Saturday, June 28, 2008

i was eyeing up my MRI films to see how my adenoma has progressed. once i figured out where the adenoma is, it was easy to find. i didn't have the different years side by side so i couldn't fully tell. it was still interesting to be able to see it for myself.

Friday, June 27, 2008

i need something to do.
we just sleep or talk to timmy on the phone it seems.

Monday, June 23, 2008

busy day

I had training 8-12.
i didn't even get lunch somehow i had get my time in and then in that time i remember what happened someone asked me a question. i heated ez mac at 12:50 but i only at 4 bites. it got dry and i didn't have any water. i was so mad. the walk to the water would have made me late to the meeting unless i took food with me. but i didn't want to do that.

then meeting 1-2
meeting 1:30-2:30 (note overlapping so i actually left the 1-2 one early sincethe 1:30-2:30 one was with a manager that was more upper level than the 1:00 meeting and the 1-2 one was only 3 people versus 10 )
meeting 2:30-3:30 (maybe it was more like 2:30-3:15 or something. because at some point after this meeting and before i got up trackign stuff down someone from my old group came to visit me to ask for help on CAPs stuff)
then follow up on who i have to get stuff to. finally sat down at 4:30 as the phone was ringing. as i got off the phone i had to rush out to get an allergy shot.

i'm starving.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


this weekend I decided to make some things that weren't cards to show at stampin' up parties. I made 2 different kinds of mini legal pad covers. then i got mini composition books and covered 2 of them. that may seem simple. it took the better part of today and yesterday. well 4 hours today was spent typing up a tutorial with illustrator to draw where to score lines and stuff.

i went and showed my mom just now. her reaction was "why are you making so many of those?"

btw the reason i covered 2 composition books instead of one was becuase dave saw my one and thought it looked nice and said he'd like one.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i'm still sad and depressed about the pictures i lost. there are probably a ton of things that are gone that i don't even realize.

i don't have my college graduation pictures anymore. i wonder if my mom has any i sent her an e-mail asking.
3 years worth of pictures.
a ton of stampin' up files
all gone gone gone

for the past few weeks i've had some hope that by chance everything could be saved with addtional things we could do to save it.

hard drive

so my harddrive still doesn't work. i still haev it. i want pictures from it.

someone at work tells me about freezing it. dave has heard of that. says you freeze it and sometimes you can get the stuff off of it .

we froze it.

didn't work.

while it was in the freezer my dad checked to see if there was bread. i said not to mess with the hard drive and he said "what hard drive?"
he checked the entire freezer for bread (said there wasn't any) and didn't notice the hard drive just sitting there on top of the boston market mac n cheese dinner.

Giant Eagle

I hate Giant Eagle. I went again last night. They were out of green beans again. I want to eat healthy. i can't. they are always out of it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

today was a busy day.

left the house around noon
came home around 9:30.

update on my aches and paines

my shoulder doesn't hurt anymore. my feet barely hurt (they may hurt if i have to walk or something though). my knee hurts.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


i had to leave work at 3:30 so that my dad could pick me up , he could go to the doctors while i got a shot.   then i dropped him off at penske. then headed back to work. i was going to work but no time. just grabbed my stuff and left.     this process took an hour and a half.
then half hour to get home.
ate dinner.
then moved all of timmy's crap into a penske truck. that took until 9.
i did something nasty to my shoulder when i tried to lift up that wooden TV from my old room. my dad commented that he was able to carry it with my older brother (who is bigger and goes to the gym regularly and is a guy).   so then my dad comments that i messed up my shoulder by "almost picking up a tv"   i used the heating pad on it.   ok i guess we were done moving around 8:40 and i iced until 9. then i showered. then ate a snack and it's now. time to do work that i didn't get to do earlier.

my feet hurt so very bad. my right knee hurts so bad. i meant to take medicine but i didn't.

i think at this moment sitting indian style my knee hurts the worst. if i try to walk or use the gas or break petals (i drove to spee-d to get chips) then my foot hurts the worst. otherwise it's my shoulder. my shoulder hurts all the time. my knee wasn't hurting if it's in a decent position.

