Tuesday, January 31, 2006


should i cut my hair? i think it might be getting too long. You can see tell how long it was a few weeks ago in the LJ picture. When it's straight it is even longer. I was thinking of cutting it today but i forgot and started to dry it. I might only cut 2 inches or so. I don't know. Maybe I should let it grow longer. OI decisions.
people were 45 minutes late for the state of the union watching party. They drove together. They were here for 5 min of it.  But the bashing after it's over was the best part. That lasted almost two hours.


new LJ pic but I had to get rid of one of my old ones. I chose the go cart picture.  THis might be my new favorite.  Maybe I should make it my default. What do you think?

Some may recognize this as similiar to my buddy icon. But it's not bad quality. Someone help me make my buddy icon at 70x70 and still look good.  I think those were the max specs AIM allows.  My LJ pic is 100x100.

brisk walk day 2

Today we walked farther* than we did yesterday. We went down to Shaw School errr Sheridan Terrace School today. It was cold.

*I wasn't sure if I shoudl use farther or further and so I copied my sentence into word. It didn't underline it in green. So I clicked synonyms and it has a synonym of farther as "farther than" and also "further than" so I guess both are correct.  But I bet one is more correct.
the photoshop diet is no good. i just keep using photoshop even though my stomach has been growling for 2 hours.

Monday, January 30, 2006


i can't believe how much happier i got when i was able to set up my desktop. i'm a nerd. but i'm a happy nerd.


i set it up. i'm in the corner by our closet we keep games and paper plates in. It's between teh loveseat and couch. My mom needed me to set it up so she coudl redownload photoshop from it. Her version got some error. She couldnt find her CD.

brisk walk

Dave took his first one today. We walked down Reed to Buchanan then on the dead end to the end and back then had to keep walking up Reed to get to 10 min. We only did 9 but now we know we have to walk farther down next time.
i wish i knew where my remote was for my bedroom tv. i brought the TV home at Thanksgiving and forgot the remote. I have no idea what I did with the remote after that.

good deals

two of the kits I got at big lots for 1.99 were at walmart for 5.38

i'm sick of doing the work

goosey makes me write otu the envelope, use my stamp, and mail the rent check myself. he always would make me walk it over to his house too. grrr


I didn't sleep well last night. I kept waking up uevery half hour to hour. So I let my self sleep past my alarm a little. From 10:00 until 10:23 that seemed like my best sleep all night. Well the first 5 hours of my sleep were good. The last 4 is when I woke up a million times.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

i was mentioned in someone's profile tonight and so were my scrapbooks. i'm becoming famous.


ok so i bought new stuff today. i hid it in the car so that my mom wouldn't yell. then when i got home and they were still out i brought it in. I was goign to show dave in the kitchen and as i was saying "but what if they come home" the garage door went up, so i scurried downstiars and hid the bags in teh backroom. i still have to open and organize them and show dave.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

to do list

my normal calendar is still packed so i cant' make to do lists on it, so here's my to do list for the night

1. unpack scrapbooks
2. find felicia's velum sheets
3. organize scrapbook stuff i bought today
4. find battery charger
5. find pat catan's list
6. get out all my beads
7. move some of the stuff from the dining room
8. curl hair

hmm i probably shouldn't even do all of that. it's already bedtime.


I got mine yesterday in the mail. They want me to spend 90 bucks to get it framed.


now i know my typing gets bad on aim but this is really bad: SmilinColleen: itm eot og eat but at least all the letters are there.

convo w/ my dad

me: "did i e-mail u in the last 4 days?"
dad: "i haven't been home"
me: "but u were home yesterday and today. did u check your mail today?"
dad: "no i checked it last night"

he never answered my question. i tried to reask. so i just assumed i didn't.


so i made this pat catan's shopping list. then i packed it. now i have no idea where it is. i should have just made it an e-mail or a post so i'd be able to find it.

i still have to unpack.

I can't use my touchpad w/ my bandaid on.

With dave's desktop set up he's so far away.

i'm hungry and I just ate. I want cinnamon spin doughnuts from Isaly's.

Friday, January 27, 2006


All my pictures are on my desktop. I don't know when i'm starting work. So all i have to do is scrapbook and organize. How am i supposed to scrapbook without my desktop? I say this because i keep getting yelled at when i say i want to use my desktop while living here. Then, they won't let me hook up my printer either. Now How can i print my journaling for my scrapbook without my wonderful printer. I think she wishes i was a bum so i didn't own anything so then i could move back home and the hosue would look exactly as it did before I got home except i'd be walking around. I want to start working. i need to get money so i can move out.

