Tuesday, March 30, 2004

correction to litec. 33%

forgot about dropping lowest quiz
i forgot to say that for writing i have 22.5% so far. for writing 1 point is worth a percent .. grrr one mistake takes u down.
guaranteed a 32% for litec but i think their grading is off cuz they didn't tell us how homework counts towards our grade in the ruberic
i'm only guaranteed a 26% in thermal cuz we only took one of 3 tests so far and also didn't take the final and have multiple homeworks not done yet or returned. also that's with a guess of how many more homeworks we will have left in the semester.

i already updated my weight graph with my weights on my laptop but i think i have some typed on a post it on my desktop so i have to check those. i forget to weigh myself a lot. i'm quite a slacker and my weight graph isn't as pretty.

i still want dinner and to organize the place and i have to work on urp report writing and i have to work on my writing stories and i have to learn litec for my final that i will be taking exactly one week from now (38 min into and probably done with what i know so far)
pb's guaranteed a 58 as of now ... i haven't even told him yet but i just figured it out on my spreadsheet
right now i'm guaranteed a 56% in dynamics if i get a 0 on the rest of the homeworks and also get a 0 on the final. so at least i pass
i forgot to weigh myself again today.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Saturday, March 27, 2004

i appear to like to talk instead of doing my homework.... i'm not gonna think that was a good choice later


i woke and kept going back to sleep thinking that i needed more sleep. then i got up and was about to just cross days off my calendar cuz i'm a slacker at that and i realized i had somethign to do today. that started already by this time. so i hurried and got dressed and didn't eat breakfast and walked down to jacob and 11th street for a swe event with habitat for humanity. i ate crackers on the way. then there i did stuff. they wanted me to put up siding but i refused. that's 3 stories high.... that's like high. we made a porch. i was better at pounding in nails than all the other girls so i did twice as many. now my arm is sore. yes i did twice as many quicker than they did. my arm's like pip's now when i try to hold things. the shaking is so annoying. the reason hammering was hard was because the platform type thign was too high compared to our elbows and arms. now i have so much homework to do and not so much time. today my laptop was dead. dead dead dead dead...... really dead. we put the harddrive in pb's laptop and backed it up. i'm glad of that becuase i had assignments started on there that are due soon. now i have to figure out what to do with that.

i'm also all confused about the summer and worried about classes next semester

Friday, March 26, 2004


thermal and fluid - tuesday May 4, 3-6pm
dynamics - thursday may 6, 3-6pm

litec - tuesday april 6, 7-9pm (yup the final is early)
71 degrees is super hot nowadays

Thursday, March 25, 2004


most people have no classes on wednesdsays. i have 8 horus of class...


me and pb just got back from walkign at the track. he thinks it's boring
i chose 8am classes on purpose next semester.

i actually had a schedule and had the courses and i had 2 at 10am and 3 at noon. now i start 2 at 8 am and 3 at 10

i'm insane. it's hard for me to wake up for noon classes.

right now i have 19 credits. i might drop the pd2 and take that later.

if i take 17 credits for the next 3 semesters i can graduate then instead of after 4 semesters, but i have to plan very well.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

grivas wants me and pb to take his class so bad in the fall that he is willing to change the time of the class for us

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Saturday, March 20, 2004

a non cherepko is taking over

Rank Team Name Score Correct Best Score Best Correct Champion
1 Chuck Hauser 40 34 97 53 Pitt
2 JC 39 34 103 54 Kentucky
3 Colleen Cherepko 38 33 107 55 Duke
3 John Cherepko 38 34 102 54 UConn
out of 48 people
i want it to be warm so i can wear shorts. shorts are fun.

Friday, March 19, 2004

march madness is fun

Big JCJC: third place ain't bad
Auto response from Big JCJC: movie
Big JCJC: you should show your friends
Big JCJC signed off at 12:57:05 AM

i'll post link later to stats. i'm lazy and tired and dont feel good now.

for my dad's there r 46 people.

this one is for joe's - 9 people


Standings as of 12:20 AM Saturday 3/20 (32 points max)
1. Colleen - 28
2t. Dave - 26 (2x Defending Champ)
2t. Ed - 26
4t. Ethan - 25
4t. Ali - 25
4t. Nate - 25
7t. Chal - 23
7t. Me - 23
9. Dad - 20
739 words for writing story... need 500... dont know what to get rid of..... it's all importantish
6 new albums added
how many jobs can u go to in your pajamas?

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

23 patents left to look at, but i'm off to bed.
77.3% done w/ urp patent info excluding the ratings of how useful the site was http://cgpr.akwire.net/patents.php
i'm surrounded by polytechnicians.


akwire is down cuz of the stupid port. i can't work on urp cuz it uses shady. i can't send links to my writing page cuz that's on akwire. and i can't get feedback for writing like i'm supposed to cuz people can't view my site.

i wonder

i what to know why when i'm holding a glass or anything glass that i feel like i'm going to drop it. and i am afriad i will mess up something important so i try to avoid doing important things. or when i'm driving that i'll wreck.

I worked many many many hours at chesterfields and i only think i broke one thing the whole time i was there....
the roads are bad because they haven't been touched by any road crews

Monday, March 15, 2004

my computer got the blue screen of being frozen
i forgot to weigh myself this mornign. and that's after a whole week w/o a scale so it's been a long time.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

it's over

shutting down my computer now to pack it. leaving tomorrow at 9am. so tomorrow i shall arrive around 2 or so and then do all kindsa work.
we didn't go to outback. rick cooked. pb's mom's tummy was hurting
i figured it out. i should be done w/ the patent table in a little less than 6 hours.

right now i'm 59.6% done
there's too much soup. justin isn't here. pb won't eat it. i feel bad

Thursday, March 11, 2004

i want to know why kitty attacks me when nobody is home to see it but she's all nice when they are here. and by attack i mean that she walks across me back and forth and back and forth and that she pushes my screen foreward.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

i made a 2nd pork roast tonight. it's still hot on the stove. i have to wait for it to cool down a bit more before putting it in the refrigerator
i just got a bsd

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

i bought new ring guards

well this time i got 4 instead of in the package. the one i was wearing fell off sometime since we got back from grocery shopping.... i have no idea where it is so i went to try to get the other ones to put on a new one and well they are all gone. the package in the bag and the receipt all gone. i hunted and couldn't find them. i need ot keep hunting. now my ring is all spinny and i dont have string here for a fake ring guard

Sunday, March 7, 2004


i was gonna take a nap last nigth then we were gonna visit ethan. the nap started at 8pm and ended at 11am. looks like the nap turned into a nights sleep.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004


i hate it. i never have any time for fun. my brain is getting fried.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

i got my dynamics test back today. i was above average. there is no need to say what the average was.