have my first test tomorrow.

Today I went to EMD and got my homework back. I worked w/ Dave exactly and he got a 9.6 out of 10 and I got an 8. But really I got a 9 but the TA added wrong. I went the office hours for this and the TA was late. Lots of people were there complaining. Then I went to work study and didn't do much work and now I'm at a group meeting for MSL.

Friday, February 11, 2005

nobody is on aim.  it sure is boring.
fun fun fun

hope i think so tomorrow

because i'm a thief too

If you read this, even if I don't speak to you often, please post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad, just so long as it happened.

i bet nobody reads this so i wont get any responses. so i'm adding that even if i speak to you often, post a comment.


dave's not going to drop psych now. the ta was fired and verwys said he will inflate grades or something and our first grade doesnt go toward our grade. but i like that becuase mine was kinda good. also now everyone will probably get about the same grades and he won't comment on stuff and thus people will continue to do things wrong.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


i'm really gonna die if pb's drops psych.  i won't be able to deal with 3 incompetent group members.  At least now it's 2 to three.
someone told me my outfit looked really cute today.  the lady that swipes cards at the dining hall asked me where i was going tonight.  i dotn think she believed me when i said nowhere.
one of my new belts (well i only wore one so far so i dont know about the other one) doesnt stay tight.  i guess it's supposed to be decorative and have the trouble of constantly tightening it when you get up. it sure is pretty though.  I think i'm going to have to figure out how to rig somethign up so it's thicker or somethign so it's tighter in the belt buckle.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

it's late

i never get as much done as I want. Classes are hard and suck so it makes them seem harder. My mechanisms homework is due in a week instead of three days so i dont have to start that for awhile.
I'm hot right now but this sweatshirt is comfy. o the dilemas.

I didn't go to work study tonight. i didn't get EMD done which I thought I would have not going. I think i'll wake up earlier than I need to and go to office hours. But I'm also afraid of that because I dont know enough to ask specific questions and professors ask questions back and i'll get all nervous and wont be able to answer what i do know. I'm going to the mall tomorrow after class. Trips anywhere always take up so much of my day. I also have film at sam's club that needs to be picked up. I don't know how good everythign will turn out. it was film from the photoclub a few years ago. It has pictures from january 2003 on there and i finished it in august 2004. I think that is the longest ever i've gone on one roll of film. I can't upload pictures to akwire and can't figure out why it wont let me log in. I dont have that many pictures of recent times though so nobody is missing much.

I was going to be asleep by 2am tonight. 2am at the very latest. there goes that one. last night i wanted to go to sleep by midnght but i didnt' get off aim until 1:35ish. I was talking to JCal about alcohol. Then today I slept through about an hour and 10 min of my first class (hr and 20 min long class). o man it was so hard to stay awake. i did stay awake in engineering econ today for the first time ever but i got out my computer and talked on aim. less than half the kids showed up today for that class.

Monday, February 7, 2005

Sunday, February 6, 2005

homework on the weekends

2 weekends in a row where i didn't do a spec of work. actually i think it's the third....
whoa there were only 3 weekends in this semester. i think i must keep this streak alive.


i saw 3 minutes of the superbowl today. tobody came in to eat since about 6. Actually i think it was before that because they were there extra long because their pizza was messed up. i wasn't allowed to do closing duties early either just incase someone came in to eat. We werent' as busy as i expected for carry-out and delivery. dine in was as dead as i thought. well i though one random table would come in. so i guess we were deader than i thought there too.

chrissy sent me the picture of us 2 that rory took at her apt on friday night. boy do i have tons of gums showing.
this morning i set my alarm like i had to wake up and go to work for 11 but luckily after my alarm went off i realized that i didnt' work at 11 and actually worked at 12:30 but i sort of was second guessing myself because all yesterday i thought i worked at 11.  once i woke up at 11 the first thing i did was check my old LJ post for the times this weekend that i work. i was right.
i only had 17 tables yesterday all day.  once i went off tables they got busy. i just helped them forever. sigh

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Thursday, February 3, 2005

belts and stuff

today i get to wear my pink belt. only if i had opportunities to wear this more often.  i wish i had more belts like this in other colors. everywhere i go i've been looking for belts and i never like any of the ones they have.  How does everyone find all those nice ones.  too bad i won't be seeing gravester today.  he always enjoys when i wear pink especially my belt.

i'm a slacker at actually doing what i want to do so tonight i have to start and finish mechanisms and start and finish engineering econ.  i always hope to have it started earlier incase i have questions.  i need to do laundry tonight to wash my work clothes. i work friday 5-9, saturday 12-8, sunday 12:30-9:30. i'll have a nice nonexistant weekend. but i dont have any work to do over the weekend. all my classes work it out so there isn't any. for forensic psych we dont even know who we will be profiling until tuesday and then it's due friday.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

i'm soo messed up in the head. writing/reading about murders cheers me up the past few days.