The only thing keeping me sane is that i get to go scrapbook shopping with Felicia and show her my scrapbooks.

North Huntingdon

i am home. i keep getting yelled at for not having the place spotless. I'm exhausted and still unpacking. Oh and my foot is all swollen from plantar fasciitis.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


made the worst deal of my life. I didn’t think Timmy would follow through.  We had to get mattresses down the stairs and last time it was really hard with 2 people.  Well hard to get it up.  Timmy still had laundry in the washer from like 8 hours earlier. He was trying to get his last freebee well then he said “you do my laundry and I’ll bring the stuff down” I didn’t think he’d do it. Then he did it. Now I’m stuck drying his last load of laundry. (I had to put load one in dryer and load 2 in washer and then load 2 in dryer.)

I meant ot post that last night.

i keep sneezing this morning and my back hurts.

I'm not going with dave for the bloodwork so I can finish up here.


i'm so tired. this morning we got so much stuff loaded in the truck in an hour. then I had to pack a bunch more. The kitchen took forever. I didnt have enough paper or bags to cushion them. Timmy is brining me a few more boxes to finish up everything. We will have no problem fitting it all. We might have a problem laoding up the matterss tomorrow. PB has to go for bloodwork between 8 and 9 tomorrow morning. I'm going to be so tired. Last night I tried falling asleep for more than 2 hours before it actually worked. So i ended up with about 5 hours of sleep. Then i barely ate anything and then i moved heavy furniture. I'm actually starving right now. A bunch of us are going out to dinner very shortly.

PB has a bunch of reading material he got at the doctors today. I bet some of it is good info and I should read it.

*Sorry this post isn't in chornological order. It sort of is then I think of something and say that and then start chronological order over again. It probably makes no sense. I have no idea I'm too tired to be able to tell.
driving the truck made pb's stomach worse. he feeles so sick right now

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


i attemtped to fall asleep for about 2 hours last night. it was rough.


I am packing up my computer. I know it is early but I want to get my desk cleaned off early enough for others to help move it downstairs.  not to worry I will break out my laptop.


so the guy at the health center called back. pb talked to him. and that guy basically said it was very stupid fo the ER to not give him one of those tester things and tell him to check his blood sugar.


some screw is stripped so we were unable to change the turn signal light.  pb was unable to figure it out. we took it somewhere. the told us about the screw. they said to take it to some other garage that might have a tap or something to be able to get to it.

this has been broken for over a week. pb always waits until the last minute. it bugs me. now we won't get it changed before we have to drive 8 hours with it.


the health center e-mailed him saying to call and make a follow up appointment. first of all how did they get his info, and then he graduated so they shouldnt be getting his info.  they didnt know he graduated apparently. so then they said o we can't see you. then he finally gets ahold of someone at the diabetes center and they say they wont make an appointment until we find out if they are in network. well he gets off the phone and finds out and they arent.  so now he has to find a new place and this and that and he starts looking. then he gives up and says he needs to eat.  he does need to eat but doctors offices have the weirdest hours and they might be gone for the day, espeically if it's a specialist. i cant' believe i let him talk me into letting him sleep late AGAIN. I'm madder at him right now because he doesnt care enough to try to get these follow up appointsments. he can only get an appointment today or tomorrow. he should have called earlier.  w e're leaving Thursday. He's not used to this. he never goes to the doctors.

Monday, January 23, 2006


i used to put ketchup on fries. that was about it. now i eat hot dogs with ketchup and i can't eat them without it.  i used to put a drop or 2 in leftover mac n cheese. now i'm eating it and i keep adding more and more and more ketchup.

i also went years with only drinking pop while at work. now i drink it all the time. that's all i drink. i feel it rotting my teeth.


bpmi wanted to know if pb is still interested in working for htem. they are a little late. they know he graduated last month. also know that the interview process takes awhile and then teh security clearance takes like 6 weeks.


last night i was in this crazy cleaning/organizing mood. but then dave wanted me to go to sleep so i did. now i'm not in that mood again. I sept over 10 hours again.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


man i'm lucky i have good veins. it took the nurse almost 15 min to stick pb's veins and get blood.  he also blew his vein or so he said.  i have good ones all over. maybe that's y i dont hate needles. the one time they had to poke around cuz the nurse was stupid it did hurt a lot.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


dave is now a diabetic and has high blood pressure.

i was out. he called 911 and then me.  he had chest pains pretty bad. they started thursday night but only when he did certain things.
but they cant' figure out what the chest pains are from cuz his heart tests were ok
that 4 hour ER visit wasn't fun. i was so tired. and kept waiting to hear stuff. i hope his dad's insurance doesnt realize he's graduated and then technically doesn't have insurance.