now i have to make up an hour of work tomorrow. i couldn't make it up earlier this week because dave kept pressuring me to leave right on time since he was fighting getting sick/sick and needed to rest.

edit: the tv had wheels so it was easy to move to the steps. then it was too heavy and since it was at the steps and it's wide dave couldn't even come up to help because he wouldn't have been able to get by it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i got blood work today. my arm hurts now. the girl taking my blood was surprised at how many litlte vials they were taking. and they werne't even testing as much as they normally do. then the ride to work was awful. we were behind this cement truck going extremely slow for entirely too long.
i drove by jason's house today. he was out. we didn't get a good look. we drove around the block. he definitely looked at the car the second time. he was trimming his hedges. he's definitely on to me. i need a more incognito car.

Monday, June 9, 2008


well 3 hours after the scan disk was going pb held the pwoer button. he disconnected the 2nd harddrive* and it seems that the first harddrive will work.

my mac fan is still noisy. it's still hot upstairs around my computers.

i'm still upset. i'm even more upset because i wasted so much time on my computer and got nothing done that i also didn't get to get anything else done. my to do list gets so big that i don't even look at it.

* the one with the files that i want.


i also didn't mention that my mom drives me insane

today was just overall awful

the morning flew by w/o me getting much done. pb had training all day so i couldn't even talk to him. my phone still doesn't work (at work) and my boxes did not get delivered to my cube at work. they also couldn't deliver them today because they were too busy getting ready for the picnic. pb got out of training and was miserable and hard to deal with (he's getting sick) then we went to the picnic and he was so slow and made us leave and i wasn't even full. also i let him talk me into going to the picnic before my 8 hours were up. and from 3:30-4 there were about 10 people near the windows looking out at the picnic saying how it's too hot and that they aren't going out there and that they need binoculars and just pointing out everyone they know and people they didn't know. that made it so hard to get work done. i spent like 15 min trying to reword one sentence. i just couldn't get through it. they were so distracting. on a normal day i could put on headphones but not today because i didn't have my boxes. then we got home and i was hungry but i couldn't eat because my mom was cooking. then i tried to boot up my computer (my one that i was complaining about a week or 2 ago) and it's still trying to boot. every single "file record segment" "is unreadable" it numbers them as it goes. it's been over an hour and a half now. oh and at work my "offer" needed to be signed and turned in by today. well sue had to sign it. i gave it to her on about Wed but she had a question. well she got her question answered. and well now she lost the form. it was due today. i did talk to my new manager this morning and mentioned she hadn't signed it and he said it was alright to get it in a day or 2.

ooo the first file segment that hasn't popped up as unreadable is 33397. i don't know what this means but i just noticed that it missed a number. first number it's missed in an hour. well it kind of missed 2 numbers but the one before it has that it was deleting the corrupt attribute.

i want to get 2.5 years of pictures. i'm so mad. i can't handle this.

3 more corrupt attributes being deleted.

i also forgot to mention that my mac fan is extremely noisy and i don't know why.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

today my alarm went off (after sleeping 8 hours) and i was about to get up. dave turned over and cuddled/put his arm around me. i said "ok. we're not getting up?" and went back to sleep. then i woke up 2 hours later. now i'm behind schedule. i took a shower and uploaded pics and it's an hour later.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

House Progress

the house from the front on June 2

the house from the back


the foundation on May 25 from the back of the house.


so my mom unplugged my mac on monday because she was trying to figure out what was making her am not come in right. well it was on. she didn't see a light so just assumed but mac doesn't have a light.
well i finally booted it today. the fan is extremely loud. it blows stuff on my desk (stuff = kleenex that is half under my keyboard). it is strong but it's not supposed to be this loud. it's too hot up here for me so i wont even try to get files off my other computer. time to go downstairs.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


we met with guardian on monday. then last night we met with brace flooring. that was a long appointment. i didn't like it. today talking to my mom she said shopping for flooring is so much fun. she said flooring and lamps are the 2 best things. she's' insane.

Monday, June 2, 2008