Monday, November 30, 2015


 Ella discovered presents sitting in the corner. I guess we have to do better about our purchases.
 Ella ate while I baked. She didn't quite eat the entire time but it was a huge help.

 Ella really loves to swing.

Getting on the scale like mommy does


 I painted a train onesie for Ella.

 Ella is paying attention to the book Dave is reading her.

 Poly is always trying to get in my way.

Ella is always trying to help.


 Ella was learning about light switches.

 You can see part of her snowman onesie here.

 I hosted a onesie painting so Ella had some friends to play with too.

 We took a small group shot but this wasn't everyone. This was just everyone here near the end.

 Ella loves babies. She loves their carriers. She's always so curious.

Ella was sitting by the tree so I tried taking some pictures. I took them at different settings trying to figure out what was best but then I forgot what I did at each thing anyway so it didn't help me plan for the future anyway.
Some onesies/shirts that I painted.  The red heart was for valentine's day but I liked it so much I did a black one.

September 16-30 Outfits


 I got dressed up to go to google. I didn't have to dress up but I wanted to. I only wore this for a few hours.
 9/19 wasn' ta daily picture but a picture of Ella riding on my back but it's the best I could do for a daily picture.  9/22 was a screen capture of me just starting out a dance video.

We went to a birthday party in our Steelers attire. I never had so many guys talk to me about football that I never met before.
On 9/28 we took a group shot at the mom group run. There were 8 of us.
9/29 I was mid burpee.
I got dressed up for my birthday dinner.

I like the days I wore dresses the best. I really want a dress or skirt with pockets. I can't handle not having a spot to put my phone. I need quick access to my camera at all times.