Thursday, November 30, 2017

21 Day Fix Extreme Results and Thoughts

I sort of finished 21 Day Fix Extreme. 

The same thing happened with this one as it does with every program. I lose some weight. Then in the few days after, where I don't specifically watch and I eat some stuff I was missing out on, I gain 1-2 lbs of it back. It happens every time.   This time I was down 3 then got lightheaded and had to miss workouts and I ate extra food trying to become not lightheaded and then I ended up gaining a pound back. So I ended down 2.  Then in 3 days after I gained 1.2 lbs back.    Beachbody says you should do a 21 day fix/fix extreme and then take a week off before starting it again. Most of my measurements were the same. Nothing got bigger at least!

When I follow the diet strict then I just want to eat some sweets and have the constant feeling. If I just eat the little bit I'd normally eat and eat everything else healthy, then I don't just constantly keep craving it.

I actually took the measurements and pics 3 days early so that I could have a couple days off before starting the next round. I didn't have enough time to take a full week off and I didn't want to do 2 rounds back to back.
I looked everywhere for my red shorts. I even dug through all the dirty laundry.  I could not find them.  I have since found them between the bed and the cedar chest. The pics aren't that much different but now I'll always have this set with pics in the wrong shorts. 

This also included Thanksgiving!


I was awakened with a jolt at 3:37 AM with Ella screaming/crying. After I ran in and picked her up she said she was cold and needed pants and socks. I lied down with her to go to sleep. I thought she was almost asleep a few times but learned she wasn't as I tried to get out of bed. Then I left to go get my phone. I never run out of the master without unplugging and grabbing my phone. I did I wanted it for the baby monitor and so Dave wasn't tricked with it.

Shortly after Miles started crying. Ella was excited to go see him but he stopped so I told her he went back to sleep and we didn't get to go in. I left her and said I'd be back. I hear Miles again. Since I was awake I ran in. But he was asleep. I figured since I was there I'd change his diaper and see if he'd eat a little. He did. As I was putting him into his crib, I hear Ella running out of her room. She found the Doc McStuffins stethoscope she lost weeks ago when she threw it in anger. It was a little after 4 and I guess she never went back to sleep when I left.

She wanted to go to the kitchen. Somehow we were in there. Then since it was before the garbage men came, I finished emptying the garbage. Then I spent time cleaning the awful awful kitchen. Ella ate spaghetti around 5 AM. I was doing the dishes for about an hour and they weren't even done.

I forget what all I did with Ella but we waited until after 7:20 to wake Dave up. He said we were noisy so he didn't sleep well.

Miles woke up at 7:30 and I nursed him in peace while Ella used her iPad in the big bed. We all hung out and Ella kept being bad. Close to 9 AM she got into trouble so Dave took her to her room and told her to go to sleep. Then he lied with her and she was going to go to sleep when he left. I couldn't believe it!

We were supposed to go see Santa but we changed that because of Ella. Ella should have also gone to preschool but that wasn't going to work. I had PT at 10:30 but had to call to cancel that appointment. There was no way I was waking Ella up after a half hour of sleep.

I get Miles to sleep and go to go to sleep myself. It's tough when it's so daylight. I played solitare on my iPad otherwise I thought of all the stuff I had to do.

I slept for a bit over an hour before Miles woke up.  I nursed him for a bit and he seemed to be back to sleep on me so I wanted to stay there and when I noticed I had a voicemail rescheduling my PT appointment, I didn't call back because I couldn't make it by 12:30 anyway.  Then while I'm still sitting there I got another call. I answered it and said 1 was the earliest I could get there so they said to do that. But this phone call woke Miles. I got ready, got him ready, ate a cereal bar, and woke Ella up to go.