It was roughly 2:30 when he called me. 2:50 when he got ot Samaritan Hospital. 6:50 we finally got to leave. at 6:20 they finally gave him some medicine to try to help things. 

He has to go back in liek 3 days and they want him to see some other doctors too.

Pizza Hut

tonight is my last night at work. Except they just called me and they dont have power so I only have to go in if they call me later when it comes back on.

10 yr old house

the wind blew hard today and knocked out some screw/nail or something and  so  part of teh awning came down. but it's still attached at the other side. so it likes to blow around in the wind and bang on teh window and siding. it's the part from the roof where the gutters would be if there were gutters.  we called the landlord. he's not in the area or even state and his repsonse was that when the wind stops it'll stop making noise.  dave talked to him. he probably said more but that word hasn't gotten back to me and never will.

Friday, January 20, 2006

waste of time.

i can't believe is tayed at work late to make me and pb pizza. then i'm clocked otu there having to wait for it. then i come home and dont wanna eat it. grrr.  pb isn't even hungry either.

and i dont have to work tonight 5-9 cuz pam wants more hours.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


i never learn my lesson. i've done this a few times.  i use toe nail clippers when it's practically dark (only the light of my computer screen) and then i clip one too short. Then the next day my toe hurts constantly. THis has happened a few times this semester. I should learn.


I just wrote in a real journal. I wrote so much my hand hurts.  It really isn't that much but I haven't actually written in so long that it seemed like a lot. Journals take a long time to write. Too bad they are so fun to read later or I would just forget about them.

pizza hut

normally i'm right in the middle of my sleep at 9:30 am but tomorrow i'll be at work.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

the next week

I think i'll be moving next Wed.  Well get the truck Tuesday, packup, leave Wed, Unpack Thurs and return truck. I just learned today my parents will be in atlantic city from Wed - Friday. So my dad can't help unload anything.  THere's no way me and pb will be able to move the couch ourselves. So I dont know if these moving plans will change at all.  I got a call from Westinghouse today and no sign of when I'll be starting. I'm getting poorer by the day here. I still have this apartment until May 15 and have to pay rent on it. I keep getting pictures made and buying scrapbook supplies. Maybe after tomorrow I'll have to pack all that stuff up and get it all ready to move.  I only have 4 or 5 boxes packed so far.

Friday and Saturday I work as production 5-9. Then I'm done working there. I will have to turn in my work shirts. Laura verified that she will actually mail my last paycheck in a reasonable time this time around.

So far Maggie, Kate, and Pat will help us move furniture out to the truck. Too bad I dont have any friends at home to ask to help us unload it somewhere. I really dont want to have to pay $300 for a storage unit for a month. I wish I could store stuff in our house in the dining room for a month. I think the inconvienince is worth it. And maybe throw some of the bigger furniture at Gram's or something.  She even has a garage well have of it that she doenst even use.  That's teh best idea yet. I jsut realized about that garage. Perhaps I should call her tomorrow and ask before asking mommy or daddy. If I wait until Friday I won't have to call her at Aunt Elaine's though.

timmy told me if i find a place where he can donate his hair to cancer patients he'll get it all cut off.  his can't be put into a ponytail and cut to the length they desire. even though if he gets it cut for real every hair will be cutting more than their required 9 inches (sometiems i hear 10 inches.  he's at 9.5 in some areas I spot measured).

today at work Alli thought timmy was a girl. She's gotten tricked by this at least 4 times so far. You'd think she'd learn. And she sees him with PB too. She knows i said "my brother and boyfriend" are coming.

here are pictures of my new supplies.


i still have the christmas feeling. it's been forever.  this is like even better than christmas. the only thing that coudl be better is if someone was here that liked this stuff and then i could show it off.

it's like christmas.

i got all this new scrapbooking stuff at good deals. i was so excited about i and to show everyonem about it. it felt like Chrismtas

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


i can't come up with a title for my scrapbook page.

it's the only tiem all year we made an actual meal with meat. we had pork chops, roasted potatoes, and green beans. there is a picture of the porkchops on teh stove, a picture of the can of green beans, a picture of the table set, a picture of each of our half eatten plates, a picture of the half empty roasted potatoes dish, then there are 2 pictures of dave asleep on the couch right after.  dinner exhausted him apparently. all i can come up with is dinner or real food but those titles suck. i need a title. i need suggestions


i can't believe felicia's birthday is a weeek before mine (2 years off). does that mean she's also older than her boyfriend. i think so.

weigh graphs

somebody else made a weight graph after I showed him mine.