Ella had her first time at PT with me. Too bad they were just squeezing me in because I had a lot of waiting. I had to wait to get the ultrasound (a long time).  Then I waited a bit to start my exercises and then I just started them.  I had a slight delay to hold Miles in the middle because Ella bumped him and made him cry.  Then after exercises, I had a wait to get the e-stim on.  Then once that was done I had quite a long wait to get my knee massage and stretching done. During that waiting, Miles pooped. Since I was waiting so much, I decided to change in since when she stretches me, he'd have to go into his carrier and I didn't want him lying on poop. Well as soon as I'm changing it, the therapist walks in. So she leaves while I change it. And then more waiting. She even says 5 times are you ready for me and every time I say yes but she doesn't come in. It was the first time therapy was over 2 hours long!  Ella was pretty good. I only got out YoutTube kids on my iphone during the 15 minutes of e-stim. I also got out the fruit snacks then, too.   Randy was nice and gave her a little medicine ball while I used the bigger one.  Then later when we went into the room there were little weights in there and he was showing Ella overhead press asking if she could do it. So she did a lot of overhead presses with the little 1 lb weights.   I held Miles and Ella sat beside me during this. I nursed Miles but even though he was tired, he did not go to sleep.

 After we left, I decided to take Ella to preschool.  She said she didn't want to go. I figured Miles would sleep at home so I'd just take her home so I didn't have to wake him to leave to go pick her up. But then she saw the building and said she wanted to go.  But then we walked in and she didn't want to go in. Then she didn't want me to leave.  Her favorite teacher was in another room which was probably part of the problem. Then Ms Beth comes in to help with snack time and tells her she wanted to come so that means mommy has to leave because that's the deal. Then Ella starts pushing the stroller out and asks me to open the door for her. I thought she was going to try to leave too but nope. She says "I stay at preschool for a little bit." and then tells me bye.  Miles was asleep which is why I brought in the stroller but he woke up before we even left school so he had about a 15 minute nap.
I got home and nursed him and got him to sleep and by the time I got to trying to eat my lunch it was after 4 PM. I ate leftover spaghetti and bread and butter. I was done eating near 5 and thought that's a bad time to eat lunch. Oops.   I had to wake Miles up to leave to get Ella. Well I didn't have to wake him up but when you are swaddled and in a sleep sack you have to be changed to go into a carseat and the changing is pretty impossible to sleep through.   I had asked Dave if he would pick up Ella but he never got back to me. As I was walking into Miles's room, he responded asking why so I stood there waiting for a response if he'd do it.  After 5 minutes, I went in because I couldn't wait anymore. I sent a pic of Miles asleep to Dave.  Then I changed his diaper. That woke him up and as I'm about to take off his swaddle Dave replies that he's so peaceful sleeping so he will get Ella.   Sigh.

He got Ella and I nursed Miles back to sleep. Except because of how I had to wake him, he was off his game and just wanted to nurse and sleep or lean against me. If I tried to get him in his crib he woke up. So I ended up saying like that with Miles until Dave and Ella got home.   Dave thought I'd have dinner of some sort ready. Oops.

We put in frozen toquitos and Dave went to continue watching some movie he was in the middle of.  I hung out with Ella in the kitchen.   We ate and Miles was willing to chill in his swing for about half of it.
After we ate, Miles hung out on his play mat a little.
Then getting him to sleep was AWFUL. He was asleep but wouldn't let me get him in the crib. He kept waking. I think it was because Ella was in there on her ipad. We came to the swing after he had nursed for a long time.  Then he still wasn't falling asleep. It was almost Ella's bedtime. I asked if she wanted a snack and we left to eat. He fell asleep almost right away.

I left him in the swing a little to get him in a deeper sleep.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


It took 1.5 hours of solid getting ready to get Ella to school. I didn't even get dressed or shower.

Miles did not have a good day sleeping. He would sleep on me but not when he hit the crib. All day! all evening!

-- those are my notes for the day!

That bugger Poly jumps up to eat my plant.

 Then Poly throws up

She doesn't need a backpack for school but wanted it.

 Gio came to visit to see Miles.

 Then Lily picked some oranges.

 Even Lily had to take pictures of Miles.

 I found Emily's toy under our ottoman. And it was the first time I got Miles to smile on camera!

Ella when I picked her up from schoool.