Monday, January 16, 2006


i saw wedding crashers tonight.  i went to shreve's, jeff's and brian's.  we also watched far and loathing in los vegas.  that was a pretty stupid movie.i laughed a lot though. the movie got better once i started drinking.  there was nowhere to park on his street. i got a spot way at the end.  then when i left someone took the last spot on teh street.  it was almost impossible for me to back out and swing the car.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


ryan stopped by for 2 hours tonight. sheila and jesse visited for a little while. i lsot 2 hours of valuable scrapbooking time though.

minimum wage

NY min wage is now 6.75 which didnt affect me at all but server minimum wage is now 4.45. It was 3.85 before.  I was makign 3.30 when I started.  That was min wage then.  At chesterfields i was only mkaign 2.83 an hour.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


in case anyone was wondering. pb's car is AWFUL in the snow. but it is fun when there's almost nobody on the road.
the fieldhouse hill was the worst to just drive on but all stop signs and redlights were REALLY bad. i dropped Kate off and let her walk the rest of the way.

Friday, January 13, 2006


is it sadder that i leave work and come home and am bored for 4 hours or that sheila stays at work 4 hours after she's done because she says she has no life.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


somehow I dont feel very good at all today
i woke up at 4PM too.


goosey gets dressed after seeing whta i'm wearing. he puts on the same exact  color shirt. well right after he tells me i dont match (my jeans to my shirt) then i tell him to look at himself and he said "oh i dont match either"

it's just a lighter green shirt with jeans.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


grr i wanted to upload pictures before i went to sleep and the walmart website is down.


i missed my bedtime for the past 2 nights. i've only had a bedtime the past 2 nights.

jesse is back and he turned back on all the christmas lights. it's past christmas


i gave away the ending to my story!

today it was an adventure and a half getting to work. well getting out of the driveway.  the mailman even helped. the frog got stuck on the ice. we couldnt' push it. it didnt' work. one of the back wheels was spinning and the other one wasn't. but then i came up with the idea to push it in reverse then go from there. cuz iw ouldtn have geen able to make the turn anyway.  the back end flew aroudn liek crazy.  luckily when i was told to come to work it was for 4 or 5. well it took 15 min to get out of the driveway. so i got to work at 4:15.  luckily i was heading there for the shorter time. we put salt down. it's still ice. i dotn have an ice pick or anything ot help get rid of the ice. i'm parked on the road now.


tonight at work we were't busy but i was on production so it was ok. work was pretty awesome. mike came in to visit. it was fun talking to him. it was awesome because i made a flat rate so it didnt' matter if it was slow.


my rcs user id expires 2/15/06. that means no more cherec@rpi.edu

Monday, January 9, 2006

past 4

i missed my bedtime.


this person is on my buddy list and in my rpi category. i have no idea who he is. but he just imed me. i have no idea who it is. i keep talking. i want to know who. i did learn he is in the same frat as some kid that died from rpi over break. and i learned that kids "car accident' was him falling asleep at the wheel.  people need to put at least their first names in their profiles. i tried looking up who this is via facebook but i haven't been successful yet.

Sunday, January 8, 2006


i just saw the Troy recycling truck. it's the first time i've ever seen it.


i can't believe i'm still up


tomorrow i'm cutting myself off from the computer at 4:00AM. I would tell everyone to yell at me if they see me on but nobody is on that late. I haven't even talked to anyone on aim since Russ at about 2AM.

I ordered a third set of pictures from Walmart tonight.  THe first two times i got one hourdeveloping and paid 4 more cents per print becuase I dont like to wait.  This last set is the "2 day" one or "3 day" one but on my confirmation it says "Via Store Pickup, will arrive between Thursday, 01/12/06, and Tuesday, 01/17/06."  that's a over a week! I"m glad I didn't do that for the other ones. Last time I was thre I dropped off on a Monday after 3 so then it wasn't done until Friday.  But it might have been a Tuesday.


some more pictures.  which ones should i get rid of?  which ones should I keep.  I've uploaded 5 new ones in the past day.  and then i kept my default.  also let me know if i should bring back one of the old.

new pictures

i uploaded one new LJ picture so far. I've been busy so I never got to it until now. I don't even know if I like this one that much.


Tell me how this makes sense. And too bad i closed the first window with the original confirmation in IE. I printed it out though and I never do that. I"ll write the details for that one after I put the picture of the 2nd one.

These are the details of the 2nd confirmation.

The first confimation had to total to be 9.12 (same)
It subtracted 2.10 for 10 free prints (this shoudl be 1.90)
tax .96 (no way this is right. tax is not over 10%)
total = 7.98

ok i did the math and if you tax before deducting the total of 7.98 is right (using subtracing 1.90 like it should be)

how in the word did they change my confirmation to the 2nd one?

I hope they don't charge me twice. I dont care if I pay the more expensive one since that's right.  I have to wait and see how much shows up on Discover I guess or maybe they'll have the total when I pick up my pictures.

update:sales tax is either 8.25% or 8% i'm not sure. when the number came out right i used 8.25%

pictures of Christmas

Does it look like Maggie is about to cry?

Oh the joy

Is that expression because it's the same present and I did some tricking with wrapping it?

This type of expression is the best one when someone opens a gift you gave them

more pictures

Saturday, January 7, 2006

either this card reader is breaking in weird ways or my memory card is kinda broken. all my pictures won't download off of it. i'm still trying. the ones that aren't working are some from today.
people think homemade gifts cost less, but they really don't. i think every gift i've made i've ended up sending more than I would have and one thing i made i could have bought something similiar for cheaper.

Friday, January 6, 2006


my necklace that fell off December 10 has mysteriously reappeared.  only the chain so far. it was all tangled up in Dave's chair. THe hard is still missing.

my morning

so i went to sleep about 6am.  phone woke me up at 9.  went back tgo sleep finally abut 9:45. then at 10:05 there goes the phone again. this time i didn't get back to sleep until 11 (more phone calls made) then i went back to sleep and liek 2 min later phone again.  then i went back to sleep right away and didn't get waken up until 12:05 from the phone again


I already started my Pat Catan's list for when I go with Felicia.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006


those pillowcases in the washer sure put a damper on going to sleep. too bad i forgot to put them in the dryer 6 hours ago.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

old magazine

my seventeen magazine from september 2000 tells me i'll be a good roommate.  i took a quiz. but really they think a good roommate is osmeone without a backbone so the other person gets everything they wants. grrr.


pigging out over the past two weeks made me gain .6 lbs.

really i'm surpised i only gained that much. i bet people wish they only gained that much over the holidays.


my dad woke me up at 9:51 and I'm going ot try to stay awake.  This might help me get my sleep schedule back on track.  I went to sleep early for me last night. I went in to go to sleep at 4:45AM. Hmm that's not much sleep. I wonder if I will actually be able to stay awake.

My dad called earlier this morning, but I did not hear the phone ring then. He is coming up to the area tomorrow instead of January 15ish. He wanted to know if we still want him to drive my car home or if it's too early.  It is kind of early, but if he doesn't drive it home we will have too many vehicles.

I packed one box last night.  That's a start. I wonder if Timmy needs any folders for next semester.  I'll only ever use them for organizing. But I'm also sick of saving him money.

I've only done one sudoku puzzle in the past few days. I'm slipping.

Monday, January 2, 2006


i'm still in shock that i actually have to return these. i'm in more shock because i looked up the brand that i have and their website is awful and i can't find out what stores they are at. it seems pretty basic though. i'll try ac moore tomorrow i guess. maybe i'll return the other things tomorrow. i like our craft stores at home.


the refils i bought for my scrapbook don't fit because they have some stupid extra thing that makes them stick out too far.

job update

or not. i tried calling westinghouse and no answer. i did leave a message though.

panera day 2 12/31

being without internet royally sucks.

panera is so crowded right now someone came and stole a chair from our table.

since i have had no intenret i never got to make plans for tonight.

this should have posted then and then I would not have missed a days worth of posts. i only realized it was sitting on my laptop not posted today. i would backdate it but then people might not notice it.

Sunday, January 1, 2006


what's wrong with me? when i'm full, i get a huge headache but my stomach doesnt hurt. i've noticed it a lot in the past week, especially at christmas.

work sucked

for the past 3 days. i made no money. i was bored out of my mind. i should have taken my sudoku books. i made in 3 days what i normally make in one. and i came back for this. and laura didnt' put me on the schedule at all next week. i mean at all. and nobody will switch with me. i'm so annoyed.


i finally have internet at my apartment.